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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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of where you are and what you've been seeing today. welcome all i'm at christian democratic party headquarters angle america's party headquarters in the center of the land and everybody here is waiting for the next few seconds to see when the polls close and the exit poll comes out with the exit polls which the major german television news channels of commission come out because the christian democrats have for a long time now being the lead party in the opinion polls but the question everyone here is asking is will those opinion polls prove to be the final result and what will happen to the social democrats the party the junior partner party in government in the last four years of this expiring parliament what will happen to them what will happen to martin schulz the leader of that party and the final question many people are asking is what will be the result for the alternative for germany party the far right party the question that many people here have asked is will this populist party really get into this parliament as they count down now to
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the polls closing the question everyone asking will anger merkel and merge as the winner of this election and certainly the feeling has being that perhaps the party would get something around thirty five percent of the vote perhaps the social democrats would get something around twenty one percent of the vote that sort of area that's what the opinion polls were bringing people into that sort of area well with me to discuss this this result we now see and the way things appear to be looking. from rasmussen global a firm that operates with the former nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen mr bunker it appears as though the christian democrats of emerged as the largest party in this election these opinion polls these exit polls rather suggest that this is a bad result for the social democrats is that how you read this yeah definitely but also if you see the results of the day then you see ok this is also a very huge disaster for both because alicia and partners the c.d.u.
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lost. vic and lee there are closer to thirty than to forty and yes we did is just down to twenty percent so therefore this is the worst result in the history of the as we did in the federal republic of germany and the out of date it's yeah it's it is just not so they don't have a concept they are really the pure fund them in opposition to the established parties in this regard it's really maybe the return of populism to europe but everybody of course hope that this will not happen but i think you know kind of surprise way so we might be back into discussions which we thought of a year ago we had and the thing the thing now will be what sort of coalition can be built angela merkel's party appears to be the winning party in this election from this result all these exit polls rather who could she plausibly form a coalition government with that it could be a continuation of the grand coalition which is very very unlikely currently because
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the s.p. do so down there still is no motivation actually to continue in this very disastrous marriott's with one gunman america finally is on the point of you saw the most preferred coalition option at the moment would be what we call the john mica coalition here so coalition of c.d.u. the liberals the f.t.p. and the green party. and then but this is this is also for the first time we have something collision like that it will definitely be you have to be a three party coalition and it will be take a long time i guess to get all these partners had one table just put away for a second half because i have just been handed the result of one of the exit polls that has emerged after the votes close to forgive me if i read it thirty two and a half percent for the christian democrats that is a long way down given that previous showing in twenty thirteen around forty percent the social democrats is all are you saying twenty percent that is one of their worst if not the worst result they have ever suffered in germany since world war two then you have the left party the far left party. i'm from the old communist
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party on the nine percent of the vote the free democrats call the liberals in this country a party which angela merkel might might well wish to form a coalition with that she could if she had the numbers there are nine and a half percent and then the ten and a half percent excuse me and then it's all office saying the alternative for germany the far right party on thirteen and a half percent of what that means is then you have the difficulty of coalition forming in this country because clearly angered americal as the person in charge of the party that's one more votes than any other has the right conventionally to try to form a coalition the question is who does she form that coalition with does she seek another grand coalition with the social democrats given the fact that in the previous election in twenty thirty the combination of those two parties votes was near two thirds more than two thirds indeed of the seats in the parliament but clearly they said exit poll is correct they would have far fewer than that so it could be argued that the grand coalition has been repudiated by this result then
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the question would be well maybe as all are you saying to us just before that a jamaica coalition called that because the colors of the parties correspond with the colors of the flag of jamaica the black of the c.d.u. the gold of the free democrats the green of the green party perhaps they could form a coalition they would if this was correct perhaps have enough seats in parliament to form a majority but the point many people say is that the parties have ideological differences which might be hard to to bring into government to try to agree a central government policy let's talk to two i think it from russia was in global again one of the points that really might be worth exploring here is is it really the case that a far right party in this country has mobilized more than ten percent thirteen and a half percent of this exit poll is correct do you get the sense that there is that much unhappiness that much disaffection with this grand coalition that's governed and let's be clear about it the german economy is one of the better. most powerful
