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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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as i said the international community has been largely against this the u.n. the u.k. the us turkey as well and there's an even completed unity among the kurds about actually having this vote to be clear is actually a non-binding. vote so even if the vote is for independence that does not mean that it's necessarily going to happen any time soon so we're effort in the translation of the. kurdish regional president here barzani. to look at the people that. are policies as we have that water get up but already i was not i conveyed to you what is being said and we are working on getting a translation. that you.
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well you know what we are unfortunately still dealing with a translation home. i can tell you a little bit of what he has given up for so far let me see here i've got some notes on what he is saying and that we cannot any longer continue with the federal government in baghdad of course there has been pushback from baghdad saying let's not do this referendum or their very least let's try to to postpone it. but saying this referendum is not about drawing a new borders it is to confirm are right for independence so as i was saying even if it is that happens tomorrow that does not mean that you know a mediately all of a sudden there is there is an dependence. is also telling the world basically back off this is our right to to express our views and make this decision for ourself and to be clear that our national community has been pushing this back for quite
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some time and the kurds are now pushing back saying no we're going to do this it appears we do now have the translation so let's listen to the kurdish regional president masoud barzani now and also the process of and felt campaign which has resulted in the one hundred eighty two thousand people that the majority of women and children their fate system and accounted for that was shared was the arab by his ation and force the fourth day sion the killing of two hundred to three hundred thousand faily young curt's and all that they were aged between twelve to thirty years old the genocide of a thousand birds on these the chemical going back one of her looked at that in few minutes because the i saw five thousand citizens the majority of them were women and children and most of you are with you have witnessed the footage is of those chemical buttons on atrocities. so you feel it. the peak. in two thousand and three
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that that stage of relation is was over and the new stage of relationship started in postbag three dream. with one that i think you told. me. to go in the democrat the. race lake you get ten. where you go on one with the. we had a lot of hope in this new iraq that this will be a new opportunity for iraq that will be based on federalism on coexistence on democracy on them and we can live together and have coexistence and we did whatever we could to enhance that kind of iraq. so you are very. aware of. korea corn you're.
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the story keyboard. boy. ed on the meter whole i need this two week live show where. you could in the stone. of a business who we've got. point is good then the. love part is going no no orla point is going to be a lot. and after two thousand and five when we have been working on the new iraq you can institution be fine despite some of the deficiencies of that constitution but we thought at that time that's a good constitution because it's for the first time that iraq has already a constitution and if it has not been for the kurdistan the people that constitution not passed because the kurdish population in the name of our province and also in the province voted to rescue this constitution because in the constitution it has been stupid lated if the majority or three provinces are not
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going to vote and accept this going to that constitution could have not been passed and you know. and then go on. the stool. or on the. to keep. no no. it was not for the kurds already the provinces ramadi in number are to create diyala voted against the constitution. but the whole. but you had a solid door on the stars. you know about one hundred and forty a corn you pushed it. but unfortunately it didn't take us too long to understand that the majority some of those people in baghdad that they were in power only the faces were changed but the mentality was the same mental of anfal campaign sort of . the story.
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how. could the new. monks on me better give you at our. church. or not. no more towards a no more enduring non-green how you could assign short. time be a shortage on the stand. to. always you know to hear that you could say no. because what then does your three d. know it to mean the. bench away injured. or not getting third.
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been there or need democracy for the. next. after that as i said it has not take that long but the partnership that we wished on and we hope that due to this constitution that we can live together based on partnership and balanced representation on power sharing but unfortunately they have started with the violations of the iraqi constitution by not implementing article one hundred forty which suppose that it should have been implemented by two thousand and seven and they claim that this article is already dead the peshmerga forces that it has been stipulated in the constitution that it's part of the iraqi defense system but they have deprived the fish megaforce is of their legitimate rights of having budget equipping and arming they have violated the principle and concept of consensus on balance in power sharing and also they have decided to cut
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the budget from the people of kurdistan despite all of that they have started also to galvanize the popular populism and also their people in the south and in the middle of iraq that as long as they were reaching down close into the elections they were galvanizing the people through rhetorical against kurdistan and it seems that they have been more hatred toward kurdistan they would gain more votes so that was an iraq that we lost hope to be part of and despite all of that also they have been continuing in threatening and humiliating go of people and the state that we agreed on it should have been a state based on citizenship on federalism on them on multiculturalism on democracy but unfortunately this state that we have right now in iraq it's a few hereon state. along the. lines of the. going there we go the. time we are.
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we joined up we tried our best to find a solution for this problems in iraq with baghdad when the international community . the above the neck of. many. didn't accept us and they are life's asked to take this step that we've taken already. was i can go. but of those who. were of the. lower rank know what you don't know. how they are.
