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tv   Phillippines Sins Of The Father  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 1:32am-2:01am AST

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very easy. to read. but. despite having less than a quarter of registration needed the literal commission says it plans to register nearly seven million people by january. been trained. in sixty three districts he says but gabriel is get tical he says registering seven million people in four months is. just a few people. because no one is actually. the ground to to educate. even the television. saying much some first time voters hope the new technology will reduce initial fraud. and it's not that easy.
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so i think. it's going to. understanding's the presidential and parliamentary elections on mixture in the past opposition leaders have a. party of manipulating register prism denies the accusation he said repeating. rig an election no system anyway in the world is perfect for millions preparing to register the credibility of the new voters role could help avoid another disputed election. kenyan police are fired tear gas at men trying to break into a hotel to attack women attending an election meeting local media reports suggest the incident happened following allegations of vote by the city is an opposition stronghold and most voters there are expected to support rider or. he's running against the incumbent hurricane yet or in
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a rerun presidential election on october seventeenth. the south african government is delaying the implementation of a controversial new mining charter the legislation would force all mines to hand over more of that business to black south africa but the new rules are on hold after they were challenged by the country's powerful mining industry body tanya page reports. gold was the backbone of south africa's economy for decades since the end of apartheid blacks had gained a foothold in the industry through government policies meant to share the country's mineral wealth but a revised mining charter that will force mining companies to insure thirty percent of their business is owned by black south africans has prompted a scathing criticism from some is still logical it's unethical it's immoral it's unconstitutional you don't have to read two paragraphs on the first page to say
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this is insane it's not workable it's not going to benefit anybody the revised charter increases the proportion of black ownership from twenty six to thirty percent it also makes that requirement continuous so if a black owner sold there she is the mining company would have to give more of their business away to ensure its still mitt the thirty percent black ownership role the chamber of mines which represents most of the industry has just won a promise from the government that it won't implement the changes until the high court makes a ruling on its legality the industry is warning the charter is already putting investors off and costing jobs like that of timber into lee he's still putting his skills to use after being laid off but he says he can't get another job is very very bad because. i've been i mean a lot of mine because. unfortunately i didn't get that you know the charter is part of the government's plan to implement what it calls
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radical economic transformation. timber may have paid the price for the uncertainty and cost cutting in the industry but in the long term the government says its new mining charter will benefit black south africans because they'll have a bigger stake in the industry that's disputed by critics who argue only a few wealthy black south africans will benefit the mining industry says increasing inequality is not its fault and so it seems to be winning the argument in court tanya page al-jazeera rustenburg a south africa tens of thousands of people in sierra leone are still waiting to be really how started their homes were destroyed in a landslide last month and estimated five hundred people were killed when a mountain collapsed on the outskirts of the capital freetown the government is now calling on remaining residents to leave in case there are more landslides but many say they have nowhere else to go. reports.
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i said to bangor and her husband were fast asleep when they heard the hill above them tumbled down her husband leapt out of bed and around for shelter leaving the rest of his family behind. i said who stayed caring for children hundreds died in this landslide the army has now told residents to leave this area saying it's too dangerous fearing another disaster. but the husband tells his wife they need to stay put their life is here he says if they leave they will lose everything. if we leave will the government actually take care of us i'm the only one working and supporting the family my husband depends on knowing he interrupts he says i have a problem with i i can't work this is my home and i want to stay here until i die. there are other families like them refusing to leave but seven thousand five
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hundred people have left some have lost their homes others fear the same thing would happen to theirs they live in government run makeshift camps supported by the un and aid agencies there so months ago before the end of the rainy season people here are receiving food shelter and medicine to prevent water borne diseases like cholera this is where most of the international aid money is going to camps like this one i said to her and her family don't want to come here they say this is a temporary solution to a long term problem people here are growing impatient they've been promised new homes. for now soldiers are busy setting up more tense the world food program are no longer just distributing food but also cash to help people get back to work now is not food but they need support to recover to rebuild their lives. in is under way to build affordable homes some thirty miles outside of
