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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get on juries in the rest of central america at about the same time but more importantly as well as two cultures north and south america. it's a very important place found here it's of a. leader decides to skip the un general assembly as she faces fierce condemnation over the handling of the revenge a crisis. hello everyone you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha my name's peter wu of the headlines the president of the european commission proposes
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a tough a migrant policy to stem the flow of people into the european union. tensions over the gulf crisis to meeting of the arab league plus. free at last a former peruvian ballerina convicted of sheltering a rebel leader is released after twenty five years. ok our top story the mian malita and son suchi has canceled a planned trip to the u.n. general assembly will for later this month she has been widely criticized since the violence against muslim ranger in the state of russia kind escalated late last month after visiting makeshift camps on tuesday the bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasina promised she will speak about the crisis at the u.n. meeting in new york a closed door u.n.
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security council meeting is also expected on weapons day florence louis with more from gone. a foreign ministry spokesman has told al jazeera that aung san suu kyi the country's leader will not be attending the united nations general assembly in new york later this week because she has to stay back in the country while the president is abroad for medical treatment and she staying behind to deal with the situation in rakhine state there have been suggestions that she may not be attending the meeting even though she attended the one last year because she doesn't want to face criticism and she has been coming under fire a lot of fire lately not only for the way her government has been handling the situation in northern rakhine but for her silence about the plight of the rue hinge or now don't forget her first public comments about the matter came nearly two weeks after the fighting started and what did she say she appealed for patience to allow the country to deal with the situation because this was a problem that dated back to pre-colonial times but others have defended her saying
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she's not fully in charge of the country because the military is still a very powerful institution it handed back power after running the country for several decades but it still retains control of very important ministries and has reserved twenty five percent of seats in parliament and the person in charge of the military operation in northern rakhine state is the military chief playing the u.n. high commissioner for refugees is calling for more aid to help the you were injured did you go pollen has more now from cox's bazar in bangladesh. well humanitarian organizations here say the camps and the dark conditions are finally getting the attention it needs the bangladeshi prime minister was here yesterday assess the situation and has promised aid but exactly what kind of relief the governments will be sending or supplying is not clear as clematis also expected to arrive they will have a look for themselves at the conditions in these camps and then report back to their individual countries the u.n.h.c.r.
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chief of operations is also going to be looking at these camps later in the day the u.n. h.c.r. has already. brought in about ninety one of metric tons of food and supplies for the refugees there on their way to caucasus bazaar and should be arriving any time during the day but vast those supplies are only for about one hundred twenty five thousand people far short of what is needed you have to remember that there were already refugees here before the latest influx so now around eight hundred thousand refugees are in need of food aid and any kind of relief now aid workers tell us are still another hundred thousand people waiting to cross the border there is also a concern about the fate of women and children coming in seventy percent of those coming in are women and children also of a lot of concern about women and girls who've been assaulted that their villages have been attacked and especially after they made this arduous journey over here
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they are in need of medical not only medical help but also psychological help. the president of the european commission says the e.u. will propose a new migrants deportation policy at the end of the month claude younger made the announcement at his annual state of the union address so not township works only thirty six percent of migrants in literature ration are sent back it is obvious that we have to consider a plea strengthened activities in this area this is the only way that europe will be able to show proof of solidarity with regard to the refugees who really need protection. let's bring in paris correspondent paul brennan for more on paul this migrant policy what are they planning on changing. well first of all it was a broad ranging speech by junk the president of the european commission it is state
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of the european union speeches annual speech and it was a whole range of issues but certainly migration was one of the standout parts of the speech that he delivered first of all he extolled the success stories of the european union's response to the migrant crisis saying that as a result of policies such as the e.u. turkey agreements which come into force during the past twelve months the number of irregular migrants arriving on the shores of europe had reduced by ninety seven percent i mean back in two thousand and fifteen year old call there was more than a million migrants and refugees arriving in europe by this time of the over the past twelve months it's reduced to just one hundred twenty five thousand and that's a result of a whole variety of different measures. junko was saying was it's important that europe is not made to be a fortress it should have an open door policy to genuine refugees those who are fleeing persecution and war but at the same time he raised concerns as you heard in