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economies in europe it has the best prosperity figures the lowest unemployment something the angle america was talking about on the campaign trail but there are more jobs now there are fewer people out of work is there really a sense of so much discontent with i'm going to medical and her government obviously it seems to be the case or other various you can explain these numbers for the day and some reports if you look more into the details if you look into how these this numbers actually spread across the country you can see a huge divide twenty five years after you know reunification of germany between east and west we have these very strong in the east they are entered all the parliaments in the eastern. end and the federal states and they had they had been limited to some degree in the west in the recent results we've seen so everybody was of the opinion that maybe this goes directionally is smaller than we thought
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because we had three elections in a row in the last month in west to form a western germany but obviously this is not the case and this election complain of the see the u.n. uncle america to say ok you don't have to care about anything so we are living a decent life here in a turbulent europe so we are the island of prosperity obviously doesn't apply to everybody because the reality says that there are a lot of people not only in the east but predominantly in the east who have to have two jobs and they can still count make a decent living and this translates into ok. you actually betrayed us so this was often here during the election campaign until america was welcomed by by crowds of people who are shouting who are really in a very harsh way which is everybody was very surprised to see. as well in loudness as well as in they are in the kind of what they said about politicians you could see ok there is a huge amount of unhappiness and uncertainty and and keep. i want to have
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a change so and they don't mind if the don't doesn't have a clear political concept of how they really want to be or not turn to for germany it's much much more then this is what we call the dental actually very clear red card for the established parties and then we're back in the discussion as i said earlier about populism in your political good thank you very much for the moment one of the things one of the key phrases that the far right opposition to this coalition government that has been in office for four years one of the things you hear shouted at rallies both of the f.t. party but also of other far right movements in germany's merkel most affect it means merkel must go well clearly this result suggests she will not go but she'll have to deal with a parliament in which there will be many far right members of parliament back to you and thank you dominic well done of getting those numbers nice and quick to us i've actually had
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a little grath emailed to me from dominic's production team there in berlin just going to bring it up here to show the exit poll as it came out at the top of the act and we bring that up stones going it's not there we go ok so this is anglo-american party right here in black thirty three and a half percent of the vote so the idea would be coalitions and i think dominic's just talked about a jamaica coalition which to my knowledge would be black green and yellow together the f.t.p. the clean party and the christian democrats there is also the outside chance i guess of a grand coalition between the two main parties there and the other important thing to look for and dominic and i have both mentioned this it is this party here the a.f.d. which is the far right party thirteen percent it will likely be entering the german parliament for the first time so let's talk about this with nina schick joining us from london a political commentator an advisor specializing in e.u. policy german politics so well placed to talk about all of this dana what's your initial thought on that headline number of thirty three and
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a half percent from the americans policy. well it's actually the projections are lower than what we thought might be the case we were thinking that would be around thirty five percent when you look at all the polls but if you the exit poll is to be to be believed then actually things have played in the way that we expected to under the americans party wins the s.p.d. come second although they've done pretty dismally bad if you consider that this is their lowest election result and the a.f.d. it was always the case that they would pass the five percent threshold to enter the bundestag and of course i think the main kind of stories around the german election are precisely going to be about the a of d. entering the biggest hold for the first time because it's going to be seen as quite a traumatic effect in germany nonetheless we have to take it in context none of the other parties will work with the f.t. so that's already been made clear so how much influence you actually have in the
