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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:33pm AST

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damage. that. might. be an overreaction. and this operation costs. clarity by going to last. i appeal to the leaders of myanmar including military leaders to condemn incitement to racial incident violence i think the un chief declares zero hinge a crisis the wow factor is developing refugee agency.
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up after backing opposing sides in the syrian war the leaders of russia and turkey agreed to work closely to help end the conflict thus. i am. still losing spain joined growing support for catalonia as independence referendum despite strong opposition to also ahead. we'll tell you both a country of the stone you're already has one of the internet's most recognizable brands but how do you replicate skype success. and keep watching to find out how this country is putting tech innovation to. the u.n. secretary general antonio tara says the crisis in myanmar as a kind state is the world's fastest developing refugee emergency more than half
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a million ranger have fled to bangladesh but others haven't survived the journey diplomatic editor space reports they see men women and children fleeing bloodshed. and the torching of homes in myanmar they made it onto a boat taking them across the water to bangladesh only for the vessel to sync up this tragedy the un security council was told a result of a massive flow of people over whole of a million in about a month the situation is spittles into the world's fastest developing refugee emergency and the humanitarian and human rights nightmare. the trumpet ministrations policy towards me and mar change sharply jury in this meeting with u.s. ambassador nikki haley demanding the prosecution of members of the meon mom military and the suspension of all arms sales to the country we cannot be afraid to call the
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actions of the burmese authorities what they appear to be a brutal sustained campaign to cleanse the country of an ethnic minority having heard those scathing comments as national security adviser gave his response there is no ethnic cleansing and no genocide in men. and the cleansing and genocide are serious charges and they should not be used lately human rights groups have been critical of the security council they say slow response has failed dismally to keep up with the scale and speed of this crisis both in terms of the ongoing human rights abuses and the resulting humanitarian emergency this meeting and in particular ambassador haley's comments increase the pressure on me and ma but the council remains divided with some notably china
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suggesting quiet diplomacy may be the best way forward james pays out zero of the united nations and as james mentioned china and russia have both thrown their support behind me and my scaf meant russia blame to many of the attacks on civilians and the burning down of villages on on trying to groups china international community to get behind me and mars government in solving the crisis china condones the recent violent attacks in myanmar who are kind state. supports me on last effort to keep his domestic situation stable it behooves the international community to view the difficulties and challenges confronting the government of myanmar through all objects exercise patience and provide support and help. now many of those fleeing myanmar are being forced to travel in darkness at much greater risk let's go live to our tanveer choudhry now those in
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bangladesh is congress's bazaar not far from the border with myanmar where a lot of people have died making this journey into bangladesh hundreds continued across the border every day why are the people only moving at night. that's a very complicated question we tried to dig into it now we are at the bangladesh broader god course god that's a look we are not preventing anybody coming in from this that site into the anger that there is no standing water to prevent any wreckage is coming into the anger that's at least that was not the case last year but this year it's pretty much an open border now what i need to tell you is like the boatman we interviewed told us that there'd been discouraged to president in the daytime they wanted them to be discreet and not the very. next time or the one bringing this i don't know exactly what the reason was one particular reason i can tell you you can see that whether this is a day of bengal the weather is very very unpredictable one day at sunshine next day
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it's a stormy cloudy day with a very gusty wind and storm side a boat that wrecked last night in the evening was just just behind me and they were actually going to go to not very bad but the boat and said look he was coming different directions and the survivor i was who we interviewed said they told him that you're going towards the bed it's a stormy weather but the boat meant i know where i'm going and they ended up you know wrecked out here at least twenty bodies were recovered so far nineteen survivors rescued at least fifty missing that's according to the fiber get and rescue sources now we interviewed some of the survivors some of them lost a whole family like one one person i interviewed last eight members of the family he said there were at least hundred people in that boat this boat are fishing trawlers very rudimentary no navigation equipment they can accommodate at the most a twenty five or fifty people decided they were moving in from villages in the
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central iraq and because people from other villages told them you need to move out because i mean it's going to crack down even that but this friend told them you need to get out of this village because the army is going to crack down so now this cooperates while i'm turning up the u.n. secretary general saying that the people from the. western region. i mean in the central region rather at risk being cracked down by the army right to this corroborate the story of the survivors now within the last two days at least twenty five thousand people crossed over to wagner that is not big accidents but they're still moving into bangladesh by hundreds on christie's going i'm sorry those who make it alive to bangladesh tanveer when when they arrive there what do they find nearly five hundred thousand people have fled rakhine state have the conditions on the ground in bangladesh improved at all in the last months for the people who've made it across the border. well if we look at the
