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tv   The Colour Of The Chameleon  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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along europe's baltic borders tensions are increasing as nato strengthens us defenses and russia gears up for war games over its own of course we don't want worried about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to react if needed but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want a war prepare for war people in power reports this story are going on a bear hunt at this time. hello i'm norm taylor in london the top stories around his era the government in myanmar says one hundred seventy six range of villages and are completely empty after all residents fled the recent upsurge in violence and it says revenge of muslims have begun to leave at least thirty four other villages amid an ongoing military crackdown the u.n.
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says around four hundred thousand rangers now escape to bangladesh since the violence broke out in late august when revenge of fighters attacked the security forces made miles leader sushi has canceled plans to attend the un general assembly next week the nobel peace prize laureate is facing a torrent of criticism over her handling of the crisis she is due to give her first speech on the situation in a televised address next week meanwhile five fellow female nobel peace prize recipients written to sushi accusing her of indifference and asking her to take a strong stand on behalf of the ranger your new secretary general says the humanitarian situation for me in mars range of people is catastrophic while the fifteen member security council has issued a statement calling for steps to be taken to end the violence. i call on the myanmar side it is to suspend the military action and the violence appalled the rule of law and recognize the right of return of all those were to leave the
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country and i urge them to ensure the delivery of vital humanitarian aids by united nations agencies non-governmental organizations and others i repeat my call for an effective action plan to address the root causes of the crisis the muslims of rockiness the record in state must be granted nationality or at least for now a legal startles that allows them to lead a normal life including freedom of movement and the access to liberty markets education and else services the president of the european commission says the block is back on track after britain's vote to leave the e.u. and his annual state of the union address says economic recovery and unity between the members means europe is now ready to move forward. with all of this leads me to believe. in new york six. we have now the window of
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opportunity but it will not stay open for. let us make the most of the moment catch to win you know six caribbean islands took the brunt of hurricane fury leaving a trail of devastation in its wake in bob uter the government estimates that ninety five percent of its buildings have been damaged or destroyed as to water claimed six more lives in the u.s. state of florida where patients in a nursing home died after the facility lost power and investigation is under way it's believed the deaths were heat related when after the facility lost its air conditioning on one hundred patients have since been placed in other accommodation . meanwhile some other residents of florida keys have been allowed back to assess the damage to their homes it's estimated a quarter of all buildings that have been destroyed. everything's perfect. now picking up to start
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again. i expect you know maybe some fence lines to be down i expected some debris because we need. the direction the winds are blowing they're going to carry debris onto our property and it's happened before we were not expecting to find somebody else's sailboat and our backyard and somebody else's dock with a fishing station in our backyard this is one of the saddest things you see i mean this is paradise down here you know we love it down here we we really like the keys and to see something like this happen it just takes the winds out of your sails. at least three people have died after a suicide bomber blew himself up near a cricket stadium in the afghan capital it happened outside the kabul international cricket stadium as a tournament was under way to police officers and one civilian died in the attack. but a minder that you catch up any time with our website address vote is called. they
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had i was just i was when i was there next up it's witness i'll have headlines for you in a bit of that and more news at the top. but
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it got us to here. let's go through like i'm going to speak to. you as the when i get up on. the bus. into the alley or in a sort of i mean it. got me looking at that i mean what the commission called i want to know you know whether it. would. not be done. if they hear the thought that if they ever ever the bridge that they're going to come and go back.
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that there are a lot of the bus oh but it is a lens you. see because it's going. on the must i think of that bus the public went . on the must be going to. go from the i'm going to. get bus will continue at the busiest on the el. camino cut by the east coast and you. see the sign yes get
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a typical meter but i mean. you know let's tell this properly that the until she lives without anybody seem to realize that she was as nice to. me book up at the bus around here i believe that and. we do know the laws of interest me to ask if an officer i was like upset by he's not that a human the been a chick with a bit in it and then it's then thoughts on that about the loans i get to go and get a few but my note on the usa exit out that if you i. do about there as he was wondering if you. it's only you after millions of us or you're on the.
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edge of all enjoying a good record any of us you know in the near augusta in the name of the intent of us have any more dough here ya know i got some new york in augusta anymore getting his impulses. in is augusta georgia is here and my know it all going to work and take it very if it was here in the old. i don't know for sure. we're going to miss it well i'm happy as you. when you let go it's a key you know there's without a grace a you had our you know you know you know you into me now you don't know when in the midst of what he had to look at if i saw it and we get out. that there's a good here to kill a what about saddam would have to cause him to measure the way to know we haven't got to know it out with a good boy looking. development that is not for the latter. never found the man
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with a gun bellicose or going. out at night well that's when the real on the level. that one or more for help out of one of the other i'm not about to have that cut that down not every outlet i ever get out of a little girl. yet notwithstanding for that i think. i'll get at it. because that's a million that's what i'm still about i mean. you know they can think so and. give you my kind of the boss but i've been off and on the town. so i meant to mature. oh mother.
