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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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with professor. at this time. with and for you. i mean margin calls the right extremists and blames them for the violence which sparked the refugee crisis. michele kerry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up tough talk from the
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u.s. on north korea as defense chief for twenty nine countries meet and seoul. the cost of conflict south sudanese women alleged widespread rape by government troops and opposition forces. why didn't you give him an emmy. i tell you this if you had won an emmy i bet he wouldn't run for president in u.s. politics takes center stage at the emmy awards. top general has blamed the bar henge a for the violence that sparked the refugee crisis. has accused the minority of trying to build a stronghold in the state he says the military is only targeting armed groups and action by me and mars later on so on so she has been criticized around the world she was supposed to be addressing the u.n. general assembly on tuesday and stead she will give a televised speech on her own country. and the bangladeshi prime minister shake
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will take the opportunity at the u.n. to demand more help with this crisis hundreds of thousands of her henchmen muslims have fled to her country to escape what the u.n. is calling ethnic cleansing. he is following developments from caucasus are near the bangladesh mean more border man must top military man many young on his personal facebook posting on sunday then me on my butt this coming to unite together on the issues in his facebook posting here. as bengali extremists trying to set a hole in the right kind state of me on my province now obviously this is a personal posting but it appears to be a propaganda and a strategy to clearly the man my book this community to show that the growing community in iraq that are kind province rather are nothing more than bangladeshi settlers are tough for them as bengali extremists some of the insurgency that took
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place in the beginning of last month at least twelve security personnel killed he also said that at least ninety three and counters with me on my security force took place within that time now we know that the me and my government has referred to the iranian community as being the only settler previously also it's nothing new about something that is under the current crisis appears to be a strategy rather than a personal posting what will happen is down the road is so many ranges coming over to bangladesh as refugees will be stuck because the border areas are now mind and their friends the border area these people do not have documents to go back to me and prove that they are growing just from the kind providence this will end up being a situation in the long run could very well be a potential ground for the insurgency campaign against. by their own community. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has warned north korea will be destroyed if it continues what she calls
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its reckless behavior and forces the united states and its allies to defend themselves against an attack on u.s. or christic rex tillerson says a military response may be needed to contain north korea after another missile was fired over japan on friday if our diplomatic efforts fail though our military option we will be the only one left so all of this is backed up by a very strong and resolute military option but be clear we shake a peaceful solution to this. military chiefs of staff from twenty nine countries are meeting in seoul south korea sohn officially on the agenda but the south is hoping to use the event to discuss how to calm regional tension kathy novak has more from seoul. a conference here in south korea is bringing together army chiefs of staff from asia pacific nations and the north korea is not the official topic on the agenda it is front of mind for many attending and has already come up in the
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opening speeches the keynote speech was from the former u.n. secretary general ban ki moon and he talked about the possibility of military options when it comes to north korea saying that nobody wants war but when the chips are down it is necessary to take all necessary measures now the defense ministry has been briefing the south korean national assembly about its assessment of north korea's i.c.b.m. capabilities saying it believes that north korea is nearing the final stages of securing those capabilities to have an intercontinental ballistic missile it also says it believes that north korea will continue missile launches and nuclear tests as it moves to secure its nuclear capabilities now in a video message to the conference today the president of south korea bunky moon says that south korea will work with the international community to secure a powerful punishment against north korea for its most recent provocations this is
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all happening as the u.s. and south korea are staging a joint drill over the korean peninsula u.s. bombers and fighter jets joined south korean jets in a fly over over the south korean area to show that it has the military capability and that joint partnership between u.s. and south korea to defend itself in the event of a north korean attack. u.s. president donald trump will make his debut at the annual u.n. general assembly on tuesday for iran to north korea trump will have plenty to talk about and washington editor james pace reports on the development of this every year when world leaders gather in new york in september they listen carefully to the words of the most powerful person on earth but for the first time since the u.n. was created at the end of the second world war the u.s. president who addressed them from this podium is someone who at times has appeared to question the multilateral order the united nations represents. diplomats are
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wary of what president trump will say in his nine months in office he's already attended nato g. seven and g. twenty summits on the global stage he's appeared at times uncertain his actions unpredictable donald trump does not perform well a big international summits when he attended a nato summit he actually managed to physically push another leader out of the way and his advisors must hope that he will be back here because this is his last chance to really convince other world leaders that he is someone they can do business with and that is not just a nativist who wants the u.n. over to china as usual global leaders face a whole host of challenges among them an ongoing humanitarian emergency with the exodus of the row hinge are in myanmar then there's the wars in syria in iraq yemen and libya as well as the future of the iran nuclear deal but this year at the
