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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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and several communities such behavior in a largely moderate country has shocked many here thousands of civilians have been trying to flee they are either stuck in their cars or have been walking for kilometers all they know is that they have to leave the city a place that they used to call home now gripped by terror. says is dissolving is government in gaza shaking up the palestinian political landscape. i'm sam is a band this is out is there a live from down so coming up iran iraq and turkey warn against the planned
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referendum in iraq semi autonomous kurdish region. the revenge of crisis bangladesh imposes new on strict new restrictions on refugees for me and my. second arrest following friday's attack on the london underground u.k. threat level remains principle. the palestinian father movement is cautiously welcoming a pledge from its rival hamas to hold talks in the general election a mass release the statement saying it's willing to end its feud with the which controls the occupied west bank and masses also vowed to dissolve its administrative committee which governs gaza for the deputy leader calls the move positive and promising if true force it has more from gaza city. there are three ministries which have always been attached or reported towards the
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. based administration the occupied west bank administration of the fatah led palestinian authority the other ministries the other officials are so far reporting to an acting executive committee however they are both in words and indeed it seems ready now to dissolve it entirely the. spokesman the representative who deals with hamas in terms of the the into the into the sign problems that they've had for the last ten years he is saying that stands ready to send the consensus government here it's just a question of working out the precise timings and they've been informed that hamas is ready to receive that government so it does seem at least that this part of the deal is ready to be implemented however there remain all sorts of obstacles in the detail of all this which could still cause problems as they have in the past when there's been other attempts to resolve the separation between hamas here in gaza
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and fatah in the occupied west bank. carter's foreign minister says the international community is not doing enough to combat what he calls terrorism but. fanny called on world leaders to do more he was speaking at an event in new york organized by the u.s. think tank the brookings institute. must stop terrorism is why it's scary phenomenon and here i'd like to say that the violence hatred tense areas has halved a lot in the corruption and creation of these terrorist organizations and they international world or the world in general hasn't you know enough. facing this terrorism to nominate and i feel sorry to say that the more conflicts this period's sufferings are there the more this national community is not able to sort these problems out the international community has to our top to
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all necessary procedures to fight these phenomena because it's a threat against the end of it the societies the countries and it's a threat to the human rights that are also in jordan joins us live from the united nations good to have you with us rosalynn first of all the accusations of terrorism and it's an issue which has divided g.c.c. countries in the gulf war what sort of dialogue is cutter seeking with the u.s. on the issue now. going which is more than one hundred. countries are looking to. build on this. that was. the secretary of state rex tillerson was in the region in early basically the government agreeing to do you more to cut down on terrorism
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but the message from the foreign minister we heard was that. reason alone trying to push back against those who have hijacked for their own political purposes he's looking for support he's looking for. and he perhaps looking for action from the united states to basically deal with what he decried as the bigotry and the hatred that has been used for political reasons on all sides in that when he says the world's peoples can be better protected. when it comes to some of these challenges challenges which the foreign minister mentioned. in the gulf now the u.s. position has evolved. there's of course some real concern around the world and not just among the g.c.c.
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countries about. mission of refugees or the temporary travel ban of persons from six countries considered to be significant security threats to the united states these are issues which had not been an issue under the previous administration of barack obama and so. many countries are looking for a change in view an idea that open borders are not an inherent security threat in themselves. arguing for during his. is a renewed effort to fight the idiology which groups such as and others use to try to advance their own political agenda. with a direct confrontation with without more direct cooperation between countries opposed to this. of hate more people including themselves be
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injured or killed he said that this is a very urgent matter and that's what he's looking for a change a. reaffirmation as it were from the united states to actually confront the overall problem and not to blame innocent people who happen to be coming from countries where groups such as are trying to exert their will. at least ten iraqi soldiers have been killed in attacks that happened in the western province of near the border with jordan several towns and still held by. iran turkey and iraq all countries with a kurdish minority are warning the kurdish regional government in iraq against holding an independence referendum on september twenty fifth. is threatening to close its borders with the kurdish government turkey says the vote is an issue of national security and iraq says the kurds are playing with. reports from.