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beginning of this month going through a really really bad i mean in that context it has improved reasonably well there is now penetration on hand to go for press what are their water tank but it's grossly inadequate for you know meeting requirements of the sheer number of refugees spread across in tech now they're isolated pockets of time they're part of a country deep inside the road not some of them have to walk ride my thing to the roadside to get relief so talking to the talking to the aid agency they told us that just the sheer number of people here what they have in their hand is just not enough to meet their requirements even on a temporary basis there has to be a long term solution and more aid needs to be flown from international flight to help one of the cope with a major disaster in a friend of a chantry life in cox's bazar in bangladesh thank you very much for that time there in other world news i saw has released an audio recording it says is from its
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leader abu baghdadi in june russia's military had said baghdadi was killed in an ass strike on the outskirts of the syrian city of raka the message. to increase their attacks and to include the targeting of the media is the first time baghdadi has been heard from since the on group lost control of the iraqi city of mosul in july. russia and turkey meanwhile have agreed to work more closely to end the war in syria despite backing opposing sides in the conflicts present to me a fourteen has been in a talks with the president typewriter want now the two leaders have agreed to push for deescalation zones in syria is it the province. you know used to use the machine what we're interested in is making sure that the terrorists are finally laid to rest and that we have a stable regime in syria these are principles and fundamental issues for russia and the region and indeed for the entire world what is absolutely fundamental is finding
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a long term political solution under the aegis of the united nations was up with al-jazeera as andrew symonds has more now from ankara it wasn't a long briefing but judging from what the two presidents had to say there were no major fallouts but no major breakthroughs either they discussed syria they discussed earlier start a process for deescalation zones primarily because this involves turkey more than any other country to try to get access to the opposition groups and corporation there will be military observers put on the ground there but no real date was given of any progress on this lot of mir putin said what a difficult situation it was but he believed in the deescalation and said that it was the political process that was essential now under the auspices of the united nations but no indication of progress but as far as the syria peace process no
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breakthrough no major disagreement it would seem. during the joint news conference turkey's president again condemned the referendum in the kurdish region of northern iraq which has voted to separate you from. the region is becoming more and more fragile the referendum has no legitimacy in terms of international law unfortunately the regional government despite all the friendly warnings has made a huge mistake by holding this referendum as we have always mentioned they have no right to increase tensions in the region for their personal and regional interests . while tension has been rising in the region since the referendum vote all foreign flights to and from erbil in the kurdish region will be suspended from friday evening after an order by iraq's central government in baghdad let's go live to hold abdul hamid who is live from the airport in erbil how to tell us about the situation there what's the scene like. well at the moment the flights are arriving
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and departing as scheduled. all international be suspended from fifteen hundred g.m.t. which is six o'clock local now we do only flight that has been suspended is the one from tehran iran having closed the airspace for all flights to and from the kurdish region since the day the referendum took place there we did see some people leaving earlier than predicted especially people from the kurdish diaspora who had come here to take part in the referendum to witness what they call a historical day many of them said they had to cut short their time here with their families because they were worried that the only way out of here would be transiting through baghdad and some said that as kurds they didn't feel very safe to do that at the moment tremendous pressure on the kurdish regional government from the central government in baghdad of course but also from the regional powers
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iran and turkey we've heard a lot of threats from the turks notably as far as their dealings with the kurdish regional government how are they reacting to all this the kurdish regional government one of the saying what's the next move likely to be. well they actually did meet for a very long time yesterday and at the end of that came out a statement saying that they actually refuted any move coming out of baghdad if you recall two days ago the parliament had issued a twelve point statement with demands from the kurdish regional government including for example all foreign missions to be closed here to hand over the airports not only their bill one but the one. and another set of steps to be taken when the kurdistan regional government said that they were they were a few. uncles situation. move saying that according judical situation this
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region does enjoy a certain degree of autonomy and the federal government government has no right to interfere in the domestic affairs of the kurdish region so do you see more defiance and that's what we've been seeing since before the referendum on september twenty fifth basically all the statements coming from both sides are you can feel that no one is backing down and for the real for the kurds it would be extremely difficult that would be a very unpopular move and many people here would tell you we did expect there will be an uproar in baghdad one in iran in turkey this is something they expected even though everybody is a bit nervous thank you very much for that hoda abdel-hamid live for us you know bill in northern iraq. still ahead on al jazeera the pressure grows on over its nuclear program or its north korean businesses in china to shop by the end of the year. and the land down under decides to liftoff australia announces plans to own space agency we'll tell you more.
