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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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and. on counting the cost. on economics make it the most profitable company in the world. trade is influencing the prices. plus one hundred days of the gulf crisis we look at how the economy is very. counting the cost at this time. ma says it is dissolving its government and gaza shaking up the palestinian political landscape. and we shall carry this out zero life on doha also coming up. as the right hander
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crisis grows bangladesh places a new restrictions on the growing refugee population. at least thirty six demonstrators from burundi are killed by troops in the democratic republic of congo . and an arrest following friday's attack on the london underground the threat level remains critical. palestinian group hamas which controls the gaza strip has agreed to hold talks with its rival the fatah movement hamas released a statement saying it is willing to end its feud with which controls the occupied west bank has pledged to dissolve its administrative committee in gaza and hold general elections two parties have been at odds for a decade after fighting a war over cars and two thousand and seven fossett joins us live now from west roseland with the latest on this is a pretty big development harry what do you know. well that's right it's
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it is a pretty major change in in stance by hamas won the has been brewing for some days there have been reports and indeed hamas has been saying that it's it's willing to take this step but this is the official announcement of it and it comes after a long series of talks with the egyptian government in cairo the fatah delegation was having talks there on saturday understood still to be there as well so this really is contingent it's hinged on this new relationship between hamas and egypt which has come about since may really when hamas changed its that the language of its charter. disassociating itself in not so many words from its relationship to the muslim brotherhood which is obviously something the c.c. government of egypt is is extremely against any kind of. feeling that hamas is part of a wider muslim brotherhood regional movement so that seems to have paid some dividends
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egypt has been allowing fuel into gaza there have been parallel talks to these ones about another kind of arrangements involving a former fighter figure mohammad dahlan now we have these talks more broadly about palestinian unity government saying as you have just said that it will dissolve its administrative council it's willing to have a consensus government again in gaza and hold general elections as well a lot now hinges on exactly how fattah will respond to all of us so yes exactly all and there all these developments any statements that there is still a big gap between that and all of this actually happening right here. that's right what is is worried about is exactly how this will play out in practice we've been speaking to the secretary general secretary of the central committee.
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to brother and he says that fighter is one hundred percent committed to any progress but it is up to what exactly happens on the ground over the next week potentially in terms of a consensus government of more and more fattah more palestinian of involvement in the way that gaza is run how that all plays out we also have to remember that mohammed. mahmoud abbas is about to meet donald trump in new york as part of the u.n. general assembly this week on wednesday. donald trump just a few months ago was in the region labeling hamas a terrorist group along with several others the kind that needed to be driven out of the countries of the middle east so an official agreement between the palestinian authority which is obviously courting more support from the trumpet ministration at this time could be extremely sensitive we also have to remember that there have been many attempts to get a reconciliation between hamas and fatah since two thousand and seven if you just
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take one in twenty eleven there was a big agreements in cairo lots of talk about turning a page about moving on from that the black divisions of the past and that collapse within a few months so this is not even at that stage yet it has a long way to go before any success that had occurred here in any reaction from israel yet. not that it's not that we've seen it's in the past certainly benjamin netanyahu has been extremely critical of any kind of burgeoning strengthening of ties between fatah and hamas in that twenty eleven agreement for example he has said he said that it was a terrorist organization now dominating at least having heart of the palestinian. governing or authority one which in his words had praised osama bin laden and called for the destruction of the state of israel now
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a lot of that language has of course changed since fatah made its announcement since hamas rather made its announcement in may about changing the language of its key documents but it's unlikely that israel will will certainly welcome a fully formed and and agreed upon reconsideration between these two parties very faucet life for us and less troops on thank you turkey has call the plan for a kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq an issue of national security the prime minister banally else from says that vote is a grave mistake the kurds control a large part of iraq along the turkish border a regional government based in appeal has scheduled this and dependence for september twenty fifth for its part baghdad says the kurdish leadership is playing with fire thank you less has announced tough restrictions on the movement ever head to refugees crossing over from me and maher the government is setting up a new campus to house more than four hundred thousand refugees who have fled
