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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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strong and effective movement to bring in an end to all the conflicts within your mind the conflicts between our communities between our peoples and call also the conflict of ideas with regard to how we our to go forward but conflicts of ideas can be sorted out can be removed to discussion and dialogue and through open minded and the generous generosity and courage that enables us to see other people's point of view and we would i would also like to say the general generosity and courage that would enable other people to see our point of view as well it is by cooperating only that our world can go forward by attacking each other. in words all with weapons all even with emotions
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will not help us hate and fear are the swiss main scourges of our world all conflict arise out of hate out of fear it is only by removing the sources of hate and fear that we shall be able to remove conflict from our country and from our world. as you know there are many allegations and counter kalak ation i have not gone into any of them because it is not my purpose purpose to promote and encourage conflict whether of ideas or of arms but to try to promote harmony and understanding i hope you will understand this and join us in our and.
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as i said earlier this is a diplomatic briefing this was intended to keep the members of our diplomatic community there are a percentage of our friends from all over the world in touch with what we are trying to do but in some ways it is more than just a diplomatic briefing it is a friendly appeal to all those who wish them all well a friendly p u to help us to achieve the ends that i think you would agree are desirable not just for this particular country but for countries all over the world thank. the was so there you have it so the de facto leader of me and giving her response there to diplomats and the international press over the growing running crisis in iraq and state let me just sum up for you briefly what she said before bring back james
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gomez she said none of the transition goals of democracy and peace and stability have been easy in myanmar she said nurturing democratic values and achieving sustainable development are still main goals she said the government hasn't been in power or has only been in power for less than eighteen months and it's a short time for the country to meet its challenges she said the world's attention is clearly focused on the events in rakhine state with the exodus of a four hundred thousand range of muslims fleeing but she said me and ma is not afraid of world scrutiny she talked about the attacks by range of fighters on police and army posts in rakhine state and she said that despite a commission led by former u.n. chief kofi annan that the country has still been unable to deal with the violence in rakhine state said but she did go on to say that the government condemns all human rights violations and that here is to the rule of law she said the military has been urged to use restraint in carry. it's operations in rakhine state and she
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said that me and ma was prepared to start the verification process of repatriating refugees but she didn't expand or give any further details in terms of how they would start sending back ranger refugees into me and then went on to say that there's been no conflict or burning villages since the fifth of september all right let's bring in james gomez he's the amnesty international regional director for southeast asia he was listening in to me and miles lead and sang suu cheese address there live so james we've had the speech now much anticipated she has been under growing criticism for failing to condemn the violence against the written in rakhine do you think she said enough to allay her critics. well that's the surprising thing i mean you know. the call from the international community has been to specifically call out this you know impact on the community
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it's a significant issue you have you know four hundred thousand people who have been literally pushed out as a result of organized. methods of operation by the military and the militia in rakhine state that led to the push that resulted in what we called ethnic cleansing and the numbers you know i expected to continuously climb out so on that specific point she has been silent now what she has really said is actually a consolidation of the general top line positions that all of us who are actively engage him in my talking to government officials and you know the diplomatic communities on the ground and those top line messages are the same now what we can take off in terms of building momentum is really the invitation to come into the country to verify what's going on i think three mechanisms that she could put on mentioning the u.n. the community of nations so we have the u.n.
