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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to our real people. this is al jazeera and live from studio their headquarters in doha. welcome to the news malaysia wants to fire in decades at least twenty five people most of them teenagers have been killed at a boarding school in kuala lumpur police say there are no signs of foul play but
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there are plenty of questions about the safety standards in the dormitory with just one exit. and three months after the grenfell fire in london many still have questions over how it happened and why more hasn't been done to help the victims the inquiry launched just hours ago is now trending online hardeen connected us with. also on the grid a new threat from north korea aimed directly at japan and the united states this time the talk is of sinking the japanese islands and reducing the us to ashes and darkness this is out of the new un sanctions imposed on north korea we can see how seriously tokyo in particular is taking these latest threats from pyongyang and the latest for the next decade of summer olympic games are locked in paris will host twenty twenty four los angeles twenty twenty eight but it's all smiles of the limbic headquarters there are still allegations of corruption in the bidding process hanging over the fine print.
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you're with the news grid live on air and streaming online through huge of facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com all of that to come however to other developments to start us off the dock is one of them that is the program to protect from deportation the migrants who came to the u.s. illegally as children some what you might call confusion by tweet from president trump which we're going to try to clear up that in a moment we're going to start with breaking news from iraq at least fifty people killed in two attacks outside a restaurant in southern iraq dozens more were injured in the car bomb and shooting on the outskirts of. an update a live update indeed from erbil now with imran khan and run tell us more. well i can tell you the situation was very confused for the last few hours we had all sorts of rumors coming out of the nasiriyah i can tell you is that there were actually two separate attacks there was a gunman opening fire at them attend
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a checkpoint leading in to southern iraq and then two suicide bombs went out went off outside a restaurant which account for the high numbers of death we're hearing at least fifty people have been killed so far we are expecting that death toll to arrive with a lot more people injured this was a very busy restaurant with lots of people in it this tourist season right now and that part of iraq we're seeing a lot of people coming in from iran and for we are hearing iranian tourists have also been injured in that attack so it's a very big attack and you have to understand that syria the whole area of the south has been spared much of the violence that the rest of iraq has seen in the fight against eisel particular here in the north where i am and to the west and in baghdad as well now we're also hearing that i still have claimed responsibility for the attack on their web site america they say that they were behind the attack now they do claim responsibility for a number of attacks are taking place not just here in iraq but globally as well
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oftentimes they just say that we've claimed responsibility for it but it's oftentimes people just using their ideology or just wanting to be a part of eisel but it's likely that this will be and i still led attack at least planned attack because it took place in iraq however i say it's very unusual for the south to be attacked is going to be a real worry for iraqi security forces they were very confident in the last few months they've taken mosul from iraq's second largest city they've taken telephone and they're now gearing up to take the last stronghold of what we just saw this message from you might be able to get rid of us and those territories but actually we can still strike back in places that you don't expect. on twitter staying in iraq cook's governor has told al-jazeera he will remain in office even after a vote to remove him the vote was held after a local council meeting showed support for plans to hold
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a referendum on kurdish independence remember the iraqi government and indeed iraq's neighbors are opposed to such a referendum earlier this week parliament had authorized the prime minister head there on the body to quote take all measures to preserve national unity here's a bit of background on kirk cook for you it's in northern iraq where kurdish forces took control back in two thousand and fourteen after isis swept across parts of the country kirkuk multicultural home to arabs kurds and turks and of course known for being rich in oil as well it is among these areas as we say way kurds have called for a referendum on september twenty five that vote is planned for three provinces that make up this self rule region as well as other disputed areas. they can make whatever decision they want to make i'm staying in my quest the prime minister does not have the power to ask the parliament or movie. because cook is run by the brim and all this is according to the law that was passed in the iraqi parliament in two
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thousand and eight. he has that power with other governments but not with cockle therefore this is unlawful and illegal and we will not abide there is absolutely nothing that for people from expressing their opinion with regard to their future does not mean that an independent republic of kurdistan will be formed right on after that on the twenty sixth of september but. it's the will of the people to express their opinion and their will about what they want and then the of course it all depends how things go in the good shoes and need to continue to keep you year and a half just like birds it is so i don't see why you know these people are so much against it in egypt making it like as if the whole middle east is going to blow up this is not true. governor just speaking i need to go to us on obviously right now we're going to take you to our other developing story u.s.
