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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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on the streets and protest as we saw in whichever way i'd like to attempt to. determine to live life to the full. i have very limited sight five percent but i can distinguish objects big and small and realize their ambitions. but also. because i'm married. today. follows for inspiring people in a stumble as they seek to prove that seeing isn't everything at this time. i appeal to the leaders of myanmar including military leaders to condemn incitement to racial incident violence and the u.n. calls for urgent action as new figures show more than half a million reckon just
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a flight to bangladesh. down jordan the sound is there a live from doha also coming up. students joined a growing movement to catalonia independence referendum. people in puerto rico devastated by hurricane say aid from the u.s. isn't coming tossed enough plus. the tiny baltic country of estonia already has one of the internet's most recognizable brands but how do you replicate skype success i'm rory tallinn's in tallinn keep watching to find out how this country is putting tech innovation to. the u.n. chief says the crisis in me and miles rakhine state is the world's fastest developing refugee emergency more than a half
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a million re-injure have fled to bangladesh since august but others haven't survive the journey diplomatic editor james banks reports. they don't see men women and children fleeing bloodshed. and the torching of homes in myanmar they made it onto a boat taking them across the water to bangladesh only for the vessel to sink this tragedy the un security council was told a result of a massive flow of people over half a million in about a month the situation is spittles into the world's fastest developing refugee emergency and the humanitarian and human rights nightmare. the trumpet ministrations policy towards me and mar change sharply jury in this meeting with u.s. ambassador nikki haley demanding the prosecution of members of the meon mom military and the suspension of all arms sales to the country we cannot be afraid to call the
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actions of the burmese authorities what they appear to be a brutal sustained campaign to cleanse the country of an ethnic minority having heard those scathing comments as national security adviser gave his response there is no ethnic cleansing and no genocide in myanmar and nick cleansing and genocide are serious charges and they should not be used lately human rights groups have been critical of the security council they say slow response has failed dismally to keep up with the scale and speed of this crisis both in terms of the ongoing human rights abuses and the resulting humanitarian emergency this meeting and in particular ambassador haley's comments increase the pressure on me but the council remains divided with some notably china suggesting
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quiet diplomacy may be the best way forward james days out zero of the united nations the british charity oxfam expects a million cases of cholera in yemen by november and the worst outbreak ever recorded oxfam says the conflict makes it hard to respond to the disaster more than half of yemen's hospitals and health centers are shut down or destroyed russia and turkey have agreed to work more closely to end the conflict in syria russian president vladimir putin has been in ankara the talks with the turkish leader russia type turkey and russia had backed opposing sides in the conflict and now the two leaders have agreed to push for deescalation zones in syria's province. thank. you we're going to what we're interested in is making sure that the terrorists are finally laid to rest and that we have a stable regime in syria these are principles and fundamental issues for russia and the region and indeed for the entire world what is absolutely fundamental is
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finding a long term political solution under the aegis of the united nations and with andrew symonds has more now from ankara it wasn't a long briefing but judging from what the two presidents had to say there were no major fallouts but no major breakthroughs either they discussed syria they discussed earlier start a process for deescalation zones primarily because this involves turkey more than any other country to try to get access to the opposition groups and corporation there will be military observers put on the ground there but no real detail was given of any progress on this lot of mir putin said what a difficult situation it was but he believed in the deescalation zones and said that it was the political process that was essential now under the auspices of the united nations but no indication of progress but as far as the syria peace process
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no breakthrough and no major disagreement it would seem during the joint news conference turkey's president once again condemned the referendum in kurdistan which has voted for succession from iraq. the region is becoming more and more fragile the referendum has no legitimacy in terms of international law unfortunately the regional government despite all the friendly warnings has made a huge mistake by holding this referendum as we have always mentioned they have no right to increase tensions in the region for their personal and regional interests so it has more now from erbil in iraq's kurdish region. president nor the one after talks with his russian counterpart said that the. kurdish region of northern iraq should be prevented from making what he describes as big a mistake sense with respect to the referendum that the turks the iranians and of course the baghdad government are so staunchly against the baghdad government
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saying it was illegal and unconstitutional. in other news the kayleigh g held meetings with respect to pressure being put on prime minister la body by his parliament to increase measures against the k r j measures such as deploying troops in the disputed areas and taking back control of oil fields in those areas and asking the sizeable diplomatic community here to leave the k r g now the cal g government say these measures are unconstitutional illegal and it is valid to use all legal means to fight them these kind of measures and more statements today not only by the big international players regional players in this area but also by the baghdad government just more evidence more pressure being put on president barzani and leaving him even more isolated and there's another controversial referendum now