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security council you have the general assembly the human rights commission all of this you know platforms that the u.n. need to call out specifically to have unfettered and independent access to the country so that we can verify actually all the issues that we put up specifically and in particular i think the fact finding mission you know it needs immediate and you know unfettered access their mandate has only been for a year half of that time has already been used not just setting up the terms of reference and ways of working which they can talk of the issue of this i think should be. extended so that you know a more thorough you know mid to long term approach. can be taken another area where she had been signed and. the role of the military it almost came across that she was shielding the military i mean what is the role of the military here if she says
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that you know no sort of actual you know attacks or movements since the fifth down on the ground in rakhine state but why why is that bunning going on . this has to be investigated the issues of the land mines in the border. incident of you know disappeared young boys and men. can we hold the military accountable is there going to be impunity so who's supplying them can we can we hold those countries accountable what are the planned activities with the militaries with them in my military so that portion you know has not been clearly on to clayton and my third point here would be also the focus specifically on the diplomatic community i think the world is just not made
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up of nations and diplomatic community we have what is called civil society. that you know across the world also needs to play a huge fund whether it's in the provision of humanitarian aid or whether to you know investigate independently to very fine. the abuses and information that's coming out from all sides yes we take the point is just not the muslim communities the communities also day and for amnesty you know we are interested to make sure that they get the broad sweep of all fact the party and take their stories and testimonies as well james let me just jump in with another question here i mean she said that there's been no conflict or burning villages since the fifth of september in rakhine state but the evidence from the u.n. and aid bodies and the media seems to suggest otherwise i mean as you just said that reports of landmines being laid to muslims being injured bodies landmines of
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more villages being torched hundreds of thousands of revenge a muslim still on the move. yes and you know even if you stand across the water on the bangladesh side they look across you can see billows of smoke even up to today and not too long ago you have also had you know. a series of journalists who were taken into the country and even they individually separately reported witnessing burning villages you know much weeks after. the first incident so i think those are things that needs to be very fine and those you know who are responsible need to be held accountable and this is why you know independent access to the ground it's important at the same time you know collecting testimonies. from people who are fleeing. rakhine state into bangladesh that's also another source rich testimony that we continue to compile so
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that we can you know we're looking forward to putting a briefing paper you know in due course about all these matters all right james thank you much for your time loves a comeback to throughout the morning right for our viewers just joining us here let's have a recap of what myanmar's de facto leader suchi had to say a little bit earlier i'm aware of the fact that the world's attention is focused on the situation in rakhine state and as i said at this dinner simply last year as a responsible member of the community of nations modest north korea international scrutiny and committed to a sustainable solution that would lead to peace stability and development for all communities within that state. there has been much concern around the world with regard to the situation in a kind it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame all to epona
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gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence we are committed to the restoration of peace stability and rule of law throughout the states the security forces have been instructed to strictly to the code of conduct in carrying out operations to exercise all due restraint and to take full measures to avoid collateral damage and the harming of innocent civilian civilians out of the risk of high that's life for us now and me in moscow tonight the door skulk signs on suchi responding to growing international pressure over her apparent inaction over the growing crisis in rakhine state what did you make of the speech. when there are no lasted about a half hour and this as we pointed out several times before is the first time that she's really tackled the issue with their agenda on this something obviously that's
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been going on for months if not years and this is the first time in a speech she has tackled the issue obviously because of what has happened over the last several weeks listening to this following this story very closely for months if not years myself listening to the speech it came across as a very well crafted since she took office as she mentioned you know her government didn't really take office in less than eighteen months ago and this is the first time i've heard her give a speech about this that was very well crafted and really dealt with that she sounded as though she was the old on song suchi if you will before she actually came into office this is the kind of passion and things we've heard before but the issue is is this too little too late you know there are some underlying issues that really weren't brought up brought up in her speech but she said. so you know more than four hundred thousand refugees who are now in bangladesh she says she wants to start that process as quickly as possible but beneath that and part of the root of this problem is
