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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm AST

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people. the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come. back you realize this is history in the making. getting. our armed forces are on the borders with iraq to do whatever it takes. a warning of potential military action from the turkish president as iraq's kurds defy regional opposition to hold an end dependence referendum.
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and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a weekend when or on the merkel says other parties must help ensure a stable coalition government after big gains for the far right and germany's election. but. the distress of villagers as they rushed to escape a volatile volcano in indonesia plus. i got a daughter we don't have live in this world. and i felt players respond by kneeling or sitting up for us president donald trump attacks those protesting against racial inequality. iraqi kurds are voting in a controversial referendum on the regions and dependents the ballot a strongly opposed by the iraqi government and neighbors turkey and iran their affairs fuel the separatist aspirations of kurds in the region turkey's president has denounced the vote and says the turkish army stands ready for the good it does
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a lot of our armed forces are on the borders with iraq to do whatever it takes iran is will will do whatever it takes our air force stands ready we will never allow anything to go from turkey to iraq this week we will adopt so many other measures will close the borders nothing go across the border. well strafford joins us live from the tobacco displacement camp and northern iraq and charles what is the feeling there from people who are voting about this. well this area is in one of the disputed regions that's one of the areas that of the kurdish peshmerga forces and the iraqi army and coalition forces expelled from these areas kurdish peshmerga have taken control of these areas are hugely controversial in this referendum this is one of three camps here understand about
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three thousand voters people that have been displaced in that fight against time so that will be voting here today we've been speaking to many of them by and large they're very happy with this referendum most of them are saying that they are going to be voting yes they say that they are basically sick and tired of what they describe as the lack of security that was provided by the iraqi army in that fight with i still it's very interesting though that many of the people here are afraid of talking on camera there's a lot of arabs in this camp and you get the impression that they are. distrustful of the shia led government in baghdad and not wholly trustful of the government here they're happy with the kind of security that. have offered but there is still a lack of trust it's also worthy of noting that there are almost two million people
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in these disputed areas. to vote today so it could make a massive difference in the amount of people of which we understand it's going to be a fairly residing yes vote but of the two million people involved that vote will make a massive difference not talk about some of the other cities the bigger cities and the disputed region in particular what do you expect when you're hearing about what's happening there today. well we've seen pictures of kirkuk celebrations there going on we understand it has been by and large fairly calm there was reports of a minor clash between what was reported as being a. turkmen shia militias there but as i say it has been relatively calm so far this city is a huge significance in this referendum again it was taken control of by the patient
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when it was basically described as a desertion happened by the iraqi army when i saw the approach the peshmerga have been in control there since two thousand and fifteen it's hugely important because of its economic significance there are two very large oil fields in that area the kurds are adamant that they are not going to give that city back and in fact they actually call it many kurds actually call it the jerusalem of curtis stone it is very ethnically diverse there are a turk when she there are there are syrian christians and of course there are there are as well the the baghdad government is very angry about kirkuk being involved in this referendum and they've been warnings from shia militias in the area as well that if they are seen to be trouble there there are security issues they've made threats to the peshmerga that they will try and come in and take control and it's also worth not forgetting that just south of kirkuk the battle
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against eisel continues that area around how we operate continue their iraqi coalition operations in the kurdish peshmerga said that they're going to be taking part as well so there are huge security concerns there but cook arguably more than any other city in the disputed regions shows just how controversial this referendum is ok charles strafford live precedent of aga displacement camp thank you and ron connell explains why this referendum faces strong opposition in iraq most neighboring countries and beyond. the kurds are spread out across the region and they here in northern iraq in turkey they are mainly based in the southeast and make up the largest ethnic minority in the country that's around fifteen percent of the population in syria the kurds based mainly in hasluck a governorate and also make up the largest ethnic minority in iran kurdish areas include west as
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a boy's own kermanshah province kurdistan province and the lone province and have a population of nearly seven million but the independence referendum is only being held in northern iraq in the semi autonomous kurdish region they're moving ahead with the vote but the borders of any potential kurdish state all problematic cookbook for example is disputed territory between iraq and the kurdish regional government and just on the hof its population is took when an arab yes votes won't automatically trigger independence and the birth of a new kurdish nation it will likely take years of negotiations and talks between all the various parties to reach any decision and the iraqi kurds are alone the rest of iraq and much of the international community u.s. and the u.k. included all opposed the vote precious tonight attacking u.s. backed opposition fighters in syria syrian democratic forces say they were targeted by a russian plane to near a natural gas field in zoar province because defense ministry released
