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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm AST

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but. there was also the quartet roadmap in two thousand and three put forward by the quartet for peace endorsed by the security council and accepted by palestine it was also rejected by the israeli government so israel is above the law. and to break this stalemate in the peace process and to ensure success for peace efforts. there came the french initiative aimed at salvaging the peace process and the two state solution. led to holding their paris conference earlier this year which was at the ended by seventeen states. seventeen states i repeat and four international organizations. all these efforts.
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where met with their rejection and boycotting by israel. furthermore president vladimir putin of russia. and president xi jinping of china have launched initiatives for peace and the latest of these peace efforts all of which we are thankful for is being led by the united states president donald trump where of these initiatives and why israel is not accepting these initiatives on our part we have also repeatedly tried to revive the peace process and called on the prime minister to affirm to only affirm his commitment to the two state solution and sit with us at the initiation stable to delineate the borders between israel and the state of palestine in order to. open a path for meaningful negotiations to resolve all other final status issues.
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sitting together resolving the issue of borders and then discuss other matters unfortunately it was rejected by the prime minister and. we continue our genuine efforts success of the peace process. and despite these efforts. israel continues to breach its commitments and to obstruct. efforts. by continuing to build settlements everywhere. settlements everywhere. there is no place left for the state of palestine and this is not acceptable. for us and for you you have the responsibility. israel also rejects the two state solution and this poses a real threat to both peoples the israelis and the palestinians alike.
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and this compels us to undertake a comprehensive strategic review of the entire process that. commitment to peace should be from one side. a commitment to by one side to peace is never enough to achieve peace. we have worsened in the past and continue to warn of israeli policies either we are free or not free. we have warrants in the past and continue to warn of israeli probably says aimed at entrenching the occupation and colonial facts on the ground in east jerusalem we said these policies. if you were religious animosity.
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that could lead to a religious conflict. we have called on the israeli government to uphold the historic and legal status of the holy sites in the city however these really government since its acute patient of east jerusalem in one nine hundred sixty seven. yes it is an occupying power jerusalem is occupied. israel has. repeatedly. and next jerusalem. by. decision. israel just decided to annex gaulin and it did so. we rejected that at that time and we still reject it today alongside the whole
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international community including the security council there have been many recent adopted by the security council the high society in the world stating that this is an exaggeration. process is illegal. to whom should we go. and there is an issue of this secret council and those of the assembly are not implemented so to whom should we go we're not going to worst terrorism or violence. in jerusalem is an occupied city and israel is decisions and practices that are null and void. and void and illegal. in their entirety. the same applies to all israeli settlements in east jerusalem and the rest of the
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occupied palestinian territory it is an occupied territory. tends to change the historic status quo in the accords and in particular the the status and integrity of all acts. can only be described as playing with fire and and frenchwomen upon our responsibilities as well as those of brotherly jordan . both of us are responsible for this city we the israeli government of the employ. of such an aggression and we hold it fully responsible for the consequences . and. to go to words a religious war it is really dangerous for you and for us we don't want our conflict is political let it remain politically stay away from religious issues
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president. ladies and gentlemen. this. press of policies and practices we have been able to bear and then a situations of our state competently. which has been recognized by a majority of member states of this organization. one thirty one hundred thirty eight states. among. the majority of their membership i seize this opportunity once again to thank all these countries that have recognized the state of palestine and that i have voted for upgrading the status of the of the state of palestine and the united nations by doing so. you addressing a part of the historical injustice afflicted. our people and endured by
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our people and this also supports the objective of peace between israelis and palestinians in the middle east and across the world at large. last year. before this august assembly. stressed in my speech that the status quo in the occupied territories of the state of palestine is not sustainable however as the situation has only deteriorated due to israelis insistence on pursuing its occupation aggressive policies and endless violations of international law. we must once again. if this is the case. calling on israel as. the occupying power to fully respect and
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appalled all its obligations stemming from this occupation. what. and also bear the consequences. we cannot continue. to be an authority without any with thirty. we cannot remain and thirteen without any other thirty or to allow this occupation to continue without cost. we are fast approaching this point. if they don't you won the two state solution and they don't want peace. lead then bear their responsibilities and the consequences of these responsibilities. because you are not going to bear any responsibility in this case there to state solution today is in jeopardy we cannot as palestinians stand still in the face of this
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threat. targeting our national political and social existence on our land. and in the injures regional and international peace and security. we will have to take steps or look for alternatives. to preserve our national existence. and at the same time. to keep their prospects for peace and security. however all the options that we are seeking . will be peaceful peaceful. peaceful. i mean. in such a situation it is our right to search for a turn to preserve our rights and protect our land and our people from any and from an entrenching a system of apartheid that came to an end in south africa
