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the latest news as it breaks many of the people here came to this camp with injuries and illnesses already with detailed coverage of a tree china north korea stretches all the four hundred kilometers long like the demon it tries to be on his feet here this very relaxed from around the world the water that comes in the trucks in this water from the holes is dusty is full of sediment and of course the high risk of disease. this is al jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully back to go welcome to the news great against all objections iraqi kurds have cast their ballots in a controversial independence referendum as widely expected to pass the phone ties
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not just raise tensions with the central government in baghdad but also with turkey and iran and explore what could happen next in a region already divided along sectarian and ethnic lines. also on the grand a month of misery after me on mars army first unleashed a massive offensive in the country's troubled rakhine state its force more than four hundred thousand working have ranger muslims over the border into bangladesh numbers at the u.n. says constitute ethnic cleansing or speak to an aid worker in bangladesh which is overwhelmed by the influx and u.s. president donald trump escalates his feud with the sporting world kicking out more tweets attacking players who need in protest during the american national anthem it's ignited another firestorm of criticism but is it all a distraction from greater issues at hand michael washing best occasion and health care. and it's the humanitarian disaster america's accused of ignoring. puerto rico
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i mean a chapell tell you why people living in this u.s. territory feel ignored as they grapple with the aftermath of hurricane maria. and with the news great live on air and streaming online three you do facebook live and that al-jazeera dot com all those stories are coming up but first a development in the crisis and war of words between the u.s. and north korea the north korean foreign minister a really young hole has just spoken at a hastily called media conference outside his hotel in new york he said that u.s. president donald trump's words about north korea over the weekend at the u.n. general assembly were clearly a declaration of war and that north korea therefore has every right to take countermeasures let's go live to our diplomatic editor jane spays who is outside the hotel out in new york change tell us more for us about what the north korean foreign minister said and how worried should we be about this statement.
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well these were his parting comments as he was leaving the hotel being driven by u.s. agents because he gets u.s. security while he's here to the airport and then make his way back we assume through china and then back to north korea and they followed comments that he made to the u.n. general assembly on saturday and he's gone further he's taking it further into ways he says now that north korea considers the comments from president trump earlier in the week it considers those comments now to be a declaration of war he also referred to something that happened just before he spoke in the general assembly on saturday that he didn't refer to in his speech clearly now he's had instructions from john young and that is that show of force that took place on saturday with us bombers and. fighter jets fighter jets coming
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from japan bombers from guam that flew together up the eastern coast of north korea just in international waters going further above the demeaning militarized zone than any u.s. aircraft have done this century he said that if u.s. bombers he didn't refer to the fighter jets were to fly near north korea even in international waters north korea will shoot them down so a real ramping up of the language from the north korean foreign minister his comments on saturday were i described the time as a blistering attack well he's gone even further now in these fresh comments that he's made before leaving new york he addressed us here got in his car and then came back a second time and addressed us just simply to tell us that all options remain on the table and under consideration of the supreme leadership of his country now we know very well the supreme leadership is one man came he talked about countermeasures james what what options would the north koreans what
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countermeasures would they be considering right now. he's already mentioned one very publicly and that's the idea of a new nuclear test this time an atmospheric nuclear test and that would be something that would be carried out in the pacific is a very dangerous proposition it could cause all sorts of pollution radioactive when it would be a nuclear test like the ones you've seen from the one nine hundred fifty s. with the great big mushroom cloud rather than what north korea has done in the past which have been underground contained nuclear tests so that's a dangerous proposition he's already floated the prospect about taking place some very worrying developments in the james bays a diplomatic editor live from new york there with us on the news great thank you john. not other world news any iraqi kurds may have just finished voting in their independence referendum but the consequence is only just beginning the autonomy as
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region went ahead with a vote ignoring pressure from baghdad threats from turkey and iran and international warnings that it made night more regional conflict and it was turkey's president russia want to double down with his country's warning early on saying he may consider a military intervention or of. our armed forces or on the borders with iraq to do whatever it takes iran as well will do whatever it takes our air force stands ready we will never allow anyone or anything to go from turkey to iraq this week will adopt so many other measures will close the borders nothing. well plenty of coverage ahead charles stratford is in muchmore in northern iraq you explain why that town and others like it are particularly controversial in this story but let's begin with al-jazeera hoda abdel-hamid who is in the kurdish regional capital erbil erbil is the stronghold of muscled barzani the kurdish
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leader of course and i imagine a lot of enthusiasm for the vote there today what's to turn up in like. well we just actually heard things from the electoral commission year in there been the first one is that actually voting has been extended by one hours instead of ending at fifteen year and sixteen hundred g.m.t. also the first indications of turnout from the electoral commission is a seventy six percent however we don't have a breakdown of that now looking at why haven't throughout the day and speaking to people on the ground we do know that in the hope and it would be the traditional stronghold of masoud barzani and his k.g.b. party turnout was quite high we also know that there was quite a high turnout in the lab and insulin many here we are hearing actually conflicting reports i have to say i was there just a few days ago and you see none of the atmosphere you see here behind me which i've