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playing out on the streets of boston a thousands of students have joined protests after spain declared the vote illegal but the referendum is going ahead anyway john hendren reports. each day a peaceful show of force growth. led by young and fiercely proud catalans in the street . police say sixteen thousand of them organizers say tens of thousands more. that's cool because you don't want to. know. by comparison this secession rally mustered perhaps three dozen people. at a secret location days after the spanish army arrested catalan leaders and confiscated ten million ballot papers this video tweeted by catalan president carlos preached a month shows the resistance printing new balance he got better miska. but no
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matter how much they intimidate us no matter how many times they say that they will not give us the keys of the classrooms or the schools will be open and there is a generation that has been growing in our country and they add to the majority that we had in catalonia that they want to vote. at schools doubling his polling stations a showdown police have orders to close them students plan an occupation to keep them open. just to wait. for the moment the crowds are chanting these streets will always belong to us and while there are thousands of police all around barcelona right now they do. at barcelona's port firemen occupy catalonia is history museum unfurling a pro independence banner and we're the how to fight this have to go and vote as every citizen can do it as catalans plan their defiant vote the spanish
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government's marshaling its in forces national police and civil defense troops in riot gear ordered to stop the referendum. it. would be back to. the local police who until now have resisted reigning in the protests now role alongside national police in armored cars a cattle and horse under spanish control. with cattle lands determined to vote and the spanish government in madrid intent on stopping them the long tense standoff goes on broken john hendren al jazeera barcelona. let's also to come here not just here including a controversial sunni cleric in lebanon is sentenced to death but he might say the punishment. i'm stuck reporting from a ga evacuation camp on the slopes of mount to wait for an eruption continues.
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from the neon lights of asia. to the city never sleeps. has always been ready to get in the caucasus but a snow right at the top of the mountains and that's the street you've got this shows it's going more or less eastwards but i think it will allow a few showers to run into northern iran certainly if you still wear it as a by zhang temperatures of twenty seven in tehran it's cooling down in the dryer plain area across iraq and most of syria thirty eight next to baghdad but harder than that in kuwait still the high twenty's are in beirut the chance a few showers now developing in the eastern med it's a greater chance that it was so has been for the whole of the last week so you might get something interesting in the sky if you're looking out over the med from beirut further south humidity started dropping temperatures slowly dropping from the gulf states but still hovering around the high thirty's or right about the
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forty mark much the same in the dry heat in mecca and you see these clumps of cloud here in the mountains of western saudi or in yemen still suggesting a share or two is possible not very likely but just about possible now of course the sun stay here all day showers south through africa and i was tends to induce a change in the weather type in south africa as well got a lot of rain in the eastern cape race recently but it's now dissolved into the showers somewhere. the weather sponsored by qatar and place. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page when they're on line to the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on sat i was never put a file then look at differently because i'm darker than all the people. is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make
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a connection join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera. says the range of crisis is the world's fastest developing refugee emergency more than half a million range of lead to bangladesh since fighting to get in myanmar rakhine state last month. russia and turkey say they will work more closely to end the conflict in syria russian president vladimir putin has been holding talks with turkey's leader or one. thought to say that working to make sure sunday's independence referendum is peaceful thousands of students marched through bass
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alone to protest against spain's bad vote. but u.s. president donald trump has weighed shipping restrictions to puerto rico to allow more aid to be sent to the island food and water supplies are running low three million islanders are still without power eight days after hurricane maria devastated the u.s. territory trees about reports. this emergency center goes about forty kilometers away from the capital is about to run out. a few it's been without electricity since hurricane marty hate. and right now people's lives here depend on a generator. brought her grandmother here a few days ago. the hospital is helping us but they are worried because they have no water and they are running out of these all they have told us that we may have to go many of the hospitals in the area had to shut down and people were
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brought to this is how close as a hospital in one goes my detail says that so far they have not received any help from. the generator here is all c.p.r. we are trying to keep it alive to keep their emergency area going if i don't have the people i have to shut down and i don't know where these people will go there is no water no food no air conditioning no oxygen. what authority god is struggling to recover from a category four hurricane but for many help is not coming fast enough fuel is cars and so is drinking water the hurricane destroyed the island's electrical grid people here are desperate for drinking water they're using this stream to clean themselves or to gather some water to take back home to wash their clothes but they cannot drink it because they've been told it contaminated. i was served in the u.s. military for over twenty years he says puerto ricans are not being treated as u.s.
