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tv   State Of The Arts  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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you know. where i'm from. so i maryam namazie and london a quick recap of your top stories now president donald trump assigned a new executive order ramping up sanctions against north korean funds its pacifically helps the u.s. tell gay people companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with kenya and the ng is to put the country under pressure to stop pursuing its nuclear missile
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program north korea's textiles fishing information technology and manufacturing industries are among those targeted troubles or praise china for ordering that banks to stop doing business with north korea as well her new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund notes careers efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind. the order enhanced is the treasury department's thirty's to target any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea well during that announcement a short while ago the presidents of japan and south korea reiterated their allegiance to the u.s. and thank the president for his action just hours earlier south korea's president made his speech to the u.n. general assembly lungi in said sanctions were needed to bring the north to the negotiating table and force it to give up its nuclear aspirations he also called
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for the north korean nuclear crisis to be handled sensitively so peace isn't destroyed. we do not desire the collapse of north korea we will not seek relief occasional by artificial means north korea after that knowledge all these facts are soon as possible it must immediately cease making reckless choices that could lead to its own isolation and dull for iran and choose the path of dialogue rescuers are still desperately searching for survivors trapped beneath crumpled buildings in central mexico following the deadliest earthquake there in decades at least two hundred forty five people have been killed and one thousand nine hundred injured in tuesday's seven point one magnitude quake the mexican government has declared three days of national mourning. thousands of people have been rallying in barcelona calling for the release of castle and government officials who were detained ahead of next sunday's controversial vote spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has called the vote illegal and has taken court action to
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block it catalan leaders say referendum plans have been undermined by the arrest of senior regional officials and the seizure of campaign materials by the police but they say they are determined to go ahead and hold a vote anyway. and the kenyan president says the court ruling a nolen his election victory last month is a coup which could throw the country into judicial chaos kenyatta says the supreme court has stolen democracy from the people kenya's election board says the presidential rerun will now take place on october twenty sixth the court has blamed the electoral commission for its decision to nala fide the result saying it ran a poll that was neither transparent or credible. by admitting they got to get out for a little what has really happened in our country is nothing short of what kenya has so successfully managed to avoid over the last fifty years or so of our independent
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that has happened in many other countries where we have seen military coups overthrowing civilian government but today we have broken our history with a coup in the republic of kenya that has been done by four people in the courts this is a coup and i must call it what it is and i would never be afraid to say it was speaking exclusively to al-jazeera the kenyan opposition leader raul or doing that says he's fully behind the court's decision. the good deeds words the right thing because as you know i know that i did not lose elections i know the one delusions and the results were just manipulated so this is what we call justice and god did the right thing. evidence before. those illusions you can see the rest of that interview with writer of danger on up front right here on al-jazeera at nineteen thirty g.m.t.
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on friday coming up next it's people in power but i will see in twenty five minutes time for much more coverage of our world news stay with us. deep in southern india a mysterious construction project is making the country's neighbors nervous some see it as evidence of an escalating arms race the could one day take the subcontinent to the brink of thermonuclear war. so what's going on behind these walls we sent indian journalist man to kenya gallops to investigate.
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a coastal state in india is famous for its sun signed and tourists. but for five days in march this year this beach paradise played host to india's defense expo. india is the largest importer of arms in the world and has pledged to spend two
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hundred fifty billion dollars over the next decade to modernize its military hoping to cash in on seniors and companies from across the globe have flocked to the defense expo in the hopes of selling that to the indian government. my name is my. eye. at the forefront of india's military expansion is the devil up into four feet of nuclear submarines which will be powered by enriched uranium and capable of firing thermonuclear weapons each one over a thousand times more powerful than the devices detonated over hiroshima and nagasaki joining world war two. but in order to power in on this fleet india will need a large stockpile of sufficiently enriched uranium. according to a recent investigation by foreign policy magazine a new top secret facility is under construction in the south indian district of china kerry and it is here that many believe the highly enriched uranium needed to
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fulfill india's military ambitions will be produced though this is a claim that has been hotly contested by the indian government itself. so i've come to the expo to seek out india stop defense and military leaders and see if they will explain what is going on. our first port of call is the defense minister us press conference where i ask him about these alleged plans to build a new uranium enrichment site. so how can you know you. will . be the. one. when.