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been going on for three days already people here celebrating even before casting their ballots whether none of that didn't eliminate the main political parties there coolly i guess the timing of the referendum not the idea of a referendum but just last night they actually came out and they told their supporters you can go and vote yes or no it's just a choice and you might have a bigger turnout because of that and worth stressing again hold on that this is a non binding referendum a yes vote doesn't mean independence right away if there is a yes vote so what would happen next if the referendum passes as expected. well it is a nonbinding reverendo even though when you speak to people for them it's a ready. they're high they're on their way to independence and it will be coming very soon however when you listen to the words of masoud barzani and other kurdish officials they have warned that there will be
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a lot of negotiations with baghdad before reaching that independence even though he made it very clear on sunday that this was it was time to finish the failed partnership with baghdad however the reaction of baghdad is very important and what we heard from prime minister. is that actually he will do all of you can to avoid the does integration of iraq so you see that those two points and you can figure out that it's going to be a very complicated negotiation if that actually really happens any time soon you have to remember that baghdad wanted negotiations before the vote and masoud barzani said no negotiations after the referendum and then you obviously have the reaction of regional neighbors and all of that is going to. be much clearer in the days to go we've been going through rumors of border crossings opening and closing it is a very complicated situation at the moment the people behind me are just celebrating
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but the kurdish authorities know that before they actually can provide this independence they talk about they have a lot of work to do a long tough road ahead hoda abdel-hamid in erbil thank you very much for that hoda and not hard to mention key locations there let's have a look at them on the map the votes taken place in the provinces. and erbil areas that are officially under kurdish control disputed areas outside it's administration claimed by both the kurdish government any rocks national government have also voted and these include the oil rich province of kirkuk which has further infuriated baghdad as you heard so why is there so much regional opposition and well iran turkey and syria if you. that an independent kurdish state in iraq could fuel further separatist ambitions among their own kurdish populations which you can see marked in orange on the map the united nations the u.s. and britain to name a few are also opposed to this referendum washington described the vote as
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provocative and destabilizing let's now go live to charlie stratford who is in muchmore that's in one of the disputed regions we've just mentioned charlie tell us about the mood where you are did people come out and vote in big numbers as they did in erbil. well certainly what we've witnessed it seems that they have i mean one of three camps in this area in one of the disputed areas areas where the peshmerga have taken control subsequent to defeating isis the the i.c. push that was made in two thousand and fourteen peshmerga the coalition international coalition forces took control and this area shows you just how controversial this referendum has been voting here at this particular camp indeed well ten minutes ago right on time we heard holder there mention an extension being announced in erbil certainly the authorities here were very meticulous in stopping over at six o'clock the people that we've spoken to. have been very reluctant to
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speak on camera many of them it's important to recognize that it's not just kurds in this area but there are arabs assyrians a few years edis and christians as well certainly a lot of the arabs that we've spoken to in this camp very nervous about going on camera and you get the impression that there's a lot of distrust by them not only with respect to the baghdad the shia led government in baghdad but also with respect to the k r g they're very grateful for the kind of security and safety that the k r g has provided them against leisel and they feel terribly let down by the baghdad government they blame the baghdad government for their suffering and there's a lot of them in these areas according to the election commission is around two million people in the disputed areas that were eligible to vote today around three thousand voted in this camp around five thousand in total in the other two camps in
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this area but as i say yes it's these kind of regions that really hit home on just how controversial this vote is being interpreted by many chinese thank you very much for that. live for us and much more in. northern iraq and a comment here from one of all of us in so many and one of the disputed areas that johnny was just talking about that tell me who wrote to us from whatsapp saying everything is calm in so many with no celebrations most of the shops are open normally and from what he can see sorry some of the shops are closed in so many i thank you very much for that comment tommy in cinema nia let's now talk about the online dimension to all this let's bring in our social media producer and. follow we've we've been following the has tech kurdistan referendum throughout the day and as it started many would be voters shared images like these of long queues outside
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of polling stations just hours before voting began now the kurdistan regional government deputy prime minister good taliban he says words cannot describe his emotions after voting for independence while barzani who is the regional president's son says this vote reflects generations of kurdistan is who fought for this day and honors martyrs and brave peshmerga others have been sharing images such as these of ink stained fingers and ballots in favor of the referendum now here says that he's divorced iraq today and he hopes the court doesn't make him suffer to settle everything smoothly. lives in a contested area and he sold out as al-jazeera why he voted. i didn't get to three years old and i haven't seen any things in my life and i haven't seen my country they've been it is like they have all come to all come to an ocean so white but they didn't publish that we haven't asked for any things like bottle of funding.