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welcome back as we look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia we've seen some pretty heavy showers affecting parts of borneo certainly malays in borneo seen some big rainfall totals with lightning climbing the mountain at kota kinabalu with seventy two millimeters of rain coming down i'm lazy in borneo does get more his fair share of showers during the course of saturday elsewhere we've got some showers scattered across the philippines manila could be quite wet at times for the search party looking largely dry and i was you move up through them and a peninsula is looking pretty wet singapore kuala lumpur and through up into thailand lots of heavy showers expected here could be quite a wet one in bangkok with highs of thirty one degrees heading down into a stray quite interesting here with this trough line and a developing area of rain which is going to prove to get some quite heavy rain
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overnight stay a couple of days so there's the forecast through the mind of saturday most of the rain is just south of alice springs but not by much and i was could pick up some showers and then as we head on through into sunday that area of rain moving slightly further towards the east another stage of bruce breeze from melbourne there fifteen degrees sydney looking at highs of twenty three degrees for new zealand here we've got quite conditions during saturday but this low pressure system will be moving across the tasman sea and that's pretty wet and windy as we head through sunday. they thought they were american until they broke the law are now they're deported to cambodia for life one of the families fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera.
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zero zero with every. thing we. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera the un has declared the will hinge crisis the world's fastest developing refugee magine see more than half a million people affected bangladesh since fighting began in myanmar's rakhine state last month. in india at least twenty two people have been killed and thirty injured after a stampede at a railway station it happened on a foot bridge in mumbai's elphinstone station which connects two of the city's major lines local media say it was triggered by overcrowding after heavy rains and
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i saw has released an audio recording it says is from its leader i was caught by daddy in june russia's military had said bye daddy was killed in as strike on the outskirts of the syrian city of raka the message urges high so members to increase their attacks and to also talk at the media. not to spain where pro and anti separatist campaign is a holding their last rallies in the run up to sunday's independence vote in the region of catalonia the regional government insists it will go ahead with the referendum despite the central government and courts declaring its illegal let's go live to john hendren who joins us from a pro separatist rallies outside a spanish government building in central basco now where protesters plan to use tractors to sought police from closing polling places tell us about what's been happening there john how much support is there for for this protest where you are. well foley there have been protests and demonstrations all over this city some are
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in the thousands some over ten thousand protesters organizers yesterday estimated that their group was as large as eighty thousand that's a disputed number but they're all over this city and they are just amassing in greater numbers every day if you look behind me you can see a small protest across from the governor's mansion there often is one here believe it or not that has nothing to do with independence those are trade unionists who are protesting against cuts being made but shortly here we do expect tractors to roll up those tractors are pro independence supporters they are coming here in order to block the polling stations and if the camera can look a little to the left you can see the police in front of the governor's mansion we have to be a little careful not to show their individual faces because they've been very clear with us that they don't want us to do that we went around town and we talked to a number of the protesters and followed them yesterday and this is the story that we filed. each day
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a peaceful show of force grown. led by young and fiercely proud catalans in the streets. police say sixteen thousand of them organizers say tens of thousands more. you're going to shut the schools because you don't want. any tonight. you know best known. by comparison this anti secession rally mustered perhaps three dozen people. at a secret location days after the spanish army arrested catalan leaders and confiscated ten million ballot papers this video tweeted by catalan president carlos preached a month shows the resistance printing new balance he got better miska the media but no matter how much they intimidate us no matter how many times they say that they will not give us the keys of the classrooms or the schools will be opened there is