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you. his answer is the very reason but that's not really surprising indian officials are famously tight lipped about the country's nuclear weapons program because it is covered by a draconian official secrets act we are the same evasive responses from a long list of people at the defense expo. i don't recall that. we ran into the same apparent wall of silence when we approached the company that built india's first nuclear submarine during remote from the country. even the country's vice chief of naval staff was unwilling to address the subject. under the counter. while india is keen to discuss and debate its growing military prowess the nuclear weapons
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program is a subject that remains off limits. but many analysts across the world believe that india is indeed by suing a ball a sea of creating a weapons many times more powerful than anything in the country's arsenal to date if you're saying that. and india's historical for pakistan has already taken note pledging to do whatever it takes to keep up with indian nuclear capability. whether they want to burn bugs on endurable whatever put it in do. their debts or not bother me much as long as i. am. with regional superpower with china already holding a vast stockpile of these weapons experts fear
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a new nuclear race on the sub continent could threaten the existence and livelihoods of heart of the world's population. is also getting a fair shape in south asia because of concerns of china as well so india is against china and india wants to have for example. which we own all the areas it is a very small. but concerns that india is planning to expand its nuclear arsenal first came to light in a rather unlikely backwater of rural south india the lush plains of china. it was here that a group of local shepherds on earth details about the government's alleged plans to construct a secret nucleus city. for
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generations shepherds like. had unfettered access to common pasture land stretching on with power. the use this land to grow food and graze their animals i didn't two thousand and ten the indian government suddenly ordered ten thousand acres of these common grasslands be walled off no information about the intended purpose of the new facilities was made public and local community members claim they were not even consulted or informed about the appropriation of this land before it happened almost overnight even the local politicians and civil servants had been kept in the dark. night night but you know i want to marty. then in two thousand and eleven india stopped nuclear official admitted that among
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the projects slated for construction in china is a u. rhenium enrichment site that could feed the country's military nuclear programs as well as civilian. this announcement came shortly after the launch of ins arihant the first of several nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines being built for the indian navy. slowly this information made its way back to the local community in. one day. the villagers organized white scale protests to draw the attention of the government including a mosque boycott of the two thousand and fourteen indian general election. but it soon became clear to them that this was a battle that would have to be fought in court. so they got in touch with
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environmental lawyer. when the father was discovered the walls were coming of almost forty years ago secret the farmers had already filed a case in the i thought it was not going to run for them which is when we took it to the national bank. in response to the green tribunals government agencies were compelled to go on the record and reveal important information about the purpose of the challenge. so they're very clearly said that in their effort to produce i need enriched uranium which is used by both civilian and military including for ballistic missiles and. if you did happen in iran basically the. united states government has forced the suppression between the. weapons grade uranium and the energy. that separation is important for them there
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is no perfect. through the shop at scale managed to get a government agency to admit for the first time that the site will be used to enrich uranium to build weapons. according to national security experts are not building a city sized complex to house the entire process is not uncommon. the best way to make a weapon. and have an industry and industry making a weapon driving in one place. for instance. just a city in some remote part of siberia. may be adopting the russian people i don't know and i'm really saying as an outside