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for the new country because what i want all of the things you have i want to country out of what i would like to come up with i love life. ahmed el sol a yemeni politician says arabs should support kurd kurdish independence he tweeted that since a referendum on kurdistan is angering the mullahs regime in tehran and its employees in baghdad and turkey it is very natural that the arab support the people of kurdistan and paula beyond in lebanon says sykes pekoe wrong the kurds she's of course referring to how the french and british carved up the middle the middle east rather after world war one so i think you'll agree drew borders in the region without taking into consideration that rich people living in this region. do you find state. switch scattered to the four states the fact that they are
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one nation with their rackets their right to self-determination is important and i wish. to the kurds who were there. so certainly a mix of views across the region the turkish governments consider the referendum a threat to their countries and while some oppose it because it may create more insecurity others that we spoke to say it could be an opportunity is not only. would it lead to all the democratic base and those but also in contrast to self-determination brought us almost all do in its new groups and minorities that horse claim to hold for themselves it will make iraqi government more unstable and the record country in an honest favorable right will need iran much longer than a stable one say we would like saddam hussein poses threat to us we can use to use moment as an opportunity play stablish ing to secret diplomatic ties and channels
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reese and i could reach people cordesman and like some kind of like but a crisis. curbs independence that would change the political balance of completely in turkey. i believe this referendum is a wrong decision. not only for the border security of turkey but also for the prosperity of all kurds in the region there is already a conflict of sectarianism in the region in iraq. becomes as an independent state i'm afraid there will be also ethnic conflict now we've heard from all of them and now we want to hear from you so let us know what you think about the implications of the kurdish referendum you can tweet me directly i'm at enter chapelle or to use the hash tag it is good andrew thank you very much and beyond the rhetoric of sound of determination what exactly is driving this will this
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referendum will read this opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com the renzo come out as a very interesting historical perspective auguring that the kurdish referendum has little to do with kurds real grievances and much to share with conflicting geo political agendas and coming up a little later on the news great we'll talk about the regional reaction to this referendum and turkey's reaction most notably the president of turkey today threatening countermeasures against the kurdish government after it went ahead with this vote today now moving on and it's a month since hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims started fleeing a sweeping military offensive in myanmar rakhine state seeking refuge in neighboring bangladesh this round of violence in an already troubled part of the world began on august twenty fifth on group attack dozens of police and military posts in north rakhine state the military's response was swift and by the accounts are survivors brutal the army says it's only targeting on fighters but they have
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been constant allegations of mass killings rape torture and the burning down of whole villages the u.n. has counted at least four hundred thirty thousand rumania. who fled almost all trying to get over the border to bangladesh this billie's constitutes ethnic cleansing as so many of this ethnic group have left at first manned mars data the nobel peace prize laureate on sun sochi dismissed reports of atrocities describing them as fake news but international outrage has grown and the un's top human rights official for one describes the military's actions as clearly disproportionate. now says the report will be investigated and i take a look at this map on al-jazeera dot com it shows you the different refugee settlements in bangladesh's cox's bazaar that's where many of the rohingya muslims have fled and they're fleeing rakhine state arriving last month four hundred forty six thousand have arrived since august twenty fifth in just one month three hundred forty thousand live in temporary makeshift camps and eighty thousand in host
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communities the numbers are just staggering as you can see now al-jazeera is nicholas hot has this report from a camp on the myanmar bangladesh border. this is as close as we can get to the right kind states where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burn in the distance it's through this land border between me and moore in bangladesh that a few weeks ago hundreds of thousands of ranches crossed the border since we more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted land mines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except ranges who are considered illegal immigrants by and gone. but for bangladesh these ranges that are in camps here belong to me and more and they have to go back home bangladesh has deployed its military on its border its beefed up its presence with border guards increasing their patrol on the
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border area the relationship between young dawn and haka is at its lowest point yangon refuses to recognize ranges bangladesh wants the un to mediate the return of the to their homeland meanwhile this border is getting increasingly tense as there is more and more military presence being deployed here unless i'll bring hala chabad to the news grid she works for the international organization for migration and is via skype from cox's bazar in bangladesh thank you very much for being with us hala so hundreds of people continue to cross the border into bangladesh every day what are they finding when they arrive have you seen an improvement in the conditions on the ground in the last month. orat we seem to have lost our connection there with hala from the international organization of migration who was going to talk to us about the conditions that the