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the iraqi prime minister hydrilla body reacted with strong words to the kurdish parliament's decision to hold an independence referendum on september twenty fifth if you challenge the constitution and if you challenge the borders off you are on the border of the region then there will not be this is a public invitation to countries in the region to violate iraq because there is one which is very dangerous escalation. about these words were met with a mixture of defiance and anger in the kurdish region of northern iraq the president of the kurdistan regional government masoud barzani spoke at a rally north of erbil in the city of the hill. rejected our partnership. if you have a look at the iraqi constitution it says the commitment to this constitution keeps the free unity of iraq we decided to live with baghdad but they didn't accept our partnership now they have to accept we will be good neighbors if they want except
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our partnership we won't be their servants turkey's president also voiced his concerns referring to his country's national security so. we will have a meeting with the iraqi prime minister mr abadi in the united states and from what we can see our goal is the same our goal is not dividing iraq but now the northern iraqi authority is taking a step towards the separation of iraq. one source of tension is the disputed territory of cook which the kurds say belongs to them but is also claimed by iraq the kurds have been clear that the referendum will take. cook and have sent troops to the city but the local iraqi shia led militia says any ballot box will be seen as an act of aggression the international community also reacted the u.s. special representative to the anti eisel coalition said that the u.s. would not support any kurdish referendum and in fact said that the iraqis and the
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kurds should get together and concentrate on the fight against and that's also a view echoed by the british foreign office across the kurdish region flags have been waving and nationalism amongst this distinct ethnic group is the fever pitch ordinary kurds and their leaders see this referendum as their moment a chance for self-determination and their own nation state something they've been striving for for nearly a century however some party saying time is not now but they may back the popular movement that seems to be on track to hold the referendum despite the objections of iraq the united states and opposition across the region iran can be. eighteen turkish armored vehicles have arrived at a crossing on the border with syria under the terms agreed and talks in kazakstan this month turkish forces will move into opposition controlled areas inside syria to create the escalation sones the area near the border crossing around the libbers been held by rebels since two thousand and thirteen. police in london have made
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a second arrest in the aftermath of the bomb attack on an underground train on friday twenty one year old man was detained in the west london suburb of hounslow on saturday night police have been searching a home in another suburb stanwell in connection with the arrest earlier an eighteen year old was arrested at the port of dover the main ferry link to france the attack on london on injured thirty people now being barbara has more from outside scotland yard in london. well police are not saying much about this latest arrest we do know the term counter terrorism officers of the met police arrested a twenty one year old man around shortly before midnight local time on saturday and that was in the hounslow which is southwest of where i am in central london it's also very near to sunbury on thames that's a suburb where armed police carried out a raid on a residential property on saturday and they also evacuated scores of people from
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around that area telling some local residents they had just one or two minutes to get out of their homes scaring quite a lot of people and the speculation amongst those residents was that they could have been looking for explosives police have made it clear that raid came as a result of the arrest early on saturday in dover of an eighteen year old man now we don't know much about him either but that was also under the terrorism act that man like the twenty one year old who's been arrested was taken to a south london police station police are keeping tight lipped they're still appealing to the public for information and for a video or images of the incident at parsons green tube station which might help them now on friday president trump put out a tweet saying that the people who put the device in the train were known were in the sights of the metropolitan police prime minister to resume
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a suggested that was unhelpful britain's interior minister has now done the same so they're clearly suggesting that people should not speculate until we know a bit more about the investigation. still ahead on al-jazeera we had to chicago to find out why deaths among new mothers in the u.s. is on the rise. plus india trying to save a dying lake in the kashmir valley after decades of mismanagement. hello and welcome back now as we look at weather conditions across eastern parts of china taiwan there is our tropical storm talim moving away and there we have the remnants of what was tropical storm. has broken up across thailand and across me
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a moderate still giving off a lot of rain so the forecast yes quite a bit of rain still affect the area is looking pretty wet hanoi though should see dry weather conditions and across much of eastern china shanghai identified across the taipei it should remain largely dry and fine across more central parts of china we've got some rain developing so change to will see some significant rain developing across into south asia and i was seeing some pretty heavy rain down through the western ghats and some significant rainfall totals being reported here at the moment so as the forecast is concerned again central southern areas and eastern areas seen some pretty heavy rain showers still across parts of the poll northern parts of india find ali there thirty six in this fine across pakistan with temperatures thirty six likely in karate here in the arabian peninsula quiet weather conditions obviously very warm and humid around the gulf states once again salada coming at thirty degrees cooler ocean currents are having an influence and it should be fine for both mecca medina with temperatures of forty and forty three respectively.