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person looking in. the ground a prototype of your. theory is credible but it's nearly impossible to get any confirmation from the indian government. for more concrete answers outside india to washington d.c. . in two thousand and eight india signed an historic deal with the united states allowing international inspectors to regulate reactors used for its ambitions civilian nuclear energy program in exchange the country was granted a waiver from the nuclear suppliers group to import fuel and by civilian nuclear technology that for decades had been kept out of its reach since then western analysts have monitored india's military program closely. at the institute of science and international security we meet sabrina. who's tracking the proposed and richmond site. we were able to discover the plan for the construction of
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a new enrichment facility by analyzing open source information this area up here does not have any construction so far but the plans are to build a ukrainian centrifuge program here and you enrichment facility means that india will be expanding its talk of highly enriched uranium. serena do is concerned but the new site could trigger a nuclear reason the subcontinent it's significant because it indicates that india's uranium enrichment needs are growing and we believe they're growing because india needs to fuel its nuclear submarine program. we worry about pakistan because pakistan has a tendency to want to match any new advancements that india makes and currently we are worried that pakistan might want to match india's efforts when it comes to
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creating a nuclear submarine program china is also nearby and any advancements in this nuclear program are going to create are going to have destabilizing effects in the region and yes we worry about us collation. assuming such a bullish policy on nuclear armament has the potential to destabilize the region why exactly is it but the indian government is so hell bent on improving its arsenal after all the country already has nuclear weapons doesn't it. in contrast to the big boys nuclear as india and pakistan account for only two hundred to two thirty bombs between them india's program dates back to one nine hundred seventy four when prime minister indira gandhi gave the go ahead to test the. country's first bomb the smiling but exploded deep in the heart of the rogers trying to assert taking the world by surprise india described it as
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a peaceful nuclear explosion pakistan saw it as an act of aggression the nation reacted swiftly accelerating the pace of its own program prime minister is a figure of crime he declared that pakistanis would eat leaves and grass or even go hungry but they would build the bomb things came to a head in may nine hundred ninety eight went under the cloak of secrecy india tested five more bombs a move that led to swift condemn nation from the world. less than three weeks later in a tit for tat move pakistan detonated six devices sanctions were placed on both nations . while the tests proved conclusively that both nations had nuclear capability a shadow was cast over the credibility of india's doctorand in two thousand and nine. keys on the number of key member of the scientific team responsible for conducting the tests made a shocking revelation in
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a fragmented be. nuclear. game much lower than was predicted was obvious but for some reason. kept hidden. to go down. and. plainly written and. that was in fact indicating that the. it was. claimed to be. the government was quick to refute design a geisha but sometimes claims was seized upon by those national security experts such as barker knight who have been calling for further testing and asking the government to build a full scale thermo nuclear arsenal. only proven and dish good weapon is a twenty kilometer we can be a bunch of the five we had were two and twenty five
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a claim we have a two hundred five but unless you actually test. there's no credibility to your claims if it's mind game before the nuclear war starts the chinese have an edge because when you say ok the chinese she ok you want to start a nuclear war ok i'm going to open up with my one megaton what do you have very accurate ridiculous ok. not everyone shared the same tos ee as and for further proliferation but sometimes revelations had left those on all sides of the political spectrum wondering whether india's arsenal was. enemy. pakistan with whom the country's relations have often descended into. in fact hostility has been a defining characteristic of the relationship between india and pakistan for nearly seventy years now a period marked by several wars and endless military standoffs. and this mutual
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enemy is perhaps best illustrated by a ceremony that takes place at the border every evening both sides put on a grand show of aggression. by their countrymen. but even the spectacle underplays the very real threat but both nations bolster one another. now both india and pakistan continue to kill weapons today. was going nuclear weapons program india nuclear weapons aspirations the right question with china looming large over these nations many feel that a new one you know weapons phrase is breaking out and. we arrived on may twenty eighth. to the days since pakistan tested its bonds.