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bundestag remains to be seen what's your thoughts then on the most likely to listen i was have a graph up a moment ago having a look and we talked about this so-called jamaica coalition what's your thoughts on coalition building. i think that both the to do michael's party and the s.p.d. are not keen to go into another grand coalition because the s.p.d. has been in two ground coalitions in the last three governments with merkel and what she's been very successful at doing is kind of taking their flash flood ship policies and making them hers to the s.p.d. has been declining in the polls it's going to have to do a lot of soul searching after this really terrible result for them so i think the most likely coalition will be that you make a coalition the liberal f.e.a. the greens and it's to do but it remains to be seen a coalition building always takes a lot of time in germany last time and lost elections four years ago it took eighty six days so now the focus is really going to be domestic and these talks are going
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to go on for a while what they're going to fight about or what the negotiations will be about primarily is which cabinet positions go to which leaders in which parties obviously the to do merkel's parties remains the strongest. just a quick thought from you if i could get on the big issues of this election now i've got a little a graph i don't know that you're going to be able to see it but i'm going to bring it up on screen for our view is a this is a graph in german but i will translate the put person of things here of important issues now the red one here was unemployment is going right back to ninety eight this was always a huge issue which dropped down to about fifteen the importance levels in this survey what got higher was the issue of immigration through late two thousand it was and it became the big issue didn't mean and in the last year or so in germany how much a role do you think that played in this result and indeed in anglo merkel's future . well obviously a place a massive result because what you are massive role because what you saw happening
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in twenty fifteen is over a million asylum seekers and refugees enter germany and of course see if the support has been and shored up by that very phenomenon they presented themselves as the party that is against under america's refugee policies all the other parties are with angela merkel on this issue so it's no wonder that the a of to support has been rising up but you can also take a broader view and say given that there was such a huge change in german society over a million people arriving in such a short period of time it's amazing that i'm the american who has actually come back and want to fourth term mischance are marking her twelfth year in office i don't think that would be the case than any other european country and i think one of the issues that is very much under reported when it comes to the refugee crisis and how germany has been dealing with this is the millions of german people who've taken in asylum seekers and refugees and going through the very bureaucratic
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process of integrating them into society that is still going on and you haven't seen any kind of mass protests or anything like that in germany but of course the rise of the f.t. is in extra can be linked to this phenomenon as well sure glad you could join us to sift through all of this thank you so much just a quick final look at the numbers these are coming through live from google just at the moment thirty two and a half thirty three and a half various polls have for anglo merkel's party that is the black bar on the far left the s.t.p. twenty percent and you see there the spread of the seats in the parliament the most interesting one as we've been saying is that blue on the a.f.d. the far right party thirteen and a half percent the third biggest party in the german parliament it would appear plenty more on that to come in this broadcast and from our new center in london a little bit later on for now though we're going to look at spain. thousands of catalan separatists have been back out on the streets running in support of their
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disputed independence referendum amounting political crisis on saturday when leaders and the national government began arguing over control of the local police force separatists are intent on holding the vote on a. spanish government the regards the referendum and legal. hole in barcelona call it spoken to so many times over the last few days you've always had something new to tell me each time about a new development what's been happening to somebody. well today in the morning thousands of pro independent students were leading an event here handing out campaign posters in support of the referendum planned for october the first and they were also handing out these this small simple little piece of paper is what is causing the political crisis that is currently gripping spain one of the worst political crises in more than forty years and this is a mock up of the ballot paper for the referendum one simple question do you want
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catalonia to become an independent republic now the students were printing off their own ballot papers handing them out to the crowd and that is very much seen as a sign of defiance to the central government because it is using police powers it is using court house to try and block this referendum from happening in the first place already over the last few days police and civil guard units have seized up to ten million of the official ballot papers not just drop the question how on earth are they going to be able to hold this referendum if they don't have the paperwork then a few. hundred yards from where we are now down at the port the other side of the political divide there are several hundred people who oppose independence a breakaway of of catalonia from spain went down to the port taking supplies to police reinforcements that have been sent to catalonia ahead of the referendum the . citizens are trying to ferry supplies to the civil police is because the dock
