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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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stream and one of their pitches might make a connection joining the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera i already felt liberated as a journalist for my view about getting to the truth as i would that's what this job . they thought they were americans until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia for life. one of the families fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera. hand over the airports or face an embargo the threat from baghdad after initial results show iraqi kurds voted for independence in the referendum.
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hello and welcome i'm peter double you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the latest twist in thailand's political infighting is about to unfold the supreme court prepares to announce its corruption verdict against the former prime minister yingluck shinawatra. a landmark decision saudi arabia will allow women to drive for the first time starting next year. plus we'll look at how a chance discovery has revealed a brand new work by one of the world's most popular authors more than a century after his death. top story iraq demanding the kurdish regional government surrender control of its airports or face a ban on international flights baghdad is increasing the pressure on the kurdish leadership of a monday secession referendum the vote went ahead despite objections from iraq iran
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syria the u.s. and turkey shall stratford is in bill. the rhetoric and threats continue and from both sides. iraq to me that i still is still occupying some parts of kirkuk and some parts of iraq i still is still a threat to the cities with some of our brothers in iraqi kurdistan a living we must not divide iraq according to or through all viral referendum that is completely rejected such language will go down well with the international community including the u.s. and the e.u. each sent the timing of the vote could weaken iraq's unity at a time when the fight against terrorism is paramount ela bhatt he says the kurdish referendum on independence was unconstitutional and the federal government will ignore the expected yes result only a few minutes after all about his speech the kayleigh g president appeared on kurdish television masoud barzani invited leaders of neighboring countries for
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dialogue but he remained defiant he said the wishes of iraq's kurds should be respected but. yes in the beginning we agreed on the constitution and partnership and the role of the kurdistan region in the establishment of iraq is very clear but you violated every agreement there is no need for anger and threats you have only yourself to blame the results of the referendum on not binding but the kurdish president wants a mandate to push the bank that government into negotiations towards independence for iraq's kurds. neighboring countries such as turkey fearful of the effect such a drive towards independence by the iraqi kurds could have on their own large kurdish populations have threatened sanctions and even not ruled out military intervention against the kayleigh gee. that seems unlikely at this stage but the referendum is certainly increased tensions across the region already struggling to
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deal with so many problems and when the battle against terrorism is far from won. the federal government says chaos storage is must hand over control of their airports by friday or face a potential international air embargo the government also says that the k r g must hand over control of their international land borders by friday or neighboring countries will take control of them too the pressure on president barzani from both baghdad and the wider region continues to mount for al-jazeera or bill let's take a live update on that one for you hoda abdel-hamid joins us live now from bill so hard to demands from iraq and turkey to how is that being received there. well. when one man speaks the other one immediately happen over the past few days now we haven't seen the official response of the airport
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authorities we are told the press conference. their position however shortly after. president barzani spoke and he sort of seemed to brush away he didn't really address. that would be collective punishment really. closing the borders i think this is three day period now before that really happens the deadline being friday. three days is a lot of negotiations going on behind the scenes probably involving. iran and then we just have to wait and see at this stage. an immovable object in the middle of this debate and sovereignty for the sovereignty for the iraqis both of them want to maintain that. that is the sort of the
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impasse but the reality is that there was this non-binding referendum and that the kurdish region of today is exactly the same one of a few days ago and there are at the moment any kind of step towards sort of going ahead with. declaring independence that would be a very very risky move for president. does have pressure from the international community to sort of step back and come down a bit so many kurds when you speak to them they say. of course they want eventually to see this independence day but people are realistic here and people do know that this is going to take a long time some of them would say it's not going to go without a fight that we might have to come to that but i think at the moment president is really to try to solve this impasse as quickly as possible and to what extent is mr
