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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastic also killing penguins. in the off the mouth of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember seeing any options of just. people in power chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting the former to have failed to the food and proper investigation that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. could partially just. at this time on al jazeera. the iraqi kurdish leader massoud barzani says the yes vote has won monday's referendum on secession and calls on iraq's central government to engage in serious dialogue.
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you know i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up israeli forces rape of a palestinian man who shot dead three of the security forces in the occupied west bank the u.s. president announces he'll be visiting hard kane at puerto rico but not before sparking controversy over its financial debt saudi arabia reverses its ban on women driving saudi women will be able to take the will for next june. iraqi kurdish leader must have barzani has said the yes vote has won monday's referendum on secession he said iraq central government in baghdad should now engaged in serious dialogue instead of threatening sanctions iraq's prime minister body one kurdish officials against declaring independence
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a body says he won't allow the country to be divided charles strafford reports from erbil. the rhetoric and threats continue and from both sides iraq to me as at that i still is still occupying some parts of can of coke and some parts of iraq i still is still a threat to the cities with some of the brothers in iraqi kurdistan a living we must not divide iraq according to or through all viral referendum and it is completely rejected as such language will go down well with the international community including the us and the e.u. each sent the timing of the vote could weaken iraq's unity at a time when the fight against terrorism is paramount. ela bhatt he says the kurdish referendum on independence was unconstitutional and the federal government will ignore the expected yes result only a few minutes after the speech the kayleigh g president appeared on kurdish
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television lawsuit doesn't he invited l.-a body and leaders of neighboring countries for dialogue but he remained defiant he said the wishes of iraq's kurds should be respected. but. yes in the beginning we agreed on the constitution of partnership and the role of the kurdistan region in the establishment of iraq is very clear but you violated every agreement there is no need for anger and threats you have only yourself to blame. the results of the referendum on not finding the kurdish president wants a mandate to push the bank government into negotiations towards independence for iraq's. neighboring countries such as turkey fearful of the effect such a drive towards independence by the iraqi kurds could have on their own large kurdish populations have threatened sanctions and even not ruled out military intervention against the kayleigh gee. that seems unlikely at this stage but the
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referendum has certainly increased tensions across the region already struggling to deal with so many problems and when the battle against terrorism is far from won. the federal government says ok i must hand over control of their airports by friday or face a potential international air embargo the government also says that the k r g must hand over control of their international land borders by friday or neighboring countries will take control of them to the pressure on president barzani from both baghdad and the wider region continues to mount. zero rebel tensions inside iraq but also regional anger mounting of monday's vie with iran saying it's sending new missile equipment to its border with iraq while turkey's president is also threatening sanctions that's also causing concern among businessmen as anderson was reports from her book on the tech iraq border. two
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flags now turkey and iraq on a battlefield and sends out a daily message it's addressed to iraqi kurds as they celebrated the referendum on the other side of the border these iraqi government troops were flown in to join the exercise. this exercise conveniently perhaps situated right beside the main border crossing road between turkey and iraq really hasn't got a great deal of military significance it carries yet another political message to the iraqi kurds. the reason is that alongside the tank charges the political attacks coming from turkey are in line with the iraqi government's sentiment. the kurdish leadership is being accused of treason by turkish president. can alter their colors yes they'll be left in the lurch when we start imposing our sanctions will be over when we close the oil taps or the revenues will vanish and
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there will not be able to find food and clothes when our truck stop going into northern iraq these are the trucks he mentions hardball the only border crossing from turkey into northern iraq is one of the largest in the world for trade it's worth more than eight and a quarter billion dollars of business a year to turkey if it closes it will be catastrophic for iraqi kurds it's estimated turkey supplies nearly seventy percent of their imported goods. nihad billy schick is a businessman dealing in exports he's a turkish kurd and he's anxious he says the situation could hurt both kurds and turks shunda obvious now there is tension in the northern iraq really needs turkey in my view turkey also needs northern iraq because of domestic and other regional issues in this bridge of friendship and trade should be destroyed on the contrary it should be reinforced. irwin's other threat is blocking kurdish oil exports
