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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the world. the world's primary could change producing nations is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country we're reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry this business will go on forever it will not change on a global policy is the who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes at this time. thirty six hours after the devastating earthquake hits mexico rescue workers find a survivor in the rubble.
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again on pieces over you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up north korea's foreign minister calls president trump's threat to destroy his country the sound of a barking dog. playing the range of crisis that's the message for me and my reporters on the ground find a very different story. and heritage in ruins after years of conflict syrians try to preserve their past. our top story for you today three days of national mourning have now been declared in mexico which is two hundred thirty people have died in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers did pull one survivor from the rubble of a collapsed building the capital mexico city has been hit the hardest and the search for survivors can. news over thirty six hours after the magnitude seven
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point one earthquake alan fisher is there with more details. he wanted a small victory in a place where they suffered too many losses there would be the call for silence. and they would wait the faeces caught between hope and anxiety as rescuers made their way gingerly through the debris early on wednesday two students were pulled from this collapse school but this is where twenty five have died twenty one children who are adults and more remain missing some children had a lucky escape the scene as well it under dozens of rescuers waiting for news but all they can do at the moment is essentially unpeel the day every like an onion removing layer after layer in the hope they will uncover someone who is trapped in the building and still alive it's hard work it's difficult one but there's no one here ready to give up but i don't like it they must get up i've been here since
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five in the morning to help others we all need each other and this could happen to me too i've been helping since the moment it happened in other parts of the country the begun to bury the dead the human cost of a tremor that ripped and scarred the countryside how it was better going will be a minute now i hope the state government the federal government will help us because this block is destroyed i hope they don't just come here and say we will support you we will help you you are not alone and it's a lie it's the moment to change we felt we were safe because they had never been a quake of this nature. many buildings have been left hugely unstable they could collapse at any point and this is a country that noise when you have an earthquake you have aftershocks the nor the danger we can prepare for they can do nothing about the when and the where alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city. north korea has reacted strongly to the us president donald trump's speech to the un general assembly in which he threatened to totally destroy the country mr trump singled out iran and north korea by calling
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them rogue nations if trump is thinking about surprising us with the sound of a dog barking then he is clearly dreaming the chinese government has reiterated its stance that the third missile defense system should be removed from south korea to deescalate tensions across the region in another development there is an offer of humanitarian aid for north korea from across the border the unification minister in seoul says a humanitarian crisis is separate from the political and diplomatic crisis. but a government has consistently clarified its stance that we separate humanitarian aid from political situations in considering the poor situation of north korean people especially vulnerable social groups including children and pregnant women the international community continues to stress the necessity of humanitarian aid for north korean people while we respond with strong sanctions to the north korean regimes provocation meanwhile japan has sent an anti missile systems the northern
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island of hokkaido that's in response to the recent missile launches by north korea two of which flew over japan mcbride is on the island. early morning about how cold dieties port the squid boats are bringing back their catch from a night's work in troubled waters. the sea between japan and the korean peninsula is regularly targeted by north korea's missile tests some of the bigger boats are now getting insurance against an attack but there's only so much you can protect against propaganda to get it want to stop if the missiles nucular you can't do anything about it you just finished. the two recent missile launches the past overhead on their way to the pacific ocean i've added to people's anxiety. i worry for my son because he works on ships in the waters all the parents are worried. daybreak is the preferred time for missile launches.
