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floors collapsed on to lower ones mayor mcgill angel mansehra said there were people trapped in some of those buildings throughout mexico city people stood in the streets consoling each other as alarms blared seismologists say more than thirty million people likely felt the quake the u.s. geological survey said the epicenter was near the public town of robo so about one hundred twenty three kilometers southeast of mexico city the quake comes just a week after another major earthquake shook the country killing ninety eight people seismologists say tuesday's quake was too large to be an aftershock from the earlier one official say it's still too early to accurately estimate the scope of damage and the number of casualties but they believe both will be significant dian us to brooke al jazeera and horrify vegas joins me live now from mexico city in the aftermath of all this and paro it seems to people did not have really any warning.
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hi retail it is it is part of the we are afternoon or news named for our c.n.n. mexico city this is no this is a country not a sprint to its quakes but the one that was played today although it was only seven point one which is actually you know the strongest we sailed in had quite grave consequences about this whole buildings here in the city collapsed many many more we have cracks and we'll be on top of all the facts really what the president said they could bring anything against it a few minutes ago he came to he came out to say that there was a emergency situation in the country especially in three states more than a little spoiler in mexico city and he instructed the army to work with the protection and he asked everyone to read united and tell their neighbors. what happened so they were. quite decent from what happened for instance last week
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last week we had an eight point one earthquake by the defense i was in was. in the south when that happens we go to st nicholas that keeps us now to morning for everyone to come out and around the state and look for a safe place to be with these one because the if you think i was supposed to be capitale was one hundred twenty kilometers from here the alarm went off but it went so i just same time as it was happening so basically it was happening no warning we had no chance to run for cover and that's why many people were still inside the buildings and they call this a very fast tale of a school in the south of the city we don't know how many children died at least paul and a teacher that we know was but just to look under the rubble to try and get them to take these polls in this field right now he's been the city's one hundred nineteen
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. rescue workers and firefighters. frantically and they're going to be doing that throughout the night we've got no electricity. as well. they. are heavy machinery. behind. what i'm trying to say i think. the patient is going to right in the next hour unfortunately that is the case probably billets also hope that there's a lot of rescues as well and thank you very much. the president has stepped up his standoff with north korea threatening to totally destroy it in a highly combative speech to the u.n. general assembly dollar. and describe it appraised regime
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a diplomatic editor james space has more from the united nations donald trump is the thirteenth u.s. president to come here to address the u.n. and with the north korea crisis deteriorating he knew the world would be hanging on his every word the the message is really just a sense of messages coming together but once he headed to the general assembly chamber excellent see donald trump he had a very different message delivering a speech that astonished many diplomats spying clue precedented threat to annihilate another u.n. member state the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the words were just the sort of
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language that earlier the u.n. secretary general had warned against fiery talk can lead to fatal misunderstandings the solution must be political and this is a time for statesmanship we must not sleepwalk our way into war president trumps foreign policy challenges a growing his critics say it's only of his own making he doesn't now just face possible confrontation with one nuclear power north korea but with a second one iran too as he continues to suggest he's likely to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it believe me that receive strong support from israel's prime minister but only tepid applause from those in the general assembly so i've listened to
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countless speeches in this hall but i can say that none were bolder none were more courageous and forthright. than the one delivered by president trump today the u.n. is normally a place of nuance and compromise but president trumps sees things in starkly black and white even some of the countries that are normally friendly to the u.s. are alarmed one western foreign minister told me the president trumps comments on north korea was unhelpful and a senior security council diplomat said to me why does he want to provoke two similar ten years nuclear crises james zero at the united nations let's go now to the united nations where mike hanna joins us live so mike it was. quite a dynamic first day what are we looking ahead to tomorrow.