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top of the agenda another nuclear state north korea it is a particularly pressing issue because of the provocative timing of the latest missile test which took place just days ago the number of launches the number of tests is much greater even in this year than it's been over the last decades so this is a very immediate very immediate question and yes i think it will be the top question here in this week at the u.n. this is not just the first general assembly week for the new u.s. president and tony terrorists became u.n. secretary general at the start of the year he plans a program of modernization and streamlining president trump is also planning to hold a meeting on u.n. reform but some diplomats fear that may simply be an attempt to further slash the organizations budget. zira at the united nations while a wife and. pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif has captured his
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parliamentary seat. won the by election and lahore the seat became vacant when the supreme court removed her us husband from office over the corruption allegations that it was seen as a test of support for sharif and his pm ellen party ahead of next year's general election hyder has more from lahore. that the bright hope bardia may be hailing the. three however. a large number of war now during the margin. voice broke barred from the. prime minister of the country. already in london nord feeling well and it didn't mean for days portably. to be the prime minister of the country.
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and therefore the joy for the prime minister were just. made a man that. did it what he really did that. may be the next prime minister on. a catholic priest who was rescued after being held for four months by isis supporters in the philippines has made his first public appearance the priest was rescued saturday when the military overran the fighters control center inside a mosque in the city is taken hostage during the first day of fighting there back in may it's meal alan duke and joins us live now from manila so jamila what do we know about this this operation how this actually happened. well the military basically says that he was rescued last saturday at the mosque
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called before at the heart of the battle area of the city in the southern philippines now he was supposed to have been rescued together with another civilian but it remains to be seen which unit was used in the operation however at the press conference earlier today the chief of staff of the philippine military says there were several attempts to rescue father and in the past he actually refused to go because and join the military because he refused to leave other civilians behind now that is the only information we got he appeared briefly at the press conference today not answering any questions apart from the fact that he said he was fine he is physically ok and that the military is now putting him under medical care to undergo several tests show so what else do we know about this i saw a link headquarters that was apparently captured. well this is a mosque one of the areas that has been one of the command centers of the mouth
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a group since it took control of several parts of where i was it in the southern philippines last me twenty three it's supposed to be one of the main command centers and that. father chito is actually was under the control of one of the brothers of them out with a group however it remains to be seen whether they really took control of what the mosque or if they were just able to extract further cheetos from that particular morse that has been used as i said as a command center but according to the military the rescue of other chito is proof that the siege is ending soon as siege that has claimed more than eight hundred people's lives and has left most of my are we in ruins now according to the military as well there is still about forty hostages still under mao to control and also if your means to be seen whether they will be as lucky as the priest to survive the siege as operations continue to close in and if the they will able be as lucky as the police and be able to tell their story just like father cheetos are
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going richard allen duggan live for us and manila thank you. still to come on al-jazeera after a twenty year wait to local elections are finally coming to a village in southern nepal. from the waves of the sounds. to the contours of the east. hello there is quite a bit of stormy weather across europe at the moment most of it and with this cold here down to it the southeast is still hot it's still funny and it's still feeling very summery for this cooler though that's where we're seeing the storm systems first one here spiraling its way up towards the northeast as it does so it's bringing some very heavy rain some pretty strong winds as well and then just a little bit further to the west we're seeing lots of shop showers here well as of thunder and lightning mixed in with those as well as this system here in the
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northeast gradually fizzle out as we head into chews day we're going to see another area of heavy rain begin to develop a bit further south so that's here paulus of northern italy and down through croatia here again we've already seen some pretty lively outbreaks of rain recently here and a fair amount of flooding will rain then on the cards but for the towards the south you can see the head generally flowing down from the northwest so it's not that hot now forcing tunas twenty seven degrees will be the maximum on choose day for about around twenty four for the east obviously still hotter than that in cairo we're still getting to around thirty five over the central belt of africa so it's a very heavy rains at the my sickly three parts of sudan and south sudan and working its way towards chad plenty more showers are expected to as we head through tuesday to. the way that sponsored by the time he's. in the house trying to run when news coverage consists of a punk you had a five second sound bite and an easy solution. down deep and says.
