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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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g. to try to make his party relevant to new voters. right now i think. we argue with our colleagues from the s.p.d. and c.d.u. c.s.u. about what environmental measures should be taken and how quickly such as abandoning coal when how but the goal of fighting climate change is the same as that of mr schultz and mrs merkel. surrounding. the movie refusing members do you suppose i think you're going to see lewinsky dubois here oh my goodness you support is easier if the green you want to play. you one problem the greens face is that i'm going to merkel's energy policy you turn away from nuclear power and into renewable energy in twenty eleven took away one of their key policies to make up for that they've tried to develop policies to appeal to both political sides but in trying to gain votes across the
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spectrum one analyst says they have alienated some of their traditional supporters ok we are still greens but some of the politics are made by social democrats. by conservatives and so far they need a representative they need a political representation there that could be clear that. in some issues historically the greens close allies have been the social democrats but such a red green partnership seems nowhere near having enough votes to form a majority which means cham to me and his friends and now contemplating a perhaps once unthinkable possible deal with the christian democrats and the freedom. but before that they have to win enough votes in sunday's elections dominate came. sanish prosecutors have started questioning salon mayors over their support of next months and dependents referendum more than seven
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hundred mayors have opted to host polling stations for the october first vote which the spanish government considers illegal the mare's of bank threaten the charges of civil disobedience and abuse of office. it's a film that spend announced by israel's culture minister but that didn't stop from winning best picture at the country's edible movie awards harry fawcett reports from. it's the biggest night of the year for the israeli film industry the off year awards but this year showbiz is being edged out by politics samuel mousers film foxtrot has attracted glowing reviews abroad and at home it won the jury prize at the venice festival and is nominated for thirteen israeli officers but israel's culture minister has launched a bitter campaign against it accusing mao's of anti israel slander. yeah well create the courts will. form love after the close enough to the reproductive who
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will love the sin of the doris foxtrot examines israel's relationship to its army charting a couple's grief when told a soldier son is dead but he has some time surrealists been on life in an isolated checkpoint and crucially depicting a killing and a cover up the victims a group of palestinian civilians. in response rego is threatening to change the rules on government film funding not invited to the awards instead she addressed foxtrot's director live on facebook at the beginning of the saying you know israel you know the israeli army and you know how morally it is look what a paradise of established in a dark middle east and you dare to present israeli soldiers killing arabs at a checkpoint and then burying them and you call this horrendous lie and metaphor for all the ire that we regulate is directing it foxtrot it's far from the only artistic endeavor that she has a problem with israel's culture minister is taking aim at targets across the
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cultural landscape and the thing that she deems to be anti israeli. among them a place staged two years ago by one of israel's highest profile palestinian theatres parallel time told the true story of a palestinian prisoner killing in israeli guard the army down theater found its funding frozen in withdrawn a decision it's challenging in the courts its chairman calls it an attack on palestinian cultural life. the just want us to be and sign an old photo of them and any time that anyone is doing anything that this government and those people it's not for them as they close the budget they don't give you the budget that the officers palestinian tolland was celebrated. as was foxtrot winning eight awards including best film automatically making it the israeli standard bearer for next year's academy awards. al-jazeera israel still ahead
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on al-jazeera. for an incredible comeback to the top part this dec cyclists show will be here with the story.
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back to second much for all of our sport thanks very much when we start with football and barcelona have gone five points clear at the top of spain's la liga they beat mid table aber six one on tuesday and you know messi scored four goals including two within three minutes in cheese days of the match valencia moved up to
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third with a five nil thrashing of malaka a number of league games also taking place on wednesday including real madrid who play real betis in a match so we'll see the return of christian or an elder of the strike as completed a five much ban for shoving a referee during royal spanish super cup game against barcelona no most are already looking to have cristiano back and i hope this is the last time this happened to us not having christiane i'm happy i'm happy but he is as well what he likes is playing the group. now he's back and we are playing in the league at home and. playing at our state. or for manchester united in england captain rio ferdinand has announced he swapping his boots for boxing gloves but he could face a fight for credibility ferdinand who retired from football two years ago is being backed by
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a british betting company and has refused to say how much he's being paid for the stunt the thirty eight year old admits he still needs to get past the intense training before applying for a boxing license but hopes it will help him move on after the deaths of both his wife and mother from cancer in the last two years. it's something for me to focus on thing over the last couple years have been for quite a few. things in my life and this is another just the way i feel now the kind of. china where i question the anger sometimes and just emotions into something i can be really focused on and this is just something that i'm really kind of into i've got most respect for the folks in the senate i'm not coming in saying i'm just saying i'm going to be a war champion i'm coming to send a load of hurdles to go home and i'm going to meet with them head on west indies cricket is will have to go through qualifying next year to reach the two thousand and nineteen world cup that was confirmed after they slumped to a seven wicket loss in their first one day match against england on cheese day the