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to the mobile. world america or. adding fuel to the fire of hostility between pakistan and india is this man a.q. khan the father of the pakistani bomb. he's a controversial figure accused of setting up a network sensitive information. and. we were able to. giving a speech. the pakistani government has publicly distanced itself from but he continues to be a celebrated they go up and down the country. getting
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access is nearly impossible. to meeting with. from pakistan's nuclear program. is a high ranking member of pakistan's strategic planning division an elite branch of
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the military that has command over the country. at university in islamabad. in the wake of revelations about india's nuclear ambitions . has no choice but to escalate the production of its own weapons. people are generally willing to accept india's logic that the i'm in school district is from china in terms of strategic weapons as well if there is a mercedes or a nuclear weapon. which the indians may claim that it is intended for china but stop it stops indians from pointing the same weapon was published on what i want india does to be able to in minute elliot reward was. unbearable damage today and saw there they will hopefully to free him from. for the bugs and the postgres. but pakistan's dismay for the nonproliferation has always
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been a huge concern globally and the recent introduction of tactical nuclear weapons to its arsenal short range missiles equipped with nuclear warheads that can be used on the battlefield have caused many particularly indian military officials to balkan horror beyond the fact their substantial part of forces is engaged in conduct there is a more provisions on the western borders so that has created a kind of a liberty which indians seem to be willing to exploit so pakistan had to look for those who should to their and power was out of this was true this was done in by the way over the introduction of short range battlefield nuclear weapons so we're loading our nuclear threshold pakistan has also delegated the command of tactical nukes to battlefield commanders with some analysts believe lives their arsenal wateringly open to attack and even passed by extremist organizations in the region
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for his part pakistani peace activist and physicist expects things will only get worse in the years to come the race is also taking it bad shape in south asia because in south asian situation is not just india pakistan situation because india has concerns of china as well so india builds up again against china and india wants to have for example a trial which was nuclear weapons on on the air as it has in the season somebody. and therefore pakistan would feel more certain and bug them are also going that for those who track strategic weapons closely one area where the resource most apparent is in the building and testing of bomb delivery systems such as messiah. both india and pakistan have a large stockpile of subsystems most recently india tested the list of files from
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onboard its first nuclear powered submarine leading to fears that the indian ocean is on course to become a nuclear eyes so on in the winter two thousand and fifteen even u.s. president barack obama voiced his own concerns about the direction south asia's taking at the nuclear security summit in washington d.c. the other area were i think we need to see progress is pakistan and india. making sure that. as they develop military doctrines that they are not continually moving in the wrong direction. india resents any attempts to link its nuclear security and doctrine with that of pakistan's and quickly protested president obama's remarks but for those charged with analyzing india's national security strategy expanding the program appears inevitable if you're saying that we are enlarging i. really ought to keep pace with china. the
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other countries an alternate threats to india should be to india should be concerned not pakistan not true in pakistan as you know i'm in pakistan the very small country because initial launch. time can ever be certain that our nuclear weapons can be destroyed in exchange while we can be certain we can make an extinct as a social organization. the walls of china carry continue to obscure india as a legit new nuclear program from view. but many on all sides agree that a nuclear arms race on the subcontinent is under way. the potential fallout in the swallow tiled region is unthinkable and while the indian state seeks to secure its debt or into capabilities against its neighbors a lot more thought must be given on how to prevent the strays from spiraling out of
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control of. a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind. targeting pyongyang donald trump signs and new order to widen sanctions on north korea.
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hello i'm maryam namazie a watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up hope fades for survivors of mexico's devastating earthquake. a rally of defiance in yemen's capital to see rebels marked three years since they seized son. and a need for speed china launches the fastest commercial bullet train in the world. u.s. president donald trump has signed a new executive order ramping up sanctions on north korea the latest measure designed to stop killing and pursuing its nuclear missile program the oldest pacific lee helps the u.s. to target people companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with pyongyang north korea's textiles fishing information technology and manufacturing
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industries are among those targeted trump also praise china for ordering banks to stop doing business with north korea meanwhile the european union has agreed on a drive sanctions package of its own against north korea including a ban on investments and e.u. exports of oil a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind the order enhanced is the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea and i'm very proud to tell you that as you may have just heard moments ago china. their central bank has told their other banks it's a massive banking system to immediately stop doing business with north korea.
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diplomatic editor james bases at united nations headquarters in new york following all these developments for us are we going to get more information on how these sanctions against north korea are likely to work and who is going to be affected. we are are getting more information on that and we already had some more information from the treasury secretary of the u.s. steven mission who's given a briefing here in new york to white house correspondents give me a little bit more details saying that this is not specifically aimed at china but it is to hurt north korea you have president trump who on tuesday was talking about destroying north korea completely destroying north korea militarily now another attempt to destroy or at least damage north korea economically with new sanctions that we're going to get in just a moment is the u.n.