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president donald trump denying reports he has come to an agreement on deporting young undocumented immigrants the ones known as dream is after meeting with senate democrats on wednesday it looked like a deal had been made certainly the democrats it had been in the past few hours the president's twitter feed it suggested otherwise starts with this one. sorry no deal was made last night on dukkha massive border security would have to be agreed in exchange for consent would be subject to votes and then a couple more which get a bit cryptic does anyone really want to throw out good educated accomplished young people who have jobs some serving in the military really they've been in our country for many years through no fault of their own brought in by parents at a young age so let's try to clarify some of this kimberly how could our white house correspondent i'm confused kimberly have you saw the term because it's all very conflicting. it's very conflicting but i think i can make sense of it here's how i read it because the president also spoke just touching on the ground in florida as
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he said to go look at some of the hurricane damage the president seems to be saying that this spirit of the deal that was made with democrats is that they all agree there should be protections for the eight hundred thousand dockery sabean's that the program put in place under barack obama that allowed those children were brought to the united states illegally to live and work now as adults the spirit of this agreement that we're talking about is that that should go forward and the details of it legislatively in terms of how congress makes this into law still have to be worked out and where things get fuzzy is on those details the president saying that they agreed that there would be some very stringent border security promises that would be put in there and also to some sort of signal that there would be the promise in the future to deliver on his campaign promise to build a wall along with the southern border of mexico something that he says he still intends to deliver on. the wall will come later we're right down renovating
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a large section of wall mass exact vacated brand new we're doing a lot of renovation work building four different samples of the wall to see which one we're going to get and the wall is going to be built that will be funded a little bit later. now democrats are saying no we never promised that we never said we were going to do that but that's where the confusion seems to be lie but in terms of the spirit of all of this it seems there is agreement that the children who were brought here by their parents through no fault of their own but they should receive protections all right kimberly actually can we can i ask you as well how the president's deal making is going down with members of his own republican policy. well establishment republicans he says are on board with this like paul ryan the speaker of the house of representatives even mitch mcconnell in the senate
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they don't always get along but guess who's not liking this donald trump's base for the most part the hard core republicans in the far right of the party calling this amnesty saying in fact that this is a reward for breaking the law that these children should not have citizenship donald trump is speaking in florida few months ago said look we're not looking at citizenship we're not looking to put in place any special protections beyond just allowing the status quo to continue and i think what you have to remember in all of this is that comes from didn't just promise to build a wall he also promised on the campaign trail to be a deal maker he touted his business accu men and i can tell you that there are many particularly democrats who are looking at this is deal making is something somewhat positive given the fact that we've really been in a divided washington particularly in the u.s. congress that has not agreed on much the president just a little more than a week ago struck a deal with democrats on the debt ceiling and now it appears he's trying really hard to make another deal something that is another campaign promise he hoped to
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deliver on i reckon we cleared that up kimberly thank you can't believe how good a white house correspondent there outside the weather thank you. so what do you get in touch with us contact details coming on stream let me remind you what's coming up as well we're going to be speaking to jamal shayla correspondent about the emir of qatar is a visit to turkey we're going to be talking about amnesty in tunisia for members of the ben ali regime before the. arab spring so if you've got any thoughts on that facebook dot com slash a.j. newsgroup you can leave a comment there whatsapp you can send a question plus on seven for five or one triple one for nine twitters up and running at i j english as well as long as you use the hash tag a.j. newsgroup we will pick up all those questions and comments now to one of our other top stories this is out of a sure at least twenty people killed in a fire at a malaysian boarding school most of them teenage students police say it started on the top floor dormitory of the religious school on the outskirts of kuala lumpur cut the rope as a billion has a report. it took more than an hour for firefighters to put out the flames at the
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dottle couldn't eat the fuck ia school in kuala lumpur by then many people mainly teenage boys had lost their lives by going fast to stop if you see news we can see from a certain angle their hands waving out for help we had no choice but to ask them to jump out and we tried to catch them we did try to enter the house but the fire was too hot until certain point there was a blackout when that happened things started falling apart we withdrew after that. the fire started near the dormitory on the top floor first thing in the morning and quickly ripped through the entire building opposite me by one of the interior of the building is one hundred percent destroyed the mattresses books and all other things in the room were damaged but the cause of the fire is still unclear we're still investigating it would have been difficult for the boys to escape as the rooms had barred windows and the fire blocked the only exit i could think of a escape through the window we dismantled the window grip opened the window and
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clung down on a pipe we force a window grill open at that time we couldn't think much. a fire department representative says their bodies were found on top of one another suggesting there was a stampede to try and get out the fire chief says the school should have had to fire escapes but it appears the building codes were not properly followed the initial investigation. issued by local government and also by departments across investigation. and it showed that. a community religious leader led prayers for the students he described the boys as cheerful when they held religious events from the community a happy group many of whom have now lost their lives under tragic circumstances.
