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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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the health costs. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. they thought they were americans until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia for life. one of the families fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera. a tragic milestone more than half a million or hinge on have now fled violence in myanmar.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program. turkey's president hosts is russian counterpart in syria is said to top the. british charity warns that war ravaged yemen could not chop its one million dollar a by november. and student voices joined a growing chorus in support of catalonia as independence referendum. new figures from the un and international aid groups to show that the number of are fleeing violence in western man mark continues to grow it's believed now that more than half a million ranger have fled to bangladesh since violence broke out in myanmar's rakhine state last month the un security council will meet to the scuffs the crisis
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soon the un has accused me of mars army of ethnic cleansing and human rights groups say the army has committed crimes against humanity they're calling for sanctions in particular on arms embargo meanwhile hundreds of children are being separated from their families as they flee the unrest and those who have made it the bangladesh have brought with them accounts of murder and systematic arson jonah hill reports now from the border district of cox's bazaar. is the next best thing to the clinics in the camps. some of the seriously sick. few days. it's hot it's filthy and it stinks. but for mohammad saleem and his family it is
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a haven from the horrors of their journey to bangladesh woken up at night by gunfire in the village they ran for their lives but two of the children were left behind that. i needed to do but the way it is when the shooting stopped i came out of the jungle and found my wife where my other children were i did not know i have three children i found my wife on the floor and the baby i saw that my wife had been shot three times in one leg and in the other a bullet went in one side and out the other. mohammed picked up his injured wife and baby and fled they don't know what's happened to the other children aged two and three so they knew that the regular i felt like my world had changed for ever thinking about what i had left behind leaving my children behind i had left my own children behind did i feel like carrying on i didn't even feel like taking
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a single step forward. the couple believe they hope the children may have been picked up by fleeing relatives it feels like they forsaken place this hospital people on the floors on benches the rubble patients and there are beds more stories than we were able to tell. we also met her limit her tune beaten by soldiers as she escaped me and my with her children and grandchildren the old thing that i did that i left at three am so the buddhists wouldn't see me everyone was crossing the river there was shooting people and killing them everywhere there were dead bodies floating in the river. did she know i asked her why it was happening. that i'm not even killing children brothers not letting teachers or him observe vive not leaving any rich people alive but just killing everyone to finish the job
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the job as the un has said is an organized campaign of ethnic cleansing jonah al jazeera bangladesh well at least fifteen women and children have died after their boat carrying their hinge of fleeing violence in myanmar capsized off the coast of bangladesh bodies have been found on in and beach in cox's bizarre the boat was carrying more than one hundred people and authorities fear the best hold will rise . well let's go live now to our u.n. correspondent jordan who is at u.n. headquarters in new york rosa i'm seeing pictures here the security council convening they will be discussing me and mark do we have any idea what's likely to come out of this meeting. well we don't know if there's going to be any concrete action coming out of this thursday afternoon briefing before the u.n. security council as you can see there the secretary general antonio gutierrez is going to address the fifteen members of the council bringing them up to date on the
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situation in me and more this was a meeting that was requested by france the u.s. and the u.k. among others it's a last minute addition to the calendar but it's a sense of just how urgently people on the security council and across the u.n. writ large want to see something done about this crisis the u.n. says that now more than five hundred thousand. are inside dash and that upwards of seven hundred thousand overall may have left me and more or burma and are in dash and other countries trying to escape the violence there certainly there is also a real concern about the behavior of the military which is the defacto power still in me and more and how it has been dealing with what it calls terrorist threats this is something that has many members of the security council agitated because
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they believe that the military is going above and beyond what should be done any moment in the rose let me stop you there because we cannot cross the u.n. and listen to the secretary general of the parish on september second i wrote to this consul urging concerted efforts to prevent further escalation of the crisis in northern iraq and states i'm encouraged that the council as this cost the situation four times in less than a months the reality on the ground demands action swift action to protect people only heat suffering but even further instability address the root causes of the situation and forge at long last a little solution. the following briefing is based on our reporting from the ground and is our best sense of what has happened what is still happening and what needs to be done mr president the current prices are steadily the two dated
