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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 256  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 3:32am-4:00am AST

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to discuss the situation and particularly the very provocative timing because this missile launch came just seventy two hours after the last security council meeting in which they imposed further sanctions on north korea and it comes just days before world leaders meet here in new york for the high level session of the u.n. general assembly president trump for example will be speaking here on chews day it means that there is a high level north korean delegation coming to new york including the north korean foreign minister will be speaking to the general assembly next friday and i don't think he's likely to have meetings with the u.s. or any of its western partners or with japan or south korea but in the past the north korean foreign minister has met with the un secretary-general so it's possible there could be a very important meeting with the new secretary general antonio good terrorists and that's our top story the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story join
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me in about a half an hour's time see you then bye bye. the the earth . catastrophic and completely unacceptable the words of un secretary general antonio protests describing the attacks against the muslim or hindu. as more people flee to bangladesh what will it take to stop this violence this is inside story. with. the earth.
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and i welcome to the program i'm jane dothan global pressure is mounting on man mine its leader and son suchi to end the killing and displacement of muslim rang the un as urge the government to take immediate steps to stop the violence secretary general antonio terus called on me and military to suspend its operation in the western rakhine state and allowed to return to their villages at least four hundred thousand people have fled to bangladesh since the violence escalated late last month there are lots of get to with our guest but first james bays sets up a discussion from u.n. headquarters in new york. these were the toughest words yet from the secretary general on the ongoing violence in myanmar i call on the myanmar or thought it is to suspend the military action and the violence appalled the rule of law and recognize the right of return of all those where to leave the country the un knows
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the situation is deteriorating fast when mr good terrorist last spoke to reporters a week ago there were one hundred twenty five thousand rohingya refugees that number has now tripled given the situation has got so much worse in the last week do you believe this is ethnic cleansing well i would answer your question with another question when one third of the growing a population had to flee the country can you find a better word to describe it. as the secretary general has already taken the extremely rare step of writing to the security council urging them to take action as he spoke the council was meeting first with an open session on somalia it was only after that ended and they went into closed session and when they discussed any other business that the crisis in myanmar was finally raised afterwards the president of the security council read a carefully worded statement it was nowhere near as strong as the words of the
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secretary general the members of sixty council expressed deep concern about the situation in state acknowledging the nischelle on men mark security forces or into n.t. fifth august should be on mass stop all its military operations in the state now that's what the secretary general says does the security council share that view now that. the statement that a readout is what we have agreed there are some who see that as a very weak statement. some icing so why is the security council not being tougher there's always a log jam when there's a lack of unity and when one of the permanent five members is opposed to action in this case diplomats point to china a longstanding ally of me on mars military james al-jazeera at the united nations.
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it's me and i guess in bangkok phil robertson deputy asia director for human rights watch joining us from yangon in myanmar abdul rashid founder and chairman at the rehang foundation community and in london one zani a human rights activist very warm welcome to all three of you do rashid at this rate are they going to be any ranger left in manama yaf course i still have many rangoli left inside of a canister by their own a very serious situations. they are very face he who is problem for the fort as of what x. there don't have a food so many people is on the way to bangladesh so many people a few days or maybe many days on the way so we don't have food in a water so this is a huge catastrophe as well the people facing inside the memos well we're hearing that almost forty percent of ring of villages are empty i mean from
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a military perspective that's almost a job done isn't it. of course. the footage we're receiving information we're receiving is about a half of the population or looted destroyed and more than four hundred thousand already left went to the bangladesh and our own hundred thousand is on the way and it's had a jungle and there inside the mountain in the water a river why over the trying to leave the country as well so and that they don't feel secure here so most important thing is need people security and the production what they're doing find a production here and fill robyn said i'm just wondering from your experience what you see on the ground how this is playing out the situation that has been called ethnic cleansing. we're calling it ethnic cleansing we agree with secretary general that there is ethnic cleansing taking place there also with the high commissioner for human rights mr aid who also called ethnic cleansing what is happening is
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a scorched earth campaign that is the term designed to essentially stampede the rohingya out of northern rakhine state and then sort of a cleanup operation where either army or local rakhine buddhists are setting alight the the villages that have been abandoned it's created a massive humanitarian crisis on the bangladesh border and it's created a wide swath of northern rakhine state that no longer have a rohingya there that's the classic definition of ethnic cleansing we're going to be coming out overnight with new information showing that we've fifty nine different villages that have been destroyed by arson number of those we have sensory data from environmental satellite others we have satellite imagery which is still hard to come by because of course it is monsoon season so the lot of times we are fighting with cloud cover to get
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a clear picture of what's taking place but the devastation is is widespread and it is obviously designed to stampede these people out of the country and to ultimately keep them out because i think that there's very little likelihood without a concerted effort by the international community that burma will ever allow these people to come back to the northern rakhine state and still you are hearing at the same time horrific stories what's been done to men women and children. well we're at right now we're investigating at least five mass occurs where people have been village was surrounded and people were slaughtered in most cases what we have found is that people were able to get away from their village sometimes they were shot at sometimes they were hit with a mortar so that there was shrapnel wounds but in many cases it appears that they're trying to stampede people out of these areas they're trying to get them on