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which supports independence has said they will not service no ships they won't take food they won't take water and this is essentially left as police reinforcements on their own. dependent supporters stepped in to help them to date. with the update from barcelona as we approach that proposed referendum date in catalonia now people in iraq's northern kurdish region are about to vote on an independence referendum of their own one that neighboring countries and western powers fear could break up iraq and lead to further violence in the region the president of the kodesh region must but is on the is been outlining in the last hour or so why he is pushing ahead with the vote despite all the strong opposition from iraq's central government and from abroad. after the referendum we will be ready to start a long process with baghdad and we are ready to give it as much time as needed one year old to use it if we have constructive dialogue we can give it even more time in order to secure a better relationship between kurdistan and baghdad but i would like to underline
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that we will never ever renegotiate the partnership that we had in the past. covering this one for us for from. this was the final time we hear from kurdish president. before the reverend and takes place on monday and he had some very harsh words for the government in baghdad he said that the new iraq the kurds participated in building and went willingly to baghdad for back in two thousand and three turned out to be practical and think tarion country he said the kurds did all what they could they believed a key role in ratified the constitution back in two thousand and five but they did not get what they expected in return then he went on speaking about all the current problems with the central government in baghdad and he said that after the vote they will still be a time for negotiation that independents will come on the next day and maybe it
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will take a year or two or even more depends on how good these talks would go but within minutes the prime minister either led by the gave a choice statement and he also didn't mince his words he said that baghdad will never accept the disintegration of iraq and that his referendum will lead actually to a relation of a racist and think tarion state he then went on putting a lot of the blame on the kurds he said that yes they did not receive their share of the federal revenue but about a quarter of iraq's oil production at the moment is being sold unilaterally by the kurds and he then he went on saying that if a baghdad is going to take further steps he did not elaborate what those steps could be but he did warn that iraq was entering a dangerous zone and nobody knows what the outcome will be. the emir of qatar shake
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to mean been hammered out tony is back home after meeting world leaders in europe and in new york at the general assembly these were the pictures about an hour ago along the well this was the airport obviously arrived and then the crowds lining the roads to greet the emir on his way back patriotism very high in qatar right now as a result of the gulf crisis this turn out seeming to show the people support for the emir during this ongoing gulf diplomatic crisis we were saying earlier this is not the normal reaction the media would get when returning from an overseas trip but such is the situation after being on the blockade for three months that there is a lot of love for the emir of qatar as you remember it's been under this sounding the blockade for more than three months now as we look at the live shot things quietening down on the corner in doha now. it's a blockade for three months has been banned from certain air spaces land borders closed sea lanes closed as well this is all from saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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behind in egypt which accused qatar of in their words supporting terrorist groups cutter denies that allegation evidence that their phones out on the corniche at the moment that is where. is looks like it's quieted down a little bit where you are near the palace. but a little bit earlier quite extraordinary scenes. it was an extraordinary movement moment. with thousands of people lining up here on the corniche of doha to greet the enemy and of qatar this was quite a significant moment for the qatari as it comes against the backdrop of the three months of an unprecedented blockade imposed upon the top people still remember those statements made by foreign ministers of saudi arabia egypt behind and the united arab emirates widely believed he to be a can be sounding saying that ultimately the ties have to alter the aisle timidly they would have to capitulate that has sort of backfired creating
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a momentum which has been building up hitting an unprecedented patriotic fervor that we've been seeing over the last few weeks people who gathered here today wanted to send a message to their neighbors and to the international community that this tends united and that they are behind their leader and that ultimately they have no other option but to stand united to defend what they consider to be a legitimate national sovereignty of qatar thank you perhaps from a whole bara who is there on the doha waterfront this evening following the parade for the welcome home of causes in me at some pictures you're looking at from earlier in the day as the crowds gap and that. well there have been protests in mexico after reports that partly collapsed buildings could be demolished just five days after that massive earthquake where protesters are worried there could be bodies in those buildings of course and they call in for the rescue efforts to continue the number of dead is now close to three hundred it was