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a lot of those if not you know ninety percent of them don't have citizenship in myanmar that is part of the problem of what's been going on for years so if you try to repatriate and she said if they can be proven to be citizens of this country they're welcome back that is going to be a very difficult task because so many of them don't have the proper registration that is part of the reason why they were hidden have had this horrible existence over the last seven years and these i.d.p. camps that have been set up around sit way because they were treated as normal citizens of myanmar so how questions should be posed how can you repatriate them how can they prove that they are citizens of this country when many of them weren't given that opportunity there and yet. very significantly said that the government condemns all human rights violations of his to the rule of law that you said to me and the military has been urged to use restraint in carrying out its operations in rakhine state but i suppose the big question is what power does she have if any over the military. yeah you're right there's
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a distinct division within the government here and the military they still hold on to several very important ministries and they still control outside of. government that she runs they still control security measures here in the country so those operations were not under her control she didn't really have the authority she could voice her opinion most likely but she doesn't have the authority to stop them so obviously this is something where you know she doesn't have the control. all right so we're having some problems with scott. in fact we have got him back nelson let's just go back to. the capitol of me in moscow having some problems with the line so we'll just try and squeeze out a little bit more out of you before you go i'll just go back to something you said earlier about this verification process that he was talking about she said that the country's prepared to stop the verification process of repatriating refugees but
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she didn't really put any meat on the bones didn't really say how this was going to happen in terms of sending a range of muslims back into me and from bangladesh absolutely you know this is a very you know in any nation where there's a cross nation situation we've got refugees across from one nation into the other and that's where a lot of the international bodies come into play. they're tasked with the very difficult job of making sure their documentation of who came from where how long they were there why they're here now and that's very difficult going to be very difficult for these four hundred thousand plus rohingya that have crossed over over the last several weeks because a lot of them didn't have that documentation when they left me m.r. so right now to get them back here to prove that they were from here to prove that they were from a certain village in myanmar is going to be monumental how does that happen is that through interviews if there's no documentation and also the underlying fact is that
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many of these we are being hearing from the the refugees in the camps in bangladesh many of them fled with in a minute's notice so are they going to be able to get any kind of documentation they can prove where they're a citizen or where they were thought they were a citizen before they fled so that's going to be a very difficult process it sounds as though there is good she's expressing good faith that she wants to get those citizens proper citizens she said from myanmar that are now in bangladesh back but that process itself is going to be very very difficult there. thank you. move on to some other news now because u.s. president donald trump will deliver a much anticipated address to the united nations on tuesday he made his debut at the u.n. on monday saying the world body is not living up to its potential he blamed bureaucracy and mismanagement and promised to help reform it mike hanna has more from the united nations. the question is which president trump all turn up in coming hours
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to address the united nations general assembly is it going to be the confrontational president or is it going to be the man who's looking for national unity in the critical challenges that the u.s. is facing at present we've heard from a senior administration official that there will be discussion of north korea very tough talk is the phrase the official users we're also told though that china and russia are unlikely to be called out now president trump has insisted that china has a role to play in written reconciling the north korean crisis bringing pressure to bear on its nearest neighbor and closest ally little result so far but it appears that president trump will not use this enough the speech to call out china for its lack of impact on north korea also to be discussed of the issue of iran which
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president trump has constantly distracted as a threat and also that of venezuela following a meeting with latin american leaders over the course of the night then as well there has been described by the united states as a major regional crisis its leader described by the trump administration as a dictator but the real issue is the tone of the speech exactly where the president tramp is continuing to take on the rest of the world or whether he is indeed prepared to work together with other nations to streamline the u.n. but also to deal with what his administration describes as the most pressing issue it faces the ongoing war against terror well one in new york the u.s. president also warned his venezuelan counterpart of further action unless he restores democracy in the nation he accused president maduro of inflicting terrible misery and suffering on his people. this corrupt regime destroyed a thriving nation by imposing
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a failed ideology that has produced poverty and despair everywhere it has been tried to make matters worse madeira has defied his own people stealing power from their elected representatives to preserve his disastrous rule. the venezuelan people are starving the united states has taken important steps to hold the regime accountable we are prepared to take further action if the government of venezuela persist on a path to imposing authoritarian rule on the venezuelan people lots more still to come here not just here including angry scenes in haiti where unions are opposing unpopular new taxes more that stay with us. from the clear blue sky. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city
