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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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and brutally come up with a. crime who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade. this time when the news breaks more than a million people have already lost power here and not number will grow as conditions worsen and the story builds fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives when people need to be heard and be i dream about gambling in numbers i don't feel comfortable without them i'll gamble until i die al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. the kurdish regional governments electoral commission says it will and announce an initial results of the session referendum this hour we are live in erbil.
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i joined up this is al jazeera life and was a coming out. guilty verdict the supreme court in thailand sentences former prime minister yingluck shinawatra to five years in prison for corruption. the u.s. defense secretary and nato secretary general in kabul sells a new afghan policy that may not be all that new plus. a show of force from south africa's largest workers' union its main demand president jacob zuma must go. iraq's kurdish region is about ten ounces the official results from monday's succession referendum an official estimate say kurds have voted yes iraqi prime
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minister body is ready regional leaders to cancel the results it's good morning from me joining us live from bill we waiting on the results what are you hearing how is it going to work. well we're waiting for the results the first said that they were supposed to be announced a short while ago. however the room where the press conference is going to happen is full with journalism everybody is really on standby even the people here in this square behind me everybody has been coming and asking us do you know what the results are so this is a certain level of anticipation among kurds probably as curious as. we can fairly say that the vote would have won in this referendum even though we don't know the percentage the only figure we have of this board is that there was quite a high turnout somewhere around seventy two to seventy five percent and we have a breakdown of the turnout in the cities within the kurdish region the turnout.
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reaching up to eighty percent for example. we also saw there. according to the commission these figures are. there was quite a high turnout high turnout is in is not representative of the whole city for the simple reason that the kurds living there were the one who by and large voted and saying it is leading to that referendum that they will boycott the vote now everybody is waiting and i think what after that the government in baghdad will also ponder on not the figures in the kurdish region itself because that's sort of a given what happened disputed territory how much was a turnout there and what were the percentages of the vote there because that is one of the main problem between the two sides and that is one of the main points why
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the government in baghdad is so angry that those disputed territories were part of this referendum gets not only the government and in iraq who is angry how to regionally they really concerned internationally as well the iraqi government has already started threatening them as to what it's going to do if they pass this through the straits. well there's several threats that actually have been issued over the past seventy two hours i would say. the most concrete one which is the sort of take surrendering to the international airport to the many to the for the road border guards or closing it down no iraq. has. notified the international carriers that fly into this region that starting friday fifteen hundred g.m.t.
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all international flights will be suspended only domestic flights will be operating by those borders this also parliament asked the prime minister. to take over the international borders of the land borders of the kurdish region those are three on the border with iran and two on the border with turkey now officially those borders are under the control of the central government even though. the manpower operating there whether it's customs or passport control or security are kurds but they do they come under the umbrella of the ministry of interior so i think what the government in central the central government would like to do is actually send its own people probably a change of personnel or maybe increasing the number of arabs working along the borders of iraq he's working out of would that still hasn't happened we've been monitoring the borders for the past two days and all we've been told at the moment
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is that the borders are functioning as normal ok let's leave it now and i'll come back to you soon as we get them so. i still is taken thirty iraqi federal police officers hostage in ramadi after attacks on government controlled areas fighting remains in the city despite security forces retaking it from the group nearly two years ago last week iraqi forces launched offensives against the last major eisel strongholds near the syrian border and around the northern town of. a woman has died in a rocket attack near the airport in afghanistan's capital kabul just hours after u.s. defense secretary james mattis arrived for a visit to children were injured mattresses tour with nato chief u.n. still timberg follows u.s. president donald trump's pledge to send more american troops afghan security forces are struggling to defeat the taliban the group has been on the offensive since the