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al-jazeera a little earlier i spoke to an announcer as a journalist with the new straits times in malaysia she took us through what she saw at the hospital in kuala lumpur following the five. me and if you colleagues of mine we arrived at. last with the mortuary at about ten a.m. this morning so enough. so this about the fire that broke out at the. school so as soon as news broke out we dispatched our we've got this here to the hospital. and. we have been standing by at the mortuary until now and since this morning a few i mean this does have. that one charity and have provided some updates for. what have been some of the thoughts going around obviously it's terrible what's happened that people will sort of made you think about why it happened and why there was only one exit from the dorm or truth the issue of why
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a preventive measures have been raised by many evacuees and many people as i say many people are saying especially on social media that the child could have been prevented that the effects could have been less if the school had it yet to provide that just put in place and it was report that that. the school had its building plans about two years ago but and they have been briefed on necessary by prevention maginnis but the school did not however submit its mechanical and engineering plans book who will be conducting the building so unfortunately we have seen the effects of. their let. preventive measures can you tell me about the school as well i believe it's a boarding school a religious school who would go there. ok it's actually. means
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that students. i think in the range of eleven. fourteen years old they go to this quickly. and memorized what you put on. so the school has that it operation not long one year if i'm not mistaken and. the students are all boys it is tragic isn't it not just so many deaths but so many young people as well i suspect malaysians will feel this quite keenly yes we are on one and it shows with. so many hopeful which is coming from all over the country. from social media as well as. leaders of the country have all expressed the set at what has happened and today at the military we received visits from minister. in the prime minister
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meant the former prime minister also came and the all looked devastated at what has happened and they came here to show their support and off but their sympathies. to the family members and i want to go back just after we did that interview just to update a couple of things she said at this point none of the bodies have been identified because the been so just so bad and also she said to expect another statement from the government about the friday three thirty pm kuala lumpur time which is seven thirty g.m.t. tomorrow friday now three months after a fire ripped through a london tower block resulting in an estimated eighty to it so the retired british judge has opened the official inquiry found it was back on june fourteenth and residents many from poorer backgrounds onto that official negligence helped cause the disaster while survivors say the government has subsequently been slow to respond to then the u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips has the story. know the truth they argue it's
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a cover up before it's even begun but some martin mull back says he is determined to find out the truth his inquiry began with a minute's silence an acknowledgement of how much suffering the grenfell tower fire has caused. cannot undo any of that. and will provide answers to the pressing questions of. this kind could occur twenty first century london and provide a small measure of solace. on the some martin more be equal investigate the specifics how the fire started how it spread how the emergency services responded but also the background did the refurbishment of the tower make it more dangerous where safety regulations observed how did the local and national governments react after the fire no one in this part of london can forget what happened how could
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they with this reminder looming about them so martin will face a great deal of suspicion from the community here many people feel he is too much part of the british establishment and they wanted an inquiry with a broader remit that would have looked at questions of social housing even wealth inequality in london at a neighboring church a special screening of the opening of the inquiry it's going to be long it's not going to be a short short. process but yes i'm glad that we start and i do feel. fairly positive i don't think we can have our forces hurt see the justice we want so martin will pick has disappointed residents by not including advisors who represent the local community he says he has to be impartial but he offered words of reassurance. common goal. we are all searching after the truth
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about the cause of the fire and the massive loss of life caused and we owe it to those who died and to those who have been destroyed to work together to achieve that goal the inquiry has no power to punish or compensate there are likely to be separate criminal trials to do that establishing the truth won't console everyone it might just prevent similar disasters in the future part of the phillips al-jazeera and west. leo can you pick this one up for us now because there's bound to be points that grenfell doesn't go away the big tower is still there and it doesn't go away online either right so now that it's been three months granville tower is still trending in the united kingdom but this time because of the inquiry thousands are condemning the government for not doing enough for the victims the top tweet is about a victim who survived with his mom they were the only two survivors from the twenty third floor that's the floor that is just above the very top floor i think from the
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twenty first floor me and my mama the only ones that survived the fire had broken into. broken the windows of our flat and had come into the bedroom so. my mom said ok i don't want to burn rubber i don't want to go through the pain of burning alive i'm going to jump out of the window so. i just grabbed my mom so she doesn't jump out the window i pulled her and i said ok we need to try and get out we we fought that we were dead one hundred percent that night so i said at least let's try. that point i grabbed my mom because there was so much smoke i didn't let go because i knew if i let go i wouldn't be able to find her. since the fire only two families have been placed in permanent housing this has outraged many people on line now the man put in charge as barnaby was saying is martin moore brick he's in charge of the inquiry which is
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a press briefing that appointed grenfell tower survivor as the assessor so he did not appoint that person he said quote that it would risk undermining my impartiality this user wrote that saying the grenfell tower inquiry opening is not what many residents wanted grey haired white man in suit and tie is far removed from their lives that of course referring to mr more brick others though are trying to remain hopeful like this woman who said that she's praying for that the residents of grenfell get the justice that they deserve if you're following this story online let us know what you think you can tweet us with the hash tag a.j. news that and a little opinion piece here which covers both the grenfell and malaysia stories that summer at the odd isn't it that such disasters will keep happening unless attitudes towards urban housing are actually changed among other things she says more could also be done to compel private developers to ensure a portion of their developments are reserved for low income households you will
