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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 148  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 10:32pm-11:01pm AST

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the four o'clock the only exit the dormitory which had its windows covered in metal grills the u.n. children's fund is calling for new fire safety procedures to be established and forced in all malaysian schools. a baby was among two more random muslims to have died making the crossing from miramar to bangladesh bringing the number who drowned since the start of the crisis to eighty eight died when a refugee boat capsized almost four hundred thousand afloat since the military launched a crackdown three weeks ago of three hundred fighters a type of number of police posts. u.s. president all trump has denied reports of a deal to protect undocumented young immigrants known as dreamers earlier democrats announced an agreement had been reached to protect nearly eight hundred thousand young immigrants of the program the president said last week. no deal had been finalized an agreement was close and it would include a provision for border security. or at those headlines here on al-jazeera i'm back
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with an update for you in about twenty five minutes time do you stay with us though the strain is coming next but why. today catalonia independent from spain ok to say they're going ahead with a referendum on that very question about the spanish government has said it is illegal. and you're in the stream. in the latest twist in
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a high stakes confrontation between spain central government and its possible catalonia region the government has summoned more than seven hundred cattle on man as it says are supporting an attempt to hold an independence referendum catalinas insists they have a right to hold a vote on whether they should break away from spain. if a citizen has a problem with justice and justice pursues if this person has a problem but when more than seven hundred twelve mayors are persecuted by justice that it is not the mayors who have a problem but the spanish justice system itself it is the spanish justice system that has a problem even. though it is our seizing ballot boxes of conducting searches of print shops and individuals across catalonia thought to be producing political material the spanish government has journey with lee objected to the vote. this referendum which is intended to be imposed in a hasty shoddy and legal way will not be. there will not be an auto
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determination referendum because that involves depriving citizens in the whole country from their right to decide their future as you might understand neither the government nor the courts can tolerate that under any circumstances but. today we're joined by a panel of cattle lands to discuss the independence movement in barcelona alfred both is a boss alone a city councilor with the republican left party and a former member of parliament a middle cut and weak martinez is an anti independent activists and sonia adult votes is a lecturer in international politics and security at the university of boston otis good to have a guest spoken out fred i want to start with you because we're getting pictures from members of our community of an event happening right now or thursday evening this is from amc international full house for the start of the yes campaign at terre goanna that's a city in the region of a couple lonia it's
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a kickoff event to launch this referendum campaign you see another picture here really excited people and it comes just a few days after september eleventh the day that the region marx's it's not tional day and where an estimated hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets of barcelona this is what mark says about that day when you can get one plus million people he says in the street your voice at least deserves to be heard alfred what are those voices calling for. well that was that. they were calling for democracy. one one of the most outstanding aspect of this process and catalonia is that the drive for independence has now become a drive for democracy because when you have spanish government which is not allowing this once once to ban the vote which is banning websites spanish
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government which is banning rallies and political information and which tries to prosecute seven hundred twelve mayors which is seventy five percent of the mayors in our country that government seems to have turned crazy and there's a moral question behind that the moral question is do we have the right to vote about our future yes or not we think we do and that's the main issue right now it's no longer whether you're in favor of independence or not obviously the referendum is for those who are for and those who are against for those who want to vote yes and those who want to vote no so the issue now is how has the government of spain turn so crazy and weak. well democracy what isn't obvious is that look this is a community of people living to have walked into their operating. looking for
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you'll be on for so early for peace or friendship that's the opposite of what social respect and the rules the rules of engagement are those of us patient. that's the obvious and that's a lot of the what is happening all citizens believe it was the first last in a sense and second class citizens. or nearly four years are better than the office of the mothers it is therefore rules rules of equality regional so that if the union doesn't moms and i believe it will have a blanket i'm here in my letter in receipt of this our rector of the us has a certain lady and hear. us ability on with that of governments or war and say me i got imus or larry said said let me show our audience sunny i hate you let me just show our audience what i mean
