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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 262  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 2:32pm-3:02pm AST

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declared in mexico at least two hundred thirty people have been killed in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble after being trapped for more than thirty six hours. thousands are gathering outside the supreme court in barcelona there protesting at the arrest of pro referendum officials who were detained after police raided regional government offices several demonstrations have been taking place across spain in support of next month's independence referendum in catalonia hurrican maria is bringing high winds and big seas to the dominican republic as it passes near the northeast coast the storm makes causing flooding and wind damage as it passes close to the island about four thousand tourists in the punta cana area on the eastern tip of the dominican republic have been moved to hotels in the capital two hundred kilometers away thousands of people are holding a big rally in the yemeni capital sana'a today now that marks the third anniversary of the booth the rebels take over their own weapons their top who's the leader
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accuse the west and its arab allies of causing chaos in the country you're right up to speed with all the top stories up next martine's here with inside story of a. it's that time of year again when the one hundred ninety three members of the united nations meet to discuss the most pressing problems about ties it's the seventy second general assembly but it's u.s. president donald trump's first so what is trump's message to the was this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to this special edition of the program we're here in new york at the u.n. in order to look a little bit more closely at some of the foreign policy issues raised by donald trump's first address to the general assembly now we know that mr trump is not particularly comfortable with the traditional global leadership role of the united states instead he'd rather concentrate much more on matters at home make america great again that's what he says despite that he finds himself center stage in a north korea crisis there's ethnic cleansing underway in miramar five of his closest middle east allies are involved in a deepening dispute and what about syria is he happy to leave syria to the russians to sort it out and then there's the u.n. itself everybody expects that he is going to reduce the amount of u.s.
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funding so we've got lots to talk about but first let's have this report from our diplomatic editor james bays. donald trump is the thirteenth u.s. president to come here to address the u.n. and with the north korea crisis to tear orating he knew the world would be hanging on his every word the message is really secure these two messages coming together but once he headed to the general assembly chamber excellent see donald trump he had a very different message delivering a speech that astonished many diplomats spying clued in an unprecedented threat to annoy late another u.n. member state the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea. rocket man is on
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a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the words with just the sort of language that earlier the u.n. secretary general had warned against fiery talk can lead to fatal misunderstandings the solution must be political and this is a time for statesmanship we must not sleepwalk our way into war president trumps foreign policy challenges a growing his critics say it's only of his own making he doesn't now just face possible confrontation with one nuclear power north korea but with a second one iran too as he continues to suggest he's likely to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard
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the last of it believe me that received strong support from israel's prime minister but only tepid applause from those in the general assembly so i've listened to countless speeches in this hall but i can say that. none were born or none were more courageous and forthright. then the one delivered by president trump to do the un is normally a place of nuance and compromise but president trump sees things in starkly black and white even some of the countries that are normally friendly to the u.s. are alarmed one western foreign minister told me that president trumps comments on north korea one helpful and a senior security council diplomat said to me why does he want to provoke two similar taney as nuclear crises james al-jazeera of the united nations.
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right let's introduce our guests now we have evan c. creed political strategist and author of a book called g.o.p. g.p.s. we have jeannie zeno professor of political science and international studies at the college and in williams he's a former president of the u.n. correspondents association and author of untold the real story of the united nations in peace and in war and it's not that long ago that is let's start with you then what are the headlines the headlines for you from this forty one minutes pieces of widely anticipated well it wasn't as bad as we widely anticipated i think for even the delegates there waiting it's often considered a bit impolite to threaten to destroy a country to save it doesn't happen often does it at the u.n. no no no i mean we know we will bury you i think chris just said but he said sort of metaphorically he didn't threaten to destroy the nation not the leadership of the nation and i hope that was
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a misspeaking. and of course the tirades against venezuela iran and israel i think to some extent justified but the iran is obviously he'd spoken to netanyahu here so we're getting a replay on the before that he was in i come back to that in just a moment jeannie for you what were the things that really stood out i think what stood out as you mentioned he stayed on prompter so weak he gave a better speech than we sometimes hear when he varies off but i think for me the real thing that stuck out was it seemed to be a patchwork together a message to his base as he's talking about the economy and middle class issues that can hardly be of concern to delegates in the room or the world strange as it was ways that really aren't are to and then and then also weaving in this america first vision which i know we're going to talk about but to me i have more questions now than i think i did going into this speech as to exactly what that means because on the one hand he's talking about sovereignty and on the other hand he's talking