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myanmar rohingya refugees are facing in bangladesh hawse conditions it's been one month since the latest round of violence led to four hundred thirty thousand people fleeing into bangladesh leaving me unlawful bangladesh and hopefully will get to hear from her in just a few minutes when we re-establish the connection now as you're watching us on facebook coming up meet the artist has found a creative way to get the world talking about mental health also ahead a special sports segment looks into the feud between donald trump and his country's operates as the u.s. president is calais fit for it to stakes at the end of the earth. we've got some rain in the forecast for the middle east over the next couple days and when i say middle east really it's the far north of the region just spinning out of the black sea towards the caspian sea a little china of clout then as you
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can see in armenia don't you know i millimeters of rain in twenty four hours in the chance of want to longer spells of rain as we go on through the next twenty four hours or so for much of tuesday that's fine and driving say the west the weather spilling out to the far north of turkey and it just straddles the region as we go on through wednesday so i mean your george could see some wet weather twenty celsius the top temperatures. so. warm dry and sunny that will spread out across the area so thirty in kuwait city and that's the sort of temperature we can expect here in the ha over the next couple of days is one hundred pound high still plenty warm enough that warm sunshine the hazy sunshine will continue across the arabian peninsula as we go on through the next few days barely a cloud in the sky but a cloud in the sky too for a good possible southern africa but south africa seeing some rather lively weather of them by this band of cloud it's making its way through thick enough it's producing heavy rain around the eastern cape ninety degrees celsius cape town with
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a high of fourteen. russian filmmaker andre nekrasov explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian why was r.c. assume raided by the police to seize ukraine says homosexuality is the significance
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of him to the russian elite is that he's like a feature who controls the cobra in search of putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. the arab. the arab the bad
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lines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our website al jazeera dot com at number one the iraqi kurds voting and in an independence referendum despite objections from the central government in baghdad and also from regional countries iran and turkey number two from modulus betrayal of the somali people an opinion piece on the somali prime minister number three inside why genocidal genocidal behind closed doors at number four the cotton bowl of ice is about number five one of the stories we're covering on the news great today the upright of the will hang on people in myanmar two hundred thirty thousand of them have fled to bangladesh in. last month since the latest round of violence and as promised let's now bring back to the news great to talk more about the conditions that these refugees are refugees who fled myanmar for bangladesh finds himself and she joins us via skype from cox's bazar in bangladesh how it works for the international organization of
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migration thank you very much for being with us i was asking you about you know the conditions of these people once they arrive in bangladesh in places like cox's but it's been one month now do you see any improvement in the conditions on the ground there for these refugees. you know the conditions are quite dire i mean the magnitude of the crisis is quite enormous. it is not just it's not just on the from the perspective of the of the of the human. birds and the speed in which they live and arrived here but also when when you go on the ground because the actual rain it's very hostile terrain and where they're settling at the moment it's a vast area martin thousand acres which is in a similar. it's inaccessible but there are no rules and therefore the only way you can actually reach it is why are all parts of mountains and.
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forests all jungles. and it takes a long time to get to them so and so i'd not be able to not not being accessible. at this is difficult to sort out what are the what are the most urgent needs right now for those people on the ground what do they need the most. initially i mean i mean that you need janitor for a lot of them are because this is a rainy season a lot of them are out in the open about two thirds of the four hundred thousand with arrived here are still without shelter. they need they need some form of then they need. blankets not just says hygiene they need fresh water in the areas because that area also is not has no service as well so ever you need water you need or you need whether you need you need shelter and you need pipes you need medical supplies you need food so basically everything is either friends how do you
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work for the international organization of migration an organization that deals with the issue of migration we have today the bangladeshi government trying to convince me and ma to take back these refugees of which two hundred forty thousand are children but can they go back today to a country where they have long been ostracized where they're considered illegal immigrants should they be forced to go back to myanmar. i mean do you and never think they are and as always for anybody who returns to return during the flight and the moments as organizations here we are concentrating on providing services for these people and we are not dealing with the political aspects of it it's our job at the moment our main concern is how to keep these people you know given the basic the basic needs of the needs and to make sure that they are protected and to make sure that they receive all the services they are fed they are healthy and living in some in some in some dignified manner even if it's
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even if it's in a concert. that is the main concern of the moment rosso it as to whether they do go back or not this is a political issue that has to be done between the governments not not for us to do ok thank you very much for speaking to us the international organization of migration joining us there from bangladesh now an excellent film by our colleagues at al-jazeera world if you have time to watch on the plight of the rowing it's called or hang at the silent abuse and it investigates the situation surrounding the ring inside myanmar itself as you've heard the denied citizenship forced from their homes and subjected to call the watch if you can just click on documentaries and then al-jazeera world now to the wall let's take a look at what's happening not much in st let's go and check in with now in our london new center for a look at the day's avenues so. thank you falling germany's chancellor angela