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a statement rejecting the claim fighters battling ice on the area are being supported by u.s. airpower and specialist units syrian government troops backed by russian planes are also fighting i saw in the region. german chancellor angela merkel has won a fourth term in office but her party's share of the vote has fallen and she is calling out other parties to share responsibility in securing a stable coalition that's because the mainstream parties have lost out at the expense of the far right which finished a strong third and that's the first time a far right force has made it to parliament since the nazi era florence li reports from berlin the most important politician in europe the most important female politician anywhere the flag bearer for liberal democracy in an uncertain world four wins in a row for angola merkel even if her party's vote share shrunk on the far right emerged once again it was a problem she was quick to acknowledge you know when you win from let's mark we
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want those a.f.d. voters to move to come back to us through good political work we want to solve the problems people are facing these might be shoes of integration and illegal immigration but there are also questions around services in rural areas or questions of public transport or opportunities for farmers as recent opinion polls have predicted the far right and see immigrants alternative for germany which wants to close most and stop immigration took thirteen percent meaning more than eighty seats in parliament yet the disorganized by monday morning the woman who led them to this position said she was so angry with the direction of the party that she would not be joining the bloc. this is. such an anarchic party as we've seen in the last two weeks can be successful as an opposition party cons often realistic expectations of taking over the government i have decided that i would not be part of the f.t. clique in the bundestag the morning papers tell both these stories the tabloids in shock at the symbolism of the far right getting into the german parliament again
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the more sober media arguing it was still merkel's night despite some losses a sample of opinion in central billion on monday morning reflected both these views . of stevia democrats and we have to accept it and i'm confident they will find a solution and i also think that the next quarter they have devoted strong anymore . and said i am. poor germany too about sex against recent european elections in austria the netherlands and france in which it was fair the far right might actually gain power and given the anglo-american herself decided to take a million refugees into germany it is quite striking that she's actually still in power of saw her job now is to try to dismantle the f.t.'s influence in the german parliament and the core argument that immigration is a threat to germany's way of life once the headline writers have finished with the f.t. story expect more focus on merkel's bigger concerns how to deal with the u.s.
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presidents on issues such as climate change iran and north korea as well as stabilizing the european union to think about merkel though is that she knows how to win gloriously al-jazeera. that's not general election it's being held next month and japan made the call while opinion polls show strong support for his conservative party particularly outspoken against the nuclear missile threat from north korea which has threatened to sink japan into the sea private ports from tokyo. with an approval rating of around fifty percent. is seizing the moment. under a campaign banner of overcoming the national crisis he is promising strong leadership in the face of what he calls the escalating provocations from north korea catalonia figured on how we need to urge north korea to abolish all of its nuclear weapons in a verifiable and irreversible way unless north korea accepts that we have no choice
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but to continue to increase pressure in all sorts of ways to its maximum level. it's thought is also exploiting the weakness of the opposition parties and trying to act before this woman becomes too much of a threat yuriko core u.k. the governor of tokyo is widely popular and is starting a national party to challenge the ruling liberal democratic party it's debatable how big an upset she might cause given her conservative policies are similar to our base in the elections in july in tokyo her party took many votes away from the l.t.p. but i think for a lot of voters the party that she will form will probably disappear in l.d.p. light and therefore for a lot of voters it may not be particularly attractive for many voters to a sense of apathy after recent national and local elections and there is a danger the north korea factor could backfire on
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a day. the risk is the electors could punish him for seeming to take advantage of the north korean crisis for political gain holding an election when many people believe japan should be exercising maximum unity. it's better to make japan secure first and then dissolve and call an election thank you they'll go to an election is going to be expensive so i don't want them to do it. i really don't see the need for an election what's being predicted is a low turnout beyond that they'll be very little for certain in this election mcbride al-jazeera tokyo. north korea is among three countries added to an updated travel ban signed by u.s. president donald trump and extends restrictions on people from eight countries for placing the original ban on citizens from six months a majority nations it's expected to take effect from october the eighteenth after original restrictions targeted countries the u.s.
