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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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can't accept the diagnosis that used to be little room for home the tourist cells and a man system are battling what we're trying to do is really energize them insist that it's like a walk that can recognize a cell says like a heat seeking missile finding the council power that's exactly you've had some pretty amazing results on this there you can get lucky with mario techno this time although does either. an explosion at a london underground station injures the several people british police are treating it as a terrorism related and suggests. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming at qatar samir holds
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talks with the german chancellor during his first foreign trip since the crisis began. people in japan wake to warning siren south or north korea fires another missile over japanese territory. and amnesty international says it has documented a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the rogue henge and me and maher. british police are treating a blast on a london underground train is a terrorist incident the explosion happened on the district line in the city's southwest during the busy morning rush hour the british prime minister is going to chair a meeting of the country's emergency committee that will be later on friday we'll be live in london in just a moment first though marianna han takes
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a look at what happened. heavily armed officers move to surround the train parked on the tracks at pos and scream chub station in southwest london emergency units responded at eight twenty in the morning at seven twenty g.m.t. to reports of an explosion on a train during rush hour this image posted to twitter which cannot be independently verified it stood to show a package still burning on the train we are treating the matter as a terrorist related incident and the metropolitan police counts terrorism come on will take responsibility for that investigation what mrs reportedly said there was panic as passengers realized what had happened with people trembled as they fled the incident happened in the early morning when london's underground system is busy and commuter trains are often packed with people it comes at a time of heightened tension there have been for a texan britain this year which have killed thirty six people and in two thousand
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and five suicide bomb attacks on three london underground trains and a bus killed fifty two people the station has been cordoned off and train service is suspended as the investigation continues media on one hand al jazeera they london metropolitan police say its investigation is being assisted by and i five the british intelligence service we now assess that this was a detonation of an imprimatur improvised explosive device. i should have seen the reports of eighteen injuries and i understand most of those to be flash burns. the same current remains cordoned off and the investigation continues. in terms of the police response. i should expect well practiced command structures of coming to shape. an operation i'm led in calling names by the much force in place working
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with our colleagues from british transport police and others. barker's live at the scene for us where this with all words all started out what's happening there now. well as the met police counter-terrorism come on and begin what will be a very thorough investigation the area immediately around parsons green station remains very much cornered off there's a very very large police presence here there's still ambulances on scene as well a couple of hours ago we saw at least one injured woman being led down the street with bandages on her head very much a indicative of what we're hearing from other eyewitnesses according to them they say that immediately after the blast there was a stampede some people have been taken to the hospital suffering from be described as flash to their hands and faces eighteen people in all. currently and in nearby
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hospitals being treated the authorities are saying that there aren't any critical or serious say injuries which means now that it is very much of the hands of the police who as you mentioned there have the support of britain's domestic intelligence service m i five hundreds of detectives according to the police spokesman who gave that statement little bit earlier on now being read diverted to focus on this investigation is going to be crucial now in these next few hours to work out what the potential threat is there another item or media threats elsewhere in the city or elsewhere in the country these are the kind of things that they're going to be looking at as of course the investigation now widens. all right now parker live for us in london me for thank you. qatar's amir has been discussing the gulf diplomatic crisis with the german chancellor angela merkel and our land to maintain home at all funny is on his first foreign trip since for arab states broke
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ties with this country and. the news conference with the german chancellor merkel before traveling to paris to meet with the french president at me later on friday. what. we talked about the regina's of qatar to sit down at the table and to discuss and solve the issue we think germany for its effort and also i think the chancellor of germany has a role to some of the problems around the negotiating table we think you for your support of the kuwait initiative which qatar has supported since the beginning and will continue supporting until we get the solution to such fights all the parties and i'll call merkel said she's concerned there is still no solution to qatar's dispute with its neighbors to. the players should really sit down at a table germany's not a part of this conflict but germany would like in line with its values to help to
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get this conflict resolved in such a way that all can keep it thanks. again is live in our land for us so dominic what else did they say they say about what role germany might have in helping to resolve this this crisis. well the interesting thing richelle is what has much of them in how to save it thanking germany for its role so far because let's remember that the foreign ministers it has been had been quite active quite vocal earlier in the summer talking about the need to bring the d. the differing parties together to try to find a consensual solution certainly mr galileo had been to kuwait had been to the other countries involved in this crisis trying to do precisely that so you can see a reference to that in the language used by the enemy and for her part i'm going to merkel well clearly she would would like to see this this crisis result because germany wants to play a much wider role where possible diplomatically in the world certainly in the gulf
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area so it's no surprise to hear the in mali and sounds as it were coming from angela merkel regarding the crisis and so from that perspective it needs to be seen through that prism that angle of merkel wants some sort of solution to be brought about as clearly does his majesty the emyr ok and dominic and then the next thing on the agenda for the for the amir is to go to france so hopefully we'll have to see how this is resolved dominic kane live for us and our land dominic thank you let's bring in now is there a singer political analyst marwan ashara so marwan what role do you think a country like germany has in helping to push this along particularly considering that the u.s. hasn't had a lot of success. well certainly germany was able to set the
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tone only a few days after the after the crisis began or was manufactured if you will by the four decision countries and it was the german foreign minister as we just heard. say that really set the tone about why this is really counterproductive and must be resolved diplomatically and that the boycott must be lifted germany has played an important role throughout the crisis because there were of course france which is usually the leading role in europe on on foreign affairs question has been busy with the elections in micro was just elected and so on and so forth so i think germany was quite clear vocal quite transparent and they worked in its insistence that this is really counterproductive and must be resolved now yes as you said you know the idea that now the american president has also come around and understood
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all too clearly that this has been manufactured and and this must be resolved diplomatically i think between europe european leaders and the american president we have now a clear momentum for resolving this thing diplomatically that's not to say that the four decision countries are giving up their claims anytime soon but certainly we are much better off now than we were a month two months or three months ago so there are more and more one more leaked emails from the even a ambassador to washington and in these e-mails there's the suggestion that costs are should be conquered and it goes back a few years this sentiment that he expressed here what was does that say about how deep seated this actually is even it is resolved in the next few months.