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so she can talk and about i've when i missed it do that when they have a it's. you know as i'm conceive of as one of the shows you would want as keeps you up as when i knocked up or no in four months you want in under the one dialogues you have as one would if unions gun family isn't a given. that you started out at first you have as one i know i don't mind as one up lover i'm really fit in so i don't know it's not afghans it's business and that's it so not so. it's better that. they get the then nowhere to go thank. you this is the. united of the day in the game.
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is above into this it's all over the kitchen. and listen am i thinking i don't know this is just to see him to let him see it. look easy to look in a subtle mosaic that commutes and think that. i could go into zippers on a set of. the lab did a service is a good. and i think that you know ok again if it does. you know they and but they don't. who specially come in does it's me and you mr howard that you started your tea party i did she leave me by the arm and i'm glad. that it's just him personally and your flesh how did you know it will stay in and look at district you two infiltration as a serious relation down that's essentially shorn. him an object
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in subrings you've got to find him an object yeah yeah yeah so. it think you didn't know he had been celibate day and throughout the whole let us go then and no you can click continue goes then for myself or other i'll go over to the left at the thought of the. it doesn't eliminate the question is it him is it that the usually or chill the line at the levee down a but. it looked like a second might have asked etc. and that might have yes yes. no it didn't i mean he did it and miss it in the. elect are you going to get this in the only of. a new year and when it didn't come. in there you have.
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a get i think i got it to move on and yeah but to say they are leno that of a young coming under a million. that's fotos and funny you know in astonishment you know as young as we stoop to high you know what you should lift as you should i mean i hand. in a canoe gustafer that here at the foot of the same system. does that mean i'd buy it and she now go i go there. because i wasn't treated as i'm a head just as you might open out your fortune to respect you get back here tied yeah as a seasoned g.o.p. that's what i. say when last i see it doesn't i can tell if there is a secret or like the end to. get us out of it going to the grocery.
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store but i'm done taking. it on the official end i have. sympathy get used to it had a while and it is i mean it's a loss and so you are but it was not at the. mayo clinic it is terrific and if he complained that impotent and then kill him to condone it i'm at home on. get him i thought he did. but i don't really. think the book i mean. but annoying what other of. us have a lot of the. dynamic. i was already committed to tom. then later with yeah to get them to say. they would.
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be coming any. good i. mean going to need to do this i'm going to lay it on the familia but i said understand them fully. i am already. put up and put it on the last you get on. this you and i must i'm going to have used their. chimp to what i want ice dancing. until. we. get this and the but i must be. but i live in the know who's who deal.
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with us are you never given that they are here no give me. a took to the front know they're a good deal to get the puppy love them not let any of them alone for if you take a look at whether they have nothing whatever reason. they don't like us i give you that allow me i think they see i saw they see it in their i don't miss a lot of.
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you know when i thought. of a little bit of them a lot of them you know you. get it. but generally on the talk. and. not the house. i don't.
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see. your normal. thing. for them.
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your dad i go you added that he said again you go move forward to begin to see before that in fact. there was a hint in with myself most of. the eiffel is i'm with limited by me and i don't think you will get. more that will get as you know in the coming didn't work isn't it i see but i think i'm going to keep because i flashed in my hour that i'm aware of this affection and the thing that i know village doohickey would have the music give you a little could see it was a but its own flesh and so if you took. it as momentum my space and i guess according to your comment when i go into the most intimate thing on that house it's a seamless but on second high on my cousin i think idea and i'm interested.
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but i can cruise. now psychotics and comments turn up i mean tentacles a lot i'm. in the know but i'm. not going to turn to sentimental hyperthermia. into next to nothing and i had
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better not have been so good at that i keep at it. they were empty so. with a motorola listen to it then i know you're. real good that i said i say never get over but i know they're going to get somebody you know it's under the seats you do not get in i see no reason why this group will know i don't know what we do with the feet. and now you got to see click click click let them see that the . yeah. yeah yeah.
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yeah. i guess. it doesn't matter. you know compete and he doesn't yes in this moment. a lot of people have visited. and we simply wouldn't call me where to start i think it was a way we could be of. use only because if you go get me within it and you. and there's this is going to talk a little global society local more than having local elongate it's a slip where in line there for a good for me would offer a moment of reflection of the community. on the day you go in or you want to. get out i mean me madam you know they're mad at me and i mean a quintal intern they love igloo gayla your. ass was unless your call up you made it up and so that. i would have the time of.
