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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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those left behind often don't have the means to follow suit but ultimately it's now fourteen rico's poorer communities that are paying the price for this island's staggering debt. in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember sitting in the absence of justice. people in power on earth chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting that for a tease had failed to conduct a full and proper investigations that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. partial justice at this time on al-jazeera. angry words from turkey and continuing military exercises a day after the kurdish secession referendum.
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but i'm adrian said again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a palestinian gunman kills three israeli security personnel in the occupied west bank the government was also shocked. as a hostile words between the u.s. and north korea continue russia says that it's working on a diplomatic solution to the prices were placed from moscow. opposition protesters in kenya on the bellboy called the upcoming presidential vote unless electoral commission members replaced. turkey's president his warning of the risk of an ethnic war the day after a kurdish regional referendum in iraq as controversial secession vote rather the iraqi prime minister has called the referendum unconstitutional.
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celebrated the end of voting the campaign is expected to win comfortably but the result is non-binding referendum was opposed by iraq and its neighbors iran turkey and syria all of whom have a substantial kurdish minority the turkish president has warned that iraq's kurds could go hungry once sanctions are imposed. as we begin to impose sanctions iraq's kurds will be left behind when we close the oil tap they'll be done with they will lose all their revenues when we stop cross border traffic into northern iraq they won't have food or clothes this will be a bad situation they'll ask why are we doing this we are obliged to these are sanctions and how and from where will israel send its assistance to them let's take you live out of the turkey iraq border and. what are we to make of the turkish president's words. well it's hard to see where we go from
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here another day another military exercise and more attacks from senior politicians the turkish president probably with his most outspoken attack yet accusing massoud barzani of of effectively using treachery to actually get through with this vote ignoring turkish advice turkey had been friends with him and actually had trained peshmerga had also been an ally in many other areas economically in particular and that's the key issue now along with the military position here the economy he's threatened again to cut the oil pipeline taking the kurdish oil from kook and other fields through turkey to the tune of something like half a million to six hundred thousand barrels a day that could be cut also the road just over going through to the
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border and into northern iraq that border post could be shot but the action hasn't been taken is he leaving some space open for a subset of deal very hard to imagine that now that there's such a convincing victory in this of this unrecognized referendum he also accused the bizarre any and the whole leadership of going into a very dangerous area now and it has to be said that there's a lot of symbolism here because you have this exercise going on full pelt it is very much for the cameras there's no doubt about that it is set to give a message to the kurdish leadership in the case it hadn't already got it that is that is now including at least thirty iraqi troops here they joined early in the morning and they've been involved in exercises taking a break now but it's all can. fine to this area in military terms i wouldn't of
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thought it means much but politically quite a lot and as far as the threats that you were talking about there the turkey was making before the referendum on monday and have any of them been put into practice to put into place. well no is the honest answer there is there is some in the in the terms of diplomatic efforts in terms of plans yes they're moving towards some sanctions it would seem but no in terms of announcement no the turkish government says that it's still considering exactly how to roll out its measures and the only action we've actually seen is the cutting off of kurdish t.v. channels from from satellite but that's all really we've seen in terms of economic measures no military measures we've got that these exercises still going on which started more than a week ago and are many thanks indeed anderson once they're on the turkey iraq
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border three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting near the jewish settlements in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead israeli media say that he opened fire after arriving with palestinian laborous of the settlement of har near jerusalem just as harry forces. this attack took place just before seven o'clock this morning this guard post at the entrance to this illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank police say that the attacker was among a group of palestinian laborers who come in here typically every day to work inside the settlement that he something about the way he was dressed arouse suspicion he was challenged at which point he drew a weapon and started shooting three israeli security forces members were killed a fourth a resident of the settlement a guard was injured and the man himself. he was shot dead now he is he was a thirty seven year old father of four
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a very familiar face in this settlement and we've been speaking to residents here who say that he was well known and there was no indication that he might carry out an attack such as this there have been reports in israeli media that he was going through marital difficulties but he put up a social media posting address to his wife saying that her relationship nothing to do with what she would soon be reading about him as for hamas it has reacted with celebration the rival palestinian group here in the west bank has said that israel must bear the responsibility for palestinian reactions to its crimes in the occupied west bank the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu has also reacted with a statement saying that things are very clear that his house will be destroyed his whole family will have their work permits rescinded his extended family and we're hearing as well from the village nearby here. that his brother has already been arrested this is all taking taking place at a time when the u.s.
