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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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liberians are preparing for the third election since a bitter civil war observers are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this out is there a new life and i'm martine dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes unofficial
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results iraqi kurds have voted to secede and baghdad and uncorrect show their displeasure with more threats. president trump now says he'll go to puerto rico after being criticized for his lack of empathy for the millions suffering from the effects of hurricane maria. changing gears saudi arabia will allow women to drive for the first time from next year plus how a child's discovery has revealed a brand new work by one of the world's most popular authors more than a century after his death. but let's up with that controversial referendum in iraq's region of kurdistan the prime minister hyderabadi has warned credit officials not to declare independence after monday's vote in which more than eighty percent supported secession from iraq
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but mr about he says he won't allow the country to be divided charles structured has a report from a bill. when the rhetoric and threats continue and from both sides iraq to me is that at that i still is still occupying some parts of kirkuk and some parts of iraq i still is still a threat to the cities with some of our brothers in iraqi kurdistan a living we must not divide iraq according to or through all viral referendum that is completely rejected such language will go down well with the international community including the u.s. and the e.u. each sent the timing of the vote could weaken iraq's unity at a time when the fight against terrorism is paramount. ela bhatt he says the kurdish referendum on independence was unconstitutional and the federal government will ignore the expected yes result only a few minutes after all about his speech the kayleigh g president appeared on
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kurdish television masoud barzani invited leaders of neighboring countries for dialogue but he remained defiant he said the wishes of iraq's kurds should be respected but. yes in the beginning we agreed on the constitution and partnership and the role of the kurdistan region in the establishment of iraq is very clear but you violated every agreement there is no need for anger and threats you have only yourself to blame the results of the referendum on not binding but the kurdish president wants a mandate to push the bank dad government into negotiations towards independence for iraq's kurds neighboring countries such as turkey fearful of the effect such a drive towards independence by the iraqi kurds could have on their own large kurdish populations have threatened sanctions and even not ruled out military intervention against the kayleigh gee. that seems unlikely at this stage but the
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referendum is certainly increased tensions across the region already struggling to deal with so many problems and when the battle against terrorism is far from won. our let's go live now to charles who's in the capital of iraqi kurdistan and as we get to the preliminary results it sounds like an overwhelming yes fate as far as the region's kurdish population is but baghdad getting even more frustrated with that and and raising the temperature somewhat and asking for the kurds to hand over control of their border crossings and a lot more. but royale the baghdad government certainly ratcheting up the. the pressure on the k r g here on the masoud barzani the baghdad government saying that the k r g.-o.
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sorties have until friday evening to hand over control of the airports in the k r g all potentially face an international area and the government also saying that kayla geo sources should hand over control of their land borders their international land borders also by friday all neighboring countries would be invited to take control from them as well a big indication of just how much pressure is being put on the k r g i mean the build up to this it has been steadily getting worse it was only yesterday that following meetings with military officials the prime minister. said that those held responsible for causing what he described as chaos in this region would be held responsible i mean pretty much a blatant finger being pointed at masoud barzani. as well of course the
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kurds say and barzani says himself that they have a right to hold this held this referendum they say they feel very let down by the country p.t. promises made by the baghdad government towards negotiating a potential independence and you know they are staunchly defending their position and as you heard in that report there barzani saying that they will not take threats lightly but at the same time calling the international players regional players and body here in a bill for dialogue that seems and at this stage fairly unlikely. and charles what baghdad is particularly upset about of course is is the inclusion in this referendum of disputed territory particularly cook which is still up for the up for debate as to who really has control of it and it's very profitable oil
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fields. well look at all of it is the peshmerga i mean they took control of kirkuk after the baghdad military. basically turned left following an offensive by eisel in two thousand and fourteen i mean the kurds many kurds describe kirkuk as being their jerusalem it's disputed and cook along with a vast area outside the official boundary of where the k r g is voted in this referendum around two million people in that area were legible to take part in this referendum which only added sort of fuel to the fire which only further angered baghdad said that this referendum was unconstitutional in the first place and it is potentially a real hot spot as well as we expect to see results coming through in the next what we believe the next twenty four hours or so official results they have been veiled
