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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good citizen a child is born to be. men and women are the resources that are available what makes an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. north korea strikes again firing another ballistic missile over japan. in the south from doha also coming up reaction around the world has been swift and
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japan has condemned the launch south korea's ministry says it's increasing surveillance. several iranians are among the dead as suicide bombers launch attacks in southern iraq killing at least sixty. questions over how america treats its elderly after eight people died at a florida nursing home during hurricane. north korea has stepped up the tension again in its nuclear standoff with the u.s. firing another ballistic missile over japan the u.s. military said it was an intermediate range ballistic missile the country three thousand seven hundred kilometers it launched from near the capital pyongyang flying over the japanese island of hokkaido before landing in the pacific ocean when is the second north korean missile to fly over japan in less than a month japanese prime minister shinzo condemned the launch and called the
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international action. now is the time for the international community to come together latest sanctions need to be imposed in full north korea needs to be made to understand that if it continues on this path there is no bright future for it. well the u.s. secretary of state is calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea specifically he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless launches by taking direct actions of their own. well we have our correspondents andrew thomas standing by in seoul along with mike hanna in washington d.c. but first let's go to craig leeson who's in the japanese capital tokyo craig so the japanese prime minister shinzo condemning this latest launch in the strongest possible terms what else has he been saying yes well he was very swift to to condemn it he arrived back from a summit in india and met with the media straight away and he called on an
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emergency meeting with the un security council. the international community to unite as one against the north korean provocation as he called it he did say that japan had a handle on the situation shortly after the launch and to that end they issued a jailor to the civilian population in northern japan which sends messages to mobile phones and allows them to understand to hear information from radio and television which gives them an alert that this was a missile that went across the top of japan so it wasn't seen as a threat to the civilian population has also asked the u.n. security council to thoroughly implement the strongest sanctions which were imposed against north korea on choose day and they want that strengthened immediately he says that only through those sanctions and a united international community will north korea get the message that this won't
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be tolerated and craig north korea threaten this week to sink japan and turn america into ashes there must be a real fear in japan that north korea will eventually be able to miniaturize a nuclear warhead and stick it on one of those missiles. well that's correct and that thread came yesterday and of course it is a threat that has to be taken seriously given that japan now believes as you say that north korea has the ability to miniaturize its nuclear weapons and put them on these ballistic missiles which of course is a danger to everyone in the region this missile launch probably wasn't unexpected though by japan given that north korea threatened japan if it supported the united states at the u.n. security council for those stronger sanctions which of course happened so that was expected some analysts actually believe that north korea would launch another missile test last saturday on foundation day
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a significant day for the north koreans but they did have bad weather on that day and they were solar flares which we're told into fees with the electronics and perhaps that's why that missile launch didn't could then but this one indeed is timely it is the second missile launch in a month it's the fourth missile test ever to go across the top of japan there was one in nine hundred ninety eight and that the one in ninety nine and in two thousand and nine both of those were rockets carrying satellite so the first ballistic missile to go across the north of japan and into the pacific was the launch last month and of course we've now had this one so that's two that have been able to do and the significance of the trajectory all of this missing is that it's flew three thousand seven hundred kilometers which if you swing that tree south means that this missile would have had the capability of reaching the u.s.
