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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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sure it. meets you down. but. i need. to feel that some just get out. it's not just phones contributing to samsung's bumper profits if we look at the u.s. economy the moment it does seem to be in pretty good shape up until around two thousand and five greek debt levels were basically stable we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on outages era . thirty six hours in and rescue workers find a survivor in the rubble of the mexican us quake.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dobby here at the headquarters in doha also coming up north korea's foreign minister calls president donald trump's threat to destroy the country the sound of a barking dog. playing the crisis comments from me and my second vice president even as thousands of marooned in bangladeshi camps. and heritage in ruins syrians trying to preserve the past destroyed by war and conflict. three days of mourning have now been declared in mexico where at least two hundred thirty people have died in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers did pull a survivor from the rubble of one of the collapsed buildings the capital mexico city was the hardest hit and the search for survivors continues thirty six hours
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after the quake seven point one registered an official has the details. he wanted a small victory in a place where they suffered too many losses there would be the call for silence. and they would wait the faeces caught between hope and anxiety as rescuers made their way through the day very early and wednesday two students were pulled from this collapse school but this is where twenty five of twenty one children who are adults and more remain missing some children had a lucky escape. the scene as well lit and there are dozens of rescuers waiting for news but all they can do at the moment is essentially unpeel the deborah like an onion removing layer after layer in the hope they will uncover someone who is trapped in the building and still alive it's hard work it's difficult one but there's no one here ready to give up but i don't like it they must get up i've been here since five in the morning to help others we all need each other and this could
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happen to me too i've been helping since the moment it happened in other parts of the country they've begun to bury the dead the human cost of a tremor that ripped and scarred the countryside how are you. going to live now i hope the state government the federal government will help us because this block is destroyed i hope they don't just come here and say we will support you we will help you you are not alone and it's a law it's the moment to change we felt we were safe because they had never been a quake of this nature. many buildings have been left hugely unstable they could collapse at any point and this is a country that noise when you have an earthquake you have aftershocks the nor the danger we can prepare for they can do nothing about the wind and the wear alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city north korea has reacted with strong language to the u.s. president after his speech at the u.n. general assembly in new york two days ago when he threatened to totally destroy the country mr trump singled out iran and north korea as countries that he described as
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rogue nations this is what the north korean foreign minister said in response. that trump is thinking about surprising us with the sound of a dog barking then he is clearly dreaming. for staying in that region the chinese government has reiterated its stance that the fired anti missile missile system should be removed from south korea to help deescalate tensions across the korean peninsula in another development there is an offer of humanitarian aid for north korea from across the border the unification minister in seoul says a humanitarian crisis is separate from the ongoing political and diplomatic crisis . the government has consistently clarified its stance that we separate humanitarian aid from political situations in considering the poor situation of north korean people especially vulnerable social groups including children and pregnant women the international community continues to stress the necessity of
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humanitarian aid for north korean people while we respond with strong sanctions to the north korean regimes provocations. well meanwhile japan has sent an anti missile system to the northern island of hokkaido that in response to those recent missile launches by north korea two of which flew over japan right mcbride is their . early morning good how could dieties port the squid boats or bringing back their catch from a night's work in troubled waters. the sea between japan and the korean peninsula is regularly targeted by north korea's missile tests some of the bigger boats are now getting insurance against an attack but there's only so much you can protect against. to get it want to use them if the missiles nucular you can't do anything about it you just finished. the two recent missile launches that passed overhead on their way to the pacific ocean i've added to people's anxiety. i worry for my
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son because he works on ships in the waters all the parents are worried. daybreak is the preferred time for missile launches. but now at the local military base newly arrived patriot missiles point skywards they can't do much against missiles passing hundreds of kilometers overhead but are meant as a defense against a direct attack on you know i feel safer but at the same time if they have to use missiles it means war has started. i'm afraid there will be another north korean missile test when the alarm is raised sirens go off in this. people are alerted on their mobile phones in biggest cities there would be subways and underpasses to go to but in how people are supposed to get indoors and take shelter as best they can at city hall the man whose job it is to prepare for another alarm is hoping north