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since the august twenty five attacks by the. salvation army on the myanmar security forces i repeat my condemnation of those attacks today since then the situation has spittles into the world's fastest developing refugee emergency and their humanitarian and human rights nightmare i continue to call on the myanmar story it is to see immediate steps first to end the military operations second to allow unfettered access for humanitarian support and certainly ensure the safe voluntary dignified and sustainable return of the refugees to their areas of origin let me know review what we know about the military operations that have taken place since august the twenty fifth us while there have been can pitting narratives in a highly complex environment certain elements are cleared at least five hundred thousand civilians have fled their homes and sought safety in bangladesh. although
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the total number of those displaced is unknown it is estimated that ninety four percent of them are drawing. the devastating humanitarian situation is not only a breeding ground for ethical is ation it also puts vulnerable people including young children at risk of criminal elements including trafficking we have received bone chilling accounts from those with lands mainly women children and the other way these testimonies points to excessive violence and serious violations of human rights including indiscriminate firing of weapons the presence of landmines and sexual violence this is an acceptable and must end immediately. international human rights law and standards that cleared any use of force by the authorities must respect me and modern human rights obligations and international
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law and comply with well established human rights standards above all these actions must fully respect human rights of those affected regardless of ethnicity or religion the use of lethal force even in situations of emergency must be commensurate with the said to the public or avert and at most care must be taken to minimize loss of life and injury especially for unarmed people and communities the authorities have claimed that security operation is indeed on september the fifths following measure these placements in northern iraq where were the majority however displacement appears to have continued with reports of the burning of muslim villages as well as looting and that of intimidation myanmar or saudis themselves every indicating that at least one hundred seventy six of one hundred seventy one muslim villages in northern iraq iran have been totally abandoned indebted on
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townships three quarters of the rowing a population has fled most villages and all city of the former internally displaced person camps have been burned to the ground just five isolated muslim communities remain indebted down everywhere else where to a majority of the bend and villages were majority muslim there seems to be a deeply disturbing pattern to the violence and the ensuing lot of movements of an ethnic group from their homes the failure to address the systematic violence could result in a spillover into central like i went in additional two hundred fifty thousand muslims could potentially face these placements they are outnumbered by right hand communities some are moving gauged in violent acts of vigilant against their muslim neighbors the violence in iraq kind whether by the military or radical elements within communities must ends. the myanmar or thought of these must fulfill their fundamental obligation of ensuring the safety and security of all communities and
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that all being the rule of law without discrimination mr president let me now turn to the question of humanitarian access it is imperative that u.n. agencies and our non-governmental partners be granted immediate and safe access to all affected communities i am deeply concerned by the current climate of antagonism towards united nations and non-government organizations and indeed these can lead to an acceptable violence such as the recent the text even against the i.c.r.c. by recurring villages in villages in sit with the myanmar authorities have said repeatedly in the past few days that it was not the time for and hindered access to resume given the enormous needs this position is the blue regrettable united nations and its partners should be allowed to reach the affected areas without delay and i'd also like to address the issue of safe return of refugees to their
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places of origin i ask members of super council to join me in urging that all those where fled to bangladesh be able to exercise their right to a safe voluntary dignified and sustainable return to their homes myanmar or saudis have committed to use the framework established in the ninety three joint statement of the foreign ministers of bangladesh and myanmar to facilitate these returns while it may be a useful starting point it is not sufficient in the present circumstances notably the framework there's not refer to resolving the root cause of displacement and moreover it requires documents that the fleeing growing may not be able to provide the united nations is committed to a plan for voluntarily and calls upon the international community to support such an effort. these should include development assistance of the villages of those will return home and the implementation of the right kind advisory commission recommendations regarding verification and citizenship voluntarily petition also
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requires is a critical first step the registration of refugees in bangladesh using internationally accepted standards the united nations is ready to support myanmar and bangladesh in all stages of these important process in suiting the safe voluntary and dignified return of refugees to iraq crying in line with international refugee law will require the restoration of mutual trust among the communities improving intercommunal relations is a critical part of a sustainable resolution to the crises and one of your central recommendations of the rocker and advisory committee led by kofi anna in these highly complex environments the myanmar or thought of these must work to the few stanchions and appalled and protect the rights of all communities including the respect for property rights those who fled should be able to return to their homes in peace not to yet another cycle of violence and it will be especially important to avoid
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relocating those these places yet again to camp like conditions mr president in bangladesh the united nations continues to sept up our humanitarian response the high commissioner for refugees visited just days ago in the next two weeks the world food programme the office of the coordination for humanitarian affairs the international going to sit in for migration and unicef will visit the bangladesh border that year on october the nine. and i.o.m. will convene a donors conference in my meeting last week with bangladesh prime minister sheikh hasina i expressed great appreciation for the care being provided for refugees i commend those countries that are supporting bangladesh in its response. let me also stress the need for stress and cooperation between myanmar and bangladesh and i welcome the upcoming eye level visit of myanmar officials to bangladesh the crisis generated multiple implications for neighboring states and the largest region
