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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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it. was. more tales of horror of muslims who fled violence in miramar the u.n. says hoth a million refugees have now crossed into bangladesh. are
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there i'm watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. they once were bitterly opposed over the war in syria but now it's a meeting of minds as turkey's president hosts his russian counterparts in. another day of rallies in barcelona at this time it's students who are on the streets in support of catalonia independence referendum. the show of force in south korea. young young it has military might use it provoked. the u.n. and international aid groups say more than half a million refugees have now fled to bangladesh since violence broke out in state
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last month the united nations security council will hold a meeting about the crisis in the coming hours u.n. officials were due to be allowed into rakhine state for the first time since august the twenty fifth but me i'm all says the troops be disposed due to bad weather the un is accused me of ethnic cleansing and human rights groups say the army has committed crimes against humanity there calling for sanctions in particular an arms embargo meanwhile hundreds of children are being separated from their families as they flee the unrest save the children and unicef have expressed concerns about the increased risk of child exploitation abuse and trafficking. well those who have made it to bangladesh have brought with them the counts of murder and systematic john holl reports from the border district of cox's bazaar. the government hospital in the town of copses bazaar is the next best thing to the
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clinics in the camps it receives some of the more seriously injured and sick including you arrivals in the last few days. it's hot it's filthy and it stinks. but for mohammad saleem and his family it is a haven from the horrors of their journey to bangladesh woken up at night by gunfire in the village they ran for their lives but the children were left behind that. i needed to do for the years when the shooting stopped i came out of the jungle and found my wife where my other children i did not know i have three children i found my wife on the floor and the baby i saw that my wife had been shot three times in one leg and in the other a bullet went in one side and out the other. mohammed picked up his injured wife and baby and fled they don't know what happened to the other children aged two and
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three. i felt like my world had changed for ever thinking about what i'd left behind leaving my children behind i had left my own children behind did i feel like carrying on i didn't even feel like taking a single step forward. the couple believe they hope the children may have been picked up by fleeing relatives it feels like they forsaken place this hospital people on the floor on benches the rubble patients and there are beds more stories than we were able to tell. we also met her lemma her tune beaten by soldiers as she escaped me and with her children and grandchildren the old thing that i did . i left at three am so the buddhists wouldn't see me everyone was crossing the river there was shooting people and killing them everywhere there were dead bodies
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floating in the river. did she know i asked her why it was happening that killing bad children brothers not letting teaches or survive not leaving any rich people alive but just killing everyone to finish the job the job as the un has said is an organized campaign of ethnic cleansing jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh and we also heard that at least fifteen women and children have died after their boats which was carrying ranger fleeing violence in myanmar capsized off the coast of bangladesh the bodies have been found on a beach in cox's bazaar the boat was carrying one hundred thirty people. now the russian president vladimir putin is meeting his turkish counterpart in ankara developments in iraq and syria are up for discussion along with turkey's
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decision to purchase a russian made missile defense system let's take you to encourage speech of course on there andrew symonds andrew relations between russia and turkey have been in the doldrums for some time things have certainly changed now why. well regime. will certainly was very distant from president putin for a while since that downing of the russian warplane back in november twenty fifth things going from bad to worse with relations but now it's more than a reproach more going on there are common interests between the two powers perhaps more in favor of russia than turkey may be but the bottom line is that the syrian conflict has offers turkey some opportunities to do deals with russia there's also there's already involvement in the start of peace process which includes the the main sponsors russia turkey and iran that is going forward in
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a big way but there is a move away from europe a move away from the united states extra tension going on between turkey and nato the s four hundred missile system you mentioned there a deal done on that with russia in the past month that actually is not compatible with systems that nato has a major issue there this is what one member of an international think tank based here in turkey had to say on this issue. putin is in turkey to draw the wage between turkey and the west. that he has drawn in the first place and he's doing this very successfully but it turned in limbo are there are similar current issues on which turkey and russia and i have common interests and our need to work very closely with you know one of them obviously is the most current one. but also this
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situation in northern iraq in the aftermath of the referendum or not to take us through what is going to be on the table for discussion that. well firstly this issue of the syrian war there are four areas deescalation zones and turkey is going to be a major player in the it live zone big problems there the lot is working out with russia on this turkey is hoping that some sort of solution to its problem with the wipe e.g. the syrian kurds having possession of territory right on turkey's border that's not pleasing the president one at all and he wants to see russia perhaps come to a deal in influencing the situation there furthermore there are trade deals to discuss and the major issue of the iraqi kurdish referendum russia hasn't been as harsh as turkey has been and there is
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a factor to this that needs discussion it certainly isn't going to be easy because russia. partly privatized partly states and rosneft oil company has invested billions in kurdish all its the biggest financial involvement of all international companies there is an issue in that russia may be wanted to pipe this out through turkey where the president urged one wants perhaps is indicating that he may shut off all oil pipeline flow of oil through the country so this is possibly going to be a problem so it's not going to be all easy talking on this we hear right now that president putin is on his way to the presidential palace there will be dinner and pretty heavy talking to come indeed and repeat is that you can see we've just seen the two leaders arrive at the palace for those talks under way in accra thank you. a guilty verdict has been given in the trial of
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a controversial sunni muslim cleric in lebanon awkward alycia will be executed for his role in leading a huge house in twenty thirteen eighteen lebanese soldiers died along with forty of alice's supporters and two civilians while i was there as india's tired joins us live now from beirut and as was this verdict expected. well apologies for that we seem to have lost our line to the lebanese capital beirut we might try to go back to india as a little bit later in the program turkey has threatened to impose crippling restrictions on oil trading with iraqi kurds after they backed secession from baghdad the iraqi parliament is also urging the government to send troops to take control of oil fields held by kurdish forces kurdish officials though say they're not worried that they can withstand an economic blockade because they are self-sufficient holder abdul hamid reports from just outside erbil.