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violence in rakhine state or henge i have also been barred from using public transport and looking for accommodation outside as cramped refugee camps and that ash is prime minister sheikh athena is travelling to the united nations general assembly to ask for more help to deal with the crisis at the un says about sixty percent of those who have fled are children. tunder treasury has more now from. bangladesh authorities in a new move is restricted movement of rowing as across the country police checkpoints have been set up in different junction and axis road from the course of a very so that during us going to move to the other parts of the country many of the rowing as well actually moving in some other distinct that been brought back to the camps bang other shows a long term strategy of actually registering them with biometrics and confine them in a particular area it also has
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a strategy very controversial strategy i would say in a car to move them to a isolated island which is prone to cycle on and all of them that your natural disaster now in the long run bangladesh and diplomatic front would want to pressure me on my to take back this ring but on the other side of the broader the man my government would probably risk them moving back because they've already started mining there and fencing those places most of their own thing as look and talk like bangladesh is in the border areas you cannot distinguish them that don't have documents to prove that they were going guys who crossed over a very precarious situation for both sides unless the diplomatic move which is so far been talk and brinkmanship is able to put that kind of pressure on me on my chances most of the rowing guys will remain a stateless people in this side of the border in bangladesh as senior fellow at the center for global policy he is also the author of the right hinges inside me and maurice hidden genocide he says bangladesh is lacking the resources to build enough
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homes for the refugees at the border. well the latest numbers from the united nations and ticket that over four hundred one thousand people have no cross the border over the last couple of weeks that's approximately eight hundred thousand every single day or one thousand pair our system plea norway that bangladesh can absorb those kind of numbers particularly the fact that bangladesh was already hosting four hundred thousand going refugees so they're essentially have a very ambitious and in many respects on the left they plan to use two hundred two thousand acres of land to build the fourteen thousand room along with it in ourselves in the treaty one of the purposes of this ambitious plan is to ensure that there will hinge i do not leave those camps what we have at the moment are will hinge our refugees trying to melt into the population and what bangladesh has enough if you politicians in one thousand nine hundred eighty to grant nor do hinge our deputy status because they want all of those who are in java to one team sooner or later to be the patry to get back to myanmar. and the united nations has called
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for an investigation into the killing of thirty six per indian demonstrators by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo fights broke out with congress troops after a group including burundi in refugee stormed the jail and common jala east and east of the country they were attempting to free four men and help for deportation the u.n. says at least one hundred were wounded and that pilot's license turns as a director of the congo research group at new york university center for international cooperation and says as a baker political picture taken center. it must be said on the issue of whether these people were refugees or not most of them were not living in a refugee camp they were staying in host communities most of the people apparently were of the socio ethnic group. many tutsi. now have gone over towards the opposition although it's a mixed picture and burundi. and so it's possible that some of those refugees felt
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that they were being targeted by the burning government that want to go back and at the congolese government they collaborated with for the government say back in general in the past several years the congolese government has been a friend of the government in fact as he saw the president early as come under increased international criticism of the congo as one of its one of its remaining allies in that and so it's interesting that this is happening at the moment in the eastern congo there have been accusations in fact that some of the people who carried out the killings were not on the lease but actually and soldiers dressed up in call these uniforms and so as i said it's a confusing situation but a very great while. more than thirty people have been arrested in the u.s. city of st louis in a second night of protests against the acquittal of a white former police officer who shot a black man and killed him police fired tear gas at demonstrators who smashed windows as they moved through a suburb of the city jason softly was cleared of first degree murder for killing
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anthony lamar smith and two thousand and eleven st louis maryland who sends house was targeted by protesters. unfortunately we did have incidents of sporadic violence and vandalism and that will be the lasting images written about in the newspaper and played over and over on t.v. . as i've said over the past several days we will protect the rights of people who protest demonstrate and have their opinions heard we draw the line though of violence we understand the desire to disrupt but we do not understand and will not understand the does the desire to for destruction or for harming people we will protect all of our residents. cuba has released a video of what it says as looting in the wake of hurricane it shows people carrying goods from a government owned store and got into the store through windows broken in the storm at least ten people died in cuba when army devastated parts of the island last week
