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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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why and what are you expecting us citizens here you know and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join a sunset i was never put a file then look at differently because i'm dark and then all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag elton stream and one of their pitches might make a connection join the canal become the same song this time on al-jazeera. mean mars leader decides not to attend the u.n. general assembly as she comes under fierce criticism over the handling of the real hinge a crisis. along and i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. now is
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just time to build a more united stormed a more democratic you are good for two thousand and ten. the president of the e.u. commission lays out his vision for bloc countries to take advantage of brics it and economic upswing plus. a look at that stuff out of the attention of the gulf crisis is a meeting of the arab league in cairo. and will meet the nigerians whose lives have been blighted by boko haram violence but are determined to move forward. ok your top story. will not attend this year's u.n. general assembly meeting she has been widely criticized since the violence against muslim or hindu in rakhine state escalated at the end of last month now since then more than three hundred thirty thousand. as some people have crossed into
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bangladesh to escape the conflict after visiting makeshift camps on tuesday the bangladeshi prime minister sheikh hasina promised she will speak about the crisis at the u.n. meeting in new york this month the u.n. security council will hold a meeting in a few hours to discuss the crisis colin soloway with more now from young gone a foreign ministry spokesman has told al-jazeera that aung san suu kyi the country's leader will not be attending the united nations general assembly in new york later this week because she has to stay back in the country while the president is abroad for medical treatment and she staying behind to deal with the situation in rakhine state there have been suggestions that she may not be attending the meeting even though she attended the one last year because she doesn't want to face criticism and she has been coming under fire a lot of fire lately not only for the way her government has been handling the situation in northern rakhine but for her silence about the plight of the real hinge or now don't forget her first public comments about the matter came nearly
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two weeks after the fighting started and what did she say she appealed for patience to allow the country to deal with the situation because this was a problem that dated back to pre-colonial times but others have defended her saying she is not fully in charge of the country because the military is still a very powerful institution it handed back power after running the country for several decades but it still retains control of very important ministries and has reserved twenty five percent of seats in parliament and the person in charge of the military operation in northern rakhine state is the military chief claim now the u.n. high commissioner for refugees is calling for more aid to help the root injured turn via choudhry now with the latest from cox is bizarre. ok. the ground is still very volatile and just. trying to cross over into. the. ground. four of them were children
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still very bangladeshi. bangladesh bother. to visit the. temporary. reality. where the. very well the. relief operation plane landed in bangladesh. five thousand people in more planes are supposed to be hopefully things. but there
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are still serious danger for disease an epidemic in these areas well earlier i spoke to the newly appointed un humanitarian envoy. he says dialogue is. this crisis. and the crisis in the wards especially that coming from the conflict it's political solution. to work in the political solution because if there is no political solution so the crisis will be continue what we need. we need to have this kind of. feeling about the people who are suffering every day. top story in europe this hour the wind is back in europe sales that was the message from the e.u. commission presidential klobuchar in his annual state of the union address younker told the european parliament there was now a window of opportunity to build a more united union after
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a bruising couple of years he urged the block to move beyond unfortunate who trade deals and he called for a stronger migrant policy to ensure those who don't warrant refugee protection sent back paul brennan has more from paris. a wide ranging speech from the president of the european commission junko juncker it's his annual state of the e.u. speech and you would expect as he said that europe to admit that europe had been battered and bruised a year ago but he gave a very optimistic version of how he sees the outlook for europe that unemployment for example is now at a nine year low that europe had seen five successive years of economic growth and that eight million new jobs have been created during the time that he has been the president of the european commission as far as the outlook goes he said there were many proposals that he would like to see to streamline decision making to have for example qualified majority voting on foreign policy issues and also to see that the