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envoy to the middle east jason green is here trying to restore momentum to donald trump's efforts to get the peace process underway again the israeli deputy foreign minister has said that this is a welcome for him and it shows the difficulty of trying to seek peace with the palestinians the palestinians of course say there are all sorts of israeli roadblocks that are. impeding the progress towards peace opposition supporters in kenya protesting against the country's election commission they say it's biased in favor of president to go to kenya asses ruling party the supreme court had invalidated kenya as his victory in presidential elections in august but opposition leader. says that he'll boy. unless the government responds to his demands including the second of some electoral commission stuff. stephanie deca is that before we get into the nitty gritty of what this is all about stephanie tell us what's been going on today for.
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sure commissioner. groups of supporters of. either from behind this or the side of this it is a sort of approach to this area the police here large presence now but they are here in large numbers will push the water. of course dispersing. pretty quickly and then they will come around and it happens all over again the numbers aren't huge but it is the message this is going to go all through this movement the need to get work and i think even though we've. got the same message one along that he wants reforms within this building commission otherwise we're going to go to elections because what the opposition says is that if they don't reform they've. looked at the
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issues they fix certain things and importantly looking forward to wednesday there will be a meeting between all sides commission to decide how to move for two weeks only to be made so what's the opposition's beef with the electoral commission they say it's biased in favor of the ruling party. yes to simplify what is quite complicated the opposition has issues with the electoral commission the president's party has issues with the supreme court when all these elections they say they are you know their election was stolen. by basically say the same thing the beef that the opposition has is that they're saying the people in charge need to go they botched it up there needs to be change systems the company in charge of that needs to be changed because there were issues when it came to the electronic transmission system it's complicated it is a war of words these politicians insult each other back and forth. to each other back and forth and the danger here is that people in kenya are political and it
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really it comes down to tribe it is person against person against your man and they have the capacity to mobilize and reach situation on the street we're not seeing any tension really at the moment it is calm but just what you're seeing today is something that they can just switch on and off the night is the fear a lot of people will tell you these are uncertain times it's unprecedented times and the language of the politicians are using is not something that they say is very reassuring but many thanks dave stephanie deca live in nairobi. the u.s. russia and china have all weighed enough to the north korean foreign minister's comments on monday real hole had accused president donald trump of having declared war on north korea russia says that using sanctions against the north is a strategy that's almost exhausted china for its part says that they'll be no winners in any war in the korean peninsula and the u.s.
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dismissed the accusations from north korea's foreign minister as absurd but u.s. defense secretary james mattis says that america wants to solve the crisis diplomatically rory chalons has more from us for us now on the russian response from moscow. although russia's foreign ministry has just revealed that it is in gazed in behind the scenes diplomatic activities try and calm tensions on the korean peninsula at the moment they're not saying what that activity constitutes the russian position at the moment is that it believes that sanctions are essentially running out of steam it has voted for sanctions twice recently in the u.n. security council but i don't think it's going to go any further and also russia believes the conflicts on the korean peninsula will be absolutely catastrophic i think it's clear that moscow's position is that donald trump is being irresponsible in the language that he's using at the moment and ratcheting up tensions so what smites
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russia be able to do to calm the situation down well actually russia does have fairly good economic and to some degree political relations with pyongyang and it could use these if it wanted to so perhaps it believes that the carrots is the best way forward rather than the stick that mr trump seems to favor if you read people like dmitri trenin who is the head of the carnegie center here in moscow he thinks that perhaps moscow could persuade north korea not necessary to give up its nuclear weapons because that's unlikely to happen but i'm a piece of the said that the north koreans would eat grass before gave up its nukes but more that moscow to put could persuade to put into place some kind of strategic reserve restraint and it could do that by offering its economic sweeteners it could
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maybe do gas deals with north korea or it could maybe. restore rail links and also boost the number of north korean workers who are currently working in russia things that could add. she helped the north korean economy and persuade yang that the march to war is not in anyone's best interests a weather update next here on al-jazeera then. the play is going to be are. going to sellout crowd in arizona dallas cowboys meal in unison for that game with the arizona cardinals as n.f.l. players continue to react to controversial comments by president obama plus. the push to get rid of the plants that produce cocaine by colombian farmers remain suspicious.