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security council meeting a meeting that will touch on this and i think some of the speeches will certainly be about north korea it's actually a meeting that the u.s. wanted the main proceedings of the week take place in the u.n. general assembly but this is in the other important chamber of the united nations the horseshoe table of the security council and around that table you are going to have not mainly ambassadors sitting but ministers from the various countries the u.s. requested it and so we're going to see the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and what the u.s. requested was a meeting about nonproliferation so about the nuclear threat not specifically about north korea the reason i think they've done that is it means they can talk about north korea in the security council they can also talk about the other important theme of president trump speech on tuesday which is iran so expect both of those
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from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson who we think will be probably the second. person to speak in this meeting you look at the president of the security council convening the meeting very brief he will then introduce the top disarmament official of the u.n. the high representative for disarmament izumi. who will give a briefing to those around the table to the ministers around the table and then i think the next speaker is likely to be the secretary of state rex tillerson yes and we're just looking at participants filing into the room now so sure that well that meeting will begin shortly but james we're expecting to hear from rex tillerson as he said and we've often when it comes to issues of foreign policy national security spoken about. something of a difference between rex tillerson and his boss u.s. president donald trump how how much concern do you think there might be within the administration in washington about
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a nuclear confrontation on two fronts. well i think that is a concern the fact that president trump is talking about. taking on in some way or other north korea certainly but also to opening up that iran nuclear deal if he decides not to certify it he says he's already made that decision he has to make a decision by the fifteenth of october that is the date of certification so it does present a big challenge interesting that twenty four hours ago here at the security council in the consultations room which is just off the main chamber of the security council where you can now see the people milling for the meeting there was a meeting of those that did the deal the so-called p five plus one that's the five permanent members of the security council the u.k. the u.s. the france russia and china as well as germany as well as the european union which confines these meetings and of course the foreign minister of iran foreign minister
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zarif. i'm looking they're seeing seeing secretary of state tillerson greeting the others in fact right now speaking to the to the french ambassador to the united nations and certainly on the iran deal we know that france does not want the iran deal scrapped and right none of the others and that p. five plus one was the iran deal scrapped and even secretary of state tillerson said at the end of that meeting twenty four hours ago that technically iran was complying so there is a little difference there i think between the way the secretary of state states this and the way that you hear it coming from president trump but also worth telling you similar taney asli while this is going on the speeches continue in the general assembly and not far from here about ten minutes walk the white house press to getting another briefing they've already heard from the treasury secretary they're now getting a briefing because she's not here because secretary of state tillerson is in her
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place from nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations may get news from matter as well so lots of things to watch over the next few minutes. and james i think the meeting is just about to begin we can see everyone taking their seats and as you say iran and north korea are going to feature heavily in this discussion but of course nuclear nonproliferation is the is the broad agenda of. of the discussions that are about to get underway. yes and you're seeing the president of the security council this rotating every single month it happens to be ethiopia who is calling this meeting to order now. now. the president will introduce the meeting and the agenda right of the meeting they
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will adopt that agenda right and then we'll introduce the first speaker which will be the high representative for disarmament as i say the senior official of the united nations with regard to disarmament who will talk about nonproliferation in general but i would have thought is likely to talk about the situation in north korea and quite possibly talk about the situation in iran i suspect that will be a very relatively broke brief statement and then it's likely we haven't been given a list of speakers at this stage but it's likely that the first speaker would be secretary of state because it was the u.s. that wanted this meeting to take place during the general assembly while all the world leaders are here worthily one other little fact moments before i started talking to you i can confirm that president trump has left the area around the united nations because we wondered who the huge convoy coming past as was and it was the motorcade of president trump and i could see the silhouette very