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. you can't place for investigating whether more people were involved in friday's bomb attack on a london underground train that entered thirty people a house in a town southwest of london was searched after police arrested an eighteen year old man at a port and the south of england on terror personnel have been deployed to protect key sites across the country and reports. a day after the attack on a london underground train police raided a home in the suburb of sunbury police call this a precautionary measure after the arrested an eighteen year old man in the port of dover where passenger ferries to france operate they called that a significant developments in the search for the person or people who planted the device and we've got a full rights of accounts terrorists place not what we've got our colleagues in the intelligence agencies and government helping in every way they possibly can we're making some very considerable progress you would have seen the announcement of and
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i rest there on in relation to this and so we will continue to work as hard as we can to make sure that we reduce the threats in this country i'm glad we know exactly who it was who did this whether there's anybody else involved and just try to reduce the risk as possible sources we possibly can police have again appealed for information and images that might help them and despite the arrest the threat level stated critical following a meeting of the government's emergency cabinet it means an attack could be imminent an indication police believe they could be suspects or possibly materials related to friday's rochelle bombing still at large the heightened threat level announced on friday night means hundreds of armed police are being replaced by military personnel so they can be deployed on the streets and on public transport across the u.k. and while the metropolitan police are urging people to carry on as normal they are also reminding them to stay vigilant based on previous attacks those measures are
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unlikely to last more than a few days but the debate over how to stop such random attacks in the future will surely go on much longer nadeem barber al jazeera london. still ahead on al-jazeera india is trying to save a dying lake in the kashmir valley after decades of mismanagement. and rebuilding a kingdom in nigeria three years after a devastating attack at poker along. with. with. the with. hello there it certainly feeling autumnal now in parts of europe the winds are all swinging down from the north bringing in some far fresher air and it's this system here that's the leading edge of that cold air is giving us a very lively downpours heavy rains out of this and slowly it's creeping its way
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a little bit further towards the south there are some places though where we're clinging on to the summery weather mostly over parts of spain and portugal look at that twenty six in madrid that's fairly pleasant and then the sunny weather is also extending down into the southeast corner of europe with bucharest all the way up at thirty three that's like it still going to stay hot down in the southeast corner even as we head through the day on monday but that system gradually breaks up as it works its way southwards and instead we're seeing this area of low pressure a bit further north and that's going to be giving us some rather wet and windy weather here meanwhile in the west still staying cool with london and paris both getting to around seventeen degrees now for the other side of the mediterranean here we're seeing some slightly cooler and now as well so for about no higher than around twenty two or twenty three degrees as we head through the next few days it is a little bit warmer in tunis but still our temperatures generally hovering around twenty eight thirty for the central belt of africa this means a very sharp showers recently and the latest of those just working its way steadily towards the west. with.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour the palestinian group hamas ruling and gaza has released a statement saying it is willing to end its feud with pots which controls the occupied west bank has pledged to dissolve its administration in gaza and hold general election. bangladesh's restricting the movement of more than four hundred thousand or hinder refugees from the camps and its border areas the prime minister is travelling to the un general assembly to ask for help in dealing with the crisis . the un has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six per indian demonstrators by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo i spoke out with congolese troops after a group including burundian refugees stormed a jail in the east of the country. voting is under way in the pakistani city of lahore for a parliamentary election the former prime minister nawaz sharif's wife colson was as the front runner for the seat the vote is seen as
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a test of support for nawaz sharif and his t.n.l. and party and its political and its political heartland pardon me the seat was vacated in july after sharif was disqualified and dismissed from office by the supreme court over corruption allegations joins us live now from a polling station in lahore and how is how is the polling go. you'll fall the boy you're going with in that game and i did primarily because the military for the predator that you for today you rely on the police to be named. and there how then the man in two hundred twenty polling station and that constituency of the hall where i watch any of that one right from that can get through it and become the prime minister however they did for the big cage and it will be a major forty eight party if it wife goes to know was a jaber do when they were to get their election. last but also strengthen his