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korea will finally stop its tests on you know what it will give you an idea we know we are not the target but no one knows what north korea thinking and that is the scary thing. as last night's catch is auctioned off the fishermen prepared to go out once more not knowing what they'll face next in north korea's missile lottery macbride al-jazeera japan. second vice president has told the united nations that violence in the state of rakhine is easing henry event theo denying there had been any fighting the since september the fifth more than four hundred twenty thousand range of muslims of source sanctuary in bangladesh and some of the crackdown began in me and late last month many more remain trapped at the border town we are traveling is live for us this hour in cox's bazar near the bangladeshi border the border with me and mark so
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officially tanveer this entire situation is beginning to deescalate is that what you're seeing in your location right now. not really i mean we have reports actually we have actually a visit at some of the broader stayed we do that almost every other day now in the morning particularly the. people are still trickling down every morning you can see smoke rising from the me on my side so it's hardly the crisis sense to be over you know the great exodus that took place in a nation state of course it's not there at the pace has reduced a lot but the eyewitness account we have talking to the refugees telling the same old stories of how the atrocities taking place people shooting at somebody losing husband somebody losing brother this stories are just in down all over the refugee camps just today we have the news that. stopped
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a convoy of red cross and relief in myanmar bound for iraq kind stayed that shows the situation is still very volatile on the ground. to romania refugees they said we don't want to go back i mean the things are so dangerous that. telling them they go on the other side of bangladesh we don't want you here this is our country otherwise we'll kill you so this pretty much like what the vice president is saying is very similar in line what on. say a few days back and then pretty much like hiding in the sand. not acknowledging the situation how the gravity feed saying that he's asking his troops not to avoid collateral damage when the collateral damage has already been done and of the day a lot of the critics will ask you well if that is the situation why don't you allow the international journalists and u.n. observer to visit death that should clear up a lot of the mess that they're trying to so that doesn't happen there you know
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we've seen on the ground here in bangladesh the relief. sorry go ahead please grant me for interrupting you turn dear but just one final brief point we've seen shake a scene of the bangladeshi premier on the ground on the border we've seen her at the u.n. general assembly where she basically explained there was no point talking directly to donald trump about this crisis but she has seen at the u.n. and also at the border area saying the same thing bangladesh is prepared to help has there been an increased flow of help from bangladesh into that border area into the refugee camps there has been very it is definitely not adequate but on the other hand giving them the benefit of. the just sheer number of refugees scattered all across this border as distinct and cox about that it's very difficult to organize any one particular area and distribute really now that our government has ordered the army to be deployed the presence of
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military police i think once the army takes over the situation will improve a bit because there will be more centralized distribution and talk of that the international community should start sending more relieved particularly weatherproof than that it's been one of the key issues in their owing a camp they exposed to the weather and bad. rain inundated with flood water that is a real threat to the community living in the hillside which are out of danger of landslides so that aid needs to flow much quickly in this area it's a major disaster turn via thanks very much well as we've just been hearing there despite international condemnation range of muslims continually from dozens of villages and have been burnt to the ground behind them now this crisis is taking on a whole new dimension pardon me hindus are also saying they're facing persecution in me in my reports from critical long at the bangladeshi meanwhile border.
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religious continue to burn. people make their escape by boat or flee through force and the way they can it is a journey to hinder the nicobar and her friend were forced to take masked men shot dead fifteen year lawmakers husband in their home she's seven months pregnant the teenagers were then forced to watch relatives being raped shot and stabbed their allies were spared. they dug three holes one to dump the bodies of women the other fit children and a third one for the men they kill the holes are overflowing that's where i lost my husband's body. it went to the me and my government refers to as a clearing operation it appears no rethink whether muslim or hindu are safe the me and my government restricts journalists from visiting ring of religious and right kind state so telling their stories is difficult five hundred hindu families have
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fled across the border to bangladesh most have made this makeshift camp their home . the last time bangladesh experienced such a large scale movement of people we're hearing it's a war of independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety one there are more than four hundred thousand ranges that have made this count their home and they keep coming there as many people here as they are living in liverpool in the u.k. and the united states and most of them are young women and children a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding at the u.n. assembly general condemnation from the international community was swift but help is trickling in slowly bangladeshi government leaders are taking the lead if we can do hundred sixty. five hundred or seven hundred thousand we can do it we can share. and. there are people. who are but they're sharing their food and.
