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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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controversial energy reform. by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters and me and there's a problem coming up in the next sixty minutes. from now. just call the. police
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in london search for a suspect behind an explosion at an underground train station. days after new u.n. sanctions were adopted world leaders condemn another missile launch by north korea the security council will meet again on friday. amnesty international says it's documented a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the head. of the latest sports news including the international committee insists again that there is no plan b. for february. winter games after north korea fires its latest missile. british police are treating a blast in a london underground train as a terrorist incident the explosion happened on the district line in the city southwest during the busy morning rush hour the british. on minister has convened
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the countries in the agency committee will be live in london shortly but first mariana hong looks at what happened. this is what's thought to have brought london's underground system to a halt that we got back from filmed from the train platform what appears to be a back it is burning inside the train we want to go i think it's clear why anyone would want that you know the result was no emergency units responded at eight twenty in the morning that seven twenty g.m.t. to reports of an explosion on a train at parsons green chub station in southwest london it was rush hour a time when london's underground is at its peak and commuter trains are often pect we are treating the matter as a cyrus related incident and the metropolitan police counts terrorism come on we'll take responsibility for that investigation witnesses describe the panic his passengers realized what had happened and said people were trampled as they flayed
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it comes at a time of heightened tension in the city there have been for a texan britain this year which have killed thirty six people and in two thousand and five suicide bomb attacks on three london underground trains and a bus killed fifty two people the station has been cordoned off as police continue their investigation began hond al jazeera well let's go live to london elkhart spondon a barker as at the scene for us what's happening there name. well were police first arrived here soon after eight twenty the morning after the incident was first reported they were dealing with a crisis situation the evacuation of more than two hundred fifty people on board that train several hours later now they are dealing with an intensive investigation that is now very much in the hands of the met police is counterterrorism branch they have drafted in extra support from hundreds of specialist detectives along with extra support from am i five which is britain's domestic intelligence agency
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undoubtedly going to be poring over forensic evidence that we've seen being gathered gathered over the course of the morning focusing on the platform on the train itself but same train what we believe to be the device itself images of what we believe to be the device have surfaced on social media and in the british press as well it seems to show what looks like a decorator's or painters bucket inside a plastic bag with what some people have described as fiery light sticking out of it it's going to be crucial really for the forensic teams to draw as much conclusions as they can from the details that they're looking at there so most certainly specialist teams they could be focusing their attentions on back key item but what about further afield as well who essentially brought that device on to this train we know according to. this man that a manhunt is now underway was this an individual acting alone with a part of
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a group we know this was an in providing improvised explosive device a homemade device where of course it was it made these are the kind of questions that are going to be asked now or most certainly extra support is being drafted to do as much work as possible as quickly as possible extra support for the investigation headed is going to be extra is an extra police presence extra security on the streets my. we have the metropolitan police of the foreign secretary calling for calm do you get a sense that that's what's being reflected is that what's being reflected on the streets and they've held people feeling about this. of course any is that why this is likely to cause a tremendous amount. of device on a train a soft target brings back memories of course of the multiple attacks back in two
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thousand and five when dozens of people lost their lives in several different locations on the on the ground and on the london bus it does beg the question of you know really what can be or thirty's do to prevent an incident like this and still there have been several as we know attacks in the u.k. over the course of the year there have ended with fatalities there is a degree of relief but so far there have been no reported deaths twenty two people have been reported injured they've been taken to nearby hospitals none of them injured seriously either of course a verse from burns people found them to their faces but it looks very much as if this situation now is under control but it is of course a huge worry and it is really the authorities prerogative right now with the way the london man to reason may use to to speak soon to keep the nation as calm as possible and they've thank you very much for that for now that's named barker joining us live from london thank you. we're going to move on to other news now and north korea has launched another ballistic missile across japan the second time and