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freetown too far says i said to she spent her life savings building this place. from here she runs a small restaurant bringing enough money to keep her family and husband happy. staying she says is a risk worth taking at least for now nicholas hawk al jazeera freetown want to return now to that developing news coming into us in the last hour of another north korean missile test some reports suggesting test may have traveled that missile rather may have traveled over the japanese island of her qaeda let's speak to craig leeson he's in the japanese capital tokyo right now what is being said in japan about this latest missile test. very little as you said that has been confirmed about the to. identify missile what we do know is that it was launched from somewhere around pyongyang
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just before. time and that the missile flew across the arm of the card which is the. to the north of japan and it is the physic south korea concerned that in fact took place. to see what kind of a missile it was whether it was in fact a test launch or whether it was. a regression japan of course he's on. we're starting to see some warnings beginning to come through now. ideas from here on in it's going to be a matter of determining what kind of missile it was the trajectory that it was in from the time when it was an i.c.b.m. an economy and medium range missile and exactly what the nature of the bulge was craig do stay with me i just want to bring you and everyone else the latest lines
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that we're getting in from the chip japanese chief cabinet secretary saying that the missile fired into sees two thousand kilometers east of cape a remote kaido these lines just dropping right now also saying that all measures will be taken to protect the safety of the japanese people and he says he strongly protests against the north korean missile launch he says that japan will take appropriate response and is in contact with the u.s. and south korea those lies just coming into us from the japanese chief cabinet secretary you've got a huge concern for people in japan as you say. given that there was this recent missile test the did go over the japanese island of hokkaido recently. it's will this that happened. last month and cause love confirmation
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and of course that was followed up two weeks ago by the nuclear test is hydrogen bomb test which was said to. be ten times as powerful as the bomb that was thrown on hiroshima by the united states so clearly this is going to aggravate japan more north korea did warn yesterday north japan that it was going to take action all japan support of the united states in the recent strengthening of sanctions against north korea in the un in fact that richard was extremely strong they said that was japan and they would do that with a nuclear bomb that drew the ire of the japanese who said that they were going to strengthen their defense and they outlined some of the work that was already being done towards that such is taking fuel from japan and the united states chips the
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ages anti missile ships which are stationed in the the. there is six united states ships positioned there along with four on the japanese fleet in these especially ships that contain him to say which part of the face. the allies have been with the world and what they do and they can fall from space and time before they reach the different missiles where they consider them before they reach places like wild or japan and part of the includes the fed and you know solve them both in south korea and guam and the patriot battery that exists here in japan. that was. a significant response from japan in terms of the threat from north korea and it looks like the small and that that. you know launch by the launch wanted. to be able. nature for it right craig lease and he's
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monitoring events that forests in the japanese capital tokay more from him in the coming as let's take you to washington d.c. and speak to our correspondent there mike hanna we just happening in the last hour or so mike is there any response yet from the u.s. i presume there will be some at some point quite soon. you know we are expecting some response there has not been any formal response at present however early on in the day president trump was asked about the situation with north korea our while he was traveling on air force one where he was speaking to reporters and he said to the reporters that we have a very good relationship with china and then he added we can't tell you what we are working on so clearly president trump is continuing his policy that china must be used to put pressure on north korea to end these ongoing operations we also heard
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from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson earlier in the course of the day in which he made very clear his disappointment that the sanctions that were passed in the u.n. earlier this week were not strong enough but there in the u.n. as well there's ongoing discussion about this matter some parties arguing very strongly that there is no point in passing new sanctions against north korea unless the existing sanctions are properly implemented now with this missile launch we're going to get this debate reawakened and we'll wait to see what the formal response from the u.s. government is in the hours ahead here i mean it's only what a day since north korea threatens to sink japan and said the u.s. quote should be beaten to death like a rabid dog just how seriously is the u.s. taking the threats that north korea has made in the last day particularly that threat to sink japan i mean the north is known for its rhetoric but combined with
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all the recent tests that we've seen in the first half of this year how seriously has the u.s. been taking this. well the u.s. is definitely taking this very very seriously indeed both president trump and his senior cabinet officials have made very clear that they regard north korea as the greatest threat to world stability in existence at the moment this of you shared by a large number of members of the international community however it's also been the administration's position not to necessarily respond directly to the rhetoric of north korea some have argued within the trumpet ministration that this is to give a far greater credibility to such occurrences and they really deserve but that nuclear tests that was conducted earlier did change the game a little bit the actual existence of an explosion it made the situation far more serious and the speculation among experts that a nuclear device could be fitted onto one of these missiles the u.s.