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does that pretty much every wednesday which is have a look here on my laptop here that bana says spanish government implement and reinforce the constitution article one simon five now say basically emirate is protesting and rallying for spain to stay unified so there what did you want to say go ahead first you should reinforce i think that sunny go ahead. i wanted to say that i'm guessing that and read as a fellow colleague of university is aware that democracy is not just what he mentioned democracy it's also a way of ruling ourselves as societies and therefore it's not something you just it's not movable and any social construction has to adopt to new times to new society is things a long time and therefore even lower and legislation or legal framework
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and is not here and we a particular society it should be moved and it should be able to be this cost and. changed and so i want what has not happened so just so you give us an example of that in because i don't want this become a general conversation about democracy so you are making very pointed remarks give us the what i'm trying to say this the worst about ending for this come obviously. should i continue on friday as twenty second he's taken to the u.s. will be with me in a moment. there was a beginning for this conflict where the conflict was clearly political and the spanish government right then they had a momentum where they could hot soft it by political means not by standing in a movable and just saying no to everything the other side kept moving along can't moving forward and kept developing new strategies new mechanisms now you know keeps
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being various symmetric because one side is state and the other one is non-state actor but it has reached a point right now where both sides have no other solution one side which is the point of brenda's movement is to keep going until it's possible because there's no more solution from the other side and from the splash point of the side ed we have a legislation and we're just going to stick to the heart and therefore we keep being in that position where the debate we move it to where we wanted to be which is about legacy and about will of low and the state of lowered his weapon rate is calling right and that's why it's like speaking on different levels and no one is being able to communicate. we want quality. and i'm sorry but yes this is an issue related to the whole crecy obviously because
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i'm very much with thomas jefferson when. the world belongs to the living and it belongs to living citizens and they have their rights so they have to the right citizens have the right to decide about their own environment political environment obviously and when and reports about the law let me remind and read first the one thing that we're struggling also for him for his right to vote no to independence we're also fighting for that for the us and for the know so he's free to choose any of the two options and that's what we have to. it's it is it really is about freedom and it really is about democracy there's so much of the modesty in the year that too much of them obviously in this country thanks to the people towards democracy to be stopped gets still gets hard to not just take a pause for a moment i wanted you to present court gun to dole and he's from the european free alliance so after the regional elections in catalonia back in twenty fifteen this
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is what he said it quite provocative or is it have a listen to big flemish like cattle and flying past black from nevada. where else scotland. and we want catalonia to be free it's up to the catalans to decide that but we think they at least have the right to do so in spain so far has only said no no no . sonja there are some practical practicalities about catalonia breaking away from the rest of it we just show you on my laptop here here respect in right here this is the catalonia region i'm sure all of you in a amazing city called barcelona sonja in a nutshell very briefly how did this conversation about catalonia breaking away
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from spain how did it gets started. well in a nutshell i would say there are many historical reasons cultural reasons beyond the current conflict started mainly because of and economic discussion about how central spain distributes the taxes that was the very very beginning that has widened along this ten years i would say it has now become a much more and lose if discourse and it's it's about a form of state it's a discussion about political organization and so it has been breached and although not as much as many would like and i understand what in britain saying the pity is because the debate about the cross and calm has never taken place because one side i kept saying it will never happen it will never be able to decide and therefore the arguments that ric were just saying which are very legitimate and have not been
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listened in the same porch and the on the payments once because from the norm in the pendants sector. the messages they send their potential election electors or voters are just say no and we're not giving the reasons why you should stay so the whole debate has never actually happened and people who might be in favor of the no don't really have all the information and people who are in favor of it yes i have in my opinion there's still a lot more information that they would need to half before voting and this has just not been able to happen so over the top and rick i hear you trying to get in there i want to play a video comment from someone who is talking about the fact that yes october first is coming up but what we're seeing now is something we haven't seen before from the government and how the government is reacting to this potential referendum this is