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well clearly since two thousand and fourteen there's been lots of evidence as reported in the new york times and intercepts and other publications including the london times that the iraqis have been cooking up all sorts of little behind the scenes conspiracies against. some some of them through public relations some of them through this information campaigns other through various lobbying in the west against. and the e-mail does reveal some of that tension of the amount to really bring about a certain deception if you were in saudi arabia as well because it is the saudi arabia that would probably have the last word not the united arab emirates so i think the fact that the iraqis were able to coerce some. some partners in the muslim world and whatever to convince the new leader in saudi
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arabia how much. to really take those steps against all of it was underlined the fear by certain leaders in the gulf and beyond the gulf like the emir of kuwait that there was a minute there solution being cooked up in i would be against got that that's of course russia is very unfortunate because this is in the end of the day the last standing gulf. cooperation council of sorts and with the region really escalating into more violence from syria to yemen on to libya iraq and other places you would expect some ways of stability to be free of the kind of chaos we've seen indonesian but unfortunately the united arab emirates have been adamant in these three abilities in the gulf in intervention in yemen in libya in other places all of that really. it's not bode well as you were saying or you
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were thinking earlier that maybe even after this is a resolved this has there has to be some new understandings that really the united arab emirates needs to. this from carrying those sorts of these stabilising actions in the region senior analyst political analysts maran sharma marline thank you. and mr international has satellite imagery to highlight what it calls an orchestrated campaign. villages are there ice cream past detected a large fires in rakhine state since august twenty fifth and a military crackdown began almost four hundred thousand right hand to have fled to bangladesh in the past three weeks in march army says it's targeting armed groups in the area. from sources it's really clear campaign. by the mia more security forces. fire.
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burning so. it's very very difficult anything else the liberal effort by the military to drive a country. by any means necessary. border with me and mark i mean shop. on my backside on the other me on my side of the border in between is the enough about now you can see behind me smoke rising because i realize it's been done by the myanmar security forces within the last several days thousands of people are trying to cross into bangladesh through this river crossing many of them are unable to cross because the boatmen are charging them exuberant prices ranging from a dollar to two hundred dollars this people are poor that cannot afford to cross because the prices are so high now a lot of these people need to be transferred into the official camp or in the long area where this presence of international donor agency right now they're in the
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marcy of the local donors people from local community are providing them fresh water and food most of these people are a woman and children some elderly people that desperately need aid and they need to be mobilized and move from this area into the official area along otherwise they won't get the kind of how the need. latest report corroborates what we are saying and our contacts and man mark are saying the same thing the masses of people have gathered and they're trying to cross into bangladesh where the flow is going within some time that number could very well rich into one million. russia iran and turkey have agreed on borders of a so-called deescalation zone a northern province in syria and the details were worked out of a sixth round of talks and the capitalist ana. under the control of opposition groups led by. still ahead on al-jazeera.