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challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradiction. joining me. for a new season of the show the frank. front. but this time i'll just say right. there watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories the commander in chief in myanmar is armed forces blending the hands of her the violence that sparked the refugee crisis and how heins says only her hainje of armed groups are being targeted and he accuses the ethnic minority of trying to build
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a stronghold rakhine state. military chiefs of staff from twenty nine countries are meeting in seoul north korea's not officially on the agenda but the south is hoping to use the event to discuss how to calm regional tension the wife of pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif has won his parliamentary seat in the city of lahore a byelection was held two months after the supreme court disqualified sharif over allegations. general motors has announced the recall of more than two and a half million vehicles in china over concerns about airbags made by japanese giant to cut up all tear backs can and properly inflate and rupture potentially firing shrapnel pieces at drivers and passengers the defect has been linked to several deaths and scores of injuries around the world adrian brown joins us live now from beijing so a train yes this is an issue we have heard about before with this company what else do we know. yeah and the figures easter to sticks
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in this story really are extraordinary because as you point out general motors has today announced it's recalling some two and a half million vehicles fitted with these airbags is concerned about the deflator as you pointed out but last week the volkswagen company announced that its chinese joint ventures were recalling some almost five million of their vehicles because of similar concern so that's what seven and a half million vehicles now china of course is the world's biggest auto market it has some thirty million vehicles on the road but this of course is raising concerns about you know the airbags in many of these cars now to carter has globally so far recalled more than one hundred million of these airbags seventy percent of those airbags were recalled in the united states and as you said there is concern about what happens to these air bags when they come under pressure it seems that they
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simply explode and shower the driver with with tiny parts of trying to bits of shrapnel now there have been sixteen deaths worldwide linked to these bags and more than one hundred eighty injuries but it has to be pointed out there have been no injuries or deaths here in china so what general motors and volkswagen to doing are simply you know trying to reassure the public that you know they're doing what they can to correct this problem but you know it's going to create a huge backlog because you're going to have millions of vehicles now are being repaired now general motors invokes wagon so that the vehicles will be repaired for free but this is going to inconvenience motorists for months to come ok adrian brown seeing a trend thank you. by the end of this week marco could become german chancellor for a fourth term with uncertainty about what direction the united states is moving and
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many countries are increasingly looking to germany to provide stable global leadership but germans remain wary of backing up their political power with military spending wisely reports. deep in the forest west of berlin nato is wargaming again one of its members has been attacked there are casualties and all the other states have joined in to help tend to the wounded the exercise is called vigorous warrior which hardly invokes the sort of fire and fury rhetoric of donald trump we are the host nation we are the nation for this exercise and of course we want to do it perfect we want to be a very good thoughts and i think we achieved a storm but we are not alone there are twenty five other nations and they all wrote . was in this exercise the generals watching come from twenty five nato allies and other invited states they know where germany's red lines have always been on
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the battlefield this is where germany feels most comfortable helping out medical excellence logistical support that's all fine but when it comes to things like attacking other countries invading other countries killing people there is no appetite but all. this is heidelberg a perfect example of liberal educated germany where merkel support is guaranteed by the wealthy middle aged and middle class no doubt many take pride in the global admiration for the chancellor but asked them should germany back it up now with a more aggressive military position. i think germany and the rest of the world should be disarming i believe germany's doing enough for nato we shouldn't be spending any more. yeah but. it's a no brainer why germans don't like to be seen invading other countries the nazi scar has never healed when they pushed it like wrongly calling in an american air strike in afghanistan nearly ten years ago which mistakenly killed dozens of
