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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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for the congolese the journey to work all aboard means unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because they might get the thing to chance again life and limb on a dangerous journey through the jungle. down on to the rail where i merely die. our children go to school and live because of the trade risking it all on the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera. a spanish prime minister calls the thought session voting catalonia an attack on the rune of law as police are accused of brutality.
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i'm speechless and this is al jazeera live from london also coming out u.s. president donald trump resumes his war of words with north korea undermining his top diplomat the head of the world food program visits refugee camps in bangladesh as aid agencies struggle to help the more than off a million if. i'm lifting the ban on head coverings the long battle to play basketball is finally over the muslim women. we begin in spain where the head of the catalan regional government says castle citizens have won the right for an independent state but spain's prime minister has called the session referendum an attack on the rule of law it's been a day of anger and violence took place accused of using unjustifiable brutality to
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shut down the vote at least eight hundred forty four people have been hurt according to the regional government john hendren has the latest from. catalonia closed it's posed in reopening a historic rift with spain. earlier catalans had lined up by the thousands devote many paying a high price for. spanish national police in riot gear battered their way to one voting center after another. voters downstair striking them with the times and has promised confiscating ballot boxes. they did not discriminate by gender or age it dancing on those peacefully protecting the polls sometimes retreating and sometimes clashing verbal ewood pattern of local moves with delete apparently over the use of food. today the spanish government has demonstrated
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a shameless attitude showing that it's only through violence that they can get their message across the spanish state has always on such questions with violence and repression and the catalan people have won the right to an independent state which would take the form of a republic here at the polls on election organizers here is a special tactic they gave the entire voter registry to pulling a place so that if we shut down one place voters simply went to one out of this ninety two year old voter remembers when the catalan language was outlawed until the one nine hundred seventy now she comes to vote only to be turned away by a system shut down. i believe the voting independence because we are sick of the current government that we have. these hundred two year old waited out several outages to cast her ballot. that is just outside the center of barcelona where residents proudly fly the spanish banner some catalans quietly oppose independence
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since. i lived here for sixty years of course i love catalonia it's where my children are where my family leaves but there is no reason why we have problems with this obsession just. if i am catalunya and i don't think like the secessionist do then i'm from the outside but then when i go to my family home then i'm also from the outside so where am i from and what identity do i have yet the secessionist seem largely to have boycotted the referendum which the spanish government again declared illegitimate under spanish along you get it because. there was no independence referendum in catalonia today i'm the prime minister i'm the leader of the government and we have done what we have to deal with in the middle with only active in the law. and the voting ended thousands of defiant catalans remained outside to guard the ballots along with your staff and the. over . pedal and celebrate they and the government of spain continue
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a standoff that might just begun john hendren course of. a cappella hall is live for us and boston a calling you watched the buildup for days until this referendum vote with lots of talk about police were going to go into polling stations close them down pull out voters but even with that said do you think what happened today really has shocks spaniards across the country. i think sue that the images that we have seen today have absolutely sent a shock wave across by possibly across a lot of europe as well independently of whether one is pro secessionist or anti secessionist i think the sight of national police and civil dogs riot units. old man old women dragging people out by the hair dragging people out by the next
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and heads firing rubber bullets at them i think that well it's shocking to a lot of people i don't think a lot of spaniards thought that they were living in that kind of country so i think it is quite clear that the spanish government may have lost the media war on this one because of the way that they're deployed those police reinforcements sent in to this region of catalonia to die and certainly if you listen to the catalonian first minister colace who's demond in his speech he was decrying what he termed police brutality if you listen to spanish prime minister mariano rajoy he was thanking the national police and the civil guard for the role that they played today it is quite clear that both sides in this political crisis are still talking a very different language so i don't know if they are the battle lines if you like the voting battle lines. which are. i was saying that he believes that now they've
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won the right to an independent state we still don't have the results but you have had a bit of a stare at least in some of the polling stations. yes some thought no official results we are expecting we are expecting. an announcement and so i'm just. we're expecting perhaps some announcement within the next fifteen minutes to looking at some of the preliminary returns from the smaller voting stations that does seem to have been well meaning vote in support of breaking away from spain it must be said however that they very small number of no votes would indicate that people who are against secession of caseloads may simply have boycotted this but i think it would also be key to look at the overall vote to turnout because the higher that vote to turn out then then the capitol and government will say that this is