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considered to have poor security they were sudan iran libya syria somalia and yemen now full travel bans have been placed on citizens from north korea and chad and venezuela restrictions are limited to certain government officials and their families and sudan's been removed from the list leaving eight nations with complete or partial blocks on travel to the u.s. still ahead on al-jazeera an investigation into whether one of europe's biggest banks was complicit in the one nine hundred ninety four wanted genocide. plus thousands grey qatar's amir as he returns from his first trip abroad since the crisis began. however since a very wet weather in eastern parts of china recently look at this big mass of
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cloud that's pushing its way through shanghai really has some torrential downpours there has been some localized flooding one hundred seventy one millimeters of rain twenty four hours well over the september average rainfall a lot of cloud and rain too down towards the southwest of the country pushing into vietnam in vietnam was seventy six millimeters of rain here in twenty four hours that was our tropical depression which is now weakened and diminished and eased a little further north which and west was but showers continue on the side of hanoi thirty two celsius here so if you celsius too for shanghai tuesday looks a tad drier make the most of the rain returns as we go into where to stay more heavy downpours coming in here southern parts of china do look generally fine and dry and generally dry as you can see pushing into northern parts of vietnam by this stage but you come across into china heavy showers there into central and southern parts of india once again bangladesh still seeing some thundery downpours that wet weather staying in place as we go on through chews day chance of some showers there
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over towards the west and mumbai could see some wetter weather to further north where we see highs in new delhi of thirty five and karate chops off thirty two. facing reality your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be and. he had the story. talk to al-jazeera at this time.
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we're watching al-jazeera here's a recap of our top stories this hour iraqi kurds are voting in a controversial referendum on the regions and dependents there are fears it could fuel the separatist aspirations kurds across the region turkey's president has denounced the vote and says the turkish army stands ready. russia has denied attacking u.s. backed opposition fighters in syria the syrian democratic forces say that they were targeted by russian planes near a natural gas field indoors or province yesterday fighters are battling i saw in the area germany's merkel has called on other parties to share responsibility and securing a stable coalition after winning a fourth term a popular populist surge that is weakened her party as well as the main opposition social democrats the far right she was third. or players of the most
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popular sport in america are joining the protest against the national anthem the protest against racial inequality two days after the president on a truck call for the national football league players to be fired the n.f.l. has become a symbol both the. political division and unity and lace home and reports. n.f.l. play is taking a stand some by taking a name by sitting while the national anthem played all by raising a fist. it was a scene repeated at fourteen games right across the united states and london was. they were responding to comments made by president trump on friday night attacking players who had knelt over the past due to protest racial inequality a gesture started by colin kaepernick would you love to see one of these. when
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somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a the field right now out of the sky. the seattle seahawks and tennessee titans chose to stay in the locker room while the national anthem played as did the pittsburgh steelers with the exception of one playa a one hundred villanova i ever and. elsewhere other players chose to lock arms together in solidarity is beyond politics it's about being a human being and having dignity and compassion for other human beings regardless of their race and their gender but if the protest becomes that we're going to sit down to a meal we're not sure respect to the flag of the united states of america and everything that symbolizes everything that stands for everything our country's been through to get to this point. i do not agree with that reactions by supporters across the u.s. but also divided i think our flag represents the services that our military fights
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for our freedoms and there are if i just think it's completely disrespectful that there's kneeling for that i think they should be suspended at certain time and they are exercising their right of free speech i mean that's the first amendment and we've always had the right i don't think the president should actually be getting involved and saying that he has. one sided stance is not looking at the issues that arose before the new and started which is what we're known for trump himself tweeted about the issue five times on sunday reiterating his position and spoke briefly in new jersey we have a great guy and we are great people representing are going back we are told robert . and they will be. back a sunday in the n.f.l. where passions before the game matched if not exceeded those that came. home and al jazeera more now on this growing controversy from our white house
