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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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the world's primary producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs some say we're talking about serious crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry this business will go on forever. who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes this time. iraq's prime minister says he is prepared to use military force if a plan referendum on kurdish independence turns violent. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha coming up
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a second arrest following friday's attack on the london underground the u.k. threat level remains critical. hamas says it is dissolving its government and gaza shaking up the palestinian political landscape. and as the range of crisis grows bangladesh places new restrictions on its growing refugee population. turkey has called the plan for a kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq an issue of national security by mr benoliel time says the vote is a grave mistake the kurds control a large area iraq along the turkish border the regional government that's based in our peel has scheduled this independence vote for september twenty fifth for its part baghdad says the kurdish leadership is playing with fire iran conjoint us live from our bill in northern iraq these are really grave words that they're using iran
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so when turkey says national security matter what do they mean. well there is clearly a warning to the k o j and i have to understand that the turks on the kurdish regional government have had to dish in a very good relations with each other he doesn't really have any energy supplies of its own so it does rely very heavily on oil from this region there have been moments where masoud barzani has visited istanbul and met with with the one the president of turkey and they both leaders have had a visit convivial relations to the very least this is putting a drain a strain on those relations so this is very much a warning from to say that the independence referendum should not go ahead and the whole idea of self-determination and nationhood is a worry for ticky as well because it's been fighting a low level on and off insurgency against the p.k. k. within its own territory that's a kurdish group kiddish turkish group within the within the borders of turkey since
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the eighty's now this means the president or the one is very concerned about any knock on effect that an independence movement has hit on territory that turkey controls and that's a real concern for him so this is likely to be a ratcheting up of the diplomatic language already they cut the text of womanhood saying this isn't the time to go forward with all of this we need a much more planning if you're going to have an independent state against an independent kurdish state but they say it's not the right time however the current language the language we're seeing the last twenty four hours not just from that point of when the president as well is a lot stronger than we've ever heard before ok so with this much pressure emraan met with international pressure can this referendum actually still happen can it still go ahead. well you speak to kids have and the more international pressure this put on them the more defiant they seem to be becoming the more they say well they can the referendum has to happen this is about our self-determination our
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nation ahead and if the international community doesn't want to get behind us then we're alone we're alone and they has to be said that the kurds really want this referendum to go as head however there are internal divisions go on the second largest party didn't take part in the vote but now it's faced a choice given that the referendum seems to be going ahead on september twenty fifth do they get in line and do they back the referendum now despite the fact that they felt that the kurds weren't ready for this that if there were internal divisions within kurdish politics well it looks likely that that's exactly what's going to happen however it's still a lot of international pressure coming through a lot of international pressure being piled on not just from turkey as you talked about but the americans as well the americans said we don't support this referendum at all the brits have echoed that view as well and others are saying it's now not the time we've nearly got rid of the eisel fighters in iraq and that's been because of the kurdish and iraqi cooperation that only control about eight percent of
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territory given that they control about forty percent in two thousand and fourteen and the time is not now the time is to go ahead and fight eisel the greatness i know the time is right now for us to decide what our future is all right right now september twenty fifth this still on the calendar all right emraan khan live in our appeal iran thank you. police in london have made a second arrest in connection with the bomb attack on an underground train on friday the twenty one year old man was detained in the west london suburb of hunza low on saturday night earlier in the day and eighteen year old man was arrested at the port of dover the main ferry link to france the attack on the london to enter a thirty people. palestinian group hamas which controls the gaza strip has agreed to hold talks with its rival the fatah movement hamas released a statement saying it is willing to end its feud with fatah which controls the occupied west bank a mosque has pledged to dissolve its administrative committee in gaza and hold