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i guess i. can name a name of. one of the. mark. could tell you pay when the in. the b. zone with or for him don't push button up on. what. was your how to show up to your. very early on the. name of the. man with. name but over the front door much in the long have you. know when i was on your would you be stupid because very near. the. front don't. really do. more no good to our local library or record or belong. to work but over the front. of the door and in zero to pick you up in.
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the political leadership in kurdistan on june seventh this year after reaching to a point that losing hope that that kind of there really. we decided to set the date for the right for the eight in this month so we had lead. to iraq and in iraq we have discussed with the national alliance with all the leadership in baghdad that the partnership in iraq is over and let's think about harming a new formula of the relationship by going back to the failed experience in the past we cannot secure a better future for both sides so it's better to be very two good neighbors with each other to depend on each other because in this way if we refuse to be good neighbors none of us will be comfortable enough to develop the relationship between both sides and we reiterated that we are brothers we are neighbors and it's not logical to end our relationship in this kind of the way that is not mutually
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beneficial for both sides in baghdad last year they were very receptive to their. right here and we understood it very well on june seventh when we made this decision to send the day some of our friends they have been telling us they hand they have come been complaining that they have been surprised by setting the dates but before that meeting even ourselves we didn't know that we are going to sept twenty fifth of september because in that meeting on june seventh it was decided for something that day which was twenty fifth of september but talking about the concept of holding referendum off the partnership in iraq we have been saying this for a long time to everybody that this partnership is over and this guys are the relationship with baghdad is no longer working a functioning so we want we are heading to work referendum to ask our people what they want. and just way to dino rossi to take every step. all these other parties having one hundred become two asked to
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do to close. with and deal with this issue and they started threatening us right away again. now what is the problem what if the people were to express will not what they want. should the kurdish people have the right to do so that is really what we could enter. them and so on the other hand i don't know but i would like to remind everyone. but we were. terminated in a genocide because. people were thinking the referendum or the killing. if you had of us which had happened two years ago. would they have supported. us or we have breached our conviction. but this issue has nothing to do with
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traditional culture. the culture in. the not to recognize the rights of the kurdish people. like. so going back to ask the people of kurdistan what they want in a most democratic right way for the people just to express what they want for their future that's why we believe that this is the most correct way to ask our people what they think and how they decide on their future when we made that decision all the others you know parties in baghdad and the international community that are coming to us and asking us why we made this decision what was the motivation behind this decision immediately they have started to use the language or threat and also they have used the language all the ordering gas to stop it and not to pursue this democratic pathway that we have taken so my question to all of you is that is that a crime to ask of people of kurdistan just democratically peacefully to ask them to
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freely express in a peaceful democratic way what they wish to have in the future so why we our people should be denied of this democratic right the second point is that when we had an fall campaign and the chemical grumbach one of our people we have not been asking for from them at the time and that's the question we have not been asking for or for london but they didn't fall campaign to us chemical bombardment to us three years ago the most they be genuine partners of kurdistan parts of kurdistan these people and the kurds happen to have them what had happened so it says that it's part of the continuation of that culture which unfortunately it's rooted for one hundred years that it seems that the culture is that denial of the existence of the . limited rights of the kurds in the area as you know don't happen. on a film on. assault on the nato that's why we're now this conclusion that
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only three and i would claim a few points regarding the following steps to you and to the public opinion. that a friend. is the first step. during which kurdish people will express their view regarding their self-determination. referendum is the first then. after that there's going to be a long process that will start after that referendum is not. to determine the borders or to pose a status quo on the region. we would like to start an open. anytime.