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find that in the opinion section about zero dot com search for ground zero north korea has threatened to use a nuclear weapon against japan after the un impose more sanctions against pyongyang and it is made this threat in particularly provocative language the state run korean central news agency said this quote japan is no longer needed to exist near us and then for islands of the japanese archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb and a surprise japan's cabinet secretary your shooter has condemned north korea's threats. this announcement is extremely provocative and outrageous and raises the tension in the region and it is unacceptable. is the reaction now from tokyo more with craig gleason. certainly this threat was considered and expected by the japanese because of the support that this country is
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giving to its alliance partners the united states over the recent strengthening of the u.n. sanctions against north korea but japan is taking this threat very seriously given the recent hydrogen bomb test that took place two weeks ago a bomb that was ten times stronger than the one dropped by the united states on hiroshima and the missile that was launched across the north of japan so it is a very serious threat the defense systems here have been strengthened or will be strengthened we've been told certainly that japan is hoping the united states in that regard by shipping fuel out to these ages destroyers these anti missile destroyers that are in the sea of japan these are part of a range of defense mechanisms that been set up by the alliance which include the missile system in south korea. and we have the patriot battery here in japan and of course the a.g.s. ships contain interceptors which are capable of locking on and taking out any
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missiles as they launched into space so certainly japan is in readiness the united states says that the defense system here is strong enough to contain any missile threat that should come from north korea. so what to do about north korea the inside story team asked that question just a week or so ago with another expert panel joins us and leading that particular conversation you can have a watch for yourself by visiting the show's section of al-jazeera dot com that is where inside story lives online as you see here at the live well on our center screens we are waiting for a news conference from london british and american flags out there that is the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and the british foreign secretary bars johnson we will bring you that live when it does happen rex tillerson in london for talks today also in london for talks between with our entire with more international news for us i learned. thanks kemal
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a senior russian negotiator says his country together with turkey and iran is close to finalizing an agreement on deescalation zones in syria and discussing the details at a meeting in kazakhstan capital a stana it's the sixth round of talks to end more than six years of civil war representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups are also at the talks which are stratford has more from istana. certainly a positive tone at the end of the first day of talks here in a star from the head of the russian delegation president putin special representative for syria alexander saying he wanted to draw a line by the end of the top saying under this plan the full of the four deescalation zones inside syria a plan that was signed by russia turkey and iran in may he said a lot of the focus of the talks today has been with respect to who could potentially monitor these areas he said that he presumed there would be a role for the iranians the turks and the russians in monitoring these areas and
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this flies in the face of what the opposition of thus far said demanding zero a role for any rain in forces on the ground in those areas is also so lever and ships a this been a lot of focus on the province of labor which is included in this deescalation zone a plan problems there because a lot of the groups the opposition groups there are deemed to be terrorist organizations affiliated with al qaida. that's what the international community says and it's also what the syrian government says meaning that these rebel groups could well be viable targets and there are concerns of course for the hundreds of thousands of civilians that have fled to this area looking for security we also spoke to a member of the opposition delegation a source there who said that he was quietly confident that the opposition delegation could well sign at this agreement on the full day escalation zones by
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the end of tomorrow and that's when these talks are scheduled to end. two more were injured muslims have drowned making the crossing from bangladesh bringing the number since the start of the crisis to eighty eight they died when a refugee boat heading for the town of capsized thousands of minorities still flooding into bangladesh almost four hundred thousand have fled since a surge in violence between. anime and nonmilitary three weeks ago. in assistance in bangladesh has traditionally been quite complex and the government has. preferred to certain choices in terms of their presence on the ground and so forth this was before this big emergency i think that now that the emergency requires a very urgent response presence could be scaled up very quickly we've had already an airlift of goods from the emirates other organizations are also sending goods
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and i think that we're going to. be a merchant a very quickly. has more from cox's bazaar along bangladesh's border with. international. rice provided by. very still. trying to cross the border into bangladesh. trying to cross in a mine explosion still very volatile in the border area. that's all from london but now taken on and let me thank you for that lauren coming up on the grid do you practice yoga if you want to go on facebook live going to be meeting the indian women who are incorporating verses holy scripture and right now also as we say
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waiting for that news conference from london you're said rex tillerson holding talks with the foreign secretary did in libya discuss north korea as soon as they talk we'll bring it to you. however the skies are largely claire across the middle east at the moment the chance of one of ours just around the black sea which was the caspian sea over the next few days but as you can see the skies. clear it will stay that way as we go into the weekend then for sas days you can see maybe the odd rogue shower over towards the media elsewhere is fine until i twenty nine celsius in beirut some lovely sunshine here hot sunshine life in baghdad still getting up into the mid forty's here with me to the low forces across much of the writing potential here in doha temperatures hovering around forty forty one degrees over the next couple days
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little clouds are just around southern parts of the potential easing over towards the south of amman into southern parts of yemen want to see want to shower was drifting in here over the next day or so and southern parts of south africa also seeing a little more in the way of plough that cloud could be thick enough times to produce some outbreaks of right i think as we go on through friday not too bad a sas day doesn't like the west a day for southern most parts of south africa over towards the east and further north it's looking fine and dry until we get up into central africa the heavy showers continue around the highlands uganda seeing some showers showers too for cameroon and also for much of west africa.