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base in guam and so perhaps north korea sending two messages in one missile test. in the tokyo craig thank you for that let's cross over now to the south korean capital seoul and talk to andrew thomas andrew so we're just hearing there from craig about some details about the missile but what more you've been hearing there in terms of the technical details emerging about this latest launch by north korea . well there and as craig was saying there the distance this missile flew very significant as he said potentially it could reach guam almost immediately after this missile was detectives the national security council here in seoul met presided by chaired by the president here and their meeting has concluded and they've issued a statement now the first part of it is relatively as expected president moon strongly condemned north korea's provocation despite the united nations security council unanimous decision on resolution two three seven five and warning from the
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international community north korea's continuous provocations will only aggravate north korea's isolation diplomatically and economically so far so to be expected but it's this next bit significance it also says this statement president moon was briefed by the national security advisor before and after the launch and gave his order to counter fire with a hearing move missile now that's significant because first of all before and after in other words the south koreans say they were watching this launch sites they knew that was about to be a missile launch they had briefed the president to that and he in advance of that missile had already authorized a counter strike by south korea now i should stress this counter strike was not a missile launch i mean that north korea but the point is it could have been a missile this he would move missile took off from south korea and it flew two hundred fifty kilometers which is the same distance from it to where the north
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korean missile had taken off from it didn't get fired towards north korea it went off into the sea off the east coast of south korea but the point is the south koreans are saying we are in a real world scenario where we think a missile is a threat to either us or one of our allies could fire preemptively or straight away afterwards a missile to take out that launch site they are setting their own very strong message that north korea we are watching we are ready and we will respond yeah that's an interesting point you may counter because in terms of a stronger south korean response then are we likely to see more ballistic missile drills and perhaps an expansion of their anti defense anti missile defense capabilities. well the explicit policy here in south korea is a three pronged approach they want to have the capability to take out a missile before it is launched a preemptive strike and that is partly what this test launch that took place about four minutes we're told after the north korean missile was launched it was all
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about second though they want to have the capacity to take down a missile in flight and third they want the capacity to take out to punish in their words north korea in a dramatic an overwhelming way were it to launch a missile that is their explicit aim and all of their military preparations all of their exercises with the u.s. things like this test that they did immediately after the north koreans one early morning friday korean time they're all about this three pronged approach so i think we can see more exercises more demonstrations of all three prongs of that approach in coming weeks months or who knows years and thomas there in seoul andrew thank you let's cross over now to washington d.c. and talk to mike hanna mike the u.n. security council set to hold another emergency meeting over north korea this one later today are we likely to see yet more pressure on china and russia to take unilateral action. well indeed in an earlier meeting of the security council the u.s. weakened its draft in order to maintain unity within the security council to get
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support from both russia and china in imposing those sanctions but we heard from the secretary of state rex tillerson in the course of the day saying that the sanctions represent the floor rather than the ceiling of measures that should be taken against north korea he was critical of both russia and china as well saying that china provides north korea with most of its oil russia employees a vast amount of north korean labor and he says that these nations should be taking direct action but what will be happening in the coming hours leading up to that new emergency security council meeting is more pressure being brought to bear on both russia and china china in particular it is north korea's closest ally its next door neighbor and to the u.s. president donald trump has made very clear that he expects china to ratchet up pressure on north korea but even if it has been doing so the latest missile launch shows that north korea will not respond to that type of pressure even if it had
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been applied all right to mike hanna there in washington d.c. mike thank you well our china correspondent adrian brown has more on what this latest test could mean for beijing. well it's getting harder for china to resist now the growing calls for even tougher sanctions against north korea china in the past has been reluctant to cut off the oil completely to north korea it has gone along with limiting exports of oil to north korea and of course it's no longer allowing north korean workers to come to china to work imported north korean labor is a very important source of hard currency for north korea now and next week at the united nations general assembly china will be sending a delegation led by the chinese foreign minister wang the north korea will also have its foreign minister there so it's possible the two men could meet given that in the past china has supposedly been the only country that has been able to exert any real influence over north korea the problem china has at the moment is this
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they don't really have a point man in north korea as they have done in the past someone they can talk to directly that person in the past was the uncle of kim jong un but three years ago he was executed so now china has no one to talk to and in fact no senior chinese leader has been to north korea for more than two years and that gives you a pretty clear indication of just how strained relations are now between pyongyang and beijing well let's talk to david wright he's the co-director of the union of concerned scientists global security program and specializes in the north korea missile program he joins us live from boston david i suppose we were all expecting this latest missile launch by north korea but what do you make of it and what is it telling us about their current rocket program capabilities. well that's so it's a couple interesting things one is that they've had a pretty good success rate with their recent tests the other thing that surprised
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me a little bit is how quickly they've been able to do test something to build a large missile and to build a number of them so you can do these repeated tess suggests that they've got a program that's capable of building things relatively quickly and some of that as david say we should be really worried when north korea stops launching missiles because that would perhaps indicate it's perfected its rocket technology well i don't go along with that is you know developing these missiles and getting them to work properly takes a tremendous amount of work i mean the fact that you get. a couple launches to work doesn't mean that on the next on to something they fail because they're going to credibly complicated piece of equipment so if you look for example at the united states and other countries they do repeated tests of their missile you know very often so i don't quite buy that i do think that it's quite interesting that north
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korea had talked about the possibility of attacking or shooting something in the waters around and has now in its last two tests shot something that fell short of something that went past so they seem to be at least in terms of range even know that not the same direction but they seem to be making the case that they're in fact serious about their threats in terms of going forward some analysts say that the release and the hawks in south korea perhaps want a policy shift they want to switch away from talking about denuclearization of north korea to perhaps one of a strong got to terence is that likely to work and how would it work. well i don't think it's going to make much difference to the north you know the united states has thirty thousand troops in south korea there under the u.s. nuclear umbrella so i think you know i can see that the north korea the south koreans are casting around for how to respond to this but i don't think those kind of moves will really make any difference and even with this latest round of u.n.