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shutting off a pipeline in which up to six hundred thousand barrels worth of oil a day flows through turkey the threats are being repeated with no action so far apart from simulated combat on the border it's holding back is aimed at pressuring the iraqi kurds into some sort of u. turn it's hard to see that happening for now while armies make new alliances there is uncertainty and drew simmons al-jazeera war on the turkish iraqi border. israeli forces have raided the home of a palestinian gunman who opened fire at the entrance of a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank it tack a killed three israeli security officers and wounded another before being shot dead are a force that has more. the aftermath of
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a deadly attack in the occupied west bank this gate is used every day by palestinian workers employed inside the illegal israeli settlement of har adar police say at around seven a.m. on tuesday one of the group pulled out a hand gun and fired on security forces guarding the entrance as a result and for twenty three israelis were killed pronounced dead at the scene by emergency units a fourth person was taken to hospital in serious condition the attacker. was shot dead a thirty seven year old father of four from the nearby palestinian village of beit syria he was a familiar face in the settlement and worked there for many years developing longstanding relationships with settlers. helping i think with the garden and. the working in how they came work trying to build our house our neighbors israeli president called it a cruel act of terror the prime minister blamed incitement by the palestinian
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authority and others in gaza hamas and islamic jihad hailed what they called an act of palestinian resistance while rival faction fatah said israel responsibility for the reactions of palestinians to its crimes the consequences of what happened here also being felt in the village from where the palestinian attack came from the prime minister of israel has already said that his house will be demolished his brother has already been arrested and also his entire extended family will have their work permits rescinded outside the family home shocked mourners said i'll jamal wasn't political had been having marital difficulties but that didn't explain what had happened in a social media message to his wife apparently said she had no connection to what he was about to do. the pressure the palestinians suffer on the checkpoints on the humiliations that we see makes him and others do these things because of the pressure. it tackles coincided with the latest. is it to the region by us and boy
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jason green black his talks with each side now likely to be made more complex by this latest outbreak of violence ari forces out of syria in the occupied west bank . now the u.s. government is ramping up its response to the crisis in puerto rico after it was devastated by hurricane maria five days after the category four storm ripped through the island most of its three point four million residents are still without power roads are clogged with deborah and communications haven't been fully restored many people are still without adequate food water and fuel supermarkets are running out of supplies but it's not just the shops some pharmacies are now saying vest stock so one out in less than a week at a coal facilities are getting overwhelmed with the number of patients and hundreds of terrorists haven't been able to leave experts say it will take months and tens of billions of dollars to fix the main airport when u.s. president trump said puerto rico's in deep trouble because it goes billions of dollars to banks on wall street it's also praised his government's efforts to help
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florida and texas which have also been hit by hurricanes and says puerto rico will get similar support what are we going to do a lot of money i'm going to puerto rico tuesday scheduled trip that's the earliest i can go because of the first responders that we don't want to disrupt the relief efforts you know we're going to a lot we've got a places like texas and florida and we will also on puerto rico but the difference is this is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean and it's a big ocean. well u.s. has announced new sanctions against north korea including twenty six individuals and nine banks some with ties to china north korean nationals in china russia libya and dubai also been targeted a north korean delegation is arrived in russia raising expectations that moscow may be trying to find a political way out of the crisis on the peninsula or a challenge as more from moscow. although the russian foreign ministry announced on
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tuesday that it was working behind the scenes to bring the north korean crisis to some sort of political resolution we don't know much more because they're not releasing any further information however we have heard also on tuesday from the north korean embassy here in moscow that a delegation is arriving from pyongyang all of foreign ministry officials to have talks with their russian counterparts and that the pyongyang delegation includes the head of the north american directorate russia's perspective on north korea is that it's sanctions against it are running out of steam that a war on the peninsula would be catastrophic and that the language used by donald trump is essentially irresponsible it would like to see a few more carrots being used in this situation and not so many sticks and i think that it will try to use its political and economic leverage with north korea to try
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and diffuse the situation perhaps dangle some incentives in front of them like gas contracts already grayling's or perhaps increasing the number of north koreans allowed to work in russia basically things that might help the north korean economy and try to persuade them to back away from the march to war so a convoy this half hour our young ranger children have escaped war and me and my are dealing with their traumatic experiences. now a chance discovery is that. more than a century after that one of the world's most influential. how i think we could see some record breaking september heat across eastern parts