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hello again it's been raining particularly heavily recently in shanghai live in a month's worth of rain in a day where much of the bright top has gone away now doesn't mean the rain is completely over the next system is moving and i think the two when i'm out going to eat will generate a fair amount of rain just maybe north of shanghai and heading towards south korea and south and japan that given the amount of potential this is got the potential for floods has to be thought about least flashdance briefly and a wet day is a minimum a promise the whole lot consolidates and news through to give you rather wet day in tokyo to thaw by thursday but dry behind that may not include shanghai again the potential for rain still exists as dry by this time in beijing for the science it's a largely dry picture to get right to the border to vietnam and even here the feet of the most weather is just giving an occasional shout of the tension between the two who is there in thirty five hong kong that's still quite warm fourteen fuji's
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really quite surprising that will come down i suspect of the next day or so to run about where it should be about thirty one mark and then as the line of rain that was through shanghai stretching back to us to sichuan generally and again the potential for rain in that line is quite heavy it's heading slowly size but it's moving to slow enough that significant rain will fall. russian filmmaker andrina christoph explores had russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous of a cultural legacy but can tradition and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian why was i was the assume aided by the police but you issues ukraine's homosexuality the significance of book into the russian elite is that he was like a fake you who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera.
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turkey's president. is warning of the risk of ethnic war the day after kurds in iraq. referendum holding military exercises on its border with iraq for the second day. three members of the israeli security forces have been killed. in a shooting at a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank palestinian gunman shot dead. protesting. the. president.
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and. the prime minister and the european council president donald tusk in london and later this is mabel travel to the study and capital tallinn for a dinner with european leaders topping the agenda of both meetings will of course it's break let's take you live now to downing street in london. is there a course to be these meetings come in the wake of the prime minister's speech in florence last week in which he struck a more conciliatory tone towards europe. yes i think. we heard in that big speech at the beginning of here in london you may recall the prime minister hopes that that will pay dividends. street behind me. the real negotiations the
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proper negotiations if you like. in brussels at the moment that's where michelle is meeting his british counterpart david davis. what the british have always hoped is that they will achieve more success in bilateral conversations with european heads of state and don't forget that donald tusk represents and that might be an easier way to make progress i think they've been somewhat frustrated in that hope until now the europeans have been fairly consistent in saying michel barnier is the point man and the progress has to take place in brussels so will these meetings bearing in mind this latest round of negotiations currently underway. and the floor of speech be enough to break this deadlock in the talks. well. we'll have to see a flurry of movement behind me there. the british think that they they held
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something out in the florence talks they are saying now publicly that they believe that no other european union countries should have to pay more into the budget or should suffer as a result financially of breaks it so there is an implicit promise that the british will carry on paying money there at least until twenty twenty they were also more explicit about the rights of e.u. citizens here in the u.k. don't forget that such a contentious issue some three million people they didn't say much having said that on the irish question another very sensitive issue and the europeans have always maintained that intil those issues are really dealt with ireland citizens and the budget then the british desire to start talking about the future relationship by which i mean trade is just not on the table what reason they will be hoping rather desperately is that she has achieved some sort of momentum and the british and the
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europeans can start talking about trade just have to wait and see but of the many thanks live in central london. u.s. president tunnel trump's row with the national football league no sign of ending f l players coaches and even some owners have joined in protest against the president's attack on plas who doubts during the national anthem reynolds reports. president donald trump's feud with professional american football players moved from stadiums on sunday to the u.s. capitol on monday to step what he said about these men. and what they are doing these mostly like men but also when. they use the term. as the being. is beneath. should be the need the mits of the president of the united states of america the dispute began last year when san francisco quarterback collin capper nick initially refused to stand while the