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sanctions north korea as you say continues to launch missiles i guess it's fair to say this policy of sanctions isn't working so in terms of the diplomacy should more pressure be brought to bear on china and russia to perhaps take strong that unilateral action against pyongyang well i don't think that that's likely to work either china in particular i think is willing to put some pressure on but is not willing to strain will both korea in the way that i think would be required to really bring them you know to some different policy i think it's pretty clear that what needs to happen is that the united states needs to find a way to talk to the north korean leadership. you know at the same time that that looks sort of unlikely at this point because of the tests that north korea's been doing the other side of that is that following north korea's recent nuclear test which was successful and a series of successful missile tests north korea may feel like it is in a position where it in fact can sit down at the bargaining table and not only be
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taken seriously but know that it has some of the military systems that it's worked for many years to to develop david wright thank you for your time thank you. so to come here now it is here at the latest talks on syria's civil war and there may soon be a deal to reduce fighting in some areas. and new accusations of corruption leveled against brazil's embattled president more on that stay with us. welcome back to some fairly chilly air across parts of australia as the winds continue to come in from the southwest much of the country those looking fine under this area of high pressure so look at the forecast fine conditions and springs but again melbourne it's quite windy some showers coming through sydney ten which is
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way way lower than they have been at twenty one when they have been up into the low thirty's as we had on through into saturday melbourne stuck at twelve meanwhile across western australia it's working fine for perth with a mix some of twenty two across into new zealand the rain keeps on coming some really heavy rain across the south on uncertain through much of friday that frontal system then will topple across the north lawn and during the course of friday night and into saturday but by saturday we should find that rain begins a clear way and the winds begin to ease somewhat there's still plenty of showers around the south island up into northeastern parts of asia and here waiting for the arrival of typhoon time towards the southern islands of japan on the edge of your screen there as we head into the weekend starts to push further up across the region into southern japan so a socket will see it later on saturday more central northern areas dry and the fine in sapporo with highs of twenty.
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along europe's baltic borders tensions are increasing as nato strengthens its defenses and russia gears up for workings of its own of course we're worried about unpredictability we have to. and we have to react to it but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want a war prepare for war people in power reports is going on a bear hunt at this time. welcome
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back at the top stories here not just north korea another ballistic missile over japan it was launched from soon and district in the capital city pyongyang south korea's military estimates that its maximum altitude was around seven hundred seventy kilometers and its flight distance was around three thousand seven hundred kilometers. its second time north korea has fired a missile over japan in less than a month tokyo has condemned the launch and u.s. sect of state rex tillerson issued a statement calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea. eisel says it was behind coordinated attacks in southern iraq at least sixty people died and dozens injured when fighters target a restaurant and a police checkpoint near the city of nasiriyah some of the victims were muslims visiting from iran. has more. some the rock has been spared much of the violence that the rest of the country has seemed to in the west and in the north and now this attack took place just after lunchtime gunmen attacked the checkpoint
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which leads into southern iraq and then two suicide car bombs exploded outside of. iraq as i say has been spared much of the violence and i saw have claimed responsibility for this particular attack now they do claim responsibility for a number of attacks not just here but abroad as well but it is likely to be an isolated attack this is a message really from the group saying that you may have beaten us into law for in mosul you may have surrounded us in the last remaining stronghold but we are still able to attack you in places that you wouldn't expect so now that's a real challenge for the iraqis do they move troops to the south or do they continue their battle up in the. meanwhile the future of a united iraq is looking ever more uncertain as tensions continue of a referendum on kurdish independence the iraqi parliament has voted to remove the governor of quetta quote from office after the province decided to take part in the september twenty five vote the parliament rejected the poll on tuesday it also gave