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civilians there was a national shockwave and the defense minister resigns the sorts of political guilt trip that doesn't happen in the us or u.k. nor is the most powerful country in europe impressed with how its neighbors have prosecuted wars in places like libya if we go in with military force it needs to be backed up and slanged by civilian measures as well so there is diplomatic there is civilian crisis management and there is also the idea of so what happens afterwards how do we rebuild a country which has not been necessarily the prime objective by recent interventions by other european countries u.s. president trump demands germany spend far more on defense merkel's opponents on the left say that would make an american stooge in a fragile world germany is looking for other solutions than war or easily al-jazeera in germany a local elections being held in a province of southern nepal after a twenty year wait local leaders and province to boycotted nationwide election
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elections held in may because they say the new constitution ignores their rights the province is home to them as an ethnic community where at least fifty people died during anti-discrimination protests two years ago recent floods have badly damaged the province as well as sabina stress the reports from september a district. preparations are almost complete a local election is finally happening here after a twenty year wait. elections are like festivals in the park and there is much excitement but not among villagers in mind arkadi one hundred seventy two families who lost their homes in the floods last month are taking refuge on this strip of road most are from what the pollies called the low cost community daytime temperatures soar to thirty eight degrees celsius here and these tarpaulin sheets are no relief government officials tell us to move back to our houses but we don't have a house said one man was over the other in our houses are destroyed but the powerful
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get all the relief we are left with very little. schools are closed and children have fallen ill many are mollari villages complained that the local leaders failed to visit them during the floods everyone here says they are going to exercise their democratic rights and vote but they also say they do not trust the local politicians because they were abandoned by them during their hour of need so as not to be seen as influencing voters the government stopped all relief for the past few leaves the only visitors to these villagers are polluters sions asking for their votes beneath the pond it showed us her home destroyed by floods got out i've taken a loan of five thousand dollars to build a house but nothing is left politicians say they would do this once we vote for them but what is the guarantee they will deliver. her farmland has been swept away and crops destroyed besides just the immediate need for food villagers here say
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they need flood protection systems to save them in the future they hope the local election will address their needs but also fear they will be forgotten again once they have voted. to al-jazeera some three district in the southern plains of the power. human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during the four year civil war and south sudan they blame president salva kiir as government troops as well as opposition forces loyal to the former vice president riek machar many civilians have fled seeking safety in neighboring uganda and where malcolm lab reports. florence walked through the bush for two days in south sudan the sandoz to get to the safety of this refugee camp in uganda she told us that was after five government soldiers gang raped her along with four other women who change their name and hidden her face. my husband was following
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a short distance behind us when he came and found these men on me he told them to stop. immediately and killed him with the night. we had many similar stories from the people in the camps men tortured or killed and women gang raped by government soldiers he told them all ethnic groups other than there should leave south sudan people in these tents will arrive within the last couple of days there waiting to be registered the u.n. says more than a million. in uganda since the conflict began and health workers here say they think there are very many among them who survived sexual violence but i think just a fraction of them are coming forward. in recent weeks opposition troops of government forces near the border with uganda but ever since the conflict began in twenty thirteen rights groups say sexual violence has been a widely used weapon by both sides. unless the international says thousands of
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women girls and some men are victims a un report last year said seventy percent of women in the camps around the capital juba have been raped the spokesman for the government forces told us soldiers who rape a punished and he question what we've been told in the camps. those claims to know for sure. whether someone coming forward or party these are claims that are being made in the revenue coming out. being told to say weird things about this family opposition forces have been accused of sexual violence to the majority of allegations have been of sexual violence by government soldiers can scott the war crimes prosecutor who's worked on tribunals for many conflicts he investigated south sudan's conflict for the u.n. he says the sexual violence is the worst he's ever known it's at such a high level of incidents widespread. being going on for a substantial period of time not as isolated incidents. you know one can only.