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citizens. although i've served the army and for what to be forced to drink water that has excrement the stream has human waste among other things i'm not a second class citizen i'm a third class citizen. rico is part of the u.s. territory but is not a state and many feel they are being discriminated the government says it has sent ships with aid and fuel us president donald trump lifted what is. down as the jones act that prevents following vessels from bringing goods to the island i understand the carriage in some cases is giving the appearance that we're not moving fast enough but what i will tell you is that we are mobilizing marshalling the resources of the united states of america you know way that is absolutely. professional vast and adequate but there are those who cannot wait much longer fuel and water are crucial to save their lives. and. thousands
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of people in haiti's capital port au prince have been protesting against tax hikes the recent rises that meant cigarettes and alcohol are now a lot more expensive the tax changes were revealed three weeks ago when the national budget increases come at a time when foreign aid to haiti is slowing. u.s. defense secretary james mattis has made an unannounced visit to cattle he's held talks with the mayor and defense minister. bass home to around ten thousand u.s. troops u.s. president donald trump says he's willing to act as a mediator to resolve the dispute between can't on its gulf neighbors which has lasted for months saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain of cut off diplomatic and trade ties with they say qatar gives money to terrorist groups strongly denies the accusations a military tribunal in lebanon has sentenced a controversial sunni muslim cleric to death says been told he would be executed for his role in fighting in the city of saddam four years ago. reports from beirut
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. these are the mothers wives and daughters of the twenty one men sentenced by the military tribunals they're protesting against what they say were corrupt court proceedings saying their loved ones didn't receive a fair trial one would we say that all our demands in court have been legal and we're sorry that the court has rejected them after two your trial and hours of deliberations the judges presiding over the case sentence ahead of this year and seven others to death the other thirteen were given lengthy prison sentences some in absentia alice here is described by the government as a sunni militant cleric formally trained to lead two days of confrontations which forty fighters loyal to him eight hundred soldiers and two civilians were killed known as the battle of side on after the southern lebanese town where it happened it was one of the earliest and bloodiest spillovers of the civil war in syria into lebanon. not not if we know that group were involved in the hall and i never said i
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would not in the wrong they said there was a. this means that they committed such acts against the lebanese military and killed twenty people also means that they have to be clearly tried and convicted last year was relatively unknown before the syrian war started six years ago he rose to prominence quickly for his fiery speeches on t.v. criticizing hezbollah for its support of syrian president bashar al assad and for praising the opposition including what was then the group known as joe but on this are linked to al qaeda after going into hiding this year was arrested two years later at beirut airport while trying to board a flight to cairo and for documents then there was little doubt he'd face serious charges but his trial in a military court had been repeatedly delayed and human rights groups have questioned how some of the evidence was obtained despite this the prosecution had been demanding death sentence since the start of the trial now this year's
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execution is far from certain as well as having the. right to appeal within fifteen days under lebanese law it requires the signature of the president in order for an execution order to be carried out given capital punishment hasn't taken place in lebanon since two thousand and four president michel aoun may struggle to find the political support he needs in order to carry out such a punishment in al-jazeera beirut the head of the un's nuclear watchdog has raised alarm over the pace of north korea's nuclear weapons program earlier this month pyongyang said it had tested a hydrogen bomb in some of a series of ballistic missile launches we do not have the capacity to determine if it is a hydro bomb on not but it is oh yes that eld is much bigger than the previous one and it means that. north korea made
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a very rapid progress. combined with a lot other elements this is the new thread and this is the global threat. not more than a hundred thirty thousand people on the indonesian island of bali have been forced to leave their homes as fears grow over a rumbling volcano that could erupt at any time more than five hundred shelters have sprung up and many locals feel they might be needed for a long time has stepped past. for the balinese mound are gone is the center of their universe the highest mountain on the island is always in their prayers now they fear the sacred folk a no is angry many are fleeing from the mountain taking their most precious possessions but some refuse to leave why unchaining first ten years old when mt last erupted he was safe then and is convinced he will leave now.
