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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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a new image can make to has been. and is grappling with the obvious tosca sustaining a community but the residents of this chinese village complaining. and how one can stand inside. the reclamation of van land. democracy is complicated. how to have a six part series found out about five yes we can do china's democracy experiment at this time on mountains there are. dozens killed in a fire at a boarding school in kuala lumpur. hello everyone i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up north
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korea provokes more tension by threatening to drop a nuclear bomb on japan. as syrian forces advance on there are more talks to end the civil war. and i think that we're going to see we're going to see a scale up of emergency very quickly and the un guarantees more aid for muslim or hinge or fleeing the violence in me and. at least twenty people have been killed in a fire similes in boarding school most of them teenagers police say it started on the first floor of a dormitory of the school on the outskirts of kuala lumpur. reports. it took more than an hour for firefighters to put out the flames at the. school in kuala lumpur by then many people may lead. teenage boys have lost their lives and i'm going to
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have to set the scene we can see from a certain angle their hands waving out for help we had no choice but to ask them to jump out and we tried to catch them we did try to enter the house but the fire was way too hot until certain point there was a blackout when that happened the building started to fall apart we withdrew after that the fire started near the dormitory on the top floor first thing in the morning and quickly ripped through the entire building. by one of the interior of the building is one hundred percent destroyed the mattresses books and all other things in the very damaged but the cause of the fire is still unclear we're still investigating it would have been difficult for the boys to escape as the rooms had barred windows and the fire blocked the only exit i could think. through the window we dismantled the window grip open the window and climb down on a part we force a window grill open at that time we couldn't think much of fire department representatives says their bodies were found on top of one another suggesting there
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was a stampede to try and get out a community religious leader led prayers for the students who described the boys as cheerful when they held religious events in the community a happy group many of whom have now lost their lives under tragic circumstances. al-jazeera. and rescue department direct coated in drama and says it does not appear the building regulations weren't observed at the school. this initial investigation done by all. of us not issued by our local government and also by departments across investigation carried out some. i know many men in the show drawing that i meet that. approval. because that evolution. that by our departments will make sure that at least they are. in
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this school. because of the student cannot get out on the field because the only exit been blocked the fire and spread is very fast and some people consider the cause of smoke inhalation usually the roof. ground floors second second floor of the building itself and of course based on any field the common that you've been by would have been one it's very clear that if i said this. i too would too you know business just want to. number of bad. i think sharon end up with he said to become. varia once who didn't do it at the exit looking at that now but the bad. science of the rule if they have not got the show in there now but that the sixth be just nice but because that is what did to me. that
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the student in that. i mean almost sixty percent of the standard what it was to be used but not. all that. i'm putting it to see if they have been. issued at all if the mind operate their. social path if. they have a competition it must comply competently i thought. why if it is a mass what the end of the. north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after the un impose more sanctions against pyongyang the state run korean central news agency says japan is no longer needed to exist near us it went on to say this the four islands of the japanese archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb japan's cabinet secretary your shahidi
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sugar has condemned that threat from north korea. saying no. this announcement is extremely provocative and outrageous and raises the tension in the region and it is an acceptable grade leeson is following developments out of tokyo. certainly this threat was considered and expected by the japanese because of the support that this country is giving to its alliance partners the united states over the recent strengthening of the u.n. sanctions against north korea but japan is taking this threat very seriously given the recent hydrogen bomb test that took place two weeks ago a bomb that was ten times stronger than the one dropped by the united states on hiroshima and the missile that was launched across the north of japan so it is a very serious threat the defense systems here have been strengthened or will be strengthened we've been told certainly that japan is hoping the united states in