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and we time it takes. negotiations will allow to take the time. but in the end. we have to understand each other. according to this principle we have. become. after that or the partnership between the two of us have failed and we do not want to go back to that force so. i would like to reiterate that this referendum is not to the border of kurdistan this referendum is not to impose any status quo in any area and after the referendum we will are ready to start the process of a long process of dialogue with baghdad and we are ready to give it as much time as needed one year to year and if we see that we have construction a constructive dialogue with baghdad we can give it more time as well in order to
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secure. two good neighbors formula of relationship between kurdistan and baghdad but i'd like to underline that we are never ever going back to baghdad to renegotiate the failed partnership that we had in the past. but. the coalition will continue to work together to fight terrorism. continued. we will continue the harmony between the peshmerga and the iraqi army. and we'll keep that. don't want to. train also was the result of that coordination but otherwise mosul would not have been liberated you know second . the battle for. the coordination that took place. there between the peshmerga and there are. secured the victory there as well. also to emphasize on the five hundred. members of were
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killed by the peshmerga when they were. doing that battle. only yesterday. and it was a meeting between the bushmen again leadership and the iraqi leadership to intensify that call the nation will continue on the path. if they want to continue with. mine. and i would like to underline and to retreat the continue it of the excellent relationship between the peshmerga forces and the iraqi army the position of the peshmerga forces within the international coalition against terrorism and we will spare no effort in exerting genuine efforts to continue on this important effort and i would like to say that we will continue on the same positive chemistry between the peshmerga forces and the iraqi army and like to keep this kinds of the excellent cooperation and coordination with the iraqi army and the success of the mosul operation it has been
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the fruit of that excellent relationship between the peshmerga forces and the iraqi army the second point is the recent war in telephone and the fruit of the excellent relationship between the fishmonger forces and the iraqi army has resulted not in not and i think the dash terrorists inside and out for through the bombardments and this frontal frontline frontals wars that we have there but the forces managed to kill at least five hundred isis terrorists that they wanted to flee from telephone to go back to syria and most of them were foreign fighters and i'd like to return also that yesterday the peshmerga forces and the iraqi army they managed to reach to a very good agreement on the operation and if the iraqi army iraqi government and the iraqi army are ready to continue this relationship from our side we declared that we are ready to continue. we'll protect them like our eyes. we will provide them with everything they need until. they can go back there for.
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them once again that. they have. the freedom to choose the problem. between us and their rocky government. absolutely we will not allow. the core a conflict between the two people we are brothers. with the arab and the turkoman and the syrians and the syrians. we have a common heritage. to keep it down will preserve a. political disagreements between politicians will not turn into a disagreement between people. concerning the idea of peace and refugees here i'd like to reiterate that kurdistan is their home yeah part of our families and they will stay with their dignity in kurdistan as long as their areas have not
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been liberated they will live in peace and we have a very receptive policy to work all of them they are part of us and will continue on this and we don't regard them as guess they have they own the kurdistan region as well maybe there are some political differences between as in baghdad between our government and their government but we will never ever allow this political differences to be materialized or translated into this. whole differences between the arabs and the kurds arabs our brothers the brotherhood that we have with the turkmens with the cult binion's with the armenians with all of the other components there so political differences will not leak to community all differences if there is a mis understanding. towards us. the situation becomes clear for them. to emphasize for them that we are friends. and we will help in establishing peace and security. and stability in the region we would like
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to refer we will remain committed to international norms and standards but it is a good principle. our message for the neighboring countries is that we look forward to have a very good and excellent corporation and relationship with them and even if they have a negative perceptions we are trying to correct those negative perceptions because as we have been in the last twenty five years we proved that we are factors of stability we are friends and we will extend that and we have never ever been any factors of instability and will continue to be a factor of stability and to help to foster and to consolidate peace and stability in the region and we also would like to say that we will abide by and we're committed to all the procedures and the international laws of the borders system you know in them one. of the. and you've been listening to mr
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the kurdistan regional president with this press conference a day ahead of the scheduled referendum tomorrow on kurdish and dependents. as we have been listening in so as hoda abdel-hamid who's been listening in from iraq's in iraq's kurdish region basically he seems to be making the case for why they are going ahead with this vote. saying that it's it's time kind of giving a bit of a history lesson on what the kurdish people have been through and how patient he says they have been and this is their right to have this vote. making it clear that he's still considers. many people in syria considers everyone their brother as he's . trying to like i said basically litigate why he feels this is important for this to happen and bring in as well has been listening and reporting ahead of this vote that it's going to happen the ballots have already been passed out but how to how
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would you characterize this he seemed to be trying to make the case for why this matters and it is the choice of the kurdish people it's very important for their rights for this vote to go ahead. absolutely and i started by saying he was. community to the people around the world to explain his position and the position of the kurds over this referendum that's not very different he's been saying all along. throughout the kurdish region. we think he was a bit more here he was trying to give us to listen and to say listen we've been part of the new iraq we've done we could ever since two thousand and three he did make a point probably it is a fair point that without the participation of the kurds they would have never been . written and approved back in two thousand and five we all. try to