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prime minister high dollar body or thor to take all measures to preserve national unity a senior russian negotiator says his country together with turkey and iran is close to finalizing an agreement on deescalation zones in syria but discussing the details of a meeting in kazakhstan is the sixth round of talks and ending more than six years of civil war. was it you can last through. i want to say that the main task of this international meeting on syria is to finalize and create always ends of deescalation to draw a line under all the work which has been done in the last month since a memorandum creating deescalation zones was signed on the fourth of may actually was child stratford has more now from a stunner. certainly a positive tone at the end of the first day of talks here in a star from the head of the russian delegation president putin special representative for syria alexander of saying he wanted to draw
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a line by the end of the top saying under this plan the full of the four deescalation zones inside syria a plan that was signed by russia turkey and iran in may he said a lot of the focus of the talks today has been with respect to who could potentially monitor these areas he said that he presumed there would be a role for the iranians the turks and the russians in monitoring these areas and this flies in the face of what the opposition of thus far said demanding zero role for any arraigning forces on the ground in those areas is also so lever on ships said this been a lot of focus on the province of labor which is included in this deescalation zone a plan problems there because a lot of the groups the opposition groups there are deemed to be terrorist organizations affiliated with al qaida. that's what the international community says it it's also what the syrian government says meaning that these rebel groups
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could well be viable targets and there are concerns of course for the hundreds of thousands of civilians that have fled to this area looking for security we also spoke to a member of the opposition delegation a source there who said that he was quietly confident that the opposition delegation could well sign at this agreement on the four deescalation zones by the end of tomorrow and that's when these talks are scheduled to end. two more random muslims have drowned making the crossing from me and ma to bangladesh eighty eight people have died attempting the perilous journey since the start of the crisis three weeks ago this baby was one of those killed when the wooden boat he was on capsized almost four hundred thousand ring have fed me in law since the military launched a crackdown the army says it's targeting armed groups in the region and agencies say they're overwhelmed by the crisis meanwhile u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's spoken to me and mildly the ng sang suchi and she's reassured him she's working to get aid to the ring areas she
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said human rights violations in the country would also need to be addressed meanwhile in london u.k. foreign secretary barres johnson is urging and saying suchi to do more to help the ring nobody wants to see a return to military rule in burma nobody wants to see a return of the generals but it's also vital the civilian government and that that is. as i say i have a great deal of admiration but it is vital. to make clear this is an abomination and the. people will be allowed back a u.s. nursing home where eight patients died during hurricane has been removed from a government healthcare program in florida the victims died in sweltering heat after the storm knocked out power and air conditioning at the facility has more
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from hollywood in florida. as police and prosecutors continued their criminal probe into how residents died at this florida nursing home questions are being raised about the facilities owner jack mitchell was charged with health insurance fraud a decade ago in connection with another nursing home he owned he settled the case with federal prosecutors for fifteen million dollars florida lawmaker gary farmer says that's disturbing what's most disconcerting to me is the question of why somebody like that who's been involved in prior nursing home fraud cases would be issued a license to operate a new facility politicians called for a review of nursing home conditions the police will get to the bottom of this and their investigation. now the question is to prevent this from happening in other nursing homes farmer says government policies are partly to blame for the tragedy
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we as a state have deregulated the nursing home industry a great deal over the last ten years the state cannot keep track with every single nursing home on a day to day basis but the truth of the matter is capitalism is learned a long time ago when you're not going to be held accountable you don't have to be as responsible police say the residents were kept in sweltering heat with no air conditioning after hurricane irma knocked out the homes electricity it stunned the community and the country but the state of nursing homes is a nationwide issue. there are approximately one point four million people living in nursing homes or long term care facilities in the u.s. according to a federal government database in the year twenty fourteen there were more than fourteen thousand complaints of nursing home neglect abuse or exploitation prosecuting neglect can be difficult thirty five nursing home residents drowned when they were abandoned by caretakers during hurricane katrina the owners charged
