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fires burning the first of. the flambeau that. saddam was. trying to sell and. you'll centuries in the sky. producing. list of his most. cats are always going places together. and witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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and this is the news hour long live from london coming up. for another term german exit poll show angle has been reelected but the far right i see is also celebrating parliament to victory. too traumatized to speak eat or drink the terrible toll of mammals crack down on the right hand. fourth of five. he took up honks to defend his people from what he describes as genocide. on the iraqi kurds prepare for monday's independence vote iran and iraq take steps to punish them. and i'm tired of how much with all the sports news including an f l players the fight us president donald trump and neal during the national anthem following his attack on ickes who had been silently protesting against racial
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injustice. exit polls in germany's elections. and her party on course for a fourth term in office but merkel lost electoral supports that helped deliver the best result for a far right party in decades the polls say that i'm going to michael center right christian democratic union party one thirty three point three percent of the vote giving them two hundred twenty seats and main rival current coalition partner the center left social democrats led by martin schultz got around twenty one percent of the vote to one hundred thirty seven scenes but the biggest change to germany's political scene is this the far right and anti islam alternative for germany or i.f.t. getting thirty. point two percent of the vote translates into eighty seven seats and makes them the third biggest party the three other main parties one between
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nine and ten percent of the vote but could find themselves in power as part of a coalition led in bob reports from berlin. they were always expected to win but sundays or celebrations at c.d.u. headquarters i'm going to a miracle now gets to govern for a fourth term and for the chancellor who's managed to overcome every challenge thrown her way the job of forming a ruling coalition isn't stacked because we the c.d.u. c.s.u. are the strongest party we have a mandate to form a government and there can be no government formation against us. one billion was also hosting a world class marathon near the finish line many eyes were on who'd manage a late sprint for seats here in germany's national parliament where the race for seats here at the buddhist toggle parliament is over and when it was never really in doubt but one of the main are known as was exactly how big the presence of the right wing populist party the a.f.d.
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all are tentative for doctrines would be. in the event it did better than anyone predicted. not only does it enter the bundestag for the first time it's likely to be the third largest party now a thorn in merkel side on a national level originally a small euro skeptic movement it's gaining ground by opposing merkel's decision to allow in almost a million refugees two years ago. we've been given an electoral mandate and will accept this electoral mandate with humility because millions of voters have given us their trust to carry out constructive opposition work in the german parliament and we will deliver ladies and gentlemen we will deliver. and what of the man who was supposed to represent a threat to the status quo social democrat leader martin short threw everything at the campaign but never convince enough people his policies were really that different from merkel's. today is a difficult and bit
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a day for german social democracy i won't talk around it we have failed our election goal after suffering defeat you know heartland of north run was we have lost the federal election it's entirely possible she'll form a government with the greens and the pro-business free democrats whatever happens this election is delivered to clear messages many germans are unhappy with merkel's policy on immigration and refugees but at the same time she still manages to run rings around every other politician the al-jazeera. hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the headquarters all the. party to demonstrate against its biggest victory in six decades they're chanting slogans and carrying posters saying death to fascism protests are also being staged in front. and have interest speech merkel vowed to win back those from.
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these and we don't have to beat around the bush of course we hope for a better result that is clear however we mustn't forget we've had a very challenging time in office and that's why i'm glad that we've achieved the strategic objective of our election campaign. and we've got a challenge the a.f.p. has entered the federal parliament will have to analyze and evaluate what's happened because we want to regain those who voted for the a.f.p. . the head of the un's refugee agency has met some of the four hundred thirty thousand refugees who fled from bangladesh and are now living in makeshift camps they've told filippo ground the about their experiences of violence in iraq and states including allegations of right violence and even murder. this has been since the
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twenty fifth of august the fastest and most urgent refugee emergency in the world you know the figures but let me repeat them we estimate that four hundred then almost four hundred and thirty thousand refugees from myanmar from northern state have poor into bangladesh in the past few weeks violence has to stop because it is that violence that has caused the flight of the people violence has to stop. jonah hill has been hearing similar accounts from people. in southeastern bangladesh. these are new arrivals well over four hundred thousand muslim or hindu have fled ethnic cleansing in me and in just the past month and that number is rising daily.
