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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2017 12:00am-1:00am AST

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so you're going to be. in this. on october the first catalonia plans to hold an independence referendum yet the central government insists it's unconstitutional and the courts have judged it illegal as the state drops down and cats alliance take to the streets where will this crisis and watch al-jazeera for the latest. zero. out of there and to the middle this is the news hour live from london coming up.
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angry protests in madrid ahead of sunday's secession referendum in catalonia with these things voters will be removed. if anybody out there is listening to us. we are dying. puerto rico urges the u.s. to speed up aid as it struggles to recover from hurricane maria. the u.s. secretary of state is back in beijing wanting more from china to stop north korea's nuclear ambitions. and i'm far as small have all the day's sport including on beating manchester city score a win over english premier league champions chelsea. if their warm welcomes the news hour spain's government is cracking down on the bands the session vote in its catalonia region on sunday describing it as
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a mockery of democracy it's one volunteers a polling stations could be fined more than three hundred fifty thousand dollars they have already begun deploying ahead of the ballot and sealed off more than half of the. schools designated as polling centers they will. in the spanish capital madrid thousands of people in savior of the united the rally either side shows any sign of backing down. reports not on. schools have become a decisive political battleground families and so-called defense committees are camping out to ensure school stay open and double as polling stations procession volunteers here are. to information through. the few square meters at stake the spot where a ballot box will be placed. because it's like. so many people here are united. but police are
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under orders from the spanish government to a victim it isn't and shut down schools around dawn on sunday if that happens the referendum could be in jeopardy in madrid spain foreign minister criticised the cattle thora his defiance we think the law guarantees the. pushing is not democracy it's a mockery of democracy a travesty of democracy. referendum. do not. democracy catalonia sprains wealthiest region it's a bit bigger than belgium its economy larger than greece or portugal has its own language and cultural identity but the issue of secession has deeply divided society. with few impartial surveys the street is the only if imperfect barometer of voter sentiment on saturday thousands turned
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out in madrid demanding spain remain united. we don't agree on what catalans are doing they have no right to do what they're doing where all spaniards catalonia is spain. police raided the capital and governments computer technology center and shut down software due to be used for the final vote tally. today we were informed that the organization of the illegal referendum suffered a blow when the facilities of the catalan government's telecommunications hold were blocked with the intention to prevent telematic voting and vote counting. referendum for a new republic or mockery of democracy the outcome is unlikely to hang on technology all the law but on the ability of citizens to defend the ballot box in schools that have become a battle ground. zero or
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a loner spain. well the desire for independence has a long history in catalonia and is driven by a mixture of economic and cultural factors the region in northeastern spain has a population of seven point five million people it also counts for twenty percent of the country's economic output and its capital barcelona is a major tourist destination catalans have their own distinct culture and identity which existed for centuries before being fully subserve by spain in seventeen fourteen this identity was suppressed by spain particularly under the military dictatorship of francisco franco one thousand nine hundred thirty nine to one nine hundred seventy five symbol such as kiss dale's human pyramids were prohibited in the catalan language was districted but since the one nine hundred seventy nine statue of autonomy the region has gained more power it has its own parliament peace force in control over education health care and welfare policies well sister teresa for this is a campaigner for capital audience
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a session she joins me live via skype from barcelona and the sister teresa very warm welcome to the program thanks for your company can you explain for our viewers why it is that you want to be independent from spain. yes goodnight to what he might reason is. you can call me to come stand childrens in which case what has happened over the last twelve years a new institute of autonomy was approved by the catholic parliament in two thousand and five this one was also produced by the spanish parliament exams and six and then what happened that it was secluded it was taken by the constitutional court and it was made to basically stopped for five years during these years. and the amount of being mistreated being in a democracy that was not acting as such was increasing the stars and then finally the constitutional court returned to the capital and people were as the two we had a great deal of those of the same one was clearly