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the run and drive them out of the country that seems to be the major intent right here. and you know if that requires the military of killing some people that well obviously they're willing to do that they need to be held accountable there needs to be a global arms in bargo on burma and there needs to be a suspension of all military military ties that have grown up with the burmese military in countries like australia the u.s. the u.k. and others manzoni if we are seeing an ethnic cleansing unfolding here what do you think the end game is what the end game is the you know the eradication of the ruhi injure as a group and that takes us to. a serious did you know. discussion about why the un is pussyfooting around this issue. using the word ethnic
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cleansing which is if historical and completely. you know no one can textual given the fact that my country and my friends who are running the army . you know have a verifiable inferrable intent to destroy this group as a matter of policy it's you know we have in burma my you know my relatives were in the army different branches and there are there is more than enough evidence to establish that the intent behind driving these people out is not simply to secure the geo graphic location but to destroy them as a community me and to destroy their history you receive our identity that is a classic definition however you to find it either you know however we
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define the term genocide either narrowly legally which un attempts to do and human rights organizations with lots of lawyers to turn to do also see a logical as the original framing of the term genocide raphael and kimball were would want it and so you know if you look at it well then tell me what you think is hand and what the military is trying to achieve here what is authentic. that the military is trying to clance the n. tire area and. to the regional state which they think has no muslims historically there and so i think you know the experts expelling people driving then you know by the thousand starting in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight with spikes of muslim violence killing thousands raping hundreds of woman bridgeview nautically every ten fifteen years the army has been
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doing it for almost forty years and if you look at the the conditions physical and biological conditions under which be entire ruined your population has been kept the intent is to say dude gradually give bill. physically destroy this community biologically stop them ok i'm going to bring it up bill russell i mean why do you censure can be done if we are seeing a form of ethnic cleansing have to get all the way hang out of the country what is going to stop the military now through is going to stop the military. heard from the united nations and they have just expressed deep concern is that enough. what we believe we want to peace and peace in our country want to see the peace so i think for the burmese miller korea and therefore the government as well with the
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most important thing to realize the white of the international community and the kuna of the world of the general secretary general of the united nations is a very very important so they have to respect and bybee is a very good to them to listen to what of the international community but why what they are listening to the order national normalization entered are never going to come in and stop them. i think if they're not a stop right now maybe a situation going more worse where we are seeing as acutely the very different than others before previously they used so i think. the myanmar government has to be understand the tool of the secretary general this is what you would work with a very very important that's why and for the solution is the most important first is a quest toward the current operation very important and a secondly. to open the all the access of the military people look to be food a few days and people need medicine as well and cut the is
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possible return return of the people who already love their country and bring them with the peace and the security and the with the dignity does is very very important i think these are implementable ok but to pick up on what she said earlier as well and i was wishing as well why would there were hanging returned back to me and they know that they not wanted the situation is not likely to change anytime soon is there anything and there's a whole jane i just want to ask so as is a anything do you think that and sunset she can do does she have any control over the military at all it doesn't seem to be the case there's a there's a couple points here. i think in terms of what can be done by the international community there has to be pressure put on men online and the burma army they're the people who can stop this immediately and what we're talking about here to start with is as i mentioned the global arms embargo no one being able to sell arms to
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burma but also going after any sort of program that has been introduced to work with the burma army and there are a number of militaries around the world who have moved towards that and they need to suspend those programs and importantly i think we need there are some reintroduction of an economic sanctions a look at the the u.s. involvement there from the military point of view the british involvement from a military point of view the fact that china supports what is going on well i mean if there is a global arms in bargo that is proclaimed by the u.n. security council china have to abide by that along with bell routes and russia in israel and all these other countries that sell arms to the burma army but you know you asked the question about aung san suu kyi aung san suu kyi of course under the two thousand and eight constitution doesn't have authority over security matters that's given completely to the burma army but she does have. a moral
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obligation to stand up she has a stature internationally that while damage is still fairly strong she has strong popularity within the nation of burma many people still support her and she needs to step up and differentiate herself from what the burma army is doing she has to say look you know these things that they have done have gone much too far and we're going to investigate and we're going to allow the u.n. to investigate as foreign minister she is the person who makes the decisions about whether the fact finding mission that was mandated by the u.n. human rights council has the right to enter the come. they are not you know she should say yes we're going to let them in and we're going to urge them to go wherever they need to go to fill fulfill their mandate and we respect the mandate of the human rights council ok i don't know you know and the army has a problem with that well then the army has to step up and resist it but you know then they're the villain not her why would why we're on science stepping in and you