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recognizable of the president in the back seat of one of the two limousines heading his way down to wall street. there with fly him out of new york into bedminster where he's going which is one of his properties the trump national golf course. a year that i try and and of course now i'm just going to say still in new york has his u.n. representative nikki haley and rex tillerson him we're expecting to hear from this security council meeting and as you were saying james iran's nuclear program i suppose the iran deal specifically featured in the u.n. general assembly speech that we've heard from president trump but really he's had a lot to say about this deal since he. came to the president see he's made it clear that he thinks it's a terrible deal the u.s. should never have gone into it and yet despite these sort of continuing threat doesn't seem to take any action or make a decision either way. well he gets every month for
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a chance of whether to certify the deal or not and he will have another chance by the fifteenth of october we do know have the high representative for disarmament affairs giving a briefing should we just listen in for a moment to to what you're saying. the small priority work by the council has rested on two mutually reinforcing pillars one derives from the council's responsibility for establishing a system for regulation of armaments as in trying in article twenty six of the united nations charter is objective is closely linked with the purposes and principles of the united nations and aims to promote international peace and security with the nice diversion of four armaments of the world's human and economic resources the other derives of course from the council's primary
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responsibility for the menton and international peace and security. pursuant to this responsibility the council house court sought various names including respect for the prohibition on the case of that meeting on nuclear nonproliferation under way at the security council meeting at the united nations and of course i'm still waiting for secretary say rex tillerson to say his piece well worth pointing out that at this very time. the un representative nikki haley is making some comments this after trump's executive order cracking down on north korea through additional sanctions what are we expecting from nikki haley today. well she is doing a briefing to the white house press and i think the idea is for her to wrap up the we can say what was achieved by the us here in new york this week because with the
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president leaving and he has just left just watched him as far as the u.s. is concerned this is finished it isn't of course finished as far as the news is concerned and one of the big things to watch is what happens here on friday because each country gets their turn and they're still speaking while this meeting is going on in the security council there are two speeches in the general assembly hall it comes round on friday to the north korean representative which will be the north korean foreign minister how is he going to respond to president trump's fahri words that's something to watch very very closely when that comes up here at the u.n. on friday for now discussion of the nuclear issues of iran and of north korea taking place. in the security council chamber. and perhaps james a. yes. go ahead. no that's right
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and so we just actually looking at pictures here of nikki haley as you say she's speaking live in your absence worth just. tipping into that last thing anyone wants but at the same time we're not going to run scared if for any reason north korea attacks the united states or our allies the u.s. will respond period that's what's going to happen what you're seeing now is we continue to go through diplomatic measures we continue to exhaust everything we have and the key right now is that other countries actually support the sanctions and follow through with them and they also continue to isolate north korea until we can get them to come to the negotiating table but until then that's just the reality if they were to strike the united states of course we would have to respond back yes but for five years you're specifically saying that if north korea attacks first. i mean we can't play out the scenarios on what's going to happen but obviously it would take something very serious for the president to have to make
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a decision to do something back but there's a lot of things between where we are now and that situation that can be done there are a lot of military options that can be done and so the president's not going to spell out specifically what he's going to do when he's going to do it or where he's going to do it but there are many options that he's discussed with his national security team that should north korea do anything or responsible or reckless that he has to choose from. that are thank you i'm just a quick one on the sanctions on korea and i have a. question on iran on korea and the administration has said that this is not aimed at china but you heard the president say today that china has you know told that central bank not to do business with north korea secretary munition so that he called the chinese so how is this not and especially you talked about how china is really the main financial backer of north korea the how can this not really be directed at china and then on iran is there a way to talk about to ramp up pressure what you were talking about with iran do
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you stabilizing activities throughout the middle east which i think a lot of your own. agree on with our body leaving the agreement per se as secretary killers said i mean is there a way to get allies to rally around more terrorism type and other sanctions while keeping the nuclear provisions and you know with the first call with the sanctions on north korea if it only end pacts those that continue to do business of north korea so if china does business with north korea yes it will impact them if there are countries in africa that do business with north korea it's going to impact them so really it depends on countries that choose to continue to support north korea over the rest of the world it's asking them not to in reference to iran you have a couple of processes that take place on october fifteenth the president has the decision to make on whether to certify or decertify and that's u.s.