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threats by some of the show the shabby the shia militia groups there that. we understand are on the outskirts of that city and of course it's hugely important as well that area because the fight against leisel continues as well and you know as much as. he describes the importance of unity in this crisis he knows that he has the backing of the international community that were also very much against the timing of this nonbinding referendum so with that kind of backing he knows that he can keep putting the pressure on the k r g and president barzani here and i will all right thank you very much for that live in. well as child was saying many of the neighboring countries a supposing baghdad in this particular issue wrong francis is valid to stand with iraq and against the outcome of this referendum the government says it's installed
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new missile systems close to its border with kurdish areas whilst turkey is threatening sanctions we have this report now from andrew simmons in on the border . two flags now turkey and iraq on a battlefield and sends out a daily message it's addressed to iraqi kurds as they celebrated the referendum on the other side of this border these iraqi government troops were flown in to join the exercise. this exercise conveniently perhaps situated right beside the main border crossing road between turkey and iraq really hasn't got a great deal of military significance it carries yet another political message to the iraqi kurds. the reason is that alongside the tank charges the political attacks coming from turkey are in line with the iraqi government's sentiment. the
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kurdish leadership is being accused of treason by turkey's president. can alter their colors yes they will be left in the lurch when we start imposing our sanctions will be over when we close the oil taps or the revenues will vanish and they will not be able to find food and clothes when our truck stop going into northern iraq these are the trucks he mentions hardball the only border crossing from turkey into northern iraq is one of the largest in the world for trade it's worth more than eight and a quarter billion dollars of business a year to turkey if it closes it will be catastrophic for iraqi kurds it's estimated turkey supplies nearly seventy percent of their imported goods. nihad billy schick is a businessman dealing in exports he's a turkish kurd and he's anxious he says the situation could hurt both kurds and turks shonda obvious now there is tension in the northern iraq really needs turkey
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in my view turkey also needs northern iraq because of domestic and regional issues this bridge of friendship and trade shouldn't be destroyed on the contrary it should be reinforced. irwin's other threat is blocking kurdish oil exports shutting off a pipeline in which up to six hundred thousand barrels worth of oil a day flows through turkey the threats are being repeated with no action so far apart from simulated combat on the border it's holding back is aimed at pressuring the iraqi kurds into some sort of u. turn it's hard to see that happening for now while armies make new alliances there is uncertainty and drew simmons al-jazeera on the turkish iraqi border well. professor at nottingham university he joins us live from london thank you for talking to us and given that so much opprobrium has fallen upon massoud barzani as
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a consequence of holding this referendum and it's non-binding the result and there's not going to be independence within the foreseeable future why has he gone this route was he actually held it. well you know very little choice of the kurdish people everywhere at once as you know are in syria and in iran too as well as in turkey but want to live they consider themselves to be. the longs nation in thinking that a spirit and this is something that is generation present. the current generation twenty years ago in years ago when the. u.s. raided iraq says to the u.s. invasion in the hope that this would leave independence well it didn't now i think they feel that this is the public at least feels this is their last chance will or
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weak government in iraq i mean will provide security for most of the country very heavily dependent on external oh and with the fact that the. kurds have caught on. dilution isis in mosul in the areas they feel politically and militarily vested in an independence yes but. as you've alluded to the fact is that. iraqi kurdistan in the north of iraq cannot exist can it really without the cross border trade that we've already mentioned with turkey amounting at about five billion dollars in the first half of this year so if you are set ankara and if they close off the pipeline with the oil and they stop their trucks coming through with
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supplies for you that's it and a story so why would he take such a risky course of action. wrote. he's got what you've done in the other side of the calling of this perceived strength is the fact that there are people who now is against the side here of an independent state so he basically i think had very little choice but to respond with the referendum i think he believes that he can negotiate some sort of. to go independent. entity some grease or irrigation and then hours and of money and so on but in the end what he's done my thinking is. make a calculation which may well go against him because if he doesn't deliver on our independence now i think he's going to lose support with people or what he might do
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is present this as a conspiracy by the world against then. championing the cause it doesn't look like he will be able to deliver on. some. amount of suffering through conflict through sanctions the means. thank you very much indeed now the seti people have been killed in a u.s. led coalition air strike in the syrian city of raka the alliance is trying to drive eisel out of the city which fell to the group in twenty fourteen. president trump has announced he'll go to the u.s. territory of puerto rican next she's say he also gave details of the government's increased assistance to the three and a half million people who remain stranded on the island which was devastated by hurricane maria she have a tansey reports. widespread shortages and desperation now being reported across
