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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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present a positive image and change the steering typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong armani people are al-jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf sailing at this time on al-jazeera. land. i mean march eneral calls the right extremists and blames them for the violence which the refugee crisis. with and we shall carry this out to sara live from doha also coming up. tough talk from
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the u.s. on north korea as defense chiefs from twenty nine countries meet in seoul. cost of conflict south sudanese women and men alleged widespread raped by government troops and opposition forces. and the island nation of samoa battles a bastard culture that's making many of the children obese. with. an mars' top general has blamed the head for the violence that sparked the refugee crisis manhandling has accused the minority of trying to build a stronghold in the state he says the military is only targeting armed groups and action by me in mars later on she has been criticized around the world she was supposed to be addressing the un general assembly on tuesday instead she will give a televised speech in her own country bangladeshi prime minister sheikh a sina in her turn will take the opportunity at the un to demand more help to deal
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with a crisis hundreds of thousands of her henschel muslims have fled to her country to escape but the un is calling ethnic cleansing. is following developments from cox's bazar near the bangladesh me and more border myanmar's top military man many young on his personal facebook posting on sunday with this committee do united. together on the issues in his facebook posting here. inside jones as bengali extremists trying to set a hole in the right kind state of me on my province now obviously this is a personal posting but it appears to be a propaganda and a strategy to clearly the man my book this community to show that the growing community in iraq that are kind province rather are nothing more than bangladeshi settlers are tough for them as bengali extremists some of the insurgency that took place in the beginning of last month at least twelve security personnel killed he
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also said that at least ninety three and contras with me on my security force took place within that time now we know that the myanmar government has referred to the community as being the only settler previously also it's nothing new about something that is under the current crisis appears to be a strategy rather than a personal posting what will happen is down the road is so many ranges coming over to bangladesh as refugees will be stuck because the border areas are now mind and their friends the border area these people do not have documents to go back to. prove that their own kind providence this will end up being a situation in the long run could very well be a potential ground for the insurgency campaign against john. by their own community the u.s. ambassador to the un nikki haley has warned north korea will be destroyed if it
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continues what she calls its reckless behavior and forces the united states and its allies to defend themselves against an attack and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says a military response may be needed to contain north korea after another missile was fired over japan on friday. if our diplomatic efforts fail though our military option we will be the only one left so all of this is backed up by a very strong and resolute military option but be clear we shake a peaceful solution to this military chiefs of staff from twenty nine countries are meeting in seoul north korea's not officially on the agenda but the south is hoping to use the event to discuss how to calm regional tension kathy novak joins us live now from seoul and of course kathy this was a preplanned thing that it be hard to imagine north korea would not be discussed any word on on how that part how that's going. well indeed it's not
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the official agenda but it has already come up even in the opening speeches of this conference and bringing together such senior people from the armies around the age of pacific is a great opportunity for them to come together and talk about north korea interestingly china has sent a three star general which is significant because china has been angry south korea and indeed the u.s. about the sad anti missile defense system that has been installed here in south korea so significant that china has sent a representative the keynote speech was by the former u.n. secretary general ban ki moon who like we heard there from rex tillerson and indeed nikki haley he was also actually talking about military options when it comes to north korea saying that nobody wants war but when the chips are down it is necessary to consider all necessary measures we've also heard here in south korea from the defense ministry it's been briefing the national assembly on its assessment of north korea's nuclear and missile capability saying that it believes
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that north korea is in the final stages or at least nearing the final stages of securing i.c.b.m. capabilities and it believes that north korea will continue provocations in the form of more missile launches and nuclear tests as it seeks to improve and secure its nuclear capabilities we've heard before that south korea believes that there will be more missile launches and more nuclear tests to come in the defense ministry seems to back that up once again today we also heard from the president of south korea through a video address at that conference and he says that south korea will work with the international community to secure powerful punishment against north korea for its provocations richelle kathy tell us more about the more games between u.s. and south korea human you mentioned that earlier and also russia and china. yes these are parallel drills that seem to be happening now the u.s.