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work crimes involving sexual violence are taking place. in the camps mary not her real name says she wants justice but doesn't expect it she says she was raped by three soldiers they found her fleeing with her husband killed him and threw her baby in a bush. they tied up blindfold on my face they took all my positions and stripped me three of them were all on me after i grabbed my baby and left. i was naked no i have not. malcolm webb dizzier west nile uganda. new zealand's largest airport auckland has cancelled more than forty flights after the only jet fuel supply line ruptured the leak was discovered on saturday about eighty thousand liters of fuel or two tanker loads spill from the main pipeline just north of the city. the social
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media platform snap chat has blocked al-jazeera content and saudi arabia snapchat says it was asked by saudi authorities to remove the qatar funded channel because it violated local laws saudi arabia has about eight million snapshot users one of the largest in the world qatar has been embroiled in a diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia and three other arab states since june when all four of them cut ties with. the emmy awards are all about television entertainment and this share the spotlight was on political satire from dramas to comedy u.s. politics played a major role. but the on has more. oh ok. it's the best of the small screen with all the big names. political satire most of it focusing on president donald trump took center stage unlike the presidency emmys go to the winner of the popular vote. in an unexpected twist former white house
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press secretary sean spicer rocked himself and the president he referenced his first media conference where he defended the crowd size that trump's inauguration there was already here. to witness him and me period both in person and around the world melissa mccarthy was just meters away she won an emmy for her in person nation of spicer at last week's creative arts ceremony i'd like to begin with the president's schedule political comedy mark the style of saturday night live this season the most watched in twenty five years oh boy the media is saying nice things and no one is talking about rush alec baldwin who impersonates trump on the show jokingly shared his award for best supporting actor with the president i suppose i should say at long last mr president here is your emmy. on the same team mckinnon known for her resemblance to hillary clinton one
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supporting actress in a comedy so. it's a thank you to hillary clinton for your grace politics is also at the heart of veep which won best comedy series but it was about more than just laughs the entertainment industry has used the political divide to address bigger issues like race and inequality for the third year in a row this is the most diverse group of nominees in emmy history. the handmaid's tale based on a religious dictatorship taking over america was named outstanding drama series. but political satire won the night whether it's life imitating art or on the other way around cut steel opus with a young al-jazeera. and these are the top stories the commander in chief at hand mars armed forces is
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blaming the hendra for the violence that sparked the refugee crisis mean on lying says only armed groups are being targeted and he accuses the ethnic minority of trying to build a stronghold in rakhine state i reporter tucker chaudhry is near the border between me and. man must top military man many young on his personal facebook posting on sunday then me on my butt this coming to unite together on the issue is the reference to the. insurgents as bengali extremists trying to set a foot hole in the state of me on my province this person out posting but it appears to be a propaganda and a strategy to clearly the man my but this community to show that the growing community in iraq that are kind province rather are nothing more than bangladeshi settlers are not for them as bengali extremists. military chiefs of staff from twenty nine countries are meeting in the south korean capital seoul north korea's
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not officially on the agenda but the south is hoping to discuss how to calm regional tension the wife of pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif has won his parliamentary seat in the byelection in the city of lahore reports. right in the meantime human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during the four year war in south sudan they blame the abuses on government troops of president salva kiir and opposition forces loyal to the former vice president riek machar a catholic priest who was rescued after being held for four months by eisel supporters in the philippines has made his first public appearance was rescued on saturday when the military overran the fighters control center inside a mosque in memoirs city he was taken hostage during the first day of fighting here there in may general motors has announced a recall of more than two and a half million vehicles in china over concerns about airbags made by the japanese giant to kata and those are the headlines news continues right here on al-jazeera
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after upfront you peter. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north atlantic when i went east meets the women who crossed the world for love and stayed to change a community. at this time on al-jazeera. nuclear weapons threats of annihilation and volatile leaders of the u.s. and north korea on the road to war from special. foreign fury like the world has never seen that was donald trump's promise should north korea issue any more threats towards the united states yet this week kim jong un's government threatened the u.s. with.


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