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general elections the two parties have been at odds for a decade after fighting a war over gaza in two thousand and seven kerry fossett has more from west jerusalem. well this announcement very much hinges on the new relationship between egypt and hamas since hamas changed the wording of its key document in may not talking about the muslim brotherhood or its relationship to the muslim brotherhood which of course is entirely in opposition with the c.c. government in cairo there's been an opportunity for this warming of relations egypt has been allowing fuel to get in across the rougher crossing into gaza a lot now hinges on the reaction of based in the occupied west bank in ramallah we've spoken to the secretary of the central committee he says that fast i would be one hundred percent behind any such progress however it is a question of waiting and seeing how things progress over the next week in terms of any consensus government being allowed to operate within gaza we have to remember
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that mahmoud abbas is on his way to new york for the u.n. general assembly where he will be meeting donald trump on wednesday trump just a few months ago in the region was labeling hamas along with a number of organizations in the region as a terrorist group which needs to be driven out so an official reconciliation between fatah and hamas at this stage could be sensitive in terms of photos relationship with united states we also have to remember this is far from the first attempt to reconcile since the division started in two thousand and seven if you just take one in twenty eleven there was a grand ceremony in in cairo during which all kind of language was used about turning the page on history about the dark divisions of the past that collapse within a matter of months so we're a long way even from that stage in this potential agreement so far. bangladesh has announced have protections on the movement for him to refugees crossing over from me and mar the government of setting up new can't through house more than four
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hundred thousand refugees who are fled violence in rakhine state. have also been barred from using public transport and looking for accommodation outside as cramped refugee camps. angle desh as prime minister is traveling to the united nations general assembly to ask for more help to deal with the crisis the u.n. says about sixty percent of those who have fled are children. and ten verge contrary has more from cox is bizarre. i mean protocol on top of us is the shallots out there you can see this is a heavy rain for most of the people living here and just for just saw picked out lane and babbles a lot of those even don't have the population a lot of the children are exposed to them by a damp the day that i have lost several days i was driving but should a break down for a. report of me the spreading out in the thames that set up some september back to nature by the angels and red cross and others but the calluses and gone on the
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distribution process of really is very on organized that's trying very hard to save enough. and the rest and the u.n. agencies are working so hard but it's good this organize local people are bringing in relatives there causing more chaos while they're trying to produce relief out of the proc in the main road and then you have the i feel sick of coming in the car for. the break up the last another day. and then that is a controversial move by bank of the south are there some place i want to take some movement on the right go from the other side of the country set up for that seven step wise that the wind and johnson that i wonder or engulf the bowl any other place they want to come find them in this part of the following area so they can organize themselves and that their oil goes remember a state that's people in the. bottom of that. friendship flying across the bangladeshi border are also having to contend with land mines reports emerged last
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week that myanmar's army had been planting the mines near the border crossings and sent fan several explosions have been reported among the ten injured or a number of bangladeshi citizens who live at the very edge of the border are sitar reports from southeast bangladesh it's on the bottom of the side of the north river a rustic life shattered by events in a foreign land. mom of hashem remembers how proud his younger brother was when he bought his first house. so when the animal wandered off his brother went to find it. suddenly i heard this huge explosion and i saw people come running they were running away from something i went to see what happened and saw some people carrying him he was in pieces. brother had chased the cow over the poorest border into myanmar and stepped on a landmine he lost a leg and is in hospital fighting for his life just behind me beyond that dirt path
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is the enough river border between me and maher in bangladesh just a few thousand feet away from the home of mohammad hussian over there you can see several cows crossing back and forth between the river as they graze the myanmar army has been accused of planting the mines to stop growing your refugees fleeing what the united nations has called ethnic cleansing about half a million rohingya are estimated to have entered bangladesh in the past month some of them are fighting back and this bangladeshi man witnessed a strange sight in the head of the canal. i was walking along here for the border when i was sewing a man with something in his hand what it was he said he talks of. the developments across the border have caught many villagers here of guard. once a setting that provided a scenic view for mom and the mountains of myanmar are now
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a source of dread meyer's that they are all dizzy or don't brew bangladesh still ahead on al-jazeera give us starts its mass cleanup operation after hurricane or battle battered that is a caribbean island and catalonia is rebel mayer's barcelona has mass one of the demonstrations in favor of an independence. from the clear blue sky dome home. to the fresh breeze in the city. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now it's a much more autumnal feel to weather across europe at the moment we've got cold out in quite a long way science on brought up a trough we've got that and i strive be able to share right to see temperatures really struggling burned there fourteen vienna thirteen this recent if you can storms brush across the u.k.