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i don't have any expectations of bangladesh i just came here to save my life. and i've seen a beggar mix planes through her tears that her husband and brother were killed when the military laid waste to her village. this is one of several entry points into bangladesh a busy water taxi route from sharp poori island to the mainland many reinjure have crossed the nafs river from me and two sharp and into bangladesh this way. gathered on the water's edge the members of a large family who fled their homes two days ago during what the me and my military calls clearance operations. we were totally blockaded in our village they wouldn't allow us out and we began to run out of food. makes planes what happened next. the army surrounded our village and set
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it alight our husbands and sons were slaughtered we ran away to save our lives we can take anything with us except what we were wearing. and then she adds some brutal detail. that if they found a woman they'd rape her and then throw her away so she couldn't be found they did this in village after village at this point two things become clear the first is that the exodus of bridge injured while down from its peak is still going on the second is that the number of people who've lost their lives inside me and mark may be extremely high so many of the people arriving now are young mothers with children there aren't nearly enough husbands brothers of fathers and despite statements to the contrary by the government of and sang suchi the violence across the water goes on. i asked her and her sister if more people would be making the
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crossing. yes they replied in unison many more people are preparing to leave i don't know how al-jazeera bangladesh. is turning to anger among. us some are calling for an alms. again. next. on the border inside this bag is a twelve year old girl she's being carried to the camp by her cousins after crossing the border. more soldiers slit her brother's throat they then came after her cousins won't say exactly what they did to fetch of a since she's been unable to speak eat or drink whatever they did has put her in the state of shock. she is responsible for all this she is responsible for the killings for the violence against our people. supported the nobel laureate hoping
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she would bring an end to their persecution instead mob attacks led by buddhist monks and the military against their community have intensified since she came to power in two thousand and fifteen despite their return to democracy they can vote go to school or practice their religion freely. and this is the salvation army formally known as keen as secular militant group responsible for the august attacks against the me and my security forces their leader ayatollah continues to call on all men and women to fight what they describe as the brutal regime of young gone and to the oppression of ranges by. we met one of the group's members in a secret location. it's the first time they accept to talk publicly he says they have no choice but to take up arms in order to stop what they describe as the start of a genocide against their people. if they don't give us our rights if they keep killing
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our people raping all women then yes there will be more attacks to come this is our land and we will fight back i mean mars responds to the group's attack is described by the un as textbook ethnic cleansing the group is ill equipped and has few weapons it is no match to me and morris military might but it has the support of many refugees at people stateless and in limbo. who continue to suffer of unspeakable violence. nicholas hawke al-jazeera at the bangladesh me and more border. coming up on this news hour from london saying see the independent scotland groups defy the spanish government to distribute ballots for the october independence referendum. we visit aspect limbo while they were children are dying because there's no madsen even so to clean the equipment. and sports the rest of
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the world are playing it out on the final day of love and help. the iraqi government is ramping up its efforts to stop a controversial kurdish independence referendum on monday is almost a autonomy as kurdish region to hand over control of its international border posts and international airports is also calling on foreign countries to stop the oil trading with the kurdish region and to deal with the baghdad government instead prime minister they warned the votes would have dire consequences for the kurdish regions. called the i c s i want to speak clearly with our dear kurdish people most of the problems in your region are local and not coming from baghdad the call of the session will only make the crisis of economic and financial difficulties get
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bigger resulting from the corruption and bad management i want to direct my worst to the kurdish people and ask those responsible where has the money from oil revenues gone. but the president of iraq's kurdish regional government insists the vote will go ahead he says officials in baghdad have failed to live up to the promises they made to the kurds. they have been continuing in threatening and humiliate you know people the state that we agreed on should have been a state based on citizenship federalism pluralism multiculturalism and democracy but unfortunately the state we have right now in iraq is a theocratic sectarian state. well the turkish and iranian presidents have spoken on the phone about the iraqi kurdish independence referendum and voiced concern that it will cause regional chaos iran puts on a show of force near its border with iraq because it looked to stop the spread of kurdish separatism within its own lands state television ad footage of explosions