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vacation here the fact that he's stepping down i mean people are saying he wants a positive legacy left behind him. well he does he should be stepping down that his presidency could be extended it's been extended already once before president barzani has a very personal history when it comes to the kurdish struggle he comes his. father was a key figure really in the kurdish political conflicts specially in the sixty's and in the seventy's his clan was murdered by saddam hussein eight thousand people of his tribe were killed during the repression by saddam hussein and he is let's say the first president of the kurdish region post u.s. led invasion does want to leave a legacy is a part of that playing in all of this but i think also. it is now it's a become now
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a power card for him he can go he's been extremely frustrated with how things have been going on with the central government in baghdad since before prime minister but i think the problems really started and the former prime minister nuri al maliki that's when everything started going wrong between the two sides so he's going to try to use this card i think at this point to get as much as he can out of the central government really carrying an independent state at this stage with all that's going on in the region with the fight against with the pressure from the united states is something that he knows could be political suicide thank you. well iran has to stand with iraq and against the outcome of the referendum the government installed new missile systems close to the border with kurdish areas while turkey is threatening sanctions under simmons' reports from hub or on the turkey iraq border. two flags now turkey and iraq on
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a battlefield that sends out a daily message it's addressed to iraqi kurds as they celebrated the referendum on the other side of the border these iraqi government troops were flown in to join the exercise. this exercise conveniently perhaps situated right beside the main border crossing road between turkey and iraq really hasn't got a great deal of military significance it carries yet another political message to the iraqi kurds. the reason is that alongside the tank charges the political attacks coming from turkey are in line with the iraqi government's sentiment. the kurdish leadership is being accused of treason by turkey's president. can alter their colors yes they will be left in the lurch when we start imposing our sanctions will be over when we close the oil taps or the revenues will vanish and
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they will not be able to find food and clothes when our truck stop going into northern iraq. these are the trucks he mentions how ball the only border crossing from turkey into northern iraq is one of the largest in the world for trade it's worth more than eight and a quarter billion dollars of business a year to turkey if it closes it will be catastrophic for iraqi kurds it's estimated turkey supplies nearly seventy percent of their imported goods. nihad billy schick is a businessman dealing in exports he's a turkish kurd and he's anxious he says the situation could hurt both kurds and turks shonda obvious now there is tension in the northern iraq really needs turkey in my view turkey also needs northern iraq because of domestic and other regional issues this bridge of friendship and trade should be destroyed on the contrary it should be reinforced. irwin's other threat is blocking kurdish oil exports
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shutting off a pipeline in which up to six hundred thousand barrels worth of oil a day flows through turkey the threats are being repeated with no action so far apart from simulated combat on the border it's holding back is aimed at pressuring the iraqi kurds into some sort of u. turn it's hard to see that happening for now while armies make new alliances there is uncertainty and drew simmons al-jazeera war on the turkish iraqi border. to thailand where the supreme court is expected to announce its verdict in the corruption trial of the former prime minister yingluck shinawatra whose government was toppled in twenty fourteen and is facing up to a decade in jail for negligence over a rice subsidy plan she's not expected to attend the courts she's let the country her supporters according its political prosecution let's talk live now to our correspondent wayne hay who's covering that story for us out of bangkok when just
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just explain to us what might happen today. yes well certainly it has been a very long day already we were expecting the verdicts reading to begin at around nine o'clock in the morning it's just gone to in the afternoon now it didn't start at eleven so it's been going for more than three hours now certainly in the last few minutes there's been some excitement from the very large media contingent that's gathered outside the supreme court in bangkok as it appears that a verdict may be coming any time soon but as you say it's been a very long process because of their the fact there are nine supreme court judges and they each going through their findings in this case against the former prime minister yingluck shinawatra and delivering their verdict at the end of it so i'll to middle east she could face a ten year jail term some local media here reporting that it's more likely to be in the vicinity of five and she could also be banned from politics for life of course