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this is just still shaken and again pramila has found refuge in a small hindu community in bangladesh she stares into the eyes of the hindu goddess of destruction she wonders whether the cycle of violence will stop who will care for her unborn child and will she ever go back home nicholas hawke al-jazeera on the border between me and mine in bangladesh plenty more news still to come for you here on al-jazeera calls for more protests in catalonia in spain and that region despite the national governments clamp down yesterday plans for the independence referendum to ask should become.
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hello there we've been seeing a fair amount of severe weather across europe recently it's this area of cloud we're now watching it's given us a lot of snow over the alps and some very heavy downpours too with the whole thing is slowly spiraling its way towards the east as it does so it is breaking up a little bit so hopefully a little bit less in the way of very intense rains as we head through it says day but still one or two spots along need to be rather lively ahead of that system it's been very hot recently but the whole weather is being chased out now twenty one degrees will be the maximum temperature there in bucharest that's a bit of a drop towards the west there is cooler than that and we're looking at a top temperature of twenty one degrees in paris and that's despite seeing quite a bit of sunshine the next system is piling in from the atlantic there and for some of us across the british isles it will be rather wets and that gradually fizzles out as it makes its way further east and then another system well as we head through friday said generally in the northwest pretty wet at the moment as one system after another across the other side of the mediterranean you can still see
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the winds there filtering a little bit further south with so along that north coast of egypt generally following drawing a not too hot for the west it's also becoming a little bit cooler so i will see the temperatures there in tunis get to that you one degrees as we head into friday of jews will get to twenty nine. the be . with.
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welcome back here with al-jazeera from doha your top stories so far three days of national mourning have been declared in mexico where these two hundred thirty people died in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers have pulled one survivor from the rubble more than thirty six hours after the earthquake hit. north korea's foreign minister says u.s. president donald trump sound like quotes but dog barking when he threatened to destroy the country was the trump made the comments during his speech at the u.n. general assembly in new york. second vice president has told the u.n. that violence in the northern state of rakhine is easing henry avanti old and i had been any fighting since september the fifth. the palestinian president mahmoud
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abbas has accused israel of jeopardizing the idea of a two state solution by building more illegal settlements in palestinian areas now he made those comments during his address to the un general assembly in the state earlier he'd met donald trump after the meeting mr abbas at the u.s. was committed to peace in the middle east but israel hit back saying the speech from the quotes spread false hoods and encouraged hate israel also called him a serial evader of peace. despite all international efforts israel continues to breach its commitments and obstruct efforts by continuing to build settlements everywhere everywhere there is no place left for the state of palestine and this is not acceptable for us or for you you have the responsibility israel also rejects the two state solution and this poses a real threat to both peoples the israelis and palestinians alike. the un's libya
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envoy has announced a new push to break the political deadlock there gas and salami satires an action plan to amend a failed twenty fifteen peace deal the un backed government of national called set up under that agreement has never fully established itself early in tripoli libya has competing governments aligned with rival armed groups the country has been hit by violence since the former leader colonel gadhafi was toppled six years ago. within a year from now we must reach the final stages of this process these are effort and i'm for that option of the constitution and then within the framework of the constitution the election of a president and a parliament henceforth clearly marking the end of the transition this process in all its stages is indeed meant to prepare the proper conditions for a free and fair elections which will actually have a libya and to institutional and political normalcy that is much to be done and this plan is certainly ambitious however if the libyan people can come together in
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this spirit of compromise and together and i knew common national narrative this plan is achievable the international community has a decisive part to play in this together we can support the libyans by uniting the single process one way or libya leads and we all assessed. thousands of people are holding a rally in the yemeni capital sana'a today the protest marks the third anniversary of the takeover of the city by a shia who see rebels on whedon's day atop who's the leader accuse the west and their allies of causing chaos in yemen and. as we said the immoralities are the front for the americans and today they're stealing yemen's natural gas despite the suffering of the yemeni people in both santa and people are suffering from issues related to both natural gas and petrol either in not being able to find it or not being able to benefit from its wealth in all of this the