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u.s. led nato combat troops withdrew in two thousand and fourteen. we will suffocate any hope that al qaeda or isis dash a cannier the taliban have of winning by killing i want to reinforce to the taliban that the only path to peace and political legitimacy for them is through a negotiated settlement we welcome those who commit to a peaceful future for afghanistan. we should support afghan led reconciliation is the solution to this conflict and the sooner the taliban recognizes they cannot win with the sooner the killing. recall were not taught the strategy of america and nato is now clear and general mattis has decided that they will send new troops to afghanistan i hope other members of nato as has been requested by secretary general start and will take part in training and supporting our forces that's how the ban and other terrorist groups have used up people as human shields i have instructed
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all our security forces that during the operations they have to protect the lives of civilians. former prime minister. has been convicted of negligence and handed a five year jail term the case of the mismanagement of the rice subsidies scheme that cost the country of dollars. wasn't. just. when he reports. under thailand's military government gatherings like this are banned but there was no stopping some supporters of young election of what who gathered outside the supreme court in bangkok. i came here to give support knowing that i may not show up because i'm a supporter of the shadow us because of them at one stage as able to forge a better life the judges took four hours to read the decision before the former prime minister's legal team emerged to confirm a guilty verdict and a five year jail term. i don't know how to feel we have to. the court has done its
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duty to deliver the verdicts at legal time with allies have verdicts again how we have fought this case and see if we can appeal. the case centered on the rice pledging scheme it was a populist policy that helped party win the two thousand and eleven election and sort removed in a military coup three years later after widespread protests the scheme so far has paid above market prices for the high. first the court ruled that you knew there was corruption going on but didn't act to stop it she failed to show for the initial court session to hear the verdict last month after leaving the country two days earlier it's believed she's either in london or dubai where her brother also a former prime minister thaksin shinawatra lives he too was removed in a coup in two thousand and six and sentenced to two years jail for abusing his power he was also out of the country at the time and hasn't served the prison term . there's no doubt the shinawatra and their party still enjoy
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a lot of support around thailand but there's unlikely to be any significant mobilisation of those supporters following this verdict since the military coup in two thousand and fourteen that saw the young like government removed from office the military has clamped down on dissent and opposition voices. the shinawatra believe they are victims of a campaign by the establishment and military to remove them from politics for good their supporters may have been largely silenced but they refused to give up. i don't know what the political future is but the people always support the chena what's the party will always vote for the poor type party with or without the chena what's the verdict means that depending on the political situation you know what is unlikely to be back in thailand for a long time if at all wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. in south africa tens of thousands of people are taking part in a nationwide strike against government corruption and unemployment it's being led
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by the largest workers' union and a branch of the ruling african national congress which says the party is suffering from leadership failure is the trade union asserted to shut down the country as it marches on city holes banks and the chamber of mines its demanding president jacob zuma step down and an investigation into state corruption twenty page sent us updates from one of the rallies in johannesburg. and. some of the one point eight million members taking to the streets. and. her range of issues primarily president jacob zuma to step down they say he's presided. and one of which could. intimidate. there. to stay capture. refuse to understanding the
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belief here in south africa that some private business and i've been able to exert . over the president and government decisions and. i say rising unemployment rising to a simply unacceptable but the question is really how much influence does precisely to have its in a governing alliance with the african national congress and the south african communist party but even though they. have been. stepped out on the street now that he hasn't tells us that that alliance. in trouble and that the saudis and fluence is waiting. representatives of kenya's president who can yatta an opposition leader raul meeting the electoral commission ahead of next month's rerun of the presidential poll and choose the hundreds of people protested outside the commission's office calling on stuff to step down stephanie decker reports from nairobi. it is the first time that both parties both jubilee and nasser sitting