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correspondent kimberly hawke and washington d.c. so kimberly this goes back to friday when president trump first made the profane her marks about n.f.l. players at a rally and he's tweeted about it every day since then going into this morning monday morning in the us what what political benefit must be getting from this to continue to drag it day on and day on a day on. i don't i'm not sure there is any political benefit facts the polls seem to indicate just the opposite a poll taken over the weekend richelle says that in fact two thirds of americans feel the president is dividing the nation on an issue that has already left many feeling hurt and wounded the president is centrally throwing salt into an open wound with his comments he's even tweeted in just the last hour and hasn't stopped the most recent tweets this morning the headline really being the one from the president where he said that this issue has nothing to do with race it's about
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respecting our country respecting our flag but americans don't feel that way for the most part in fact they feel it has everything to do with race you have to remember how this movement started as as a reporter touched in her report there just a moment ago it began with calling capper nick who in twenty sixteen under barack obama the nation's first african-american president felt that it was necessary to kneel on one knee given the fact that there was concern still about the treatment of minorities and police brutality with respect to minorities in the community so certainly he felt even then there was work to do this movement has only spread and certainly the president many feel not helping with the commas that are being made not just publicly but on twitter in fact super bowl winning quarterback tom brady winning in on this issue very recently in fact saying that he too felt that this was an issue that is dividing americans and his words divison and can really you may not there's been so many tweets this morning from the president i'm not sure if
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you've had a chance to see one in particular where he brings another very popular sport in the united states into the conversation he references a nascar and racing and since this clearly is about race there's a very different racial dynamic of nascar fans compared to n.f.l. fans and n.b.a. fans it would seem as if this clearly has to be about race regardless of what the president has said. well certainly you know there are sort of overarching. i'm not sure how to phrase this but let me give it to a number because that seems a little bit easier and the. and. the little civil like i'm not a sports first and then ok. the n.f.l. is seventy percent african american and so this is this is certainly one area where up until now it seems that because the fans were both black and white
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this was an opportunity for athletes to be leaders to unite one another to show what teamwork looks like given the fact that this was the place where african-americans were not the minority now you talk about nascar that's a predominately sport that white people tend to not only participate in but but go to this has become a very polarizing issue sports used to be where people would be united now this doesn't seem to be the case and really can really help that thank you very much from washington d.c. french investigators have opened a full scale and career into allegations one of europe's largest banks was complicit in the one nine hundred ninety four one genocide. was accused of authorizing the transfer of one point three million dollars that was used to purchase weapons used in the genocide the transfer allegedly came a month after u.n. arms embargo to rwanda the bank says the announcement of the inquiry was expected it's not a surprise the rwandan genocide killed more than eight hundred thousand people and
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less than one hundred days or has more from paris. well bin paper is from says biggest banks it is one of the biggest banks in the world and it's the first time that a bank in france is being accused of links to the genocide in rwanda nass three ngo's have filed this lawsuit against being paid by her in france and what they say is that the bank transferred more than a million dollars via the rwanda national bank to an arms brokerage linked to the regime and the bank must have known at the time back in one thousand nine hundred four of the regime's genocidal intentions now we spoke to a spokeswoman from one of those n.g.o.s sherpa and she told us the reason this case has come forward off to so long more than twenty years after the genocide is that much of the evidence many of the documents that they needed to collect to until now secret classified documents and only recently have they become declassified.