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puerto rico six days after maria hit but at the white house donald trump was congratulatory about the relief efforts everybody has said it's amazing the job that we've done in puerto rico we're very proud of and i'm going there on tuesday and i think we've done a really good job we're continuing to we are literally unloading on an hourly basis water food supplies the federal emergency management agency says it's provided millions of meals liters of water and shelter u.s. navy says it will dispatch a hospital ship to the territory yet amid criticism of the u.s. administration is not acting speedily to help on monday the governor of puerto rico felt he had to remind the mainland but his territories three point four million people were american citizens in fact a recent survey found that forty one percent of americans didn't think they were with a further fifteen percent unsure the speaker of the house of representatives attempted to change that perception this is our country and these are our fellow citizens they need our help and they're going to get our help on tuesday the governor said
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he'd spoken to president trump this was his response when asked whether he thought the president cared about his territory i am confident that he does and i fully expect his support. this effort he has. made that clear to me personally personally so you know and again i want to thank him for acting quickly and some of these things over there also specials that the u.s. is priorities are not just humanitarian work to rico is massively in debt to wall street and don't trust monday night tweets appeared to reassure the bankers that no debts would be forgiven despite the disaster much of the island was destroyed with billions of dollars owed to wall street and the banks which sadly must be dealt with he tweeted in addition questions are being raised as to why the hundred year old jones act isn't being lifted under the u.s. ships and crews can dock in puerto rico with supplies which is long meant of the price of goods here. is far higher than on the mainland this also means neighboring
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countries are unable to give direct help now the administration dismissed such concerns you hear mobilize shifts interest in the man because it has more space for . the types of. brain it's estimated to put a record will be without electricity for between four to six months the u.s. congress is expected to begin discussing long term relief efforts sometime next month she able to see al jazeera now women in saudi arabia will be allowed to drive for the first time from next year king solomon is suited to create ending the kingdon status as the only country in the world where it's forbidden the move is seen as a victory for rights activists the u.s. has welcomed the decision we're happy we're certainly happy to hear that if saudi women are now able to drive certainly here in the united states we would certainly welcome that i think we're just happy today with the steps that they are taking and i think that that is a very positive sign mohamed is
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a member of the arab center of studies and a professor at george mason university he joins us live now from washington d.c. the question has to be why. i think there are three main factors of this royal decree to grant saudi women the right to drive their cars strategic political and demographic it looks like it is a one time move by crown prince mohammed and to position himself as the leader of modernity and to win the battle against the will have be and the the clones of several traditions and conformity with values and institutions it is also a step forward to open up saudi society and to also to give the impression that there is this more than that is part of the new century of arabia there is also
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the demographic pressure on the we should conserve the half of the population and so there really are and twenty five of them there is a majority of women and it is also for the process of saudis ation by encouraging women to be working for us that are in the public or the private sector so we've got a full course of that all these three elements we can understand why this move has been and just two days ago there was another decision to open the way for saudi women to sports events and to go to stadiums so this is an open in the it is now conform and it is a world of modernisation and also catching up with the rest of the world so this is part of the vision the twenty thirty vision then that is that is being promulgated primarily by the new crown prince can we expect therefore for saudi women in this
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particular instance to to get more rights to get more equality to become more a part of the of the economic workforce. well there is a general rule and social change it's always forward it's always dynamic however i am not really comfortable with the idea that if the decree is issued now saudi women have to wait for nine months to be given the driving license and so there is this process that is partly administrative and the other one is more of how to convince religious clerics that women would not suffer and get ovaries while driving their cars so the time in the open window it's too long number two i would argue that yes this is the last spring reality that is
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imposing itself on the golf that is bringing in more resistance against tradition and i think there are women who are now happy to see that they have. defied the those that clearly that has been. preventing them from being and you know living like the rest of women in the world so we have to expect certain but a little bit when this move of modernity and the focus of resistance in the name of safeguard in our society and our cultural values and the name of saudi arabia as a unique or an exceptional islamic society mohamed calley thank you very much. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including too slow to inefficient the french president emanuel mccraw outlines his vision for transforming the european union plus. find out