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with negligent homicide were acquitted by a louisiana jury some say the horror at the miami area nursing home is a symptom of a larger problem what we're really doing is evolving into a society where we are house elderly people and we're not really nursing them anymore and we're not really giving them palleted care we're just waiting for them to die a tragedy that raises hard questions about americans attitudes toward old age and the elderly robert oulds al-jazeera hollywood florida three female form a google employees a filed a lawsuit accusing the tech giant of discriminating against women in pay and promotions they say the company pays women less than men who perform similar work the class action comes as google faces agenda by its investigation by the u.s. department of labor heavy spring rainfall is threatening argentina's largest export
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farmers are concerned hoffa whole soya and corn crops could be lost off to heavy flooding in the province of one desirous numbers were already down not the flooding effect at the start of the season. brazilian president michel tema faces further corruption charges he's accused of taking bribes in exchange for political favors but denies any wrongdoing the lower house of congress will now vote on whether tema will face trial last month the house rejected a different corruption charge on the home of the agriculture minister blair maggie was also raided earlier on thursday of a separate corruption allegation stories about as more than one desirous. well brazilian president michel the matter is now being accused of leading a criminal organization in congress of obstruction of justice prosecutor general or that you're not who's leaving office later this week is using a plea bargain by an end to printer with close link with politicians to press formal charges against the press in the federal police believe that can matter
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every seed millions of dollars in kickbacks from companies in exchange of favors this is the second time that prosecutor general general tries to prosecute the the president last august he failed to get congressional approval to get ten men are on trial apparently tema distributed around a billion dollars in funds to fund projects by congress many in order to ensure their votes so what will happen now probably something very similar with support from the supreme court congress will have to decide again whether the president can stand trial or not and probably something similar will happen once again because brazil's economy is slowly recovering and many in the country do not want to change presidents right now especially when there is elections next year and also many of those who vote in congress are being investigated themselves corruption has touched all sectors of brazilian society some of the country's most powerful politicians
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and businessmen are either imprisoned or being investigated on wednesday former president lula da silva had to appear in court he's already been accused and sentenced in one case to nine years in prison and he's currently appealing saying that he's a victim of political persecution because he's a key candidate for elections next year. much more news of course website the latest on north korea's latest rocket launch they fired another missile over japan there it is on the screen the address al jazeera dot com al-jazeera. recap of the top stories here this hour north korea has fired another ballistic missile over japan and it was launched from soon and district in the capital city of yangon well it's the second time north korea has fought
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a missile over japan in less than a month the country's chief cabinet secretary. confirmed the missile passed over the northern island of hokkaido and u.s. sect of state rex tillerson has issued a statement calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless launches by taking direct actions of their own craig easton's in tokyo with more. this missile launch probably wasn't unexpected though by japan given that north korea threatened japan if it supported the united states at the un security council for those stronger sanctions which of course happened so that was expected some analysts actually believe that north korea would launch another missile test last saturday on foundation day a significant day for the north koreans but they did have bad weather on that day and they were solar flares which we're told into fees with the electronics and
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perhaps that's why that missile launch didn't could then but this one indeed is timely it is the second missile launch in a month it's the fourth missile test ever to go across the top of japan there was one in nine hundred ninety eight and that the one in ninety nine and in two thousand and nine both of those were rockets carrying satellite so the first ballistic missile to go across the north of japan and into the pacific was the launch last month and of course we've now had this one so that's to that of being able to do and the significance of the trajectory of this missile is that it's flew three thousand seven hundred kilometers which if you swing that tree south means that this missile would have had the capability of reaching the u.s. base in guam and so perhaps north korea sending two messages in one missile.
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or a so those were headlines here on al jazeera the news continues here after people in power stretching the watching by phone. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. with nato building up its present some of europe's northeast borders and russia this month carrying out massive war games of its own could these rehearsals ever translate into a good thing and how would the nations in the front line respond if they date journalist eric campbell has been to the baltic states of a stimulus to find out.


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