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the story breaks. the white blanket coverage follows experts and politicians offer platitudes and soundbites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today and the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera.
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or the mag you're watching out zero time to recap the headlines now the palestinian movement has cautiously welcomed a pledge from its rival hamas to hold talks and the general election hamas released this statement saying it's willing to end its feud with fatah which controls the west bank iran is threatening to close its borders with the kurdish regional government in northern iraq if it moves ahead with a planned independence referendum on september the twenty fifth separately the turkish leadership has called an issue of national security and the iraqi government says goodish leadership is playing with fire britain has lowered its terrorist threat level to severe from principal hours after arresting a second suspect in connection with friday's bomb attack on the underground train in london the interior minister says progress has been made in the case. bangladesh has announced tough restrictions on the movement of the hindu refugees crossing over from me in ma they've been barred from using public transport and looking for
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accommodation outside cramped refugee camps near the border bangladesh is prime minister is travelling to the un general assembly to ask for more international help. bangladeshis living near the border with me and being injured by land mines which the man my military is accused of planting amnesty international says the explosives targeted for hinge are trying to escape to bangladesh. reports from southeast bangladesh on the bangladesh side of the nothing river a rustic like shattered by events in a foreign land mom of hashem remembers how proud his younger brother was when he bought his first house. so when the animal wandered off his brother went to find it. suddenly i heard this huge explosion and i saw people come running they were running away from something i went to see what happened and saw
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some people carrying him he was in pieces. brother had chased the cow over the poorest border into myanmar and stepped on a landmine he lost a leg and is in hospital fighting for his life just behind me beyond that dirt path is the enough river border between me and maher in bangladesh just a few thousand feet away from the home of mohammad hussian over there you can see several cows crossing back and forth between the river as they graze the myanmar army has been accused of planting the mines to stop growing your refugees fleeing what the united nations has called ethnic cleansing about half a million rohingya are estimated to have entered bangladesh in the past month some of them are fighting back and this bangladeshi man witnessed a strange sight in the head of the. i was walking along here one also wearing a man with something in his hand what it was he said. the developments
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across the border have caught many villagers here of guard. once a setting that provided a scenic view from omaha the mountains of myanmar are now a source of dread mars that are easier to brew bangladesh. former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif's seat is being contested in a parliamentary election in lahore sharif's wife. is the front runner and seen as a test of support for husband and his pm and party in the political heartland the seat became vacant in july when sharif was disqualified dismissed from office by the supreme court over corruption allegations come on high the has more from outside the polling station in lahore. queuing up. and more did come here dare to be a political thriller. qualification. for the
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country's prime minister but it will be up to. date on read that they want to vote for it party. election she may even be the next prime minister of the country. for campaign. draw. whatever happened here really have a deep impact on the political future of the sherry family. particularly by election. and the upcoming election and. with the fame election there are question marks to what will happen next but all i . know ned anyone.