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but now at the local military base newly arrived patriot missiles point skywards they can't do much against missiles passing hundreds of kilometers overhead but are meant as a defense against a direct attack on their i feel safer but at the same time if they have to use missiles it means war started. i'm afraid there will be another north korean missile test when the alarm is raise sirens go off in the street and people are alerted on their mobile phones and biggest cities there would be subways and underpasses to go to but in how people are supposed to get indoors and take shelter as best they can at city hall the man whose job it is to prepare for another alarm is hoping north korea will finally stop its tests on you know what it will get an idea we know we are not the target but no one knows what north korea thinking and that is the scary thing. as last night's catch is auctioned off the fisherman
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prepared to go out once more not knowing what they'll face next in north korea's missile lottery macbride al-jazeera japan. meanwhile second vice president has told the u.n. the situation in rakhine state is easing henry van tio denied there had been any violence since september the fifth more than four hundred twenty thousand muslims have sought sanctuary in bangladesh since the military crackdown began and we're at the end of last month many more remain trapped at the border yes no denying that this is a problem of significant when did you i'm happy to inform you that now i see tourism has improved now i am classes have been reported since
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september accordingly we are concerned by your part the number of muslims coursing buying their debts remain. right we would need to fight terrorism for the exodus why doesn't your unknown is that the great journey of. this site or to remain here really. well let's throw that one to turn to be our correspondent in cox's bazar near the bangladeshi me and ma border town v a so officially the situation is easing it's calming what's the reality of what you're witnessing firsthand. well just to make a statement i just got a call from one of the. police already over and on the police who is on special duty in tech and of broader area he knows he is in touch with me he called me to
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say that look we received two thousand five hundred growing refugees this morning and we have shipped them to the problem campaign for protection so they have shelters over there that's the ground reality we've been bothering. visiting the border and very almost every day every other day our team and every day is the same scenario trickle down of refugees coming down of course the pace isn't as much as what we saw in two weeks back but they're coming nevertheless and you can see villages on fire smoke rising the situation hardly seems to have changed maybe the exodus of people has been slowed down but there are refugees coming as giving us horrific tales of atrocities on the other side of the border and many of them are saying we don't want to go back until there is an international mediation to the situation that is the ground reality the statement coming out of the me on my side might be a reaction to the recent diplomatic pressure building up on them but the ground reality says very different another report we are getting just a little bit ago
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a boatload of relief aid in the. state capital was bound for the affected area hundreds of but this whole style community but this people actually block that aid to ship to the affected area these are some of the ground realities so definitely not nothing has changed much and until there is a serious diplomatic effort from all sides there shouldn't be there has to be a diffused to this tension undoubtedly because almost half a million people are taking shelter in bangladesh by who desperate needs emergency aid whether protection and that need sanitation otherwise aid agencies that type of disease and death is very i mean and and the horizon so if we believe in except the range of muslim refugees are saying somebody across the border is still literally. to those villages. absolutely whether it is
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a security force or hostile book dave who doesn't want a muslim community living in iraq and state it still defame you know that the village are saying that they don't want us that the security forces as well as the villagers but these villagers who are coming out there they've been here really and yeah communities who are actually pleading to bangladesh as one of our report showed earlier. thank you. the iraqi government has announced a new offensive to take all forces have started to advance on the group strongholds of hawaii in the province of kirkuk they're planning to clear the land in villages on the outskirts of the time before recapturing the main central area. has more now from iraq's kurdish region. this offensive was a long time in the coming and finally prime minister body and nouns it's beginning . some have argued that how we should have been dealt with before the mosul
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offensive as there's a sizeable number of fighters there estimated between one thousand five hundred to two thousand and that how we've had this script has actually acted as a rear base for the fighters somewhere where they could have retreated safely now their defensive today started from two axes the northwest and the southwest of that dress trick the south this is quite important because it's a different of the hungry mountains the hammerin mountains have been also part of it. by the fighters which used it as a corridor to reach central iraq from there it's a really a straight line for example the. refinery if you recall they had taken over the refinery a couple of years ago they have also been able to reach places like the crete now these are the very early stages of that offensive at the moment it's only iraqi security forces and military forces and counterterrorism units that are involved