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a different document and one that lost court hearing the three of them so that these the immediate and the see that but for me doing more important than something that's not to intentionally you can call it that kind of principle so it's determination is something that it's acknowledged in international law but the spanish estate as if these constitute the date it's not acknowledging that he needs territory it's a nod to for example in scotland scotland votes. to adults of not good why not for the catholic is a question of principle to leave you know the mark received that is able to have knowledge and if i may say something also i remember in the origins of totally terrorism. what's most important to do in order to avoid. political regime to crush the problems of the people the first thing that you need to do is to isolate the individual you for you kind of cross the freedoms of the people so that
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the sense of belonging that we have places along is one of them i think it's something that needs to be preserved and fostered for the twenty first century and especially when you have people let into the do so without taking on china. or chinese or or even essential is not the catalans are special people we don't consider ourselves as special people but we believe that the sense of what he story is not a matter of taste and chianti but the story of what has happened our country over the years and you have become just a marine now that has given us a sense of wanting to be together it's. brings us together to examine. but what we want is not because the long awaited one has been with kids and they verse community and it's them and measuring community of an often we had europe that the extreme right is the imagining our future communities it's growing the sense of
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belonging based on homogeneity that's not the catalan process because. you need a constellation of these ways and i guess i just want to jump in for a second and ask you you know how do you think the vote will go to morrow i mean i covered the vote in scotland a couple of years ago and all this they being scottish myself it's a country i travel back to a lot and the conclusion there was that the vote failed for the second time was ultimately divisive and continues to have that effects on people who live there so for those people who disagree with you those who people who voted in madrid what do you say to them and also what do you hope will happen tomorrow. ok my hope is that we've all participation that we be above fifty percent even with the circumstances that we're seeing at the moment and make hope is that the yes we i don't think it's necessary to avoid the deviation of society to have a very high percentage for the yes would see as kind of the percent or even the
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white because voting yes it would mean that we start something coke and stick on buses and the computer and process the moment where the discussion about how it went want to make our country our future a country be able to being this greater majority which actually greece needed for division we have are some of the season's worth of self-determination for free one by a very. cheap but after one year of currency to inverses then we have to. come sit with her friends that were i would definitely expect a country not anymore my. sister to resent their joining me to reason for their joining me on skype thank you. yes you're welcome well al jazeera has been to the hot in the region to speak with the man behind that independence movement the government of spain considers him the most dangerous man in john hendren sat down with kaplan is president. and started by asking why catalonia should be independent
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. the well they see that island in the west of us but you know the effort to beat cotton and within spain has failed and now is the time to choose the only possible way to continue being cut and ends with dignity and equality of conditions an independent state will give us nothing but then the last plan is the last that but we dealt with it there are lots of patents who want to vote and to create what i would call a democratic tsunami and people will see the world will see you know when they don't is there a secret plan for how to carry this out and then you tell us about it i'll go into them and the rest of us but you know we don't know what their plans of this state are to stop their friend i'm based kept them on the ropes so we have no obligation to publicise how are we going to organize they were for and they've got to say i will take that to mean yes there is a secret plan and no you can't tell me about it. on the front lines of this quiet revolution our children young people out in the streets and there are thousands of
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police in the street there's the potential for violence if it gets ugly what will you tell them what we tell their parents then. there is no buy ins so if someone has these temptation they will be doing been salads no favor they will be doing democracy no favor no one will accept or. want. how do you evaluate the response of spain. the spanish government has almost like a pyromaniac it has been putting food on the fire it's been acting totally responsibly. again when. everything it's kind of took over for everyone to feel happy within this that much but you know and if you don't succeed. you face some pretty serious consequences with the spanish government they have accused the organizers of this referendum of crimes including
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sedition which comes with a penalty of up to fifteen years in prison are you willing to face that. we accept full responsibility but it would be very very responsible from the response to a political aspirations to be a reason sentence it but the a very severe mistake would have to leave the consequences. i'm not screaming no i'm not responsible for sedition. carlos pushed him on president of catalonia thank you for talking to elders here you're welcome. coming up the. tensions remain high after the referendum cook. but not everyone is in favor of secession. gives the go ahead for an independent investigation into claims of human rights abuses by all sides or. another pocket batsman joins the five thousand cops explain orders.