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yemeni people are not the ones who benefit ok let's pause for a moment and take a look back at how the crisis in yemen kicked off the rise of the who sees can be traced back to november of twenty eleven when the then president ali abdullah saleh was forced to hand over power to his deputy and current president's brother months or hardy now that created a power vacuum who the rebels who say they represent the minority shia community took advantage of that they took control of the capital sana'a on september the twenty first twenty fourteen with iranian support in response a saudi led coalition stepped in beginning airstrikes in march of twenty fifteen to defeat the who sees and restore yemen's government various runs of un mediated talks to end the yemeni conflict have failed more than ten thousand people have been killed since the fighting began. let's talk now to hakim is the editor of the yemen post he joins us on skype from the capital sana'a so we're expecting
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a big strong show from who thinks supporters but that doesn't translate into regional change or power changing hands on the ground outside the city itself why is that. again. it's a very big rally today hundreds of thousands of protestors but a one sided protest or rally where it's only the followers and not even hit their allies here the party of x. president saddam let alone other parts of the country who is right now are showing strength in areas they control now and that's about thirty to forty percent of yemen territories but what's shocking right now is that even though they were able to gather hundreds of thousands of followers. it's only their color only their followers rarely the see or all or almost no followers of the ex-president who was able to gather hundreds of thousands of protesters just two weeks ago inside
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a. very clear division inside not between the two allies at a time where there were these are gathering to show strength after three years of so would you let airstrikes they are still powerful on the ground militarily no one side in this conflict despite external players coming into the conflict has gained much ground over the past eleven or twelve months what needs to change if that situation is going to change. both sides are basically in agreement that they cannot change on the ground they cannot change their movements on the ground in seven different frauds that man ballot rounds not even five kilometers have changed for either side over the last twelve to sixteen months so it's it's clear that no side can solve this militarily but the problem is that there are no mediation is
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taking place in the meantime the un has stalled its mediation efforts people are now are close to a peace deal there were calls for the opening up of peace talks by doha. just two days ago but the problem is both sides are in need of mediation but the international community is quiet there's no siree now what call it with this the un has stalled its efforts and this is the result of more casualties more chaos and unfortunately more deaths of civilians you know that you know what you're seeing there and something positive coming from doha two days ago does that mean that we have to some level view this conflict through the the uptick of the g.c.c. crisis because if you have cats saying look we can build on something from ground zero given the g.c.c. crisis how is that going to be received across the border in saudi arabia.
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it's it's worth trying right now there's no efforts at all so. it with it would not hurt to attempt this initiative and try to solve this crisis through the e.c. and if you do what's right now i get the i know it's a national cause for mediation so this is why i don't think for now because they call it with peace but i don't time we no one else call it words every day every day tens of children are dying in yemen not by war but by hunger or by simple diseases so it just needs to come to an end and it cannot be ended militarily i'm pretty sure saudi arabia will. be very cautious agreeing to anything that comes from qatar as a as a peace deal but if we got that or if not that it can. communicate with other g.c.c. nations like kuwait like oh my i've come up with a group of countries are calling for a peace deal or the halt of military activities and the renewable political talks
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then this is where i think it's not for me to add the region well will welcome this call ok we'll have to leave the hakim. thank you supporters of next month's independence referendum in catalonia calling for more protests against the main government's demonstrations spoke with the police in barcelona began off the offices raided regional government offices and arrested public officials the central government is trying to stop the pope from bosler. the backlash on the streets after a wave of police raids. pro independence activists massed outside catalan beetle government offices in barcelona moments after spanish security forces stormed in. police detained public officials in an operation aimed at blocking the independence referendum planned for october the first the spanish government is group the ballot illegal.
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democracy must be defended with smiles and flowers were not violent all we want to do is vote and vote in peace outside the catalan finance department thousands chanted for the right to vote. we want. it's very important to be outside our catalan institutions to defend them and all the people who believe in democracy in a separate raid police say they confiscated almost ten million referendum ballot papers spanish prime minister mariano rajoy defended wednesday's grades and arrests most of. the government is for feeling this obligation and i have to say that we will continue to do so until the end i think we are acting with proportionality after the things we have seen during the last few days in catalonia with the head of the cattle and regional government insisted the separatist vote would go ahead.