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and smoke rising as part of a minute two drills held by the revolution to go. the u.s. also fears the referendum could fuel regional tensions and distract from the battle against. the capital of iraq's kurdish region. he has dedicated his life to the kurdish flag making a living out of it even after spending two years in saddam hussein's jail but since he started his business twenty one years ago it's never been so good his products are selling like hotcakes. or flags from all countries raised at the u.n. except ours it's enough our children died in the war against i so they sent us the shia paramilitary forces to scare us we are mounted people we're not afraid of saddam hussein and now we're not afraid of the molecule. is plastered with kurdish colors there's
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a spike in national pride ever since the referendum for self-determination was announced kurds also proud of their president muscled barzani who stands firm despite international pressure to postpone the referendum the majority of the five million registered voters are expected to say yes the vote is also taking place in the disputed territories currently under control of the kurdish forces but one of the biggest challenges is that most of the people from those areas are now scattered around the kurdish region many of them living in camps here there is none of the joy celebrations seen just a short drive away what is more worried about the fate of her son she hasn't heard from him since he was captured by i still about a year ago from the town of sin. we already lost our homes our town on neighbors the life we've known for thirty or forty years we will say yes but who knows if we look at our rights we from the disputed areas are lost at sea we want
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someone who will be able to stare us to safety an estimated three hundred thousand displaced iraqis will vote in one thousand. across the region their ballots will go through a special procedure. for example this is the ballot. yes then it's put into an envelope this envelope will go into another with a name and ration card number once checked if the name is on the registry we will count certain if not we will throw it away. but this is a historic moment once they have been waiting for for a lifetime even if for many this referendum is the last step before declaring independence but that didn't come eat. turkey has launched against kurdish groups and northern iraq its military is also continuing with near the border which began earlier this week. from hama.
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it greased activity here at this military exercise right on the iraqi border the turkish army rehearsing it would seem for some sort of cross border operation clearly a warning to the kurds in iraq of possible military action but certainly no indication that that is imminent but dolly you know the room the turkish prime minister has reiterated that as far as he's concerned the vote on monday will be no loan void the result will mean nothing he says it's an illegal act and it will only cause more division in the region more trouble in the void in many countries that exists on security he also said that he considered that this was a one sided decision on the part of the k r g the kurdish regional government he leveled a lot of criticism of a suit bizarrely an old friend of turkey for many years right the way through the
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four decades of conflict with the p k k the armed group which is not part of the planning for this referendum but obviously is not in any way resisting what's taking place but no right now as far as turkey is concerned these are tense times with uncertainty about the future a camera martin is an associate professor of international relations at the university of sussex and he joins me now on skype from brighton thanks very much for joining us here on al-jazeera and it really does look like the referendum is going to go ahead all the signs coming out of kurdistan that they're going to press forward with it do you think there is going to be some sort of backlash if it does indeed go ahead from baghdad and indeed turkey. well the central government but other than all the original states including iran and turkey and some extent syria have issued warnings or threats against this referendum and warned iraqi
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kurdish leadership about the potential consequences of this referendum and yet referendum as you said is going ahead i think the state will not be able to intervene militarily because of the wider situation in the region and. the just started recording as of the region but i think in the short run yes diplomatic and economic sanctions may well be imposed on some of them have brought her have already been imposed for example iran has closed its i think on iraq under article the stand but i don't think. anything beyond this is likely to happen of course one of the reasons this referendum it's been held is because of longstanding disputes over land on oil. and the iraqi government opposes independent sales of crude oil and yet again we're hearing just in the last two days baghdad is saying people should stop buying oil from kurdistan in no way it's just making matters
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worse isnt it. well i think the dispute is slightly deeper than this i think the one hundred years or so experience of existence of iraq as a state has demonstrated that there has been very little kind of groundswell kurds to feel that they feel they feel at home in iraq and i think in that sense that's why there is such a broad popular support not only in iraqi kurdistan but even in other parts of quarter some despite the fact that the kurds have different visions for their rights in different parts of kurdistan i think the the the this sectarian kind of a turn which iraqi state took on the the maliki government following the iraq war in two thousand and three began to kind of to push away the kurds but a but all is obviously very important and i think the article should leaderships calculation is that once independent they are kind of surmounting the need in the