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way that the european union allows infrastructure to be owned should also be examined and of investment screening and he was at pains to say that rex it will be a matter of regret for europe but he said it would probably be a bigger regret for the brits in his estimation and the way that the e.u. plans to go forward after two thousand and nineteen when britain formally leaves is to get even stronger he wants a summit in romania basically on the day that britain leaves with the intention that the twenty seven should draw closer together on migration he said that there was no desire to turn europe into a kind of fortress had been seven hundred twenty thousand successful asylum applications he said to europe in the last couple of years and although the number of irregular migrants had dropped from a million back in twenty fifteen to less than one hundred thirty thousand this year he said that those who deserved asylum and were fleeing genuinely war should be granted safety that said there were concerns about the number of those who do not
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qualify for asylum how many of those who have been sent back to their country at the moment it's around thirty six percent and they want to see a big improvement in the numbers of those who fail in the asylum applications being put out of europe sent sent back to where they came from. it's exactly one hundred days since four arab states cut ties with cattle sparking the worst diplomatic crisis to hit the region in decades on june the fifth egypt bahrain the u.a.e. and saudi arabia imposed a land sea and air blockade accusing cattle sponsoring terrorism are charged with strongly denied there were strong words at a summit of the arab league in cairo on tuesday when cats are raised the blockade and accused quotes some regimes of waging a media campaign against it one of the precursors to the gulf crisis and i sell ten r.c. the iraqi minister forgot to mention that in one nine hundred ninety six his country
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together was saudi arabia and bahrain wanted to hit qatar and overthrow the regime the tone used by saudi arabia's ambassador is a thirteen in tone and i don't think he can back up his threats and a good deal to the shop to get them. to know these are not empty threats mr president if you allow the delegate to speak then we will have to respond you should not open up the discussion unless you want us to stay here until the morning well one of the precursors to the gulf crisis was an antiterrorist summit in the saudi capital riyadh in may that was donald trump's first overseas trip as u.s. president and some analysts have suggested it's embolden the arab states to cut ties with cata kuwait has been mediating in the dispute with no success so far mr trump has also offered his services to resolve the crisis despite earlier sending conflicting signals about where he stands on the crisis mohammed is
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a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university in washington he says the arab league summit is meant to be a platform for diplomacy. this is a reminder of what the reality of the arab league has been for the last two decades we all remember the famous exchange between late saudi king abdullah and lake levy and lead them our mark and deftly and also we remember those heated exchanges with the syrian levy gaijin in cairo so the arab public opinion is wondering once again where what are we doing with our with our conflict when the. when there should be at the rest of this kind of foreign aid number two i think the cairo made also provided a clot forum for certain golf nations to slowly defy the counterterrorism narrative and pounce if by their accusations against the. support of
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some radical called terrorist organisations so on the one hand we have an issue with the muslim brothers visa vi the strategy of the egyptians and also all the nations that have to with the hammer smoove meant in terms of where we should stand on that we saw in a nutshell it was a platform for an diplomatic diplomacy. last one you still to come for you here on al-jazeera including these two stories we'll spend some time with syrian refugee children in lebanon they'll tell us about their hopes for the future plus smiling and i'm easy to move is that really work the sounds just apple unveiled the new i saw.
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hello there the really heavy rain has now moved away from japan it's here working its way away towards the northeast it is still dragging its feet behind it though and so we may see a bit more cloud along the south southern parts as we head through friday that could squeeze out one or two showers in the central belt should be fine with and die getting to around twenty five degrees in the sunshine towards the west it should also be more or less dry for us in beijing on thursday but by friday they'll be a bit more cloud around and that could just squeeze out one or two showers now but for the south this is the region we're watching very closely because we have not one but two storms in the vicinity at the moment the first one is here this is the most intense one quite a well defined on this one and it's going to skirt the coast and then hopefully work its way back around to towards the east now if it does so that it looks like it will just graze that coast will just see a period of very heavy rain but there is some uncertainty in the in the forecast we'll have to keep a close eye on its track over the next few days the other system that's in the
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southern parts of our charts and that's working its way towards viet nam as it does say it's going to increase the rain across many parts of the country and it does look like it's going to be very wet in fact as we head through the day on thursday into friday the rains will increase and we're likely to hear reports of flooding out of parts of northern vietnam. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. a long time from gaza to california and little. progress she became our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her ever excited when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time.