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a generation of what has been growing in our country and they add to this new majority that we have in catalonia that they want to vote. at schools doubling as polling stations a showdown police have orders to close them students plan an occupation to keep them open stay there and. just to wait for. the crowds are chanting these streets will always belong to us and while there are thousands of police all around barcelona right now they do. at barcelona's port firemen occupy catalonia is history museum unfurling a pro independence banner where the firefighters have to go and vote as every citizen can do it as catalans plan their defiant vote the spanish government's marshaling its in forces national police and civil defense troops in riot gear ordered to stop the referendum. it. will be better
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to be part of. the local police who until now we've resisted reigning in the protests no role alongside national police in ormoc cars a cattle and horse under spanish control. with cattle lands determined to vote in the spanish government in madrid intent on stopping them the long tense standoff broke and. the head of the world's nuclear watchdog has raised the alarm over the fast pace of north korea's nuclear weapons program earlier this month pyongyang said he had tested a hydrogen bomb that followed a series of ballistic missile launches from seoul kathy novak reports. the head of the has been in seoul for a three day visit meeting with south korea's foreign minister and discussing the north korean nuclear issue they have both expressed grave concern about the sixth and most powerful nuclear test which north korea claims was
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a hydrogen bomb now the i.a.e.a. hasn't had direct access to north korea's nuclear facilities since its inspectors were kicked out of the country back in two thousand and nine but you know says that the most recent test shows that north korea is making significant progress with its nuclear program we do not have the capacity to determine if it is up. on not but it is over yes that is much bigger than the previous one it means that. north korea made a very rapid progress. combined with other elements this is the new threat and this is. that north korea's foreign minister recently raised concerns about the possibility of the country conducting an atmospheric nuclear test when he hinted that it may be can. siddur in detonating
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a hydrogen bomb in the pacific and the south korean government remains on high alert for the possibility of another missile launch or nuclear test perhaps to coincide with key dates next month on october the tense in north korea marks foundation day and on october the eighteenth china opens its communist party congress and in the past north korea has upstaged a major events in china with provocative acts meanwhile china says any north korean companies operating in the country will have to shut down by january the u.s. has been pressuring beijing to force north korea to give up its nuclear ambitions the chinese vice premier league you young dong is in the united states where she's had talks with the secretary of state rex tillerson and she will also meet with the u.s. president donald trump. now if you're going to have a digital discussion where better than the birthplace of skype european union
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leaders are meeting in estonia on friday and it's likely some of them will be talking tech beside a brac sit and euro zone where we challenge reports on how is tony i became one of the world's most networks nations. coding these a study in children haven't started high school yes but already they're programming robots you can really like if you know it really well you can teach people who haven't learned and it's really fun and people love to learn in my dream job is to become a coach because it's really critical. the aim is to create a generation with a smarter relationship with technology digital skills for everyone and if all goes well someday one of those kids might be able to build another skype this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company has to make video and voice calls over the internet and was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven for eight point five billion dollars startup entrepreneurship is a natural fit for
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a country that spent the past two decades turning itself into one of the most advanced digital societies in the world we're going to say that that's a really big influence there because i think one is that function for the boot camp then it just created a bunch of wealthy people who could invest and finally i think it's because as soon as paul and people know each other people went like oh i went to high school with this case if they can do it so can i yarn is now an investor in new estonian startups here and i'm trying to learn spanish like a language learning out linguist i asked its chief operating officer whether being a stone even makes young companies here think differently. there is more than one point three million people. market basically doesn't exist. so it means from within you one you need to think global startup culture and overcoming
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the country's diminutive size also inspired the estonian government's the residency program costing one hundred or so dollars and a residency invites business people from anywhere in the world to remotely create a company here and gain access to the country's streamlined digital infrastructure it doesn't bring in much money but it does foster the network's estonia values you need to have a texas birth on they go explosion to have a virtual theists and if you need those kind of services who put you in touch with . companies so it makes a snowball effect and a lot of is some companies benefit from the services they provide to. estonia believes countries will one day compete for the residence based on the quality of their digital services and business environments if that prediction is correct estonia already has a significant lead for each island's talent. now this week australia announced
