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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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back they feel let down of course it was only two three years ago when i saw forces were literally ten fifteen kilometers from this very city so no matter what seems to be this increase in rhetoric these are incredible threats that are coming not only from the baghdad government from all the regional players certainly the people here on the ground in arab l. and the kurdish regional government pushing forward. remain determined and seen thus far relatively on phased by by these threats. for which i'll give this one now why this just dropped i'm not sure we can confirm it yet they rocky haven't is apparently given kurdistan of three days to hand over the control of after a void in international air and back at us according to state television as if i don't have that confirmed but watching general do you expect the response to be from the iraqi prime minister as he said on monday not that he wasn't prepared to talk to them about the results of the referendum. well as we're expecting
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comments from him in his weekly address prime minister about it later the saving any minute now in fact the rhetoric from him is very strong and as you mentioned we can't confirm that line coming out of baghdad with respect to air space but it has been mentioned by parliamentarians it was mentioned yesterday himself mentioned it as well after visiting or meeting with military officials. all these kind of threats these kind of sanctions it's one thing saying them it's another thing implementing them i mean to put some sort of international embargo on flights here in there in erbil would would basically imply some sort of movement into the city to try and take control of the airport and what is becoming clear that although all sides the rhetoric is increasing. certainly analysts are saying this is probably an
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indication as well of the respective leaders playing to their respective domestic audiences the turkish president is in order one obviously has huge fears about any kind of move towards independence here amongst the kurds in iraq. with the huge kurdish population in his country in particular an organization that not only turkey but the international community considers to be a kurdish terrorist organization the p.k. k. so it's no good to one sitting back and letting this happen and of course we have an election here in iraq next year. the iraqis will go to the polls and vote for a new government in iraq so there's no way that prime minister labadee cannot be seen to be ramping up the rhetoric and making these kind of threats that's certainly what analysts are saying and as i say the people that we've been speaking on the street remain resolute and relatively calm but it is
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a very worrying situation here and let's not forget that it's not only the regional players in this in this crisis that have condemned this referendum but it is fundamentally the entire international community trying to thank you very much indeed. israeli forces have raided the home of the palestinian gunman who opened fire at the entrance of a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the attack killed three israeli security offices and wounded another before being shot dead very force that has more. the aftermath of a deadly attack in the occupied west bank this gate is used every day by palestinian workers employed inside the illegal israeli settlement of har adar police say at around seven a.m. on tuesday one of the group pulled out a hand gun and fired on security forces guarding the entrance as a result and for twenty three israelis were killed pronounced dead at the scene by emergency units a fourth person was taken to hospital in serious condition the attacker. was shot
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dead a thirty seven year old father of four from the nearby palestinian village of beit syria he was a familiar face in the settlement and worked there for many years developing longstanding relationships with settlers. helping i think with the garden and. the. neighbors the israeli president called it a cruel act of terror the prime minister blamed incitement by the palestinian authority and others in gaza hamas and islamic jihad hailed what they called an act of palestinian resistance while rival faction fatah said israel responsibility for the reactions of palestinians to its crimes the consequences of what happened here also being felt in the village from where the palestinian attack came from the prime minister of israel has already said that his house will be demolished his brother has already been arrested and also his entire extended family will have
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their work permits rescinded outside the family home shocked mourners said i'll jamal wasn't political had been having marital difficulties but that didn't explain what had happened in a social media message to his wife apparently said she had no connection to what he was about to do. the pressure the palestinians suffer on the checkpoints on the humiliations that we see makes him and others do these things because of the pressure. it tackles coincided with the latest. is it to the region by u.s. envoy jason green black his talks with each side now likely to be made more complex by this latest outbreak of violence. in the occupied west bank. kenyan police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital nairobi who accuse the electoral commission of involvement in vote rigging in presidential election the supreme court invalidated president cannot as a victory and a repeat for months time opposition need