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anthem was played capper nick said he was protesting police brutality and the killings of african-americans by police officers at that son of a. last week trump used a vulgar epithet to denounce players who also refused to stand during the song urged team owners to summarily fire them and then called on fans to boycott games of teams that refused to do so but on sunday hundreds of players either refused to stand linked arms in solidarity or declined to come on the field until the anthem was over people say it's encouraging patriotic it's unpatriotic of the president not respecting our right players in other sports also knelt during the anthem several team owners voiced support for players exercising their right of free speech as did democrats in congress people are forgetting like khalid happening did it from the beginning it was not to be disrespectful of the flag or of america it
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was about first amendment rights and. so how are people being killed in the street black and brown the white house fired back it's always appropriate for the president of this country to promote our flag to promote our national anthem and ask people to respect it some football fans saw the quarrel as an unnecessary distraction we're here to see a game that's what we're trying to do just watch a sporting event you know from our everyday lives and just relax and have a good time the anthem also known as the star-spangled banner was written in one thousand fourteen to celebrate a victory over invading british forces near baltimore it was made the official national anthem in one thousand nine hundred thirty one it celebrates the american flag which plays an outsized role in the u.s. compared with most other countries and a patriotic symbol those symbols are meant to promote unity but they are now tokens
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of division further incited by a president who seems to revel in controversy robert oulds al-jazeera at least six of the u.s. president's most senior advisers have been named in media reports about the use of private e-mail accounts for government business donald trump stores ivanka was mentioned as was the former chief of sufferance priebus and former chief strategist steve benen hillary clinton's use of a personal e-mail server when she was secretary of state was often criticized by trump in the lead up to last year's election the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us have flown out of papua new guinea on their way to the united states the group of twenty men has been a straight ahead run prison camp madness island the resettlement deal was organized when barack obama was president but has been criticized by current u.s. presidents donald trump. hong kong's former chief executive has pleaded not guilty
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to a charge of bribery while in office seventy two year old donald saying faces up to seven years in prison earlier this year he became the first for the hong kong leader to be convicted in a criminal trial on separate charges pollen was at the high court so far donald has spent about two months in jail for misconduct in public office which he is appealing and now he's back in court to face separate bribery charges after a jury could not reach a verdict during the trial in february not these charges stem from two thousand and seven donaldson was chief executive of kong the jury will deliberate on whether a decision to grant a company a digital license was influenced by the fact that the company's major shareholder had renovated donalds on spence house for free i think hong kong is unique in that the officials has really close connections with the business to. you know the thai police and i think people already has that image in mind even with these
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cases now these days it's only is trying to a good impression in views of the general public and so i agreed that we should have the why the view to to review how this kind of you know a business connection should be on day one of the trial donaldson pleaded not guilty but the rest of the proceedings was mostly jury selection the judge refused to use a juror who said he was not a literal simply because he didn't like the sun now it is representative of the mixed feelings here in hong kong while many believe that the trial highlights corruption among the political elite others feel that it is excessive and donaldson's actions does not warrant jail time. cambodia's opposition leader cam saka has been prevented from appearing in court to fight treason charges police say that he's being kept in prison for his own safety cambodia national rescue party leader was arrested earlier this month and charged with plotting to overthrow the
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government his lawyers are appealing his detention of al qaeda is in imminent danger of erupting in indonesia scientists say that when mount gun does blow the temperature of the earth will temporarily fall due to the ash cloud that will blot out the sun threaten disaster in bali has already forced seventy five thousand islanders from their homes are gone last erupted fifty four years ago but it killed at least a thousand people and a rumbling volcano is forcing thousands to flee their villages in van wert to the menorah volcano on the pacific island of alba. experts warn the entire island may have to be evacuated full comic after activity continues to increase angola's newly elected president has been sworn in the sixty three year old former general from the people's movement for the liberation of angola party or m p l a succeeds because they had water santos santos covered the oil governed the oil rich south