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coming from iran and turkey. they consider this referendum a threat to their own national security you have to bear in mind that they have a sizeable kurdish nation and those two countries while the referendum was happening here they were sort of celebration even messages of support from those kurdish populations whether from iran or from. this referendum actually on the square of the celebrations and night of the referendum itself. kurds who had crossed the border where to come here not to vote but to be part of that. that it was very symbolic even for them even if it had no direct week that they were hoping . it would be the way for them to also forge ahead with some sort of maybe autonomy
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or any kind of something to. say about lebanon that story i was talking about a few moments ago the guilty verdict given in the trial of the. cleric. he's going to be executed for his role in leading a shootout back in twenty thirteen. can i. actually expected. in short for his city yes it was it's what the prosecution had been pushing for from the very outset since this year was arrested in two thousand and fifteen as he tried to flee lebannon the beirut international airport traveling on a palestinian passport he had dramatically changed his appearance some suggested he may have surgically altered his face as he tried to leave the country but since then this trial has been playing out and there's been a number of delays in fact some concerns raised by human rights groups who have said that they they question some of the evidence that had been presented how some
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of the evidence may have been drawn out of the people who had been interrogated whatever the case we now do have this sentencing and not only does mr ellis here been given a death sentence seven others have as well a number of other code have been given varying prison sentences as well but this is a very polarizing case this is a case which really put into sharp focus lebanon's own divisions when it came to the war in neighboring syria if anything this was the largest spillover of violence that we saw here in lebanon in the very early days of the civil war a war which we have to remember that has below which is a very potent political social an armed group here in lebanon chose to stand behind syrian president bashar al assad whereas here and his supporters were supporting those opposition groups but particularly opposition groups who some have described as militant opposition groups now that of course created this major split which
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ultimately led to some extraordinary violence in which eighteen lebanese soldiers were killed two lebanese civilians were killed and around forty supporters this year also lost their lives but here we are with this verdict but rather this sentencing but very quickly what i do want to say is that it's only it's been since . two thousand and four since capital punishment has been carried out here in lebanon and fax it requires a president signature for an execution order to be carried out but again as we've been saying mr ellis here also has a chance to appeal this. sentencing and many believe that his lawyers will. thank you all right still ahead so on the program devastation in domany we'll have the latest on the relief efforts there following. vital u.s.