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but still a threat of some showers for eastern areas so there's the still might down through the balkans and through across austria and further towards the southeast and so there could be some really quite severe storms to notice that we still are some warmer how you go on into the far southeast of europe and it's still there is a head on through into monday at that stage we'll have a deep area of low pressure pushing up through into parts of bolton through towards the gulf of finland so lithuania estonia latvia likely see some really quite stormy weather over next forty eight hours north africa or looking quite temperatures there in the mid thirty's for carra as we head into central parts of africa we've got significant storm still across parts of sudan the central african republic and towards cameroon so so looking fairly large across parts of west africa some storms are likely here but bamako mali should be largely dry and fine into southern parts of africa as largely fine but some heavy showers are likely to wards the eastern cape. the weather sponsored by cats are always.
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facing the realities the airspace that they have blocked does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand the chinese leadership we brought you as an enemy of the state of the storm on a talk to how does it. at this time. when you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour turkey has called
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the plan for a kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq an issue of national security the regional government in our bill has scheduled this folk for september twenty fifth iraq says the kurdish leadership is playing with fire. police in london have made a second arrest in connection with the bomb attack on an underground train on friday the twenty one year old man was detained in the west london suburb suburb that is of. low on saturday night earlier an eighteen year old man was arrested at the port of dover. palestinian group hamas says it is going to dissolve its government and gaza and is willing to meet with its rivals the fatah movement which controls the occupied west bank hamas has also pledged to hold general elections. alstad pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif's seat as a for grabs as voters head to the polls in lahore for a parliamentary via lection wife colson was is the front runner for the seat the vote is seen as a test of support for
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a new washer ethan his melon party and in his political heartland he was vacated in july after sharif was disqualified and dismissed from office by the supreme court for corruption allegations meanwhile and northwest pakistan seven people have been killed in an explosion. happen in the tribal area of bashar. joins us from outside of the polling place and what we'll get to that in just a moment come all the first what do you know about this explosion. where. bomb dogs. along where the guard. driver. board. ordered to do a good day and of course blogger dawn has been blaming for some of the bloggers on the group based across the border and. so far no one has
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taken responsibility for their improvised explosive device. and as we said you are you are you were near a polling station and you've been covering the election. tell us more about how the polling is going. their election all by election is taking place on the same. day you were there while are fired by the new. then people. eighteen election rigger just a few months away. did this election it may have implications because that. has been a view predation. hall. nor gore don't really read the party and create problems for them right come on higher life for us and lahore pakistan
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thank you very much. the united nations has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six for indian demonstrators by soldiers and the democratic republic of congo fights broke out with congo lease troops after a group including four indian refugees stormed to jail and come and yell in the east of the country they were attempting to frame four men being held for deportation and the u.n. says at least one hundred were wounded in the violence. more than thirty people have been arrested in the u.s. city of st louis and a second night of protests against the acquittal of a white former police officer who killed a black man police fired tear gas at demonstrators who smash windows as they move through a suburb of the city. was cleared of first degree murder and the shooting death of anthony lamar smith in two thousand and eleven st louis mayor lyda christens house was targeted by protesters. unfortunately we did have incidents of sporadic
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violence and vandalism and that will be the lasting images written about in the newspaper and played over and over on t.v. . as i've said over the past several days we will protect the rights of people who protest demonstrate and have their opinions heard we draw the line though of violence we understand the desire to disrupt but we do not understand and will not understand the does that desire to for destruction or for harming people we will protect all of our residents at least ten people died in cuba when hurricane arma devastated parts of that island last week thousands lost their homes our livelihoods julie galiano reports on the long and expensive building process. the night hurricane body in the town baker richard job is kept making bread and through the storm became too strong to continue the within hours your mom had