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that regard by shipping fuel out to these ages destroyers these anti missile destroyers that are in the sea of japan these are part of a range of defense mechanisms that been set up by the alliance which include the fed missile system in south korea and in and we have the patriot battery here in japan and of course the a.g.'s ships contain interceptors which are capable of locking on and taking out any missiles as they launched into space so certainly japan is in readiness the united states says that the defense system here is strong enough to contain any missile threat that should come from north korea representatives of the syrian government and the syrian opposition groups are meeting in council on today for a sixth round talks to end the civil war there the talks in the capital astana being brokered by the russians the turks and the iranians however many victims of the war are critical of the representatives at the talks saying they are too far
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removed from what's going on on the ground is carolyn maloney. this is the kind of violence that you started talks on syria aimed at reducing at the last round in july delegations from russia iran and turkey talked about creating four main deescalation. one of them is in the north of homs province where around one hundred eighty thousand civilians men women and children live under the control of a rebel alliance and. i'm the chief of police in a village that belongs to alcohol i feel sorry to say that the last talks gave us a negative impression they talked about ceasefire but we only saw the opposite yesterday there was an ongoing mission in the sky. another deescalation zone is in the north west of the country including ne latakia west in aleppo and northern hama is home to more than a million civilians people in some parts have suffered years of war and we're glad
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to see some relief since july but it hasn't lasted long enough. while since the previous talks gave us nothing except truce on warplane activities the average number of reconnaissance flights and the artillery shelling is the same i expect nothing but the same failure from the coming talks nothing is expected but force displacement. the last round of talks was aimed at getting rebel groups backed by turkey and government forces supported by iran and russia to stop fighting for six months and to get syrian president bashar al assad's government to allow humanitarian aid into rebel areas but moscow tehran and failed to agree. that were sent on but it was something we were hoping the last round of talks would let us see good results but in no way every day in alcohol or there is an escalation of violence we still hope the next round of talks will decrease the escalation here i expect a new era in syria that needs new faces and new leaders so as to sort the crisis
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out once and for all. the syrian opposition is being represented at separate un backed talks in geneva with damascus to cooperate in the fight against isis they want to see a political transition to remove president assad from power but that's the sticking point for the government delegation whose focus is on getting rid of those he calls terrorists. syrian civilians still hope for real progress on talks whether in a stand or geneva to bring them security and peace after more than six years without caroline malone al jazeera. reports from. well it hasn't gone but equally well so far the five rounds of talks we saw last time the members of the opposition actually walked out at one stage as airstrikes or so they said airstrikes continued against their full seize the fact of the matter is though that a lot has changed on the ground in the last year or so in syria pro-government
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forces have made great gains with the help of their russian allies since russia got involved in two thousand and fifteen we saw government forces retake control of all of eastern aleppo they've also been these huge gains against isis forces in and around deraa zoar there is a general will to try and get some sort of last thing ceasefire in these deescalation zones sorted out mapped out. in the next two days and of course it's very much a complementary effort to ongoing attempts by the u.n. the u.n. brokered talks in geneva looking at a wider political future in syria it seems as if there is a lot of determination here but there are a lot of very complicated issues to sort out on the ground. john as his parliament has passed a controversial new law granting amnesty to people linked to corruption under the previous government before the arab spring of twenty eleven the session was
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temporarily suspended before the vote when the opposition walked out in protest the bill has been the subject of months of demonstrations opponents say it is a setback for democracy. two people have drowned when a boat carrying ranger refugees capsized in a river separating bangladesh and me and mom most of the thirty five passengers did manage to swim ashore aid agencies along that border area have been overwhelmed by the number of the hinge and entering the area since a military crackdown in myanmar began at the end of last month the u.n. says the scale of the emergency requires a swift response q many caring assistance in bangladesh has traditionally been quite complex and the government there has. preferred to certain choices in terms of their presence on the ground and so forth this was before they speak emergency i think that now that the emergency requires a very urgent response these presents would be very quickly we've had already an airlift of goods from the emirates other organizations are also sending goods and i
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think that we're going to. sting with this one. from. the border between bangladesh and. very still. trying to cross the border into bangladesh. trying to cross in a mine explosion. still to come here on al-jazeera the local politicians in the castle lumia region of spain stand firm in