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a legitimate vote the law that voter turnout that will give more fuel to the spanish government to say that this vote was not represented it was so far what we've heard from the capitol they seem to be suggesting that voter turnout was in excess of fifty five percent perhaps as high as sixty percent. now in the next fifteen to twenty minutes to see if we start getting some official results so good to get your call penholder on the historic day in spanish history with sebastian balfour who's a professor of contemporary spanish studies at the london school of economics told me earlier that the way the government handled the referendum effected badly on the prime minister had the vote been allowed say as a non-binding consultation bugs french government it's very likely they would have got the result they want to do and that is majority people voting against and dependants. this way it's been very counterproductive indeed and i think
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a lot of people who might not be convinced about independence have been swung over to it he's handled it extremely badly the use of force and and pure legality without any political approach at all. i think has been profoundly counterproductive u.s. president donald trump has resumed his war of words with north korea over its nuclear weapon and missile program on sunday he tweeted i told rex tillerson our wonderful secretary of state and he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with a little rocket man a reference to a leader kim jong un he also said we'll do what has to be done when the us president says there is no point in negotiating with the north korean government this comes just a day after the secretary of state publicly confirmed that the u.s. was using back channels in communicating with pyongyang important policy statement was made in a series of early morning treats mike hanna reports from washington secretary of
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state ricks tillerson has been holding high level talks in beijing dealing both with north korea as well as the wider relationship between the u.s. and china this seen as a crucial part of a warm up in relations between the two countries and china would have welcomed to listen it's apparent commitment to pursuing a diplomatic track in dealing with north korea in an off the camera interview the secretary of state confirmed publicly that the u.s. was pursuing back channels in dialogue with the pyongyang administration. this was the president's reaction that sent twenty four hours later i told ricks to listen our wonderful secretary of state that he's wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man followed by save your energy rex we'll do what has to be done this is not the first time the president has publicly contradicted his secretary of state but given that to listen appears to has given his commitment to
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chinese leaders to pursue avenues of dialogue it's particularly embarrassing to the country's top diplomat and is often stated policy we're going to continue our our peaceful pressure campaign as i have described it working with allies working with china as well to see if we can bring the regime in point yanked to the negotiating table with a view that began a dialogue on a different future for korean peninsula and for north korea this policy now reversed without consultation in a few thumb strokes and no matter how wonderful the president may describe his secretary of state rex tillerson is cutting an increasingly lonely figure in what is clearly a divided administration mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the head of the world food program has visited ranjoor refugee camp in bangladesh david
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beasley says they desperately need international support to help deal with the crisis aid agencies are trying to help the more than half a million refugees if that a minute you crackdown in. states. has more from one camp on the bangladesh border . i mean. the relief this division sense to be more active in lot of the camps we have visited the last couple of weeks this is far from a very different scenario two weeks ago when things were very chaotic. the army took over for the central distribution of relief and the traffic management thinks looks far better on the ground right now we have also seen presence of very high up u.n. agency people as well as international donor agency people taking part in distributing relief coordinating on the ground talking to put fold monitoring things i spoke to the executive director of the world food program david bisley i oxon to share his experience on the ground he went to went to narrate to say what the refugees told him on the ground something like women and children crossing into bangladesh how
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they were shot at by me and my security force is. what is most needed right now in bangladesh he said thing needs to be ramped up more food aid is needed unless that's not done he expect more people thousands more on him just to cross over into bangladesh shortly and the international community to really speed up the aid process into this camp. still to come demonstrators in hong kong march against what they say it's political persecution by china. and a ceasefire with colombia's last remaining rebel group comes into force but talks about a permanent deal still going on. hello and welcome back we'll look at weather conditions across australia first of all and
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it's a nice nose we've got this area of rain which is gradually moved across the country so briskness looking pretty wet during the course of monday and unusually temperatures below those of sydney further south now as we head on through into tuesday we're going to find the area of rain just gradually diminishing and beginning to pull away from the coast so temperatures recovering slightly for brisbane. conditions out across western australia with temperatures of twenty degrees expected in perth now for new zealand weather conditions have been pretty unsettled recently to say the least and that looks like to be further showers coming through in the south westerly wind so make sure of sunshine and showers temperatures nothing special will be fractions ahead on through into tuesday with the one christ you're seeing highs of seventeen degrees so let's head up into northeastern parts of asia where we've had a quite active frontal system moving through parts of eastern china through the korean peninsula into the southern part of japan so really wet weather expected here during the course of monday so head on through into choosing that system