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hundreds of revenge refugees who've cost into bangladesh are lining up to receive aid at the computer long camp just along the border by midday she said mobilized to help some of the half a million people who escaped the violence in the amar united nations refugee agency and the government providing food water and medical aid. played agencies have created special play areas for a range of children to offer them some temporary escape from the trauma they've suffered to have their charity is a one such area in cox's bazar in bangladesh. close to half a million are going to refuse it up crossed over to bangladesh of a matter of one month out of time two hundred eight it isn't our children according to aid agencies i'm going to the government and among them a hundred thousand children one of cool aid this is something called child friendly
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space this was set up by bangladesh crack the largest radio and also with the help of unicef what just says children has got click on a drawing corner and reading corner they also have music on or the children grow up to be quite happy out here they're out of danger in the street they get counseling from the professional counseling people they're also in a place where they are given free mats and lines sometimes fifty or six of this kind of it's are set up among the new and old refugee camps six of them are old the rest are new you know if there's me on my references are unable to go back to me on my wedding yes to come goes like this and the son does like this are badly needed to rehabilitate a lot of the children who are highly traumatized by what they're facing on the other side of the border in the years to combine with those government aid agency has to mentally prepare to set up institutional like this to help the children cope with the trauma of their face while coming to bangladesh and what the place in myanmar. and they are puerto rico's capital someone has accused the trunk
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administration of killing people through inefficiency ten days after hurricane rita devastated the u.s. territory aid is starting to meet communities in need in the white house has appointed a three star general to oversee when the full ration but common you think it's not happening quick enough we are dying here and not cannot fathom. the thought. that the greatest nation in the world cannot figure out the logistics for his small island of one hundred miles my thirty five miles i am begging. begging anyone that can hear us to save us from dying. if anybody out there is listening to us we are dying and
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you are killing us with the inefficiencies. and the bureaucracy. has hit back via twitter using his political rivals of telling the mayor of someone to criticize and in another tweet he said such poor leadership ability by the mayor someone of us import to rico were not able to get their workers to help well speaking to al-jazeera is to reasonable and saturday someone's mayor shrugged off trump's comments but said that she does believe puerto rico is being discriminated against i think we haven't been treated with the same sense of an urgency that other to sas or sab intreated and again you know my. five hundred twenty pounds mayor of a city in the caribbean a three star general ago said yesterday we don't have enough we need to get more
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in order to be able to take care of the situation. home are to say that a general isn't saying the right thing well from what we can speak to charles of venice or santiago an associate professor of political science at the university of connecticut very warm welcome to the program thanks for joining us and first of all your reaction to the way that don't trump has reacted and his general handling of what's happened in puerto rico. you know i think part of the problem is that the president of doesn't have an experience and doesn't understand how to govern he's just a businessman and i think he's confronted with a dump in situation that he just doesn't know how to handle but it does beg the question the ones at what what are his advisers advising him i mean given the relationship the intimate relationship that puerto rico and the u.s. have. what could we expected him to do differently. well i think at the mic once the military enters the picture and they have some pericles in place we
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might see some changes but right now as it's not clear that his advisors aren't thinking about these problems they're busy. defending us charges of using taxpayer money to fly they're not thinking about the solutions to the problem especially the secretary there the secretary public health we just resigned of friday i mean these are sacred as it should be on top of the situation of the crisis in puerto rico so if this is a strategy by tom to handle things in this way it whose hands is it playing into is this about the the base voters i believe so i think he's feeding off the base and showing them that peace that is committed to an island in the center of the ocean as he would say of course we have to understand puerto ricans are democrats and to that extent he's also in some ways that i also think that the base and a lot of folks in the united states don't understand that point that it was
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inhabited by u.s. citizens so to that extent that it's almost as if there's a neglect of a place that nobody the center knows it exists within the united states and do you think this affects or could effect the relationship that exists between puerto rico in the united states something in terms of you know independence which has bubbled underneath the surface for some time. well part of the problem is that fixing puerto rico right now is going to be so expensive which i think is one of the other explanations of why president trump was not trying to jump into this. that in some ways people are going to be more tied down or tied to the united states because the amount of money that's going to be needed to fix the united states. is in the billions and because a lot of it doesn't have access to international markets it's going to completely the u.s. reconstruction efforts and charles do you think a trump supporter if they were watching this might say you know the good thing about trump is that he wants other nations other i even saw other states to stand
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on their own two feet and not to depend on the u.s. anymore you know he wants to hold on to that kind of internal in the word facing perspective well part of the challenge is that last year and twenty six in congress imposed fiscal review board of control board that has controlled the economy since and they pose in a failed system of austerity that by their own account will not grow the economy so in some ways the economy is locked down by a congressionally mound mandated thursday and commission and it's not growing so that extent it's not clear how people with a bankrupt government can stand on itself because it just doesn't have the resources to do so charles bannister santiago there joining me live this hour thank you i think that. well aid is beginning to which communities in need and the white house has appointed a three star general to oversee those relief operations but it's likely to be
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months if not years before life returns to normal in puerto rico to resemble is in the badly damaged tent of narron gita. in the central mountains of debris when he was one of the worst hit areas by hurricane the eye of the storm passed right through this part of the island. in the course my says she cannot help but cry when she things of everything she's lost. i cry for what happened for what we lost but brenda is not alone many here are struggling to recover from the hurricane people tell us that this area used to be filled with green trees but as you can see there's not many left in fact many of the houses in this area were completely blown away. this for example is the only standing water left from this house. that we cover e.f. four it's around away all around the island the electricity grid was destroyed so