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the little clip that we've just played that just thirty six percent of those who are judged not to be genuine refugees just thirty six percent are actually eventually returned back to the countries that they originated from and that's not high enough so what he said was that by the end of the month he wanted to see new policies put into place in order to strengthen that kind of returns policy while at the same time providing a humane haven for those people with genuine claims strong comments on turkey as well what's your reading of those. yeah i mean the relationship between the european union and turkey has been deteriorating steadily over the past twelve twenty four months frankly and it was perhaps surprising just how strong junko was about turkey in his speech he said for example it basically ruled the behavior of turkey rules out the possibility of e.u. membership in the foreseeable future journalists he mentioned belong in newsrooms
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not in prisons there's been great concern about the clamp down of president. in turkey a against his political opponents particularly journalists who've been put into prison and what he said was the call i made to those people in power in turkey let our journalists go there was also one comment that he made stop insulting our member states comparing the heads of state in europe to fascists and nazis these are comments that were made by president during the recent referendum campaign he said europe is a continent of mature democracies i mean he said that the european hand is always outstretched to the turkish people but frankly the way the relationships are being going recently there is no gen no realistic prospect of turkey getting any closer to european union membership in the near future this was a state of the union the union of course is changing because of brics it any anything on that. yeah there's
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a significant amount of the end towards president it was from a rather optimistic point of view it was a note of regret that britain had chosen to exit the european union but what jhumpa juncker was saying was that it does not define the future of europe yes they will go ahead with twenty seven members instead of twenty eight they will be regret both in britain he expected and certainly among the members of the european union that remain but that the european union will continue to grow in future years and he's proposing a summit in romania significantly in romania because sorry for thirtieth of march two thousand and nineteen so basically an almost on deadline day he wants to see a summit of the remaining twenty seven to put out lay out the plans for how europe is going to push forward after breakfast has been finalized thanks paul. to north korea where the foreign ministry has denounced those new u.n. sanctions because of its nuclear program in
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a statement this is what the ministry says the resolution was fabricated by the u.s. employing all sorts of despicable and vicious means and methods pyongyang also promised to redouble efforts to increase its strength to safeguard the country's sovereignty its ambassador to the u.n. is threatening consequences for the united states the first coming is us by diplomatically will make it to us cell phone to create pain is never experienced in its history u.s. president donald trump so the sanctions are just a very small step towards dealing with p.r. nuclear program. we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing not not big i don't know if it has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what
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ultimately will have to happen under thomas with more now from seoul. well the south koreans have been reacting to the north korean statement this a the foreign ministry in pyongyang put out a statement earlier on wednesday condemning the resolution they called it illegal and evil hien as a provocation and they've said all the resolution will do will strengthen their resolve to follow this road the road towards nuclear missiles at a faster pace without the slightest diversion the south koreans have said that they want the north through to stop this cycle of provocation followed by sanction followed by further provocation or the flow they fear might be coming from the north with another missile or even a nuclear test in coming days they want to get the north koreans back to the negotiating table but at the same time the south koreans on wednesday have released footage of their own missile test carried out on tuesday or so they say an f. fifteen k. fighter jet flying over south korea dropping a missile from that plane which they implies independently and then land on
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a very precise targets on an island we're told of the south korean coast the south koreans here trying to make their point that they have missiles too and that they are ready to use those missiles to strike a precise location in north korea if they believe a threat from the north is imminent. ok we're going to focus in on the g.c.c. crisis for the next couple of minutes a meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into a shouting match with ministers from cattle and the four blockading countries trading accusations account for a diplomatic used quote some regimes are waging a media campaign against it that grew an angry response from egypt switched rejected the accusations baseless insults the heated exchange then descended into a full on squabble with the saudi arabian and cattery representatives telling each other to be quiet efforts to resolve the three month long dispute suffered a setback on saturday when saudi arabia suspended any potential dialogue with cattle it happened just after