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destroyed his baker and with it the only livelihood he's ever known global really on the little bit we have to start slowly rebuilding now first i have to fix the oven which is the main part of the bakery now comes a lot of work and sacrifice so that we can start over. others lost even more. a few blocks away east money shows us where his house used to be the only thing salvaged before the roof little way with fridge in a washing machine. is overwhelmed by the power of the storm the strongest on record to form in the atlantic thousands of homes here lost their roofs and several hundred collapsed entirely people fear their lives will never fully recovered from the impact of this vast storm and given he was already struggling economy there are potentially more serious problems ahead and every day without doubt the tourism industry in this area is vital for the economy of the province and of the whole
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country there are already specialized teams working to start recovering and repairing and we hope to be ready to face the tourist high season very soon as we do every year how quickly the local economy and body and is able to get back on its feet will depend largely on what happens here this road leads back to one of the most important tourist centers in cuba a range of pleas that dot the northern coast of the island no one except officials has been allowed back there since the whole area was evacuated before the storm hit in fact as you can see the road there is still closed but reports point to very serious damage in the tourism infrastructure there. are now the most urgent needs include securing you know food the agricultural sector was also hit hard prompting fears of food shortages in the months ahead. you made a scene though says he wants some two thousand avocados nearly his entire crop. across the province hundreds of thousands of hectares have been damaged or
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destroyed. the government has begun the recovery effort and local say they have done what they can to. was just a matter of doing what we would be doing we have nothing the solution has to come from the government. but i will be gone many of my body and are still without power and running water and the outlook in the small town is grim. most have little choice but to wait for the state to reach them. soldiers from the us back syrian opposition forces have been killed in airstrikes there or it's not clear who carried out those strikes though syrian democratic force fighters have been trying to drive i sell out of that area with the help of u.s. warplanes some avenge of it has more. more than seventy five thousand people who need humanitarian aid in syria as oil rich daters or the city has been under control since two thousand and fourteen now u.s.
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backed fighters and syrian government forces are pushing out eisen from the city which is used as the gateway between iraq and syria could hardly have. life was tough for us sixty percent of the people fled courthouse ago only the elderly and the disabled were left behind we had to leave because the treatment of the difficulties there worsened. isis territory has significantly shrunk in the last few months but many areas along the iraqi syrian border including the countryside remain under its control the mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces also supported by local fighters who were formed the day resort military council their latest push towards the city began last week commanders say they have been able to make rapid progress against eisel and taken large parts of the country side of what i myself and our troops managed to advance more than sixty seven kilometers towards. we liberated many areas and after that we moved toward the city and the industrial area with full control of the industrial area and now our forces have cut the main
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road to have from there us or. these advances bring the u.s. back fighters a few kilometers from the eastern bank of the euphrates river much feared russian backed syrian regime forces have been making gains against isis an advisor to president assad says government forces will confront all who stand in the way even u.s. backed troops airstrikes on saturday killed as deified is on the front line in there is or it wasn't clear whether the strike was carried out by syrian a russian jets attacks like this highlight the complexity of the battlefield in syria local forces are doing most of the fighting but they are backed by many world powers including turkey iran russia and the united states but it's syrian civilians who are suffering the most. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least eight hundred people have been killed in just the last four months. on the job aid how does it. it is the final week of campaigning and germany before voters
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make their choice next sunday that kenyan polls are predicting a record equalling fourth term for chancellor angela merkel. looks at her predecessors who shaped merkel's rise to the top. and global called late history when she became germany's first female chancellor. forty eight years earlier with german city still in ruins after the defeat of the nazi regime the country's first post-war chancellor conrad adenauer signed the treaty of rome that led to the creation of the european union european integration was designed to contain germany's power it would turn the country into the most powerful economy in europe no chance. falling from the second world war and continuing with angela merkel have had this trend where they want to protect german interests through the vehicle of the e.u. and focus on trade and also on kind of democratic liberal principles that you see almost become the beacon of germany so-called economic miracle began under
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chancellor ludwig erhard he forged ties with the us a soviet russia tightened its grip on communist east germany. later chancellors willy brandt and helmut schmidt trying to improve ties with east germany in the soviet union while supporting nato and the european community. as the cold war fought the burning wall dividing west and east germany. merkel entered politics later joining the christian democrats she seemed became chancellor helmut kohl protege a woman and former east german she symbolized a new united country in two thousand and five she won a narrow victory over gary hart schroeder becoming chancellor of a grand coalition during her twelve years in office angela merkel has drawn some key lessons from her previous cessna's she's remain flexible during the refugee crisis an open door policy has allowed the country to bolster its plummeting