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party's position in the trendy eighteen elections richard you within the next few months it is very important to understand that all the mainstream political parties are also contesting although this is going to be a slow day between the progress on teddy in the party led by him around on the large end dimension in bringing the case against the archery and to supreme court and of course that the dog does the drawing board of the shiny family which is also the home town of the chinese family that did not all come out where do things stand now for straight politically. when you dig in the you're already in a in a cry because just two days ago the bucket i need to remember goes so turned down and down to it if you predation where there's any family
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a day should be any day of the war dick from the court go dad coupled with the fact that he's banned for life here taking a log on to predict it in a cage and he wants to make sure all the dead wife a day but the rainbow that didn't bark but you can if trenton but here didn't he didn't order out of the war. hide or lie for us and the her come off thank you. it was once ages largest freshwater lake but now we're in the cash for a valley is in desperate need of restoration decades of mismanagement has left him dying and clogged with silt foreigner smith reports from indian administered kashmir. it's water chestnuts season on the lake at the foothills of the himalayas . where the waters are getting harder to navigate all around as a growing mounds of silt this boy is jumping off one of them. and it's because of these willow trees. but when your water was very clear here it was blue
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so pondar tells me as we walk over what was once a lake it was a forestry worker in the one nine hundred fifty s. hired by the government to plant willows to later harvest for firewood. planted hundreds of thousands of trees but it was a mistake this has just brought destruction to the lake my heart that i'm responsible for planting. the willows choking the lake. in one thousand eleven will last surface area was two hundred sixteen square kilometers it's now half that. well our is supposed to be a natural flood barrier for the city of srinagar downstream. but the lakes defenses failed with severe consequences in twenty fourteen inundating the city more than three hundred people were killed if you look at the data over there and bear in mind is including the meat you can see there diprivan see of the extreme events
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including the precipitation cloudburst floods is increasing so whenever we will have this type of flooding so the little bit goes up at this massive sedimentation is not absorbing the floodwaters and that will if that is not taken care of that will again lead to the you know massive inundation of the city in a good city. a small section of clearwater is the only evidence that anything has been done recently to clean the lake now in recent years there have been attempts to restore light but they have always ended up costing between tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of has never been enough money so this latest project aims to try and persuade private contractors to dredge the water and take part payment of willow trees in return but they're only going to start with one square kilometer we are getting tremendous pressure from public from god would do under to get as early as possible it is money and gives an idea how people are concerned and it will be
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taken for. the contractor will get two years to d. silt and up root the willow from there one square kilometer if the scheme works the government will extend it it'll take decades to finish perhaps not enough time to beat the next extreme weather event burnitz with al-jazeera. in the kashmir valley . we're going to bring you some breaking news an update to the investigation into the bombing at the parson's green underground on the district line yesterday there has been another arrest this is a second arrest this information coming to us from the metropolitan police department in the u.k. so there was an arrest of course yesterday of an eighteen year old and then a further raid on this house in this town southwest of london so this is now the second arrest involving the investigation into the bomb attack on the district line yesterday and london we'll continue to bring you more information as the investigation and the news progresses on that. i kingdom in northern nigeria is
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still trying to recover three years after a devastating attack by poke a hole rom the people of the core kingdom fear they may lose their unesco world heritage status after fighters destroyed five hundred year old buildings and artifacts catherine sawyer reports from the mountains of northeastern nigeria is adama's state. the kinda core is high in the mountains which straddled the buddha between nigeria and cameroon more than one hundred gunmen attacked this village almost three years ago when boko haram controlled much of a demo a state in northeastern nigeria. like his relatives who leave his centuries ago. is a blacksmith he was home sleeping when the ambush began. i was lying on my bed when i heard screaming everyone ran away when they came when i returned after going to list i found i had houses so we started putting out the
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farm the people of a still feeling the effects of that to talk these are the gallery that held important facts the way you centuries ago traditional clothes and beds and other household items wire on display boko haram fighters burned everything that was in here. kingdom is a unesco world heritage site villages can't afford to have their home lose its historic value and its u.n. status. they recently started repairing what was destroyed along with experts from the national commission of museums and monuments here they're working on a section of the king's palace this is if you want to decide what other people decide because. of the order decided so the liver had decided most so stern was love at the boats and the people in another part of the village the king
