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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 268  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 8:32pm-9:00pm AST

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some militias some people and some govern raise some people and some brit is the one to iraq to be weak and this is completely rejected and the iraqis have rejected that this is the general mood in the come train we are all again is to find an ism and we are all against you. these sick terrorists sick tarion aspects in the country and we need to make sure that we are all was better and we need to make sure of that we need to be better as iraq a not to be better as one sector and lower might is has the more you are good to. god the more you prefer as a citizen and as a country we need to work for the welfare of the iraq as
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a whole and we have a lot of martyrs who lost their lives for the sake of iraq and the unity of iraq the referendum is not for that. i still are still occupying some parts of cairo. and some parts of iraq i salute is a threat to the cities where some of our brothers in kurdistan and iraq are living we need not to divide iraq a cold drink or through or via roof the random the is completely rejected are you wont that the consequences of the referendum will have no negative impact on the country and negative impact on the citizens and we have to say that before the referendum and we are continuing this we need to deal with the problems and we are now unified again this dash
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we need also to be unified again he said to think why we actually use it charter why we have these different slogans we need to stop that and we need to stop all of the consequences of saddam and his era that's why why it's. it important for the time being to be quiet unified arabs command their everyone the citizens some of the citizens who are not believing in this world king how to divide iraq and we need to make sure that in the kurds is there are some arabs who are a balance those two are who belong to the bad parts a and the. the arab pawns say has also some kurds who are affiliated to the sponsor which is very strange to me that's why why we accuse each other why you accuse someone of being
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part of the of the other regime the saddam was a dictator and we know that time and time and so many people from so many sects from in the parts of the country where with saddam we cannot. use only the arabs of being that we need to understand that. the iraqis have been killed the kurds have been killed through chemical weapons a lot of people have been displaced and these prions committed by the their dictator so we need not today to revive again this has tre we have come a unified government and the federal government of iraq will do what it takes and we need to be quiet united in this regard according to
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the constitution we have to protect our citizens we have elections we have a democratic experience we haven't sacked ministers if there is a shuffle it's according to the parliament and within the parliament we need to resist. that. of division we have been away samaras says and but we need to fight this resistant we have to fight terrorism and we have to fight eisel and we have to be all unified you know that to achieve the victory for all the iraqis. the revenue must go according to the constitution to the federal government in order to offer salaries to our citizens and clue to people in afghanistan in kurdistan and we have numbers been listening
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there to the iraqi prime minister a call for unity as he would get to the again the need for a referendum on secession in kurdistan he said that it would be damaging to the country and citizens to have that secessionist bring in traffic he's been listening to one point about and the iraqi government will do whatever it takes but so far hasn't spelled top quite what that means. you broke out that lauren at the end but. certainly listening to that speech again we heard a lot of emphasis on unity here from prime minister he spoke about the importance of iraq staying unified in the face of the ongoing fight against i saw me over she knows that that is perfectly consistent with the kind of language that has been used by washington by the international community to international coalition here and we know that that fight against arsenal is ongoing
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and interestingly he also mentioned that vital oil rich city of kirkuk which is in one of the disputed areas that the peshmerga took control of after the iraq army abandoned it in the face of a nice living in two thousand and fourteen and there i saw there are a lot of myself fighters in the area of how. south of that city so again highlighting i am how important it was for unity in that fight against i saw focusing on kirkuk in that disputed area. he also spoke about. how the consequences of the referendum completely. weakened that fight and he brought in interestingly reference to saddam hussein. he said that saddam was a dictator and he committed crimes against the people of iraq and he said that he didn't want to see those kind of crimes potentially happening here again.
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as i think you mentioned there there have been obviously a lot of threats made by the government the most recent one we're hearing now is that the kurdish authorities have been given three days to hand over control of their airports and airspace or face some sort of air in bargo here those threats continue they are being ramped up by other countries notably turkey and iran in the region so what we heard there was potential i suppose less threatening. but very much more emphasis on unification on a complete rejection of this referendum he's already said that he is not going to discuss it with the kurdish regional government sees it as being completely on constitutional but perhaps in that speech one could say that there was less of
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a sort of threatening tone to it but those threats as i say from turkey and iran very much certainly today the speech given by president early one of. those threats still very much apparent. child stratford to thank you very much indeed and just a reminder you can not watching and the iraqi prime minister has been reacting to the referendum on secession and there. of kurdistan he said he made a call for unity and he said he warned of the consequences of the referendum would have a negative impact on the country and citizens we'll have more on that story and of course more news for you in around half an hour's time and meantime do check out our web site whenever you need to al-jazeera dot com that's it for me by for now.
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tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. a consulate is rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders to step down to decades of corruption. and made a crackdown activists sure it's a boy died in police custody. but who can achieve the unthinkable the right to choose their own leaders.
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need. someone young. not to be able to. you know. take your phone. home. you know us always.


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