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why these policemen receive such a bad reception in barcelona. as they take it easy all actively used to be. the solo crowd in arizona. president trump tells the n.f.l. the any way out of the controversy surrounding player protests is a rule to stop them nailing that and more coming up in the program. the president trump says if a war breaks out between the united states and north korea it would be devastating for kim jong un and this is the latest statement in the ongoing war of words between the two countries here's our white house correspondent kimberly how can it . the trumpet ministration is continuing to put pressure on north korea at
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a joint press conference here in the white house rose garden appearing alongside the spanish prime minister donald trump was asked about the statements by north korea's foreign minister that effectively the united states had declared war on north korea all trump did not back down saying he will exercise the military option if necessary if we take that option it will be devastating i can tell you that devastating for north korea that's called the military option your various administrations many administrations which left me a mess but i'll fix the mess the u.s. is also putting pressure on north korea financially the treasury department on tuesday and now it's a new round of economic sanctions against twenty six individuals with ties to north korea's financial industry as well as eight north korean banks the u.s. says that those banks are closely linked to north korea's nuclear weapons program well mr trump has warned catalonia that it will be food lish to separate from spain
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the spanish prime minister alongside. the u.s. president in the rose garden of the white house then said stepping up international efforts to stop ness next month's independence referendum mariano rajoy as i say was in washington d.c. to talk about the vote we're dealing with a great great country and it should remain united i've been watching that unfold but it's actually been unfolding for centuries and i think that. nobody knows if they can have a vote i think the president would say they're not going to have a vote but i think that the people would be very much opposed to that i can say only speaking for myself i would like to see spain continue to be united. well meanwhile the spanish government has sent thousands of police officers to catalonia to stop sunday's planned poll madrid says the illegal but castle an official say if
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the yes camp wins though declare independence within days karl penhall reports from barcelona. the. spanish police drew up a coup or made angry chants of. the spanish government is drafting thousands of police me and force words into catalonia with orders to block the referendum. secession activists say they're patient forces as well. and they're trying to frighten us with machine guns but i'm not afraid i'm eighty years old and i will fight as long as i can. many of the estimated ten thousand extra police ability fairies at barcelona port to avoid public hostility concern is growing within the ranks about how police are being thrust into the growing political crisis. alfonso union representative for the paramilitary civil.
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seeing the political climate seeing how society is reacting police morale is falling things are not good at all and the referendum could get very complicated. security forces have shut down dozens of websites promoting the referendum sparking spontaneous demonstrations. we met this computer program after he was released from questioning by national police he's accused of creating proxy websites backing a secession he's facing jail on public disorder charges. banish state is applying censorship closing web pages servers monitoring cell phone data and trying to block access to information just like north korea or china word the closure of those web pages has prompted independence activists to go back to methods that is meant simply setting up tables on the street to hand out campaign
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material and also telling voters where they can go to cast their ballot on the. media also under scrutiny radio catalunya presenter monica. state prosecutors are threatening to charge her with obstructing police business after she passed this message. by once young women a call to taxi drivers and truckers to phone in reports of police maneuvers and operations. the crisis may have been triggered by independence. reaction is now raising fears of a crackdown on civil rights and freedom of expression. no al-jazeera spain. the french president has called for major changes to the european union in a speech emanuel macro outlined what he thinks needs to be done to make the bloc work better. reports from paris unless the european union is reformed
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its very existence could be threatened the message from the french president in a speech should sorbonne university emanuel markhor set out his vision for overhauling the block and says only change will stop growing euro skepticism and the rise of anti e.u. parties maybe. that you can flourish has not disappeared even though it's fragile globalization has had an impact we need to confront ideas which pretend to be new solutions such as nationalism protectionism segregation these ideas and so many times before. they pretend to be legitimate because they exploit people's fears for too long we have ignored their power. macross said issues such as security refugees and globalization have divided europeans and brigs it's been a challenge to reverse the trend he called for more e.u. collaboration in defense migration and education but the focus of his reforms is