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population and in the same way the previous transfers have tried to balance both eastern and western powers so she has struggled to overcome rival political impulses within her own country and abroad she has played a pivotal role in balancing western interests with those of putin's russia and increasingly confrontational turkey and the present and heritage policy traditions but she's maintained a very pro european policy and a sense that germany should talk to both east and west and try to find a peaceful solution when possible one of her biggest achievements is in balancing germany's national budget but the austerity measures that benefited europe's largest exporter have crippled others for many greeks she's a symbol of a divided europe however for those unnerved by donald trump's america first policy she's seen as the last defender of liberal western values and together with her allies she's wage war on euro skepticism and the hope of reinvigorating belief in
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the e.u. a union central to germany's place in the world the parka al-jazeera. a flood of. seven hundred towns and cities and northeast spain are to find government leaders and the trib by backing the end pendants campaign and catalonia catalan leaders say a referendum will be held on october the first despite warnings and threats from madrid that the breakaway is illegal barcelona carl reports. we will vote they chant a vote to break away from the rest of spain good people should they threaten them or go see. catalonia as brandishing the staffs of office echoed their supporters. more than seven hundred man is gathered in barcelona state
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prosecutors are threatening to arrest them if they permit the independence referendum to be held in their towns the central government has declared the ballot illegal didn't think that fills the real doctor also is the central government regime we live under right now this regime simply did not do enough to rice the oath or tarion legacy of the franco dictatorship catalan regional police guard at the mayor's during saturday's protest. within days the same police could get orders to detain them they never really got a list of those threatening to remove is just a fraud. demonstration is to show we were not but. the cloud is firmly behind them. many of those here today say they will not hesitate to take the streets once again if all tories try to make good on their threats and arrest any of catalonia. some of what we are peaceful we're not violent but they're
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provoking us catalonia is spain's wealthiest region bigger than belgium with an economy larger than greece or portugal it has its own language and culture you know they are mostly what we have right now we want to do will be good neighbors but each one on their own patch you know the problem is spain doesn't that divorce and plans for the breakup turning into an increasingly bitter fight. boss alone a strain. that's recap the headlines now on al-jazeera turkey has called the plan for a kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq an issue of national security prime minister says the vote is a grave mistake for regional government based on our feel has scheduled a vote for september twenty fifth iraq says the kurdish leadership is playing with
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fire around kaunas in erbil. this is likely to be a ratcheting up of the diplomatic language already there of womanhood saying this isn't the time to go forward with all of this we need much more planning if you're going to have an independent state against an independent kurdish state but they say it's not the right so imo the current language the language we're seeing the last twenty four hours not just from the. in the president as well is a lot stronger than we've ever heard before police in london of a second arrest in connection with the bomb attack on an underground train on friday twenty one year old man was detained in the west london suburb of hounslow on saturday night earlier an eighteen year old man was arrested at the port of dover palestinian group hamas ruling in gaza says it is willing to end its feud with the rival fatah movement which controls the occupied west bank hamas has pledged to dissolve its administration in gaza and hold general elections very
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fosset as in west jerusalem. we will get to harry fossett in the coming in the coming minutes bangladesh's restricting the movement of more than four hundred thousand write him to refugees from the camps in the border areas prime minister is traveling to the un general assembly to ask for help in dealing with the crisis and the un has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six per indian demonstrators by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo fighting broke out with congolese troops after a group which included burundian refugees stormed a jail in the east of the country. more than thirty people have been arrested in the u.s. city of st louis on a second night of protests against the acquittal of a white former police officer who killed a black man. who was cleared of first degree murder for killing anthony omar smith in two thousand and eleven voting is underway in the pakistani city of lahore for a pall of entree byelection the former prime minister nawaz sharif's wife was as the frontrunner for the seat of it is seen as
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a test of support for nawaz sharif and his p. and l. and party those are the headlines keep it on al jazeera more to come after talk. we don't normally it would be. this. good dish but a shit hole. is over. that is like trying to. ban jules international airport january two thousand and seven stepping out of the black limousine is going to be a slow time president.


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