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merkel is holding talks on forming a new coalition after her party came out top and sunday's election but it share of the vote fell and for the first time in decades the far right has one thing in the german parliament lauren slate reports from berlin. the most important politician in europe the most important female politician anywhere the flag bearer for liberal democracy in an uncertain world four wins in a row for angela merkel even if her party's vote share shrunk and the far right emerged once again it was a problem she was quick to acknowledge you know when you win from let's mark we want those a.f.d. voters to move to come back to us through good political work we want to solve the problems people are facing these might be shoes of integration and illegal immigration but there are also questions around services in rural areas or questions of public transport or opportunities for farmers as recent opinion polls have predicted the far right and see immigrants alternative for germany which wants
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to close most and stop immigration took thirteen percent meaning more than eighty seats in parliament yet they disorganized by monday morning the woman who led them to this position said she was so angry with the direction of the party that she would not be joining their bloc this and what you might see here such an anarchic party as we've seen in the last two weeks can be successful as an opposition but it can't offer realistic expectations of taking over the government i had decided that i would not be part of the f.t. in the bundestag the morning papers tell both these stories the tabloids in shock at the symbolism of the far right getting into the german parliament again the more sober media arguing it was still merkel's night despite some losses a sample of opinion in central billion on monday morning reflected both these views . we are democrats and we have to accept it and i'm confident they'll find a solution and i also think that on the next vote the f.t. won't be a strong any more spin and said i am our thread poor germany to
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a bad set against recent european elections in austria the netherlands and france in which it was fair the far right might actually gain power and given the angle of merkel herself as i did to take a million refugees into germany it is quite striking that she's actually still in power of saw her job now is to try to dismantle the f.t.'s influence in the german parliament and their core argument that immigration is a threat to germany's way of life. once the headline writers are finished with the f.t. story expect more focus on merkel's bigger concerns how to deal with the u.s. presidents on issues such as climate change iran and north korea as well as stabilizing the european union the thing about merkel though is that she knows how to win lawrence the al-jazeera. dominant cain is live for us in the german capital all eyes on merkel now dominick really looking to form that coalition are they still talking about this so-called jamaica coalition. yes that
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country's name is very much on the lips of many people many politicians today and the point to make here is that the coalition forming may go on for some considerable time we should remember that when the last coalition the grand coalition was put together four years ago it took months before the parties concerned the two main parties back then could actually form an agreement and the difficulty that that angle americal faces is trying to square the political attitudes of the two smaller parties that she'd have to govern with namely the green party and the free democrats or the liberals as they're referred to those two parties have very distinct political agendas and they are not necessarily compatible with each other and it's worth making the point that the two leaders or the two main speakers for those parties or the rhetoric they came out with during the campaign about each other was not particularly friendly so you see there is the difficulty of trying to get these people together around a cabinet table and the point also to make is with merkel trying to sound contrite
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and saying well we need to understand why voters have gone to the d. the alternative for germany party well how can she bring back voters who have gone for a more right wing agenda when she's having to keep inside a government a center left party which is namely the greens that is the the essence of the difficulty she faces now is the tactical problem how to form a coalition but then strategically how does she bring back former voters of her party who think that she's too liberal and what impact do you think this far right wing a.f.d. party is going to have on german politics now are they going to be able to stick together with one voice and she going to have to change their own policies. well that is the big question isn't it the point about the alternative for germany party this as we've been saying since the election result yesterday this is the first time that this party which has only been around for four years has got in to the building behind me the bundestag how will they act in that parliament given that they will have more than ninety seats we know already is lawrence was telling us in
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his report that the former leader folk appeared clear has decided she won't sit with the group that's actually going to be in this parliament and the person who replaced her alice vidler has said well frank apparently you may not want to sit with us we don't want you in our party at all so effectively well they have this problem of internees son rivalry but more writ large in so far as what this represents for germany given the fact that the social democrats have gone into opposition they will be the main party of opposition so the f.t. will have a lot of people in this parliament but they won't be able to control committees as if they were the main party of opposition that's the point here that the f.t. have succeeded but they haven't necessarily got quite the role that they might have wanted many thanks dominic dunne it came with the latest from the german election. that's all from a london back to folly in doha so thank you very much for that you're with the news grade on al-jazeera and we've got people watching today from ireland canada and