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the island is currently dependent on generators. the hurricane was so strong that destroyed the old posts the new posts nothing survived we are all doing what we can to get the island moving again at the town's shelter there are more than one hundred people left homeless they have lost everything they own the city's mayor has played a crucial role in organizing relief efforts private donations are purring in but more is still needed. what we desperately need is water to continue providing people here with what they need we have some food clothes for them and now we need to see how we help them to get their lives back together. what about rico was struggling before two consecutive storms hit the island heavily in debt with high levels of poverty local authorities say they need help because we have three four and five millions of american citizens in need right now so we will need our fellow
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of the if there are government to recovery program this will take years to really was if you were before the recovery effort will probably take months people like that in the gulf may say they're bracing themselves for a long struggle there is i want to see that matter and he don't want to go. now the u.s. says it's maintaining direct channels of communication with pyongyang in an effort to resolve tensions on the korean peninsula secretary of state rex tillerson is in beijing listen his counterpart wang lee on his second trip to the chinese capital this year u.s. wants china to increase the economic pressure on north korea over its nuclear weapons and missile program brian reports now from beijing. well with tensions on the korean peninsula still at a very dangerous level rarely have relations between china and the united states mattered as much as they do now rex tillerson had been jus to arrive in beijing on friday night but his visit was delayed because of mechanical problems with his
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plane on saturday he had a brief audience with president xi jinping that is significant because china's president doesn't always grant an audience to visiting dignitaries from overseas that's a measure of the importance they place on rex tillerson presence in china and also of the importance they place on president donald trump visiting china in november that was confirmed by the white house at the weekend both china and the united states have a very different approach as to how to deal with north korea rex tillerson wants to make sure that china delivers on its promise to fully implement united nations sanctions against north korea for its part china says it's backing a whole slew of new sanctions against north korea for instance on sunday it will begin limiting the export of oil to north korea on friday it announced it was shutting down all north korean businesses in china in three months time the same
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applies to north korean chinese joint ventures so in a sense north korea in a strange way is bringing china and the united states closer together well for more and this our reporter mike hanna joins us from d.c. hi there mike so directs el maintaining direct channels of communication with pyongyang has. well this is the first time the trumpet ministration has confirmed that there are direct channels with pyongyang and this was revealed by the secretary of state during his visit to beijing not only one channel it appears he said that there could be a couple or maybe even three channels of communication he made very clear too that this is not through china it is unilateral channels being operated by the u.s. this is very significant at this particular point in time particularly given the harsh exchange of words between the u.s.
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leaders and that of north korea in recent weeks mike the relations between the u.s. and china have rarely mattered so much alang from a jane brams piece there but ultimately they want more from china don't they yes they do they continually are asking china to continue to bring pressure to bear on north korea in terms of not only exercising new sanctions but in terms of fully implementing the sanctions that have been in place for a period of time the u.n. security council sanctions and of course those sanctions recently announced unilaterally by the united states this is part of brics to listens mission in china at present is to continue to bring pressure to bear on china to meet its commitments to meet its public commitment to bringing the noose around north korea's neck or remembering of course as the closest ally the closest neighbor to north korea china is in a real position to be able to ensure that the sanctions already in place are
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implemented and this is a key position for the united states which has been heavily reliant on china in terms of its diplomacy in dealing with the north korean situation my candidate joining me live from washington d.c. mike thank you. still to come the. two separate movements joined forces in washington d.c. to march against racism and inequality. we have a special report on a nigerian army crackdown on the oil pirates who are rating the final cost the new share delta. and sport a birthday treat for an emerging formula one star but one child right it's a sad place and. how we got the very wet and windy weather coming into the northwest of europe over
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the next couple of days beyond this particular and of cloud very blustery conditions it comes out first area of low pressure starting to see the remnants of hurricane lili followed by harken that maria down into the southeast in kona all the way weather still in place here as well some more big time very downpours just around the island sea so the grease pushing into that western half of turkey between nazi battle still seeing jimmy five by the four vienna seventy's. bad powder not too bad but you can see the side of germany seeing some rather wet weather coming through the next day so there's a size of a wet and windy weather come monday that does look a very blustery day across a good part of england some areas of wiles' cloud of the rain streaming in but looking to britain of course france as well as the western side of the mic could see a little more cloud just rolling through a little clout there standing down into northern parts of algeria perhaps that catholic enough at times to give the old spots of rain whether easing
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a little further into some very unsettled weather coming through here northern rock on the other hand looking hot and dry are bats at around thirty degrees celsius bengazi with a high of twenty five. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to make but he would so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i choose to lose my one village and it's transformation going behind the lens that's gone from saying brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time
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i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. i wind of the top stories here on out spain's government is deploying police ahead of the ban secession vote in its catalonia region on sunday describing it as a mockery of democracy. the mayor of puerto rico's capital has criticised the trumpet ministrations response to hurricane maria which devastated the u.s. territory ten days ago. the u.s.