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giving life we look at efforts to prevent pregnant women from dying in labor and nigeria. how. is now making its way towards patton said brace yourself with some very wet and windy weather coming in here then you can see the shield of cloud pushing its way into southernmost part so as toss the packed ice. as the first signs of the storm just pulling away from that eastern side of china it will filter that very wet windy weather up as we go on through sas day some very big downpours coming in ahead of the storm and then landfall cue she was to go on through sunday with a very strong winds damaging winds for some we are going to see the flooding rains
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possibility some mudslides as well as we go on through sunday and on into monday so the moment this is the position of the storm just to the southeast of shanghai pulling away from taipei further south we have typhoon docks sciri very close to what has made landfall across vietnam and it will continue to drive this way further west which as we go through the next couple days saturday flooding rains across a good part of those northern areas of china and pushing over towards me and as we go on through sunday the winds weakening very quickly the heavy rain the flooding rains set to continue really quite some time maybe showers will extend their way down across a good part of thailand the usual rashness showers there for much of malaysia. russian filmmaker under a necklace of continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life was like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and
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separatists i told the locals in the southeast. when i arrived i don't do something completely different someone to leave putin's russia but the russian passport means hope and the challenge of happens in search of putin's russia at this time oh no jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now british police are shredding a blast on a london underground train as a terrorist and today explosion happened on the district line in the city's southwest are in the busy morning rush hour eighteen people have been hospitalized
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none know are in serious condition. the mayor says he wants a solution to the gulf crisis that satisfies all sides shake to main been home at all funny was in girl and her talks with chairman chancellor merkel he will now travel to paris to meet with the french president and while not prone. and mr international has use satellite imagery to highlight the extent of damage to barbara hendra villages and me and mark are the rights group says it has detected up to eighty large fires in rakhine state since the violence flared in august. korea has launched another ballistic missile across japan the second time in less than a month that's prompted an emergency un security council meeting later on friday the latest launch comes a day after pyongyang threatened to sink japan with nuclear weapons greg lee some reports in tokyo. the missile launch followed a familiar pattern it came early morning two minutes before seven local time with
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japan in its path launched from the capital pyongyang the missile through three thousand seven hundred kilometers over the northern japanese island of hokkaido reaching a height of seven hundred seventy kilometers before crashing to the pacific ocean. just minutes after sirens sounded in her cairo is a public alert was issued residents had mixed feelings. against the just doesn't feel real i really don't know what it'll do it gives me the shivers i feel like telling them to stop it now the response from neighbors was swift south korea's national security council held an emergency meeting the country's new president ordered to counter fire with a missile test of its own the drill was pre-planned in preparation for another north korean test but. just not calling again fired a ballistic missile obviously disregarding international community's criticisms and warnings and the un security council resolutions such continuous provoking actions
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by not go to your c.d.'s that's the peace and stability of korean peninsula and the international community that our government sternly denounces and express anger over the messiah law and moon also instructed the nation to analyze and ramp up preparations for new forms of threats from electromagnetic pulse and chemical attacks arriving in tokyo from an economic summit in india japan's prime minister immediately called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. north korea has trampled on the international society's strong desire for a peaceful solution it's reckless act is absolutely unacceptable we will request the security council to hold an emergency meeting. he's urging the international community to act as one against north korea and wants the u.n. security council to implement the latest sanctions against the country the u.s. secretary of state is calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea specifically he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for
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these riklis launches by taking direct actions of their own this is the second ballistic missile to cross japan in less than a month it comes within twenty four hours of north korea threatening to sink japan with nuclear weapons a threat japan takes seriously now that it believes north korea has the ability to miniaturize its nuclear weapons and place them on top of ballistic missiles like the one which crossed the country today craig leeson al-jazeera tokyo are china correspondent a train brown is in beijing so age and we are now hearing from china saying that this the latest launch is regrettable what else what else are you hearing there. well of course the big question now richelle is given north korea continues to thumb its nose at the international community and also china its one and only ally will china now go along with the sort of sanctions that the united states wanted to
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impose on north korea like cutting off the oil china has always been reluctant to do that i think possibly china might agree to something incremental and gradual against north korea i don't think china would agree to something that was major and certain because that's not really beijing style on friday the language was certainly more pointed at the china foreign ministry daily briefing the foreign ministry spokeswoman said that it wasn't china's fault that there was a crisis on the korean peninsula she got quite defensive and techy and her language and she made plain once more that sanctions had so far failed let's listen more to what she had to say tell her when she was the focal point of the conflict is not china the party raising tensions is not china the key to resolving the korean peninsula issue is not china is the one that ties the bell is the one who should remove it the various directly involved parties who take responsibility to handle
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the situation carrying out their duty any attempt to wash their hands of the issue is irresponsible and unhelpful for resolving it seder and it seems that china is bristling under the pressure to try to do something about this but the pressure still persists what are china's options. well there are many options and that's the terrible problem of course we know that in november president donald trump is going to be visiting the region he's coming here to china as well as south korea and japan now during his campaign to become president mr trump said that he'd be prepared to meet the north korean leader under certain conditions the problem we have at the moment is that china in the past has been able to work the back channels with north korea it had pretty good relations with kim jong un's uncle but that uncle was executed on the orders of mr kim three years ago so if there is
