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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 11:00am-11:33am AST

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and then about the more. i respect science and the go the name with professor jim at this time. germany is electing a new parliament polls suggest angela merkel is poised to win a fourth term as chancellor of europe's largest economy with crises in the e.u. and president trump in the white house some call merkel the leader of the free world but the voters here agree watch al-jazeera as germany decides. we want to find out why this exodus is happening. son suchi responds to accusations of ethnic cleansing in me and ma.
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watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up it's happening again another storm downgraded to a category four slams into the caribbean. protests in the u.s. after another white police officer was acquitted of shooting dead a black man. and the u.s. president donald trump calls for reforms to the u.n. ahead of his first general assembly address. after weeks of international condemnation the head of mi and mars government son suchi has addressed the plight of the country's range of muslims in her first national address on the crisis over the past three weeks more than four hundred thousand injured have escaped violence sparked by a military crackdown in rakhine states all speaking to military officials offices
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and foreign dignitaries mr chee refused to condemn the army and me and which many ranger have accused of murder rape and burning their villages. it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame or to abrogate responsibility we condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence we are committed to the restoration of debility and rule of law through up the. well the un has called the violence in the state of rakhine a quote textbook example of ethnic cleansing but uncensored she said the majority of muslims are not actually leaving the state human rights watch says at least two hundred ten villages have been burnt to the ground since the violence began at the end of august august the twenty fifth mr chief said fifty percent of the villages are still intact and she said the unrest in rakhine is just one of the complexities
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facing what she called her young and fragile country correspondent scott haile is in the capital for us this naypyidaw scott to what sense or to what degree is one son suchi playing catch up here. to a great degree peter you know what what's happened now is he's finally come out as you said in his address the issue with their engine in this nation and this is something that the international community has condemned me and mark for the way it's handling it's the army and the refugee outflow as you said you know over four hundred ten thousand have fled into nearby neighboring bangladesh in horrible conditions so this was her speech to react to that and you know in speaking with a lot of people who are here i'm getting some reaction it's something that you know was there were very big ideas as we heard you know no you know we need to find out what was the root cause of this and we have witness accounts of what they say was he didn't bring those up so it was very big ideas in this speech even went it back
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into kind of the history of of how she became the leader of this nation and what the challenges she faces and what the goals are but she really didn't speak specifically about ok here's the situation this is what's happened in our nation in neighboring nation bangladesh over the last three four weeks and this is what needs to be done and this is what we need to figure out and this is what is the information we need to to get to find that good to do that she didn't do any of that he spoke in very big generalities and and i believe that she'll probably get some criticism for that you know she finally came out and said some things that there will be investigations but she didn't really say what's going to happen right now to help those hundreds of thousands of refugees right now in the squalid conditions just across the border peter as we've been hearing as well she has a very clear idea when it comes to the percentage is she saying half the villages were not so tacitly she's saying hall falls them would here's what she said more than sixty percent of the villages of muslims intact the eye as she was
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before the attacks took place. and we would like to know why this is what i think we have to worry too much not just looking at the problems but also looking at the areas where there are no problems i guess scott in one sense is well it doesn't really matter whether it's fifty percent forty percent sixty percent say she's saying there will be security she's saying you can come home but there's no place for them to go to the villages and the longer this exactly peter and what i find very interesting about that point that she was making there is it so they're saying that in just over fifty percent of these muslim villages in rakhine state things were going right or at least things were ok when this violence is erupting around them so she is saying let's focus on what was going right there and try to replicate that but i would believe it to be
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a very important thing is to look at what went wrong in those other forty something percent villages because what went wrong there went very wrong there so bad that the people left fled because of what they saw because of what was happening because of their conditions so i think yes obviously you need to see what went right in some of those other villages but i would imagine the more immediate issue is what went wrong in those villages and as you said peter you know if as she said also in the speech she wants people to come back and want to start that process of repatriating the people once they prove that they came from myanmar she wants them to come back but there's a lot of work to be done if forty something percent of those villages have been burned to the ground infrastructure health care education basic needs even before those infrastructure things can be done and she was talking about education very specifically she was talking about mental medical care here's what she said on that . all people living under a kind to have access to education and healthcare services without discrimination
