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tv   Bone Hunter  ALJAZ  September 16, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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energy reform. by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and has with the country's agricultural sector exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations. at this time on al-jazeera. santa maria look at the headlines now on al-jazeera thousands of people out on the streets in spain's catalonia region the fight over a planned independence referendum they are rallying in support of more than seven hundred who are facing criminal investigation for supporting the pole and summoned to court for questioning in have been threatened with arrest if they don't. the spanish government has declared the vote on october one to be helping hold this at
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the rally for us. the people. chanting we will find. chanting for you. another news north korea has released new pictures of its most recent test. out of north korea's plan to achieve so-called minute equilibrium with the united states. police have arrested an eighteen year old man in connection with a blast on the london underground train yesterday friday twenty nine people were injured when an explosive device partially detonated on the district line during the busy morning peak hour police are calling it a significant arrests and bob is following it developments from london. the police
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are not telling us much about who this eighteen year old man is we know that he was arrested in the port area of dover down in kent on saturday morning and he is being transferred to a police station in south london the police are calling it a significant arrest but saying they're not going to comment any further about this person for investigative reasons earlier on mark riley the nation's top antiterrorism police officer said that the police had been making really good progress and they were chasing down suspects the use of the plural they're suggesting in some people's minds that there could be more than one person who's being linked to the attack now we know that hundreds of officers have been going through c.c.t.v. footage from the train and from elsewhere trying to identify who planted the device which failed to detonate fully they've said clearly the aim was to create huge injury and huge panic it could have been
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a lot worse in other words it was headed for central london it was rush hour and over twenty nine people were injured most of them suffering burns none of those injuries were life threatening also on friday trees may announce that the national threat level was being raised to critical meaning that they believe an attack was expected imminently that usually lasts for a few days giving the police extra powers of surveillance and also meaning that the military the army will be taking over from police in sites around the country freeing up armed police officers to patrol the streets and to be present on transport networks income reassuring the public but also gathering information in the pub the police have still been appealing to the public for any information and any images either still photographs mobile phone photos or videos and they used those have started to be sent in to the police helping them with their search for the person or people who carried out the attack. and
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a gyptian court has upheld the life sentence of the country's former president mohamed morsy the ruling is final it cannot be appealed most even the convicted of espionage in june and is expected to serve at least twenty five years in prison he won presidential elections in twenty twelve but was removed in a military coup a year later bangladesh is accused me and repeatedly violating its airspace further straining relations damaged by the damage by the range of crisis was four hundred thousand range of now flight a million military crackdown the began three weeks ago helicopters and drones crossed into bangladesh three times in five days the united states wants the kurdish regional government in northern iraq to call off an independence referendum which is due to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approved that proposal on friday despite opposition from iraq as well as iran and turkey. that's a look at your headlines here on al-jazeera we will update them again in about
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twenty five minutes time right now. more than twenty years after the bosnian war and one man is thirteen for the bones of his people the old if you will so that the floor. will give you a truth to go to bones are all that families have to lay their loved ones to rest. he says he's a life we should be he will.
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flew. all over the world to school.
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every day since two thousand and two ram his new catch has been scouring the forest for the remains of victims of genocides although they themselves have disappeared their memory lives on and they haunt the minds of their friends and family. he roams these woods with the sole purpose of finding human bones which can be identified and finally rests. the breakup of yugoslavia began in one nine hundred ninety one when the republics of slovenia and declared independence six bitter wars followed by the republic of bosnia-herzegovina paid a high price for independence memory. not
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of war the west but. not of never going back up without. the bosnian war started in the spring of one nine hundred ninety two and lost. for three and a half months. in the summer of one thousand nine hundred five one of the worst atrocities in europe since the second world war was committed here. bosnian serb forces under the command of general writes common law ditch occupied on the eleventh of july nine hundred ninety five in the following days twenty five thousand women and children were forcibly removed from the town. and eight thousand men and boys were systematically killed.
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thank you thank you for joining the screen a chart which reported from celebrity on the tenth of july nine hundred ninety five the next day was the last that his mother hyra saw him alive. the. photos of all. her own just. years incidents of. the loss of the news. but i go among many demons so. it would be just memories that still haunts survivors. so a lot of that think. these d.