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the eurozone is calling for the creation of a euro zone budget and ministry to finance current projects such as infrastructure from i call the you vision to become a reality who needs the support of other in your leaders and in particular germany it's why he's delivering the speech just today was off to the german election he wants his reforms to be firmly on the agenda as chancellor angela merkel begins our coalition talks merkel shares micros desire to reform europe she's open to a small eurozone budget and a ministry but who she ponders with in the new german coalition government will determine how far she can go the liberal f.d.p. party opposes the french presidents agenda saying it lead to germany bailing out weaker countries from a cross perspective on euro zone reform. the liberals are quite skeptical on a lot of the issues that he wants to reform so they will be
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a more difficult partner on the other hand we have the green party who is staunchly pro european a bit more left leaning closer to my home maybe on that front as well and they could counterbalance to a certain extent the liberals in germany. outside the sawbones students protested against some of my close domestic reforms saying he's ignoring poorest sections of french society a reminder that like the german chancellor the french president still has much work ahead if he is to convince those at home and abroad that his ideas are in their common interest with al-jazeera powers. still to come here on the al-jazeera news. they've been coming toward the end. ok i. just. i know that the best they can. why i suppose is of kenya's opposition leader protesting again i didn't say will be able the best of the champions league action israel
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madrid visit here don't mind. how i was had some very high temperatures across eastern parts of north america recently had all change as we go through the next diode say still get out a little circulation that says what remains of her can maria see the process of pulling away she see things improving along the east coast over the next day out safe eastern policy as you can see it is generally looking try setting looking on the warm side as well still getting up to thirty. twenty eight that for new york is still going to about twenty six in toronto should be about twenty twenty one of this time if you add this cloud and right that is in the process of breaking the hate so as we go on into thursday wife was still record breaking heat through the
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weekend that. is the high on thursday but at least it should be fine and dry fine is right to across a good part of the western side of the u.s. but notice some cloud and drying just around the south western quarter. back into the caribbean not looking too bad here for many over the next day i would say to a fair amount of clout there just around the great rantin is a chance of some lively showers from time to time i suspect you make some very heavy rain that rain pushing up into a good part of cuba nudging further north which is a go through thursday but lousy dry and fine for the lesser antilles. a new year a new car and many new developments for this chinese villages fledgling democracy the village committee has retrieved people's land but approval is fleeting and frustration grips the villagers and as the saga began over
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a year before revolt is in the air police call. part for a six part series is filmed over five years one kind china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every your.
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without is there a time for us to take a look at the top stories iraq has ordered kurdistan regional government to surrender control of it. or face an embargo on international flights the threats been issued in response to monday's referendum on the session from iraq preliminary results a majority of participants voted yes in the non-binding referendum president trump says he'll go to hurricane hit puerto rico next week of the his administration was criticized for not doing enough to help the u.s. territory much of the island is without electricity water or access to communication nearly a week after hurricane maria. and women will be allowed to drive in saudi arabia for the first time from next year king solomon issued a decree ending the kingdom status as the only country in the world where it's
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forbidden. that israeli forces have raided the home of a palestinian gunman who had opened fire at the entrance of the jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the man killed three israeli security officers and wounded another before he was shot dead harry forsett reports. the aftermath of a deadly attack in the occupied west bank this gate is used every day by palestinian workers employed inside the illegal israeli settlement of har adar police say at around seven a.m. on tuesday one of the group pulled out a handgun and fired on security forces guarding the entrance as a result unfortunately three israelis were killed pronounced dead at the scene by emergency units a fourth person was taken to hospital in serious condition the attacker. was shot dead a thirty seven year old father of four from the nearby palestinian village of beit syria he was a familiar face in the settlement and worked there for many years developing
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longstanding relationships with settlers they were. helping one thing i think with the garden and. health of. our neighbors the israeli president called it a cruel act of terror the prime minister blamed incitement by the palestinian authority and others in gaza hamas and islamic jihad hailed what they called an act of palestinian resistance while rival faction fatah said israel responsibility for the reactions of palestinians to its crimes the consequences of what happened here also being felt in the village from where the palestinian attack came from the prime minister of israel has already said that his house will be demolished his brother has already been arrested and also his entire extended family will have their work permits rescinded outside the family home shocked mourners said i'll jamal wasn't political had been having marital difficulties but that didn't explain