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she is not here she failed to show on august the twenty fifth which was the original dates for the reading of the verdict it's believed now of course that she is overseas that she fled a couple of days before that original verdict reading date of august twenty fifth and is possibly in dubai with her brother another former prime minister talks in china what. is there a desire their side the courts not literally outside the court but operating external to the court system if you will where they want to seal seal this process because this. it's really being a clash of political cultures for the best part of a decade almost. yes it certainly has more than a decade really peter this is being going on a clash between the chena wants you can broadly say certainly the center wants their supporters and their party against what's loosely described i guess is the establishment and the military centered mainly in the capital bangkok and it's been
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an ongoing struggle dating back to when tax and chynna what was a very successful prime minister very popular prime minister he was of course removed in a coup in two thousand and six and was ultimately convicted of abusing his power and given a jail term as well and that's why he's in exile avoiding that jail term and now we may face a similar situation with his sister. who was removed in a coup in two thousand and fourteen and what you described as certainly the feeling among the chena wants their party and their supporters some of whom are gathered here outside the supreme court they feel that this is politically motivated that this is just the latest step in a process by the establishment by the military to try and remove the shinawatra from politics in thailand once and for all. you keep us posted on oh but in the meantime many thanks. women will be allowed to drive in saudi arabia for the first time beginning in june of next year king solomon is skewed a decree ending the kingdom status as the only country anywhere in the world where
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it was forbidden his pull to. activists like dr mahdi however jewish have been lobbying for decades for the kingdom of saudi arabia to allow women to drive and instead again been teamsters again i'm ready my daughter is ready and also society is ready how much longer can we live in an oppressive society that prevents us from our full rights. by next summer dr mcgee how will be allowed to drive without risking arrest fines and punishment the new policy will allow women to obtain a driver's license without having to ask permission of the husband father or male guardian the kingdom's representative to the united nations talk about the policy during a meeting at the un this is a historic day for saudi society for men and women and we can now say at last so you arabia is hoping the policy will help the economy and increased role of women in the workforce as part of the economic reform agenda and the
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efforts to streamline the amount of money that the state spends on its citizens with diminished oil revenue the idea of including more women into the labor force would definitely help and so driving is is one mechanism to increase women's economic participation it was anybody could be something that other activists reacted on social media mundo a shot of as a saudi women's rights advocate who was arrested for posting a video of herself driving in two thousand and eleven to protest the law in a tweet celebrating the decree she use the hash tags women to drive and daring to drive she also said the fight for equality in saudi arabia is far from over i grew up in ultra conservative society the united states also welcomed the move by the kingdom well then we're happy we're happy we're certainly happy to hear that if saudi women are now able to drive certainly here in the united states we would certainly welcome that and so i think it's a great step in the right direction for that country. another step that's been
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lauded by rights activists. over the weekend for the first time women were allowed to enter the king fahd stadium to celebrate the eighty seventh anniversary of the kingdom's foundation. thought that i know how to steal and what saudi women are going to do anything they respected and have proven themselves in every field they're not so weak as to be contained to one place. the right for women to drive may be a welcome step but some human rights organizations say the kingdom has a long way to go in guaranteeing equal rights for not only women but for minorities like those who are subjected to hate speech and violent attacks cultured or john al jazeera still to come here on al-jazeera. i'm scott either in yangon or the ongoing range a crisis here in myanmar might start to have an economic impact on this young democracy. plus question rico demands more help from the u.s.
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to clean up after hurricane rita. we're still got some rather lively showers across parts of central europe but the cloud still lead ounce awards the balkans easing over towards the black sea areas of low pressure bringing some thundery heavy showers in across the region then. just around the year and cold well the cloud of rain will eventually spill its way in from the atlantic but not too bad for england wales and scotland as we go on through wednesday from northern ireland getting off to a decent stop of the wet weather as you can see not too far away seventy wins coming in here so twenty or twenty one celsius for london and paris but the cloud right that will not use way through as you go on through day perhaps a touch cold but not too bad for the time of the year not vienna as well maybe
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a seventeen there for bucharest still a few of those showers just across central parts of the med but further north moscow not doing too bad the highs have around twelve degrees celsius it will stay dry staying dry to across much of north africa as one would expect. for kyra little more cloud moving across northern areas of algeria spectacle driving the chance of wanted to showers into the rock and plenty of showers across central africa downpours into the gulf of guinea and that right across much west africa.