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health care services are being provided throughout the state including hard to reach areas with new can. and i suppose as well scott for the rich if you've been on the receiving end of what the u.n. is calling ethnic cleansing a textbook example of ethnic cleansing and then son suchi turns around and says come back home even though you'll stateless and you can have an education you can have health care they're not going to believe. probably not peter and i would imagine why they they could based on history they know what they've gone through and what they've gone through was so horrific for them over time but then also over the last several weeks that they fled they are living in a refugee camp across the border because it was better than what they were facing here they are have been forced into these camps after these waves of violence over the last couple of years and when you look at maybe there is some health care there maybe there is some education there but there is absolutely no choice for that and
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it's a very very basic a low level so enticing them with the promises of those that they will definitely have some type they've had that some type of health care and some type of education they've experienced that that was probably part of the reason why they fled part of the reason of their desperation that they knew it wasn't going to get any better these promises as he's making promises now want to see what happens but again going back to the big point peter these are promises that are longer term mid-term what's right now needs to be the focus a lot of people here feel is it that emergency situation with those hundreds of thousands of refugees just across the border what's going to be happening with them are they going to come back are they going to be welcome back but then what are they going to face and they come here and also you have to think of the psyche of these people what they experience was so dramatic that they so traumatic that they fled across the border it's not going to be easy for them to say ok i'll come back and see how things are there now it's going to be a very tough and difficult process it's going to keep them keep us posted on shabbat in the meantime thanks very much. now to another headlining story the
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electronic voting system will not be ready in time for the rerun of the kenyan presidential election next month the french supplier says it needs more time to properly install the system following the void result in august judges that the supreme court blamed voting irregularities for an early in the reelection of the president of the kenyatta he's campaigning along with his rival rollo dingle for the planned rerun on october the seventeenth correspondent stephanie decker joins us live from nairobi stephanie what's wrong with the gear the kit. well there's something wrong with what they say is they need more time to install it all over again for these fresh elections and we're talking about sort of provisional transmission systems as means to get the actual tally from the voting poll the booths back to the sort of central control where they are counted and also a biometric id system so it's a huge challenge
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a huge amount of work it is just being announced now we are twenty eight days away from when those six actions are supposed to be held which is october the seventeenth so i think what we're expecting now is for perhaps an announcement there are some reports also a biometric id system so it's a huge challenge a huge amount of work it is just being announced now we are twenty eight days away from when those six actions are supposed to be held which is october the seventeenth so i think what we're expecting now is for perhaps an announcement there are some reports of electoral commission will be announcing a delay in the actual date they can do this constitutionally because the deadline is thirty first of october by then these elections ready or not have to take place if there is no flexibility within the constitution for that and if they're not ready and if they can't be held that means then that the speaker of the house takes over the presidency and hold new elections need to be called again so nobody wants to do that but certainly it is complicated there are huge challenges here peter
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this country hasn't been here before it's a lot of back and forth also the opposition is saying will not go to these polls regardless if there aren't any reforms within the electoral commission which hasn't happened it's going to be the same body the same people. that carry out these fresh elections so a lot of questions being asked a lot of complications a lot of challenges ahead but again there is no leeway that these elections are going to have to be held by the end of october so let's wait and see but i think we are expecting certainly for those elections now to be held a week or two later than first and visit and stuff as it's talking to us we're looking at pictures from the oldest election and it's just that john kerry the former u.s. secretary of state. in the country as well just observing what was going on but just look at that election offset against what the election may be yet to come if there were voting irregularities then how do they guarantee that if they haven't got this electronic system in place in time they will be voting irregularities next time around well this is an issue that
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the opposition is really highlighting what they're saying is take a look at this the the the actual the i.d.c. what they call the electoral commission is exactly the same as it was that the company that is in charge of the electronic system is exactly the same as it was that the company that prints the ballot papers in dubai is exactly the same as it was that's what the opposition is saying is that we want reforms now the big question is are you can have this whole blame game but the supreme court has not yet issued its report where it will actually highlight what exactly went wrong whether they will highlight people whether they will highlight a particular technical issues in this electronic system we're still waiting for that they have a deadline this thursday to make that announcement only then can you really get to specifics of what went wrong and reform them it is tight again it's the twenty first we are only a couple of weeks away when these elections need to be held so it gives you a sense of the challenges is also an atmosphere of you know