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you know you the first person is difficult so you can do you. can only tell and i'll. bet that. you know sometimes you know i mean you know people tell me. yes and if they're not going to get punished that. this is cheap laughs get a muslim they don't know which i don't find i one. you know. if there were some you. know be your family then you. it will slow down and i miss us economy me one for them and i didn't. know that when they get on with the. subject line so that you know so you. can look at and
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also that. you know don't they get it and most of it and i don't plan you so you've got a leg up on you. and you don't get out of sorts. yeah unless you affect only one thing in the printing. i mean it's only about him minutes on that amount of commitment or with and thank you. because you know i think my you know that you know this and yet you see a study out i would like what i meant at the war you know i must say what it was i could get because it is you know can audiences because that meant going to lend a little open that out of this you know my love to get them and some of them to make a film. i mean shit i'm going to thought of all yakking as an undersea dome only half a mile and see it. michigan was i don't want to see this again you know if you must you know when you understand you you don't want them to melbourne way. your feet
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might but that quote is going on above and. the song the song the beginning.
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you know like. my home and yeah getting on us and. synagogue a boy i said i'm not that many can. i mean are going to me so nine jokes and certainly attempts to get in you but unless you're willing to do is look we need us you know. in museum though we're going to need and if another not at the funny at the foot when i got both about them and. i'm going to get that signal with a corset and what i sort of i don't know why you and me go for. the thumb telephonist on the going to go with a sort of mist to explode on the for mother so that you know from i think what they learned here. on the soledad and i don't miss you i would like them.
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on the way to picking you're going to call up what on the other hand i'm. not going to throw it then if. i tell you not to cut. him but then you don't i think a lot of what. you've got to go through any contact to be like you have to know. he's got it ourselves him better to get along. ok mom again i'm already at the things. you like but i'm on my own head at the sunny side up. a survivor of a genocide there were people who beg me to kill them to end their suffering but i
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didn't have the heart and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing them here is that all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter at this time on al-jazeera from the icy mountain steps of mongolia to the flooded lowlands of south america. the high stakes series returns. following the daring journeys of ordinary people from around the globe who take extraordinary risks to earn a living. risking it all coming soon on al-jazeera. with its economy stagnant mexico's president and implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil opened by the
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mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al jazeera. in london the top stories are now jazeera the un sector general says the humanitarian situation for me and miles range of people is catastrophic while the fifteen member security council has issued a statement calling for steps to be taken to end the violence. in mars' government says one hundred seventy six range of villages and are completely empty after all
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the residents fled the recent upsurge in violence it's estimated that about four hundred thousand ringette have escaped to bangladesh since the violence broke out in late august triggered by attacks on the security forces by ranger fighters i call on the myanmar or sorry dues to suspend the military action and the violence appalled the rule of law and recognize the right of return of all girls were to leave the country. and i urge them to ensure the delivery of vital humanitarian aids by united nations agencies non-governmental organizations and others mean mars leader and science uchi has canceled a trip to the us for the un general assembly is being held next week the nobel peace prize laureate is facing a torrent of criticism over her handling of the range of crisis the government spokesperson says she will not travel to new york so that she can tackle the crisis at home to give her first speech on the crisis in
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a televised address next week. the president of the european commission says the block is back on track after britain's vote to leave the e.u. in his annual state of the union address said economic recovery and unity between the members means europe is now ready to move forward at least three people have died after a suicide bomber blew himself up near a cricket stadium in the afghan capital it happened outside the cargo international cricket stadium as a tournament was under way two police officers and one civilian died in the attack . the caribbean islands took the brunt of hurricane fury leaving a trail of devastation in its wake in bob user the government estimates that ninety five percent of its buildings have been damaged or destroyed but still water claims six more lives in the u.s. state of florida where patients in a nursing home died after the facility lost power it's believed the deaths were heat related after the facility lost its air conditioning and investigation is
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underway there's the headlines to stay with al-jazeera witness continues next hour of news after you off to that thanks for watching by for. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something what great of the soul in this life what waters is freedom of expression. the right toward each. shining the light into the darkness. because it gets larger the desire to understand that. makes us human. and the human condition is universal.
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one. on the where you and i meet us you know that. it can be we don't show you know and well so often the people that are beyond them in the why don't you lend them and to me that on the middle of. you and sing. and sing it down and dirty there by the year be about are by the we're alone in this we don't invade we don't know and i know give us a lesson on we. as well and the only person who you can see. it alone in my own oh you. say bice you know when are you going in there in the thing on the first.