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underline that the successive governments of baghdad have actually came to come to power with the support of the kurds because the the kurds do form the second biggest political faction in the iraqi government they're nice said unequally very that's where you put the blame squarely on baghdad that they didn't know get in return what they were promised for i think the we go back to talking about earlier baghdad has been bolder in its moves. the kurds feel there have been marginalized they certainly have lost some of the senior positions they have in the central government and also on their side they have decided to take some steps on their own are they have dug and found the oil fields they had decided to develop those old fields. and to unilaterally sell export oil and that has actually angered very much baghdad to the point that it stopped sending the kurds their share of the federal
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revenue also they didn't send them their share of the. military equipment a lot has been coming in from the international community as aid to help out in this war against eisel and got baghdad according to the kurds kept it for itself so at this point i think it is a moment where the kurds and probably president barzani feel that well they've done everything they know that at this particular point of their well seen in the national community because of their military cooperation in the fight against i so they think that this is a time for them to take that leap of faith and go ahead with the referendum i have to say that probably one point of difference is that all along we've been hearing that this is a non-binding the referendum that is just a matter of the kurds expressing themselves and the negotiations will continue with
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baghdad he did read. but he did also say that this will be the first step towards independence which is probably what the most of the people here behind me have been talking about all along this time you speak to anyone and if you can hear behind me there is a man holding a rally and we've been listening in the and he hasn't he has been saying more or less what the president has been saying so far going back to the president he also address the neighbors of. iraq turkey and iran who have been carrying on with threats iran having just closed the airspace for any flights coming to and from kurdistan so i think the main point is a referendum is going ahead he has no other choice otherwise the people here would be very disappointed but i think he's also warning that things are going to be quite difficult and we will cover cover every single angle of it for tomorrow so made life for us in our feel thank you. calls to end violence against me and mars
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for henge a minority or intensifying around the world only four hundred thirty thousand people have fled to neighboring bangladesh in less than a month and a sky high live reports in yangon this little sign of solidarity with the head jamie and mark. this is a rally sunday afternoon here in yangon hundreds of people coming out to show their support for the government to show their support for on song suchi you know this is something we have seen in myanmar over the last several weeks a slide towards nationalism there's a much more many more rallies like this i mean how to cross the country many more here in yangon now it's interesting this is just under a week after on song suchi delivered the first direct speech about the range of issues now she got a lot of international criticism for what she said or didn't say in that speech but here in the country here in yang gone there is unwavering support for her and her government what's going to be interesting to see you know we mark a month on monday since this violence started in the rakhine province what we haven't seen though even after the speech last tuesday is action on the ground by
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this government to say to go through with some of the things that she said last tuesday and one of them is to bring back the people the refugees who crossed over the border in bangladesh to bring them back if they can prove that they were from here she said that last tuesday it's something the international community has called for but we haven't seen any action on the ground to see that there's actually something being implemented for that just yet. germany's chancellor angela merkel has cast her vote in a general election she is favored to win center right incumbent and later of the c.d.u. parties expected to earn a fourth term in office it's unlikely her party will achieve a majority though feeling uncertainty about what kind of ruling coalition will emerge. and you can follow the election results and all the day's news including what is happening with the with the kurdistan they address for a web site is al jazeera dot com.
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i'm richelle carey these are the headlines on al-jazeera they president of the kurdish regional government in iraq masoud barzani has been speaking to the media ahead of monday's and dependents referendum that is opposed by iraq or iran and turkey he says iraq's central government hasn't lived up to the promises it made to its kurdish population they have been continuing in threatening and humiliating go of people and the state that we agreed on should have been a state based on citizenship on federalism on cruel ism on multiculturalism and democracy but unfortunately this state that we have right now we need iraq it's a few graphics experience take for honest putting on a show of force in your it's border with iraq as tensions flare ahead of the kurdish referendum iran's revolutionary guard began in the military exercise in the country's northwestern kurdish region on the eve of the vote is also close its airspace to all flights in and out of iraq's kurdish region iran and turkey have warned of consequences if the referendum goes ahead. head of the u.n.
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refugee agency has been meeting with refugees and bangladeshi camps to tell philippo grand day about the murder rate and violence they say is happening and me and maurice rakhine state. this has being seen to twenty fifth of august the fastest and most urgent refugee emergency in the world you know the figures but let me repeat them we estimate that four hundred then almost four hundred and thirty thousand refugees from myanmar or from the northern states have poor into bangladesh in the past few week than for most violence to stop because it is that violence that caused the flight of the people violence has to stop terminal. vote in a general election that is favored to win the center right incumbent and of course later the c.d.u. party is expected to earn
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a fourth term in office it's unlikely her party will achieve a majority feeling uncertainty about what kind of ruling ruling coalition will emerge the social democrat candidate martin selfie appeared in or a salon with his wife he urged people to boycott the far right anti immigration party as are the headlines news continues after the listening post keep it here. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north atlantic one of the women who crossed the world for love and stayed in changing communities . and this time went out to zero. hillary clinton in her own words on eleven stunning morning also refusing to accept blame for being on the wall and the biggest political upset to help others like watching her major media failures i don't think the press to hear the way resembled a little bit like it was our job to get hillary now.


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