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of snow. welcome back we'll start with the levant western parts of asia in this forecast and temperature wise all looking very good very warm very pleasant conditions for many temps have twenty nine in tehran still on the high side for kuwait city at forty six degrees heading on through into out wednesday very little change that heat still stuck across key white central southern parts of iraq down through southern parts of iran run the eastern side the mediterranean looking fine there for beirut in lebanon with temperatures in the upper twenty's down into the arabian peninsula it starts in the western side all find that for mecca medina with temperatures from indiana reaching forty three degrees on the other side of the peninsula here in doha we're looking at thirty nine and still high levels of humidity and the same goes for the rest of the gulf states as we head across into africa is fine across southern areas a pleasant enough day in cape town. temperatures of eighteen degrees heading on through into wednesday not expecting
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a great deal of change but it will warm up nicely for cape town otherwise we're looking at some pretty and thiessen temperatures thirty four there for when took in the movie are for central parts of africa there are some big showers across central africa public through towards cameroon we're going to see some heavy rain here further so think about see some heavy showers affectively prevail high sierra of twenty eight. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same when they're on line to get us citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us sunset i was never would have been look at differently because all the people. is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you could remind us of the top stories the other day facto leader aung san suu kyi has given her first speech on the violence against the ring of people in her country so she says her government condemns human rights abuses in the violence taking place in state. as peaceful as widespread criticism failure to condemn the ethnic cleansing of rainbow was. president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations revising his criticism of the global organization addressing world leaders he said the u.s. would help with reforming the u.n. to make it stronger and more effective. also warned his venezuelan counterpart of further action and as he restored democracy president nicolas maduro of inflicting
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terrible mystery and suffering on his people and call them other leaders for increased pressure. on our top story the situation in myanmar for more on the humanitarian crisis the ring of face our report a town of a child reason cox's in bangladesh that's near the border with me and i don't know if you're listening to. the speech earlier. she talked about starting the verification process for repatriating. but the truth is that many of these people most of them probably fled with just the clothes on their back and nothing more so that's going to be a huge challenge in verifying who they are indeed i mean it's a well coming news that the trade that but the complexity of identifying the refugees many of them look very similar to bangladesh is you know in physical feature and even with language bangladesh on it started a biometric registration process. running a refugee is identifying those who cross the border recently and also previously
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but itself is going to be a very complex affairs and it will be based on trust and confidence about buying of those governments aid who are these people as for the aid it is this most situation the aid agencies on the ground are doing their best but very inadequate and lack of human resource the government need to mobilize the aid in a centralized where they need to get the army which they say they will but so far we haven't seen the army on the ground things are very chaotic miles after miles people are waiting to get food from tech now to cox of the radio so that is a crisis that needs to be fast met by the international community and then the part of coming in identifying the refugees to take them back into me and mine and what's the latest in the camps down there we're hearing reports of them sections diseases and starvation among some of the range of refugees. very much so there are reports of a spread of measles there a threat of cholera and sentry the government started a vaccination program for polio and ms olds because there isn't
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a proper sanitation and clean water and there are so many children two hundred thousand and this thread is a very real aid agency saying that the current threat is basically starvation and disease so that needs to be tackle immediately those who pledge money and donation and goods internationally they need to walk the talk and does good needs to be arriving in bangladesh in order to face this crisis. at cox's was autonomy for the time being thank you now a category five hurricane maria has torn through the eastern caribbean island of dominique and leaving a trail of damage and destruction the prime minister roosevelt skerrick took to facebook to report on the storm as it happened he said the winds a merciless we shall survive by the grace of god he went on to say the conditions were worsening certainly no sleep to anyone in and he believed his house was damaged in the storm the situation there became more critical and i laid to the prime minister said his room was gone and that he was at the complete mess see the
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hurricane and he has since been rescued by emergency services but across the caribbean people are preparing for the worst don estabrook reports. hurricane maria barreled towards the eastern caribbean islands packing two hundred sixty kilometer per hour winds it intensified to a rare category five hurricane with dominica in its path hurricane warnings were posted for dominica guadalupe st kitts and martin eek he doing a home to cross the stump and you know. that's something the city coming. down from you know not too bad you know we had missed the you know this storm is heading towards many of the islands that were devastated a little more than a week ago by hurricane earl on the u.s. virgin islands residents emptied store shelves waited in long lines for fuel loaded up on plywood and began preparing their homes for another possible disaster. right from the. get this like that because you. can