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down with the electoral commission since the supreme court and no vote they have issues to discuss and i think important now is because we had that supreme court report those real details over twelve hours the judges read out what went wrong during those elections so the i b c now has something substantial to look at and then to bring back to the table the main question is really whether the opposition is going to accept whatever it is whatever amendments the electoral commission is putting in place because what their issue has been all along is that they say they want reforms including some of the senior officials to resign the i.v.c. says that's not going to happen so i think we'll have to wait and see what comes out of this meeting if indeed they can agree on anything but i think this is the first substantial i think message we may get out at a time when of course the pressure is on these elections need to take place are scheduled for october the twenty six and they're going to have to point out
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whatever issues they have before they could take place so heads on al-jazeera thousands moved to safety in indonesia as a volcano threatens to erupt for the first time in more than fifty years. days off to be using its license to operate in london but faces another challenge for new claims that it doesn't treat its drivers face with. with . hell i was about to start writing again in southern china you thought it had all finished but now are afraid not the winds turning from its circulation on thursday to an onshore feed come friday so it's lighter rain from hong kong down towards the vietnamese border but the real right is still alive extension sichuan to shanghai it's given a lot of rain in shanghai recently but the focus will be heading further west to the next there's
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a potential for flooding still exists with the retreating monsoon through india we are still getting late season rain fairly heavy rain in fact in bangladesh than in tamil nadu as well and occasionally as a forecast jesse gets as far north as mumbai north of that it's dry and warm and sunny it's still thirty five thirty six in new delhi and low thirty's in southern pakistan with the retreating monsoon we're getting a lowering in the humidity for salala so the heavy if you just about overnight and the slow lowering humidity throughout the gulf states thirty eight in there has a max that's were below forty on this side of the peninsula still up above further west so about forty or forty one in mecca or medina and the chance of showers though is still there down in yemen is much less than it was so it's all big sunshine at the moment.
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i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online want to pollute the u.s. citizens here and want pollute the people of iraq by one and the same or if you join us i was never going to file been looked at differently because i'm darker than all the people that i'm alive is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make. join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. and again let me take you through the top stories iraq's kurdish region is about to announce official results from monday's to session referendum on official estimates
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say kurds have voted yes rockey prime as a body as a radio regional leaders to cancel the results that's a live picture coming from air bill they are sitting there waiting as always for those results. the u.s. defense secretary is in afghanistan was told president ashraf ghani that american nato forces won't abandon afghans to the taliban and other groups james mattis is visiting kabul with nato chief. thailand's former prime minister yingluck shinawatra has been jailed for five years she was convicted of negligence of a rice subsidy scheme that cost the government billions. she fled the country last month. i believe the results will be announced any time soon about the session referendum being held in iraq's kurdish region let's listen.
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to. rush. ok. that's. the name of the. benevolent everyone. and. in this historic moment. i'm going to announce. the results to put independence referendum.
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to carry out. dependents referendum. and. despite a lot of bills. to provide. technical support. related. according to the international convention. protocol. after. the contribution from.
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time. management of the commission we appreciate their contribution and thank them to carry out such a project is not an easy task. for. an international. and. we carried out. in the most appropriate way. achievement and the success. working with. them i'm
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going to announce that. was carried out successfully. and it is very inspiring. but it was. thank you. internationally. to the national monitors. for helping to carry. that process successfully. to late ourselves and our nation. i'm going to announce. the name of the.
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i mean just what he's been saying he's just been confirming that the referendum has been held successfully in all the parts the regions that have been involved in this and we are waiting on the final results i think is giving out numbers and carried out how to just tell us a little bit. let me just. she's waiting for us live and just tell us what's been going on there and what we are waiting for still. so far. i'm just looking here now he had.
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a number. five. hundred fifty. those. three hundred ninety five nine hundred twenty five. seventy two plus.
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seventy. six hundred and eleven votes. counted. yes. way too many eight hundred and sixty one so then four hundred seventy one votes which. sent. two hundred. then and four hundred sixty eight. point two seven percent.