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and south korea have staged a show of force as they call it over the korean peninsula flying u.s. bombers and fighter jets over korea along with south korean jets and this is really just a show of the military might this happens often after we see provocations from north korea the message from the u.s. and from south korea that they have the capability to defend themselves against any attack from north korea separate to that china and russia are also staging naval drills on the border with north korea these are the second stage of drills that started back in july and the chinese news agency that reported that the drills did not make a direct link with the latest missile launch from north korea or the latest nuclear test but as i say this is from all sides show of force to show that they have their military capability should they need to use them especially when we hear the united states talking about its military options but china has a big part to play in all of this of course and it has called on the u.s.
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to stop making threats against north korea and of course as we discussed often here china and russia have a proposal for a freeze for freeze as they call it that would see the u.s. and south korea stopping its annual large scale military drills in exchange for north korea freezing its nuclear program now that has been a nonstarter so far and as we see here the u.s. and south korea are still keen to show their military might and show that they will work together if necessary when it comes to protecting themselves against any north korean threat kathy novak live for us in seoul kathy thank you. yes president donald trump will make his debut at the annual u.n. general assembly on tuesday from iran to north korea trample have plenty to talk about i watch internet or james face reports. every year when world leaders gather in new york in september they listen carefully to the words of the most powerful
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person on earth but for the first time since the un was created at the end of the second world war the u.s. president will address them from this podium is someone who at times has appeared to question the multilateral order the united nations represents diplomats so wary of what president trump will say in his nine months in office he's already attended nato g. seven and g. twenty summits on the global stage he's appeared at times uncertain his actions unpredictable donald trump does not perform well a big international summits when he attended a nato summit he actually managed to physically push another leader out of the way and his advisors must hope that he will be back here because this is his last chance to really convince other world leaders that he is someone they can do business with and not just nativist who wants the u.n.
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over to china as usual global leaders face a whole host of challenges among them an ongoing humanitarian emergency with the exodus of the rohingya in myanmar then there's the wars in syria in iraq yemen and libya as well as the future of the iran nuclear deal but this year at the top of the agenda another nuclear state north korea. it is a particularly pressing issue because of the provocative timing of the latest missile test which took place just days ago the number of launches the number of tests is much greater even in this year than it's been over the last decades so this is a very immediate very immediate question and yes i think it will be the top question here in this week at the u.n. this is not just the first general assembly week for the new u.s. president and tony terrorists became u.n. secretary general at the start of the year he plans a program of modernization and streamlining president trump is also planning to
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hold a meeting on u.n. reform but some diplomats fear that may simply be an attempt to further slash the organizations budget. zira at the united nations. the wife of pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif has captured his parliamentary seat in the wash raif won the election in lahore the seat became vacant when the supreme court removed her husband from office over corruption allegations that was seen as a test of support for sharif in is p. and l. and party ahead of next year's general election so let's go to hyder who is live and lahore so what does this mean for the sharifs. well indeed you did a retreat for there should be however there are references against him and announce an accountability accord even again him. marty i'm no watch it's going to be in
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border and dirty word it comes out of. the joys of. the large minute joy. no washo you've warned your dead brother joe bastardi for the chief minister of the province to be the next prime minister however there were dead right that you should not give up keep driving rigid also the most fall for you and our country and. now winning the election by the head day that made sure she didn't london receiving treatment so there will be a question mark as to why another journey now why should he have heard that he wanted to continue to prove to the people that he was still popular and how great he did it what something died and now it's saying it's a major victory for them but they're still facing a lot of allegations will call some will she actually be able to deliver to accomplish anything. where you have to look at the
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time frame as you read it is just a few months to reach a budget tony parliament really did dogged and marched off to competing at. all after that and then get him government is going to come before the election go. really being bored and dirty word kind of granddaddy. of that election red and i why should you really be able to win the war dead you need to know is still really be able to do big on a date really be ignored edited by the courts regarded a very few years draw did again and did qualified for life after dad were dying from the supreme court come on higher life for us and the whore come up thank you. so i had on al jazeera. after a twenty year wait local level elections are finally coming to a village in southern appall.