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a phone call between leaders of the two countries suggested there might be a brain. through it's now one hundred days since four arab states cut trade and diplomatic ties with qatar accusing it of sponsoring terrorism a charge cats are strongly denies well one of the fallouts from the g.c.c. crisis has been its impact on the education of more than two hundred cattery students one student we spoke to was only a day away from finishing his degree when the gulf crisis began carolyn maloney reports now from. him used to feel sad is on a mission to save his education he studied for a bachelor's then a master's degree in your for more than six years at sharjah university in the u.a.e. he had an interview booked for his thesis on june sixth a day after the gulf crisis began and all carter is were ordered out of bahrain egypt saudi arabia and the u.a.e. you know i don't have any interest about the u.a.e. or any country because. when. more than six
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years and thus having so should be. thinking about you know i think should be studying in. any country. i can't get stick it's he needs from the u.a.e. to prove he's finished his studies he's unrolled it cash university in the hope that he'll still qualify however assessing these students without academic records is difficult the total number so far more than thirty three students in the four countries. that they met in the equivalency to make the course that the student already finished and that one of these country equivalent to make it quicker to their one of the university you must compare the topics the content katter's human rights committee says they've heard from thousands of students who say their education has been disrupted by the crisis at
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least seven hundred bahrain is a mirage he's in saudis have had to leave cattle university. and they were ordered to return home by their governments at score that in baghdad it will be in the minds of the new janelle ration that it's certainly been bought out of that blockade regardless of which party will the been in and which country you are and this is something that it is not easily been going to be you know. when the political decision you know of those pocket country will change universities have reopened after the summer holidays and just like last year will include students from all over the region and other parts of the worlds. students are registering here for the new academic year a cattle university among them a students from the blockading countries who decide to stay on or register despite the restrictions and there are categories being kicked out of other regional institutions that have to come back home to die hard to continue their degrees. student such as grateful for the opportunity to secure an education despite the
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political arguments caroline malone al-jazeera doha and we'll have much more on the first one hundred days of the gulf crisis later in a special edition of our news great program john come on in the team fifteen hours g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera. still to come here on this channel and i on victory iraqi forces preparing for what they hope is the last phase of their war against isis. and the death toll from continues to rise as officials across the caribbean and the u.s. struggle for a full assessment of the storm. hello there we're watching a storm make its way towards viet-nam at the moment this is the one that gave us
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the flooding in parts of the philippines is now working its way away from the philippines but making its way towards vietnam and you can see it's covering a huge area already we're seeing the outer fringes of it around parts of it now and we're going to see that rain continue over the next couple of days because this system is moving very slowly here it is as we head through thursday and then on friday just edging its way towards the coast so a couple of days of very heavy rain for many of us in viet nam it further towards the south court a few showers there they're being activated by that system so plenty of them through the philippines through possible audio and across into some mottram as well even across parts of thailand is looking fairly wet as we head through friday for the south generally a little bit dry here although even in jakarta they could be one or two showers for sydney is certainly being very hot temperatures over thirty two degrees for some of us here last thing though as we head through thursday on maximum would just be seventeen and also be rather blustery as well those winds are feeding out from the southwest and ensuring it's not too hot for some of us here including in melbourne
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sixteen degrees the maximum force on friday the temperature is recovering slightly for sydney and towards the west a bit more cloud will keep the temperatures twenty five in perth. but diagnosis that used to be a little room for the tourist cells and the immune system are battling what we're trying to do is energize the immune system it's trying to walk that can recognize the sound like a heat seeking missile finding the capsule sound that's exactly what you want to pretty amazing results and. you can get work your techno bestowing on all disease.