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what had happened in a social media message to his wife apparently said she had no connection to what he was about to do. the pressure the palestinians suffer on the checkpoints on the humiliations that we see makes him and others do these things it's because of the pressure. guitar has coincided with the latest visit to the region by us and boy jason green glad his talks with each side now likely to be made more complex by this latest outbreak of violence. in the occupied west bank al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussain who's now been imprisoned in egypt for more than nine months he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and his era strongly deny it is of refused to allow him to be transferred for specialist treatment on a broken arm and injury he's received while detained kenyan
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police have used tear gas on protesters in the capital nairobi opposition supporters accuse electoral commission of vote rigging in august presidential election a simpering court invalidated president a whole can yet as a victory citing irregularities in the vote the opposition leader raila odinga says he won't take part in next month's repeat poll unless twelve electoral officials are sacked stephanie decker was at the protest. the. happening here throughout the day they've been coming toward me and the commission the i.p.c.c. they are just some announced. that the first thing that. was
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going on. we just had on the board highlighting. a moment we're not. taking the to load a little slow to ninety see the actual mission is just a little further here. and mrs lloyd they don't want her to get in front of the. location which of course to lisa of course they will change the selection committee before they go to live. my life. and punches have been thrown in uganda's parliament m.p.'s were debating whether to allow president yoweri most seventy to stand for another term in office president was seventy wants to amend the constitution to allow people of the age of seventy five to stand for the presidency leading opposition figure. was arrested after he
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tried to get protests is to mock trial on palm and. hong kong's woman chief executive has pleaded not guilty to a charge of bribery while still in office seventy two year old donald sung faces up to seven years in prison earlier this year he became the first former hong kong leader to be convicted in a criminal trial on separate charges pollen was at the high court so far donald has spent about two months in jail for misconduct in public office which he is appealing and now he's back in court to face separate bribery charges after a jury could not reach a verdict during the trial in february not these charges stem from two thousand and seven donaldson was chief executive of kong the jury will deliberate on whether a decision to grant a company a digital license was influenced by the fact that the company's major shareholder had renovated donalds on spent house for free and then hong kong is too neat in
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that the officials has really close connections with the business sectors with you know titles i think people already has that image in mind even with these cases now these days it's only is trying to get information in views of the general public and so i agree that we should have a wider view too to review how this kind of you know government and business connection should be on day one of the trial donald's on pleaded not guilty but the rest of the proceedings was mostly jury selection the judge refused to scuse a juror who said he was not a literal simply because he did like donald son now it is representative of the mixed feelings here in hong kong while many believe that the trial highlights corruption amongst the political elite others feel that it is excessive and donaldson's actions does not warrant jail time. the un says the number of ranger
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refugees escaping violence in me i'm rakhine state has now risen to four hundred and eighty thousand more than forty thousand of them have fled to bangladesh in the past two days alone and that's put a strain on resources extra shelters a needed for around six thousand children who cross the border without parents. more than seventy five thousand people have been evacuated from the areas near indonesia's mount volcano amid warnings that its eruption is imminent last erupted fifty four years ago then at least a thousand indonesians were killed so vast some reports from a mountain village on the island of bali striving to provide temporary accommodation to those in need. peeking out from behind the clouds mount is holding back and suspense volcanologists say the risk of an eruption is imminent
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thousands of people who live on the slopes of the volcano have been forced to leave their homes but are balinese have been quick to respond with help. these poor girls are bringing clothes rice and shampoo. but i feel that my relatives like my own family they really need help from us more than seventy five thousand people have moved to safer ground many now staying in temporary shelters relying on others for basic needs bally's spirit of solidarity and it's best volunteers are struggling to distribute goods that are poor in nobody knows until one aid is needed for the evacuees and they hope this spirit. local activists are taking good story mode areas which are difficult to reach what a purifier mattresses and food arrives in. a small village that has accepted two thousand evacuees but. this is bali tradition is to help each
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other their suffering is our suffering that's our possibly involving. local teachers are providing children with learning materials and classes to ensure they don't miss their education the hospitality is well received. but i feel relieved that i can stay here because there's a lot of aid people are really nice to us if we need something they try to give it to us. and it's not just people who are finding refuge here but also their paths bird cats and dogs have been evacuated too which makes what could be a long and on certain weight of possible disaster a little more bearable step al-jazeera. still to come here at al-jazeera in sport the women's world number. one is going strong with the roof open.