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well indeed yes well everybody may be taking a breath in the course of the next twenty four hours because president trump is off campus so to speak but he'll be having a lot of bilateral meetings on the fringes of the united nations in particular he's meeting egyptian president but i feel sisi the jordanian king abdullah as well as a palestinian leader mahmoud abbas so clearly this may be president trump's attempts to start putting clothes on the skeleton of the peace deal that is administration says is possible to resuscitate but in between this as well he'll be holding a meeting with african leaders a lunch with them indeed and also a meeting with british prime minister to resume she is likely to bring up the issue of iran the united kingdom deeply concerned along with a number of other european nations about the possibility that president tran mike
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unilaterally abandoned the iran deal of twenty fifteen also speaking in the united nations in the course of tomorrow will be iran's president rouhani who's likely to respond to the attack waged by president trump in his speech earlier mike hanna live for us at the united nations mike thank you. and u.s. president says the blockade on qatar will be resolved quickly he was meeting with the a mayor of qatar shaikh to name then home it all funny on the sidelines at the u.n. general assembly u.s. president has denied reports that he warned gulf states against taking military action against qatar earlier in a speech to the u.n. qataris and their denounce the blockade and call for talks correspondent rahsaan jordan has more. the america. dani used his address to the un general assembly to issue a complaint the g.c.c. political and economic blockade against his country is based on lies
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misunderstandings and made up news reports picked up around the region earlier in the year i think that i don't i think the crime was deliberately committed from a political advantage and was followed by a list of political debate haitians which contracting on sovereignty and cost worldwide astonishment and even the emir said he was ready and willing to negotiate an end to the crisis now in its fourth month during a courtesy call the u.s. president offered his encouragement to wait now in the situation with trying to solve a problem in the middle east and i think it is. the way it will be. pretty quickly trump said something similar when he met recently with the emir of kuwait who has been trying to mediate the crisis but at the start with saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind and egypt when they accuse got are of supporting terrorist groups has denied those claims physician complicated efforts by some of his aides
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to resolve the crisis but now there are reports trump may have privately warned the saudis and the immoralities early on to not attack. their reports the president denied with a simple no at the end of his meeting with the emir of the hair. meantime the egyptian president made only the vaguest of references to the crisis. during his general assembly address. it is impossible to visit a future for the regional international order without a definitive and comprehensive confrontation with terrorism which should be approached in among other eradicate terrorism in addition to openly challenging any policy that so close so finances terrorism oh that off is it media channels or safe havens it's not likely an end to the g.c.c. crisis could be negotiated during the opening week of the general assembly but at least it does seem that it's not something the security council will have to tackle at least not right now rosalyn jordan al-jazeera at the united nations still ahead
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on al-jazeera at the un asked me in march to allow it into the country to investigate what's called ethnic cleansing for henschel muslims. and the u.s. new revelations about campaign manager paul mann afforded his contacts with russia . i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online more to the u.s. citizens here than what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on sat i was never put a file then look at differently because i'm dr that all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera.
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we have stories. some that enrich our memories. others to define our futures. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera staff members open their hearts and didn't fight us in. to that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon. straight break. blanket coverage follows experts and politicians often have to choose i'm soundbites wrong and fable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today is the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera the world's primary could change producing nation. is at the
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forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry the author of this business will go on forever it will not change only as mobile policies do who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes this time. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now more than one hundred thirty people are confirmed dead after an earthquake struck central mexico
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the seven point one magnitude quake. just after one p.m. local time it's a second earthquake in mexico and over two weeks. as president made his debut at the united nations taking a bet or korea donald trump said he just for the country if they threaten the u.s. or its allies he also had strong words for iran kucing at a spot. terrorism and destabilizing the region and while trump says he thinks the blockade on qatar will be resolved quickly he was meeting with the emir of qatar shaikh to mean a nominal funny on the sidelines of the un general assembly the us president has denied reports that he warned gulf states against taking military action against qatar. at least one person has been killed in the second category five storm to hit the caribbean and a month ok maria has mainland holland are several islands with two hundred sixty eight kilometer an hour when's the french island was hit by the storm
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a neighboring dominican was also hit the country's prime minister describes the destruction as mind boggling whereas heading towards puerto rico from where and the gallagher reports. as hurricane maria bore down on the caribbean island of dominate its prime minister said we did not look out maria hit as a category five with sustained winds of two hundred sixty kilometers per hour but slides and widespread damage and now a major concern for prime minister roosevelt skerritt describe the effects of the hurricane as hallucinating and was himself rescued as the storm plowed across the island taking to social media he said his people have lost what money can buy and replace and now fears that people may have been killed north of the money could a friend charlotte of quite loop was also pounded by the powerful storm it's still recovering from hurricane but officials say the scale of the damage is hard to quantify and. that we have limited contact at the moment it's really very patchy we're in contact with our forces the firemen the military police and the police who