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a lot of victrola lot of accusations dream politicians so we're going to have to wait and see how it unfolds but certainly it seems these elections will now be delayed thanks stephanie. hurrican maria has left a trail of destruction on the caribbean island dominique of the prime minister there was a sketch it used facebook to say initial reports are of widespread devastation so far we've lost all that money can buy and replace my greatest fear he went on for the morning is that we will wake to news of serious physical injury and possible deaths as a result of likely landslides triggered by persistent rains well islanders are preparing for the worst elsewhere in the caribbean including the u.s. territory of puerto rico dynasty broke as the story. hurricane maria barreled towards the eastern caribbean islands packing two hundred sixty kilometer per hour winds it intensified to a rare category five hurricane with dominica in its path hurricane warnings were posted for dominica guadalupe st kitts and martin eek you do in the home to trust
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the system and you know. that's something to feel something no. i mean i'm not the best you know when this thing you know this storm is heading towards many of the islands that were devastated a little more than a week ago by hurricane earl on the u.s. virgin islands residents emptied store shelves waited in long lines for fuel loaded up on plywood and began preparing their homes for another possible disaster. right from them. that like to get. to you isn't it you didn't want to take them down to be. there when you want to proceed because maria is on a track that would put it over the u.s. territory of puerto rico by wednesday and could be the most powerful hurricane to hit the island in eighty five years diane estabrook al-jazeera. still ahead here
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on al-jazeera evidence that the ukase weapons industry has made billions of dollars from the war in yemen that's when we come back. with. a nice pink skies by the time. our as the sun sets in the city of angels. and we've been seeing some very severe weather across europe recently these are the latest pictures that we've seen from romania where we had some very very gusty winds there probably gusting over one hundred kilometers per hour but the main problem of them is that they would gusty so they were coming out of nowhere and causing all sorts of problems throwing around a bit of god in phone. a thing to spectacular and then the entire gives the bow goes that give you an idea of just how severe the weather here was now that system has now eased but over the last twenty four hours or so it's been this little circulation in the northeast that's caused us to see some very heavy downpours and
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some flooding rega seen fifty millimeters of rain just in the last twenty four hours this system here is now beginning to intensify and this one is giving us some snow already over the outs and now sweeping its way down towards the southeast so it's croatia where we're likely to see some of the heaviest of the downpours today could be some flooding there and then that will gradually ease a little bit as we head through into wednesday and it continues its journey down the adriatic towards the west still cool for many of us here in the next system is working its way in for wednesday a bit further towards the south and for many of us here it's not so hot now we're looking at twenty three and fortunate around twenty five still hot in cairo though we're up at thirty six. the weather sponsored by cats and race. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same things when they're online what are you expecting us citizens here you know and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on sat i was never put
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a file then look at differently because i'm dark and then all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile intent stream and one of their pitches might make a connection join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera. welcome back here with al-jazeera live from the top stories this. is going to bring peace to rakhine state and me and mother refuses to blame soldiers many are injured accused of rape murder and burning their villages. gave her first national speech on the crisis falling international condemnation about ethnic cleansing the company
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behind the electronic voting system for the kenyan presidential election we run next month says it will not be ready in time the french supply necessity needs more time to properly install the system following the void result in august and hurrican maria is heading towards the u.s. territory puerto rico after damaging other islands in the caribbean dominica was hit when maria was a category five the island's prime minister says quote all that money can buy his last maria has since weakened to a category four storm. china and russia holding joint military exercises a chinese naval fleet arrived in the russian fought city of lot of our stock close to the border with north korea one hundred thirteen russian and chinese warships particle part in the drills china correspondent adrian brown joining us live from beijing so what they're about one hundred thirty kilometers from the border into the symbolism must be clear that's right the timing is very interesting because these naval drills are happening as the militaries of
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south korea and the united states have been carrying out war games but both moscow and beijing say you know don't read too much into these naval drills they have happened every year for the past five to six years there is no you know third country we are targeting but actually analysts here in beijing say there is a country that's being targeted and it is japan and that in a sense underscores the complicated tensions in northeast asia right now monday also marked actually the eighty thicks anniversary of japan's invasion of northeast china a very very sensitive anniversary here in china now there is no formal military alliance between china and russia but what these exercises i think demonstrate pretty clearly is that militarily china and russia are moving much closer together so it's possible also there was a message here for the united states president xi jinping will not be in new york