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less than a month it's prompted an emergency un security council meeting on friday where the nation's launch comes a day after pyongyang threatened to sink japan with nuclear weapons listen reports from tokyo. the missile launch followed a familiar pattern it came early morning two minutes before seven local time with japan in its path launched from the capital pyongyang the missile flew three thousand seven hundred kilometers over the northern japanese island of hokkaido reaching a height of seven hundred seventy kilometers before crashing to the pacific ocean. just minutes after sirens sounded in her as a public alert was issued residents had mixed feelings. against the just doesn't feel real i really don't know what it'll do it gives me the shivers i feel like telling them to stop it now the response from neighbors was swift south korea's
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national security council held an emergency meeting the country's new president ordered to counter fire with a missile test of its own the drill was pre-planned in preparation for another north korean test. just not calling again fired a ballistic missile obviously disregarding international community's criticisms and warnings and the un security council resolutions such continuous provoking actions by not go to your c.d.'s that's the peace and stability of korean peninsula and the international community that our government sternly denounces and express anger over the missile launch made also instructed the nation to analyze and ramp up preparations for new forms of threats from electromagnetic pulse and chemical attacks arriving in tokyo from an economic summit in india japan's prime minister immediately called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. north korea has trampled on the international society's strong desire for a peaceful solution it's reckless act is absolutely unacceptable we will request
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the security council to hold an emergency meeting. he's urging the international community to act as one against north korea and wants the u.n. security council to implement the latest sanctions against the country the u.s. secretary of state is calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea specifically he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these riklis launches by taking direct actions of their own this is the second ballistic missile to cross japan in less than a month it comes within twenty four hours of north korea threatening to sink japan with nuclear weapons a threat japan takes seriously now that it believes north korea has the ability to miniaturize its nuclear weapons and placed them on top of ballistic missiles like the one which crossed the country today craig leeson al-jazeera tokyo. well let's get the reaction from the united states now we're joined by cos pantone patty she's my for us and washington so how is this being viewed the latest launch and the u.s.
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patty. well so far this morning we've been checking twitter off and that's how president often replies to these sorts of incidents so far he's tweeting more about sports channel here in the united states hasn't really meant a thing about north korea but we have seen the u.s. disarmament ambassador come out and say they need to exhaust every sin single diplomatic option available saying of course military force is still on the table but that they want to pursue another diplomatic option and we saw secretary of state rex tillerson come out and say those recent u.n. sanctions he said those are the floors not the ceiling of what they want to see done and as he mentioned they are looking to see if the russia and china can do more undoubtedly they'll try to bring back that u.n. security council resolution that they tried to get through had to water down because russia and china simply weren't going to sign on but to hear one state department official tell me when asked if sanctions are working in the he responded
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well sanctions don't work in till they work and so basically the state department. it's that they think this is the path they should be on they think that eventually it may bear fruit but we've seen present in the past say it's simply not enough and we've heard from secretary of state rex tillerson saying that china and russia need to be playing great football with that u.n. security council meeting coming up shortly patty how likely is it that the u.s. that they can get china and russia to do more to pressure the normal life of the nation the launch well so far china and russia have been able to push back on the u.s. and they didn't get that tough resolution that they wanted that would have cut off all oil imports and also dramatically scaled back exports this will give them in the the u.s. another arbitrary try and push russia and push china so far what they've been doing is making threats and then at the same time coming up and saying china and trying to doing a great job sending a bit of
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a mixed message but the threat that the president has put out there is that he would cut off trade with china that would decimate the chinese economy the u.s. economy and possibly cause a global recession but it is a threat he's made in the past one thing that we have heard is that they are looking possibly to sanction chinese banks to do business with north korea they've had some of those sanctions but not really any major sanctions basically cutting them off from the u.s. economy most international transactions are done in the dollars and that would have an impact so they're holding out that threat so far only issue in mild saying sins against chinese entities but if they can get frustrated the u.s. could take that path patty thank you very much for that for now that's joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. now there's a man has been discussing the gulf diplomatic crisis with german chancellor angela merkel and then shake the name ben hammer on his first foreign trip since four states toss with carter in june he held
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a news conference with merkel before traveling to the house to meet the french president later on friday. what had. we talked about the readiness of qatar to sit down at the table and to discuss and solve the issue we think germany for its effort and also i think the chancellor of germany to solve the problems around the negotiating table with thank you for your support of the kuwait initiative which qatar has supported since the beginning and will continue supporting until we get the solution to such fights all the parties well i'm glad merkel says she's worried that there's still no solution to the gulf dispute. the players should really sit down at a table germany's not a part of this conflict but germany would like in line with its values to help to get this conflict resolved in such a way that all can keep it thanks. let's go live to vernon our correspondent dominic cain is joining us live from there what more did the two leaders have to