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india thank you very much for being with us remember you can have your say on today's news tweet is that a.j. english or you can also reach us on facebook facebook dot com slash a.j. newsgroup you can also what's up as your comments and questions at press nine seven four five or one triple one four nine and don't forget as ever to use the hash tag a.j. news great now reminding you of the breaking news that we brought to you at the top of the show today the intensifying war of words between the u.s. and north korea just over half an hour ago north korea's foreign minister re young horse spoke at a hastily called news conference outside his hotel in new york and he said us present our terms comments on north korea over the weekend at the u.n. general assembly were. clearly a declaration of war and north korea therefore has every right to take countermeasures take a listen. last weekend trump claimed that our leadership won't be around much longer and hence at last he declared a war on our country since the united states declared war on our country we will
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have every right to make counter measures including the right to shoot down the united states a strategic bombers even when they are not yet inside the airspace border of our country question of who won't be around much longer will be answered then. and a comment here from him at one of our viewers on facebook or rides every country should have the right to have atomic weapons if not america must design first lots of comments on north korea you can keep them coming in the hash tag is great there's not one to another story that's been trending today on al-jazeera dot com and that is a controversy in the u.s. between present donald trump and football players n.f.l. players tell us the latest peter you're funny so let's go back about a year when colin kaepernick became the first player to kneel during the national anthem at the n.f.l. games it was in protest social injustices in the united states and just before the latest round of games donald trump tweeted that it's disrespectful to the flags of
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the country the heritage of theater and started to spend not only with football as well but with athletes from other sports as well so we saw in basketball the n.b.a. steph curry coming out and saying that he won't be going to the white house now remember that championship winning teams often invited to the white house to spend time with the president and of course one thing led to another became an avalanche and on sunday more players across several different matches went ahead and either kneeled all set down during the playing of the national anthem this took place not not only in the united states but also in london where one game was stage he leaves home and with a report. the n.f.l. play is taking a stand some by taking a name by sitting while the national anthem played or by raising a fist. it was a scene repeated at fourteen games right across the united states and london was to know what. they were responding to comments made by president trump on
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friday night attacking players who had knelt over the past due to protest racial inequality a gesture started by colin kaepernick would you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a the field right now out of the sky. the seattle seahawks and tennessee titans chose to stay in the locker room while the national anthem played as did the pittsburgh steelers with the exception of one playa a one hundred below noida and. elsewhere other players chose to lock arms together in solidarity beyond politics is about being a human being and having dignity and compassion for other human beings regardless of their race and their gender but if the protest becomes that we're going to sit down or kneel we're not sure respect to the flag of the united states of america
6:41 pm
and everything that symbolizes everything that stands for everything our country's been through to get to this point. i do not agree with that reactions by supporters across the u.s. but also divided i think our flag represents the services that our military fights for our freedoms and there are if i just think it's completely disrespectful that there's kneeling for that i think they should be suspended at certain time and they are exercising their right of free speech i mean that's the first amendment and we've always had the right i don't think the president should actually be getting involved and saying that he has a one sided stance he's not looking at the issues. that a rose before the nailing started which is that what we are known for trump himself tweeted about the issue five times on sunday reiterating his position and spoke briefly in new jersey we have a great country we have great people representing our country in fact we are cold comfort. and they can be good when we come back a sunday in the n.f.l.
6:42 pm
where passions before the game matched if not exceeded those that came off the old. lace home an al-jazeera. as you can imagine the story has dominated conversation right across the united states the hash tag was take a knee and if you look at this heat map on twitter you can quite clearly see the north america it's dominating but even there in europe and there's other parts of the world as well where people talk about the sustained discussion right throughout sunday in all parts of the country a lot of interest also in the u.k. where one n.f.l. game was taking place as well as australia and any asia now u.s. president donald trump has started his own hashtag in response to take a need this is it the hash tag is standard for our anthem it's already got more than ten thousand retreats and more than twenty nine thousand likes some might say he's been a little obsessed with this topic in the last few days have a look at this graph that was tweeted and i'm just going to try and move it there
6:43 pm
for you not really working but the point is that of the president's last twenty two tweets thirteen were about the n f l and that is obviously not the picture that i want to show you there we go back only to the streets were about north korea and iran one was about his wife nascar racing owners have backed by also threatening to fire anyone who protests during the anthem the president was obviously very welcoming of this a couple of studies by the way have shown that ninety four percent of nascar fans of white but not everybody is on board or arguably the sport's biggest star dale earnhardt jr with verse three cheering a quote from john f. kennedy supporting the right for peaceful protests now over on our facebook page michael washington left us this comment saying that as a former u.s. marine veteran he fully supports americans exercising their rights and freedoms michael says the country should give these athletes more reason not to neil now
6:44 pm