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know about it. and i'm not supposed to. listen to this. any. such. your known as. honor orders and. need the money at the knees. after the war the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia prosecuted those responsible for the atrocities committed in srebrenica bosnian serb civilian and military leaders were tried for genocide rape and the mass execution of bosnian muslims the tribunal handed down over one hundred sixty indictments for crimes against humanity the bosnian serb forces were aware when they embarked on this genocidal venture so the harms it caused would continue to plague muslims zippier schoenberger states quickly.
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condemns in appropriate terms the deep and lasting injury inflicted and caused the massacre at srebrenica by its proper name genocide. the remains of seven thousand civilians were found after the war in mass graves and scattered through the woods surrounding several needs are a thousand more have yet to be found. a native of these quiet hamlets but his new catch survived the genocide his father and two brothers did not. of his own will and unpaid his devoted sixteen years to unearthing and providing the authorities with thousands of bones for d.n.a. analysis. little
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. complex. game or. dramas live near common each call better toe in the days leading up to the genocide people fleeing. refuge in the woods around the village after the bosnian serb army attack elderly women and children fled to the un base in put a child but the army pursued them. found i suppose.
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via. tons on his guitar the holly voice that. gloria. is going to still cannot simply because iraqi. men fit for military service and older boys who had come from stubborn form the column and escaped through the woods toward what was known as the free territory of tuzla. the column was constantly fired upon. the first mass killings took place in the forests surrounding come into bird dog. house it. popular though thought you would be run in the north or you would be put somewhere enough to lock the fields it's
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a leak only so. many that are the only. yell through a difficult spot mottled least what it is there was a sequel in the polish that. among those killed in common each call better still near the house where ram is was born where his father and two brothers one of whom was seventeen. or locally did. neil poignant suffering have done enough to. do with what. is on many of us won't be any unwanted but will. the momentum pose no one else to love or to any of your sandia d. if you need you know an equal just missed out. on your old you know you can use the models to be normal. then he says north north school.
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it's only a movie and you're not he's more with us you know not worth it and i needed to be able to feel it really. doesn't it but only say most of it on lendl's i'm going to go usenet. reasonable after six days of walking in july one thousand nine hundred five rama's in a small group found the way through the bosnian serb forces cordon and reached his life after the war and six years as a refugee rama's returned to his family home he story with a notable going to me of his journey. not use those i'm doing very doable in a new world need to know for them your judgment of acquittal and he's a louis vuitton gimmick which i mean i'm not
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a fool. hey man this is not adequate you know who might be. bugging you when you ram is first found bones while clearing land near his home in two thousand and one. that's young doesn't train they don't. know the knowledge and branch will take you four hundred. years to stop . doing you. might want to do most dog. most out of nice little. one on their goodies you know what you know because. it means having to. die not a. cream of gold to be there's no. me want to do. i'll stop for boredom one in which no matter if you're not.
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going to. be not going to post when you know that i've done you know it's not. very long so i'll be no not a good lawyer. i won't be your d.h. old you'll be more solemn. you know i don't know of course i've been appointed. just said i'm going to. go to. mars. costello he talked of.
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would you would you really. and why you would you know. who taught your dog. the lady point zero. zero. zero zero. yoga knowledge you have not read on do my due diligence put on me course to talk to any talk we didn't i thought.
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old your doc was one or governmental body or why do you or mr any of your cost or not who are. not you know tall dark we're not a benefit going to focus no ideal. the first exhumations and processing of remains found in the city beneath the area we're led by international forensics teams among them was ever kind of
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a polish anthropologist in one thousand nine hundred six she had worked in areas near come in each called birdo it took me maybe it's a way when they go when they go to seattle because we came with a convoy of cars so we were out of work and there was no pass up to leave. and on the boat site movies for us in peace thank you both face and between three s. . and piece of clothes. or truce. open. luggage smart luggage some smart backs. and it was hidden one place a book open book and. when the wind was flying paydays so i came and so got it the second. and then we came on top
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and the world remains but the nice way out. which is a p.c. supply. is thrown away with open pieces of luggage was a made the big biggest impression for me because it meant divert some of that between driving into five and september ninety six was that it. through the corrupt zip code this comes a close from a beat think switch but since the visit from sort of been in d.c. with so you but otoh it's a good way to look usable but still no way so it was a biggest impression the day before the budget before because it was already used but it's but it's a bit of some. of the people working yet to go work and even put some
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thing to sort of life. and to find their way through. for movies what happened and it was they were. dead bodies were. dead.