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windies who sit ninth in the i.c.c. has one day rankings made two hundred four for nine in their match which was reduced to forty two overs chris gayle hit thirty seven runs of twenty seven balls but joint best as maiden century so in and take a comfortable seven wicket victory the second of the five match series is a not so i am on thursday south africa's new cricket coach otis gibson is setting his sights on making the team the best test side in the world gibson who has experience coaching the west indies and england start his new role with a two test home series against bangladesh that begins in late september and he expects his new team to achieve great things by the time the next world cup gets on the way. when you talk about stan marcos. j.p. duminy m k b to various sort of that have done unbelievable things in cricket and it was a lot of individually a lot of it also as
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a team for the country and i think with the world cup in mind you know it is an opportunity for us i think to do something really special and that's the focus over the next over the next two years now for years sports like the n.f.l. and n.b.a. have been trying to attract new fans across growing markets like asia now the n.h.l. is getting in on the act to the l.a. kings and vancouver canucks will face off in the first ever pre-season games played in china shanghai will host the first game on thursday before the club's travel to beijing to play the second contest on saturday with a population of more than one point three billion china could be a lucrative market for the national hockey league. and beijing already has a team in the cage which you know tells you that that's. the direction china is going into hockey and you know for us to be hearing and trying to come out and expand the game is there's a great honor in europe. now it's just been over
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a year since she suffered a terrible crash at last year's olympic road race and i make fun floyd in there has made an incredible comeback to the top the dutch reuter fractured her back and suffered severe concussion in the crash in rio but since returning to the saddle this year she's one of the string of racism choose dave and floyd and was crowned the individual time trial champion at the road well championships in the way. tennis is new well number one has finally got a hands on the trophy that goes with her ranking i've been your muguruza reached the top spot two weeks ago despite being knocked out of the forefront at the u.s. open but it wasn't until earlier on tuesday that the twenty four year old was presented. with this glittering trophy in tokyo ahead of this week's competition in japan. at the top dominate the a.t.p. rankings the last time that happened was in two thousand and three with america's serena williams and on dry agassi i think it's just incredible that this is
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happening you know for to. you very hard to to be there only three countries have done it in bath and you know well it would have been extinct and that's what. that's all for this news hour much more to come though on al-jazeera we'll have the latest on that major earthquake in mexico keep it or more to come. let's talk about now. right now.
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right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've got clouds protecting reiners. on mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a minute this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the world. because
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. it's not just phones contributing to sound phones bumper profit if we look at the u.s. economy the moment it does seem to be in pretty good shape up until around two thousand and five greek debt levels were basically stable we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. more than a hundred people are killed after a powerful earthquake hits such of mexico.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea yes president takes aim at north korea and iran in his first address to the u.n. calling them the scourge of our planet. our cameras strengthens as it roars to the caribbean leaving behind what's being called mind boggling devastation. and the u.n. asked me in march will allow it into the country to investigate what's been called ethnic cleansing ever henschel muslims. a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake has hit mexico killing dozens and trapping many more under topple buildings more than one hundred people are confirmed dead several buildings collapsed and around mexico city and rescue workers are right now sifting through the rubble and search for survivors and
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estabrook reports. the earthquake was powerful and within seconds the swaying buildings began to crack and some crashed to the ground around the capital there was panic inside buildings as people fled to the streets. when i was on the roof as rescuers tended to the injured others tried to clear the path for emergency crews is them trying to place cars on the edge of the street to allow firemen through so that people are more protected dramatic video showed smoke rising from several areas around mexico city many buildings were reduced to rubble including a school which was destroyed when its upper floors collapsed on to lower ones near mcgill angel mansehra said there were people trapped in some of those buildings throughout mexico city people stood in the streets consoling each other as alarms blared seismologists say more than thirty million people likely felt the quake the u.s. geological survey said the epicenter. it's near the public town of robo so about
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one hundred twenty three kilometers southeast of mexico city the quake comes just a week after another major earthquake shook the country killing ninety eight people seismologists say tuesday's quake was too large to be an aftershock from the earlier one official say it's still too early to accurately estimate the scope of damage and the number of casualties but they believe both will be significant dian us to brooke al jazeera and part of rodriguez joins me live now from mexico city this all coming on the anniversary of one of the worst earthquakes ever in mexico city what are you saying now what's happening where you are. most of them.
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are just trying to. wait.
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and. write. no warning no one having any time to do anything and. the president. and. the prey. are. donald trump is the thirteenth u.s. president to come here to address the u.n. and with the north korea crisis to tear orating he knew the world would be hanging
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on his every word the message is with these messages coming together but once he headed to the general assembly chamber he's excellent three donald trump he had a very different message delivering a speech that astonished many diplomats by including an unprecedented threat to annihilate another u.n. member state the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the words with just the sort of language that earlier the u.n. secretary general had warned against fiery talk can lead to fatal misunderstandings the solution must be political and this is a time for statesmanship we must not sleepwalk our way into war
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president trumps foreign policy challenges a growing his critics say it's only of his own making he doesn't now just face possible confrontation with one nuclear power north korea but with a second one iran too as he continues to suggest he's likely to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it believe me that receive strong support from israel's prime minister but only to.


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