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their bid for independence. and the ever increasing risk to make the robots skew in the homes of conducting an orchestra. how are we still have some very very strong winds and some very wet weather across the parts of southeast asia how do they think massive cloud we have a typhoon sciri making its way towards vietnam very wet very windy weather coming in here then as we go on through friday so we are going to see the possibility of some flooding here but he is still in place across the philippines i shall is
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extending across much of malaysia will see some big downpours once again for k.l. and for singapore weather starting to slide a sweat a little further southwest but i suspect for indonesia it should stay dry and it stays dry across much of australian places say we got some cooler air coming into the east assaut of australia. to the fire in this area cloud making its way away from sydney temperatures starting to fall away but you can see the wildfires burning around the hunter valley we are going to see those fires continue to some time yet but they are largely contained i am place to say about one hundred flights were delayed as a result of these fires burning thirty three celsius why the staff knew in sydney twenty one maybe twenty two over the next couple of days that cold staying very much in place close still for melbourne twelve. along europe's baltic borders tensions are increasing as nato strengthens its
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defenses and russia gears up for war games over its own of course we don't want worried about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to accept it but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want a war prepare for war and people in power reports is tonia going on a bear hunt at this time on a. welcome back here without a zero live from doha your headlines more than twenty people have been killed in a fire somalis in boarding school most of them were teenagers the local fire chief
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told this channel there were too many people in one room and the proper safety measures had yet to be approved. north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after the un impose more sanctions against pyongyang than the threat saying the announcement was extremely provocative. representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups are meeting in kazakstan for sixth round of talks to end the civil war the discussions in a stana being brokered by russia turkey and iraq. the us president donald trump and democratic leaders in congress have agreed to work together on legislation to protect young migrants without u.s. citizenship they're also known as dreamers they've reached an agreement which would enshrine protection for the nearly eight hundred thousand people who are all undocumented they had benefited from former president barack obama's program but earlier this month mr trump announced he would end it and gave congress six. to come up with its replacement. police in the u.s.
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state of florida have opened a criminal investigation into the deaths of eight nursing home residents they're trying to work out whether a lack of air conditioning in the wake of hurricane was a contributing factor rob reynolds has a story. answering an early morning call for help police found patients inside the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills dead and dying in sweltering heat one hundred fifteen patients were evacuated immediately to a hospital located a block away. most of the patients have been treated for respiratory distress dehydration and heat related issues the thirty five year old building at lost power in hurricane erma it had a backup generator but police would not say whether it was working they say there was no air conditioning inside temperatures in miami have been about thirty two degrees celsius for the past several days still it appears staff made no attempt to
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move patients to a safer place where exactly how hot was it there you have any idea. i'm not going to release those figures but i can tell you it was very hot on the second floor that patients relatives were desperate for information you know that tell us anything nice you know like you know you have a place we don't know not a floor michel sr was a patient at the center i used to be a nurse and i'm telling you straight out there's a nice you know me it's not. police say a criminal investigation is now underway into what happened here and they've ordered checks on more than forty rehabilitation and nursing homes around the area late wednesday afternoon eighty five patients at another miami area nursing home were evacuated as a precaution the florida health care association says one hundred fifty such facilities in the state do not have full electrical power in past us natural
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disasters nursing home residents have become helpless victims during hurricane katrina in two thousand and five thirty five patients at st rita's nursing home in louisiana drowned after staff abandoned them to the rising flood. waters state legislator gary farmer said florida's regulation of nursing homes is lax if we find out that this facility left these residents here unintended under these conditions to me that manslaughter. a natural disaster combined with apparent human blunders and a lack of government oversight spawning a tragedy long after the storm had passed robert oulds al jazeera hollywood florida . the inquiry into one of the worst fire disasters in modern european history is today beginning in the u.k. at least eighty people were killed in london's grenfell tower in june it started on the fourth floor and spread through the twenty four story building in the early