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about taking action in ca. trees like north korea destroying them and then israel and so i left the speech wondering you know if i was ever thinking if i was looking for clarity i did not find it in terms of his vision in this speech evan are we looking at an america that is continuing to be engaged in the world are always looking at an isolationist future as far as the united states foreign policy we're looking at an america that's playing footsie with the world right now it kind of wants to but it doesn't it's like that guy you were told and i school never to date but you kind of are attracted to i think that what we've heard from this speech are two things one this speech was not for the international community is speech was delivered for the american people and that was a mistake on the president's part he should have been talking to the international community and saying this is what the trump doctrine is we don't hear a trump doctrine we don't hear what the trump foreign policy is we've only seen patchwork from the moment he took office from the strike in syria to how he's ignored other problems such as chinese expansion there was a phrase that was used
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a couple of times which struck me and i wondered what it actually meant and that is principled really isn't and if indeed there is a doctrine that we saw unfold it the general assembly that might be the title of it in any any guesses as to what yes i mean it's been part of the republican playbook for some time it's squeezed in i suspect by some of his neo cons that you have principles but you are very pragmatic realist about how you get them and remember what was said in the previous era under george bush was that we're we're going to reshape the well to fit our designs and so i think the echoes of that are very very light echoes i mean as as you were saying i think it was a collection a contest a nation of isolated prejudices and reflexes of the reflex to iran because of that because he's pulling up to netanyahu venezuela because he doesn't like it very easy if you're in
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a crisis and it's well i think if there's more people twenty. they're not as are other than the bad in me and mars well which didn't do you notice any of that is all that's what to do about it i mean that this was the real point is a lot of his diagnoses are accurate yes the un is of yours everybody's complained about it the secretary general complains every secretary general complains about the bureaucracy at the un the can't get anything done you know i mean one secretary don't complain to me couldn't get some be a part of the file for. me and he didn't know that but that's the much of what he did what he was short on was actually suggesting what he was going to do about it and cutting the un's budget was not a pragmatic proposal even though he made that conditional as well which i thought was interesting because he said if you know if we have to pay this money which i have jet to in a very convincingly a miser leeway. maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it was a fact but he's a transactional president isn't the and that's what we saw today i'm just wondering has some people have already suggested that what we've seen is another axis of evil
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you already mentioned george w. was this another updated axis of evil i took away from the speech that it absolutely is and he has added to the list of what he calls rogue states and these bad actors in the world community and i think one of the things we haven't mentioned here that really struck me was this is a president who went to the u.n. and talked about the world basically going to hell something that those of us in the us are familiar with because he gave an inaugural address which was incredibly negative and pessimistic and dark so this speech also had some very odd echoes of that and point far less about what are we going to do to rectify these problems he sees and he finds and much more kind of calling people in places out without really owning our role in some of these issues and also what we would do to move forward and that's where i have a real problem with the speech itself it was not
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a forward looking speech in terms of what is. this trump presidency going to mean for us in the united states and for the world let's look more closely then at iran because of a he outlined a series of offenses if you like that he considers iran has committed one being involved in funding of hezbollah involvement with assad and also fueling the war in yemen that was the only time yemen was mentioned in the speech and what does he propose to do he's going to rip up the nuclear accord or is he going to renegotiate it alter it in some way well what donald trump ends up doing on the iran deal will really depend upon what mood he wakes up in because he hasn't figured out himself he has advisors who believe that the iran deal was bad but ripping it up would create so many consequences and have such a domino effect that would be negative and make the world worse off even if you replaced it with something else that wouldn't be feasible they're not there to say just tear it up and show him that you're glad he won that one is because he was so
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uncomplimentary about is that it was it's an embarrassment to the music from faith reach of protocol for a u.s. president to stand up there when it's done from the first i've been to the comedian of previous presidents initiative backed by congress in such round terms it doesn't often happen there are ways to say these things and he didn't and of course what he doesn't realize because he doesn't do joined up thinking as the next president is going to come along and say i don't care what he said this is a different administration it was a disastrous administration and we're going to do differently so he is providing the material for his own sort of abnegation in future if he wants to look for posterity he's just burnt it and his view of the world at the moment not the dystopian view that we saw in the overall speech exactly but he talked about this being a time that immense promise and great peril. yeah and it is really striking and another thing that was really striking is benjamin netanyahu his response to