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welcome back here with al-jazeera live from your headlines today the main leader. has canceled plans to attend the u.n. general assembly this month she has been heavily criticized for failing to condemn the violence against muslims in the northern state of rakhine. the president of the e.u. commission has used his annual state of the union address to the wind is once again back in europe sails will be told the european parliament there is now a window of opportunity he said to build. a bruising as he also wants migrants who don't warrant refugee protection to be sent back. one of the story for your meeting
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of the arab league. ministers from the four blockading countries and concentrated accusations diplomats some governments of waging a campaign against. the russian defense minister is in the syrian capital damascus to discuss military cooperation in the conflict there he held a meeting with president bashar al assad focusing on efforts to take control of deros or the city of heroes or which had been held by eisel for more than three years they also agreed to increase efforts against opposition fighters. iraqi government forces are preparing for what they hope is the final phase of their war against isis all the group is surrounded and its last remaining and stronghold that's the town of how we judge however some iraqis feel i source ideology will continue to influence long after it's defeated is in one column. this is the image the popular mobilization of forces in iraq want you to see. in
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control and ready to fight the shared militias are surrounding the last remaining eisel stronghold of whole region p m f command is a confident the next battle will be swift and decisive. we shall retake how we judge just like we took mosul in tal afar we are now waiting for the orders to advance to who we are in the process of reinforcing our positions and fortifying our defense lines and i feel rats will be squashed soon by how. well confidence is high the military operation to recapture who ija is expected to be a complicated one there are two main front lines for the region here at west of the town and a at southwest. battle fronts are linked by series of watchtowers and trenches. soldiers are clearing the surrounding desert by burning bush is to make it easier for them to move in their armored vehicles the battle won't just be fought by militias providing support will be the
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iraqi army counterterrorism forces and the federal police the kurdish peshmerga will also be involved but given tensions in nearby kirkuk which the kurds claim the government leaders and bag. that's a is federal iraqi territory corp it will be complicated. there are mounting tensions and car cooking caused by the sectarian dimension that is making it boil and might lead to the deterioration of security situation leading to a standoff among the different forces. despite the potential takeover the last remaining eisen stronghold in iraq the group's ideology will not be completely wiped out and it will remain a challenge. the problem is not with eisel alone it is by the oppression of the sunni communities even if i still is the feed it cooks how we for example the oppression of the sunni community continues by the shia led government then we may
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see another wave of violence maybe worse than i saw the ideology of i still would still resonate among the people combating the groups ideology is a concern for many both here and abroad many iraqis say that the root causes for the rise of a group like i still haven't been addressed and there's also the issue of what to do with the fighters and their family members after all they are some of them iraqi citizens now there's no concrete plan from the kurdish or the iraqi authorities for rehabilitation or even imprisonment leaving many to wonder if there is a concrete plan for post eisel iraq and al jazeera how to build. millions of child refugees around the world are missing out on an education the u.n. puts that number more than three million last year alone in lebanon enrollment levels are on the rise but the numbers are still nowhere near where the aid workers say they should be mohammed john jim spent the day with some youngsters in the back of valley. for children who've seen
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too much war and struggle too far too long singing about syria it seems can be an escape from all the poverty that's damaged their families from all the work they've endured. twelve year old syrian refugee is set up raps about issues most people twice her age couldn't begin to understand like the long days she used to toil in a field collecting vegetables in order to support her family. happy to be learning again she demonstrates her newfound musical ability. i'm really happy that i'm singing here i met new friends and we men called and we started writing songs about child labor and children's rights and about peace until recently is sort of us fellow band member while also worked on a form in lebanon's bekaa valley now the fifteen year old isn't just back in the
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classroom she's decided she wants to become a journalist. generalism i can deliver the message i want highlighting the suffering of all the refugees his voice is on tat and i can also express myself through my writing. many of the children attending this informal school also have a job coming to class on days off from their exhaustion is evident but their thirst for knowledge is far more apparent. they were the works with the beyond association and helps run this center she tells us life for these children has been extremely difficult. or not you know what happened a time when they were deprived of their rights and they were out for a long time long hours and hard labor they had no rights at all and what we're trying to do is lessen the amount of suffering aid workers say programs like these also help ease trauma and act as