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the headlines that are the view about calm that's what we're looking at this is what you're looking at that shop warning as it says there from north korea to the us and japan is trending at number one in the region just still very much there three and four. there is so much content online about the range if you want to know anything about the story about me and i would really suggest having a look for that in the what's trending section out of the. number five on that list
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was think of the gulf crisis and they cost as a mere is in ankara turkey president first a foreign trip since the gulf diplomatic crisis began the turkish prime minister visited july after approving a deal to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries remember turkey has a military base here in qatar those are providing the with fresh produce to replace food that used to come to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. before the blockade was imposed on june fifth. here is just to talk us through this one what i mean is this one of those strengthening ties trips tomorrow. well i mean this ignorance of this trip on several levels come out firstly it is the first foreign visit by the emir of qatar shift so i mean been one of the only since the crisis began it is a sign that he believes the country is stable enough and strong enough that he is
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able to now go abroad and continue in international diplomacy especially in the buildup to the u.n. general assembly which is in the next week or so so you can significances obviously the first destination for him there being turkey and that is a sign of just how strong the relationship between the two nations is and moreover how significant a role turkey has been playing not only in order to ensure that qatar can withstand this siege and blockade that has been imposed on it now for over one hundred days but also in terms of trying to find some sort of equitably or more stability in a region that is threatened because of this crisis so those are the two main significant things of this now what's going to come out of it whether they will agree on specific ways forward it's important to note come out that the kuwaiti prime minister his country had been leading them to the attempts of trying to find some sort of reconsideration he is also in turkey as we speak as well so maybe we might see something come out of all of that ok thanks jim i will come back to you
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of course as that trip progresses and we hope to hear something from these meetings . the latest updates page a mention that had al jazeera dot com is up and running you know about it but it's always worth reminding you this should be your first stop once again when it comes to the gulf crisis our team updates it constantly and as i say so often who is better placed to tell the story than us quite frankly all the latest updates on the gulf crisis where else but at al-jazeera dot com. tunisia's parliament has passed a disputed law giving amnesty to thousands of people linked to corruption before the two thousand and eleven arab spring these are the people who serve in the government under the former president zine el abidine ben ali of the. opposition members disrupted the session with the chanting before walking out they have been demonstrations against the bail. for months now and opponents are calling it a setback for democracy or what happens in tunisia will always be important in the
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arab world it was after all where the so-called arab spring began that was believe this nearly seven years ago now december twenty ten when this man mohamed bouazizi a fruit and vegetable seller set himself on fire after a dispute with local authorities it led to protests spread across to tens of thousands were demonstrating against corruption and unemployment protests which only intensified after a busy actually died on january fourteenth two thousand and eleven it happened presidency in a lab in ben ali fled the country went into exile to change forever as did in many ways the rest of the region as we saw in egypt and libya and so on and the following months there were more protests but by october this was the case there were parliamentary elections and officials were pledging to write a new constitution in that same year yes they have been lots of economic political and social problems to deal with this but unemployment corruption government resignations political assassination clashes with security forces all of these
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things but still in january of twenty fourteen there was this landmark moment when the parliament passed a new constitution the country's first since ben ali was ousted and that move towards democracy further cemented in december of two thousand and fourteen when tunisia's first free parliamentary election sorry that was in october and in december when they freely elected their new president or a lot to take in there but we want to talk about the ruling today with ben henley who is a blogger and human rights activist joining us via skype from tunis thank you so much for your time i imagine you must be massively disappointed with this decision . and yes of course as a nation. and they were all shunned and believed and democracy i'm disappointed i'm really sad after what happened yesterday i seem to have the games of the revolution are at stake. instead of establishing
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the two rules people in power are doing everything to hide the truth and it's so sad for tunisia for the ones national justice presence in tunisia who will so what sort of movement is there now obviously there was such strength seven years ago when this happened six years ago when this happens. now is there still the same feeling to fight something like this reconciliation what law are people going to get out and protest basically. let me say that says that and last night after more of this project i mean the the law project a very consequential project people started to look to demonstrate to me that we have been demonstrating for two years now we succeeded in blocking this flow for two years at straws that the law. passed yesterday but we have we are going to keep on the most rating let me say that we have the