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kurdish peshmerga out of it at the moment they're just securing their defensive positions south africa cook now this is going to take a while. for a while to be over with they still have to go all around the areas full of small villages and it's quite vast and quite poorest so they will have to go to try to circle how we shut down before they are able to get into it. breaching. the support for yemen's rebels on the third anniversary of the takeover of. from brisk news and fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast
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asia. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now as we look at europe's weather we've had some big storms associated with this area of low pressure across more eastern areas high pressure across central parts of europe and then out towards the northwest our frontal system coming in bringing more unsettled weather across the u.k. so scraping nineteen degrees on thursday in london otherwise fine conditions across much of france germany down through the beer in place for them further towards the east we've got some significant storms across parts of austria czech republic it could be pretty wet at times and temperatures jerry just sliding away now athens twenty seven and i'm cross thirty three but otherwise it is cooling off generally as we move on through into friday storms across eastern areas extending into ward ukraine that frontal system pushing in across the u.k. you bring in a brace of rain and some storms like crosser northeastern parts of spain and the
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other side the mediterranean it remains a dry and fine breeze coming off the mediterranean just taking temperatures back to thirty five at cairo and then into central parts of africa some big storm systems here so sit down through towards central from republican to wards cameron so respective further storms in these areas looking pretty wet across parts of north africa over the storms perhaps extending as far north as bamako in mali. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same things when they're on line and what are you expecting us citizens here you know and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us sunset i was never put a file then look at differently because i'm dark i'm going all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag into a stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here with al-jazeera your top story so far three days of mourning have been declared in mexico at least two hundred thirty people have been killed in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble after being trapped for more than thirty six hours. north korea's foreign minister says the u.s. president will trump sounded like a dog barking when he threatened to destroy his country made the comments during a speech to the u.n. general assembly in new york. second vice president has told the u.n. that violence in the northern states of rakhine is easing but teams on the ground say there is no sign that that is actually the case more than four hundred twenty thousand injured have fled to bangladesh since
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a military crackdown began last month many more remain trapped in the border area. thousands of people holding a big rally in the yemeni capital sana'a today it marks the third anniversary of the who's the rebels take over their own weapons stay atop the leader accuse the west and its allies of causing chaos in the country. you know. as we said the iraqis are the front for the americans and today they're stealing yemen's natural gas despite the suffering of the yemeni people and both sana and people are suffering from issues related to both natural gas and petrol either in not being able to find it or not being able to benefit from its wealth in all of this the yemeni people are not the ones who benefit. ok let's take a look now at how the crisis in yemen unfolded the rise of the who sees can be traced back to november twentieth eleven when the then president ali abdullah saleh was forced to hand over power to his deputy and the current president months or
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hardee that created a power vacuum who the rebels who say they represent the minority shia community took advantage they took control of the capital sana'a on september the twenty first twenty fourteen with iranian support in response a saudi led coalition began airstrikes in march of twenty fifteen to defeat the and to restore the yemeni government various rounds of u.n. mediated talks have failed to end the conflict and more than ten thousand people have been killed since the fighting began. that's put some context into this for you joining us live is our correspondent hashim who's covered yemen extensively during the day looking at those protests the capital looks to an outside eye as if there's a semblance of normality but at nighttime it changes and outside of santa it's a completely different set up it is indeed it is a completely different political landscape however this is quite an interest in important for the whole thing as they would like to this is a show force they would like to show the world the international community and the
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sounding as coalition that is by three years of massive military campaign they're far from being defeated in this to control more than sixty percent of the country they still have. a huge territory of us russia's from all the border with saudi arabia all the way south to words. they haven't basically pulled out from any area they've controlled ever since so they remain the most powerful political and military group. in yemen i think today by staging this rally they would like to tell the saudis in particular the united nations and the americans that ultimately ultimately there's going to be any deal in yemen they are going to be the key player. in the future of the country when it comes to that deal do you sense that there is any back channel communication going on at all either between the disparate groups that have maintained a hold on disparate areas all there's a push for something to happen from outside the country well there are two things