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are giving us some information but we have very little information at this stage across the region hurricane alerts have now been issued as maria continues its track towards the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico high winds tidal surges and power outages and now a potentially deadly threat as officials warned residents to take to shelters or stay in their homes here in puerto rico more than five hundred shelters a vote it is this island braces for the most powerful storm to hit since nine hundred twenty eight hurricane graced puerto rico two weeks ago leading to the loss of power for a million residents some still don't have electricity but with a direct hit and now facing potentially far more serious consequences and again like al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. ellen maher speech on the right hand your crisis. little to placate the international community. divestitures her demanding access to me in march when best
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claims of human rights violations by security forces un staff in bangladesh have started collecting testimonies from a hands on muslims who have fled the violence. reports. the speech was meant to placate the international community hasn't worked the un continues to demand full access to the home of the red. states and the me and all governments treatment of the muslim minority is attracting further outrage from many hue fled to bangladesh the woman who was once a beacon of hope is now hate. what i told her people in the world is a complete lie if what she said is not a lie then let the world media so that they can see whether we are tortured i'll be a happy let them see the plight of the people. that call for access to run is being reinforced by the un having already demanded that international investigators be
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allowed in to examine the growing allegations of atrocities u.n. leaders again urge the media more government to cooperate mass killings excessive use of force torture and ill treatment sexual and gender based violence and the burning and destruction of entire villages it is important for us to see with our own eyes the sides of these alleged violations and abuses. access would allow investigators to see what's really happening these satellite photos show one village in rockland state first in may that in september revealing the near total destruction of buildings and surrounding vegetation human rights watch says new data shows more than two hundred villages have been almost completely destroyed and accuses security forces of ethnic cleansing but me and as leaders continue to protest their innocence while denying international agencies free access to the region we're going to need to believe that is to such
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a mission is not a helpful course of action in solving the already entered an issue. leaders have repeatedly blamed much of the violence and what they describe as terrorist groups. maintain strong support in much of. the others her statements seem either out of touch or willfully blind to the actions of the military. generals control those forces pursued cheese accused of not even trying to influence them duncan crawford. president spoke to al jazeera battles concerns over the ranter crisis and the response from me in mars' leader of. the unit is a very light statement by a young son so i wish she had made the statement earlier she has not made a very convincing explanation hundreds of thousands of people have fled me and of course the people need to feel safe and her statement did not reassure this we took
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the initiative and held a meeting on the ranger here at the united nations and we should a statement of declaration at the end of the meeting and with the declaration we have discussed what kind of steps will need to be taken i want to thank bangladesh in particular they've decided to reserve an island for the rakhine muslims fleeing myanmar and turkey will provide all necessary help along with other countries for those people who will be arriving on the island. tension is rising around iraq's kurdish region ahead of a vote on kurdish independence on september twenty fifth the town of two to is where kurdish control and iraqi control began its population is a mix of kurds and turkmen shared paramilitary groups and kurdish peshmerga have fought there before the shia turkmen reject the referendum and have been making renewed threats military commanders are worried that the tensions might lead to violence rebels have attacked a government forces in south sudan killing twenty five people women elderly people
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and local police officers were among those who were killed in the fighting near the town of you south sudan has been a state of civil war since two thousand and thirteen with troops loyal to president south of here fighting those of rate machines are the vice president he sacked as donald trump addressed world leaders at the united nations back in washington the investigation into possible collusion between the trunk campaign and russia has revealed new developments media outlets the united states of reporting investigators wiretapped former truck campaign manager paul manna for kimberly how could reports. we won't make you to understand the man as much as for months the f.b.i. has considered paul man a fort a person of interest now new revelations that the former trunk campaign chair has been on the radar of u.s. government investigators since twenty fourteen the surveillance began under secret court orders it was stopped due to a lack of evidence but resumed again last year and into twenty seventeen those
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recorded communications are now part of the broad investigation being led by special prosecutor robert muller into whether there was collusion between russia and trump campaign officials. the revelations have emboldened trump supporters who want social media viewed this as vindication for the president and his claim on twitter in march that the previous administration had wiretapped him i have no information that supports those tweets and may contradict claims made by fired f.b.i. director james comey who would have been overseeing that surveillance given manna for it has a home in trump tower and as chair of trump's campaign was likely caught up in that surveillance of matter for. on capitol hill trump advisor and friend michael cohn briefly appeared to ask her questions for senators only for his lawyer to tell reporters the meeting had been canceled. to get me to go with your what you write