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says it's maintaining direct channels of communication with north korea secretary of state rice tell us it is it's china the talks. well catalans across the border in france are watching the situation in barcelona closely there are nearly half a million in the southwest region is the second biggest city after barcelona the reports on how they see their future. it's prime time at a radio ad ells france's only catalan news station for more than thirty years it's been broadcasting to the southwest and peppino region where a third of people speak the language the radio is a way of keeping their culture alive to the. region where our language is under threat three centers it was banned only it's coming back especially in schools so our radio is helping this renewal by developing the language and maintaining our catalan identity rolling vineyards and sweeping mediterranean beaches define this
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part of france though liz norden catalonia southern catalonia is a few kilometers away just across the spanish border here any separate the two but people are united by their cattle and roots traditions and pride it certainly feels very unique carib feels very different from other parts of france there are catalan colors and reminders everywhere and people say they are looking very closely at the referendum which is taking place just over the border so what's interesting is very few people in french catalonia say that they would want independence from the state . by the catalan association in the center of power in your office activities for all ages while many catalans in spain want to vote for a clean break from madrid those here say they wish to remain part of france but with more regional autonomy. underneath all of the unemployment is widespread here
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young people are jobless french trade does little for us we want a special status corsica which would give a small town of me. going to me and taxation. the mesmerising side down a dance was banned in the one nine hundred forty s. by spanish dictator general franco who regarded the catalans as a threat. the people here grew up with it its intricate moves have been passed down through generations and classes like this are popular. have ignored them on the new south fire along with our mountains the sadhana our language it's everything a sketch islands have it's our inspiration. with no great momentum for independence the focus for most catalans here is on keeping in step with france but dancing to their own tune with al-jazeera. turkish president reject tired already one has said that kurdish authorities will pay the price for holding
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a referendum on secession iraqi kurds overwhelmingly backed splitting from iraq in monday's vote to fine neighboring countries who fear it could fuel kurdish separatism within their borders would lead to conflict. then not forming an independent state in northern iraq on the contrary that opening a wound in the region and twisting the knife ignoring this fact will do no good neither to us nor to our current brothers in iraq or of a party that. tension is increasing between the kurdish leadership in northern iraq and its neighbors after this week's secession vote iraq says it's coordinating with iran turkey to take control of borders administered by the semi autonomous kurdish regional government the inclusion of the city of kirkuk in northern iraq in monday's vote has also angered baghdad it has some of the biggest oil reserves in the country charles strafford reports start from erbil the kurdish peshmerga to
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control the kirkuk after the iraqi army fled in islip pensive in two thousand and fourteen. but there's never been agreement between the kurdish regional government ok argy in the federal government in baghdad about who should be in control there and benefit most from the areas vast oil wealth. kirkuk had an eighty percent turnout in the referendum on kurdish the session. the day after the vote the iraqi parliament asked prime minister hydrilla party to send troops into kurdish controlled disputed areas like kirkuk and take back control of the oil fields and the kurdish governor of kirkuk hopes he doesn't heed to parliament's demand prime minister about he has made it clear that force is not how he will approach this thing. and i agree with him and we don't expect a force to be used but of course there are people maybe not under his control who
12:37 am
may try to do this parliament earlier this month voted to remove mr karim when he has refused to go and anything that's comes against me for my patriotic position it's it's a non-issue for me many kurds call kirkuk their jerusalem but there are also turkomans arabs and christians here too there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing i saw and they feel very let down by the baghdad government there's also considerable opposition amongst the arabs and the turkmen about any idea with respect to kirkuk being part of a future independent kurdish state the vast majority of turkmen and arabs who have lived in kirkuk for generations boycotted the referendum this if you to the area and the borders of k r g is not the clear and the specially kid. will be.