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law that has nothing to do with the way or the iran deal that's u.s. law and u.s. law requires the president every ninety days to decide whether the arabian deal and other elements of the u.n. resolution which would include ballistic missile testing which would include arms smuggling which would include support of terrorism those things it asked the president to look at all of those things and if he still thinks that the deal is in the best interests of the united states then he certifies if he thinks that the deal is that the situation is not in the best interests of the american public then he does it serves serves to certify at that point it goes to congress and he works with congress on how to reshape the situation but the iran deal and u.s. law are two different things to decertify without pacifically withdrawing from the deal that's right i mean that's just the option that he has and that's the corker
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card law that came into effect that allowed that to happen what i will tell you from a u.n. perspective what we're looking. what you're going to hear us very vocal on is the fact that two three three one the resolution that was in place what we saw. was that basically wrapped in with the nuclear deal it said if iran did any of these things it would be in violation and since then the secretary general has come out with a report that said they have violated all of those things their support for terrorism their arms smuggling the idea that they continue to do ballistic missile testing and they need to be called out for that and that's something that you will see us do as we go forward in the united nations to make sure that they know that just because we did this nuclear deal it doesn't give them a pass on all the other things that they're doing yes better. and just listening in to the questioning of trump's u.n. representative nikki haley reporters trying to get more information and
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clarification on how the sanctions against north korea will work about if there is any future for u.s. involvement in the iran nuclear deal and just picking up on one of the questions that nikki haley was asta about how the current measures are not directed at china because of course donald trump in his speech threatened to to totally destroy a north korea he used very he used very strong language james but was there any possibility of him. james will hold that thought we'll come back to that later rex tillerson is now speaking at the security council. members of the security council call coffin of threats for global security the focus of today's security council meeting is an issue worldwide implications nuclear proliferation. at a time when stabbings crudely constructed bombs and trucks driven into crowds of
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innocent men women and children are often our enemies weapons of choice to attack us it is easy to become complacent and say the threat of nuclear attacks is a relic of the cold war the threat of a nuclear attack remains a grim reality those who would trigger such a horrific scenario pose a unique threat to the security of peace loving nations the challenge for each of us is how can we decrease the threat posed by nuclear weapons not just to our own people but people the world over today i want to put four points forward the first is to highlight the positive trajectories of nations that have voluntarily relinquish nuclear weapons the second is to emphasize the moral burden of possessing the nuclear weapons and the enormous responsibility that accompanies stewardship of such devastating weapons as well as the technologies nuclear
11:51 pm
materials that go into them the third is to make clear acquiring nuclear weapons capability does not provide security prestige or other benefits but instead represents a path to isolation and intense security scrutiny from the global community as those responsible nuclear powers will check such on certain i'm predictable threats and lastly all nations but most particularly the current nuclear powers must recommit to sound nuclear security practices and robust and effective nonproliferation efforts in order to keep nuclear weapons and associated materials and technology out of the hands of a responsible nations terrorist and non-state actors. there are historical precedents of nations abandoning their nuclear weapons programs and arsenals out of self-interest bellerose kazakhstan south africa and ukraine all
11:52 pm
weighed the risk and responsibility of nuclear weapons and made the decision to eliminate their nuclear programs or give up their nuclear weapons as the apartheid regime in south africa ended the country's leaders eliminated its nuclear weapons and joined the nonproliferation treaty as a non weapon state after the dissolution of the soviet union bellerose kazakhstan and ukraine willingly gave up the nuclear weaponry that the soviet collapse because to their territories and over the years several other countries were willing to abandon clandestine nuclear weapons development efforts when reassured by the united states and others that their relationships with us and the global community unable them to meet their national security needs without such tools the republic of kazakhstan is a particularly illustrative example of the wisdom relinquishing nuclear weapons in
11:53 pm