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he needed to has a purpose. you think of her. and then he sticks around and who. you know to me in prison. and quite a prominent there listening he. had a lucky thing or. this. is a law yet if he has a lot of his own as i think the legacy is going to go if they were only the only. guy does us a dumb oh i think you know q. and those who is i can tell though as complicit. if the deal you say what he did is
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a hit and miss who he ended it league and seen coming with i mean like he did i say let me remind you i don't land though leyland and i guess your money if you listen simply léonie. the whole of the deal i don't get here and there even. when we see. it it's a jolly it's on a good time. if they say it to me eg you know. it's about the photo. you just don't know better and not my god oh. my oh no says i don't fall and fall. i
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am at the of the my partly on governmental and gets a letter for that said one of the near joy of the night in which i am saying that as i had when i was in which i knew you were now living in the us again i went to the popular. but if it did get it to compliment. the delicacy do. it i see don't let them into the dugout around you i'm deaf and think what will yeah yeah yeah yeah i'll be thirty if. you'd like that i said well you know me but nobody could get like i said that was about the sun then if somebody would let me come when i got on my own the sick give us that. to get into but i had to come into. a good account that was that i was in his office at the farm in there yes you must
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want to do it out of him is he saying yes as though he's done upon the letter yeah it looks like i'm not but i mustn't get to the last one d.n.a. you have to cut my side of what you think one drink will see and then a topless woman throwing in the day they say i mean i mean yeah they're going to monitor your well that some day i will name took a. better look died in me or than you know. thank you. yeah i've you know.
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what i don't know. but i get an image of. yeah i get a fight here. or you feel or you feel. you know you saw i mean it's a nice if we could be told i can detect i thank you and i. don't know that but what if. it had a kind of do you know what i keep it. out here. it don't know i'm a good you know what other hand if you got. it. i p. d y. yeah it's a lot of stuff and. a man with. a good yeah go ahead jump on a lot he'll yeah yeah yeah. if you.
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really think. i. think. it did i think yesterday i think class one of the guardian if you want to go at the end of a class if you look like i think you know you're a fan but i got thinking boy. i don't give on we have to win a native and then i'm telling all my one that they want. my center and i said i don't they're going to when they want to go in this side of you can what do you mean. if you're going to be pretty sure nice of them one of the people you know. i assume sort of better like them or you know that meant about you. it was a commie may call them you know muslim best both about their. medicine and my know ye you go get it it's going to cement the work you may have an
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issue and people me so i make that when i would get any and if you're welcomed at the moment if you want to set up a journey. in interment that i passed him and i said can i get. you know to fit one leg at a young people. for whom you're. getting a great jelly it's a little who do you like it there but it up at this when he said that the law said to me until. i. couldn't quite put my money king what clued me will be all the little looking i would rather be with anyone but the ones that will do what they will always thought would not what it would not be taken with a good many levels. if on the tuna. corner and he's even in the instance i mean. that one of the look is yours you know you played it over this. and
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you. ate the gates of your months with. the. hope of a better. advice and hope for this year until. i'm going again and. what isn't. ok. jenny jim not very techie maybe you'll get your disability is amazing are you. still in a world series up to date other than your job your the noise and some of the feel like you're going to get like a million percent they're. giving and
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a level as a see this is them providing you didn't you say so you know send them a love don't i mean how the left here has been selling them dozens of silicon trinity businesses so it isn't limited to your. you know get it. like you're going to. get us. and the new little home feeling love. of the city and the new little lick of yasser . but are you going to get. you know like you hear different than oh. yeah i get a call that i want to go so. it's
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you know you got into. the must put up with some. sort in the. way you know i mean you know i mean you know you. know what i'm the man of the. universe. i see. it and. yet do i think yes. it must yeah but then. which of course and we met them in the previous in i'm going to order because i can you see the city every is you either minimal or one of these over. you know how new vet or the other like a city you know around it. because of your free market and with what you know.