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welcome back here with al-jazeera live from doha your headline so far iraq is demanding the kurdish regional government surrender control of its airports or face a ban on international flights that move is a reaction to the kurdish referendum held on monday baghdad is increasing the pressure on the kurdish leadership over the secession vote initial results say the referendum was passed in thailand bangkok's highest court is due to announce its verdict in the corruption case against the former prime minister yingluck
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shinawatra in luck is not in court to hear fate she's escaped to the country last month she's accused of wasting billions of dollars on a rice scheme which cause huge losses to the state women will be allowed to drive in saudi arabia for the first time from june of next year king solomon has issued a decree ending the kingdom status as the only country where it's forbidden and if it's seen as a victory for human rights activists. the u.s. defense secretary james mattis is in the afghan capital kabul along with the native chief u.n. stoltenberg the unannounced visit comes weeks after president trump pledged to send more u.s. forces to afghanistan and afghan security forces are struggling to defeat the taliban the armed group has been on the offensive since the u.s. led nato combat forces withdrew from the region in twenty fourteen. and we're getting reports that a rocket landed near kabul airport after mr mattis arrived in afghanistan a few hours ago we're following that developing story up date you soon as we get any more information. more than forty thousand have fled from me in ma to
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bangladesh in the past two days the u.n. says the number of refugees escaping violence in the northern states of recalling has now risen to four hundred eighty thousand it has put a strain on resources in bangladesh where extra shelter is a need for about six thousand children who cross the border without their parents the u.n. wants two hundred fifty million dollars to cope with the crisis. well that crisis is affecting the economy of me and the military crackdown in rakhine is making international companies reconsider their investments scott tylenol reports from me and moss largest city and commercial center. like this abandoned fun park in central yang gone much of the country is still waiting for the development and foreign investment many hoped would come hopes were high when sanctions were lifted and the country was reconnected to the world after nearly five decades of military control the west has started to invest here but
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remains limited the main trading partners are still myanmar's neighbors. hoping to change that trade groups are working to encourage more businesses and investment from europe and the united states. but they have run into a problem political fallout from the refugee crisis in myanmar's rakhine state. after a recent six country tour in europe to drum up investment a member of one group said the treatment of revenge it was brought up everywhere they went and that was before the recent violence in rakhine that sent hundreds of thousands fleeing into bangladesh the crisis is having a knock on effect with small business managers some clients at this tour company have canceled or postpone their trips not only for my business for the sake of industry because we will then over twenty one yes into his industry we face
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a lot of you know prizes and challenge us. laws and regulations of foreign investment are changing after years of being closed off continued international condemnation and concern over the right hinge a crisis could have an impact on foreign help on big infrastructure projects like the much needed upgrades on yangon energy railways. china has been a long time main trading partner with myanmar going back to the days of military rule myanmar's leaders are working to diversify and move away from heavy reliance on trade with china want to congress feels that if western nations start to slow investment because of the range of prices it could force me and mark to remain reliant on china we are still in the. investment agreement. even this is in the process.
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so even in the best of conditions more time is needed to attract foreign investment myanmar hopes to land but right now with the world watching events in rakhine it might be pushed farther down the track it's got harder al-jazeera yangon. u.s. president donald trump plans to go to the u.s. territory of puerto rico next tuesday to see for himself the devastation caused by hurricane maria there has been condemnation that the government wasn't doing enough to help the struggling island if she had pretenses. widespread shortages and desperation now being reported across puerto rico six days after maria hit but at the white house donald trump was congratulatory about the relief efforts everybody has said it's amazing the job that we've done in puerto rico we're very proud of and i'm going there on tuesday and i think we've done a really good job we're continuing to we are literally unloading on an hourly basis water food supplies the federal emergency management agency says it's provided
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millions of meals liters of water and shelter u.s. navy says it will dispatch a hospital ship to the territory yet amid criticism of the u.s. administration is not acting speedily to help on monday the governor of puerto rico felt he had to remind the mainland but his territories three point four million people were american citizens in fact a recent survey found that forty one percent of americans didn't think they were with a further fifteen percent unsure the speaker of the house of representatives attempted to change that perception this is our country and these are our fellow citizens they need our help and they're going to get our help on tuesday the governor said he'd spoken to president trump this was his response when asked whether he thought the president cared about his territory i am confident that he does and i fully expect his support. this effort he has. made that clear to me personally personally so you know and again i want to thank him for acting quickly