partnership with the united states and aided by the cooperative threat reduction act spearheaded by u.s. senators sam nunn and richard lugar kazakhstan opted to remove from its territory former soviet weapons and related nuclear technologies and joined the nonproliferation treaty is a non weapon state this courageous decision by the leaders of kazakhstan greatly reduced the prospect of nuclear weapons components of nuclear weapons or nuclear materials and dual use technologies from falling into the wrong hands nuclear weapons introduce complexity into relations with other countries and introduce the risk of miscalculation accident or escalation. kazakhstan's actions represented a key step in that country becoming part of the community of nations as a result of letting go of nuclear weapons the world does not look on kazakhstan as
11:54 pm
a potential nuclear aggressor or a rogue state it did not make enemies of its nuclear neighbors russia or china today kazakhstan has overwhelmingly been at peace with its neighbors and its trade relations are robust this year and hosted world expo two thousand and seventeen and a bit in a stand which showcased the sources of future energy and investment opportunities in kazakhstan to attendees from around the world this is a modern nation making a substantial contribution to regional international peace and prosperity kazakhstan has only benefited from its early decision in my previous career i met president has arrived on many occasions and had the opportunity to ask you about so what we've been away hearing now for us i didn't say flags and i said interesting the security council meeting taking place at the united nations is taking about the risks of ukraine weapons nonproliferation is the theme of this meeting and james.
11:55 pm
writes to listen speaking about countries which willingly gave up their nuclear weapons i suppose he's trying to emphasize that there is a precedence for denuclearization. he's saying that there is a cost to come back to the family of nations that do not have nuclear weapons of course he is a country that has nuclear weapons as are all of the major powers in the world it's interesting the examples he chose because none of those examples would be i think at any point by the u.s. of being cold rogue nations let's take another example he didn't mention libya libya try to get a nuclear weapon maybe you have chemical weapons and gave them all up in two thousand and three the north koreans that we very. aware that even though it did that the u.s. and its nato allies helped in the overthrow of colonel gadhafi so north korea has
11:56 pm
some other presidents it can look at when it looks at this and also north korea puts out repeated statements through the news agency it also raises the case of iraq and saddam hussein and says that really that's why it needs its nuclear weapons to stop regime change but i suppose what's interesting is that in some ways tellus is comments echo those of his chinese counterpart who was addressing the united nations general assembly earlier emphasizing the need for a peaceful settlement on the korean peninsula and could we back it will there be some thought or consideration in the u.s. administration to a pathway to reopening talks with north korea on this. well president trump was asked that very question when he spoke earlier on. the water could there be talks and his answer was why not but you're right there is a different tone coming from the secretary of state much more measured tone and
11:57 pm
also from nikki haley when we heard that news conference earlier on and she's not sitting in her seat at the u.n. rex tillerson is doing that she is briefing reporters from washington where nick rex tillerson is normally based as bit of a reversal of roles but she was trying to clarify some of trump's comments in the general assembly on tuesday when he said he could totally destroyed north korea and say that will only happen in certain scenarios of north korea attacks she was going to lay out all the scenarios but it's something she said that would only be used in extremis. all right james thanks very much we'll definitely be checking in with you in just a couple of minutes time we have the news hour coming up in just a few moments time a full hour of news for you but here we have rex tillerson u.s. secretary of state. speaking at the united nations following an executive order by u.s. president to bring additional sanctions more pressure on north korea the interesting thing about the most important thing about this new action is that it might have
11:58 pm
involved some sort of coordination with the chinese the u.s. treasury secretary saying a little bit earlier on that he's looking forward to working with the chinese central bank though i don't think there's been any official reaction on that yet we'll discuss all of that and more in just a few minutes. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar for me. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than our soul in this life what i want to lose is freedom of expression.
11:59 pm
the right to mortgage. sean and to march into the dawn. because you dislike the desire to understand the. nature of human. and the human condition is universal. the world's primary could change producing nations is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry the author of this business will go on forever it will not change all of global policies the who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes this time tensions are high
12:00 am
little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill . among realists trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but really event tonight or drive a wedge between the villagers fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund
12:01 am
north korea's efforts to develop.


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