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west african nation for thirty eight years. a recording crease in the amount of cocaine being produced in colombia has alarmed the u.s. government's donald trump is threatening to stop sending millions of dollars worth of aid but colombian government leaders insist that their plan to cut production is working. ports. this area. used to be covered with cock up lands but most are gone thanks to a program trying to persuade where we farmers to switch scraps this part of the country's peace effort. families signing up to receive subsidies of eight thousand u.s. dollars in the first year well switching to alternatives such as coke or coffee they also receive help with infrastructure government officials former rebels and farmers strike the deals if none are reached then the army may come into up three
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to play in spain hands. regular says most farmers remain suspicious of the government's ability to deliver but are cautiously optimistic. that this is a very good opportunity the government is offering we have never seen anything like it before it's just starting now but the community is happy because we've been receiving payments so we help the rest of the deal. last year so i record five cocaine production that's angered the u.s. government which is accusing colombia of dropping the ball and fighting drugs. the colombian government sees things differently from you see third of all coca fields by the end of the year they might go from the old methods only contain the problem this going to achieve sustainable reductions but it will require patience we can't bring it down to zero that's impossible but we can make it a marginal phenomenon in colombia this is one of the fields has been ridden of coca
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plants in the last couple of months you can see here on the ground what's left of some of those plants but colombia needs more and it's quick success is to build trust among the farmers and american fears. but in most of the new the problem we always had here is that the subsidies a lot more do the trick the government needs to create the conditions for legal markets to flourish roads electricity well we see in the past that these projects never materialize or arrive too late so unless this infrastructure arrives farmers will go back to coca. colombia seems determined to get rid of the plant farm by farm finally gaining the trust of communities long neglected by the state but many also understand that as long as there will be customers for cocaine somebody will find a way to satisfy the demand alison that i'm just. going
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to have you with us adrian so they can hear and the top stories on al-jazeera turkey's president one is warning of the risk of ethnic war but they often kurds in iraq voted in a session referendum turkey has been holding military exercises on its border with iraq for a second day. says the military and economic options on the table. as we begin to impose sanctions iraq's kurds will be left behind when we close the oil tap they'll be done with they will lose all their revenues when we stop cross border traffic into northern iraq they won't have food or clothes this will be a bad situation they'll ask why are we doing this we are obliged to these are sanctions and how and from where will israel send its assistance to them three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead
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israeli media say that he opened fire after arriving with palestinian laborous at the settlement of. near jerusalem police in the kenyan capital have fired tear gas at opposition supporters protesting against the election commission they say that it's biased in favor of president to hold a kenya ruling party the supreme court invalidated kenyatta's victory in presidential elections in august but opposition leader raila odinga says that he'll boycott a repeat vote unless the government responds to his demands including the second of some electoral commission stuff. china says there can be no winners in a war on the korean peninsula while russia says the u.s. needs a new approach to the crisis it follows a statement by the north korean foreign minister accusing president donald trump of declaring war dismissed as absurd by the white house the first refugees to be
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resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us have flown out of papua new guinea on their way to the united states a group of more than twenty men has been a stray and run prison camp on mannus island there's the headlines more news here on al-jazeera after inside story next. the resurgence of the rise and germany chancellor angela merkel wins a fourth term thought how is reduced for the first time since the nazis a nationalist far right party has members of parliament and merkel's main rival is one and had to expect strong opposition how will the veteran be the governor this time this is an.


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