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we've got more wet same windy weather pushing across parts of western europe seeing some of the live the storms just easing across the southwest of england courtesy of this massive cloud diving down across france. is continuing just around the balkans because the of this area of low pressure and then some wet weather pushing right up into the boat he stays easing over towards western side of russia stays very disturbed here as we go through monday temperatures in stockholm thirteen degrees or so but it's about in moscow at around twenty three celsius tops above the seasonal average but not so great once again there are tools north west london and paris at around sixteen degrees over the next dial to wet weather there still continuing across southern parts of france down into the western side of the med for a time and then it'll push its way. with say yet more rain coming back in across italy and the balkans northern areas of italy. i without some cold enough of yet over the
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top temperature just twelve degrees celsius on the other side of the med fine and dry pleasant sunshine continuing warm sunshine there at thirty four degrees maybe a thirty five on tuesday otherwise it's fine and dry into the mid twenty's up across the northwest of the continent so see more lively showers with more weather the west africa.
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with the and. they're watching out to make up the top stories this hour. top general has blamed the henge a for the violence that sparked the refugee crisis and now playing has accused the minority of trying to build a stronghold rakhine state he says the military is only targeting armed groups. military chiefs of staff from twenty nine countries are meeting and seoul north korea is not officially on the agenda but the south is hoping to use the event to discuss how to calm regional tension. and the wife of pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif has won his parliamentary seat in the byelection the city of lahore
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that happened two months after the supreme court disqualified jury on corruption allegations. nepal is holding a local elections for the first time in twenty years and security is tight in the southern region a stronghold of the but s. a community which has been protesting for more rights dozens have been killed during demonstrations over the past two years there has also been hit pretty bad by recent floods sabina reports. preparations are almost complete a local election is finally happening after a twenty eight. elections are like festivals in the park and there is much excitement but not among villagers in my now kerry one hundred seventy two families who lost their homes in the floods last month are taking refuge on this strip of road most are from what the pollies called the low cost community daytime temperatures soar to thirty eight degrees celsius here and these tarpaulin sheets
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are no relief government officials tell us to move back to our houses but we don't have a house said one man was over the other in our houses are destroyed but the powerful get all the relief we are left with very little. schools are closed and children have fallen ill many are mollari villages complained that the local leaders failed to visit them during the floods everyone here says they are going to exercise their democratic rights and vote but they also say they do not trust the local politicians because they were abandoned by them during their hour of need so as not to be seen as influencing voters the government stopped all relief for the past few leaves the only visitors to these villagers are polluters sions asking for their votes beneath the pond it showed us her home destroyed by floods got out i've taken a loan of five thousand dollars to build a house but nothing is left politicians say they would do this once we vote for
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them but what is the guarantee they will deliver. her farmland has been swept away and crops destroyed besides just the immediate need for food villagers here say they need flood protection systems to save them in the future they hope the local election will address their needs but also fear they will be forgotten again once they have voted it's going to joins us live now from raj for arge so what does it mean to be having these elections filing. well the people that we talked to earlier everyone had said that can out of this the onus that this election is not about politics but about development development this region has really faulted because of iraq the new government and roads are in very bad condition education is also suffering as well as interest after all so it's a development activities really need to pick up around here and the other problem
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that this region is also facing has been corruption and locals hope that having a local government will make people will be able they will be able to hold the local government accountable but this is this election is also about. it also kind of give an idea to you how this very strategic and important region is seeing the center there's no clear frontrunner and as you said like has been so many protests in the past two years and locals here have seen the national parties as being against them but they've also been repeatedly betrayed by regional parties and the result of this election will show how. all the parties the national and regional parties will fare in the upcoming parliamentary and provincial elections. live and prosper thank you human rights groups say thousands of women have been