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a magnitude seven point one earthquake you'll remember that happened on tuesday as have been using sniffer dogs and heat sensors trying to sift through all of that debris but this many days after the earthquake the hope of finding more survivors is fading and quite extraordinary pictures that we have seen through of those rescue efforts from mexico city in the last few days going to try to talk to of course one of their a little bit later on meanwhile sick children in venezuela dying because hospitals can't access medical supplies or afford to maintain equipment infant mortality rates are up thirty percent but the country's leftist government insists the scale of the crisis is overstated and rejects offers of humanitarian aid you see in human got exclusive access to a children's hospital in caracas here's her report. because women were little rios is venezuela's oldest pediatric hospital the only facility which children can
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receive kidney dialysis in this ward. it's were jewellers and only son some well died not from his kidney disease but from the dialysis machine it was contaminated with a deadly bacteria that so far has killed five children to put things until we feel tremendous pain seeing a child fight since birth to live just to die because the hospital didn't have the end a buyout exist and because no one would take measures to fix the contamination problem that was public knowledge. former hospital director dr o'neill this old mena discreetly invites us to see what's become of a facility that was venezuela's pride and joy. today only two of the eight lifts work there the same two that go up with patients and come down with dead bodies the go up with food and go down with rubbish not a single norm of hygiene is met in this hospital. car doors are full of beds piled
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on top of each other crucial medical equipment lies idle the doctor says five or six of these extremists none of them are working just down in dust. the mother of a boy diagnosed with lupus spends the night in this chair she says the hospital is unable to run the tests her son needs but you know my. child and infant mortality have increased thirty percent in one year they're dying from illnesses that are preventable with vaccines and antibiotics and we have neither. and in the absence of both diseases like diptheria tuberculosis malaria and yellow fever are sorie. this in an oil rich country where not only lifesaving medicine but also soap to keep the hospital clean of victims of an economic crisis that's taking more lives by the day. to see a new an i'll just got access. now this is
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a great story of senate running on al-jazeera today and it deserves to keep running because you know a lot of us try different things to fight off old age but the ladies you're about to see it taking it to a whole new level tanya page jumped into the boxing ring and met him at. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone her children and grandchildren have told her to stop but having given up football and running because they made her too hot she's refused saying boxing is her passion and now that. i feel so good i feel fresh a page this side and the side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will break.
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the coach claude says they're gaining strength flexibility coordination and a lot more because it's confidence it's you know the more the same of the three more energetic the female i like will be more on the field for the working of what is the broader approach for good for these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously and i think i would want to get in the ring with gladys anytime so. at sixty nine gladys is one of the youngest when i spoke to. her they told us. they. might. just get us but. i feel better than. the other gladys at training is seventy seven years old she's ready for any trouble
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that comes her way. is the guy. with his hands the wrong riddle. he is it was one of them would he come to me i would give him a lot of my good as if you might think of anyone for. that sound advice but they are fighting off old age and having a lot of fun doing it tony a page out is there a johannesburg. before we go just an update on an earlier story this is to do with the us n.f.l. the national football league and the hash tag take and the controversy we've been keeping an eye on their twitter feed and just in the last few minutes they have posted this and actually pinned it to the top of their account which is an ad which was first played during the super bowl earlier in the year they've rereleased it given all the controversy that is going on have a little have a little listen. are. these lines we don't have to come from the same place. to help each other reach the same
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destination or would work inside these lines and we have our differences. but recognize there's more that unites us inside these lines it's a game of inches. no such thing as an easy. fight. define victory. we. can bring out the best. inside these lines and there's your final shot of the united states inside all of these lines the ones on the field the ones on the map as well as we say that was broadcast first during the super bowl it has been rereleased if you like or at least three tweeted by the n.f.l. in these very controversial times i'm just reading from the new york times actually
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here that the pittsburgh steelers today have said they will not be coming out onto the field in chicago until after the national anthem not because they're disrespecting it they say but because they don't want to will they want to distance themselves from politics and what people's decisions might be whether it is to sign any protest at racial equality or to stand up for a national anthem massively controversial filled by the u.s. president of course and i think this story has got a long way to run yet for this extended version of the news in london or back in half an hour with all the latest germany elections and the rest of the day's thanks for joining us here is going to back right here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred g.m.t. tomorrow. the
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