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has been very very clear though that it does not expect direct action against it it does not believe that north korea has the capability to be able to send a nuclear missile that distance to strike at u.s. territory but at the same time the u.s. insisting that this is a very very serious situation but it is maintaining their policy that china and north korea's ally and closest neighbor is the avenue to go that china must be used to bring pressure to bear on north korea even though very clearly as this latest missile launch shows chinese pressure apparently having very little impact whatsoever on the north korean leadership mike stay with me i just want to bring everyone a few more lines that we're getting in from our team in the south korea we're hearing the joint chiefs of staff have made a further announcement in a statement saying that north korea fired an unidentified type of ballistic missile
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from sudan at six fifty seven a.m. in salt haim twenty one fifty seven g. . the mis are flew over japan and fell into the pacific ocean it appears that the maximum altitude was around seven hundred seventy kilometers and the flight distance was around three thousand seven hundred kilometers we know and our team reporting that south korea's military has beefed up surveillance and security posture in case of north korea's further provocations or indeed more tests let's speak now to andrew thomas he's on the phone line now from the south korean capital seoul more lines coming out from the south korean military in the last few minutes there and as you might imagine big concern. indeed big concern you know two things to say here on the one hand we already know part of the story north korea has launched another missile the very fact that it has done it the provocation that
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that will create just a few days after the u.n. passed the toughest ever sanctions on north korea it's significant in itself and that much we can already see now what we can't yet say but we will be able to it coming out of the exactly what that test was or was it a third test of an intercontinental ballistic missile because of course that would be very significant for as the united states is concerned because that is a missile that could reach comfortably reach their mainland or was it one of the smaller missiles that x. tested many times in the past before that much we can't yet say but the provocation in itself says a lot about where the north korean regime is that the sanctions they said in a very strongly worded statement made which have no impact a tool on their ambitions to have a nuclear weapon and that is what they are doing with these tests i really say what we've all been saying for so many weeks now there are two sides to this of well there are the missile tests which are good because and then there are the nuclear test the nuclear explosion which are much more significant because that of course
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is the huge destructive power which north korea seeks and attaching the two together is what analysts don't yet know whether the north koreans have been able to have they been able to miniaturize that nuclear technology to put it on a missile head that we already know they have and that is of course the fear of donald trump or the south koreans the japanese or because that would be a fee change in the way the way rest of the world sees the north korean threat yeah and i'm just reading more lines coming to us from one of our our producers our experts on the situation in north and south korea anything interestingly the south korea's military also fired a type of missile at the same time the north fired its missile the suggestion being that. south korea were expecting some sort of test to be carried out. the south korean said as much when the north korea when the sanctions were passed
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against north korea at the united nations earlier in the which the south koreans said that they were looking at satellite images of the launch sites and the potential nuclear blast site and they said preparations but both were under way and the north said that they would carry on with their testing so in a sense it's no surprise that the south koreans say now that they were expecting this test but certainly we're what we don't know is exactly what the nature of base south korean missile test was all the firing of eight we haven't got any clearance there on whether that was designed to in some ways shoot that missile down i think that would be quite a stretch but the truth is again the national security meeting chaired by the president to move in is meeting about five ten minutes time now they normally meet for an hour or two once that meeting is concluded there may be some more information on that specifically so i mean the big issue both for south korea for japan for that region and of course for the united states is the fine new sanctions happening imposed on north korea and clearly they're making absolutely no
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difference whatsoever. in the donald trump said the day after those u.n. sanctions were passed they fell a long way short of what he had hoped for what he wants a united states to total oil embargo on north korea they didn't get that in order to get it through the u.n. security council in order to avoid the veto presumably by china possibly by russia they have to water down those sanctions and have already a cap on oil not a full embargoed until transcended interim to the sanctions well short of what will ultimately have to happen and you lay that he left that happy what does that mean what will ultimately have to happen to me that means further sanctions complete economic blockade of north korea which the americans have already called. or does it mean some kind of military preemptive action we just know that just so many things are to jump we just don't know exactly what he meant by that we don't now know as we were reporting earlier in the program what he it working on in the