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a writer says he won't take part unless some members of the electoral commission a sacked stephanie decker was at the protest when things turned violent. the was. happening here it's about the day they've been coming towards commission i beseech you know they are just on the last. of the first thing. when. we just have a. word i like to. taking the time was. going to be see the actual mission is just
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a little further here. and this is why they don't want to work to the. location which of course only supports their own children is an excellent quality of what it was. like. the spanish government has sent thousands of police officers to catalonia ahead of sunday's planned independence referendum spain's central government insists the vote is illegal and is determined to stop it from going ahead catalan officials say if the yes camp wins they'll declare independence within days whole reports from barcelona. the. spanish police draw up a coup or angry charge of. the spanish government is drafting thousands of policemen would seem to catalonia with orders to block the referendum
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. secession activists say be patient forces as well. right here that they're trying to frighten us with their machine guns i used to run from general franco's police and i'm not afraid i'm eighty years old and i fight as long as i can many of the estimated ten thousand extra police ability varies a lot of port to avoid public hostility concern is growing within the ranks about how police are being thrust into the growing political crisis. union representative for the paramilitary civil. seeing the political climate seeing how society is reacting police morale is falling things are not good at all and the referendum could get very complicated. security forces have shut down dozens of websites promoting the referendum sparking
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spontaneous demonstrations. to computer programmers just after they were released from questioning by national police. banished is applying censorship closing web pages servers monitoring data and trying to block access to information just like north korea or china were. both are accused of sharing computer. websites backing secession they now face public disorder charges. and they can't believe it's legal to close web pages for people's referendum you can't. the closure of those web pages has prompted independence activists to go back to low tech methods that is meant simply setting up tables on the street to hand out campaign material and also telling voters where they can go to cast their
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ballot on the day media also under scrutiny radio catalunya presenter monica hosts a morning debate show state prosecutors are threatening to charge her with obstructing police business after she broadcast this message. does by once young women and the voters that i want to see really though. a call to taxi drivers and truckers to phone in reports of police maneuvers and operations. the crisis may have been triggered by calls for independence that madrid's reaction is now raising fears of a crackdown on civil rights and freedom of expression. still to come on the program how young were children who escaped war and me and mom and dealing with their traumatic experiences. coming about harken hit.
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much of central sunshine is dry the moment and actually quite hot the satellite picture reveals cloud to the south the feed into the far south west doesn't produce very much in the way of showers but there is rain developing and there has been right recently in shanghai a line that takes you right back toward sichuan size of that it's remarkably warm for shoes showing forty degrees in the forecast it does drop to a rather more reasonable thirty one come thursday and the rains having studied with it hong kong looks like staying fairly dry not overly humid but still pretty woman thirty four degrees or so obviously the monsoon rains are retreating through india now and you can see that quite clearly but there's still nerves for as far north as mumbai we've had some decent falls reported back into sri lanka and of course still
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forgive me and also bang the day so the forecast reflects that it's largely droughts and also i have seen rain recently up in the far northwest but the forecast says he's going to be dry who might to argue with this so you can see the pattern repeating itself from what you just saw on satellite with that retreat of course we've also got rather less likelihood of any showers showing up in a month and even. looks like the period of the heavy is just about over we're up to thirty degrees again. tensions are high. little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life for the political change. but really a friend to unite will drive a wedge between the villages fractures part three of
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a six part series filmed over five years of. china's democracy experiment at this time on how does era. i mean one of the top stories on our syria iran says it's sending new missile equipment to its border with iraq as regional anger grows over the kurdish referendum on secession and iraq's state television says the government has given the kurdish regional government three days to hand over control of airports or face an international advocate. three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank a palestinian gunman was shot dead. on protesters