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hours of the morning investigation is expected to look at several factors including building regulations and the response of the local government. several mayors local politicians in spain are remaining defiant as they face threats of arrest over their bid for independence more than seven hundred mayors continue to back the referendum which the central government says is illegal in charlotte dallas has a loney is mir's a standing firm against threats that they'll be arrested by spain's top prosecutor because of the a bid for independence. i got when i did that but i have nothing to hide when we have to go to declare we will say the same thing we have always said that we owe it to our people and therefore we will continue working so they can express themselves freely in the polls that as many as eighty percent of catalogs i've requested. the spanish supreme court has ruled the october first independence referendum illegal spain's public prosecutor jose manuel isn't forcing that decision on wednesday he
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ordered police tourist more than seven hundred mayors if they fail to turn up the questioning over their continued support for the referendum. prosecutors earlier ordered the seizure of ballot papers and other voting materials me as have also been threatened with charges of civil disobedience abuse of office and misuse of public funds a prison a board faints if they allow public buildings to be used for the voters. passed the drumbeat for independence is on the state people home or than a million people took to the streets of catalonia as capital on monday the regional government his resolution its belief that these people deserve a referendum. when more than seven hundred men as a persecuted by justice then it's not the man as you have a problem but the spanish justice system itself it's the spanish justice system
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that has a problem. catalonia last experience self rule three hundred years ago it's the wealthiest region in spain with an economy bigger than portugal greece spain's king philippe has spoken out about the constitutional crisis for the first time saying the spanish constitution will prevail and a unified spain is the pillar of its a you name the ship with spain's government clearly determines not to let castle or near go it alone the question now as you move the region's me is be tainted by madrid's illegal three it's shelob ls al jazeera. police in kenya have used tear gas to disperse young men who broke into a hotel to attack women attending an election meeting their people at the gathering in the city of kisumu so the men smashed windows and chairs to attack the women the turn is an opposition stronghold and most voters there are expected to support.
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he's running against the incumbent of the kenyatta in a rerun presidential election on october the seventeenth. zimbabwe is bringing in a new voter register system ahead of next year's presidential and parliamentary elections biometric technology will be used for the first time but some people worry it will increase the chance of vote rigging harem attacks and i reports from harare. first voted in one thousand nine hundred eighty when zimbabwe won independence from britain he's participated in every election since then now the eventual commission is compiling a new voters role using registration technology peta has concerns he worries ditching the manual process in favor of technology may not be a good thing for example we see need to be they using new technology to kenya by the election has to be newly founded with. the end you you've also. over the problems of electricity. it's the first time by major technology is being
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used to register voters in zimbabwe officials conducted a practice run in april to test the system for years opposition parties have been demanding a new list of voters they accuse president robert mugabe's rulings on a party of manipulating the current register you have thousands of people many years ago. and from on the search most of these dead voters. mysteriously. because their votes. zanu p.f. officials deny the accusations more than six million voters were on the electoral roll four years ago zimbabwe is essentially starting the process from scratch everyone who's eligible to vote has to register again. at least seven million people by january but only four hundred out of an estimated three thousand registration kits are available electoral fishel say the rest of the equipment is
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expected to arrive in the country in a few weeks we appear to be stampeding into the registration process. without necessarily having a full appreciation of what the entire process is about so it's important that we do get a new one and it's important that we start the process but without adequately planning for the process well setting ourselves up for disaster the presidential and parliamentary elections are next year the world's oldest elected leader is running for re-election when the date for the polls is announced peter knows no voted anywhere in the world is perfect but he just hopes to become pals with at least be acceptable to many. tens of thousands of people in sierra leone whose homes were destroyed in a landslide last month are still waiting to be hundreds of people were killed in the mudslides on the outskirts of the capital freetown. i said to bangor and her husband were fast asleep when they heard the hill above them