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background can't go into but clearly there is something going on there as well a lot of unknowns known on a date i mean one thing that is known is the fact that every time the north does fire these test missiles it puts china and yet more pressure china of course it's only real ally of any real friend and hugely important in terms of the north economy every time one of these tasks is carried out the pressure from other members of the international community on china to apply a similar pressure to the north increasing yeah. it does and this is the problem that china beijing has been saying to the united states and others who would like tougher action on north korea right now top down where the once you have the leverage over north korea in a sense leave it to us that we will sort our unruly neighbor out clearly they're not able to do that in the way suggesting they can they are not able to apply the
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pressure but they say they are doing all we would be seeing all these tests in a sense this is proving donald trump right he has said that. anything less than a complete economic blockade of north korea won't be enough this is proving you're right china is saying the least of the dialogue believed to be a ratcheting down of the rhetoric on the south korean and american side as well as on the north korean side but south korea and the u.s. to course have lots of troops there on the korean peninsula should stop their military exercises those one carried out just a few days ago here because bombs are probably still in themselves and they should of course as well china doesn't like the fact that it's anti missile fab system is deployed in south korea and again they say that withdrawing would be a sign the north korean the u.s. is unthinkable divider but quite right china who've said all along sent leave this one to us we can deal with problems in our region don't seem able to rule to bring
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it down on rule neighboring and donald trump amusements trajan will be taking it as another sign by our right and a. set of actions is required or that standard thomas reporting from the south korean capital seoul let's take you back now to washington d.c. and speak to our correspondent there mike hanna we know of course mike the rhetoric that all transfers employed as regards the issue of north korea the other thing i guess to consider with your sort of united nations hassle as well is that the more sanctions that are carried out against north korea the argument goes the more the north koreans the ordinary people actually suffer particular if there was a full economic blockade. yes indeed that is an argument used by some within the united nations but the key about what's happening at the u.n. is what was mentioned earlier that here are with those within the u.n.
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who are arguing very strongly that it is pointless to impose further sanctions when the existing sanctions are not being properly implemented now the question of implementation is key there is no direct consequence on north korea if those sanctions that have already been passed by the u.n. security council are not properly implemented. here once again china has a key role in ensuring these sanctions are being implemented and this cord into some u.s. officials is just simply not happening although china has been supporting the sanctions moves within the u.n. security council there are those who insist that it is simply not doing enough to get and in force mint off that sanctions program but we've also heard from the u.s. administration in recent weeks and the months of this north korean crisis that any military option is actually a last resort issue we have heard from senior members of president trump's
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administration including his defense minister his defense secretary that military action is definitely a last resort he would prefer that the diplomatic moves continue that some form of agreement can be worked out but this being offset by president trump's insistence that there can be no diplomatic talks and listen north koreans make a pledge to give up their missile development and nuclear development program so the key point though within the trumpet ministration as far as a pertains to the united states is there is no direct clarity within the administration as to what it exacts policy years we've heard different positions from different members of the administration and despite these ongoing months of crisis there is still no clear outline policy of how the trump. administration wants to proceed in the face of further action by the north koreans walk out of there with the latest in washington d.c.
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in response to this developing story and let's just remind you of the breaking news this hour north korea has fired an unidentified missile from the capital pyongyang in an easterly direction japan's chief cabinet secretary says the missile flew across japan and fell into the sea two thousand kilometers east of cape a remote on the island of hokkaido and will be north news on this developing story in a couple of minutes time thanks for watching. the sky. should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies
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providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page it's where they're online and what produced the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on saturday i was never put a file then look at differently because i'm dr going all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera russian filmmaker under
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a necker self continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told you the locals in the southeast were on our side when i arrived i don't do something completely different someone to leave put in is russia but for others a russian passport means hope and the challenge of happens in search of putin's russia at this time on all jazeera. this is al jazeera. i'm rob matheson this is the news live from doha and coming up in the next sixty minutes remaining defiant.


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