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including the risk of communal strife we should not be surprised if that gets of this creamy nation double standards in treatment of the road could wait openings for an equalization in moving forward we need an effective partnership with myanmar or thought e.t.s. especially the military all involved should refrain for any actions that would exacerbate the precarious situation on the ground i welcome the participation here to there you have national security advisor. as well as the permanent representative of bangladesh massoud being mormon i appreciate the national security adviser's efforts to engage in dialogue with various thing called observing the eye level week of the general assembly in addition to these questions with united nations secretary it on future cooperation the myanmar delegation has reached out to bangladesh to revive dialogue myanmar has also engaged the association of southeast asian notions for desperately need the humanitarian assistance i look forward to effective and credible follow up to the authorities state commitment to greater access including for the international community the
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media and humanitarian actors the regional cooperation will also be essential and united nations fully stands behind these i welcome the important role played by foreign minister rep of indonesia in these respects she has been advocating for an approach that echoes the sea steps i've been in for sizing and he's also what many countries have been seeking is the president the prizes and aligned an urgent need for a political solution to the root cause of the violence the core of the problem is protracted statelessness and its associated discrimination the recommendations of the advisory committee on drug car and provide the blueprint for the longer term future. the muslims of iraq and states should be granted nationality the president's men marci them cheap legislation only allows its partially encourage me to revise it in line with international standards in the interim and effective if
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you cation exercises previously foreseen should allow those entitle to be granted see those entitled to be granted citizenship according to the present laws all others must be able to obtain a legal startles that allows them to leave the normal life including freedom of movement and access to labor markets education and they'll services i appeal to the leaders of myanmar including military leaders to condemn incitement to racial incident violence and take all measures to defuse tensions within communities we have taken good note of the clinicians by myanmar or thought it is that no one is above the law there is a clear need to ensure accountability for the perpetrators of human rights violations to curb the current violence and to prevent future abuses united nations will remain a close partner to give me an mot to address these urgent issues we have no agenda other than helping myanmar advance the well being of all the countries people we have no interest other than to see all communities enjoying peace security
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perspective prosperity and move all respects and we are committing to nothing less than easing the art to breaking suffering of so many vulnerable people while forging a lasting solution that affirms shared values but i'm old smooth to respect and upholds human dignity and i call on the security council to stand united and to support efforts to urgently end this tragedy thank you very much mr president i thank the secretary general for his very think i now give the floor to those council members who wish to make statements. give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. ok we're just been listening to the secretary general of the united nations and tony talking about the crisis in me and mar he said it spiraled into the world's fastest developing refugee emergency a humanitarian and human rights and nightmare he spoke of bone chilling accounts
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they were coming from the roof muslims who had fled me and mar they spoke of excessive violence and serious rites of violations an interesting lead towards the end you said two things the said it if decades of discrimination double standards into going to bring in joe could create openings for radicalization and he also mentioned that the muslims of me in mars rakhine state should be granted nationality now or the meeting is still going on at the security council presumably we might be hearing from the representative of me and maher who is there but not speaking right now or before that let's cross to rosalyn jordan our correspondent at the u.n. in new york rose and obviously we're speaking to tony with editor. comments i mean they have been very strong about the situation the u.n. has been very strong about the situation facing the range since since the crisis
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started in this was no exception. this is no exception and in fact the secretary general has been very very vocal about what he considers to be the severe mistreatment of the ethnic minority inside iraq heightened state in me and maher when he was asked by our colleague james bays a couple of weeks ago what he would call the situation in iraq and state if it is an ethnic cleansing well good terrorist his response was well this isn't an example of ethnic cleansing you tell me what is and so this is really putting a lot of direct pressure on the government in me and mark to essentially change its ways and the things that we heard on tanya good tatars call for during his address are things that the government has not been willing to do before now but that doesn't mean that there isn't growing pressure on young going to change its ways grad rocking the world citizenship or at least give them