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if i move to a shelter who will stay at home who take care of my animals but what about my livelihood especially if it takes three to four months. other farmers have moved themselves and their cattle to safer ground this village has temporarily adopted more than seventy couse normally had. when we received evacuees in our village they looked very sad especially the old people it reminded me of my late father for these old people the cows or other saw more than one hundred thousand people and their animals have now moved to safer ground and uncertain wait continues nobody can predict if and when will erupt and some are wondering how long the authorities will be able to prevent evacuees from going back home. people now living in these temporary shelters don't know how long they will have to stay authorities are trying to keep them healthy and busy at a low amount in the pot if this will continue for
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a long time we will ask evacuees to cook their own food also we want them to start making a living again even if they live in temporary shelters we will provide a place and equipment if needed indonesia has more volcanoes than any other country in the world eruptions have forced many from their homes sometimes for years the balinese spray their ordeal will be over much sooner step fasten al-jazeera. china says any north korean companies operating in the country would have to shut down by january the u.s. has been pressuring china to force pealing young to give up its nuclear ambitions the chinese vice premier new young done this county visiting the u.s. she's in meeting secretary of state rex tillerson in washington should also meet president trump let's get more now from adrian brown who joins us live from beijing adrian so what can we read into the timing of this announcement by the chinese. well sanctions sanctions and yet more sanctions daryn why is this happening now
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well there are a number of reasons firstly i think you know china has really reached the limit of its sort of patience threshold with china it is deeply frustrated with the fact that north korea continues to defy u.n. resolutions and then there is the timing well in less than twenty four hours the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is here in beijing he of course is expected to say to china you need to do more to rein in north korea well of course china can now say look in the past couple of months we have begun imposing three sets of sanctions let's remember china is now limiting exports of oil to north korea that comes into effect on october the first it's no longer importing textiles from north korea an important source of hard currency and it's no longer taking coal from north korea these latest sanctions mean effectively that chinese north korean joint ventures in this country as well as north korean entities will no longer be able to
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trade in china one hundred twenty days from now or in fact less than that in early january now north korea has things like hotels and restaurants in china and that's also an important source of currency hard currency for the regime but i don't think it's really going to hurt china and this of course doesn't affect chinese investments in north korea and china has substantial investments in things like the automobile industry and also the bicycle industry and it's also questionable as to what immediate impact this is all going to have on north korea because in fact figures show daryn that actually last year north korea's economy actually started to grow as a result of many small new independent businesses opening up and also let's remember the still plenty that china sends across the border to north korea that is not covered. by sanctions lots of food medical aid agricultural equipment and those
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sorts of things so there's still plenty that china sends to north korea and you've been up to dung down on the border region there with china and north korea adrian i mean presumably most the companies are based up there yes and in other towns and cities along the one hundred forty eight hundred kilometer border i'm sort of between china and north korea yes you see plenty of evidence of those north korean ventures i was at a north korean restaurant just three weeks ago that presumably is going to be one of the targets of these sanctions and will now have to of course cease operations in less than one hundred twenty days time but it's also unclear as to whether this is going to affect things like tour groups or chinese talk groups that go into north korea those two groups are often effectively joint ventures with with north korean partners is it going to affect north korea's airline china as one of the few
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routes it happens right now so there's still remain plenty of question marks as to you know exactly what sort of north korean ventures will really ultimately be affected personally i think this is a symbolic gesture by china it's china demonstrating its anger it's frustration but really in the great scheme of things this is not going to hurt north korea ok thank you now if you're going to have a digital discussion where better than the birthplace of skype european union leaders are meeting in estonia on friday and it's likely some of them will be talking tech besides bragg's it and the euro zone where we challenge reports on how a stone you have became one of the world's most networks nations. coding kids these are stony and children haven't started high school yet but already they're programming robots really like. teach people. it's really love to learn. but.