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possibility. we have still we still have the possibility of to talk of course of this law and. that this is in the opposition representatives of course this novel but people will be more straight on the street called one of the most strange is that you're there let me say that there was not mention sam i don't buy it or have you why i think again mr potter all you know just yesterday we were outside the parliament now where hundreds of people there must train i think outside the parliament and we have people in australia because what happened yesterday is not acceptable leena what's the movement like online i'm interested to know how much people speak out there because usually social media will be the first type of thing a government will try to shut down to to keep these levels of protest in dissent down. let me say that on the internet of course we can find the front of us but. many people do not see what happened yesterday many people who
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were really disappointed and sad let me say in the uk. and the star people are calling for the most strange people are in the i don't worry people . are not happy at all if i see that on twitter on facebook everywhere so i think that their ideas and you should reaction against their nose hopefully. we have succeeded it really interesting talking to lena ben any joining us from tunis on this new reconciliation or thank you and just to remind you of the depth of feeling that existed in tunisia and as we've heard still does we've got this video went viral at the height of the town is in revolution in two thousand and eleven it is the moment when at a protest the singer m.l. met that they stood up and began to sing. the horta or my word is free take
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a listen.
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and for further reading on to his year found us in the features section of down to zero dot com today a one on one interview with a made a young huey who is described why she self described as a human rights extremist and labeled one of the most influential arab women in the world talks about censorship and free speech she herself exiled from tennessee before the revolution q. and a the key words to search for. ok as we've mentioned that rex tillerson is in london for talks on a number of international issues. mostly the conflict in libya and in north korea he has met the british foreign secretary worth johnson and also prime minister to resume a little bit earlier in the days and still waiting for a news conference to happen but in the meanwhile we will check in with our senior political analyst now and bashar also in london libya i mean understandably north korea. high on the agenda here but libya as well.
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well libya because that be of course has been in trouble to say the least for the last. two three years of civil war in the last five six years in terms of upheaval zone the breakdown since the international interventions got rid of gadhafi for the libyan people but be that as it may there was a mess in libya ever sense in fact the american president then barack obama apologized and and for size that that was his biggest mistake not preparing for after the intervention in libya and he basically blamed it on the french and the british and he called them free riders for good trying to get the u.s. involved in libya and not acting afterwards so here we are in london the french and the british but also and that's the conspicuous part is the egyptians and the iraqis are involved because it's in fact under their pressure under the pressure of
6:44 pm
cairo and i would love it that we have been having such meetings whereby the egyptian they were not these are trying to impose their man their so-called renegade. more on the libyan scene and i think that's what they're trying to do here in london today at least try to convince rex tillerson of their theory that this is the best way forward how would you describe my one the british u.s. relationship these days and i got sick of hearing the phrase the special relationship that they always talk about that is that as special as it used to be. well look it's interesting that of course may was there after the japanese foreign minister and she was invited when trump became president in fact and they did in for size the special relationship of course the british as the rest of the europeans have have not been feeling the love if you will from across the atlantic over the last of of using clothing under president trump but it was interesting to
6:45 pm
hear prime minister may emphasize to secretary of state rex tillerson of the need for washington for the administration to continue to embrace respect and maintain the nuclear deal with iran so you can tell that on a number of issues there are of course differences between london and washington there's certainly a different approach to various questions happening in europe and in the military and in the middle east and so on so forth i think they express that when they can but in as far as what the what are the priorities for london of course it's free trade agreement with washington and hence you would see that the british will be diplomatic in as far as they can with washington because for them that will come first after bragg's it it's my one thank you would you can later on after we hear that news conference we are going off the grid now with leaders who are
6:46 pm
a little place i like to call home would be looking forward to the new zealand the conclusion of the language or a clear coat of kit to behere can't have high. if that's how you say the response i'm good thank you there's a real push in new zealand to make sure that the maori language has proper exposure given it is one of the country's official languages even though only about four percent of the population speak it this year social media have really embraced maori language week or. maori as it's also known like this radio station here in auckland which made sure that its listeners actually knew the words for social media platforms as well as some simple greetings and words complete with some a modis there as it happens the maori greeting is already widely used from a casual hello to a friend to the start of a national t.v. news bulletin and during the awareness week kiwis were encouraged to perform
6:47 pm