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a sort of hotline between beijing and pale nearing there is you know no sort of real feeling the anyone of the other end would actually pick up that phone right now should china place a call and that's the difficulty china has no one to talk to anymore and in the past it has adrian brown live for us in beijing thank you injury and. first cabinet has been dismissed after a bout of no confidence by the opposition controlled congress president pedro public osinski now has three days to swear in a new team he can reappoint ministers but not the prime minister for hundreds of allah a congress is dominated by the right wing populist force officers ition party brazilian president michel timorous facing new corruption charges he's accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes but denies wrongdoing or a house of congress will decide if he should face trial in the supreme court last month the house voted against a hearing on
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a different corruption charge. in nigeria about fifty thousand women die every year because of birth related complications and often happens while giving birth at home culture cost and distance keep many from going to hospitals in the first of a three part series on maternal mortality catherine sawyer reports from soco. but there is four months pregnant and wants to give birth in this government run special maternity clinic in sakata state it's new and the only one offering women different options of giving bath including how they would at home but who has six other children half of them to leave it at home choose the match right away. i want to give birth on the mat because it's comfortable and it's what i'm used to at home i think the nurses will take better care of me here in the united nations says one
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hundred forty five nigerian women die every day from birth related complications it's one of the highest rates in the walls this is one of the biggest hospitals and women from the state come here to have their baby for many. homes because that's not. too far away. and. this woman's baby died a year ago because a to cut too long to get to hospital after she developed complications at home she says ignorance of the artist you know of men are the biggest problems in conservative communities like cause. some husbands don't allow their wives to go to hospital i'm lucky that my husband allows me some women even think that at the hospital the doctors will injure them here garber and his wife is almost you listen kinley as a traditional back attendant and carriages them to go to hospital ali she also
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shows them how government supplied tools if for any reason she'll help deliver the baby at home. because i'm educated i understand her issues are important i will give one hundred percent support to any initiative that will help my wife and children doctors say the plan is to eventually have maternal health clinics in every village and involve the communities more. well it is that you have to. call them. and then back to look. back at the special clinic but. first pre-birth consultation the media hopes she comes back baby is born some women never do katherine saw al-jazeera nigeria u.s. president has made his third trip to the hurricane damaged state in less than three weeks the president first lady and vice president handed out food to people
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affected by hurricane arma and florida trying to trace workers for their preparedness and offered reassurances to those who have lost their homes to the destruction. heavy spring rainfall is threatening argentina's largest export farmers are concerned half of all soil and corn crops can be lost after heavily heavy flooding in the province of genocide ace numbers are already to out after flooding effect at the start of the season. they world's oldest panda has died at the age of thirty seven had lived at a panda sanctuary and. in the southeast says she was rescued at the age of four or five giant pandas are highly prized in china they're no longer endangered so following decades of conservation work and the snow leopard is no longer considered endangered either after forty five years the elusive big cat which is native to asia has just been taken off the endangered list and is now classified as
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vulnerable experts believe there are about four thousand snow leopards in the wild . let's go back to our top story now where british police are investigating and incident they're calling a terrorist incident at the london underground station after an explosion this is what we know it happened at parson's green underground train station and pull him away say they are treating it as terrorism the london ambulance service says hazardous area response team they are on the scene as of course are armed officers witnesses say a number of passengers suffered facial injuries after an explosion at a train carriage others were thought to have been hurt in a stampede afterwards. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories british police are treating a blast on a london underground train as
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a terrorist incident this happened on the district line in the city southwest during the busy morning rush hour eighteen people have been hospitalized nine in serious condition the british prime minister will chair a meeting of the country's emergency committee later on friday. we now assess that this was a distillation. improvised explosive device. i should have seen the reports of eighteen injuries and i understand most of those to be flushed to. the scene current remains cordoned off and the investigation continues. in terms of the police response. i should expect well practiced command structures of coming to show you. an operation in cool nights by the machine post in place working with our colleagues from british transport police and others such as amir has been discussing the gulf diplomatic crisis with the german chancellor angela merkel and . shake him aim then home at all funny is on his first foreign trip since for arab
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states put ties with this country in june held a news conference with merkel before traveling to paris to meet the french president later. on friday. what. we talked about the regina's of qatar to sit down at the table and to discuss and solve the issue we think germany for its effort and also i think the chancellor of germany to solve the problems around the negotiating table we think you for your support of the kuwait initiative which qatar has support to since the beginning and will continue supporting until we get the solution to such fights all the parties are korea has fired a ballistic missile over japan northern province and into the pacific ocean japan that launched the south korean president has said dialogue with the north buys and possible. russia iran and turkey have agreed on the borders of a so-called deescalation zone in northern inlet province in syria the details are
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worked out a sixth round at syria talks and a capital. story keep it here. and completely unacceptable the words of u.n. secretary general antonio protests describing the attacks against muslim or hindu and. as more people to bangladesh what will it take to stop this violence this is inside story.


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