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legal barriers that at the moment prevents them from marketing their oil in international markets and the endo they need friends the state already got the u.n. the u.s. iran and turkey as well as obviously baghdad saying this should not be happening that should even be held in this nonbinding referendum but they still need friends outside of the direct area so what do you think even with a yes vote will then happen. well i think not about friendship but there has grown and mutual economic dependency to some extent between iraqi kurdistan region and iran and turkey and tech in particular. has invested in billion dollars in iraqi kurdistan there is a great deal of trade going on between the region and iran and turkey and especially turkey losing its tourist industry because of the kind of knock on effects of its of its miscalculation in syria and its slide away from the west and
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the us and growing kind of proximity to russia and iran has has meant that actually us this by that strong rhetoric i think is likely to defend iraqi kurds in case a country like iran would intervene especially given the sounds of the united states against iran in recent months i don't think iran will risk that also iran has a lot of trade with with iraq it could this and in fact that only recently they have built a pipeline which which is going to transport iraqi kurdish oil from capitol here into iran and so there is a pipeline going through turkey so i think overall the combined weight health economic entanglement of this countries in the region but also the the geopolitical risk which it's involves to intervene against iraq in kurdistan militarily would it would mean that there won't be any major repercussions for iraqi kurds but yes i think the the negotiations which would follow the vote in terms of secession in
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a in a form attempt that might take quite a long time but once again i think eventually probably western powers what recognize that the so-called facts on the ground of a clinician state very good to get your thoughts karamat and they're speaking to us about that independence referendum. hundreds of catalans are defying spain's central government and rallying in support of october's independence referendum there authorities in madrid insist the vote is illegal trying to block preparations john hundred has more from barcelona. catalans are building a growing movement in perhaps a nation the government of spain has branded these pro independence signs the crown making these children women. as a bit of a pain and that people have got on our body very very different and. we want. our freedom this. spanish police have banned the october first referendum on
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independence and confiscated the regional governments ten million ballots so catalans printed these in spanish and in their own language we don't have spain we actually lost their quota but i know we are free people and we. won independence catalans handed them out and posted pro independence signs as the region's most those police who refused to take their direction from spain look on here all the wold not want to be free their cars are strewn with flowers by thankful locals some draped in what they hope will become their national standard because spain has outlawed the referendum there's been no real campaign here this spanish government office is as close as you get to a no campaign headquarters and cattle on officials who have urged people to vote yes have found themselves in jail and face charges as serious as sedition which carries a fifteen year prison term all for urging voters to cast
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a homemade ballot we have to vote but if it was not bus about you sort of the people about the. side i don't know i don't got i couldn't vote yes or no. at the ports it's the spanish flag that's unfurled by proud nationalists don't do that we can't allow them to say that catalonia is not spain as a castle and all my life i feel very spanish and i will always on my homeland which is spain here more than three thousand spanish national police and civil defense forces are housed in crucial. in order to stop the referendum whether catalans vote to build a new nation or whether the movement they've built falls apart will be decided on october first john hendren al jazeera barcelona. and return to our top story now the exit polls in germany's elections putting angela merkel and her party on course for a fourth term in office let's go live to dominic cain who is in but. as i say she
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is the winner but her supporters taking a bit of a knock. no i don't think i don't think dominic. well much more to come this hour including. the u.s. president's controversial travel ban looks set to expire rumors abound that it may be replaced with one that targets even more countries. presidents lined up to show their support for the qatari as he returns from addressing the u.n. general assembly on the gulf crisis. i'm a limp dick morris and champion targets a new record and.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast we've got some pretty stormy weather affecting parts of the adriatic and down through into the odeon sea at the moment meanwhile we've got an area of high pressure trying to dominate across much of europe are pushing these weather fronts back out towards the west with this in the ones coming in from that direction so we're going to see more storms developing down through the adriatic and ionian seas so some the greek islands look to be quite lively of the next twenty four hours some big storms here meanwhile out across more western areas we've got rather cool conditions and the front trying to make its way in from the west heading on through into tuesday temperatures recovering a little bit ahead of the next frontal system coming in that direction you notice all dry but rather cool weather beginning to push in moscow i think the sort of weather that many northern areas will be seeing in the coming days as that high begins to dominate me more on the other side of the mediterranean weather conditions are dry and fine temperature into low thirty's in cairo we've lost the showers through the gulf of sirte they should be gone into central parts of africa