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the speech as i think the quote i read was he thought it was the best speech he'd heard in thirty years ago since he went off on f.x. i covered i come away when he was in the residence yes being with complete i think the mcclory has a lot of history of it was yes exactly and you know maybe the only person we've heard you know even donald trump's base is going to have a lot of issues with this speech because he says one thing and then he says another and so nobody can come out completely thrilled with the speech except for benjamin netanyahu which was amazingly from space so far as they liked it they thought it was tough it was sort of that cowboy american image that they really like but there was something else in the speech that we all recognized at this point so far he talked about refugees and how they need to stay local that sort of nationalism is what is going to help him here at home especially with the courts taking up his refugee ban and saying whether or not they can come into the united states that is if it big he said it was worth the america's paying
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a lot more money to keep refugees as close to home as possible it is in a language one of his that in fact the very budgets that you and and the other agencies could use to keep them there he's saying i'm going to cut your budget by a quarter or twenty percent but yes you can have money to keep them then don't bring them here at once again it's not joined up thinking and also the issue of the middle east and obviously the g.c.c. dispute didn't refer to it directly did he but he made reference to the funding of terrorism in the supporters of terrorism how king back home is to the riyadh. summit at which the the the dispute actually began and then again the custer way in the united nations television was to the saudi arabian foreign minister he's personally said that he's going to get involved is going to try to work this out how. well the purpose of saudi arabia sometimes is to make iran look good. in terms
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of social the sexual politics and you know i think that the continual harping on this once again it was the sound of silence you pick on the enemies you want you shout and you swing from the rooftops and you ignore every you know far worse perpetrators because they don't fit your particular set of prejudice is this week and i think that's that's part of it i mean that these are all powder kegs and they all need attention they need joined up thinking because they spill over to each other you know everybody's watching as you were saying the north koreans are watching the iranians the iranians are watching what's happening there the russians are what's happening and thinking well no no no he's about crimea we measure all go and take off a stone you're a little that fear is well you know i mean that the messages are being sent by silence as well but again this and this is on sovereignty which sounded almost as if it was a throwback to an earlier time didn't it seventy and strong sovereign states he said that's what's going to make the future of the successful u.n.
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what is it what it was and where the sort of philosophy coming in there is that you can't have supernatural governments on or thirty's it was a disavowal of i mean he talked about the trade treaties he's talking about the european union the trade blocks and what he really is system atomize in the world at a time when we have actually being to create things like the international criminal court the tribunals on the law of the say we got a whole set of rules that the world can function by and he wants to reduce this to her busy in each country by itself will say you know the whole this is all part of that last gasp of the jet or the generational conflict that has really been going on across the world especially in western democracies we saw in bragg's it was older voters who said we've it was younger voters who said remain we saw it here in the presidential election in this past november as younger voters who wanted hillary clinton and to be more of a global community whereas all their voters were more toward the proportion and with macro and i think that part here is that last gasp of the baby. we want to
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stay isolated don't like the world has become smaller because of technology ok but this last gasp is going to last at least four years we imagine what does it tell us as to how the united states is going to engage with the international institutions around the world and and deal with the conflicts around the world which of course the united states is to look to as the main the main solver the main solution provider despite donald trump when he wanted to with all this talk to your point about him being so transactional in terms of sovereignty it's very much at odds with what he did in syria as an example it's very much in odds with what he talks about with north korea or venezuela and so i'm not sure we can put any stake in what he said today and this is where i think we have a real problem as countries look around the world if you don't have a vision as to how you see the united states place in the world and you are the president of the united states what is going to happen it's very tough for people
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to take you at your word and this seemed to me a very contradictory speech that left us very much where we've been in the united states these are the foreign policy for a long time which is that we will go in when it suits our interests and we will tell you what we're interested in and we want when we don't want to all his does is put a tag on it of america first sovereignty nationalism sovereignty and to me it doesn't really move us forward at all ever what did you make of the the bit about venezuela because as we know quite recently he said that all options are on the table obviously central and latin america more generally shudders at the part of american involvement in the region which is which has been undercover for the most part but it also has been about regime change as they always do we think that we could be entering another phase like that with venezuela well i think he was far more eloquent today than he was at his golf club when he said all options are on the table i've actually thought that a lot of independents and republicans like the wind saying the problem and.