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this aggression has no legal basis it was perpetrated by violating the rule of law and all of the constitutional guarantees and violating the e.u. charter of fundamental rights as the working day and thousands more protesters climbed on to the streets they are making it very clear they're not giving up their referendum without a fight. was. a few blocks away protest. has faced down riot police at the political headquarters of the left wing c u p party security forces finally left without breaching the building. was the ten days until the referendum the central government and capital analysts doherty's seem to be on a collision course neither side has given any here is ready to back down help parallel to zero possibly spring. syria's civil war has taken a huge toll on its sites of national heritage and some sites more than one thousand
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three hundred years old have been in the partially or completely destroyed now the u.n. has been asked to help. there was a time when truest with come from all around the world to visit these sites some of syria's most ancient ruins this is the remains of her recklessness palace the man who ruled over the buys and time empire more than thirteen hundred years ago despite surviving for centuries much of syria's engine heritage was destroyed by war in a few seconds these particular sites in italy province were bombed by government airstrikes and what's left is now under threat and some of it like what he demanded as the barbaric airstrikes of the said government destroyed the archaeological sites and live together with some acts of vandalism due to the current war we are facing a huge problem in preserving our ancient sites. opposition groups have recently formed what they call the committee for the protection of into quickies it's calling for the united nations to intervene in order to save what are some of the
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world's most historic sites some of the buildings and date back to the second century b.c. the town is home to five engine churches they weren't spirit either large parts of them destroyed by bashar al assad's air force. mean archaeology the heritage of our ancestors we hope that our children will inherit these ancient sites unfortunately though eighty percent of them have been destroyed or stolen by the government and its allies. with hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed in the war and millions made homeless it's understandable that the destruction of historic ruins can go unnoticed but for syrians trying to save the relics of their engine civilization in the belief that preserving it is the key to one day rebuilding their country action is needed now. beirut.
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he said i'll be in doha with your top stories here from al-jazeera three days of national mourning have been declared in mexico where at least two hundred thirty people died in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers are pulled one survivor from the rubble more than thirty six hours after it hit. north korea's reacted with strong language to the u.s. president after his speech at the u.n. where he threatened to totally destroy the country donald trump singled out iran and north korea as countries that he described as rogue nations this is what the north korean foreign minister said in response. if trump is thinking about surprising us with the sound of a dog barking then he is clearly dreaming. meanwhile our second vice president has told the u.n. that violence in the northern state of rakhine is easing henry of an tio denied they had been any fighting since september the fifth more than four hundred twenty thousand provincial muslims have sought sanctuary across the border in bangladesh
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the un's libya envoy has announced a new push to break the deadlock there gus and salami set out an action plan to reignite the failed twenty fifteen peace deal the un backed government of national court set up under that deal has never been fully established in tripoli libya has competing governments aligned with rival armed groups thousands of people holding a rally in the yemeni capital sana'a the protest marks the third anniversary of the takeover by the sea rebels on weapons day top with the leader he was the west and their ally is of course in chaos in yemen and. as we said the immoralities are the front for the americans and today they're stealing yemen's natural gas despite the suffering of the yemeni people in both sana and people are suffering from issues related to both natural gas and petrol either in not being able to find it or not being able to benefit from its wealth in all of this the yemeni people are not the ones who benefit. supporters of next month's independence referendum in
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catalonia calling for more protests against the spanish government protesters for the use of gas and weapons to the officers raided regional government offices and arrested public officials more news in twenty eight minutes i'll see you then up next it's inside story. deep in southern india a secret construction project a small concerns about the country's growing nuclear capacity if you're saying that to be a enlarging option that you know amid fears of an escalating arms race with its neighbors in order to give the indians may clean their dishes intended for china indians we're all going to get worse as the so what lies behind india's nuclear. power investigates at this time on al-jazeera. it's that time of year again when the one hundred ninety three members of the united nations meet to discuss the most pressing problems of our time it's the seventy second general assembly but it's
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u.s. president donald trump first.


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