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in july the f.b.i. also launched an early morning raid on manna for its home as part of its investigation seizing documents and computer files man of ford has denied he ever knowingly had contact with russian agents he did however register retroactively as a foreign agent with the u.s. government for consulting work he did for ukraine's former pro russia ruling party this former justice department official says it appears miller's team is putting pressure on trump associates to target the president this would be leverage if you say all right if we have information that you may have violated the foreign. agent's registration act will kind of ignore the bad will will not prosecute that case but you've got to waive your privileges and disclose everything you know about what happened metaphor was not reportedly under f.b.i. surveillance when donald trump jr invited him to the june twenty sixth trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer it's a gap that could prove critical as investigators continue to probe into possible
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ties between the russian government and the us president kimberly how can al-jazeera washington statement has been released on behalf of paul newman a fort and reads this way if true it is a felony to reveal the existence of a warrant or guard also the fact that no charges ever emerge yes to parchman of justices and specter general should immediately conduct an investigation into these leaks british police have arrested a third suspect in connection to the bomb attack on a london underground train last week a twenty five year old man was arrested in wales on tuesday police are questioning two other men who were arrested over the weekend but neither has been charged thirty people were injured when a homemade explosive device partially detonated during morning rush hour on friday the train was stopped at the parson's green tube station when the device went off it's a film that's been denounced by israel's culture minister but that didn't stop fox trot from winning best picture at the country's annual movie awards the film had
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already won international acclaim and a step for all stars oscar success harry foster reports in the israeli film industry awards an ascot. it's the biggest night of the year for the israeli film industry the off year awards but this year showbiz is being edged out by politics samuel mousers film foxtrot has attracted glowing reviews abroad and at home it won the jury prize at the venice festival and is nominated for thirteen israeli officers but israel's culture minister has launched a bitter campaign against it accusing mao's of anti israel slander. yeah well create the crux of the form love love to the place love to the poor reproductive who will love the sin of. the doris foxtrot examines israel's relationship to its army charting a couple's grief when told a soldier's son is dead but he has some time surrealist spin on life at an isolated checkpoint and crucially depicting a killing and a cover up the victims
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a group of palestinian civilians. in response rego is threatening to change the rules on government film funding not invited to the awards instead she addressed foxtrot's director live on facebook at the beginning of the saying you know israel you know the israeli army and you know how morally it is look what a paradise of established in a dark middle east and you dare to present israeli soldiers killing arabs at a checkpoint and then burying them and you call this horrendous lie and metaphor for all the ire that we regulars directing at fox trot it's far from the only artistic endeavor that she has a problem with israel's culture minister is taking aim at targets across the cultural landscape and i think that she deems to be anti israeli. among them a place staged two years ago by one of israel's highest profile palestinian theatres parallel time told the true story of a palestinian prisoner killing in israeli guard the army done theatre found its
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funding frozen and withdrawn the decision it's challenging in the courts its chairman calls it an attack on palestinian cultural life. they just want us to be unsigned and. full of them and any time that anyone is doing anything that this government and those people it's not for them is they close the budget they don't give you the budget that the officers palestinian talent was celebrated. as was foxtrot winning a towards including best film automatically making it the israeli standard bearer for next year's academy awards are a force that al-jazeera ashdod israel. and we shall carry these are the top stories right now on al-jazeera more than one hundred thirty people are confirmed dead after a powerful earthquake struck central mexico the seven point one magnitude quake hit
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publish city just after one p.m. local time this is the second earthquake in mexico in over two weeks. at least one person has been killed in the second category five storm to hit the caribbean in a month or came maria has made landfall over several islands with ten or sixty kilometer an hour winds the french island of guadalupe was hit by the storm and so was neighboring to medica that country's prime minister described it as mind boggling yes president made his debut at the united nations taking aim at north korea at all trump said he destroy the country if they threaten the u.s. or its allies he also had strong words for iran accusing it of sponsoring terrorism and destabilizing the region the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its our lives we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea rocket man
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is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the united states is ready willing and able but hopefully this will not be necessary that's what the united nations is all about that's what the united nations is for let's see how they do meanwhile the u.s. president says the blockade on katara will be resolved quickly he was meeting with the emir of qatar shaikh to maintain hamann all funny on the sidelines of the un general assembly yes president has denied reports that he warned gulf states against taking military action against qatar the united nations investigators are demanding full access to me in march to investigate claims of human rights violations by security forces u.n. staff in bangladesh have started collecting testimonies from my hands of muslims
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who have fled the violence tension is rising around iraq's kurdish region ahead of a vote on a kurdish independence on september twenty fifth military commanders are worried the tensions might lead to violence in the town of two karma to which is where kurdish control and iraqi control weekends those are the headlines news continues and al-jazeera after we can keep it here. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. was. was cancer villages rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders to step down after decades of corruption was. amid
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a crackdown activists shreds and bore died in police custody. but who can achieve the unthinkable the right to choose their own videos. finally so there was a motto. this is amazing. so you. want to let people know not to tell you you know i. was. here we're here we were the. people you want to tell you. with all that you want.
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