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venezuela's that we've seen socialism successfully in act they were in the middle of a humanitarian crisis where they are slaughtering animals to breaking into zoos and killing them eating garbage that is no way for anybody in the world to live in this day and age and i think that when you see the duro not addressing these problems and protests every day and more and more people becoming victims of this regime the united states still has a moral authority to try and help whether it should not be military action it was obviously we should be going in and trying to engage in providing humanitarian aid but the sham of election that muro through a couple of weeks ago that is an issue that needs to be taken up by the united nations and strongly condemned by the global community was sovereignty also would come into play here is well because majority has been elected at some point ok there's a constituent assembly now of the super body if you like there are claims that he had the most votes in any venezuelan election ever when turnout was put at much lower than most elections so i'm not entirely sure how my dear oh east mathematics
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in that calculation but i think that we do have a responsibility as the united states to lead the global community in condemning venezuela and show that there are consequences for ignoring the will of the people and suppressing them but this is exactly where i think donald trump gets himself into a bind where on the one hand he's saying respective nations and sovereignty and on the other hand he's talking about intervening hopefully not militarily but otherwise into a sovereign nation and the question has always been where do you draw the line what is in the united states' interest this is a man who campaigned on this kind of isolationism that the republican party hasn't really seen to this extent and yet he seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to these really critical vision principled issues i suspect his sovereignty spiel was actually talking to the gallery in the general assembly because who is it you talks about sovereignty it's all the people who are killing their own people and have a sovereign so they have a sovereign right to do it now it was the several easy it's the it's the russians it's the child. he is it's
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a whole host of people reserve the right to maltreat their own people without interference by the international community and one of the big tussles over the last twenty years almost since kofi annan introduced responsibility to protect as to what extent this can be traded off against sovereignty noticeable by its absence africa no mention of underway is that an africa policy well i don't think the united states has had an africa policy congo is the longest lasting war i mean it's it's been like this sort of second third world war it's been carrying on all of this time millions of people died millions of people made homeless and nobody has a strategy for it is something that really demands leadership and successive us administrations have abdicated on this one and the principle of humanitarian intervention anywhere in sublimity to protect the response of it is up to protect the right like humanitarian k. but i see the where is that it's what is it that i mean and they was showing signs of being accepted but then unfortunately tony blair invoked it in his.
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intervention in iraq completely irrelevant leon unjustly and they gave it a bad name so it's but it has been advancing the idea that i think there's a clear consensus in the much of the international community that if we can find some sucker to do it then someone should stop what the memories are doing to their hinders that somebody should stop the other refugee movements but somebody should stop what's happening in yemen the big problem is no one's prepared to do it and the only country that is in a position to do many of these things or even to marshal a coalition to do it has been the united states which is applicator from the us we haven't been talking about the rohingya here in the united states we are thankful we seeing at least among some political circles on social media starting to recognize the atrocities that are being committed by the medium are used against them and today as i understand it in assistant secretary of state met with on san suu kyi and then she canceled a trip to the united nations but we have
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a long way to go in there unfortunately bringing more people with their lives in the interest she said that. maybe. she hadn't seen any evidence for what was up to me that's a nobel peace prize i mean this is a poncho moment washing her hands of it a little it's ok. we haven't seen emerge then a coherent policy that we can call a doctrine a trump doctrine how do we think then the united states is going to engage jeely you put in particular how do you think the us is going to engage with the rest of the world we've got some very very critical crises we're at a particularly dangerous moment on the korean peninsula for instance i think what's going to happen is it's going to be very much left up to the whim of donald trump and his advisors who are able to get through to him and get his ear because that at least going on what we've seen the last nine months since he's been an authoress is
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very much what they have seemed to have happened and this is my real concern coming out of this speech i was an incredibly hopeful we would see a visionary speech or we would see some principle but for anybody who wanted that it wasn't there it wasn't clear and so now what we're left with is this is a man who is going to decide with his key advisers when we do and when we do not how we do and how we do not and i think that's a very unsettling message to leave the world at a time with so many crises and i think it's particularly disturbing and he started off remember talking about nato as being obsolete he changed do you think that we've witnessed a change in attitude with regard to the united nations. well it depends until he next one changes it i mean we are talking about it every can introduce a gruesome image and just back from vietnam and i saw they sell frogs in the market they chop the heads off and skin them on the still hopping round with no braid and it struck me that was a good analogy for this white house is for another trashing and what they call
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a very flattering image and it was horrifying. crawling over a flat point i have to say thank you very much. everybody the secret thank you very much jeanne thank you very much indeed william thank you very much in mind as ever thank you very much for watching the program if you want to see it again remember you can always go online al jazeera dot com you can go to our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story there's also the choice is fear at a.j. inside story i'm at martine dennis a thank you from the whole team here in new york c.c. .
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us to use. cars are always going places together. without his ears eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for the audience that's incredibly diverse. well i'm jane that me and the top stories i mean my second vice president has told the u.n. that violence in rakhine state is easing but our teams on the ground say that's not the case more than four hundred twenty thousand rehang afraid to bangladesh since
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the military crackdown began last month and many more are trapped at the border yes no denying that this is a problem of significant. i'm happy to inform you that dance resume has improved no i am crisis have been reported since september accordingly we are concerned by our report the numbers of muslims cursing. remain. right we need to find the reason for these exodus what is a little known is that the great mark jordan of the muslim population this fighter to remain in your religious side ahmed al buys a former envoy to me and for the organization of islamic cooperation he has also served as malaysia's foreign minister he wants me in march addressed.


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