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some of these things over there also specials that the u.s. is priorities are not just humanitarian to rico is massively in debt to wall street and don't trust monday night tweets appeared to reassure the bankers that no debts would be forgiven despite the disaster much of the island was destroyed with billions of dollars owed to wall street and the banks which sadly must be dealt with he tweeted in addition questions are being raised as to why the hundred year old jones act isn't being lifted under the u.s. ships and crews can dock in puerto rico with supplies which is long meant of the price of goods here is far. then on the mainland this also means neighboring countries are unable to give direct help now the administration dismissed such concerns you hear mobilize ships if you send a man because it has more space for. the. brain it's estimated to put a record will be without electricity for between four to six months the u.s. congress is expected to begin discussing long term relief efforts sometime next
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month she abrahams the al-jazeera now the u.s. author mark twain died more than one hundred years ago but fans of the creates of huckleberry finn and tom sawyer could look forward to a new piece of his work notes of a bedtime story told by twain to his children have been turned into a children's book by a husband and wife team of. kristen salumi has that story of poor boy along with his animal friends finds himself on a quest to rescue a kidnapped prince it's a character conceived by the american literary icon mark twain but brought to life more than one hundred years after his death the journey of this children's book starts here in hartford connecticut this house was where the major creative period of mark twain's life happens. this is where the author whose real name was samuel clemens honed his craft writing the adventures of tom sawyer huckleberry finn and
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the prince and the popper his home was a place for imagination and creativity and his daughters encouraged him to tell them stories on an almost nightly basis and every story had to be different and if any element of any story seemed to be the same as an earlier one he had to go back and start over again think of what that does to your creative process as a storyteller that you have to come up with something brand new on an almost nightly basis the prolonging of prince only a margarine comes from a long clemens family tradition of telling bedtime stories it's based on a fairy tale he first told his daughters in paris one that the authors hope will continue to resonate with children for generations to come. the story was just sixteen pages of twain's handwritten scribbles when it was discovered in the archives several years ago the husband and wife duo philip in aaron stead were tasked with turning twain's unfinished notes into
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a full children's book it wasn't necessarily our job to please mark twain it was actually our job to please mark twain's daughters because that was who the story was for originally when he was telling it the stead's had to make a few critical choices along the way one of the most notable illustrating the protagonist is black and the simple answer is that that's who i saw when i was thinking of the story a lot of a lot of people are sort of suggesting that twain wouldn't have made that choice that character wouldn't be a person of color in tweens original vision i would argue that maybe it would have been an eight hundred seventy nine but anybody who studied tween knows that tween. changed radically from the beginning of its creator the end of his career perhaps that's why his insights on american life remain as relevant as ever a literary tradition has modern co-writers hope to continue christian salumi al-jazeera hartford connecticut.
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this is al-jazeera these are the headlines iraq is demanding the kurdish regional government surrender control of its airports or face a ban on international flights but movies in reaction to the kurdish referendum held on monday baghdad is increasing pressure on the kurdish leadership over that's a session a vote for nothing you need an agent or not as at the there are those who want to plunges into an internal crisis and to divide iraq through a referendum which is unlawful and unconstitutional i want the consequences of this referendum will have a negative impact on the kurdish area and the region as a whole and a negative impact on all citizens. the federal government of iraq will do what it. it takes in we will need to be quite united need for god according to the constitution we have to protect our citizens local media reports are saying that thailand's highest court has sentenced prime minister yingluck shinawatra to five
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years in prison for her conviction on corruption charges uniloc was not in court to hear that judgment as she fled the court last month she's accused of wasting billions of dollars on a rice scheme which cause huge losses to the state. women will be allowed to drive in saudi arabia for the first time starting in june of next year king solomon issued a decree ending the kingdom status as the only country where it's forbidden but u.s. defense secretary james mattis is in the afghan capital kabul along with the native chief u.n. stoltenberg the unannounced high level visit comes weeks after president donald trump pledged to send more u.s. forces to afghanistan we're getting reports that a rocket landed near kabul airport after mr mattis arrived in afghanistan just a few hours ago we're following that still evolving story for you we'll update you as soon as we have any subsequent information more than forty thousand ranger fled from me and maher to bangladesh in the past two days the u.n.
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says the number of refugees escaping violence in me in mass rakhine state has risen to four hundred eighty pounds thirty minutes of al-jazeera will news in thirty minutes between now and then it's inside story up. the first catalonia plans to hold an independence referendum yet the central government insists it's unconstitutional and the courts have judged it illegal as the state trumps down and kept to the streets where will this crisis and. zero for the latest. because it involved her voice within the better rendered with hopes of getting their own homeland the votes rejected by the evocate government and neighboring countries. in the war the battle and the need for the region as story.


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