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aid supplies have arrived at staten island struggles with power and food shortages . welcome back now across southern and eastern parts of china we've got some rain showing up things are relatively quiet now. it should be somewhat drys ahead on through the day. parts of china picking up more in the way of rain which might push into parts of northern vietnam too still looking fairly wet across a. lot of heavy showers in here up into buying the dash and bhutan nepal we're seeing very heavy rain continuing to develop here so moving across. those showers across northeastern areas also down through the western ghats we've got some heavy rain returning once again through the course of friday but central northern parts
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of india much of pakistan expected to remain dry and fine with temperatures in the mid thirty's as far as he's concerned. kind of the thirty two degrees here in the arabian. sea levels around the gulf dropping very slightly. probably still staying quite humid until the first week of october but generally it's getting a little bit better on the other side of the peninsula. temperatures there in the low forty's so. still forty one in medina. at altitude of course temperatures considerably lower twenty six in santa. for the nomadic tribe. never be able to. follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. as they strive to preserve their
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traditional way of life. mongolia this time on al-jazeera. well again at the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.n. says more than half a million refugees have now fled to bangladesh. broke out in. state last month hospitals are struggling to cope with the influx of people. russian president vladimir putin is in ankara meeting his turkish counterpart. the talks are expected
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to be dominated by developments in iraq and syria. and a guilty verdict has been handed down in the trial of a controversial sunni muslim cleric in lebanon often allies there will be executed for his role in leading a shoot out in twenty thirty. council and authorities say they're working to ensure that a disputed referendum from spain will take place peacefully thousands of university students of march through barcelona to protest against what they call an intensifying crackdown ahead of sunday's vote there demanding the right to vote in the referendum which the madrid based national government has dismissed illegal. tell us about the march that took place a little earlier what's happening right now where you are. wolf there were thousands of high school and university students out on the streets of. beirut out of class and to the streets and their aim was to buy catalonia is big
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for the referendum this coming sunday now a lot of them think. the city too young to be allowed to go vote in this referendum but they said they were turning out anyway in support of the secession movement because here in catalonia become one of the new fronts in the bible between the central government and regional government the schools are going to be useful centers on sunday and the central government to send extra police to catalonia with orders to close down those schools take them up as if there were potential crime scenes stop fighting. so students are now going to rise. to the uk a third and in fact stop the police getting in and if you look around me now this is barcelona university. the languages and communications department and students here have been having a sit in for the last week now and this is been one of the ad hoc organization
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centers because the central government has been closing down web pages promoting the referendum then these students have gone low tech they've been setting up tables to hand out that campaign material to hand out ballot papers and run the course of the day they've been having organized events including. to how to organize a campaign of civil disobedience to get into those schools and keep them open so that they can serve as voting centers felicity so that's what's happening at the street level but what political developments have that been in the background any sign that this battle between the central and regional governments could subside. well you're absolutely right this is a path. level street level but also in the courts and also politically now today there was a high level security meeting between the catalonian government and the spanish
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government to see if they could at least come to some agreement over coordination with police forces and security on sunday for the referendum but that meeting broke up with no agreement simply because both sides do not agree the central government says the referendum must not go ahead the catalan government says it will go ahead there was nothing to talk about both sides left but remember no international country not even the united not even the european union has given backing to this referendum nobody has said that they're going to recognize the outcome and so today the council on foreign affairs minister was in brussels and he said point blank you know catalonia is going to recognize the outcome of sunday's referendum as a binding decision and if it is a yes vote there forty eight hours of catalonia will be declaring independence from the residents by that really only suggests that this political crisis could get a lot worse before it gets any better more uncertainty had culp and all in
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barcelona thank you. yemen's cholera outbreak is now the world's largest on rec order and it's still spreading the british charity oxfam says it expects one million cases of the disease by november that's more than the seven hundred fifty thousand cases in haiti when outbreak last five years from twenty ten well than two thousand people have died from cholera in yemen since may. new drone footage taken over the puerto rican capital sun a while shows the devastation left behind by hurricane maria at least sixteen people were killed when maria made landfall on the u.s. territory it was the strongest hurricane to hit puerto rico in nearly ninety years where u.s. president donald trump has waived shipping restrictions to puerto rico to allow more aid to be sent to the island food and water supplies are running low and three million islanders a still without power eight days after hurricane rita devastated
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the territory tory's a bow has more. than gone he's still trying to recover her belongings from the damages caused by hurricane my dear she lives in san juan puerto rico's capital figured out a little easier i didn't want to leave my house when the hurricane came i stayed inside with my two sons and tried to protect the little we have. just like in the rest of the capital in this neighborhood there is still no water or electricity and this is one of the front ones poorest neighborhoods as you can see many of the houses here have been completely destroyed mostly because they were built with people and would those who are living here had to seek refuge in a shelter and that's where they remain in days after the category four hurricane hit this u.s. territory in the caribbean the united states government says aid is on the way to address the growing humanitarian crisis in some parts of the island the federal
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emergency management agency has said badly damaged airports and seaports are making it difficult to get aid and personnel. so puerto rico has tremendous problems with floods and with damage and collapse and we're still looking for people we're still looking for people but i'm going to be going there are tuesday and i may also stop at the virgin islands the governor there is delayed to reflect on the streets of some one people are lining up for hours to get fuel and cell phone towers have not been fully restored. really only when i do know that i still haven't received any help do you see much going on around the city it's like nobody kid is many here feel the same way as they struggle to get by every day i will under cedar some one puerto rico. or caribbean island of dominic is still reeling after being devastated by maria with fears it could take years to recover eighty percent of the buildings