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the aim is to create a generation with a smarter relationship with technology digital skills for everyone and if all goes well someday one of those kids might be able to build another skype this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company has to make video and voice calls over the internet and was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven for eight point five billion dollars startup entrepreneurship is a natural fit for a country that spent the past two decades turning itself into one of the most advanced digital societies in the world i'm going to say that that's like a really big influence there because like when they start their function for the boot camp then it just great that a bunch of wealthy people could invest finally i think it's because it's the newest ball and people know each other so people went like oh i went to high school with these guys if they can do it so can i yawn is now an investor in new estonian
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startups here and i'm trying to learn spanish like a language learning linguist i asked its chief operating officer whether being a stone in makes young companies here think differently. so. market doesn't exist. so it means what. you need to. start up culture and overcoming the country's diminutive size also inspired the estonian government's residency program costing one hundred or so dollars and a residency invites business people from anywhere in the world to remotely create a company here and gain access to the country's streamlined digital infrastructure it doesn't bring in much money but it does foster the network's estonia values you need to have a texas birth on a go expression to have a virtual office and if you need those kind of services will put you in touch with
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. companies. a snowball effect and a lot of is some companies benefit from the services they provide. estonia believes countries will one day compete for the residents based on the quality of their digital services and business environments if that prediction is correct estonia already has a significant lead. talent now the iconic eiffel tower in paris is celebrating its three hundred million visitors since it opened in one hundred thirty years ago the first floor has been turned into a nightclub with a light and sound show every half hour around seven million people visit the famous french landmark every year. to the top stories here on al-jazeera u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists as the range of crisis is the world's
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fastest developing refugee emergency more than half a million ringette fled to bangladesh since fighting began in myanmar rakhine state last month. we have received bone chilling accounts from those with lands mainly women children and the elderly. these testimonies points to excessive violence nations of human rights including in his community finding of weapons the presence of landmines and sexual violence disease and acceptable and must end immediately russia and turkey have agreed to work more closely to try to end the conflict in syria russian president vladimir putin as you know holding talks in ankara with turkey's leader russia type. well during their joint news conference turkey's president once again condemned the referendum in kurdistan which has voted for secession from iraq if. the region is becoming more and
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more fragile the referendum has no legitimacy in terms of international law unfortunately the regional government despite all the friendly warnings has made a huge mistake by holding this referendum as we have always mentioned they have no right to increase tensions in the region for their personal and regional interests u.s. defense secretary james mattis has made an unannounced visit to cattle he's held talks with catalyze amir and defense minister deed airbase it's home to around ten thousand u.s. troops the visit by matters comes after u.s. president donald trump said he's willing to act as a mediator to resolve the dispute between qatar and its gulf neighbors which has been going on now for months. catalan authorities say they want to make sure sunday's independence referendum is peaceful thousands of university students are marching through barcelona to protest that spain's ban on the vote. china says any north korean companies operating in the country will have to shut down by january the u.s.
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has been pressuring china to use its leverage to force him to give up its nuclear program chinese vice premier in the dung is currently visiting the united states but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream station that so much of that. there is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people of nobody. and bringing that story to the forefront. is uganda going to have a president for life a proposed bill to amend the country's constitution that sparked an intense debate online tension in the streets brawls in the parliament and i media shy.


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