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feel when you didn't want to take them down to be. there when you were there from senior people maria is on a track that would put it over the u.s. territory of puerto rico by wednesday and could be the most powerful hurricane to hit the island in eighty five years diane estabrook al-jazeera. now the u.s. is sending three thousand more troops to afghanistan as the taliban continues to gain ground in parts of the country the defense sector james mattis says most of the troops were either on their way or had been notified of the impending deployment american combat operations against the taliban officially ended in twenty fourteen but over eleven thousand special forces remain in the country supporting afghan troops and oldest u.s. president donald trump signaled he would keep boots on the ground indefinitely. the transport strike of a tux increases to shut down most of haiti the government says the money raised will be used to improve public services but with more than half the population living out of the public the line haitians say they simply can't afford it the
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torah gates and the reforms. russia are imposing prince in the new many busy street . have been replaced by protesters and burning tires the transport strike called by the unions meant most people couldn't get to work. instead students confronted police he pushed them back with tear gas. stations are struggling to cope with poverty natural disasters disease and corruption at the same time foreign aid on which the country is dependent is decreasing haitians say the tax increases couldn't have come at a worse time i support the strike one hundred percent because the situation is tough for us the world bank says haiti is the poorest country in the americas and one of the poorest in the world its already weak economy was devastated by an earthquake in twenty ten and struggled to recover ever since unemployment is high in the region of forty percent and the population don't have enough food to eat the
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government wants to raise money to invest in haiti's failing public services but critics say tax hikes on fuel alcohol and cigarettes will push many struggling families to breaking point that we don't want the budget measures to take effect we don't want. the tax increases have led to some of the worst violence since president. took office earlier this year that many haitians feel they have nothing left to lose victoria there are no new attorney general has been appointed in brazil doj replaces rodriguez who wanted last week charged president michel tell a leading a criminal an organization and obstruction of justice president tom appointed himself looking other nominees. resumes attorney general sponsible for prosecuting politicians. now and that's about research team has emerged from eight months of isolation on a remote how wine volcano the crew was living off mostly frozen dried food and vegetables which they grew all of their communications with the outside world were
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subject to a twenty minute delay nasa will use this data to study the ability of how to cope with stress and isolation of a two year mission to mars. the university of hawaii is going to be giving nasa essential information about how you take individual astronauts and how you put them together in a crew but also how you support them over these long duration missions we need to send humans out because it's important for the future of the species i think is actually really important to get off if you look back at the geological record it is just full of mass extinction all the news of course on our website there isn't a screaming address out to c.n.n. dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. have a top stories here the fact a leader and sang suchi has condemned the human rights abuses taking place in rakhine state she says our government will bring those behind the violence of
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justice and peace and stability for the communities within the region the speech follows widespread criticism for failure to condemn the ethnic cleansing of range of muslims. there has been much concern around the world with regard to the situation in kind it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame to gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence we are committed to the restoration of peace stability and rule of law throughout the state. the security forces have been instructed to strictly to the code of conduct in carrying out security operations to exercise all due restraint and to take full measures to avoid collateral damage and the harming of innocent. civilians as president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations really voicing his criticism of the global organization he says the u.s.
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will help with reforming the u.n. to make it stronger and more effective trump will deliver a much anticipated speech to the u.n. on tuesday where he's expected to address north korea's nuclear program. hurricane maria has made landfall in the caribbean island of bimini it's been upgraded now to a category five storm with winds reaching more than two hundred fifty kilometers an hour it's on a path towards many of the islands wrecked by hurricane damage including st martin and the british virgin islands commanders from u.s. backed kurdish forces in syria say they're ready to fight government troops if they enter their territory syrian regime forces cross to the eastern side of the airfreight his river today a resort on monday that's an area claimed by the s.d.f. where its troops are battling eisel. one man's been killed after shots were fired during a pro kurdish independence event in quetta cook kurdish leaders a vow to hold an independence referendum later this month despite a ruling by iraq supreme court suspended. well those were the
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headlines the news continues here on the al-jazeera off of the street so. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. so no matter where you call home i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. by emily could be. and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube from cuba to the u.s. and british virgin islands hurricane armada wreaked havoc across the caribbean turning lush landscapes into barren land and up ending the lives of thousands as hurricane maria now looms we speak with those affected by the storms about their
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efforts to rebuild and who will foot the cost of recovery.


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