take a look at this response from miami dolphins player michael thomas which has had almost one hundred thousand tweets. it just amazes me with everything else that's going on in the world especially about the u.s. that's what you concerned about them and you don't you get a leader for the world is watching this would you talk about so it. doesn't have a father after american man has some money and affairs my sons a bitches you know like. yeah that's a good person but at same time like i said i'm up to the poses bigger you know it's not like it's bigger than me i've got a daughter you don't have to live in this world you know on sunday night. you do have i got to do may so you know she could look at my day look at her dad and be like make this judgment change please continue to send us your comments and videos as well hashtag is a.j. news good i'm at peta under school standard on twitter and you can also see what's
6:45 pm
have number for you as well funny from no that's all i have to say yes and you know that nascar tweet peta wasn't the only one all fired off by president john briley on monday he also tweeted this sports fans should never condone players that do not stand proffer the national anthem or their country and if al should change policy let's pick this up now with our white house correspondent kimberly hall kate who joins us live on the news great from the white house kimberly the president tweeted about this five times on sunday and he's at it again this morning he is not letting it go what would have been the reaction. well certainly the president one of those tweets you referenced this morning said that this is not about race this is about respect for the flag respect for the country but i think americans generally feel this is very much about race in fact if you look at how this movement started back in two thousand and sixteen and quarterback collin capper nick when he was first kneeling it was under not trump but barack obama and he felt even then under
6:46 pm
america's first african-american president that there were problems with policing particularly with respect to minorities and how they were treated well since then we as the president has kind of thrown himself in this debate as many hope that the president typically we look to the president here in the united states to unite the country many people have felt that donald trump has done just the exact opposite but instead thrown salt into an already open wound so certainly this is a concern for many americans in terms of reaction the poll taken over the weekend shows the two thirds of americans feel the president has divided the nation over race and what this is also done is distracted from some of the other major news stories that are currently taking place yet and do tell us about those major news stories came to me because a lot of people are saying this is just distraction and that there are more important things that the president should be focusing on right now. indeed and it's hard to know whether this was calculated or not fully i suspect not donald
6:47 pm
trump tends to be some of that speaks off the the the top of his head about different issues that may be irritating him at the time and that's how it seems this got started on friday was speaking to a very pro football crowd where there is a lot of nationalism in the state of alabama he felt this was something that would get his audience riled up but i don't think he realized how much it would rile up the entire country others think that's exactly what he wanted to do but we're we're missing scrutinizing the german elections the the ask elating war of words between north korea and the united states over the weapons program north korea there's the the issue of gerrard cushier donald trump's son in law and the use of private e-mail for government work that is not being talked or even the hurricane damage that exists in the united states there are major news stories that are going on right now that are not many people feel getting adequate scrutiny given the fact that the president continues to whip up this fervor and incite fervor of division over very painful issues particularly
6:48 pm
a social media ok thank you very much for that can be. white house correspondent there from washington all right returning now to our top story on the news great today and the rocky kurdish independence referendum which has gone on today and we want to focus now on the regional reaction and speak to ghalib dollie he's a senior associate fellow al-jazeera study center and is live from erbil in northern iraq thank you very much for speaking to us turkey has called this referendum a terrible mistake we've heard from president of the one who's threatened to cut off the oil flow close the border do you think the condemnation that we've heard is as strong in private as it is in public turkey does of course a lot of trade with the kurdish regional government and muscle barzani is a cosigner eye of the turks will the turks go ahead with these threats it feels like both sides have a lot to say. well character is in a court for position you would not have preferred. the theory is to develop to the point that is hard to develop but nevertheless search the house of the rest of the
6:49 pm
writer's bull market at least it feels that he has to deliver at this all the more fun and the present are the ones the house that turkey is going to save like in a measured morning and on the gas fields a lot so i think that is going to take some steps but how drastic the steps are going to be i don't expect started to grow as much as iran has but nevertheless turkey is going to take some but i don't think this will be very rocky i think turkey is going to surprise and gradual a gradual process in which it will take some and based on the how that iraqi kurds will react and how the iraqis are and the potential central government is going to engage or not engage on the road in that will determine the future of the next the next phase or started to write the course of iraqi political not president carter one made an interesting point in his speech today in which he said israel is the
6:50 pm
only country in the region that supports this referendum in northern iraq why is that what does israel gain from this vote. i mean human life from that is rather perspective yet why they are supporting it yes. werman. i mean it's one part of it i think is part of the israel most strategy that has been ongoing to invite insisted that israel's borders are of building alliances with not carry purposes of. this was the case during the shah with iran this is iran and the one is what the kids in my tonight is when turkey and israel in a turkey in a very significant way and i think israel saying that by having occurred in the punch code of face in ways in which he believes that produce it will be much more allied to a way to itself and as it were cordial to the goals that as well. this will be one leverage that we will have reserve is iran is the reason as.