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say dominic about germany's role in resolving the gulf crisis. well the thing to say here elizabeth is that the the m.e. is reference to the thanks he gave to germany for what it had been doing was a clear reference to this sort of mission that the foreign ministry here is that my government has been doing or how or certainly doing earlier in the summer when the around the time when the crisis first began the visit with mr gubb made to kuwait and to the other affected key cities in this crisis is welcomed by the cattery side and certainly from the german perspective they certainly want to try to ratchet up whatever pressure they can put diplomatically to try to get everyone around the same table because the german desire here is to play a more and more broad role diplomatically speaking certainly in the gulf area and so when anger merkel talks about the friendship between germany and qatar and the
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relationship they have it certainly needs to be perceived through the prism of germany's interests writ large in the gulf which clearly are to have this crisis dealt with as speedily and as peacefully as possible dominick thank you very much for that that's dominic kane joining us live from then but only bring in our senior political analyst and i'm a shot and now he's joining us live from london as we mentioned iran the mayor's first foreign trip since the crisis began he is now on his way to paris what will he be trying to achieve here do you think. well certainly try to deescalate and. try to lobby. his counterparts in europe and the united states and i guess in new york it would be internationally in order to resolve gulf crisis. diplomatically also a cloud if i got those positions and defend much of the accusations against it by
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some of its neighbors there is certainly a need now to go beyond the last hundred days now that the united states has taken a more clear more sort of position towards the crisis and now that there is an understanding by every. leader around the world that this must be resolved diplomatically and to be honest that this is a very very dumb and reckless crisis that needs to be taken care of sooner or later and not one now that the u.s. president is finally on board with resolving the dispute rather than what he was doing at the beginning leveling the same accusations at qatar that the blockading countries how do you assess how do you see the prospects for a resolution now. well i think it was important to see relations cemented and clearly stated between turkey and iran
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and russia france u.k. and so on so forth so that it became clear to the boycotting countries that they cannot get a way of isolating a a smaller neighbor and that international law and diplomacy not military interventions and bullying will work in the region and in us fight as this very particular crisis concerned my guess is this momentum towards diplomatic solution and what we've heard from both they mean of course president trump a few days ago in washington will all push towards some more mediation on the part of the united states perhaps on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly next week when they all meet in new york but be that as it may clearly we are beyond the early should see of the first few weeks of the
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crisis i think i thought was able to deal better into the intelligently and wisely aware that they were able to pick up the pieces and move forward with their economy with their security and their will being of their people and i think the rest of the world now basically have come to the understanding that this was a manufactured crisis that this was counterproductive and certainly it must be resolved diplomatically at this point in time around thank you very much for that senior political analyst joining us live from london thank you. well national human rights committee chairman has met with the u.n. high commissioner for human via its he called on the blockade in countries to take action and finding a solution to the gulf crisis. we called to lift this blockade for humanitarian reasons we also asked them to allow international organizations like human rights watch to investigate the violations of human rights we ask them to stop the arrests
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and detentions especially of companies citizens and ask the blockading countries to stop arresting people for sympathizing with cutter we ask saudi arabia to allow international organizations to investigate rights associated to the hard and that's why we ask that these people be allowed to visit saudi arabia and qatar to discuss the matter. we have plenty more ahead on the news including safe songs and syria's war will be live from kazakhstan's capital on the day reached for the province. dying while giving life for a look at efforts to prevent pregnant women from dying in labor and nigeria. and european football charge also on and off the crown trouble ahead of their match in london details coming up with joel and sports.
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analyst international has you satellite imagery to highlight what it calls an orchestrated campaign to burn the henge of villages and myanmar the ride's pope has detected eighty large fires and rock and say since the twenty fifth of august when a military crackdown began almost four hundred thousand one hundred have fled to bangladesh in the past three weeks. has targeting armed groups in the area. we documented through and through a number of different sources it's really clear campaign of the consing by the media more security forces. were kind state. fire. burning so. it's very very difficult anything else. by the military to drive a. country. well funded child.