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has given north korea's ambassador a month to leave the gulf states and says it will downgrade its diplomatic presence in pyongyang the move could potentially limit killing yang's ability to make money from work sends to the gulf the u.s. and asian nations have increased pressure on the allies to cut ties as north korea continues to conduct nuclear and ballistic missile launches. japan's been scrambling to address the increasing threat from north korea after pyongyang launched missiles over its territory twice in just over two weeks but many in japan are concerned the issue festering for decades is being forgotten that's the fate of japanese citizens abducted by north korean agents and reports from tokyo the north korean abduction issue is a highly emotive one here in japan even forty years after they took place this was a bizarre series of abductions often from deserted beaches in northern japan by
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north korean special forces of any body they happened to come across people who were then taken back to north korea to help in their spy training program basically teaching north korean spies how to speak better japanese now it was only fifteen years ago that the then north korea kim jong il finally admitted that yes this policy had been taking place he apologized for it and subsequently all of the japanese citizens and sometimes their dependents children born in captivity were released back to japan that according to north korea was the end of the matter but for many people here in japan like these at this pressure group and other support groups they've often believed that many more people have been held in north korea that north korea has not accepted responsibility for and they're pressing for those people to be released now the concern for these campaign is that with the current standoff with north korea over its missiles and nuclear development program the
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issue of the abductions is being lost well prime minister shinzo are they came along here to tell these people that he for one has not forgotten. even if north korea keeps threatening our country we'll never forget about the abducted families from japan. goes to the u.n. general assembly where he says he'll be taking up the abduction issue it's also a session where he will be having a very important meeting with his south korean counterpart and with president from the united states a session that will be dominated by the one question how collectively they deal with north korea a session that could have very far reaching consequences. now police in the u.s. city of st louis have fired tear gas during a second night of protest against the acquittal of a white former policeman accused of murdering a black man at least thirty people were arrested jason stokley was cleared of
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shooting that anthony lamar smith six years ago prosecutors have rejected calls for a new civil rights investigation protesters targeted the mayor's home. unfortunately we did have incidents of sporadic violence and vandalism and that will be the lasting images written about in the newspaper and played over and over on t.v. . as i've said over the past several days we will protect the rights of people who protest demonstrate and have their opinions heard we draw the line though of violence we understand the desire to disrupt but we do not understand it will not understand the does that desire to for destruction or for harming people we will protect all of our residents. but amber of deaths of new mothers is on the rise in the united states the rate is now higher than in any other major industrialized country john hendren is in chicago to find out why in the third and final part of
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our series on maternal mortality around the world. fermat local and the joy of childbirth lasted a day as their daughter madeline took her first breaths his wife liz died hours later of a pulmonary embolism the sudden blockage in her lung made her one of more than seven hundred women in the u.s. who die each year during or shortly after childbirth two things that are guaranteed to every single one of us are birth and death that's it there's nothing else that's guaranteed right and so i experience both of those things in twenty seven hours it's an increasingly common story in the united states even as maternal mortality falls elsewhere around the globe more american mothers die in the first year of their child's life than in any other industrialized nation a study published in the lancet medical journal says the u.s. ranks forty six in the world in terms of maternal mortality with twenty six women for each hundred thousand live births that's more than three times the rate of
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neighboring canada due to the longstanding inability for women to access free or low cost health care in the united states women in the united states tend to enter pregnancy much sicker than counterparts in other developing nations so women enter pregnancy with medical issues such as obesity diabetes hypertension kidney problems the list goes on and on the problem here is growing the u.s. is one of just thirteen countries where the rate is worse than it was fifteen years ago. i don't know what is about average among american states when it comes to maternal mortality in two thousand and seven five point eight mothers died for every hundred thousand live births according to a group called the march of dimes by two thousand and sixteen according to another study that number had nearly tripled to sixteen for black women in the u.s. it's far worse one reason the stress of being black in america stressing out about