12:38 am
spaced off this a try going to be owned by that and maybe be a war about kirkuk the way to solve this a problem is not their independence and their friend on their way is the outlook. the two thousand and five constitution stipulates that the federal government send seventeen percent of the federal budget to the k l g every year. it stops sending the money in two thousand and fifteen. and back that has since accused the k r g of not sharing the oil wealth but any fighting here could jeopardize the battle against mycelium how we shop around fifty kilometers southwest of kirkuk. which was kirkuk was at the heart of the referendum on kurdish independence. the kurds say they will fight him when he tries to take it from them john strafford al jazeera.
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up to twenty eight people have been killed in airstrikes in the rebel held it bled province of syria u.k. based group the syrian observatory for human rights says that four children are amongst the dead they've not been able to verify whether the strikes were carried out by the syrian government or its main ally russia rescue workers on the ground have accused the two countries killing scores of civilians in airstrikes began after rebels launched an offensive against government held areas in the north west of the country already at the spot. thousands of people gathered in washington on saturday to protest against racism at least for tell us in the u.s. two rallies were held the march for racial justice and the march for black women organizers called for an end to what they say is systemic way says a day marks the anniversary of the elaine assoc or one nine hundred nineteen for more than one hundred black americans were killed by white supremacists wiser's
12:40 am
reports now from washington d.c. . this is a combination of two different marches the march for racial justice and the black women's march here in washington d.c. there are ten other marches planned and other cities as well around the country all citing the need for greater scrutiny of racial divisions and the opportunities for bringing races together in america this country right now struggling with questions of race and racism as professional football players needle and link arms symbolically during or around the national anthem as it's played before games tweets from the white house inflaming racial tensions in some cases for many people around the country so race and racism major issues a part of american life right now under consideration these people taking to the streets we figure two thousand maybe three thousand strong today they plan to march
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to the department of justice to get their point across and to the trump hotel in washington d.c. for mayor on the monster speak to preston mitchum in washington d.c. he's a journalist and civil rights activist preston they warm welcome to the program good to see question your impression of the marches today. the march was absolutely amazing today there were so many black and brown people out there still many trans women personally i started earlier today at the march for black women where you saw hundreds and thousands of black women really speaking up and demanding their rights to manage to not be forgotten in the systems demanding that the police would not kill them anymore really has taken a stand in a firm position of saying we will not accept violence anymore and we have to be a part of this process together preston for people watching like you what is the whole that the effects will be from these marches is it but you know having that
12:42 am
you know fide voice is it an opportunity to come together in the middle of this extraordinary presidency. yeah you know i don't think there is one answer there right so i think there can be two answers here and one aspect you know i'm not going to speak for black women but i definitely believe that many black women my friends in the struggle would easily say that you know the progressive movement needs to be together the progressive movement needs to understand that it's just the that is just as evil sometimes the trump administration you know that sometimes the progressive movement thinks their hands are free of blood and that that's not you all the time and i think on the second aspect of the chopper ministration to really say you know whichever ministration is vitriolic there sexist a massage and if there are races then transfer big and really provide a space in a voice for black women and black folks generally to speak up and demand of our rights are just as equal as everyone else's and preston for you what will it take do you think for the the folding if i can use that word of the rhetoric to dial down so that they can be some sort of you know continued constructive conversation
12:43 am
about this is these issues that are frankly ripping the country of pots. honestly julie i think we need to be honest about how the country was founded the country we still deal with k.k.k. we still deal with white supremacy we still deal with a lot of races vitriol both inside of the progressive movement and outside of the progressive movement by the chopper ministration so what we first have to do is really just the honest about how this country was founded you know really like this country was built on the backs of in slave africans and i think we have to be honest about that and so i think that when we take that history with the president what's happening with police violence against against black and brown people with collin capron it in the n.f.l. movement what's taken me i really think we have to take a step back and really realize why we're in this position today because what's happening right now is not new it's not novel right what we're seeing right now is really america play out once again how it's always played out in a very whites a permit vitriolic way and you have black and brown folks should form speaking
12:44 am