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right it's time for the spool scenes his pizza. thank you very much donald trump has told the n.f.l. that the only way out of the controversy surrounding players kneeling in protest is to create a new rule banning them from doing so it follows four days of divisive comment from the u.s. president to which many players have responded by making their protest against racial injustice even more visible the dallas cowboys and owner jerry jones kneeled in unison before monday's game with the arizona cardinals but the crowd did not respond positively. as they take it easy call actively choose to be heard. from the sellout crowd in arizona. the players then rose to stand together while
2:48 am
the national anthem played as did the arizona cardinals on friday donald trump had called for players who neil to be fired more than two hundred n.f.l. players knelt or sat during sunday's games meanwhile the pittsburgh steelers player who appeared to defy his teammates by standing during the national anthem has said that was not his intention the steelers chose to remain in the locker room while it's played but on the way over an army veteran says he became separated from the squad while trying to get a glimpse of the flag from the tunnel. but because of that i have made coach tomlin look bad and that is my fault and that is my fault only have made my teammates look bad and that is my fault my fault only you know made the steelers also look bad and that is my fault and my fault only so unwillingly i have made a mistake. n.b.a. players and officials have also expressed their frustration with the president's comments they've become embroiled in
2:49 am
a debate the trump withdrew an invitation for golden state warriors. visit the white house. i couldn't believe the president of the united states would stoop to that level and to disrespect the n.f.l. players by calling them you know what he called them and then also. allowed them to protest their right as an american to freedom of speech they can protest if they want to. and i was so proud of the players in the n.f.l. i was proud of their coaches and the owners who are rallying behind the players for me as a professional athlete in the state and even know this state voted for trump that doesn't stop me inspiring these people the people of the state and aspiring to you because i would be even more at wrong if i started down the people of ohio that
2:50 am
makes zero sense my job is and my calling is much bigger than that guy and his name so why have this platform i will continue to inspire the state of ohio not only by what i do want to floor but also by point thirteen hundred key is in a school and it's been almost forty five million dollars to me you're a clown like your does like this that's unacceptable. as and i would a leader does like your job is supposed to bring everybody together and everybody in the world feels like. since you got in office that hasn't been the case you know there's a lot of issues going around the world like puerto rico doesn't have water and power like they're still part of the u.s. but you're worried about guys nailing down a national anthem or countries an embarrassment in the world. this is
2:51 am
this is an individual actually thought that when people held arms during the games that they were doing it to honor the flag that's delusional absolutely delusional but it's what we have to live with so you got a choice we can continue to balance our heads off the wall with his conduct or we can decide that the institutions of our country are more important college sports or a big business in the united states but the millions of dollars to be made of young players by unscrupulous agents has come to light after four college basketball coaches were charged with fraud and corruption on tuesday coaches from oklahoma state albany university arizona and the university of southern california were among ten people arrested in the first scheme uncovered by the f.b.i. the coaches are accused of taking cash bribes of up to one hundred thousand dollars
2:52 am
to funnel young players to agents and financial advisers in the second scheme the head of global basketball marketing at a did s. is alleged to have paid over one hundred thousand dollars in some cases the payments were made to families of high school players so they would commit to play basketball at two colleges sponsored by the sports where giant and later signed with the brand these coaches abuse that trust placed in them by the players and their families and they violated the duties that they owed to their schools in exchange for bribes ranging from thirteen thousand dollars to almost one hundred thousand dollars each these coaches allegedly pushed particular managers and advisors on the players and their families. and certain other coaches arranged for separate payments to be made to the families as well. roma droid have beaten brasil dortmund's in the u.a.e. for champions league tie on tuesday it was the ninth time in five years that the
2:53 am