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i mean shop. on my backside on the other myanmar side of the border in between is the now free bar now you can see behind me smoke rising this i realize has been banned by the myanmar security forces within the last several days thousands of people are trying to cross into bangladesh through this river crossing many of them are unable to cross because the boat men are charging them exuberant prices ranging from a dollar to two hundred dollars this people are poor they cannot afford to cross because the prices are so high now a lot of these people need to be transferred into the official camp or in the long area where the presence of international donor agencies right now they're in the marcy of the local donors people from local community are providing them fresh water and food most of these people are a woman and children some elderly people that desperately need aid and they need to be mobilized and move from this area into the official area along otherwise they won't get the kind of how the need now the amnesty international and national
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latest report corroborates what we are saying and our contacts and me on my own are saying the same thing the masses of people have gathered and they're trying to cross into bangladesh where the ploy is going within some time that number could very well rich into one million. now russia iran and turkey have agreed on the borders of. the province. of the sixth round of talks and the capital. and live here and going is mostly under the control of opposition groups one million civilians live in the area the borders of the other. and here with stripes agreed at previous talks they are in northern homs province east and go to and the rebel controlled area along the border with jordan deescalation zions on designed to protect civilians and they are to be patrolled by troops from russia iran and turkey let's go live to our style and our correspondents child strathearn is joining us from there from where the syria talks
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are ongoing what more do we know about this latest deescalation zion charles and when it might take effect that. was certainly a positive development here this announcement by the guarantors and the main opposition groups here that the borders all this for the escalation zone italy province in northern syria have been agreed upon now the mechanics of actually implementing this kind of agreement all very complicated firstly with respect to the monitoring groups the the forces that are going to be deployed on the ground to make sure that this plan basically goes smoothly the opposition very concerned about the inclusion of iranian forces in and amongst these monitors the head of the russian delegation here alexander love ranch here in reply to those
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kind of complaints saying that the iranians had a right to be in syria because they had been invited there by the syrian government and also saying that because they were one of the members of these these these three margy group here is a starter that they should be on the ground so that's the first kind of complication that we're looking at there's also the issue of the groups that many of the groups that are in control of vast areas of it live groups that are considered by the international community and by the syrian government is being. affiliated to al qaida affiliated to terrorist organizations and it was interesting to hear that the opposition groups here as well was staunchly in agreement that they would continue fighting such groups inside. and outside labor's well and that there was this concerted effort that pressure should be put on by the
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international community and by the iranians the turks. and and the russians here a start that those efforts should continue. there's around two point five million people living in all these deescalation zones that have been mapped out so there are also huge concerns for getting humanitarian aid into these areas and of course that he's very much part of this plan as well and pledges by the russians by. by the iranians that those efforts would continue but as i say it is very complicated this is a positive development it's also been very interesting to see obviously the american observers here the jordanians as well after that one of those the escalation zones was set up by the u.s. the russians and the jordanians in the south an area which we know have a lot of groups deemed to be terrorist organizations operating in them
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so it's a positive development here but a lot of challenges ahead in making sure that this is implemented it's also vital to recognize that this is being set up for a six month period there are constant assessments of how things are going on the ground. and the russian delegation here saying that in the future we may be seeing the involvement of other countries here in a stand as observers alexander level of saying that through diplomatic means that are necessary but we could be seeing the involvement of the unite. china the u.a.e. lebanon and egypt are becoming more involved in trying to forge some sort of lasting peace in syria looking for building on any kind of momentum that we're going to see in u.n. brokered talks coming out of geneva all right thank you very much for that for now that stance track from the latest from the syria talks an astonishing thank you
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right it is time for the weather would editor now and what's the latest on the storms affecting asia everson but we do still have the two typhoons least but they are both weakening so that's the good news is that said we can't just write them off just yet with the satellite picture you can see two distinct systems the big swirl of cloud just pushing up off the coast of shanghai other one which is just wearing away as making its way across the in the case of thailand that will push up towards. japan as we go on through the course of the weekend this is still a significant system this one we are looking at winds of around about one hundred and eighty five kilometers per hour on the gusts sustained winds around one hundred fifty kilometers per hour so the equivalent of a category one storm this will still bring heavy seas in big storm surge and the likelihood of flash flooding rains as it pushes up towards japan some time on a sunday so that's certainly one to keep an eye on in the case of that syria which is making its way across vietnam we would see huge amounts of rainfall about three
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hundred eighteen millimeters of rain in just twenty four hours similar strength on the system but a final warning has been issued for this is breaking up really quickly as it pushes its way across the land making its way further west which we do still have further heavy bursts of rain to come as we go on through sas day more big downpours for a good part of northern vietnam pushing into laos it should all diminish quite nicely by sunday's. thank you very much of a still ahead. well hunger is on the rise driven by conflict and climate change will have on a whole. kandahar airfield. replacing older helicopter the more modern models it will take before this force can stand on its own. on the continent crimea tournament details coming up with jones what.