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we still see a swathe of showers across sudan so sudan come from republican cameroon shares the center as far south as could possibly brazil they're picking up wanted to but bamako mali should be dry here of thirty three. add catalog to your journey with a free hotel stay in transit free so when you fly with qatar airways to any of our one hundred fifty destinations cattle airways going places together. for most when we grow old we take life at a slower pace well not for this centenarian. online dating
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teaching the human getting in the door. she's a blogger adored around the globe and she's doing it all own way of. life begins at one hundred eyewitness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera german chancellor angela merkel is on track for a fourth term in power as polls suggest her party won a third of votes in the parliament elections the opposition social democrats say
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they will leave her coalition and go into opposition. under the demonstrators have gathered in protest outside the headquarters of the far right i party which is set to become the third largest political force in the german parliament after winning around thirteen percent of votes. and iraq central government has announced the autonomous kurdish region to hand over control of its border crossings and their polls as it ramps up efforts to stop monday's independence referendum. us president donald trump has fired the latest salvo in his war of words with north korea is one the country's foreign minister that if he echoed the thoughts of the little rock man with. he and his leader won't be around much longer this in response to really young hoes blistering attack on him in a speech to the u.n. general assembly on saturday. he tried to
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insult the supremum dignity my country by referring it to a rocket by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. more than one hundred national football league players have protested in various forms the u.s. president's call to boycott the game the players are protesting social and racial injustice and there's a number of protesting athletes continues to rise so to have donald trump attacks kimberly hellcats has more from washington d.c. . some knelt on one knee others raised their fists and locked arms as hundreds of american football players in the united states in london pushed back against president trump's criticism of their protests during the u.s.
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national anthem it was a sign of solidarity with other athletes criticized by donald trump since friday for using the anthems to protest racial inequality and aggressive policing in the united states would you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of of the field right out the sky. fired on sunday trunk continued his criticism on twitter suggesting fans boycott the national football league and owners fire players who he believes disrespect the country by protesting during the anthem as the n.f.l. players association was quick to put out a response supporting the athletes right to express themselves and demonstrate on the field products walk it was so the process of freedom trumps tirade has been met with pushback not just from athletes but also from team owners who have contributed to trump's political campaign or visited the white house in
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a statement the new england patriots c.e.o. robert kraft said he's deeply disappointed by the president's comments as the debate spiraled members of trump's administration defended the president's comments i think what the president is saying is that the owner should have a role that player should have to stand in respect for the national anthem this isn't about democrats it's not about republicans it's not about race it's not about free speech they can do free speech on their own time the right to protest is protected under the constitution of the united states in two thousand and sixteen quarterback collin capper nick started using his platform to highlight injustice experienced by minorities in american society. the movement has spread. other u.s. sports leagues saturday catcher bruce maxwell became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the american anthem. and other famous athletes like basketball star le bron james have also been speaking out because this guy. put in
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charge has to try to divide us once again the nature of the protests arm precedented and will continue save the athletes until the u.s. overcomes the racial divisions they say persist kimberly how could al-jazeera washington well for more on both of these a battle from president trump i'm joined by a political reporter for news website think progress thanks very much for joining us on al jazeera let's go to the n.f.l. question to start with he has really gone up against dissolved players much loved sports players in the u.s. and their overseas fighting but with a very visual display of going against him how can this work for him and indeed is already backfiring. i don't think this can work for him i do think that this will backfire the movement for social justice in sports has
12:36 am