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of australia over the next couple days further south it looks a little more chilly than that the little area cloud just making its way across the bite just rolling across the southwestern corner some time weather here that's where the cooler weather will come into further north but heat very much in place that bright failed so hot winds coming right out of the interior pushing over towards the east coast as we go on through the next day or two twenty four celsius embrace been for wednesday getting up to around twenty three in melbourne and into adelaide just fifteen houses from perth and that really gives an indication of what we can expect across the south over the next diot say it's day no sixteen into adelaide and into melbourne we'll see a little band of cloud of rain coming through but look at brisbane temperatures getting up to thirty six degrees so the possibility of some record breaking heat coming through cloud in my meanwhile i will make his way away from new zealand over the next day also we should brighten up shouldn't be too bad a little bit of wet weather very close to north out of as we go through wednesday but should be fine and dry for all as we go on into. fun a try for
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a good part of japan at least for the middle part of the week but heading increasingly wet by thursday. water scarcity is a serious problem when used more than probably why is your. impact if their plants aren't demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much as me if the age old technique of collecting water. for it just came out of the air and we'll compare that to some tough water which could provide a solution to the problem of global with a half tank you know at this time on the edges iraq.
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welcome back the top stories this hour brucie kurdish leader massoud barzani has said the yes vote has won monday's referendum on secession he said baghdad should now engaged in dialogue instead of threatening sanctions three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank about a sting and gunman was shot dead. and u.s. president donald trump says he'll fly to puerto rico next week is the caribbean island struggles to recover from hurricane maria. three point four million residents on the u.s. territory is still without power and many face food and water shortages as well. when all the stories we continue to follow aid agencies are warning that hundreds of thousands of children who fled violence in myanmar are risk of malnutrition four hundred thirty thousand muslim ranjoor refugees have crossed into bangladesh since
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the military crackdown began more than a month ago more than half of them children some though it too traumatized to speak about their experiences instead that drawing pictures nicholas hoch reports from good to follow in southern bangladesh. there are moments children best describe using markers and pencils moments too difficult to put in words like when merriam saw men in uniforms slashed the throat of her friends miriam's friend i will not talk about the moment they set her house on fire with their parents inside me more's and saying suchi may deny there's been an ethnic cleansing the ten year old seanad draws a different picture. i was in my high when they grabbed my mother she was screaming they hit her and forced them selves on her then they shot her in front of me. these are satellite images of the children's home collected on september sixteenth now look at it we can later and this the international accuses me and more security
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forces of a scorched earth campaign on a mass scale no independent observers or journalist have been allowed into the range of villages this is as close as we can get to the right kind state where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burned in the distance mean more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted land mines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except. for considered illegal immigrants by young gone almost half a million people now live in sprawling villages made out of bamboo and plastic sheeting bangladesh hasn't seen such mass movement of people since its war of independence in one thousand seventy one. they too have beefed up patrols on the border and deployed the army. normally our orders are to not allow ro hinge in but given their suffering our government has told us to look after them bangladeshis
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soldiers patrol the camps without arms so as to not frighten the refugees they come here traumatized afraid unable to hide their pain. nicholas hawk al jazeera could a problem count. now saudi arabia says that from next june women will be allowed to drive the moment a few women who do a breaking the law saudi arabia is the last country in the world where it's illegal for women to drive several women's rights activists have been jailed for flouting the ban earlier i spoke to karen young of the arab gulf states institute a think tank in washington d.c. she says the saudi government's motivation might be mainly economic this is a victory for the women activists in saudi arabia who've been working on this campaign for so many years so it's a day of celebration for them but the government's motivation is probably along with several other lines the primary being an economic motivation as part of the
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economic reform agenda and the efforts to streamline the amount of money that the state spends on its citizens with diminished oil revenue the idea of including more women into the labor force would definitely help and so driving is one mechanism to increase women's economic participation indonesia's disaster agency is warning the eruption of the mount volcano in bali is imminent more than seventy five thousand residents have been evacuated from a twelve kilometer exclusion zone step vos reports from a mountain village which is doing its best to provide temporary accommodation. peeking out from behind the clouds mount is holding back and suspense volcanologists a the risk of an eruption is imminent thousands of people who live on the slopes of the volcano have been forced to leave their homes but our balinese have been quick to respond with help. these poor girls are bringing clothes rice and shampoo.