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or you don't know not all. fully get i think nearly to the boss of the above and i was lucky because i'm not for even if you normal of nothing. one can never know not to nipples on. romulus wanted not to do mr previously gotten we want to be like. we're not in the period we had to go to move with it. actually got the movie think you need not both minutes long for the. knowledge you have to go all movement on your field name you start a new name a. little more if you did you start.
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with a woman i didn't. call norful know full well meaning. booming really don't give anything that will be able to do will do with untold what you don't know so not true but if you don't mean you know them well gave me the difference to not treat the single neutral no obvious and not to you know drug dealers and no one. is going to learn to use mean little or. no new all knowledge and not seem to don't know you or don't will only know what you know
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to. will be simple to not you could glean with the knowledge you so you'll need to know to go good in the northeast lobbying. similarly stand on the show know what to do but don't. put it into his own arsenal and if you know it do you know it's only a simple do you want to know if. did in your. old age you draw any. oakwood a. minimum do you think given that upbeat and honest. yeah
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. doest in the time we had we knew it we had moved from article to some nice enough or from vocalist one of the. two from modoc we. needed mused on him till he came to some well known drug listed as a review of polygamy and human needs not unusual stuff for more interesting study monckton folk wisdom people cornelius you you people you don't talk with your ghost and i have little money so not going to ignore you. you know. doing it ople doesn't
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focus on we're not strong little islam boom. and us little bless us some people are not keen on the mr dog. it's not done with a political storm you mean the dynegy going to get a meeting at the basaltic i want to innocently i mean i even already muck with you . still belittle the name of it with a lot of. listening when you do not eat local government authority is not your green kentucky on the ingenuity but it is a deal for a white jury and you will. the stalinist i'll be honest so no one else blowing up will surely thoughts of your god
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that but him and skews love it as you vote in your smashed on ash the name of the news for buno because you need to cause moving by not money but you have to go. that me at that and. that back out up on that not getting money going to help people after a meal and apple will give them to me and they need to do would. only buy that if. it's their senior and i going to. make money. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded town with us for a long time from gaza to california and little girl's journey of love through
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adversity is very timid or she came over time progress she became our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her for ever i was excited to come but when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time from lebanon we can cover lebanon and also cover syria what's going on a liberal is always related to the political game in the middle east by having our office in kuala lumpur with part of the asian story where able to bring all of us insights into asia which other networks have become and you see that tells the story of africans in a way that resonates very well they feel that al-jazeera is telling their whole new side of the story and biased and diluted and reliable. russian filmmaker under a necker self continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and
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separatists i told the locals in the southeast we were on our side when i arrived i don't do something completely different someone to leave russia but for others the russian passport means hope and the challenge of happened in search of putin's russia at this time onal jazeera. santa maria back with another look at the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of people out on the streets in spain's catalonia region as the fight over a planned independence referendum heats up they're rallying in support of more than seven hundred catalan mayo's who are facing criminal investigation for supporting the pope have been summoned to court for questioning they have been threatened with arrest if they do not appear spanish government has declared this october first
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vote illegal here is col pinhole at the rally. the people here i think singing because a lot of the international line have been chanting we will find that a sign of defiance that they intend to turn out for independence in that referendum on october the first floor so i think chanting freedom freedom and independence school this region that's alone yeah other headlines british police have arrested an eighteen year old man in connection with a blast on a london underground train on friday twenty nine people were injured when an explosive device partially detonated on the district line during the busy morning peak hour calling it a significant arrest. north korea's released new pictures of its most recent missile test the ballistic missile which was launched over the japanese island of hokkaido on friday it's part of north korea's plan to achieve so-called military librium with the united states and egyptian courts upheld the life sentence of the
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country's former president mohamed morsi the ruling is final it cannot be a people morsi was convicted of espionage in june and is expected to serve at least twenty five years in prison remember he won presidential elections in two thousand and twelve but was removed in a military coup a year later. bangladesh is accused of repeatedly violating its airspace further straining relations damaged by the range of prices almost four hundred thousand ranger of now fled a mini me and military crackdown that began more than three weeks ago dhaka says helicopters and drones crossed into the dish three times in the past five days i mean ited states wants the kurdish regional government in northern iraq to call off an independence referendum to be held later this month the kurdish parliament approved the proposal on friday despite opposition from iraq iran and turkey now the u.s. is calling on the kurds to enter into dialogue with the iraqi government news hour in about twenty five minutes time here on al-jazeera right now but hundreds of
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continuous. the remains of rama's new coaches father and brothers were finally found a couple of years ago in a mass grave not far from nearby step to meet some. years after he began searching for his family he could finally lead them to rest. but there were more bones to be found and he continued scouring these woods to help others also find closure. local government is because none of these old. oakland vehicles welcome so called political will but what. i want to move there by the knowledge of good will if. he would lead long nebulous looking more equal that of the local both who see no
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local both who but i. was there no no no no. no i moved live from new. york will board a last meal when i'm lodging going to eat but i've got a thousand dollars. and suddenly a long tree you still got us with the. windows
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then i guess it's. what if there were more will be because you. believe in the work that all that good. will you thought. by your.