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a form of therapy and elaborate on there are at least half a million syrian refugee children and to give you some idea of why there is so much concern about their futures according to the u.n. h.c.r. in the past school year less than half of those kids had enrolled in schools here. for the moment at least these youngsters are transported on this makeshift stage where dreams easier to obtain in this unofficial classroom where they hope an education will always be available to make them do images either in the bekaa valley lebanon. to castrate nationals have accused ten officials from the u.a.e. of torturing and illegally imprisoning them short time ago the u.k. based lawyer gave a statement outside scotland yard he's given london's metropolitan police details of the allegations british police can investigate and arrest foreign nationals entering the u.k. if they're suspected of war crimes torture or hostage taking anywhere in the world
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. fifty five people in a confirmed in the united states in the caribbean following hearken back to their office that number could rise killed at least thirty seven people in the caribbean when it barreled through as a category four storm it destroyed much of everything in its path sixty million people in the u.s. were without power twelve people died in florida four in south carolina and two in georgia has now we can to a tropical depression but it does continue to cause problems with torrential rain and flooding. all the caribbean islands took the brunt of hurricane as fury on the island of barbuda the government is estimating ninety five percent of the buildings were damaged most people have been moved to the neighboring island of antigua john homan has the story. roger has a right back home this move caribbean island of devastated by hurricane needham and
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he's heading to his house to find out if it survived and i think. there's nothing you know is there that i know. god. i dislike. with a population of one thousand six hundred everyone seems to know each other here it makes the scars of destruction we see as we pass even more painful for raja you know it's kind of hard to see all this is my friend's house to. i didn't really think about. this she did make me feel like not working. homes sheered open like those houses inside the remnants of lives interrupted a stopped water logged watch clothes and toys tossed around dishes still waiting to be put away there's no knowing when those lives will be resumed everyone's been
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evacuated to nearby antigua until further notice there's worries about these eases from the stagnant floodwater. rhodes is only allowed to visit a tool because he works on the ferry between the two islands right now the only permanent residents are the animals left behind it's not just people's homes that are gone it's also their livelihoods so many bob mutants a fisherman and their badly damaged boat strewn across the coast even when people come back the government says it will take months of work and more than two hundred million dollars for a pair of buildings and restore electricity and phone lines it's counting on international aid. meanwhile viewed in its weight in shelters a relative's home. the mood is cheerful stoic but impatient to return some of these people from i would have been one of those. i'm going to fall would put my part in it. after seeing his devastated hometown we arrive at roger's house and
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find it's one of the few still intact it's a small piece of good news on this small struggling island john home and now does it a. attacks by the armed group boko haram left a trail of destruction throughout the northeast of nigeria in our state faces were forced by the army three years ago now with government control restored families are returning home but only to find their villages and towns destroyed catherine sawyer now reports on how people are trying to win build their lives. the ruined town of me is a reminder. controlled this area for several months around two years ago charges were destroyed so banks entire neighborhoods were reduced to rubble. or government strikes. government offices that were in this compound are just
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beginning to be rebuilt nigerians who have fled coming back and the town is starting to thrive again. after the town was taken back by the government we returned but found nothing we had lost so much but now some of us are getting back our. do you know and has seven children returned two months ago this is what remains of the home she shared with a husband who she says was killed by. her neighbors helped her resettle in a new home. we had nowhere to stay so neighbors hosted us for a while then they contributed money to help my family and i many people who were displaced from towns and villages madama state eager to get on with their lives but several thousand who remain in camps in the state capital yola aren't so sure. this is one of the few remaining counts in our state the nigerian military has taken back most of the area and all controlled by