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but i feel that my relatives like my own family they really need help from us more than seventy five thousand people have moved to safer ground many now staying in temporary shelters relying on others for basic needs bally's spirit of solidarity and it's best volunteers are struggling to distribute goods that are poor in nobody knows until one aid is needed for the evacuees and they hope this spirit will last . local activists are taking food story mode areas which are difficult to reach what a purifier mattresses and food arrives in. a small village that has accepted two thousand evacuees but. this is bali tradition is to help each other their suffering is our suffering that's our philosophy in. local teachers are providing children with learning materials and classes to ensure they don't miss
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their education the hospitality is well received. but i feel relieved that i can stay here because there's a lot of aid and people are really nice to us if we need something they try to give it to us. and it's not just people who are finding refuge here but also their paths birds cats and dogs have been evacuated too which makes what could be a long and on certain wait for a possible disaster a little more bearable step al-jazeera are not armed. well some news from kenya now police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in nairobi a q the protest is accusing electoral commission of involvement in vote rigging in august presidential election supreme court invalidated president uhuru kenyatta his victory in a repeat vote is now scheduled for a month tying. the spanish government has sent thousands of police officers to catalonia ahead of sunday's planned independence referendum spain's central
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government insists the vote is illegal and is determined to stop it from going ahead but catalan officials say if the u.s. can't wins they'll declare independence within days and all reports from barcelona . the. spanish police court angry charge of. the spanish government is drafting thousands of police force winds into catalonia with orders to block the referendum. secession activists say patient forces as. they're trying to frighten us with machine guns but i'm not afraid. many of the estimated ten thousand extra police ability ferries at barcelona port to avoid public hostility concern is growing within the ranks about how police are being thrust into the growing political crisis. alphonso union representative to
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the paramilitary civil. seeing the political climate seeing how society is reacting police morale is falling things are not good at all and the referendum could get very complicated. and security forces have shut down dozens of websites promoting the referendum sparking spontaneous demonstrations. we met this computer program after he was released from questioning by national police he's accused of creating proxy websites backing a secession he's facing jail on public disorder charges. banish state is applying censorship closing web pages servers monitoring data and trying to block access to information just like north korea or china would. the closure of those web pages has prompted independence activists to go back to low
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tech methods that is meant simply setting up tables on the street to hand out campaign material and also telling voters where they can go to cast their ballot on the day media also under scrutiny radio catalunya presenter monica tell us the morning debate show state prosecutors are threatening to charge her with obstructing police business of the sheeple would cost this message but it goes that says there's just one of these there's where once young women but which is that a call to taxi drivers and truckers to colin reports of police maneuvers and operations. the crisis may have been triggered by cause for independence but the drugs reaction is now raising fears of a crackdown on civil rights and freedom of expression. culp in all al-jazeera spain. a new report by the group biodiversity international has highlighted concern over the security of global food supplies warning that humans are over alliance on
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a narrow range of foods the report found that global diet as a whole is becoming too similar to three quarters of the world's food coming from just twelve crops and five animal species rice wheat and maize provide more than fifty percent of the world's calories from plants it recommends that more is done to boost agro biodiversity the variety of species in the agricultural food chain suggesting there are tens of thousands of wild or rarely cultivated species that could provide nutritious food it says a sixth mass extinction of wildlife species is already underway and that at least a thousand cultivated species are already in danger it and while there is the director general of biodiversity international she says that the focus needs to shift and people need to start branching out into other food crops. over the past forty or fifty years we have been focusing primarily on. producing calories and so we've been looking to crops that can provide the most calories per
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actor or per acre and increasingly now with the challenges of poor diet that are contributing to the largest amount of death and disability worldwide we need to focus on nutrition with climate change depressing yields of many staple crops we need to look to diversity both within those crops but to other kinds of crops to give us opportunities to confront the future us author mark twain died more than a century ago fans of the creator of huckleberry finn and tom sawyer can now look forward to a brand new work notes of a bedtime story told by trying to his kids is now been turned into a children's book by husband and wife team of modern office question salumi has the story of poor boy along with his animal friends finds himself on a quest to rescue a kidnapped prince it's