a long history in the united states but it has definitely picked up steam since the president started to make the comments that he has made about you know calling cabinet and then disinviting steph curry to the white house i alternately think that this is a war that he cannot win i'm moving across to the north korean situation and this war of words again not very presidential doesn't look very very statesman like on the world stage but seems to still want to involve himself with this tit for tat with north korea is a real risk this is starting to spiral. i do think that there is a risk that this could spiral i think the rhetoric is dangerous and i think that one of the interesting ways to think about it is to think about how terrified people would be if the same tweet that president sent last night about
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the foreign minister of north korea was said by president barack obama it would feel like sheer chaos it is that he is using this rhetoric often that i think sometimes makes it feel like it is somewhat normal but it is still dangerous rhetoric and it should i think make us nervous i don't think that there is imminent nuclear war by any means but i do think that there is a chance that this could spiral into into something very dangerous of course his chief of staff john kelly was supposed to be brought in to to slow down all this shooting from the hip on twitter it's not working is it because he seems to be back because there's busy. with firing off all the salvos. absolutely this is a classic story of the trump year almost thirty years but it really hasn't been that long but we've heard this story so many times it's with paul mckenna for it's
12:38 am
often with jarrett and of onka it's with lawrence priebus it's with anthony scaramucci over and over again you hear this story about a character who comes into trump's inner circle and is supposed to rein in the president it's not happening pollyanna for it couldn't do it sheridan of aqua cannot do it malani it can't to it scaramucci couldn't do it and john kelly also can't seem to do it this is who trump is it doesn't matter who comes into the inner circle his twitter especially is a reflection of you know trump's inner thoughts and it doesn't matter who you bring in he's going to use it in that way he can't be reined in and some of those in the thoughts might make some of us court scared but is she caught calculated is it still going to appeal to the sort of electorate the voted him in the sort of electorate that he managed to tweet to on a regular basis during the campaign trail i do think that it
12:39 am
appeals to his base i think that all these things that we've discussed appeal to his base the feud with the n.f.l. and n.b.a. particularly with players of color who are protesting during the national anthem but bombastic rhetoric about north korea the constant tweeting about all of these things that is what trump space loves they voted him into office because they believe that he would do things differently and he certainly has and i suppose in some respects it's a distraction from other things like the investigation into russia's role in my life. i think that is also something that you hear often that the feud with the n.f.l. and n.b.a. players that the bombastic rhetoric about north korea is a distraction from this dying health care bill where the russian investigation i'm not personally convinced of that trump is that calculated to create distractions.
12:40 am
but i do think it works the graham cassady health care bill is on its last legs to have a nother attempt to repeal and replace the affordable care act fall apart would be another embarrassment for trump and republicans in congress and it has been completely overtaken by this story with his few with these characters like le bron james and other top athletes in the united states as well as the you know tweet in at like eleven thirty last night threatening north korea so it definitely works as a as a distraction whether or not it's calculated is an open question very good to get your perspective on this speaking to us representing think progress well more in trump his travel which affects travelers from the six muslim majority countries will expire on some day and that sort it will be replaced by a new bomb that applies to more countries the original order has been contested five protests legal challenges since it went into effect ninety days ago because of
12:41 am
all citizens of iran libya somalia sudan syria yemen from chuckling to the u.s. as well as most refugees. u.s. federal aid has started to arrive in puerto rico as emergency services do with the devastation left by hurricane maria eleven ships have entered the main port bringing in food more than six million liters of drinking water more ships are expected to arrive jury in the week meanwhile tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from an area near a major dam image finster. thousands of volunteers have traveled to mexico city to help with aid efforts after two deadly earthquakes five days ago a devastating seven point one tremor rocked the city killing more than three hundred people the authorities say hopes of finding more survivors under the rubble are fading in the first three days sixty nine people were pulled out alive but since friday only bodies have been recovered. to indonesia now where more than
12:42 am
thirty five thousand people have fled their homes on the tourist island of bali seismologists all of a major volcano eruption steverson has been visiting people affected in north. the most sacred volcano in valley is rumbling after fifty four years of silence this is the edge of the danger zone and people are still effectuating their animals at the last minute this is their main source of income and these farmers are worried that they can't feed their animals and they're staying in the evacuation centers this team is warning people to leave the area immediately and they're also looking for animals that are still left behind like dogs hundreds of tremors and quakes have been felt in the last ten days since the volcano woke up again mount our goal is known to be a very explosive again in one thousand and sixty three bio plastic material and lava was put into the year up to ten kilometer villages were destroyed and more than thousand people died more than twenty thousand people are now in these
