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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examined more man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna at this time. if. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. thousands of people take to the streets of madrid to support the referendum in catalonia.
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hello world nor does their life and i'm asking denis also coming up palestinian reconciliation a senior faster delegation goes to hamas controlled gaza to try to end the ten year rift that's left nearly two million gazans more deprived than ever. the u.s. secretary of state's diplomatic efforts in china to ease the north korea crisis is a waste of time to it says balsa president trump plus the emotional family reunion as puerto rican struggle to put their lives back together almost two weeks after hurricane maria. first the official results are in from catalonia as controversial succession referendum which happened on sunday more than two million votes were cast ninety percent of them voted to split from spain the voter turnout was quite low it was around forty percent even thousands of even in madrid the spanish capital files of
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people celebrated the yes vote. president meanwhile says the region one the right to become an independent state that's why this prime minister says the recession the secession referendum and the track on the roof. that and the entire world to see and that on one side we have violence and shame and on the other democracy and dignity this is an easy election to have moreover this is an election that we asked for from the european institutions and from governments of other countries who want desire for us to be able to build a more open democratic world. coexistence is a good that we must begin to recover as soon as possible and i say very clearly i'm not going to close any door and if it did it's not my way of doing politics i've always offered an honest sincere dialogue but always within the law and always within the democracy frame let's go live now to our correspondent john hendren his
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in barcelona john let's have a look at the numbers then the numbers the turnout was around the forty percent mark but about ninety percent of those he did. yeah those seem like a couple of things first of all that those who were against this referendum largely did not show up at the polls that is because spain declared it in a legal election and that was the point of view of many of those who union voters who wanted to remain within span so they didn't show up at the polls and that's why you get this almost russian election number of ninety percent where the people who came out came out to vote for this referendum it should also be noted that there was a massive police presence here by the spanish police and the spanish civil defense forces but their main job was to prevent this election from going off so i don't
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think it's terribly surprising that those numbers are a little lower than they might have otherwise been they convert. seven hundred seventy thousand ballots we don't know what was in them but assuming that there was another ninety percent vote for secession that that would have increased those numbers somewhat but there's no there's no doubt that that number is slightly disappointing in the sense that there was a two thousand and fourteen referendum were two point six million people voted course the spanish government did not crack down that time so this is probably not terribly inconsistent with that level of voter participation what we did see from those voters who came out with extraordinary enthusiasm and a dedication to carry out this banned election they would by the thousands they would stand outside of these electoral centers and block police from coming in and it least in one case in the largest voting center that we saw here in barcelona
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they actually blocked police from going in and taking those ballots so that number of seven hundred seventy thousand ballots that police confiscated would have been higher. so clearly this is a disputed result what happens next. well that is the million dollar question carlos put them on the president of catalonia the region that is seeking to split from spain with this referendum he said before this ever happened if the vote is yes that we are going to declare independence and he said that there is no minimum threshold i spoke to him a couple days ago in an interview and asked who does the vote need to be one million does it need to be two million and he says no under spanish law it does not and considering the special circumstances of this referendum he said there is no minimum threshold so i think we can certainly expect that from the catalonian president yesterday he called this a shameful page in spanish history he said they gained the right to be respected in
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europe and they gained the right to create an independent state so he pretty clearly states that he will be. declaring independence what really is remaining question out there is how the spanish government will respond mario in a room and spanish prime minister yesterday was very clear about that he said this election did not happen that it was illegal and he said the spanish police abided by the law that defies what we saw on the ground where there was a lot of baton use rubber bullets people bloodied who were apparently simply peacefully protecting poles. so this point could form some kind of compromise with catalonia catalonia has always sought to have the kind of tax situation that the basque country next door has where they collect most of their taxes spend it mostly within their borders that's a major complaint because they give more to madrid to madrid gives back but it could be at this point that this is been such a bad rift that the divide between the country and the region is so bad that it's