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a survivor of the genocide there are people who like me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. and here is. finally laying the pass to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just find if i could bury him. at this time on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on the. top stories british police are treating a blast in a london underground train as a terrorist incident the explosion happened on the. western the busy morning rush hour twenty two people were injured but now in a serious condition. amnesty international has use satellite imagery to highlight the extent of damage to burn. the rights bodies detected.
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violence flared and. and north korea has. launched in less than a month that's the u.n. security council to hold another meeting on pyongyang's actions in the coming hours . adrian brown has more from beijing. well a slightly sharper tone from china's foreign ministry spokeswoman on friday in the past of course china has often condemned north korea for carrying out nuclear or missile tests but the some the language had begun to sound a little hollow but on friday the foreign ministry spokeswoman said that china is in a sense was not responsible for what was happening on the korean peninsula the core problem was the conflict between the united states and north korea and china was not the solution this is what the spokeswoman had to say tell her when she was the focal point of the conflict is not china the party raising tensions is not china the key to resolving the korean peninsula issue is not china's the one that ties
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the bell is the one who should remove it the various directly involved parties should take responsibility to handle the situation carrying out their duty any attempt to wash their hands of the issue is irresponsible and unhelpful for resolving it. so china making clear that the sanctions so far have failed the question now though is whether china will be prepared to go along with stronger action against north korea given the north's continued defiance of u.n. resolutions i think it's possible that china might agree to a gradual incremental action but it won't want to go along with something major or sudden because that's not beijing stuff. now after steadily declining for over a decade global hunger is now on the rise that's according to a u.n. report that points to more conflicts and climate related reasons for thirty eight million more people going hungry last year compared to two thousand and fifteen the report estimates that in two thousand and fifteen seven hundred seventy seven
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million people in the world one undernourished but last year that number rose to eight hundred and fifteen million with five hundred and twenty million of them in asia it says conflict made worse by climate change as the main reason for this increase but even in peaceful areas food security has deteriorated because of the economic slowdown which means the poor have less access to food multiple forms of malnutrition and changes in dietary habits are also threatening the health of millions the growth of one hundred fifty five million children under five years old has been stunted due to malnutrition while another forty one million are overweight and these two forms of malnutrition can co-exist in the same country well let's get more on this now with a cost us to more listen here is what the un's food and agriculture organization where he's assistant director general for economic and social development he is joining us live from rome very good to have you with us on al-jazeera it seems
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incredible that world hunger is increasing especially when there's so much also so much food waste. our conflicts you know increasingly compounded by climate change contribution to this. yes of course in the last ten years we have been a spread the we have seen this president of conflicts in various parts of the world today is about forty six countries which we can see there being involved in conflict with about four hundred eighty nine million people living in conflict affected countries certainly the nature of conflict and change is not a war among nations sometimes there are local conflicts within the same nation involved me or not involved in the government but they also tend to regionalize that conflicts they take lives they destroy infrastructure they cause economic. economic crisis and of course affect the ability for people to produce food because
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a lot of them happen in rural areas and also the ability to people to access food so it's a major. cause of this increase in. hundred noticed men between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen now if conflicts combine we economic with the weather calamities we think stream weather events that can be related one way or the other to climate change then it becomes a real problem today we had. fifty three million people that were in extreme food insecurity conditions in countries that were affected by conflict and drought at the same time so although we had a very well come the climbing trends we see this blip this pick up of congress without between two thousand and fifteen and sixteen and the stimulus website
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little heart for ending many of these conflicts and fight can hunger be eliminated without ending these major violent conflicts. if hunger can be eliminated certainly if conflicts continue unabated it will be a major challenge and unless they disappear or less they. they get eliminated it will be very difficult to. reach everybody that needs to be reached when you make under by twenty thirty however we can do a lot more we've seen conflict situations and that is we can expand the humanitarian aid sure saves people's lives but also resort economic ups. and a free man saves people's livelihoods and if we move away from conflict zones you know we made the point earlier that even in places with no conflict food security