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a few years back and now the government wants people to go back home but both here say their villages are still unsafe most of those areas are in neighboring borno state and as a rounded by boko haram in their fight for an islamic state the displaced receive help from nonprofit organizations such as the civil society qualification for poverty eradication one of the things we also advocate in government at all levels both at state and on the national level is to say that our citizens of this country regardless of what i did was all indigenous of this one i mean or whatever state of the find themselves first and foremost and i'm curious that gives them the right and privilege to do well in any location wherever they choose to stay in this country the government says the bill to repair the war damage in the northeast is nine billion dollars he is confident that she will soon rebuild her home and her life but some scars such as the killing of her husband will never heal catherine
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sorry al-jazeera adamawa state in north nigeria. apple's unveiled a new line of products that has taken geeks all aflutter the i phone ten has no home in your facial expressions into an animated movie and has on board facial recognition but critics say all of that simply isn't worth a starting price of mine hundred ninety nine u.s. dollars cable and is on the now from new york. yes i phone yeah and annual event for apple with billions of dollars of future sales on the line. front and center stage was a device called i phone ten the new one is that i phone x. apple probably hopes consumers interpret the x as stand in for extraordinary and not expensive every time you. text your face it does come with new face scanning technology that allows the user to unlock the phone and introduces what they're
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calling an emotion it can turn one's facial expressions into emotion by many people's facial muscles in real time it was all unveiled at apple's new state of the art headquarters which reportedly cost five billion dollars to build someone has to pay for that the price of the new phone might help the new i phone is the most expensive phone apple has ever released more than double the price of the first i phone released more than a decade ago leaving many to wonder if this new phone is nothing more than an expensive toy for those fortunate enough to be able to buy it in many countries the monthly median income doesn't even come close to the price tag of the new phone for example in brazil households make just six hundred twenty seven dollars a month in china it's five hundred fifteen dollars meaning a household would need to work two months to afford the phone and in nigeria at two
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hundred twenty two dollars the average family makes only a fourth of what one new i phone ten costs i think they stick the stick to their core principles of design first and excellence and they price it but those things in mind i don't think they deliberately tried to come up with an economy model of things but yet they have their target market and they stick to it on the streets of new york there were mixed react. to the steep price of the newfound thing it's a little bit expensive and. it's a lot of money right i mean a if you could do magic tricks. future i'm the smart phone apple once again showing it's a company that can dazzle its fans with innovative technology but now more than ever it comes it is steep price. new york.
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with your top stories from al-jazeera mean mars leader aung sun suu kyi has canceled plans to attend the un general assembly this month she has been criticized for failing to condemn violence against muslim or hindu in rakhine state since fighting began more than two weeks ago more than three hundred thirty thousand people have crossed the border into bangladesh to escape the fighting the newly appointed un humanitarian envoy he told us the dialogue is urgently required to end the crisis all the humanitarian crisis in the wards especially that coming up from the conflict it's neither a political solution and we need also to to work in the political solution because if there is no political solution so that the crisis will be continuous till what we need here we try we need to have this kind of humanity feeling about the people who are suffering every day the president of the e.u.
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commission has used his annual state of the union address to clear the wind is once again back in europe sails. told the european parliament there was now a window of opportunity to build a more united union after a bruising couple of years he also wants migrants who don't want refugee protection to be sent back home. i missing of the arab league in cairo descended into a shouting match ministers from the four blockading countries and cattle traded accusations a catcher a diplomats accuse some governments of waging a media campaign against doha russia's defense minister is in the syrian capital damascus to discuss military cooperation he held a meeting with the president bashar al assad focusing on efforts to take control of the resort which had been held by isis or for more than three years fifty five people are now confirmed dead in the u.s. in the caribbean after hurricane but their office that number could rise more news on the web site is there for you all the time al jazeera dot com i'm back at the
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usual time tomorrow up next it's inside story season. germany's first female chancellor leaves the opinion polls in the run up to this month's federal election will voters forgive her for some of her controversial policies and how has a long running leadership changed germany and the e.u. this is inside still.


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