two sides went head to head rails gareth bale open the scoring which cristiana rinaldo then added to dortmund pulled one back but another from rinaldo gave rael a comfortable lead three one with the final result as madrid go top of group h. elsewhere tottenham beads of whom the cozier three no porto also beat monaco three million what was a rematch of the two thousand and four final and manchester city ran out to no winners against shakhtar donetsk in the champions league continues on wednesday when german giants byron munich visits a big spending paris st germain the german club will face a determined p.s.g. who now believe they are worthy of a place at european football's top table the french club smashed the world transfer record during the previous transfer window to bring in brazilian strike and neymar well by him have had something of a startling start to the domestic campaign in the bundesliga we didn't start at the top but really that we're going to go this is. will be important game tomorrow not
2:54 am
the size of. prestigious game of course we want to show our best we want to try to win. and we want to try to be the first players dog of the group. said to keep us here use they say that this team is serious but the players they prodding over the past few years and this year it's a step toward having the opportunity to be one of the candidates to win the champions league it's a process but for the other teams we're now a sporting enemy that's why they speak about this team now. also on the night chelsea will be away at atletico madrid in their fancy new stadium you ventus will host greek side olympiacos barcelona hope across the portuguese border it's a place sporting lisbon and manchester united or in russia where they will face c s k a moscow tennis now and women's world number one. advance to the third round of the opening the spaniard beads less. of
2:55 am
a ukrainian the events of that being held in china dobbin year when to win the match in straight sets six four six four and she goes on to face magdalen lifts of old and mixed. carrying a political or has moved into the third round at the open in china beach hometown hopeful is jansch way on tuesday to advance sixteen point six six for the czech will now go on to face another chinese by. and that's all the sport more later now the u.s. or mark twain died more than a century ago but his fans can still look forward to a brand new work notes of a bed time tale that he told to his own children have now been turned into a book christen salumi has the story of poor boy along with his animal friends finds himself on a quest to rescue a kidnapped prince it's a character conceived by the american literary icon mark twain but brought to life
2:56 am
more than one hundred years after his death the journey of this children's book starts here in hartford connecticut this house was where the major creative period of mark twain's life happens. this is where the author whose real name was samuel clemens honed his craft writing the adventures of tom sawyer huckleberry finn and the prince and the popper his home was a place for imagination and creativity and his daughters encouraged him to tell them stories on an almost nightly basis and every story had to be different and if any element of any story seemed to be the same as an earlier one he had to go back and start over again think of what that does to your creative process as a storyteller that you have to come up with something brand new on an almost nightly basis the prolonging of prince only a margarine comes from a long clemens family tradition of telling bedtime stories it's based on
2:57 am
a fairy tale he first told his daughters in paris one that the authors hope will continue to resonate with children for generations to come. the story was just sixteen pages of twain's handwritten scribbles when it was discovered in the archives several years ago the husband and wife duo philip in aaron stead were tasked with turning twain's unfinished notes into a full children's book it wasn't necessarily our job to please mark twain it was actually our job to please mark twain's daughters because that was who the story was for originally when he was telling it the stead's had to make a few critical choices along the way one of the most notable illustrating the protagonist is black the simple answer is that that's who i saw when i was thinking of the story a lot of a lot of people are sort of suggesting that twain wouldn't have made that choice that character would be a person of color tweens original vision i would argue that maybe it would have been an eight hundred seventy nine but anybody who study between knows that tween.
2:58 am
changed radically from the beginning of his career to the end of his career perhaps that's why his insights on american life remain as relevant as ever a literary tradition has modern co-writers hope to continue christian salumi al-jazeera hartford connecticut well that's it from the out is there a new but don't go away i've got a lot more that is coming out. with . with. that that you are.
2:59 am
for years japanese have gone into the country's lush force for what they call. green or forest bathing thirteen years ago dr king lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system what a lot of fine to side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that far as trying to size reduces stress hormones and relax is us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe a forest instead of
3:00 am
a medicine. with . documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. unofficial results show iraq he cares a very good to see baghdad and i'm chris show their displeasure with more through.


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