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better i didn't manage. to get to that this new game addict but with inform the middle like the myth in the social scene that they went. you know getting up would go no we don't really think that would mean if i said look if. i went there guy and in the mind of this. guy. i am one thinking isn't. going to. miss any more than a boy yes or. no way i'm having a cute a hug and i'm someone i. miss and some obese i'm with. both of them for going to believe me. even if you've got your money who they admire give it all seal it go money will allow him to go myself
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in the new cut the might not that's of course up to thirty dollars that recently gave him any less you'll simply say yes and not only way to get leverage to do all of this it will. be but i hinted. that i meant that. he had a mouth that is enormous. in the law but that life is so much. yeah i mean. no matter how do you know where you are more than ever. because you don't know about it he doesn't really know who you know go yes for my. breakdown for the
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movie i'm sorry i'm going i mean that they were ya know i mean you kind of compress and they have the meta movie or something. no no see i guess you can me for. movies when i'm not real but in the. name of some point in the medium. that i've been able to answer him just when i really could learn when you. get down with them sometimes but you know to me that my. go to my was you know if we will my dear. you wouldn't use them with that that would. put. it that you've got to move yet is that he had to with h.l.a. go go go go go ga he would do that. i said you. could do you know. with you know the neutral that it was going ok we'll just let
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you see i see joe. go and context or do many other people are going to get what i'm not going to try and i mean i know what you again and let it move with the diabolical it all is know where. you know what i am putting. your your heart moodle bussy in a panic you have to let in there you know i would quote a book yet than you can do with. what guy in the fan amy said up with me and i thought that's a. little cuckoo. you know they don't you know said kalash. there's a setback. give us a little. and then
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a little boy said. he's going to one of the what i mean he will. as an article say about them i go but it will work well together you're going to a new government if you come in to the door looking out and i go and i hear. us you me do not even things you know i don't know much tell us a whole. lot of us here in. the limousine viewers tune in for that is he sort of yeah he must. be put in didn't but then. i'm getting up and going to put a break into the house you know up with a mess. so i meant to mean i. think he. opposed to calculate.
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and that is the. momentum is in me to. keep me the equant that you don't bring. it with me but. i think he. i commute on it. you're going to but it was only by you but i didn't see boom but i knew my next minute was tough. for them to see for see you out of the. flick lot the movie top is a living. i for one with the public interest however i thought i learned how to you know your money. and while coward and you.
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a good look on the way to face your. head until you hear the click on the not to. put too much. sympathy to the. bus this you tell us. you know what i'm going to get out what about you of course up and get. this kid to fit the model make it possible apollo in the bin in the you know no get up on them and they die you they cause a particular cause a lot it's oh yeah when i left you in my fourth year. toward to i'm going to look
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at the way they see the cover of the tape. and decide that this is when they are going to get to know that the city haven't performed. and i think you know them well it circles out there you know like and i want to. look at it when i thought. about it important to. look at i don't bet on it and i get better they would. kill a person and get one everything. and does this you know so mitchell. and i knew. this out or done but abundant they will do it alone and when they've been in the going to weapon of the never know weapon of the no c. . unit that is a little good think you know why i don't bother with. the visible in the legacy book of the novel.
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the thing with. me. that you can't get anybody but they're like i'm going to like i want to. you know. when.
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to. say when do i mean day well. i mean it will. get. better but i mean. you grill. move on. but it and then which echoes again at the end. which will i think that i will never get with. one of them even with evil i mean this. but i never in it is to look at that end and yet. in this. thing i thought it. going to do it on
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a sunday. to not. a book but i didn't do them in. and i when i. don't know me. it doesn't but i've been there. to. look at the. he then been. going to sit at the butt of. a gun or not but i mean i. didn't.
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think when i was a minor yes the law we. just heard you going to take second hour to have sex if. you're. better. at it. so consoling concrete. thought. nobody to.
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be them in the community. but of. me. losing. something. you. in the editing. tonight they suman to. go see. the nine a. gathering now. put him in the. home. to try. to better manage.
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on this one. hello and welcome back well sydney's been basking in temperatures of thirty two degrees the warmest spring day of this early in the year for quite some time now we're going to see a change taking place so be a distant memory of the next day or so as that cold front pushes through and we see temperatures dropping back just seventeen as a high on thursday was quite a contrast twelve in melbourne then across tasmania looking pretty wet out across
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more western areas is looking fine perth are seeing a high of twenty two degrees and in through to friday warming up significantly the a bit better for sydney at twenty one degrees at that stage now across into new zealand it is looking very wet indeed rain is piling in to the western side of the south on and and that's lighter intensifies ahead on through into friday so a really wet weather here some very strong winds we've got rain also certainly on the western side of the north island oakland may get away with some dry weather for a good part of the day up into northeastern parts of asia here we've had a weather front which is given some heavy rain across much of japan that sort of cleared away but there is another wave on this front coming up from the south at least initially we've got fine conditions but then we will see the remnants of a typhoon time approaching and that's going to hit japan in the coming days.
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a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. a long time from gaza to california and little girl's journey of love through adversity i was very timid when she came over time progress she became our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her ever i was excited to come but when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time. this is al jazeera. television the news hour live from london coming up that is as a village is a man mob the government says one hundred seventy six and now and after they were
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hinge residents fled.


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