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happening now on the ground you have a divided yemeni the saudis this is hash this movement which would like to break away from the north then in the center you have groups loyal to the president also how does trying to gain territory particularly a rather capital audience as well they haven't managed to make significant gains and then you have this coalition of groups the hope is on the former president of the other ones who have the upper hand the u.n. has been trying to bring all the new go the parties to negotiate a settlement that didn't work saudi arabia on the other hand which leads this coalition against the hope is is reported to have asked the iranians over the last few weeks to help them to negotiate a political settlement. with the with the healthy because they do understand that after three years massive destruction of the entire areas in yemen and the humanitarian price that the yemenis have been paying ever since there's no progress that has started as coalition is making and therefore i think they are desperate for a settlement and briefly how should we nobody fighting on the ground it would appear
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to an outsider again really cares about the people of yemen because you got that massive humanitarian disaster you've got one one point eight million children who do not go to school you've got cholera in the capital and those situations are getting worse not better the yemenis i talk to from time to time in the capital sanaa different parts of the country they basically say that no one seems to care about them this by the huge price they had to pay we're talking about half a million children in yemen under the risk of cholera talking about ten thousand people who were killed you are talking about more than eighteen million the yemenis under the line of poverty you're talking about entire areas where people don't have access to food medicine and water and the fight continues and casualties for every single day around the capital. around town in the south and also in the capital. of the u.n. you haven't heard from any world leader strong statement denouncing what is happening in yemen or calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities that and
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asking the international community to bring about a political settlement you no longer hear this narrative and it seems that if the fighting continues we're just going to see further. suffering of the yemeni people in the coming and coming weeks and months thank you. tens of thousands of people are protesting in the philippines on the forty fifth anniversary of the declaration of martial law in one nine hundred seventy two the lately the ferdinand marcos imposed martial law citing a threat of communism now a group calling itself a movement against tyranny is using the anniversary to highlight human rights violations under the now president will be good to talk to his own going crackdown on drugs. joins us now from manila jamila to what extent do the people protesting today kind of reflect the old mira filipinos feel about to take. well basically we're seeing a lot of survivors. of the period of marcos compare that from the current one
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of president to. a lot of them who survived torture and rape say that in fact the current administration is far worse when it comes to human rights violations former president for the market stayed in power for more than twenty years and during that time more than three thousand people have been killed a lot of people disappeared journalists and activists human rights lawyers aware however under president of the good that there is administration it is believed that more than thirteen thousand people have already been killed since is more on drugs was launched when he was sworn into power last year and this number that continues this this is a rising number of casualties of human rights violations a lot scarier over the last few weeks that there has. to impose martial law should protests like this one become violent it is something that is. right to downplay so there is tension here the president called for
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a national day of protests and we're expecting thousands of people here call for an end to the war on drugs and he called. for the house or in fact the president will be. if he does declare martial law because he's clearly set himself on a particular course but if he does do that would he be crossing a line and unacceptable line for those people that you're discussing. oh well definitely they said that they will not allow to hear that the had. never again to martial law however if we look at over the last year this is practically a police state we're in a state of national emergency since the bombing in the town marshal law it's already implemented across the mindanao region you know there's been increasing surveillance and looting basically on human rights violations there's been a threat to shut down the budgets of the commission and human rights are been
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attacks against journalists attacks against human rights advocates so this will come as no surprise a lot of human rights experts say you're just a matter of time before president actually declared martial law all across the country thank you. on a big story yesterday the kenyan opposition leader right now is calling for the prosecution of those responsible for the alleged manipulation of last month's presidential poll. there were celebrations by opposition supporters after the supreme court blamed the electoral commission for its decision to nullify president to her kenyatta his reelection more now from stephanie. that these are unprecedented times in kenya has been atmosphere of uncertainty ever since supreme court judges to know the results of last month's presidential election. and let's say. a lot of.
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business. after twenty days of speculation and accusation since the result was an old kenyans were finally given specific details about why. disobedience of this court's order and. gust into seventeen. critical area leaves us with no option but to accept. the petition claims. i base says i too system was infiltrated and compromised supreme court judges blame the electoral body in charge of the elections the i.e.c. outside the courts opposition supporters demanded the a.b.c.