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raped and sexually assaulted during the four year civil war and south sudan blame president salva kiir is government troops as well as opposition forces loyal to the former vice president riek machar many civilians have fled seeking safety and neighboring uganda that's where malcolm weber ports. florence walked through the bush for two days in south sudan the sandals to get to the safety of this refugee camp in uganda she told us that was after five government soldiers gang raped her along with four other women with change her name and hidden her face. my husband was following the shot distance behind us when he came and found these men on me he told them to stop they grabbed him immediately and killed him with a knife we had many similar stories from the people in the camps men tortured or killed the women gang raped by government soldiers he told them all
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ethnic groups others and there's should leave south sudan people in this tense is all arrive within the last couple of days there waiting to be registered the u.n. says more than a million of arrived here in uganda since the conflict began health workers here say they think there are very many among them who survived sexual violence but i think just a fraction of them are coming forward. in recent weeks opposition troops have fought government forces near the border with uganda but ever since the conflict began in twenty thirteen rights groups say sexual violence has been a widely used weapon by both sides amnesty international says thousands of women girls and some men are victims a un report last year said seventy percent of women in the camps around the capital juba have been raped the spokesman for the government forces told the soldiers who rape a punished and he question what we've been told in the camps although in some essential
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burslem to know for sure that they are not made up without someone coming forward all politics these are claims that are being made in the revenue comes out to get convinced that they are not being told to say we are think about this fairly opposition forces have been accused of sexual violence to the majority of allegations have been of sexual violence by government soldiers. ken's got the war crimes prosecutor who's worked on tribunals for many conflicts he investigated south sudan's conflict for the u.n. he says the sexual violence is the worst he's ever known it's such a high level of incidents widespread. being going on for a substantial period of time not as isolated incidents. you know one can only. crimes involving sexual violence are taking place. in the camps marry her real name says she wants justice but doesn't expect it she says she was raped by three soldiers they found her fleeing with her husband killed him and threw her baby in
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a bush. they tied up blindfold on my face they took all my positions and stripped me. all on me after i grabbed my baby. i was naked now i have nothing. malcolm webb al-jazeera west nile uganda and secretary general antonio terrorists has urged kurds in iraq to scrap next weeks and dependents referendum morning it would detract from the fight against i saw in iran iraq and turkey oppose the poll and demonstrators marched in the streets of istanbul and protest iran is threatening to and all border and security agreements with the kurdish regional authority in northern iraq if the vote goes ahead the tiny samoan islands in the pacific has one of the world's highest rates of obesity imported fast food is favored over natural local produce but
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a campaign is underway to change that. report. chef john is on his morning rounds at r.t. his main fish market and the daily catch is plenty the twenty four year old advocate eating locally sourced food healthily the celebrity chef whips up samoan cuisine in new and inventive ways on television so i was miller about the food you know plantation and a fish so i'm trying to having people like. to eat to eat like ok next up use of chemical ample cooking. oil from his arm or you know all of a tree growing up here you need to use that you know. chef john is part of a growing movement battling against a fast food culture that prizes unhealthy imported meals and the fresh local produce in remote areas and across the capital samoa is rich with edible vegetation
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and tropical fruits the inspiration for an education campaign encouraging samoans to search for healthy options it's more than what we need but we have to go out a little exercise as a family go out and collect them come and cook it together eat and your budget will be less you want to spend too much money buying this important stuff and process with a lot of high thought and we don't need that everywhere you go in samoa you can find fresh food is even here in the capital are you can find it on the side of the streets and in front of people's houses that's why health experts say there's no excuse for half the population to be obese and about ninety percent of people here to be overweight. the number of people with non-communicable chronic diseases filling samoa's hospitals is on the rise they are being treated for problems like diabetes hypertension and cancer well i think this is the one of the country with