12:43 am
evacuation centers and many others are now staying with relatives the balinese have come out to help those affected by the pull cane bring in snow and food and other things they need the tourist area in the south of bali i'm not affected by the whole chain but the authorities believe that every rock happens airports might be closed and then tourism is affected your sources say that a rupture is imminent but nobody knows if and when it will happen. sick children and venezuela are dying because hospitals can't access supplies for to maintain equipment and fund autolyse rates are up thirty percent as the country struggles with hyperinflation food shortages and the government is continuing to reject office of humanitarian aid saying the scale of the crisis is overstated there's a new man got exclusive access to a children's hospital in the capital caracas. because women will rios is
12:44 am
venezuela's oldest pediatric hospital the only facility with children can receive kidney dialysis in this ward. it's where judas and only son sam will died not from his kidney disease but from the dialysis machine it was contaminated with a deadly bacteria that so far has killed five children to put things. we feel tremendous pain seeing a child fight since birth to live just to die because the hospital didn't have the end a buyout ics and because no one would take measures to fix the contamination problem that was public knowledge. former hospital director dr o'neill this lena discreetly invites us to see what's become of a facility that was venezuela's pride and joy. today only two of the eight lifts work there the same two that go up with patients and come down with dead bodies the go up with food and go down with rubbish not a single norm of hygiene is met in this hospital. car doors are full of beds piled
12:45 am
on top of each other crucial medical equipment lies idle they don't just have five or six of these and strange none of them are working it was just. the mother of a boy diagnosed with lupus spends the night in this chair she says the hospital is unable to run the tests her son needs but you know my. child an infant mortality have increased thirty percent in one year they're dying from illnesses that are preventable with vaccines and antibiotics and we have neither. and in the absence of both diseases like diptheria tuberculosis malaria and yellow fever are soaring this in an oil rich country where not only lifesaving medicine but also soap to keep the hospital clean are victims of an economic crisis that's taking more lives by the day. to see a new an hour just got access on the monday or see
12:46 am
a look at how rocketing food prices mean almost three quarters of venezuelans have lost weight over the past year. qatar's emir shake time in been hammered. back home after meeting world leaders in europe and that the u.n. general assembly in new york. is high in cattle as the gulf crisis continues and thousands of people turned up to welcome him home. reports from doha. the ground worldcom for the emir of qatar shake to be been. surrounded by hundreds of people assume that he's by land at the airport. and other waterfront indo has city center his people came out in the thousands to welcome a leader they have rallied around since the gulf crisis began a few months ago. he drove along doha's famous coney his motorcade
12:47 am
stopped several times along the way to greet those who have come to welcome him back. what you saw was a national festival a nation united behind its leader i feel sad about what our neighbors did to us but we are proud of our emir sunday's turnout is in stark contrast to what some regional media have reported about a khatami leadership that's out of touch with its population while the gulf dispute has posed economic challenges to qatar the country has managed to launch new shipping routes to prevent the flow of goods from being disrupted. and for many who showed this was their chance to passively thank the emir and show the world their resolve throughout the crisis. that despite the blockade we
12:48 am
showed the world we are united and with that resolve we can overcome all the crises fashion and i mean you know american abby living here for eighteen years i feel i belong here. this was the first time the emir left qatar since the crisis began. visit took him to. berlin and paris before landing in new york to address the united nations general assembly to aid and the u.s. have been trying to convince all the parties to negotiate an end to this dispute people here see no end in sight of the gulf crisis there's a strong feeling among that the allegations made by the saudi led located in countries against qatar is just a pretext and that their ultimate goal is to impose their will on a sovereign state. still ahead. opens up a sixteen point lead in the no to the standings with only four aces and that's
12:49 am
coming up in school. for the nomadic jackass tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry never be able to get the temp up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. it's dangerous to the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life. we sometimes lose our cattle to get there without the cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia at this time on al-jazeera. we don't normally would please be bothered with. this lateral damage. could this be operational costs. or is an
12:50 am
overreaction. just a. few by contrast. now it's time for the sport with star and doha. thank you very much to have been hearing a large group of n.f.l. players have knelt jury sunday's league action since controversial comments made by u.s. president donald trump these were the scenes at the wembley stadium as the baltimore ravens prepared to play the jackson jacksonville jaguars around twenty to twenty five players and melted during the u.s.