everyday tasks in maori like ordering a cup of coffee so you could ask for a ritz a peny with one hooker or a soya latte with one sugar even the new zealand police got involved rebranding some of their police cars with the word theory humana along with a series of maori designed motifs it's basically the aim is inclusiveness maori are an indigenous minority and a two thousand and fifteen report from the ministry of health shows that they found to be less advantaged than non maori including in school completion employment income and housing so the push reeling which week is to make the language and culture as much a part of new zealand life as in english and that certainly the reaction that we got from you. really a thank you you know we'll come back to that later apologies but we have got the live news conference boris johnson and rex tillerson in need and today there are nearly one thousand british military personnel deployed in the caribbean turret
6:48 pm
preschool to borrow a month's pay and to. transport helicopters more than forty tons of aid has a right to getting one ton of food. you'd have enough shelter for thirteen thousand people are if a man's bay is now heading to the u.s. virgin islands to pick up more supplies before moving on to the turks and caicos i thank the united states for allowing the u.s. virgin islands to be used as a hub for the distribution of aid and i'm grateful to france and to the u.s. for assisting the departure of british citizens we have been glad to respond to a request for assistance from our french friends by sending in our of c. seventeen transport aircraft to provide heavy lift for that aid effort the prime minister has announced fifty seven million pounds of help for the overseas territories the government will match every pound donated to the red cross appeal to a maximum of three million later today i'm going to chair a cobra to check on the progress of our response the minister for the commonwealth
6:49 pm
lord ahmed is arriving in the turks and caicos tonight to assess the situation on that british territory once the emergency phase is over the overriding need will be for long term reconstruction to get our caribbean territories back on their feet and in that effort britain france the u.s. and the netherlands will be working side by side i will say today chaired a meeting on libya with secretary tillerson and our colleagues from italy egypt the united arab emirates and france libya is a front line in our common struggle against terrorism and illegal migration and we all share a vital interest in that country's stability our shared goal is to break the political deadlock and rally behind the united nations envoy haasan salami as he seeks to bring all sides together our friends in north africa share the same interest in a peaceful libya and that prize is only achievable. we now have
6:50 pm
a new opportunity to make progress by helping the libyan people to reach a political settlement based on compromise and consensus finally we discuss the grave situation in east asia where north korea has defied the world by testing a nuclear device and launching ballistic missiles on monday the security council unanimously adopted un resolution two three seven five including the toughest sanctions imposed on any country in the twenty first century today we discussed how best to enforce those measures with the aim of maximizing the pressure on north korea to reach a diplomatic solution we resolve to continue to work together and with important partners who can influence north korea including china with the aim of securing the complete and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. otoh all these issues and i'm delighted again to welcomes alongside rick's secretary to the sun
6:51 pm
demonstrating once again the strength of the alliance between the two countries reds it's great to have you in london thanks for all your time over to. thank you so much for secretary johnson and again it's always of an honor and pleasure to be here in the united kingdom and and to work with such a close and committed allies to find solutions to some of the most complex issues in the world not the least of which is north korea and libya i do want to thank foreign secretary johnson for his kind words to the american people particularly in the aftermath of hurricane harvey and now hurricane harma many americans as you know continue to suffer in recovery and have a long way to go to rebuild their homes and their lives americans though do have a reliable friend in the british people in the british have a reliable friend in the in the united states and i think that was clearly demonstrated in the response to the effects of armor throughout the caribbean on
6:52 pm
bridge territories american territories and for its territories their cooperation through that of it has been extraordinary how they've all of us set down our own concerns and said what can we do to help each other citizens and we're very thankful for that we're also committed to take that same sphere into the aftermath and how can we work together coordinate now to complete the recovery and begin the long long process of reconstruction in a way that i think is beneficial to everyone. i do quickly want to recognize and congratulate the united states as new and vaster to the united kingdom what he johnson that he has arrived here eighteen days ago i think it ensures that our special relationship will remain in good hands i did comment to the ambassador a little concerned i have an ambassador johnson and a ford secretary johnson and all that assures us that on any given day johnson is going to be to blame for something. i do want to also acknowledge that we had
6:53 pm
a very i think useful meeting short of a very useful opportunity with prime minister my members of her senior staff this morning. we discussed a number of areas of mutual interest i expressed my appreciation to the prime minister for the very strong support and resolve of the united kingdom both as an important member of the u.n. security council but also in the public statements and actions to send a very strong message to north korea and the regime in north korea that their efforts to change their nuclear weapons programs and the threatening posture that they've taken is not acceptable acceptable to any member of the international community and that support is very important in our efforts to bring that to a resolution the prime minister not also had a discussion briefly about the threat that iran poses to the region there is destabilizing activities in yemen in syria and other parts of the region and we discussed our shared interest to find