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the horns echoing the message of opposition leader raila odinga he says he won't take part in the election mr changes in the organization which runs it. a small stand off ensued when a handful of supporters of president who turned up in police used tear gas to end it as a day went on the police presence increased security has been tighter around the supreme court they cordoned off some of the road but despite still at large crowds mazda for mayor most of them are supporters of the opposition candidate writing on the police are not taking any chances and they've come out on horseback something that you don't usually see very often in the. water cannon the free courts still going on hours and hours now getting into the details of what exactly went wrong and all the action a long list of technical irregularities and questionable explanations both with the tally forms and the multi million electronic voting system from the.
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a.b.c. it's been lyndon the king the chairman. and the head of the bridge. so it's been. great. nobody seems to. be see is organizing what they're calling a fresh election between ryan and. currently planned for tobin seventeen but the french company in charge of the electronic voting system says it will be ready by then the i.d.c. is set to meet with both sides to decide what next election could be delayed but according to the constitution it must be held by a tube or the thirty first whether everyone is ready or not stephanie decker al-jazeera nairobi. syria has a rich history that goes back centuries but the six year long war the has destroyed much of its national heritage including some sites that date back more than thirteen hundred years now the u.n.
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has been asked for help jamal al sheil explains. there was a time when tourists with come from all around the world to visit these sites some of syria's most ancient ruins this is the remains of her recklessness palace the man who ruled over the buys in time empire more than thirteen hundred years ago despite surviving for centuries much of syria's engine heritage was destroyed by war in a few seconds these particular sites in italy province were bombed by government airstrikes and what's left is now under threat and some of it like what he demanded as the barbaric airstrikes of the said government destroyed the archaeological sites and live together with some acts of vandalism due to the current war we are facing a huge problem in preserving our ancient sites. opposition groups have recently formed what they call the committee for the protection of integrity is its calling for the united nations to intervene in order to save what are some of the world's most historic sites some of the buildings in the back to the second century b.c.
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the town is home to five engine churches they weren't spirit either large parts of them destroyed by bashar al assad's air force but as i said now the mean archaeology the the heritage of our ancestors we hope that our children will inherit these ancient sites unfortunately though eighty percent of them have been destroyed or stolen by the government and its allies. with hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed in the war and millions made homeless it's understandable that the destruction of historic ruins can go unnoticed but for syrians trying to save the relics of their engine civilization in the belief that preserving it is the key to one day rebuilding their country action is needed now. beirut. welcome if you're just joining us you're with al-jazeera live from your headlines
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three days of national mourning have been declared in mexico where these two hundred thirty people were killed in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble after being trapped for more than thirty six hours the capital mexico city has been hit the hardest north korea's reacted strongly to the u.s. president's speech to the u.n. general assembly in which he threatened to totally destroy the country donald trump did single out iran and north korea by calling them rogue nations this was the response from the north korean foreign minister if trump is thinking about surprising us with the sound of a dog barking then he is clearly dreaming. second vice president has told the u.n. the situation in the northern state of rakhine is easing henry van tio denied there had been any violence since september the fifth more than four hundred twenty thousand muslim or hindu have sought sanctuary across the border in bangladesh since the military crackdown began in me in my late last month the iraqi government
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has announced a new offensive against isis or forces have started to advance on the armed groups stronghold of how we are in the province of kirkuk they are planning to clear the land and villages on the outskirts of the town before recapturing the main central area live to sana'a where thousands of people are holding a rally in the capital city of yemen it marks the third anniversary of the hoof the rebels take over there on wednesday a top who feel leader accused the west and its allies of causing chaos in the country tens of thousands of people are protesting in the philippines on the forty fifth anniversary of the declaration of martial law in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the late leader ferdinand marcos imposed martial law for the two years citing a threat of communism now a group calling itself the movement against tyranny is using that anniversary to highlight human rights violations under the current president rodriguez to thirty in his crackdown on drugs. the kenyan opposition leader raila odinga is calling for the prosecution of those responsible for the alleged manipulation of the first
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presidential election there were celebrations by opposition supporters after the supreme court blamed the electoral commission for its decision to nullify kenya election those are your headlines up next it's the stream by. al jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. hi emily to be damning welcome to the stream live on al-jazeera and now you to move over marvel there's a slew of african comic book creators showing the world what an african superhero looks like.


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