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a legal papers so that they can live and work and become educated without any are harassment or discrimination inside the country allow the united nations and other aid groups into iraq and states so that not only can they provide humanitarian aid but so they can also document any alleged crimes against humanity or potential war crimes things which some non-governmental organizations suggest needs to be done given that so much of what has been happening has been conducted because of the military's operations he's also calling for an end to the violence he understands he says that the military has an obligation to provide security for the people of meum are but there is a limit and that he wants the military government to respect those limits as quickly as possible there we see the deputy british ambassador ambassador jonathan
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allen also a dressing. council we will hear from the national security adviser from me and more much later during the session which is taking place on thursday afternoon here in new york and i know you'll be keeping an eye out for that statement from me and mine the whole meeting after the moment we'll check in with you later but for the moment roslyn jordan thank you. from new york the anchor now where the russian president vladimir putin and the turkish president of the han are speaking they've been meeting and presumably talking about syria let's listen in to what they have to say and it is very important that. public opinion should support the territorial integrity. of the states in this area we have discussed the results so the last stand the meeting with my. dear friends put in and in that respect we are. discussing further. they are virk
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improves in respect of activities and it lip we have decided our colleagues will go look more intensely on this just on the decisions are all of the nature to fortify the cease fire regime and we are pleased. we are pleased about the political contributions this have. closed already and we also agreed upon focusing further on the ceasefire opportunities and between turkey and russia we agree upon the. political. solution on syria matters we have reiterated our leading this and determination on that. the discussions we have held my dear friends put in
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today have been productive in every respect and for the future process our colleagues and ourselves we will continue maintain this close relationship either through telephone diplomacy or one to one meetings. i'd like to thank our friend respected president of turkey for the invitation. distinguished ladies and gentlemen we have just finished. should yield rare round of. talks and meetings to be more precise. this is an exclusively. working meeting and it was distinguished by frank and direct exchange with opinions about all the various areas in which we cooperate gave us the opportunity of talking
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about our future cooperation and also about the syrian crisis. so i will with your permission begin with that. in the middle of september we got agreement final agreement set up for areas of desk deescalation in syria. and first of all of course it was a question of it lip. and i'd just like to remind you that it was in may of this year that we put forward this idea of escalation and i think that we remember that it was not at all easy to set up this kind of idea particularly. but it was particularly down to russia turkey and iran who were guarantors of this agreement but eventually we managed to. succeed and i believe that
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deescalation idea is particularly successful and i want to thank mr mcgowan for his help here because he was one of initiators of the process. what we're interested in is making sure that. finally laid to rest and that we have a stable regime in syria these are principle fundamental. for russia and for the region and indeed for the entire world. what is absolutely fundamental is that we find a long term political solution under the aegis of the un. and there is also the referendum in. iraqi kurdistan the russian. position is absolutely well known and it has been explained by the
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ministry of foreign affairs and of course the yep. it's going to take years talked about that in greater detail. we will be making sure that there is a direct link between our ministries of foreign affairs and to make absolutely sure that we have very close cooperation in settling the syrian crisis. and hearing from russian president vladimir putin there holding a news conference with his turkish counterpart richard ties there the one in ankara now we heard from hussein talking about the crisis in syria saying that they're both seeking a long term political solution under the aegis of the united nations let's go to andrew symonds now who is live for us in ankara i guess the interesting thing about these two leaders meeting two countries with key interests in syria two of the main players and of course a since the shooting of a russian plane over syria
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a while ago two countries that ever had a very tense relationship. most certainly barbara notes that the president made reference at least wants to the close relationship he has with vladimir putin it's taken a long while to get that sorted out since november twenty fifth teen when. the turkish did actually down a russian warplane which was they claimed are in their territory now what we heard from president one wasn't really anything new he referred to. continued. cooperation on economic matters on energy on the oil pipeline project with russia for oil and gas
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also a building program for nuclear power stations of the russians are engaged in no reference to the s three s four hundred should i say missile purchase which is upset nato to a great degree because that s. four hundred system the russian system is not compatible with nato military hardware and no reference to the diplomacy fact it's of that but plenty of reference to the syrian situation the start of talks process the fact that iran turkey and russia are gown tools and that they were trying to get further agreement on this now not of a putin speaking now has made a lot of reference to a political solution to the age of the united nations and that is something that he may go into more detail on but really right now the affirmation from president that
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there will be continued close talking with russia's president both on the phone and face to face andrew symonds for the moment in ankara andrew thank you. well we'll cross live now to charles stratford who's in the kurdish regional capital area. and we're crossing live to you charles because of course president editor type air go on also mention that referendum that was held.


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