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the highest prevalence all. worldwide about eighty percent roughly eighty percent of all these burden come from lung communicable disease and some all. by any account this is the biggest problem highlighting the work of young stars like shift john is not only critical to making locally sourced produce more appealing could be vital to saving lives. al-jazeera apia samoa. new zealand the largest airport auckland has canceled more than forty flights after the only jet fuel line supply line a ruptured lake was discovered on saturday about eighty thousand liters of fuel or two tanker loads spilled from the main pipeline north of the city. social media platform snap chat has blocked al-jazeera content and saudi arabia snap chat says it was asked by saudi authorities to remove the qatar funded channel because it violated local laws saudi arabia has about eight million snap chat users one of the
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largest in the world qatar has been embroiled in a diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia and three other arab states since june when all four of them cut ties with doha. the emmy awards are all about television entertainment and the share the spotlight was on political satire dramas to comedy show us politics played a major role the tale of. the day in as more oh ok. it's the best of the small screen with all the big names. political satire most of it focusing on president donald trump took center stage i'm like the presidency and we'll go to the winner of the popular vote. in an unexpected twist former white house press secretary sean spicer himself and the president he referenced his first media conference where he defended the crowd size at trump's inauguration there were a lot more here. to witness and emmys period both
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in person and around the world melissa mccarthy was just meters away she won an emmy for her in person nation of spicer at last week's creative arts ceremony i'd like to begin with the president's schedule political comedy mark the style of saturday night live this season the most watched in twenty three years oh boy the media is saying nice things and no one is talking about rush alec baldwin who impersonates trump on the show jokingly shared his award for best supporting actor with the president i suppose i should say at long last mr president here is your emmy. on the same team kate mckinnon known for her resemblance to hillary clinton one supporting actress in a comedy series thank you to hillary clinton for your grace politics is also at the heart of veep which won best comedy series but it was about more than just laughs the entertainment industry has used the political divide to address bigger issues
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like race and inequality for the third year in a row this is the most diverse group of nominees in any history. the handmaid's tale based on. a religious dictatorship taking over america was named outstanding drama series. but political satire won the night whether it's life imitating art room the other way around katia lucas with a young. can find much more if you go to our website al-jazeera dot com. here and these are the top stories on mars top general has blamed the for the violence that sparked the refugee crisis men handling has accused the a minority of trying to build a stronghold and rakhine state founder of chaudhry is near the bangladesh me and
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maher border myanmar's top military man many young on his personal facebook posting on sunday on my book this coming to unite together on the issues the reference to the. jones as bengali extremists trying to set a goal in the current state of me on my province this is personal posting but it appears to be a propaganda and a strategy to clearly the man my but this community to show that the growing community in iraq that our current province rather are nothing more than bangladeshi settlers are tough for them as bengali extremist myanmar she says military chiefs of staffs from twenty nine countries are meeting in seoul korea is not officially on the agenda but the south is hoping to use the event to discuss how to calm regional tensions the wife of pakistan's ousted prime minister nawaz sharif has won his parliamentary seat and that byelection in the city of lahore
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kemal hyder reports. it was a glorified with emraan con fardy the p.d.i. coming in and a new party the million muslim league with. significant and. already a foregone conclusion that the order in there and. having any problems although the margin of the rain was significantly lowered their dying human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during the four year war and south sudan they blame the abuses on government troops of president salva kiir and opposition forces loyal to former vice president riek machar new zealand's largest airport auckland has canceled more than forty flights after the only jet fuel supply line ruptured link was discovered on saturday about eighty thousand liters of fuel or two tanker loads spilled from the main line north of the city so
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the headlines and sad story is next more to come after that. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. who is of the nobel peace prize the winner of one of the world's most prestigious awards is often controversial the one nine hundred ninety one recipient aung san suu kyi is being criticized for ignoring the plight of the hinge of minority in me and as this year's nominees are announced the other questionable with us from the past this is inside story.


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