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beginning to put away still plenty of showers still rather cloudy in places could afresh conditions across the korean peninsula should be largely fine in beijing with highs of twenty but cloudy with some rain likely in shanghai. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has called consul owns an authorized session referendum an attack on the rule of law and said his government's response had been. punished been accused of using unjustifiable brutality to shut down the vote the regional government says at least eight hundred forty four people have been hurt u.s. president has tweeted that his secretary of state he's quote wasting his time trying to negotiate with little walk in a reference to north korean leader kim jong il. a truce between colombia's government and the country's last remaining rebel group has come into effect a national liberation army agreed to the terms off to negotiations failed several times for now the deal is just temporary and
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a longer term deal this month. it's the first ever ceasefire declared by the national liberation army or. the last active rebel group. and the. first concrete step after seven months of peace talks to end its five decades of conflict with the state a historic truce but one that's temporary at least for now. the new this doesn't completely end the conflict with the e.l.o. this is temporary it is not a cease fire where weapons are surrendered or where demilitarisation takes place the truce will run through january twelfth and may be extended if respected they. start recruiting minors and at tacking on oil routes and pipelines in exchange the colombian military will avoid confronting the rebels yet the group stepped up attacks ahead of the deal. since talks began with his government's we have
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insisted on the urgency of this ceasefire because it stops offensive actions and brings important humanitarian relief to the colombian population. founded by radical catholic priests in the one nine hundred sixty s. the. peace with the government before making little progress in the capital news was met with relief and hope that the sides will comply with the terms of the truce . we leave this uncertainty in each peace process but it's definitely positive if they don't want to do its part to end the war it is great professor victor that says monitoring the truce will be important i really believe that the government as well as the national liberation army are clearly committed to respect. this is the most important and i would say this with a vision of the united nations as well as the catholic church on third the pressure
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of the society. in favor of the peace process and we are really pushed the parties to respect that talks will restart on october twenty third. but the road to peace will still be long and complex and they. you know as more hardline in its ideology and more divided in this chain of command compared with the former fired gravels but there is hope here that this ceasefire will indeed help pave the way to end political violence in. the. independent celebrations in nigeria's north east and borno state have been sent here to fears of a time my book or her own amnesty international says the group has killed nearly four hundred people since april and the tanks are becoming more frequent as are.
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a member of a militia helping the army in the fight against boko haram is now facing its own battle for his life. iraq it tore through the patrol car he was in as he helped provide cover for workers two months ago. but no one was also part of that convoy that included soldiers who will is that they be i.d.d. it was an ambush the surprise is that we were sitting there i was safe we spent days working there that attack happened in the last day. the attack was a bloodiest so far this year in nigeria's small east a few kilometers away from here in july book or on fighters a convoy of oil exploration workers being escorted by the military and vigilantes more than fifty people died in that attack that attack coincided with an increase in the rate of suicide bombings and abductions in the northeast the military's response was an and ground offensive that lasted for weeks top commanders were
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ordered back to the region. where a climate of fear has returned. the latest wave of violence represents a change in strategy by boko haram with suicide bombings and hostage taking being stopped. security experts say this was to be expected after the group lost control of territory holding ground is also makes you weaker because if you hold the ground it's ms you know the opposing force has something substantial to heat but when you . you know you you you you kind of dilute all that advantage in number advantage and put men and advantage in training retired group captain said as an end to the fight is not yet in sight we may. take was a very very long time because you could say this is dead that you can spend weeks with out here in that list and operation the notion of complete victory may very difficult i think but maybe have sufficient victory the military declined to speak
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about bookworms recent strategy and its own response. for now i renewed military operation may have calmed the situation but people in the northeast know that they have not heard the last from fighters in the last eight years have killed tens of thousands of people and forced more than two and a half million others from their homes. al-jazeera north east nigeria. to women without trial among day for the murder of. a strange half brother of north korean leader kim jong un he was killed in. february but the accused say they're innocent like a face a death penalty if convicted. a murder so brazen that it shocked the world kim jong nam the half brother of north korean leader kim jong il was killed in broad daylight at a busy airport in quality
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a pool in february two women city i shot from indonesia and durante one from vietnam will stand trial for his murder on monday police say the pair vieques never a banned substance so toxic it's considered by the u.n. as a weapon of mass destruction on kim jong un's face experts believe each woman carried a separate component of the chemical to avoid harming himself. i mean. who became so if you go rushing into the parlor with washed away maybe that's the way. the two women have told diplomats from their home countries they thought they were taking part in a reality television show u.s. officials and south korean intelligence say the murder was organized by north korean agents according to the national anthem is so obvious.