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going to be hard to bridge that gap all right. thank you very much. that live in barcelona now the two women who are accused of assassinating the brother of north korean leader kim jong un have both pleaded not guilty at the trial in a malaysian court a large international media contingent was at the courthouse to see the arrival of the indonesians and vietnamese suspects now they're both charged with killing. by smearing his face with a banned nerve agent at the airport in february they face the death penalty if found guilty florence city has more from the high court near. the two suspects from indonesia and one p. hong from vietnam have pleaded not guilty to charges of murdering kim jong nam on a february now the lead prosecutor in his opening remarks said the prosecution will
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put forward evidence including calling expert witnesses to testify that kim jong un died after being swamped with a lethal dose of v.x. nerve agent and he said they will be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that these two women knew what they were doing and knew that what they were doing was enough to kill kim jong un now of course these two women are not the only thought specks in this magic has that for the north korean men but they are still at large police malaysian police have not been able to question them much less put them on trial now they are thought to have left malaysia a couple of hours after the killing was committed and they're believed to be in north korea there is an interpol red notice alert out for these men now of course at this stage we don't still know what the motive was this could become kara in the coming weeks but the two women have said told diplomats from their home countries that they are not guilty that they thought they were just taking part in a harmless prank for a reality television show that the u.s. president has dismissed as secretary of state's efforts to negotiate with north
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korea as a waste of time donald trump's comments came in a tweet a day after rex tillerson revealed the u.s. was directly communicating with pyongyang mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . secretary of state rix to listen has been holding high level talks in beijing dealing both with north korea as well as the wider relationship between the u.s. and china this seen as a crucial part of a warm up in relations between the two countries and china would have welcomed to listens apparent commitment to pursuing a diplomatic track in dealing with north korea in an off the camera interview the secretary of state confirmed publicly that the u.s. was pursuing back channels in dialogue with the pure nyang administration this was the president's reaction less than twenty four hours later i told ricks to listen now wonderful secretary of state that he's wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man followed by save your energy rex will do what has to be done
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. president trump continued tweeting on north korea while he traveled the short distance from his golf club to another to watch the final day of the presidents cup tournament at parity unconcerned that he'd publicly contradicted his secretary of state but given that to listen appears to have given his commitment to chinese leaders to pursue avenues of dialogue on this occasion is particularly embarrassing to the country's top diplomat and his up and stated policy this is not the first time the president has publicly contradicted his secretary of state but given that to listen appears to has given his commitment to chinese leaders to pursue avenues of dialogue it's particularly embarrassing to the country's top diplomat and is often stated policy we're going to continue our our peaceful pressure campaign as i have described it working with allies working with china as well to see if we can
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bring the regime in point yank to the negotiating table with a view to begin a dialogue on a different future for korean peninsula and for north korea this policy now reversed without consultation in a few thumb strokes and no matter how wonderful the president may describe his secretary of state ricks to listen is cutting an increasingly lonely figure in what is clearly a divided administration mike hanna al-jazeera washington. news is coming in from the united states from las vegas of there being multiple shots having been fired at a large crowd police is saying that one attacker is down at a shooting incident is on going is all happening at the mandalay bay casino on the city's strip reports coming in of multiple injuries details are still emerging but we'll bring you more details as soon as we get it we'll be talking to a correspondent in fact just after this because as well to age that is emerging
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over me and he did have a look at this this is footage that is being on social media seems to show codes that girls who are laying on the ground trying to avoid the show. i. mean we can't you see we can agree. on this the ip stage is a wave from mandalay bay and they were ricocheting everywhere we were saw it was they were firing from somewhere high and they were unloading clip after clip after clip after clip all right let's talk to robert and also our correspondent who is in los angeles rob what do we know. well martini saw those very terrifying of video posted on the media and we have we're confirmation from a local hospital spokesman last big that two persons are dead at least two dozen
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people are reported injured after shots were fired and a. few music festival at the luxury mandalay bay well. on the las vegas strip there's now a major league response with the. team local media many many lead vehicle and angeles police on the scene the pictures of lee with. assault weapons and tactical style military vehicle moving up and down the angeles going to and fro the shootings occurred again at the mandalay bay casino at the very large and the jury is complex. stuff in the heart of las vegas the famous bridge where you know some hotels are clustered the area has been