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approved by the. court. but we were listening to the numbers the amount of people who'd turned out how many votes had been discarded and basically just to sum it up briefly for you a large number of people turned out to vote in this referendum ninety two percent voted in favor of the referendum so according to the results so far it is yes two session from iraq let's bring in hala. joining us live from hasn't actually said yes yet but that seems to be the way it's going. and the voters. actually announced the final result
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that would be and i think it's a number that many people here were expecting actually. you've. heard. how much. people will say we expect that number. ninety percent. because the reality of some people. and one man summed it up for me it's very difficult no matter what political. has to come and answer no to such a question the question is. the question is about the future kurdistan state. really is like a reality show isn't it waiting for the final results to come through and there
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seems to be a lot of excitement you know he was giving up. numbers a lot of people turned out to remind us of why so many people have wanted this to happen why they wanted to leave iraq. i mean the relationship between the kurds and the rest of iraq has been very difficult with ebbs and flows throughout the past hundred years as many people you would tell you ever since the end of world war one but if you fast forward to post u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three because at the time where already a semi autonomous region there was a no fly zone they were already quite settled in their ways even had at the time their own currency it was still an iraqi dinar but it was a different print on the paper they did support the u.s. led invasion they did go to baghdad and from the very beginning they played
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a key role first in the governing council then in the drive in the right in the first elections then in the writing of the but then things the honeymoon was over pretty quickly. started having its new government and i think things when really bad after former prime minister nouri unmanaged took up a position is during that time that you had most of the ration between the two sides and twice already in two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve you had some very serious stand of between iraqi security forces and a kurdish peshmerga and the u.s. had to intervene at the time to have everybody pull back and calm down the situation now after the war of mosul and the role that the. played in that in the fight against isis and i think the kurds felt that this was their time to
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grab the opportunity and go ahead with the river and special even. from their point of view they were going nowhere with negotiating with baghdad they were frustrated actually earlier in the day the prime minister of the kurdish region said why is everybody asking us why did we took this step why is nobody asking baghdad why they never felt this made us feel like a part of this country he said the kurds have legitimate fears and those fears are not being addressed and i think one of the the biggest fear at least the one he gave as an example was the presence of the paramilitary forces that are now under the command of prime minister. well the prime minister here was saying well they got a support they got military support financial support in our fish merica forte and who had a critical role in the war against isis in mosul didn't get anything so there you
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have these problems that are there from the kurds point of view baghdad is not addressing those concerns and from baghdad point of view the kurds are being bold they were there does integration of iraq something the prime minister said he will fight with all his powers is going to be very critical moments ahead and prime minister he has warned yesterday during his weekly press conference he said i am willing to go back to the negotiating table but he won't because no to use there is the referendum or its results as a bargaining chip ninety two percent is a resounding a landslide victory forward to afford a kurdish region here but we still have to remember that this is a non-binding referendum and that the declaration of a independent state is not going to come anytime soon and harder regionally obviously this raises many concerns because of the kurds in other countries who
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might have similar ideas i suspect in the security impact on. that. well i think that. neighboring countries are certainly watching very closely what is happening here i don't think it comes either as a surprise to them that the voters want it was just as a matter of finding out the percentage yes vote after i tell you that throughout the days we've been here we saw some iranian kurds turkish kurds who had come here and i think great numbers but kurds who wanted to be in this kurdish region during their own referendum day who just wanted to be part of the celebrations that happened and of that day so it is that concern that it will have an impact on the kurds inside those countries let's leave it there as we leave in pictures of people milling around in erbil after hearing the results of an unofficial referendum held
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in iraq's kurdish region we've just found out that ninety two voted in support of it and seven percent voted against they are real regional and international concerns threats of already being leveled against them we'll find out more next. on october the first catalonia plans to hold an independence referendum yet the central government insists it's unconstitutional and the courts have judged it illegal as the state clamps down and catamounts take to the streets where this crisis and. zero for the latest. and you're in the stream now live on you tube today uncertain future of the iran nuclear deal as u.s. president donald trump's rhetoric against the deal steps up what's the conversation in iran.


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