standing up speaking out loudly and proudly about being happy being black loving the texture of our hair loving the stand that we're in and really speaking up and demanding that violence will stop and that silence equals violence we need people to speak up we need our white brothers in the struggle to sometimes be quiet and actually listen to black and brown people who are being killed every day and we need ownership and accountability for the lives that are being taken in front of our very eyes and i think only then will be able to determine that we're going to be actually progressive and liberated preston joining us there from washington d.c. at preston great to talk to you thank you thank you so much now the united nations has agreed to start an independent investigation into human rights abuses by all sides in the war and again the decision follows weeks of negotiations since twenty fifteen yemeni government forces backed by a saudi led coalition in fighting has he rebels supported by iran catch an opus
12:45 am
hold the un report. the decision has been described as a game changer the un human rights council has agreed to send a delegation of experts to investigate possible war crimes in yemen more than ten thousand civilians have died since the country's devastating war started in two thousand and fifteen and that number could rise. the international community faces several urgent tasks in yemen including the protection safety and security of civilians the u.n. delegation is expected to investigate attacks on schools markets and even hospitals fina between harvey rebels and a saudi led coalition which side with president. has torn the country the commission will also investigate attacks carried out by the rebels i think that the point becomes one of does the international community stand by the laws the courts
12:46 am
to hold all yemeni lives as valuable as any other lives the decision was met with resistance a last minute compromise between western powers and arab countries including saudi arabia eventually made it possible experts say blocking the investigation could have led to more unwanted attention you see mounting pressure at the international level for this to go ahead at a level that the u.s. the u.k. saudi arabia who've been instrumental in the past really blocking this kind of investigation going ahead would struggle to justify their reasons for doing so right now along with the war an estimated twenty million yemenis continue to go hungry and a nationwide cholera epidemic is ravaging the country since april more than two thousand people have died from the illness the red cross believes there could be a million cases of suspected cholera by the end of the year but access to treatment is limited airport is completely sealed off on the three planes roughly are
12:47 am
entering the i.c.r.c. plane m.s.f. and un plane and no other plane is coming in even planes that could do some humanitarian transfer of patients that want to get treatment abroad or something like that this is not possible so you don't have access to drugs and you're going to go out. with more in yemen is showing no signs of ending but the u.n. humanitarian council hopes the. investigation will lead to a greater level of accountability on all sides. so the young al-jazeera. turkey's open a military academy in somalia but one thousand five hundred somali soldiers can be trained there at any time making it the largest for nonmilitary training center in the east african nation the main threat to somalia comes from the al qaeda aligned group al shabaab still control large areas of countryside somalia's army is currently backed by the african union but these troops will be withdrawn from next year. of these fifty people have been arrested in the swedish city of gothenburg
12:48 am
during a demonstration held by a far right anti semitic good members of the nordic resistance movement for with came to demonstrators on peace officer and several other people what abusers. thieves and pirates in all which nigeria are costing the government at least a billion dollars in lost revenue every month now the nigerian army says it's cracking down on those who steal oil that's proving to be a difficult task as awkward address reports from the delta. while the hunt for pirates in oil fields in the creeks of nigeria's delta it's hard and dangerous work . as we approach a base we were being watched all the way but the military hardware is enough deterrent. than the wall feel was set on fire a strategy to stop cars from getting close to the suspects however aren't likely to get amusingly get on board it depends on whether.
12:49 am
the. three months after their bases destroyed by the army it's being rebuilt while all these are find and the talk of pipes lead to a nearby oil well for white crude is diverted. this is what remains of an illegal refinery after a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these have been destroyed in the past few months thieves refine oil here after breaking in and suffering from oil pipelines and wells across the region another bombed out refinery is trying to get back into business i feel kilometers from here this company has been destroyed before. it was considered they are trying to revive it which means that we still have to conduct here to put it out of use completely again the biggest threat to nigeria's all supply and economy on to the us all thieves. it's a well connected orders of the buy just send ships or transport the crude in large
12:50 am
quantities every ship was seized filled with petroleum products for years the pirates have met these waterways unsafe and blood the nigerian economy. now the army has new treatment and personnel. it's a show of force which commanders hope will deter criminals. and then. bring about the. next night raids. to take this over into. the government's new offensive isn't welcome with everyone and not just the pirates well i am very very concerned this time. into the region that. all is now going to be with more people. government leaders say the crackdown use necessary to stop criminal activities protect lives and generously largest natural asset. to trieste.