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not having a job or money coming in the father either is not around or not consistent in their life the family members left behind never get the chance to offer that support is more american mothers die in the year after childbirth infant mortality in the u.s. is at its lowest level in history researchers say the two facts might well be related just six percent of the money the u.s. government gives to states to lower mortality birth is devoted to mothers john hendren al jazeera chicago a fresh rolls a lake in india and i administered kashmir used to be the largest in asia one hundred years ago since then its shrunken huff and is clogged with silt but this myth has been to see whether the latest clean up campaign is working its water chestnuts season on the lake at the foothills of the himalayas. but the waters are getting hot it's navigate all around as
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a growing mounds of silt this boy is jumping off one of them. and it's because of these willow trees. but the water was very clear here it was blue so pondar tells me as we walk over what was once a lake it was a forestry worker in the one nine hundred fifty s. hired by the government to plant willows to lay to harvest for firewood. i planted hundreds of thousands of trees but it was a mistake this has just brought destruction to the bands my heart that i'm disappointed but. the willows choking the lake. in one thousand eleven will last surface area was two hundred sixteen square kilometers it's now half that. well are supposed to be a natural flood barrier for the city of srinagar downstream. but the lakes defenses failed with severe consequences in twenty fourteen inundating the city more than three hundred people were killed if you look at the data over there and bear in
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mind is including the meat you can see there deeply can see of the extreme events including the precipitation cloudburst floods is increasing so whenever we will have this type of flooding so the little bit goes up at this massive sedimentation is not able to absorb all the floodwaters and that will if that is not taken care of that will again lead to the you know massive inundation of the city in a good city. a small section of clear water is the only evidence that anything has been done recently to clean the lake now in recent years there have been attempts to restore light but they have always ended up costing between tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of has never been enough money so this latest project aims to try and persuade private contractors to dredge the water and take part payment of willow trees in return but they're only going to start with one square kilometer we
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are getting tremendous pressure from the public from god would do undertake it as early as possible it is monday and gives an idea how people are concerned and it will be taken forward the contractor will get two years to d. silt and up root the willow from there one square kilometer if the scheme works the government will extend it it'll take decades to finish perhaps not enough time to beat the next extreme weather event bernard smith al-jazeera. the kashmir valley. it's time to take a look at the headlines here in al jazeera now the palestinian fight that movement is cautiously welcoming a pledge from its rival hamas to hold talks and a general election a mass release this statement saying it's willing to disband its government in garza and then the feud with fattah amasses also vowing to end administrative control run as threaten to close its borders with the kurdish regional government
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in northern iraq if it moves ahead with a planned independence referendum on september the twenty fifth separately the turkish leadership is called the vote an issue of national security while the iraqi government says the kurdish leadership is playing with fire by arranging the vote next monday the kurdish controlled area in northern iraq borders both iran and turkey britain has lowered its terrorist threat level to severe from critical hours after arresting a second suspect in connection with friday's bomb attack on an underground train in london the interior minister says progress has been made in the case bangladesh is restricting the movement of more than four hundred thousand refugees from the camps in its border areas they've been barred from using public transport and looking for accommodation outside the camps prime minister sheikh hasina is travelling to the un general assembly to ask for more international pressure on me and my carter has
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signed a deal with the united kingdom to buy twenty four fighter jets the sale of the typhoon aircraft was announced it's amazing the two countries defense ministers in doha qatar and the u.k. also agreed to boost military and technical cooperation qatar has been ramping up its spending on military equipment since the beginning of the gulf crisis in early june in the past three months it has signed a deal with the u.s. to buy f. fifteen jets and another one with italy for seven navy vessels. quite has given north korea's a massive a month to leave the gulf state says it will downgrade its diplomatic presence in pyongyang to the move could potentially limit pyongyang's ability to make money from work as it sends to the gulf the u.s. and asian nations have increased pressure on their allies to cut ties as north korea continues to conduct nuclear ballistic missile launches.
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as the headlines the news continues here after the listening posts stay with us. and for us. i'm just a little muslims have been forced from the house yet again yeah i saw the ship i mean yes thank you for just. kept out of. my space based on my. lower mitchell gives birth in europe the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week me and maher and the role hinge of muslims ethnic cleansing or for.


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