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at the u.n. general assembly but obviously those those conduits of communication are still open between beijing washington and crucially here in this context between beijing and moscow. that's right and of course we knew on tuesday that president xi jinping had another phone conversation with president donald trump one of the more curious government to government leader relationships at the moment both leaders once more discussed north korea they use pretty bland language though its language we've heard really for the past three to four weeks both leaders committed themselves to enforcing sanctions but once more president xi jinping stressed the need for diplomacy and negotiation to be considered as an option so therein lies the problem very different approaches to resolving this crisis the foreign ministry here in beijing on friday held their regular briefing for foreign journalists and the spokesman warned once more that
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threats were no way to resolve the crisis on the peninsula that was in response to comments from jim mattis the u.s. defense secretary earlier on briefly agree and i mean sapporo is directly to the east of lot of our stock took us to the southeast do you get the sense that this exercise the set of exercises deflates the situation or does it actually make people feel more in secure well i don't think it's going to lessen tensions that that's for sure and you know these exercises do happen you know every year but why they've gone ahead and on this scale who knows i think you know russia and china are moving much much closer together and i think you know we're going to see these sorts of exercises to continue the whole dynamic is changing in northeast asia russia and china are becoming closer that has been borne out by the close relationship between president vladimir putin and president xi
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jinping a relationship that really began to improve really after president xi jinping became leader back in early two thousand and thirteen erin thank you. protesters in the u.s. have held a full day of rallies off the white form a police officer was acquitted of shooting a black suspect they demanded justice in the city of st louis at least one hundred twenty people were arrested on sunday off the demonstrations turn violent protests have been taking place since friday when jason stokley was found not guilty in the twenty eleven shooting of anthony miss john hendren has more now from the university city area instant louis demonstrators protested in st louis for a fourth day if you look behind me you can see several people left behind what was a protest of hundreds of people outside of the jail here in st louis this is after one hundred people were arrested on sunday night and we are told fifty still remain
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in that jail behind us so the demonstrators came out here they demanded the release of those people and they collected bail money for those they could now demonstrators say the police have been very rough with them using unnecessary force and arresting people without reason the police chief came out and said that in fact what has been going on is that peaceful demonstrations have turned into unruly moms and vandalism late at night however the protesters say this is just the latest incident of a white police officer shooting a young black man as a study recently showed that although blacks make up black men make up six percent of the american public they make up one in four of those killed in police shootings and until that stops happening the demonstrators here say they will continue to fill the streets.
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the u.s. president on will trump is due to make his initial speeches for a speech at the u.n. general assembly in just a few hours from now he's already made his debut at u.n. headquarters in new york warning that the world body isn't living up to its potential the u.s. president blamed bureaucracy and mismanagement but also promised to help reforms mike hanna has more. the question is which president trampled turn up in coming hours to address the united nations general assembly is it going to be the confrontational president or is it going to be the man who's looking for national unity in the critical challenges that the u.s. is facing at present we've heard from a senior administration official that there will be discussion of north korea very tough talk is the phrase the official users we're also told though that china and russia are unlikely to be called out now president trump has insisted that china
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has a role to play in a rift reconciling the north korean crisis bringing pressure to bear on its nearest neighbor and closest ally little result so far but it does appears that president trump will not use this enough the speech to call out china for its lack of impact on north korea also to be discussed of the issue of iran which president trump has constantly distracted as a threat and also that of venezuela following a meeting with latin american leaders over the course of the night then as well there has been described by the united states as a major regional crisis its leader described by the trump administration as a dictator but the real issue is the tone of the speech exactly where the president tramp is continuing to take on the rest of the world or whether he is indeed prepared to work together with other nations to streamline the u.n. but also to deal with what his administration describes as the most pressing issue
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it faces the ongoing war against terror. commanders from u.s. backed kurdish forces in syria say they're ready to fight government troops if they enter their territory syrian government forces crossed the euphrates river while in circling the pockets of myself fighters and a resort they've been fighting assault on the web. and side of the river the u.s. bank syrian democratic forces or the s d f is battling the group on the eastern side meanwhile the s.d.f. says a russian warplane attacked one of its positions videos that attack damage the kremlin is a major backer of the syrian president bashar al assad one man has been killed when shots were fired during a pro kurdish independence event in kirkuk kurdish leaders say they'll hold an independence referendum despite a ruling from the supreme court in iraq and an order from the prime minister to suspend it the polls will open on september the twenty fifth in the three provinces in the oil rich kurdish region the government of baghdad regional neighbors iran