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heads a security meeting every member of the community is welcome to attend he says it wasn't only this heritage site which was destroyed. so many things. yet been constructed. churches were burned some wells were contaminated so we have to try. to fetch water. back our own fighters haven't been back since their talk about vigilantism are always on the lookout they may have less sophisticated weapons than. they say there won't be quote i'm prepared or let the heritage be destroyed again catherine al-jazeera. in northeast nigeria. boys opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been airlifted to south africa for medical treatment former prime minister recently confirmed that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer however
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his party the movement for democratic change says the treatment is just over eighteen percent procedure trying rivalry president robert mugabe's main opponent and zimbabwe's two thousand and eighteen general election. more than seven hundred mayors from across the catalonia region of northeast spain or protested in barcelona and support of a planned and dependence referendum political tensions in spain are increasing as the proposed october voting date nears the cattle on government plans to go ahead with that despite the central government's warnings of legal prosecution karl penhall reports from our salon. we will vote they chant a vote to break away from the rest of spain good people should do. more go see. catalonia brandishing the star of office echo their supporters. more than seven hundred man is gathered in barcelona state
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prosecutors are threatening to arrest them if they permit the independence referendum to be held in their towns the central government has declared the ballot illegal now didn't think that fills the real doctor the central government regime we live under right now. simply did not do enough to rice the old terry and legacy of the franco dictatorship catalan regional police guard at the mayor's during saturday's protest. within days the same police could get orders to detain them they never really thought i was out goes running to remove. today's demonstration is to show we were not but. the cloud is firmly behind them. many of those here today say they will not hesitate to take the streets once again
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if all tories try to make good on their threats and arrest any of catalonia as mess some of what we are peaceful we're not violent but they're provoking us catalonia is spain's wealthiest region bigger than belgium with an economy larger than greece or portugal it has its own language and culture you know they are mostly what we have right now we want to divorce from spain will be good neighbors but each one on their own patch the problem is spain doesn't that divorce and plans for the breakup turning into an increasingly bitter fight. boss alone a strain. this is out there and these are the top stories right now on the palestinian group hamas ruling in gaza says it is willing to end its feud with the rival fatah movement which controls the occupied west bank has pledged to dissolve its an illustration
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in gaza and hold general elections. this really is contingent it's hinged on this new relationship between hamas and egypt which has come about since may really when hamas changed its that the language of its charter . disassociating itself in not so many words from its relationship to the muslim brotherhood which is obviously something the c.c. government of egypt is is extremely against any kind of. feeling that hamas is part of the wider muslim brotherhood regional movement so that seems to have paid some dividends egypt has been allowing fuel into gaza the london police have announced a second arrest in connection to the attack on the capital of metro on friday the detention comes after the arrest of an eighteen year old man and over on saturday the attack on the london to enter thirty people turkey has called the plan for
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a kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq an issue of national security the prime minister benelli term says the vote is a great mistake the kurds control a large part of iraq along the turkish border the regional government based in appeal has scheduled the end of pendants bopara september twenty fifth the un has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six or indian demonstrators by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo i think broke out with congolese troops after a group which included brandy and refugees stormed a jail in the east of the country more than thirty people have been arrested in the u.s. city of st louis in a second night of protest against the acquittal of a white former police officer who killed a black man jason stokley was cleared of first degree murder for shooting anthony lamar smith in two thousand and eleven voting is underway in the pakistani city of lahore for a parliamentary by election former prime minister nawaz sharif's wife calls the new
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laws as the front runner those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story keep it here. there is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. muslim women can now marry an all muslim men the president has overturned the ban that's lasted more than forty years clerics say the controversial decision violates islamic law but how far does it go in play those in the gender equality gap this is inside story.


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