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monday marks a month sense the latest military crackdown on the hendra began in me and maurice rakhine state only four hundred thirty thousand people have been forced to flee as nicholas hawke reports bangladeshi guard to patrol the border as were hendra villages burn within sight inside me and mark this is as close as we can get to the record states where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burn in the distance. it's through this land border between me and moore in bangladesh that a few weeks ago hundreds of thousands of ranges cross the border since the more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted land mines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except ranges who are considered illegal immigrants
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by young gone. but for bangladesh these ranges that are in camps here belong to me in mar and they have to go back home bangladesh has deployed its military on its border it's beefed up its presence with border guards increasing their patrol on the border area the relationship between young dawn and hockey is at its lowest point yangon refuses to recognize ranges bangladesh wants the un to mediate the return of these routine jazz to their home meanwhile this border is getting increasingly tense as there is more and more military presence being deployed here dozens of missing hindu villagers are feared dead in me and more after twenty eight bodies were discovered and two mass graves man mark military says it's evidence of a massacre by one hundred fighters and rakhine state and do say they have also been victims of ethnic violence since a military crackdown against her head just began
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a month ago a state of natural disaster has been declared on the indonesian island of bali where volcanoes expect to erupt for the first time in more than fifty years amounting gong erupted in one nine hundred sixty three more than a thousand people were killed in a port some communities living close to the crater. these are to villages on the slopes of mount are good. people still stay here are ordered to leave immediately some villages have returned after spending the night in africa wish and santas to quickly collect their belongings also known as i did. what. i actually don't want to go i want to stay here i don't want to be separated from my family i can see my grandchildren they are all in different evacuation centers i cry every day i miss my grandchildren terribly seismic activity of the volcano continues to increase with hundreds of shallow folk anik quakes felt on monday and
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multum liquids being pushed to the surface. you know we're going to. do is becoming more active and is heading towards an eruption we don't know when it could be soon it could be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or next week we just don't know. some villages are angry at the ever kuwait orders and worried about the loss of income but folk are knowledge is say lives are at risk the last time around are going to erupted more than one thousand people died and houses as far as time kilometers from the crater were destroyed. remembers that day with deep sadness she lost four members of her family. and you don't you go first i heard this very loud bang i saw a lot of coming down from a gun and there was kind of ash everywhere small rocks fell from the sky and then everything was dark on the slopes here many fear the worst they left in
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a hurry they were afraid of not a deadly eruption like what happened in one thousand nine hundred sixty three. more than sixty thousand people living in what's been called the red zone around the volcano have been ordered to leave their homes but depending on the activity of mt albert this number could go up step fasten al-jazeera at mount. thousands of people or made homeless six days after the earthquake in mexico city that killed more than three hundred people however the rescue of a dog has brought some hope and all the devastation rescuers pulled the animal from the rubble under a collapsed apartment building on sunday residents have won a court injunction to keep those rescue efforts going for five more days. these are your headlines on al-jazeera iraqi kurds are voting in a controversial referendum on the regions and dependents there are fears it could
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fuel the separatist aspirations of kurds across the region turkey's president has denounced the vote and says the turkish army stands ready. to get it because a lot of our armed forces are on the borders with iraq to do whatever it takes iran is well will do whatever it takes our air force stands ready we will never allow anyone or anything to go from turkey to iraq this week we will adopt so many other measures to close the borders to go across the border. russia has denied attacking u.s. backed opposition fighters in syria the syrian democratic forces say they were targeted by russian planes near a natural gas field and hours or province the fighters are battling eisel in that area germany's angela merkel has called on other parties to share responsibility in securing a stable coalition after winning a fourth term a populist surge weakened her party as well as the main opposition social democrats
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they have day was third the first time a far right choice has made it to parliament since the nazi era you know that when you run from let's mock we want those voters he moved to come back to us through. we want to solve the problems people are facing these might be issues of integration and illegal immigration but there are also questions around services in rule areas or questions of public transport or opportunities for thought. duran's prime minister has called a snap general election next month opinion polls show strong support for conservative l.d.p. party and for new countries including north korea have been added to an updated travel ban signed by u.s. president donald trump and extends restrictions on people from eight countries in the nation island of bali has been declared a state of natural disaster with seismologists warning of a can a corruption is a minute there been hundreds of tremors around the area of gong there's other headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after talk to al-jazeera you better.
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understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. so many times when you call home al-jazeera bringing the news and current affairs that might to. al-jazeera. you. will. see. overall the sovereign nations of africa only three of. them morrocco in swaziland plays an important role in public. however the key to it is legally you know the love to do so.


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