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a long time ago but it still exists in palestine. is this acceptable and the world accepts an apartheid regime in the first twenty first century. in palestine why. it is that. on the other hand. we have called on the international criminal court. this is our rate. if nobody wants to listen to us then let us seek all avenues so we have called on the international criminal courts too often and this to geisha and to prosecute israeli officials for their involvement in settlement activities and aggressions against our people and we will continue to pursue our accessions to international conventions protocols and organizations as part of stain has acquired observer status in accordance with united nations general assembly resolution sixty said
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learned slash nineteen of twenty twelve i will call for the convening of the palestinian national council. in the near future to operationalize this strategic review president ladies and gentlemen. we as palestinians and arabs. and the whole world have the choice of the international law and the two state solution on the borders of nineteen sixty seven and we will grant every chance for the efforts being undertaken by president donald trump and the quartet and the international community at large to. a historic agreement or a deal. we have heard that they are seeking a historic deal and we would like to thank them we hope that this will take place.
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so we stress the two state solution. enabling the state of palestine to live side by side with the state of israel in security and peace but if the two state solution where to be destroyed due to the creation of a one state reality with two systems apartheid. from the unchecked imposition of this occupation that is rejected by our people and the international unity this would be a failure and neither you nor we will have any other choice but to continue the struggle and demand equal rights for all inhabitants of historic palestine this is not a threat but we are worming of the reality is and the consequence is as a result of the ongoing israeli policies that are gravely undermining the two state solution what do they want. let them talk about other
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issues but our choice will remain the two state solution. our problem ladies and gentleman is with the israeli colonial occupation and not with judaism as a religion. for us. christians and muslims. will never be considered a threat it is. a religion like islam and christianity. and god almighty says in the koran in the name of god the compassionate the merciful we do not distinguish between his messengers so all messengers are equal mohammed jesus is. others all these religions are equal and we are not distinguish distinguishing between profits or messengers
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and on this occasion we are congratulating the jews. for the occasion or on the occasion of the new year and we will. we will also congratulate. and we will we would like to congratulate muslims for they knew we had three years starting tomorrow so this is a demonstration of their approach meant between religions president ladies and gentlemen. we have dutifully held our responsibilities towards our people in the gaza strip in a spite of the division since two thousand and seven. since then we have provided all forms of support. on our own to our people in gaza who are gravely suffering from the cruel israeli blockade. we have repeatedly
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affirm and. that and no one is more conscious about the interests of our people in gaza strip we are keen on achieving the interests of people in gaza we said that there will be no state in gaza and there will be no palestinian state with the gaza strip. stayed in gaza this is a false a dream and our state will only complete with the gaza strip and today i must express my relief the agreement reached in in cairo. as a result of egyptian efforts. we are thankful for these efforts aimed that nearly finding the measures taken by hamas following the division including the
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formation of a government. now the government has been cancelled. and now there is commitment to really a national unity or a national consensus government. to enable it exercise its authority in gaza strip and to allow for general elections to be have this agreement. has been reached and we are satisfied with this agreement and next week our government is going to the gaza strip to assume its responsibility and we wish the government all success president ladies and gentlemen also in my speech before this is simply last year. with the british government and the government of great britain to rectify the grave injustice inflicted upon the palestinian people when it's issued the balfour declaration in one nine hundred seventeen promising jews in
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national homeland in palestine. this by the fact that i stan was inhabited by the palestinian people. ninety seven percent of the population population at that time where the scenes we were disregarded. again by the same was inhabited by the palestinian people and was among the most progressive and prosperous countries and should not have been colonized or placed under the mandate of a great power. and the british government has not. taken any steps until this moment to correct this historical injustice. against our people. it should upolu j.s. and provide us with compensations and recognize the state of palestine we talked to
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them at length and so far they haven't responded what is even worse. that in november they want to celebrate. the hundredth anniversary of this crime against our people. the silence of the international community as to these really aggressive policies has emboldened israel to continue such policies let me remind you that israel has violated. international resolutions since its establishment it has violated the united nations charter and continues to do so as well as it is illusion is one eight one one nine four two two four. dividing in palestine and
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it's said that. through our articles. forty two it says that those who. conduct aggression against the land of others will not be. defeated by by by force. israel has taken a large part of our territory and it was not deterred by the united nations there is also dissolution of one ninety four. providing for the return of refugees at that time however the united nations has not adopted any result and there is also another resolution calling for withdrawal resolution three three eight and. twenty three thirty four of the security council last year so where is this resolution if the united nations can not implemented sort of solutions.