12:51 am
in the niger delta more to come on this hour of news from london today simona halep gets over her recent actions in the china with foreign coming up in sport. thanks. egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the permits on september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business to when i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expanding al-jazeera world meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to
12:52 am
a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging they believe but to be there because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor good audiences across the globe. let's get all the day with fire. julie thank you so much we start with football and manchester city have defeated reigning anguish premier league champions chelsea they were no one no winners away from home at stamford bridge city are top of the
12:53 am
league with six wins from seven games kevin drawing near got the goal for pep guardiola as team a result leaves chelsea in fourth at six points off the top. yes i'm happy for the victory because we're here for the results but especially the we would play because in where we played the stamford bridge my first time like a manager was able to win one game here against us championship there's no nessie to say how good they are. manchester united have also continued their undefeated start to the season they thrashed crystal palace for neil their second behind city on goal difference level on nineteen points. we are playing well i don't say well for ninety minutes because sometimes we have. periods where. we lose a bit of consistency. in what i call quality without intensity. but that's difficult to do that that's difficult to do that for ninety minutes
12:54 am
that's difficult to do that after a chimpanzee game so i'm i'm happy that they start really strong seven games in the e.p.l. on saturday the season surprise package so far watford bagging another point drawing with west brom away for now fifth in the table a big win for tottenham they thrashed huddersfield four nil. multiple football fans have been injured during a match in the top flight in france after a fan barrier collapsed the incident happened in the sixteenth minute of away match to local rivals on it followed the visitors taking the lead the way section as you will see completely giving way the match was abandoned by the referee several fans were taken to hospital. as a really has become the eighth pakistan batsman to pass five thousand runs in test cricket pakistan's highest ranked batsman is seventy four not out against sri lanka on what was
12:55 am
a slow third day of the first tast by the end of play pakistan reached two hundred sixty six for four in trail sri lanka's first innings total of four hundred and nineteen by a hundred and fifty three run by passing five thousand runs ali joins a list of his country's greats including. an eunice khan. a disastrous qualifying session for sebastian vettel could prove a turning point in his quest for the formula one world championship difficult to do if you believe. that for a driver will start last on the grid at the grand prix he failed to set a time after being rocked by engine problems vettel is twenty points behind championship leader lewis hamilton will start on all and his mercedes red bull driver max for stopping will be third on the grid. we had no idea how it was going to go today you know and so to what happened to. very quickly practice this summer we turn around the engine is such
12:56 am
a great job yesterday the call for great. and so is a real surprise to be out there with these guys but i'm really grateful for the international basketball federation officially lists its longstanding ban on head coverings on sunday basketball players will now be able to wear religious headgear on the court as long as they don't protrude or cause injury to the user or other players that change was approved earlier this year after its. the stained online campaign the new role not only helps muslim women players but also members of the sikh and orthodox jewish communities well a campaign to get the ban overturned was spearheaded by simran jean saying he's the senior religion fellow for the sikh coalition sink says the old rules resulted in young members of the community missing out on the chance to play basketball there were young men of the six who were participating in international basketball on the national team for india who were actually us to sit out or to remove their turbans
12:57 am
and so this has a direct impact on those who participate in international competition but it also has a direct impact on our children right who see these messages being sent that they don't have a right to play as much as anybody else and this discourages them from participating in sports and so this rule change we hope will actually help the next generation inspired to actually participate as freely and to feel like they belong in this global society as much as anyone else. maria sharapova is back in action she won her opening round match at the china open the russian former world number one had to dig deep to pull off a win against on the stove but she beat her lap be an opponent after a three hour match sealing me seven six five seven seven six when she was playing for the first time since her defeat in your work of a stove knocked her out of the u.s. open. simona halep also survived a strong challenge from american allyson risk in her first round match the romanian
12:58 am
beating her in three. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to julian london. thank you well that's it for me julien macdonald this news hour be back in just a sec go with much more of the day's top stories thanks for company. the sky. should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an
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airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to feel . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the travel goes beyond borders and prejudice all the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right. remember that this world is a ball of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. of our ways going places together. and
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protests in madrid ahead of the session referendum in catalonia with the same voters will be women.


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