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welcome back you without his ear your headline so far this is the president of the european commission says the e.u. will propose a new migrant deportation policy at the end of the month he says steps need to be taken to make sure migrants who do not merit refugee protection and send back to their country of origin. i'm eating of the arab league in cairo descended into acrimony ministers from the four blockading countries and cats are trading accusations cattery diplomatic some governments of waging a media campaign against it. and. she has canceled plans to attend the un general assembly later this month she has been criticized for failing to condemn violence against muslims in the northern states of rakhine. was staying with that story earlier i spoke with the newly appointed un humanitarian envoy ahmed al
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malaki about that ongoing crisis i started by asking him for his latest assessment when it comes to the plight of the road into. all the humanitarian crisis in the wards especially that coming from the conflict it's neither political solution and we need also to to work on the political solution because if there is no political solution so the crisis will be continuous what we need here if we try we need to have this kind of humanity feeling about the people who are suffering every day especially the elderly and children around tens of thousand children. psychological and social support so you can imagine. the suffering that they they've got especially when they when they're traveling from our high into the willing to think that dish but this crisis pardon me for
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interrupting you right now and see this crisis is unique in one regard it's not it's not strep really it's a because these people of state at the moment they don't have identity papers that say they come from me in ma or they come from bangladesh or the income from say pakistan they're not like that so in that regard is there a risk here that the camps that they're living in in effect become permanent because nobody it would appeal wants to accept these people well this is where is the un agencies coming because we are registered. and you and you are in it and they all that are just ration are there. you know that is around three hundred seventy thousand being. i mean up to arrive for this moment so. to manage all that we need this
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kind of few and agencies who take care of them. once we deliver the aid and the food and to make them survive at least not just let them in the side of the road i think afterward we can talk about this but now we are in a crisis so we need to have to give them the food and we need to give them the shelter we need to also thinking about the children how can we also educate these children and provide them the educational system dictation system for them. iraqi government forces are preparing for what they hope is the final phase of their war against isis the group is surrounded and its last remaining stronghold that's the town of how we judge but some iraqis fear isis ideology will continue long after it's defeated is imran khan. this is the image the popular mobilization of forces in iraq want you to see. in control and ready to fight the
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shelob militias are surrounding the last remaining eisel stronghold of whole region p m f command is a confident the next battle will be swift and decisive. we shall retake how we judge just like we took mosul in tal afar we are now waiting for the orders to advance to who we are in the process of reinforcing our positions and fortifying our defense lines and i feel rats will be squashed by how. well confidence is high the military operation to recapture who ija is expected to be a complicated one there are two main front lines for the region here at west of the town and here at southwest. both battle fronts are linked by a series of watch towers and trenches. soldiers are clearing the surrounding desert by burning bushes to make it easier for them to move in their armored vehicles the battle won't just be fought by militias providing support will be the iraqi army
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counterterrorism forces and the federal police the kurdish peshmerga will also be involved but given tensions in nearby could cook which the kurds claim the government leaders in baghdad say is federal iraqi territory corp it will be complicated. there are mountain tensions and current cook caused by the sectarian dimension that is making it boil and might lead to the deterioration of security situation leading to a standoff among the different forces. despite the potential takeover the last remaining eisen stronghold in iraq. the group's ideology will not be completely wiped out and it will remain a challenge. the problem is not with ice alone it is by the oppression of the sunni communities even if i still is the feed it cooks how for example the oppression of the sunni community continues by the shiite led government then we may see another wave of violence maybe worse than i so the ideology of i still
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would still resonate among the people combating the group's ideology is a concern for many but hey and abroad when iraqis say that the root causes for the rise of a group like i still haven't been addressed and there's also the issue of what to do with the fighters and their family members after all they are some of them iraqi citizens now there's no concrete plan from the kurdish old iraqi authorities for rehabilitation or even imprisonment leaving many to wonder if there is a concrete plan for post eisel iraq and al jazeera out of jail the caribbean islands took the brunt of hurricane irene on the island of barbuda the government is estimating ninety five percent of the buildings were damaged john home and as more. roger has a right back home this move caribbean island of devastated by hurricane needed he's heading to his house to find out if it survived there's nothing. there's nothing