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has deteriorated in new zealand where i'm from child poverty and malnutrition have become very big issues so malnutrition isn't confined to poor countries it isn't confined to countries that face and warm. yes of course nutrition e's actually. prevalent in countries that are facing war that stunted children one hundred twenty two million out of one hundred fifty five million stunted children are in places where there is conflict so we we we are seriously concerned about the conflict situation needs its consequences in places that they face neither conflict nor extreme weather events then economic slowdowns of. course for the rising figures on
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undernourishment for example in certain countries in latin america they decrease in international commodity prices. and these countries are significant exporters of commodities they see their exports and export their nukes declining their import capacity of food declines and the government has less revenues to protect the very poor people from falling into hunger old man nutrition so all this factors sometime combine in one country in several countries in africa you have exactly the three factors operating together konami crisis conflict and extreme weather events and the system around us we thank you very much for your time on this cost asked the minister wanting us live from iran thank you. now every day more than eight hundred expectant mothers die because of preventable birth related complications one thousand nine percent of the deaths happen in developing countries poor young woman
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in rural areas are at particular risk but they can be helped skilled care during and after childbirth can save lives between one thousand mind you in two thousand and fifteen maternal mortality drop by forty four percent globally. in nigeria about fifty thousand women die every year because of birth related complications where culture cost and distance keeps many from going to hospitals in the first of a three part series catherine sawyer reports from the court or. bucky sumanda is four months pregnant and wants to give birth in this government run special maternity clinic in sakata state it's new and the only one offering women different options of giving bath including how they would at home who has six other children half of them delivered at home chose the match right away. i want to give birth on the mat because it's comfortable and it's what i'm used to at home i think the
4:40 pm
nurses will take better care of me here in the united nations says one hundred forty five nigerian women die every day from birth related complications it's one of the highest rates in the walls this is one of the biggest hospitals and women from across the state come here to have their babies many of. them because that's not. too far away we need. to finance. this woman's baby died a year ago because it to cut too long to get to hospital after she developed complications at home she says ignorance of the artistry of men are the biggest problems in conservative communities like cause. some husbands don't allow their wives to go to hospital i'm lucky that my husband allows me some women even think that at the hospital the doctors will injure them here garb and his wife is almost
4:41 pm
you listen kinley as a traditional path attendant and courage is them to go to hospital ali she also shows them how government supplied tools if for any reason she'll help deliver the baby at home. because i'm educated i understand her issues are important i will give one hundred percent support to any initiative that will help my wife and children doctors say the plan is to eventually have maternal health clinics in every village and involve the communities more do. villages and young girls. well it is that you have to. be trained in coming to be free and then back to the. back of the god the special claim but. first. the midwife hopes she comes back to you her baby is born some women never do catherine saw al jazeera nigeria. more than one hundred schoolgirls who were freed
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from captivity have been reunited with their families and nigeria the government telling what it called to send four for the girls on wednesday the girls have undergone months of rehabilitation behold being reunited with their families and all being sent to a boarding school in your life and the countries in the north east. now it is mission accomplished for nasa cassini spacecraft after spending twenty years exploring saturn and its learns that space odyssey has come to an end and a dramatic anally the pride plunged into saturn's atmosphere to poles and tears and a nasa controlled one but a smith has more. at mission control in pasadena california they watched the last seconds of radio signals from cassini project manager on if it's so quiet. maybe it's because let me she left but just heard the signal from the spacecraft is gone and within the next forty five seconds.
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i hope you're all as deeply proud of this amazing accomplishment congratulations to you well this is been an incredible mission an incredible spacecraft and you're all an incredible team i mean they call this the end of mission. project manager that. this team has watched the c.v. travel seven point nine billion kilometers since its launch in one thousand nine hundred seventy three to one. it took a cd seven years to reach saturn as it settled into war with around the ringed planet cassini launched the horgan's lander onto the surface of titan suddens biggest moon. over thirteen years the mission has sent back spectacular images from the other side of the solar system covered in snow and ice this is in
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salad us another of saturn's moons it has powerful ice blasting gazers under here scientists believe there's water and so a chance to look for traces of life and on titan cassini revealed a climate similar to primordial earth it's why cassini can't land on saturn it may still carry microbes from earth that could affect an alien ecosystem because the importance of in solid us that cassini has shown us and of titan another potential world that could be habitable for life perhaps not like we know it but perhaps completely different than ours. we had to make decisions on how to dispose of the spacecraft. and that led us inevitably to the plan of take.


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