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tumbled down her husband leapt out of bed and round for shelter leaving the rest of his family behind i said who stayed caring for her children hundreds died in this landslide the army has now told residents to leave this area saying it's too dangerous fearing another disaster. but i said to her husband tells his wife they need to stay put their life is here he says if they leave they will lose everything. if we leave will the government actually take care of how i'm the only one working and supporting the family my husband depends on knowing he interrupts her he says i have a problem with my eyes i count toward this is my home and i want to stay here until i die. there are other families like them refusing to leave but seven thousand five hundred people have left some have lost their homes others fear the same thing
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would happen to theirs they live in government run makeshift camps supported by the un and aid agencies there so months ago before the end of the rainy season people here are receiving food shelter and medicine to prevent water borne diseases like cholera this is where most of the international aid money is going to camps like this one i said to bangor and her family don't want to come here they say this is a temporary solution to a long term problem. people here are growing impatient they've been promised new homes. for now soldiers are busy setting up more tense. the world food program are no longer just distributing food but also cash to help people get back to work what they need now is not food but they need support to make sure that they're able to recover to rebuild their lives. construction is underway to build affordable homes some thirty miles outside of freetown too far says i said to she spent her life savings building this place from here she runs
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a small restaurant bringing enough money to keep her family and husband happy staying she says is a risk worth taking at least for now nicholas hawke al-jazeera freetown. brazil's former president lula da silva is being questioned again by the country's top and to corruption judge who is the front runner in next year's election is facing multiple charges of taking bribes the same judge sentenced him to more than nine years in jail in july for corruption. or so yeah kind of the features i don't accept anyone saying that i'm trying to block justice because if i would not believe in justice i would not be in politics the u.s. government has ordered its departments to remove russian made caspar products from the information systems the department of homeland security says it's worried the cyber security company has ties to state sponsored espionage activities in russia
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cast perske denies the allegation. for the first time a robot has conducted a world class orchestra. the swiss design you mean led to look. for the opening of the first international festival of robotics you me even managed to upstaged the legendary tana. in the italian city of pisa but the orchestra's regular conductor isn't too concerned. we basically had to find time to understand he's movements then when we found the way everything was pretty easy and the flexibility of the arms of you me he's absolutely unthinkable not even incredible unthinkable for a machine he's absolutely fantastic and a technician by fantastic just to make everything perfect especially in length and in the speed of the trash which is very important.
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these are your headlines so far at least twenty people have been killed in a fire in boarding school most of them were teenagers police say it started on the top floor dormitory of the school on the outskirts of kuala lumpur two teachers were among those who died six people are in hospital in a critical condition and rahman is fire and rescue department director he says the school wasn't built to the required safety standards. and also the local people. and they will. but. unfortunately we did problem. north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after the un impose more sanctions on pyongyang the state run korean central news agency says the four islands of the japanese
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archipelago should quote be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb japan condemned the threats saying the announcement was extremely provocative outrageous and unacceptable representatives of the syrian government and the syrian opposition groups are meeting in kazakstan today for a sixth round of talks to end the civil war the discussions in a stand being brokered by russia turkey and iran the united nations high commissioner for refugees says they'll be an increase in aid relief for more than three hundred eighty thousand or hinge who fled violence in rakhine state aid agencies along the bangladeshi border have been overwhelmed with the number of ranger since the military crackdown began at the end of last month. the inquiry into one of the worst fire disasters in modern european history is now beginning in the u.k. at least eighty people were killed in london's grenfell tower in june the investigation is expected to look at several factors including building regulations and the response of local government those are your headlines adrian is here with the news
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hour in thirty minutes i'm back after that i will see you very soon people in power is next. it makes a building up its present some of europe's northeastern borders and russia this month carrying out massive war games of it saying could these rehearsals ever translate into a great thing and how would the nations on the front line respond if they date journalist eric campbell has been to the baltic states of a stone yet to find out.


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