6:54 pm
a solution to the conflict in syria once the war against isis the defeat of isis is concluded and again we continue to welcome the opportunity to work closely with our counterparts in the united kingdom while brics it does present unique challenges to the british people please know that you have a steadfast ally the united states and we will stand by our ally as breck's it continues to take shape and we look forward to continuing this long relationship as indicated for secretary johnson i also had the opportunity to delve into a number of detail topics of mutual concern that is again as i said we're very thankful for the u.k.'s leadership in the foreign secretary in particular there's been stellar in terms of supporting our efforts on north korea from sanctions to also implementing those sanctions finding ways to deescalate the violence in syria and we express our deep gratitude to the united kingdom for their very generous contributions towards humanitarian assistance to the long suffering syrian people
6:55 pm
as we continue to liberate areas that have suffered under the oppression of isis. along with representatives from france we had a very substantial meeting to discuss how to increase that diplomatic and economic pressure on the d.p. r. k. and and also how we can work together to relay messages to the regime in north korea that we need to stand down your program and engage in dialogue to find a way to a peaceful resolution. foreign secretary johnson also had very productive discussions as he indicated with the french italian amorality and egypt and colleagues as well as the u.n. special representative for. secretary general hossam salama all the way forward on libya again an issue that's important to united states to create stability reconciliation and restore libya under a functioning government and what we don't want to see happen is libya become a place to start the additional counter to birth additional terrorist organizations
6:56 pm
or provide opportunities for isis to reemerge in a different part of the world we are all committed to helping the libyans find the libyan solution that will lead to their future. i think is a special representative salami works with the libyans to advance the political correct reconciliation it's important that he know that is the full support of the united states and we think it is time to focus the mediation efforts in one location at the u.n. under his leadership and i think we had very strong unity among the group that met today to support the special representatives in his efforts we will meet again with the u.n. secretary general good eris to consider these issues in new york next week on the margins of the u.n. general assembly meeting once again i want to thank prime minister made foreign secretary johnson for their most gracious welcome for a series of very very productive meetings today on
6:57 pm
a host of important topics some of which we've touched on with you but most importantly for their commitment to action in the achievement of our common goals so foreign secretary thank you again thank you rhett's thank you very much i know we're going to take a couple of questions james lined up from the b.b.c. . james bono b.b.c. first of all foreign secretary on aid to do you believe that the government should be able to use its aid budget to help people in need in the caribbean and if so what are you going to do about it secondly on libya do you actually think that elections next year off feasible and when do you think they should be held thirty on burma you said last weekend that i'm sensitive she was and i quote one of the most inspiring figures of our age julie great saying that now and has your view changed as a result of the events of this week. and secular state if i could ask you. on iran
6:58 pm
what actually is the position of the united states today on the iran nuclear deal are you going to continue to waver the sanctions do you continue to believe that iran is fulfilling its obligations. of that deal and secondly what is your view on what is taking place in myanmar and bangladesh and the behavior of intensity. you. go first rex work on your on your on your first question james i think anybody who see i'm done with it we've seen the effects of one of a hurricane but it's absolutely. catastrophic or inspiring i've never seen anything like it it's. like the destruction that you see in images from the from the first world war and i think anybody with an answer of compassion we want to see spending by our government on getting those people back up on their feet and indeed on getting those those british and i stress that british overseas territories
6:59 pm
helped in the long term and of course we are looking now across whitehall at ways in which we can make sure that our aid budget can be used in that way i know the pretty big tell all my colleagues looking at how we can do that that is that is absolutely natural and we're on that right now on. libya you ask a very important question is would it be premature to hold elections within a within a year i happen to think that that could be about the right timescale i think it's very important however that you don't do it too fast and that you get the political ground work done first there has to be a. constitution there has to be an accepted basis for those elections to take place that is currently not here you have to amend the security agreement the libyan political agreement that needs to be everybody understands broadly speaking across
7:00 pm
the actors in libya what needs to be done and i think there is i think is a very wide measure of support amongst the libyan people for getting on with an election by the way so i think that the the program that they got on salami has has sketched out certainly commanded support the softer noone in the in the p three plus three in the format that we put together today obviously what we are hoping is that that will gain further wider support. the un general assembly next week thirdly only on burma and the tragedy that is unfolding in the that is unfolding in the the gross abuse of the human rights of the. population and nobody should underestimate what is happening now three hundred seventy thousand range have fled are estimated to have fled in desperation.


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