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already all in all a standing order to kill true motivation don't. stay in the water but no north korean will stand trial for the murder for north korean men accused of planning the attack immediately boarded flights out of kuala lumpur after the killing interpol has issued a red notice alert which is similar to an international arrest warrant for the men one of the suspect who was detained by malaysian police has been released because of insufficient evidence the trial may shed some light on a murder whodunit that's caught the world's attention but there's also a sense that the mastermind of the killing may never be caught florence li al jazeera. french police have opened a counter terrorism investigation after two people were killed in a knife attack must say essential train station the attacker was shot dead by security forces are still he stopped to passers by the station was evacuated.
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canadian police are treating an attack that injured four people in the city of edmonton as an act of terrorism they say they've arrested a somali national who was seeking refugee status please say the men round a traffic control barricade after a canadian football league game. as many as forty thousand protesters have through heavy rain in hong kong in defiance of china's national day they were calling for democracy and an end to what they call a political persecution of china's opponents. reports. marching against what they see as government oppression but with a very specific demand adding to the chance for democracy calls for hong kong justice secretary to step down they say risky recent decision to retry and jailed protesters and activists created the city's first political prisoners. we witnessed in recent months how the secretary for justice abused
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his political position to make sure that those who fight for justice in hong kong would be and up in prison activists call twenty seventeen a punishing here for hong kong's democracy movement in august three former student leaders were given jail sentences for storming the government grounds during the twenty four thousand protests that triggered a seventy nine day occupy movement government prosecutors are now bringing public nuisance charges against the co-founders of the occupy movement and now we're taking you now straight to learn when jodi charile here with a spokesperson for the government is giving up. to two million. two hundred sixty four thousand ballots. there have been four
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hundred. stations the hovering close. where we haven't been able to count their votes for those supporting stations that have been closed. four hundred twenty stations where i would have been represented as seven hundred thousand votes. so one hundred thousand people haven't been able to access the. us of. these two million ballots. in favor of yes has been two million. more than
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two million just over two million people that has said yes. one hundred seventy six thousand have represented the no vote. fifty six thousand having counted as. twenty nine votes. and votes where. numbers before. us. we are pretty sure of. numbers and we thought it was time to come we. are very indicative.
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of. two hundred thousand. ballots that have been counted and that have been counted as. one hundred seventy six thousand have been no. thank you very much. for your pain you are listening to enjoyed it errol who is a spokesperson for the castle and government giving what he believes saw some first
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results so we're not absolutely sure how official those results are but we'll go to call penn hole who is our correspondent currently in barcelona karl i don't know if you were hearing some of those figures from what i understood they spokesperson was saying over two million ballots voted yes about one hundred seventy six thousand voted now is that just tally with what you have. yeah i think the headline figure here. it is one that the people down here are listening to is that ninety percent of those who voted today voted in favor of catalonia breaking away from spain an overwhelming percentage of those who voted voted for secession voted for this process of independence much i think however there is a figure that we must also take into account the total number of people who vote is being given as two million two hundred sixty two thousand four hundred twenty four
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now that is only roughly fifty percent of the registered voters that means another fifty percent were either unable to vote boycotted the vote because the spanish government had called it independent calls it illegal or voted. from what we hear from those figures the actual no votes were very limited at the boy called to say yes seems to. me this fake i d's whole varying around fifty percent participation by the registered electorate may be a little bit low for the taxi line governments liking certainly this new low turnout will be something that the spanish government will will seize on to try and suggest that this referendum is somehow a legitimate who expect the capital and government to come out and say the reason why the turnout was so low was because of the actions of spanish riot police and by
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the civil god in those figures that are being mentioned by government because right now they're saying that people could not vote in four hundred polling stations you remember that that represents about. my math is terrible but about twenty percent of the total number of polling stations were told that two thousand three hundred polling stations was set up. across catalonia four hundred of those were not able to operate because of police actions. and in total two thousand two million two hundred sixty two thousand. votes in total about fifty percent of the electorate but an overwhelming ninety percent of those who voted in favor of breaking away from spying to black to use thank you call for hope giving us the very latest on those results not yet official results coming out
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of. it it looks like not a resounding mandate for the cattle and a government that is it from me for the new scare. we have witnessed next on the back end of a full bulletin. on counting the cost of the world's fastest growing startup created a new virtual labor market but can that business model clear the regulation roadblocks ahead plus the fact is a play as world prices enter a bull market counting the costs at this time.


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