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who would implemented these resolutions. israel doesn't want to. israel is above the law is it above the law. ladies and gentlemen when. there is a double standard in dealing with countries this is your responsibility. president. to salvage the peace process and the two state solution i urge this organization and your states to do the following. first actively pursue efforts to bring an end to the israeli occupation of the state of palestine will then as a time frame. let's say. within this time frame the appropriation will come to an end there's no longer
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enough to issue generic statements calling for the end of occupation and the achievement of peace without a deadline. and first must be made to implemented the arab peace initiative including the just solution for the palestinian refugee question in accordance with the resolution one thousand for the arab initiative was great in addressing the issue of refugees. when mentioning just and agreed upon solution not imposed upon a certain party in accordance with resolution one thousand four words the mistake so these resolutions. disregarded by israel and israel has ridden roughshod over these resolutions to whom should we go to whom should we complain. second what. acted to bring to a halt all settlement activities in the occupied territory. as demanded in
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numerous united nations nations resolutions including the most recent resolution twenty three thirty four in addition to the operative paragraphs of the fourth geneva convention so. your buying power should not expel the people from their land this is the text of the fourth geneva convention who is responsible for implementing these texts israel says no and what are we saying as international community third ensure international protection to the land and people of the state of palestine until the end of the occupation as we are unable to provide protection to our people. given all the forces and the arms that we are facing every day who would protect us if you don't many
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a time. we have tabled the draft resolution these go in vain. fourth let israel endorsers and commit to the borders over nine hundred sixty seven as the basis for the two state solution and such borders in line with international resolutions once we delineate the borders each acts in its territory as it pleases without affecting or damaging the rights of the other party. israel builds wherever it wishes and demolishing houses every day even schools are being demolished hospitals nobody raises an eyebrow. now. fifth i must ask you. all the member states of the united nations those who
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have recognized. israel. they should state that they are most israel on the basis of their nine hundred sixty seven borders aligning themselves with international resolutions and the affirming their commitment to these. even those. israel on the basis of one to one and one into one was violated allow me to ask the question. all right so we've been listening to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas addressing the united nations general assembly in new york we have heard him outlining his vision for peace essentially calling for an end to the occupation decrying that the missed opportunities and the failed initiatives of the past and speaking about the obstacles or the possibility of any negotiations taking place right now so let's speak to our diplomatic editor james bays who has been listening into all of this
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and we hope president abbas speaking there about his hopes the building a genuine comprehensive political process but also expressing deep frustration with both the. the international community and the assertion by israel that there is no palestinian partner for peace. yeah i would certainly say that the tone of this year's speech from the palestinian authority president was not one particular hope it was more one of frustration and he laid out all the things that were not going the way he wanted them to go he said that he wanted twenty seventeen to be the year that was the end of the israeli occupation and he said that certainly had not been the case really in the speech he made it clear that there were only two things really that had changed this year one was a recent one and that's the idea that perhaps there can be a reconciliation between hamas and fatah really responded to that and of course the
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other one was the u.s. president and president trump and there were some references to president trump's peace efforts he said he would talk about a historic deal and he said thank you for that but certainly not to me it seems as upbeat about the prospects of peace with the israelis as president trump himself who said there was a good chance at the beginning of the week when he arrived here in new york it's worth telling you that president mahmoud abbas has been meeting president truck before he made this speech and that actually while he was speaking president trump was was talking about him in his preferred communication method on twitter saying he was honored to have met mahmoud abbas who he said was working hard towards peace mariam. ok thank you for now diplomatic editor and james bays and i'm also joined in the studio by our senior political analyst. and so just before we came off
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president mahmoud abbas he called for an end to the occupation but he he wants to see it within a set time frame and as james is saying a lot of frustration but is he likely to get any of what he's calling for actually frustration is. bit of an understatement here today this is. the peace process manned by excellence have led the peace process for the last one to five years he basically staked his entire career on the peace process and basically the peace process has failed him and has failed the palestinian people so this was a somber speech war during on desperate and that contrasts in a huge way with prime minister netanyahu of israel yesterday speech that was triumphant and bombastic and i think in this case from mahmoud abbas just as we've heard earlier from the iranian president rouhani there's a sense that goes as follows look we have abided by u.n.