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it will join the ranks of nations with their own space agency the state of south australia has the highest number of space startups in the country and is also playing host to the international astronautical congress has more from adelaide where in a trendy neighborhood of suburban adelaide in south australia and just through this garage door is a start up working on something but you might not expect and that's rocket science this is newman space it has these vacuum chambers that replicate space conditions and it's working on ways to convert space junk and other metals into rocket fuels and he hopes to one day help missions to mars. getting people back from us getting samples back from mars is difficult and challenging because you need a lot of fuel to get to mars and about the same amount of fuel to get back from laws so if you need to take the fuel with you to come back the first vehicle has to
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be huge it's really really really expensive if you can make the fuel there then you can take a much smaller vehicle refuel on mars and then come home neumann space plans to test their technology on a mission to the international space station in two years' time if it's successful it stands to benefit from an industry worth three hundred thirty billion dollars globally irish budget carrier ryanair has until friday is change its competition policy after thousands of its flights were canceled britain's civil aviation authority has accused the airline of misleading passengers about rerouting options ryanair submitted that thirty four rolls sought to be suspended after what is called a mess up in the time off schedule for pilots regulators warned the airline could face legal action. u.s. defense secretary james madison's made an unannounced visit to qatar he's held talks with the emir and defense minister at data air base where around ten thousand
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u.s. troops are stationed qatar has been under diplomatic blockade by saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain for almost four months qatar rejects those countries accusations that its support terrorist school u.s. president of trump has offered to mediate in the crisis. we're getting news out of russia that opposition leader alexina vani hari has been detained in moscow he says he's been detained in moscow and ronnie's one of the most prominent critics of russian leader vladimir putin is organize mass demonstrations against corruption calling for more democracy in russia. now on a lighter note the eiffel tower in paris is celebrating its three hundred millionth visitor the first floor has been turned into a nightclub with a light and sound show every half hour.
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the headlines on al-jazeera the un has declared the will hinge a crisis the world's fastest developing refugee emergency more than half a million people have fled to bangladesh in fighting began in myanmar's rakhine state last month russia has blamed many of the attacks in myanmar and civilians and the burning down on villages on armed groups china is urging international community to get behind me a mosque government china condemns the recent violent attacks in myanmar's a real kind state. supports me on last effort to keep its domestic situation stable it behooves the international community to do the difficulties and challenges confronting the government of myanmar through all objects exercise patience and provide support and help beijing has said any north korean companies operating in china will have to shut down by january the us has been pressuring china to force
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him to give up its nuclear ambitions the chinese vice premier louis young dong is currently visiting the u.s. she's been meeting secretary of state rex tillerson in washington and she also meet president donald trump. the european commission. it will take miracles it would take. talks to make enough progress to begin trade negotiations he made those comments as european leaders arrived in estonia for a digital summit prime minister. echoed that statement yeah i think you know i think on the rights of there's definitely a better value than a better mood coming out of the negotiations between me sober and yanna david davis but i think it's still very evident stuff there's more work to be done we're not yet at stage so we can say that's for sure progress is being made to allow us to talk about the relationship the trade. that it will be able to make that call until until much later in the month. and at least twenty two people have been killed and
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thirteen time pete at a railway station in india it happened on a footbridge in mumbai's elphinstone station which connects two of the city's major in the whole lines coming up next on al-jazeera it's want to stay with us. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. they did the crime and they've served their time but the us is deporting hundreds of cambodians who've been released from prison. some of those deported to the us as baby lien the camaro rouge jenna's are. all this up as.


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