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and turkey and the u.s. of all called for the vote to be delayed they say it could create instability which would help isolate fighters who are up to hamid has more now from bill in the kurdish region. more pressure to postpone the referendum this time coming from the british government the u.k. defense secretary michael fallon is here in erbil where he is meeting with kurdish president masoud barzani he was earlier in baghdad and he said from there that he was coming here to try to convince the kurds to postpone the vote he also said that the u.k. was firmly against it at this point now this comes after earlier in the day the federal supreme court issued a state order for the suspension of the referendum until it reaches a final ruling now this is actually an order that should be by indeed for do kurds
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even though after the supreme court expressed itself a statement came out from the regional prime minister's office saying that the referendum was still going ahead but according to the do thousand and five constitution well the federal supreme court is the authority that rules in case of ethnic sectarian and regional political problems in this country and the kurds where fully part of the process of writing that constitution so they are at the moment at least publicly showing still that posture of defiance whether there are some sort of negotiations going on between erbil and baghdad at the moment is something that one could fairly be confident about but children's charity says the british weapons industry has made eight billion dollars from sales to saudi arabia since the war began in yemen warchild campaign a city u.k.
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government spends more on humanitarian aid in yemen than it earns in tanks from those weapons sales on the whole looks at how the crisis has unfolded in yemen. since saudi arabia first began bombing yemen in two thousand and fifteen one point one million children have been displaced by the fighting their homes and schools destroyed more than thirteen hundred have been killed mostly by weapons sold to saudi arabia by the united kingdom that's despite the u.k. arms sales rules which say that if there is clear risk that weapons might be used in violation of international humanitarian law well then they should not be supplied warchild says the sales are not only unethical but also a false economy the argument for in favor of our trade with the arabia is that it's very important to the u.k. economy. that may be the case may generate huge amounts of profit for arms companies ten times what the british government of getting out of it are actually making
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a loss if you think that we're only making thirty million pounds in corporation tax year compared to spending one hundred thirty nine million pounds in aid trying to fix the damage perhaps weapons of the kind but with the record doing that damage includes displacement and dwindling food supplies which mean that three million children are in urgent need of treatment for malnutrition while sixty thousand others a sick from the world's worst outbreak of cholera brazil has appointed a new attorney general rockhill doj replaces roderigo johnno who's charged the president michelle tema with leading a criminal organization and obstruction of justice last week mr tema appointed himself overlooking other nominees to allies of general. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera mining's peter davi here in doha this hour your headlines she is vowing to bring peace to the state of rakhine in myanmar but she is refusing to blame soldiers many muslims accuse of
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rape murder and burning their villages the fact a leader and nobel laureate gave her first national speech on the crisis following international condemnation of ethnic cleansing the head of a un inquiry into the violence in rakhine has asked for more time to investigate the allegations of human rights abuses against the rangers and a fact finding missions chairman says it is necessary to get a full and truthful account of what's happening placing an escalating situation in north america and there is increasing our exponentially we are deeply concerned about our ability to a very private bank necessary to report our depth and quality that is expected by much. respect. extending our mandate by six months to september two thousand. the company behind
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the electronic voting system for kenya's presidential election rerun next month it won't be ready in time for in suppliers' as it needs more time to properly install the system following that void result in august first election supreme court judges blame voting irregularities for another the reelection of president or her kenyatta hurricane maria is heading towards the u.s. territory of puerto rico after damaging other islands across the caribbean was hits when maria was a category five the island's prime minister says all that money can buy is lost maria has since been downgraded to a category four. donald trump is due to make his first speech at the u.n. general assembly in a few hours he made his debut on monday one of the world body isn't living up to its potential u.s. president blamed bureaucracy and mismanagement but also promised to help reforms. china and russia are holding joint exercises amid tensions on the korean peninsula chinese naval fleet arrived in the russian port of lot of hostile close to the
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border with north korea thirteen russian and chinese warships part taking part in the drills those paul your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the scream i will see you in about half an hour. and for your. family. and your in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube from cuba to the u.s. and.


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