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a character conceived by the american literary icon mark twain but brought to life more than one hundred years after his death. the journey of this children's book starts here in hartford connecticut this house was where the major creative period of mark twain's life happens this is where the author whose real name was samuel clemens honed his craft reading the adventures of tom sawyer huckleberry finn and the prince and the popper his home was a place for imagination and creativity and his daughters encouraged him to tell them stories on an almost nightly basis and every story had to be different and if any element of any story seem to be the same as an earlier one he had to go back and start over again think of what that does to your creative process as a storyteller that you have to come up with something brand new on an almost nightly basis the prolonging of prince only a margarine comes from
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a long clemens family tradition of telling bedtime stories it's based on a fairy tale he first told his daughters in paris one that the authors hope will continue to resonate with children for generations to come. the story was just sixteen pages of twain's handwritten scribbles when it was discovered in the archives several years ago the husband and wife duo philip in erin stead were tasked with turning tweens unfinished notes into a full children's book it wasn't necessarily our job to please mark twain it was actually our job to please mark twain's daughters because that was who the story was for originally when he was telling it the stead's had to make a few critical choices along the way one of the most notable illustrating the protagonist is black the simple answer is that that's who i saw when i was thinking of the story a lot of a lot of people are sort of suggesting that twain wouldn't have made that choice that character would be a person of color in tweens original vision i would argue that maybe it would have
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been an eight hundred seventy nine but anybody who studied tween knows that tween. changed radically from the beginning it was created the end of his career perhaps that's why his insights on american life remain as relevant as ever a literary tradition has modern co-writers hope to continue christian salumi al-jazeera hartford connecticut. now here's a good story astronauts have captured the spectacle of the northern lights as seen from the international space station the times the time lapse footage showing the vivid green lights of the or a very alice was taken by italian astronaut palin as poly and posted to social media it was filmed as the space station passed over canada earlier this month. quick recap of the stories making headlines now iraqi kurdish leader massoud
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barzani has said the yes vote has won monday's referendum on secession he said baghdad should now engaged in serious dialogue instead of threatening sanctions and has more from air bill in northern iraq to say that the wishes of the people of this region should be respected not only by the baghdad government but by regional countries he said the threats were not the solution and he invited members of the baghdad government and neighboring countries to come to for discussions to try and negotiate some sort of solution who earlier iraq's prime minister warned officials against declaring independence his government has given the kurds three days to hand over control of episodes or face an international ehrenberg moving to our other top stories this hour three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank
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a palestinian gunman was shot dead israeli media says he opened fire after arriving with palestinian labor as a settlement of hard darn near jerusalem israeli security forces then raided the alleged attackers home and arrested his brother. u.s. president donald trump says he'll fly to puerto rico next week as the caribbean island struggles to recover from hurricane maria three point four million residents in the u.s. still without power many people as also without adequate food water and few. aid agencies say hundreds of thousands of children who fled violence in myanmar are at risk of malnutrition four hundred thirty thousand muslim ranger refugees have crossed into bangladesh since the military crackdown began more than a month ago and more than half of them are children. now saudi arabia says that from next june women will be allowed to drive at the moment a few women who do of breaking the law saudi arabia is the last country in the
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world where it's illegal for women to drive several women's rights activists have been jailed for flouting the ban well that's it for myself and the team here in london there is more news coming up though from doha in about twenty five minutes time after techno which starts now. they thought they were americans until they broke the law are now they're deported to cambodia for life. when he speaks the family is fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera. water everywhere with less and less to during. the space the earth is a big blue planet covered seventy percent in water explosive that reveals the only two and a half percent that is freshwater with only one percent being easily accessible to keep our six point eight billion inhabitants alive and well you know.


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