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a video coming from albert out of catalonia have a listen the spanish government. it's trying to do. two different starters yes the first one that went abroad to impute but a friend by using the strength so they use the friend of the band of random. changing even the ballot boxes the first the name politicians and companies that are necessary to hold the referendum but if they enough to suit on. stopping it then they have the facts on the fathers we would use by using all these strategies of fear about taking about. the things of the strength of prosecuting people. then they will the day for the participation. is not going to reach fifty percent of the population
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so enrique calls that strategy of potentially criminalizing mayors telling people that they cannot hold this vote as is a policy of fear have a look here at my laptop this is a tweet from a.n.c. ireland someone who is supporting this call for independence spanish police and the catalan people and they show a cartoon their political cartoon and these are all of the people presumably who want independence and they're all being rounded up into this police car and this what do you make of these tactics and do you think that they represent fear on the part of the government the spanish government that's. very very hard. look i want to go study about freedom of speech it must be this is this it's this or the thing must be it's the possibility that everyone has the same balls that it's all the models because a lot of you have for the last forty years i'm
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a sucker for the lack of people of speech or how little. it is then the hate the more it's all and so all who i'm here see the other side of the spreads we're the heart of the abortion but it's been silent for so long because they don't get any space at the bottom of the spear so that's out of this example of you know us the silly us and the leaders and with its own faults how we feel and it's our i'm sorry i've been playing it let me sleep let me go back so i guess so his let me let me go back to the truth and let me go back to reality to leave here because this this isn't acceptable this is not so what we have to say you know you know barcelona probably many of you it's an open city it's a pretty the it's a column for the us and mother like somebody just a hostile environment so we're really out there that are really response or elaters
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it's you of every look we have that we haven't seen a wave output is a lot higher than what in country so lemme see a lot of the buses of members that are a lot there's a czar and i just want to know now sonia how tight out yet how to write i just like getting angry create tension after just give me a moment i mean i need your attention for america and we have a gap between and it did lay between you and alfred can you just give me a moment i want to hear what he has to say and by all means come back to him africa . yes but let's let's go back also to truth let's go back to reality who's menacing smiling mayor seven hundred twelve seventy five percent of the mayors in this country who's actually closing the websites chasing the press it's the spanish government and let's be let's be very realistic about this and you can hear the news all the time from al jazeera other
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global networks explaining what's been happening right now so that's what's happening and let me say something else because i'm biggest talking about law now of course we are people of law we are orderly people if you visited barcelona or catalonia you will know that we are hard working prosperous people and we are free and democratic and all in all regards and we respect the law populous that lot have to change the rules and the laws about segregation and the laws about discrimination of women they all changed so we also have to change the last year because because we think they're not fair and look when the spanish police go to close down a website the people gather around the spanish police and you know what they do they don't get something else they don't shout they don't enter into any kind of hostile behavior they just give them flowers the chance songs and they've given
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flowers that's the kind of people we have so few things that mccracken emery any such a happy people that it's unfair it's unfair to paint that in any other way alfred and i'm weak and i want to play a little clip of the spanish gentleman cause rafael nadal everybody knows he's a tennis player here oh my thing is no introduction this is him on september thirteenth talking about the catalonia situation having isn't his take. i feel like all spaniards should feel worried because there is a conflict that needs to be a result and at the moment this allusion seems complicated or at least not friendly let's hope things can be fixed like i have said many times i feel very close to catalonia i obviously feel spanish and as i understand that the loneliness part of spain i don't see spain without get a loan or at least i wouldn't like to see one without it we are better and
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stronger together than separate and i hope we can remain like that for ever saying it about. so you outside of catalonia if you could take the temperature of what spanish people are thinking about this dissipate to get a referendum what would you say i'll try my best not to comment on things that have gone by like a few minutes ago yes good i'll try try going forward my sack i lived in madrid as you know because last time we had here number two you had the stream i was in madrid i lived in madrid for almost four years. i think. there is no. there is no who hired or sorry violating the freedom of speech and he signed i've been in madrid you were able to speak. obviously in barcelona you were able to speak no sides are silent it's different media the