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theme of. wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong. from.
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for. you all would rebel. you would. do. any real with.
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you more political blog. box or knowledge that you are full. of the what you know it's you bought the quest but. you know. i don't i mean. i don't. know just. talk with those you know. don't keyboard. you know. still couldn't. believe it. when ramos finds a bone in the woods he contacts the missing persons institute of bosnia and
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herzegovina. dixon name of vets comes to help promise members of his family also perished in the genocide. which will. but first. of all it will. so they want to move. you know. my number. the knowledge of will to. i'm told your mother though you know you maupassant. is also not a group of. people so it's sort of to put a lot of sort of push it. on the thought of cover to go to work with no less thinking or more on what are you doing out here well i think it will they do they
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do everything is clearly more a day thirty two whatever you look for before the sure. is truly to you used to do which is a mystery also a bit sue but i should know this will be a quick preview though as you saw one quality from work and still. is paid to open a t.v. put the hired girl you know like we mice with all kind of i don't know please you see the hook up was there really was like you want most of those studies to go to the last two. wish nicol re in the to the last two because they had two of the equation where there was a. post were it for me no said team cle or do as you noted in keys or she six a much. the second order was to them which were
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short of deal with both of them but that over to the right. and one can will float will will be good for you to put it over that you are off. the. wall you know you pulled out of wood over there but. will they be so story will put the government who the world even if they want to can cost you lodi think little idiot if you doubt alluded to it out joe will be on the soup but those of us to do cause did it well you know you do be a good meal at that i throw it up what are those stories with that but really got
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thought of it like i thought because he had to go to the local liquor store. according to the missing persons institute the remains of nearly nine hundred men who fled bosnian serb forces instead he needs to have been found in these parts. me. or near you talk of course not. what i want to but. that's really for get is not really why you would in a. all your to do you have your cool job but all those are not who see me of course you saw. nothing post this isn't. your work the world of your world yeah but. the going to rule for you where you're probably up with
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a thought of. what i read you and i would think he. meant it real or know what i want to come over poetry talk to you. a little on the cell no if you've got a car not three or four make a good to go to. sleep you know need a pool for thirty don't want to go work on a call for the critters. but you know. ron you are assured of eleven anybody going to. hear your story and your first reaction to the purple book. folklore you our comments of coverage will be a little cuckoo. and kingdom. you
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know you don't know that what that was that was a little bit early for. many people though it was to see that you know the old in the. gospel of the good old the snow. there was the only thing which a local jeweler told you would be. blood to grab a genius way below get units were to do a go the both of the show and they both had words earlier today as we have a bit broader gioia thirty thirty zero zero that you. could put to it that made you teaming up to do it because the your there girlie the mr nerd over the letter to sort it listed two thirds the cost of the. nest you bucks it out of the tools that
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though they got only the emotion was that the welcome it's not about the cost to supposedly they got that instruction. after a criminal investigation and exhumation by local authorities the bones are sent to a forensic medicine facility into his life. while in the fighting to me one on the wall switch over the citizenry's are stepping stones i actually saw horses he didn't know what equasym would be and i thought i like you a lot of us a ticket or whatever don't just go to saturday and the only place to pay more and always a skirt the horse out back on i put them on the water the mechanic also buy a lot on me i don't slow tell you how to mount a horse king is my style you think you're awfully coach and those are car was
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something are we supposed to i think our metal what are your intimate thoughts on also. i don't work for the grid if you get us. i study i also like we said if you for example not to do this if you take it one man i was also between us.