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security council resolutions we abide by international law and if the other party in the case of the palestinians israel in the case of the iranians the united states do not abide by those whose illusions. two for two for the palestinians and two to three one for the iran do you then don't blame us we will have to be resolute we will not quit those resolutions we will not quit international law we will not the result of violence but you with the international community and i think there's a lot of talk here to the permanent members of the security council the russia china france and england that they have to take up their responsibilities in order to ensure that you and security council resolutions are respected and implemented to say solutions withdrawal from one thousand nine hundred seventy four and the respective there in the years in the case of iran i think it was quite amazing to hear the palestinian president who lives on the occupation have to defend
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a simple notion that palestine is occupied and there is nothing alleged about it this is not an alledged occupation that this is an occupation and that jerusalem is occupied and it continues to be occupied fifty years later and one must note i think he is again in a desperate manner says that this is just like south africa we are heading towards a part they differ not we are living apart the the two state solution is basically the window is closing on it and hence if we're going to have to live in a one state solution one state reality then we will. then what happens next because as you say that there was a sense of hopelessness and desperation and here he is addressing the world in this chamber that is meant to symbolize. peace and. reconciliation and trust building none of these it things are happening if where does it go now from here because it seems as though the perception of what's
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happening the rhetoric that we have from the trumpet ministration and then what we've heard from mom in the past couldn't couldn't be more different story good question in the end of the day he's basically saying we need to do five things we need to put. a deadline to ending the conflict we need a two state solution and the international committee would have to impose it we need a fair. resolution of the refugee questions in accordance to one ninety four the u.n. general assembly resolution in a fair way we need a protection for the palestinian people so again he has a list of five or six demands of the international committee probably you and i and everyone else probably listening to us know that they're not going to meet is not about to implement any of these things when there is an american rejection and there is israeli intransigence so once again this is a desperate man he's eighty two years old he staked his entire career on the peace process and for three decades this process has basically failed him and for the
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palestinian people i think one one very interesting thing that got me about about mahmoud abbas the palestinian leader is that he resorts to everything from putin initiative french initiative american initiative international community i've been initiative all of them failed but not once did he speak about the palestinian people not once did it is or to the armored potential of the palestinian people to resist occupation the capacity of the palestinian people who for seven decades been resisting and are capable of resisting but now are no longer able to because of his security forces it is mahmoud abbas who that now protect israel from any policy of resistance but he said we will not resort to anything but peaceful means so in the end of the day i think he's in a bind i think he is in a corner once again he's desperate delivering a somber speech very very different to what this speech you delivered last year and
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a very different tone i think thank you very much we'll talk some more later on you've been watching out there with coverage of the u.n. general assembly more on that coming up in about half an hour's time inside story as an. it's that time of year again when the one hundred ninety three members of the united nations meet to discuss the most pressing problems of our time it's the seventy seconds general assembly but it's us president donald trump's first so what is trump's message to the world this is inside story.


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