6:51 pm
israel things that it will be one of the factors that will be working in its favor but the fact that israel house so. it. was not good for particularly because this was also the mit everyone to be suspicious of the kurds and the purpose that. in the region. like the gulf states has also been very busy through. jordan has a quite surprised at the state what is obvious the kurds so what i see in this is. the wives who plays with the gold price. you want. israel open the border yes and you have that is part of it and you have the goals
6:52 pm
that is at least ok if not supported thank you so much for speaking to us as a celebrations continue behind you in erbil after this controversial referendum today in northern iraq thank you for your time now moving on and hurricane maria has now weakened to a category one storm but not without causing utter devastation it's killed at least thirty one people in the caribbean half of these victims on the tiny island of dominica these high definition satellite images of before and after the storm show how bad things are barely a tree is left standing and eighty percent of the buildings have been damaged or destroyed and is on has more. approaching domenica from the shoreline the first signs of a battered country on shore at the port the picture is clear. on the crew's franticly unload water some of the first aid to reach the island all week but as we'll find out later it's not nearly enough a group of dominique and sue live abroad have reached the island to rescue family
6:53 pm
members bring in supplies and they get a first glimpse of a home landed ruins i love this country i you know i it's devastating for me was. he at least knows his family is alive but not everyone is so lucky they started going through. a lot so i lost my meet my niece my brother's in mountain a critical condition i haven't seen my daughter. through all the old girl but i don't know what to say with both airports shut down people crowd the gates at the port to try to get on one of the few ships evacuating people out and piss is why in this neighborhood near the capital everything is gone schools homes
6:54 pm
roads it's all badly damaged some beyond repair the people of this island nation of seventy one thousand are desperate some still in shock you know and i have to see it came back with a vengeance the hurricane destroyed the power lines there's been no electricity for a week supermarkets are flattened leaving little food this seventy eight year old man hadn't eaten in days so i tried to i was going. to write you know there was no no shop nothing to get anything. it went to a kid and it took. eight operations are still in the early phases but it's clear domenico will need the world's help to rebuild not for days not months but for years but that can wait water and. here they're
6:55 pm
thirsty and in this neighborhood bottled water finally arrives given the nature of the destruction it's almost like the country of domenico no longer exists and in some ways it doesn't once a small but vibrant island nation buzzing with art culture music and life all of that is now gone the entire country has been reduced to a debris field the heart of any country is not its buildings or roads and it domenico their will is being tested in ways no people should ever have to endure but will is all they have left gabriel's andu. domenico. and n. puerto rico the devastation is also immense but it doesn't seem like it's getting the deserved attention right. puerto rico has been one of the most affected areas in the united states by hurricane maria but many on the island feel like they are abandoned many residents including the island's governor are accusing washington of
6:56 pm
prioritizing areas like florida or texas also damaged by hurricanes and overlooking the damages and puerto rico. it would require when i met him saturday in puerto rico there's a real emergency there is a financial situation that everyone is aware of and two category five hurricanes have passed near or over puerto rico in a period of just two weeks if there's something i've been able to witness flying over the island it's that the devastation is severe now thousands of people have been posting on twitter the past few days to call for attention for puerto rico and and these people include hillary clinton who say that president trump and the defense department need to send in the navy to look after american citizens now the u.s. government says it is there it is helping the federal emergency management agency or fema says it sense one point four million meals to puerto rico on friday and it's sending half a million more every day ten people have died since hurricane maria decimated the island last week the u.s. department of energy started initial damage assessments and power restoration
6:57 pm
efforts on sunday but the entire island may be powerless for the next four to six months hospitals are running low on fuel they're using diesel generators as virtually no internet cell services or electricity and we're also hearing many reports that food is scarce. new york governor andrew cuomo a started a relief efforts together with the singer jennifer lopez new york is home after all to more than seven hundred thousand puerto ricans and some members of the community have set up other initiatives such as this website called diaspora i'm sorry it's called diasporic ins dot com and it's set up diaspora help centers across the u.s. mainland and finally a number of other well known individuals specially celebrities have come forward to help to help people in puerto rico they include the actor mark ruffalo who shared his criticism of the president's recent remarks along with information on how people can help so if you're in puerto rico and able to get in touch with us do
6:58 pm
share your story and your thoughts with us using the hash tag a.j. news grid. andrew thank you very much for that and that will do it for today's show remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times of andrew said as ever a.j. news grade for me for the battle and a whole team thank you for watching we'll see you again tomorrow at fifteen hundred g.m.t. . next. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online more to pollute the u.s. citizens here than what puts people of iraq going one in the same or if you join us
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on saturday i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people that i'm watching this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry through the straits of magellan to maddalena island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by food none to send penguin expert cloudy old boy we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon flooded nests warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins who were swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastics are also killing penguins for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about
7:00 pm
reaching their destination. if we don't. during the never been able to get the top of the story we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. is dangerous to the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life. or sometimes lose our cattle because there was a cold or because of the storm risking it all mongolia at this time on al-jazeera. north korea's foreign minister says donald trump's latest statement was a declaration of war and that all options on now on the table. i'm. just a.


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