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a brood police officers in barcelona thousands of extra officers were deployed to catalonia ahead of sunday's referendum on independence. aid agencies are warning that hundreds of thousands of children who fled violence in me and more are at risk of malnutrition four hundred thirty thousand muslim or hindu refugees have crossed into bangladesh since a military crackdown began more than a month ago more than offer them a children. some of them a too traumatized to speak about their experiences so they're drawing pictures instead. could you put it on camp in southern bangladesh there are moments children best described using markers and pencils moments too difficult to put in words like when merriam saw men in uniforms slashed the throat of her friends miriam's friend i will not talk about the moment they set her house on fire
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with their parents inside me more sensing suchi may deny there's been an ethnic cleansing the ten year old john i draw is a different picture. i was in my home when they grabbed my mother she was screaming they hit her and forced themselves on her then they shot her in front of me. these are satellite images of the children's home collected on september sixteenth now look at it we can later and this t. international accuses me and more security forces of a scorched earth campaign on a mass scale no independent observers or journalist have been allowed into the range of villages this is as close as we can get to the right kind states where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burned in the distance mean more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted landmines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except ranges who are considered
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illegal immigrants by young gone almost half a million people now live in sprawling villages made out of bamboo and plastic sheeting bangladesh hasn't seen such mass movement of people since its war of independence in one thousand seventy one. they too have beefed up patrols on the border and deployed the army. normally our orders are to not allow ro hinge in but given their suffering our government has told us to look after them bangladeshi soldiers patrol the camps without arms so as to not frighten the refugees they come here traumatized afraid unable to hide their pain nicholas hawk al jazeera could develop a camp. a north korean delegation is arriving in russia raising expectations that moscow may be attempting to find a political way out of the crisis on the korean peninsula it comes as the war of words between north korea and the u.s.
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escalates north korean foreign minister has accused the u.s. president donald trump of declaring war but the white house says that's absurd has more from moscow. although the russian foreign ministry announced on tuesday that it was working behind the scenes to bring the north korean crisis to some sort of political resolution we don't know much more because they're not releasing any further information however we have heard also on tuesday from the north korean embassy here in moscow that a delegation is arriving from pyongyang of foreign ministry officials to have talks with their russian counterparts and that the pyongyang delegation includes the head of the north american directorate russia's perspective on north korea is that it's sanctions against it are running out of steam that a war on the peninsula would be catastrophic and that the language used by donald trump is essentially irresponsible it would like to see a few more carrots being used in this situation and not so many sticks and i think
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that it will try to use its political and economic leverage with north korea to try and diffuse the situation perhaps dangle some incentives in front of them like gas contracts already grayling's or perhaps increasing the number of north koreans allowed to work in russia basically things that might help the north korean economy and try to persuade them to back away from the march to war. rock's plan is to hard about a statement let's take a listen there will never change our priorities but we will continue to liberate our lands from iceland and recently we have done that and in the very near future we will continue that and we will liberate as much as
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we can in. the lands occupied by. and even the national road has also been liberated and the pressures are ongoing as you know the progress of our forces is quiet and goes according to plan we will never abandon the unity of iraq we will never abandon the. territories and the constitution has stated that iraq is one the unity of iraq must be maintained and we start from the point of strong iraq the weak iraq will make all of us wait the new iraq will be for the iraqis and not the way during the era of saddam and now the strong iraq is to protect
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its son and daughters and to protect the citizens of iraq i said we need not the weak iraq some people are planning to have a weak iraq and this is wrong there are. during the last fourteen. years you have seen some militias some people in some govern raise some people in some bridges. they want to iraq to be weak and this is completely rejected and the iraqis have rejected that that this is the general mood in the come train we are all again is to find an ism and we are all against. these sick terrorists sick tarion aspects in the country and we need to make sure that we are all was
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better and we need to make sure of that we need to be better as iraq a not to be better as one sector alone might is has the more you are good to. god the more you prefer as a citizen and as a country we need to work for the welfare of the iraq as a whole and we have a lot of moderates who lost their lives for the sake of iraq and the unity of iraq the referendum is not for that. i still are still.


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