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every year on the eleventh of july u.b.i. turns a fired remains of genocide victims are laid to rest in the same location where the once sought refuge in the un safe haven to try to. put the chary memorial center. this is what. might. be. due. to. the family. lunch in the. park.
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and. does not use. it ever gets trashed. going down you're going to wish i were laying in here. so you. could. do for months you. could. you know you could go with. you. merl each mission here the three minus three piece their due course to the emotional say the surprise march of her eyes she bought in the house. nigel was posing i make a portal to. your shoe the purchase of history as it too is only theory
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borneo scene so let's run a straight see them here. i don't you. i mean we are sleaze with. numbers there's a plus and that's when i called to start out the guy i'll go to me i will break she is very new and i go going to really got going and want to throw all snowmen and all of them but i won't go to the nature of the witch and of course one feels they'll well use it and i already knew mr i was what they are mr or you so what is unusual delusions about something. to a minister broke on you look i'll go well if you don't visible steeples in all but a moment that's lucky and. did all those other voters if you go in there on the opponent.
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the much michael funny enough and. long honorable. talk. looking good looking the postal clerk. yes and if you're.
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not you will know if union talking to cost you it up when you know what you need for. knowing body and what they most know what you call us and i will lead you to. you in this way the next. the money to people who should promise you will put in you the sun your nine one one but it didn't in when you couldn't was new to the boards. in the. books to prove these new the legion osteo the suborder the last of you to boredom was the thrashing you used to need my nine year duly did not yet when you used to talk was fierce than the new to the
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poor to you not a clue clearly abuse food like you know talking. to my you're through the. last thing last of course you quit drinking on. most of the time he's been conversant in what can be worked on that need because of its sense of compassion and understanding for people that have what i understand that i'm yes he has some sort of compassion and understanding for it as it families because he knows he's members feminity he knows he's been out there. sort of but i can understand he was. walking every day because it is like a nice and it is he said life nice and he would go with them to visit and of his life.
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i always thought while watching us a lot. on a. forceful call funny that i'm going to go through all of. us in the theater with all the.
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costs he asked for component. and on the full cost resentment. of the affair for me or die with all of the meat on everything anyway i'm not sure . free. or no one. can be really being if. haunted by the collected suffering of his people and the memory of his murdered
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family. his new coach continues to search for the last remaining bones. it's his will be a finding resolution and bringing peace both to the living and the dead. from the icy mountain steps of goliad to the flooded lowlands of south america. the high stakes series returns. following the daring journey use of ordinary people from around the globe who take extraordinary risks to earn a living. risking it all coming soon on al-jazeera.
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from dusk the sunset it's proving something. to summarize the top and asian metropolis hello there heavy rain is pouring across parts of south america if this area of cloud here that's giving us a very heavy downpours and to the south of that is generally quite fresh but to the north still very very warm so the system works its way northward then the temperature in a function will drop no higher than around twenty degrees during the day today lots of cloud with us if you have breaks of rain as well and that rain gradually begins to ease off as we head into sunday and with a bit more sunshine the century should get up to twenty three degrees meanwhile to the west to the temperatures are also on the rise in santiago this time around
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twenty six for the central americas we've been watching jose very closely it is still swirling around on off satellite picture but staying away from land for the time being it is activating some of the showers a little bit further south though so for some of us across the dominican republic and haiti there's likely to be a few more showers and we'd like to see towards the west generally quite quiet during the day today but more showers a forming as we head through sunday and again some of them are looking very very heavy even further towards the north and generally it's a lot quieter here for many of us now but there is this weather system in the north is dragging its feet further south and this could give us some very lively showers during the day gradually sweeping its way eastwards towards washington. the weather sponsored by cats and race. in the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punch line a five second sound bite and an easy solution. dellums says
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challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me. for a new season of the show the frank. and up front. about this time. north korea's nuclear program. humanitarian crises around the world. wars in yemen iraq and theory are issues global leaders will grapple with in new york. as world leaders get ready to meet some new faces will be joining this year's biggest u.n. event. join al-jazeera for extensive coverage of the u.n. general assembly. germany's birth varian alps where stunning scenery is playing host to europe's latest arrivals.
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separate in origin. share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to germany cafe vald left a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello again from tire harvey when i'm come out santa maria this is the news hour from al-jazeera coming up police in london said it made a significant arrest in friday's bombing of an underground.


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