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know side with the victims whereas in fact she is very much in sync with the military on this and she controls you know except not getting what she really what she's what i'm not saying you i don't know if she's going to do it or not i mean she may not do it but what she at the question was too much for you i mean this is what she has said why not you under a million i let me bring it up to we have by not condemning a bill is she providing cover for the military it seems like there what we believe on so sochi have some limited power because of the constitution and miller create twenty five percent of military and all the party mess so what she has a loss of control and the three key ministry also and the hand of the military as well but the fact is on sense hooty is a difficult of that this country so she is the most responsible she have to be speak out loudly what about against the human beings this is not important she come
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with a justice she got to come with the right word to use this she need to use grasp rob what about when on is a not according to international law is a wollaston of the international law so she has to realize again money i'm just one of the many i know that all the blame falls on and son suchi but shouldn't druther be the commander in chief. and who still spoke about a little bit earlier on who controls the army. europe and the other parts of that also where i'd lay out the red carpet for him shouldn't he be the one here is focused on the sanctions points of view that he should be removed from his post until that. fans nothing's going to change his habits and the army which is an economist as well i thought you know i know these guys personally you know like the crazy your top commanders in our large office like a deputy his senior deputies they are my old friends and it doesn't matter where
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you move remove me a line you know this is that is why i said this is genocidal because the army has institutionalized the view that their role hinder me to be removed on cultural and national security grown from that by any means possible there should be no ranger left standing by their name that is why you know whoever it general is in charge doesn't matter the army on a pile in terms of the injure you know eradication that is what is so crucial we understand that this is an institutionalized killing and the world needs to respond appropriately in a cause you know because accordingly and i think this case indicates is spectacular thalia once again of both the security council and the international community we have sailed all over and over all over again in these cases mass of mass atrocities whatever their legal names ethnic cleansing crimes against humanity
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genocide the fact is you have is failing spectacularly world leaders are failing spectacularly regional it seems that the world is saying light while it's happening a little i'm just going to bring you in has me jumping and i'm just wondering where this leaves bangladesh. they are in a situation where they are taking all the rangar the most unwanted people on the planet i think it's fair to say people are talking about a many palestine they don't want them there they can't afford to have them there while bangladesh actually has stood up in a very important way it was gratifying to see shake a scene and go down to the camps and speak with the people and speak publicly about the fact that these people are citizens of burma these people are persons who have to go back to that country you know and that they have been treated inhumanely by the government of burma bangladesh needs all the support it can get right now and i
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think that there has to be a priority from donor nations around the world to be as generous as possible with bangladesh and with the u.n. agencies and international n.g.o.s that are working there to be able to get the sort of food medicines basic shelter and other essential. elements of disaster relief to those people because we're in the middle of the monsoon season we're looking at the possible outbreaks of a very serious water borne disease they've got no sanitation a lot of people haven't eaten for days i mean this is a disaster of the first order and it needs to be dealt with that way when you're making your whole a longer period time i don't know what bangladesh is going to do better than anything like you know it's a difficult situation because i think i think like you know feel he the nail on its head banga didn't just you know stood up after you know having put up with the burmese. denial of the persecution in burma and that the
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brutal impact that bangladesh you society has to bear as a neighbor this is an international issue this is our domestic as you and i think one of the best way to back bangladesh is not only you know increasing the funding and providing moral indigo. medics oppose but do recognize and back when bangladeshi foreign minister do days ago this is genocide in turkish minister has said it you know scholars are two scholars have said it because it's so screw sure that that you know the crime be named by its legal name so that we could have a c.v. as you know pushed to you know to pressure russia and china and others to come on board or if not we find solution outside of the un security council security council has not prevented or protected the innocent civilians in any genocidal situations since it was created in one thousand nine hundred five in san francisco
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like i was and i'm going to bring in now and sunset she is not going to be turning up at the united nations general assembly gathering on wednesday and yet we are expecting a state of the nation speech from her on tuesday any idea what she's going to sell and she must have something in her mind she's going to have to address this situation what do you think it is that she will be able to say. this is really difficult i don't know i think that she should if she is a smart politician she says she's not a human rights activist who says she's a politician she should be figuring out a way to differentiate herself from what has happened you know what has been done on the ground by the burma army. she should be trying to recognize the concerns the international community and saying that you know there needs to be actions taken she needs to rededicate herself to the implementation of the right kind advisory
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committee report which was the commission chaired by former u.n. secretary general kofi annan you know there's a number of things she could say but she's going to have to condemn in some way shape or form the. the actions of the burma army on the ground because quite clear they are ethnic cleansing well. and i you know sorrowful i try to draw and i'm labeled all right against humanity as well before we draw to the end of the program up till i mean that the problem is if you don't have someone like and son tucci who do you have do you think that's her strongest card at the moment you know what the problem with that would have only on it in it would have on some sooty but on terms which are already facing the problem many kind of challenges are so herself doesn't add quarter to some other element also who but i think international community must come up with the most important also sooty america more strong you know i think two
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thousand and eight got to do is a need to be. i think very important to change that would reduce quest to show where is possible is very much important i think we got to the constitution. if not. j h i think it's very difficult to her all right we're going to have. a much thanks very much to all my guests phil robertson monk zani and abdul rashid we look forward to hearing what an censored she has to say thank you as well for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion going to our facebook page at facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me jane and the whole team here by finance.
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