12:51 am
national anthem of trumpet call for players to be fired if they make the gesture that's being used to protest racial inequality in the united states which cause an outrage among athletes in different sports. waves avenir pope is the host of the suit up podcast and the sports legal analyst is got his suit on and does us live from chicago via skype savvy think you very much for joining us first of all n.b.a. players who are calling the president out on twitter what are these consequences legally if they decide to also neil during the national anthem at their games. potentially they could face the n.b.a. and n.f.l. have different standard in terms to dealing or standing in the natural anthem the n.b.a. requires players to stand for the national anthem they could be potentially be suspended but the p.r. look of the natural back to also shaken on
12:52 am
a sheet player for not standing for the national anthem could draw some really large higher than after basketball so we see it in particularly when the president of the united states is uninviting the championship warriors from the white house you see him calling in adult players. protested a national anthem calling them really derogatory names you can see is derogatory statements to or groups of color and it coming out and calling them these names but not demonstrably denouncing white supremacist marked in charlottesville after have their higher with killed by white supremacists so i think that yes legally there may be some place for players to be suspended but actually by the doubts about school association but right now we have about the tenor of the exchange in this country i think that you see a rising of more protests the natural wally if you see it in the n.b.a. don't be surprised but don't be surprised if there is no punishment for n.b.a.
12:53 am
players speaking their minds they've had this ongoing spat between the two to spat between the president and these professional athletes how much damage do you think it will do to the sport like the n.f.l. and n.b.a. . well ratings have declined the natural legal over the last year on debt due to a variety of factors that have people television cutting the cord and some of the natural. and it may hurt some ratings but i don't think it will what i think is going to happen is now the conversation that players started to have one of the nations at one of the world to have a column count for nick to be neat were social injustice i think that now the president himself has tried to tamp down speech and expression of athlete mostly that are apt in american now these issues maybe to talk about in the open now but certainly with donald trump you know the present united states saying i want to
12:54 am
build a wall doc here united states including one into band of muslim countries and immigrants coming over and i think that all the different riots were a thing that happened at our this president's mouth and then it is part of the united nations some of the things you said there so i think that we've reached a time where the american public wants to have these conversations have to have these conversations in order to move forward finally some say that actually so just do the job in reference to simply playing like now how much more is that to this than just playing i think that this court's macho i say rest in peace to that of sports has always been political the history of sport was about politics the olympics you look at. stadiums that are built all across the world have crossed financed by taxpayer dollars not all of them but media of them are and they are requiring what the old there are in particular municipalities to root for them to
12:55 am
buy jerseys to spend their money so i say that professional sports is marketed as regional as civic pride and yet say all it takes on sport it's all part of the game and that's you had seven owners donate a million dollars apiece over to the donald comes and i ration campaign so you can take it out of sports when it's fully invested in players owners the finance of the league isn't bought with the separation to. be a pope a host of stood up podcast and the sports legal analyst thank you very much for that they ran. kenya keeps ok i has won his second burling marathon the two thousand and sixteen olympic gold medalist always targeting the marathon world record but fell thirty seven seconds short and whether he crossed the finish line in two hours three minutes and thirty four seconds if you. was twelve seconds behind him in second or making the
12:56 am
fastest martin debut in history. team europe have won the inaugural laver cup beating the rest of the world team in prague roger federer was the man who secured the victory for the europeans federer defeated the carriers in sunday to put europe in unsaleable lead the swiss was pushed by the australian invention we came out with the full six seven six to eleven to nine victory the two thousand and eighteen edition will be played in chicago. in cycling it was a day to remember the sagan who made history with a third world title in a row the u.c.i. rolled world championships in bergen norway on sunday he slovakian has become the first man to win three world titles in a row he was way down in eightieth position ahead of the final climb but at times
12:57 am
he's moved to perfection the twenty seven year old snatch victory in two hundred sixty seven point five kilometer race in a dramatic sprint finish sagan winning in a photo finish. is not easy guys and a loss for a few moments. is already done it's gone after. yeah. guys just changing the from after i tried to go in the breakaway after tried to close and after in the end you just came for a spring. example you bill. defending champion mark marquez has won the are gone gone pay to claim his fifth win of the season the current world champion rode his honda to victory after starting fifth on the grid edging out than if he drove. this fine and leads the world championship standings with sixteen points at the top nine time champion valentino rossi who suffered a double leg fracture only three weeks ago finished fifth on his yamaha. i was able
12:58 am
to open that is more of a touch that i mean more than though that years here but you know in front of all this was amazing so just i want to say which i got there on. and i saw his fall from my hand you back to sue thank you santa don't forget you can get much more news opinion and features on our website dot com plenty that are on the german election results that's it for me at the moment for this news hour but i will be back in a moment with much more of the day's news another half an hour bullets and what will be life back in germany. see when.
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. back for another term german exit polls show i know merkel has been reelected.


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