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different. portion of court. being like on t.v. two times i don't know what is my question outside of katz no no no i'm not i'm in spain there's a plurality of. i think there's more people than we think that are in favor of self-determination because they see it as legitimate but the way it's now being handled by catalonia and political and the parliament has really really worried many people in spain and it's now being taken as a huge advance to the rule of law ok let's get some more of our community in there we just got this tweet just a couple minutes ago from a leader and i'll give it to you alfred well he says what does catalan independence have in common with bracks that eddie so let's fast forward let's say the referendum happens it passes there is independence on the table alfred the european union has already said that catalonia would have to reapply for each new membership
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is that something that you're keeping in mind for the future. worse yet today president yorker from the european union said that they would consider any result and they were obviously in respect of the result of the referendum now that's great news because we actually want to do exactly the opposite to what it meant for the united kingdom we want to remain in the european union in fact we are european we're not just going to drift away from the european continent we will stay there and we think it's in the interest of everybody especially in a common market not to lose seven point five million producers consumers and net contributors through the european market so we're positive that whatever happens and if there is an independent catalan republic this will be settled and this will be solved in a satisfactory way for everybody even for spanish people like spanish companies who
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want to keep trading with catalonia obviously we're in the twenty first century we're an open democratic society it's a free market whenever we want to live in that way and we are very positive about that i guess i have something for you let me just show you something that the guardian newspaper reported on a little while ago catalan ex-president are to mass spot from holding public office not just him but the vice president the education minister for catalonia that barred from holding public office there's so much pressure on the catalans not even being able to have a referendum what about the debate about referendum issues is that debate even able to happen and week. thanks you see what's going on in all of europe you see them betsy. also missing and that's it. they're subsist on we see that all the way says some discrimination is growing up
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we are just in favor of them or just the dollar we have it will you not be all better off peace or rather that's what we want we want one voting for all will one state and the more us up and get along or whatever forty years with no heart we'll want nothing just one more lead the nation more people there and a little more when i get what i keep hearing from you and i read wonderful arguments in favor of no i'm in favor of staying which are absolutely the key to making this particular not reasons against whining about happiness should not be kind of started making up something is there anything ups will step in the rules of the game play the game. with with clear heart that's the other way the sort of modesty or the discipline to see if there's been
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a summit meeting my needs at some think about the rules of the game looking at something there but if you have it to you for the jugular safe the upset anybody can tell you i think you're under the lights i'm going to put in one part of jolla this is via video comment this is rafael have a listen to what he told the thing. being as being half our very good political community we are our modern country our immigrant the country i can't you know he's a part of the european union a country that they are being international relations spain our own history that in some ways it was not cool but now we are we wanted a more european country in a very important passenger opt out of the european union all these things will be pulled in greece with this is in its signature moment sonia of course he is a secession opponent but again it's wonderful but i think many of us would agree
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that we wish we could happen listen to these angry voice alfredo it's been a pleasure having you on the shelf as all this debate will go on and on hash tag a string to be continued to capital. the philippines is asia's largest catholic nation priests are treated like gods but the church has a dark secret when used investigate sexual misconduct inside the most powerful
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institution in the philippines at this time on al-jazeera. the nature just news as it breaks many of the people here came to this camp with injuries and illnesses already with details coverage the border between china and north korea stretches of over fourteen hundred kilometers long like the demilitarized zone the atmosphere here is very relaxed from around the world the water that comes in the trucks relist water from the shallow holes is three is full of sediment and of course the high risk of disease. break. blanket coverage follows experts and politicians offer platitudes by its strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message. in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today is the. day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at
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this time on al-jazeera facing the realities the air space that they have blocked does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand the chinese leadership as an enemy of the story here the story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. all of that. with the top stories on al-jazeera at least fifty two people have been killed in a suicide attack in the south of the country the taxes targeted a restaurant and a police checkpoint near the southern city of nasiriyah at least ninety others were injured has claimed responsibility.


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