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have been damaged or destroyed gabriel amazon dove has more from the dominican capital. i'm here in a side street in the capitol of a road so you can get a sense of how bad this hurricane was there just destruction here everywhere now look at this vehicle that i'm about to show you again it shows you how strong the winds were and how ferocious this storm was you can see a helicopter about to land here this is near the stadium and we see. here there is . thirty minutes when we flew into the country what we saw was absolutely devastating this is normally a very lush green island but it was all brown the worst of the hurricane winds just ripped all of the trees and vegetation completely out of the ground it was absolutely astonishing when we got to one of the main airports we saw aid convoys that were arriving from various different countries helicopters also large military
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planes as well aid is finally starting to get into the country and it's needed desperately on the drive we saw more of the extreme devastation that's been hitting this country at one point there were people with gathering water from a precious water stream because that's the only access to water that they had very very bad way off to the right this is believed like just the. the steroid the the water. the theory women. we came here to speak to the country's prime minister roosevelt skerritt this is what he had to tell us complete devastation and every street and every village in the country. it is it is it is very painful to see the suffering and on which people well aid is starting to come into the country it's very clear the recovery of dominique is
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going to take weeks months you know it's going to take years. south korea says it's expecting more of what it sees as provocative acts from north korea next month the anniversary of the founding of the communist party with tensions continuing to rise the south has rolled out its military hardware at an event marking forces day kathy novak is in seoul. a special forces show off korean fighting skills in a take quando display as the country celebrates its armed forces past and present the commander in chief president moon j. inspected the troops then addressed them saying the military's top priority is countering the north korean nuclear and missile threats and protecting peace come out of the korean government determination to safeguard peace and courage and strong national defense capabilities reckless rotations will be tough for an instrument on display the range of military hardware that south korea has at its
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disposal to take on what it sees as the threat from north korea including strategic ballistic missiles revealed for the first time to the public in another first the commemorations were held at the shitty trickly important second fleet naval base key in the defense of waters off the west coast the site of previous confrontations with north korea all part of the central message directed to the government across the border. my administration and our military will never show any hesitancy in safeguarding the people and homeland our armed forces combat strengths or that of north korea. is stronger than ever and we have strong weapons behind. the ceremony is an annual event marking the anniversary of the day in one thousand nine hundred fifty when south korean forces crossed the border into the north this year it comes at a time when the president says the security crisis on the peninsula is worsening.
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south korea. is preparing for the possibility of more provocative acts next month perhaps another missile launch or nuclear test it's especially concerned about key dates including october tenth when north korea marks an important anniversary and october eighteenth when china opens its communist party congress this display intended to show that south korea is ready to defend itself at any time you know that al-jazeera. now this week australia announced it will join the ranks of nations with their own space agency the state of south australia has the highest number of space startups in the country and is also playing host to the international astronauts call congress took a tour of one of those startups where in a trendy neighborhood of suburban adelaide in south australia and just through this garage door is a start up working on something that you might not expect and that's rocket science
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this is new in space it has these vacuum chambers that replicate space conditions and it's working on ways to convert space junk and other metals into rocket fuels and he hopes to one day help missions to mars getting people back from mars getting samples back from mars is difficult and challenging because you need a lot of fuel to get to mars and about the same amount of fuel to get back from mars so if you need to take the fuel with you to come back the first vehicle has to be huge it's really really really expensive if you can make the fuel there then you can take a much smaller vehicle refuel on mars and then come home and human space plans to test their technology on a mission to the international space station in two years' time if it's successful it stands to benefit from an industry worth three hundred thirty billion dollars globally.
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and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera at least forty all women and children have died after their boat capsized off the coast of bangladesh they were fleeing violence and states international aid groups say more than half a million range refugees have arrived in bangladesh since the fighting started last month all spittles a struggling to cope with the huge influx of people. the russian president vladimir putin is in ankara meeting his turkish counterpart wretched type on developments in iraq and syria are up for discussion along with turkey's decision to purchase a russian made missile defense system visions visit on thursday comes as turkey and russia a deepening ties in a turnaround of the two nations which have backed opposing sides in syria. there are common interests between the two powers perhaps more in favor of russia than turkey may be but the bottom line is that the syrian conflict. offers turkey
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some opportunities to do deals with russia a guilty verdict has been handed down in the trial of a controversial sunni muslim cleric in lebanon are committed alistair will face a death sentence for his role in leading a shoot out in twenty thirteen eighteen lebanese soldiers died along with forty of alice's supporters and two civilians. yemen's cholera outbreak is now the world's largest on record and it's still spreading the british charity oxfam expects one million cases of the disease. or two thousand people have died from cholera in yemen since may. council on authorities say they are working to ensure that a disputed suppressor renda monster session from spain will take place peacefully thousands of university students of march three boss alone are to protest against what they call an intensifying crackdown ahead of sunday's vote. new drone footage taken over the puerto rican capital san juan shows the devastation left behind by
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hurrican maria at least sixteen people were killed when maria made landfall on the u.s. territory and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera more from me in about twenty five minutes time stay with us risking it all mongolia is coming next.


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