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that i know. god. is like. with a population of one thousand six hundred everyone seems to know each other here it makes the scars of destruction we see as we pass even more painful for roger you know it's kind of hard to see this as my friends host to. really think about. this scene and make me feel like. homes shared open like those houses inside the remnants of lives interrupted a stopped water logged watch clothes and toys tossed around dishes still waiting to be put away there's no knowing when those lives will be resumed everyone's been evacuated to nearby antigua until further notice there's worries about these eases
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from the stagnant floodwater. rhodes is only allowed to visit a tool because he works on the ferry between the two islands right now the only permanent residents of the animals left behind it's not just people's homes that are gone it's also their livelihoods so many bob mutants a fisherman and their badly damaged boat strewn across the coast. even when people come back the government says it will take months of work for more than two hundred million dollars for a pair of buildings and restore electricity and phone lines it's counting on international aid. meanwhile viewed in its weight in shelters of relatives homes in on. the mood is cheerful stoic but impatient to return some of these people from by we're going to have one another and. i'm going to follow it to put my part in it. after seeing his devastated hometown we arrive at roger's house and find it's one of the few still intact it's
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a small piece of good news on this small struggling island john home and how does it. a peruvian ballerina has been released from prison after twenty five years for sheltering the country's most wanted man garrido was caught in one thousand nine hundred two together with. the leader of a rebel movement accused of causing the deaths of nearly seventy thousand people his mariana sanchez. was very very narrow but you know it's been twenty five years a former ballerina means fired a bestselling novel and hollywood film spent nearly half of her life in prison it's a garrido he'd done leader of the maoist shining path movement on the second floor of her dance studio in lima before both were caught this man had a rebellion in the one nine hundred eighty s. to overthrow the government almost seventy thousand peruvians were killed in the
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war either completed her sentence on monday her brother drove her away from prison and peruvians believe she should have been punished longer but. i don't think it's right she caused a lot of harm to this country. i mean megan span and his partner lived to get live for months a ballerina fed them brought the medicine and allowed other shining path members to visit on monday neighbors near her mother's home said they're nervous she will live nearby when. i would have given her life in prison but it's not up to me the law's the law. several thousand former maoist fighters have completed their sentences and are free. to remain vigilant and. free from jail they say they haven't shown any remorse for supporting or participating in that time. former policeman and now legislator malcolm yes she too was one of
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those captors and more worrisome what people are opened up and by not showing any remorse she's effectively defending guzman's doctrine. however human rights defenders say the justice system should be praised there was a good little they who's the secular but the fact that someone like rader served her full sentence it's a remarkable sign of a democratic traditional system. i mean male whose man is serving a life sentence another members of the shining path and or she will soon be freed some fear former rebels could join me over there if a group with similar ideals to the nearly nonexistent shining path although some analysts say it's not a threat to the stability of. the innocent is i'll just say that when i. recapping our top story so far today the de facto leader unc san suu kyi has
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canceled plans to attend the u.n. general assembly later this month she has been criticized for failing to condemn violence against range of muslims and what kind of state at least three hundred seventy thousand injured have escaped in nearby bangladesh the u.n. is calling for aid agencies to step up their operations massively. the president of the european commission george lord young cursors the e.u. will propose a new migrant deportation policy at the end of the month he says steps need to be taken to make sure migrants who do not merit refugee protection sent back to their country of origin. don't you course only thirty six percent of migrants in heritage nation are sent back it is obvious that we have to consider a plea strengthened activities in this area this is the only way that europe will be able to show proof of solidarity with regard to the refugees who really need protection. north korea is threatening to fast track its nuclear
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program in response to the latest round of un sanctions the north's foreign ministry says the measures infringe on its right to self-defense the us president donald trump says the sanctions are only a very small step towards dealing with pyongyang's nuclear program. we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing not not big i don't know what has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. and meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into a shouting match with ministers from cats are on the fore blockading countries trading accusations that's always the issue of the boycott which was not on the agenda that led to a fiery exchange those are your top stories up next it's techno adrian's here with
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the news out of the back after that season. it's not just phones contributing to samsung bumper profits if we look at the u.s. economy the moment it does seem to be in pretty good shape up until around two thousand and five greek debt levels were basically stable we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. cancer a diagnosis of little room for hope. since the one thousand nine hundred. forty in my turn to chill for this stuff and. no one could crack the complex code until this scientists did. now this is the new face of cancer patients who are living proof that. this is a test a show about innovation.


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