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evacuated and there are also reports that like from the los vegas. mccarran international airport has been birded people full to expect the latest on whether the las vegas but police are being posted alert thing we are investigating reports of an active shooter year or around the mandalay bay casino and we're asking everyone to please avoid the area casualties rob what about casualties as some suggestion that maybe two people have died and many more being injured. there are yet boarding the university hospital spokesman in las vegas two people are confirmed dead on arrival of the hospital and twenty four injured that number. all right rob for now thank you very much indeed rob reynolds is our correspondent will keep us right abreast oh that clearly is
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a developing situation happening in less a guests an hour of thanks. lots more to come here to there including the colombian government and the rebel group and. ever after five decades of fighting. hello and welcome to international weather forecast it's all looking pretty unsettled across more northwestern parts of europe at the moment we're not going to definite looks like autumn at the moment was these are frontal systems pushing in deep low pressure system giving some very strong winds so cool and share across the u.k. we've got this front extending down through germany down as far as italy central and eastern parts here looking dry but out of this area of high pressure is no
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particular warm moscow they're just eight degrees recovering to ten as we head on through into tuesday so that stage some heavy rain across austria further towards the southeast area looking too bad we've lost a lot of the showers which had been around the ionian sea over recent days on the other side of the mediterranean we've got showers for parts followed syria and tunisia those working the way towards libya as we head on through into chooses to want to share is left behind in one part small cheer in some lifted dust certainly possible in this region otherwise look at temperatures into the low thirty's for cairo in egypt into central parts of africa very lively shower wise across so sit down through central africa public towards cameroon and southward towards congo liberal they're looking at highs of twenty nine degrees circulation low pressure in parts of west africa giving some heavy showers for parts of liberia guinea south.
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tother to take a look at the top stories here it out is there catalonia is regional government says ninety percent of voters went in favor of secession from spain in sunday's
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referendum despite an unexpectedly low turnout at least eight hundred forty four people were injured across the region and spanish police moved in to shut down some of the polling stations. and it seems that at least two people are dead dozens are injured after shots were fired at a concert in las vegas police say they're responding to an only going incident happening at the mandalay bay casino on the city's strip. the three women accused of killing the a strange half brother of north korean leader kim jong un the pleaded not guilty at their trial in the malays in court charged with murdering kim jong nam by smearing his face with a bow and nerve agent at the call in the airport in february. the us president has called critics of his response to disaster hit puerto rico quote politically
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motivated in great power is still down goods are running low and some families remain separated almost two weeks after hurricane maria to raise a boat followed two sisters on a journey to find their missing father. shadi and thai health failed have not heard from their father for more than ten days he lives in the central mountains in an area that was among the hardest hit by the hurricane. gas is difficult to find these days that's why when neighbors gave them some they decided to go and find him. before they go. their ways to get their work. and now we are trying to. find them he lives in one of the most remote areas of puerto rico if i spent a year in there to there when i was a child but this is the strongest one that hit the island so far and we headed to
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was. in the center of the island there is no electricity or communications here nobody knows how bad the situation really is. normally you go in there. and everything is green and yet all these big trees are beautiful and now it looks very. very sad but once there we were told we needed to take another road to much of the river but this is what's happening all around port authority that are covered with everything bridges that collapsed now heavy machines are trying to clear the road so people can start moving freely around the island. were able to cover part of the trip by road then we have to walk through the mountains. some houses are destroyed this is how many are trying to locate their relatives this days and neighbor told us that they been seen
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a little light going on at night so they are turning on their small electrical panel and this is really good news but even though they lived here most of their lives things have changed since the hurricane there used to be a small road here but it's now completely covered with trees so they're trying to find alternative ways to make it there in spite of the difficulties they say nothing will stop them from making to their old home half an hour later they start calling out and there are signs that things could be ok. shortly after they found what they searched for. we're alive we're alive migrants don't have health fed says he has been living here for forty seven years. what a tory call has been devastated by hurricane by for these two sisters the wind and the rain we're not able to take away the people they cherish the most hideous i will. what rico. is has sent
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a representative to have talks or bangladeshis foreign minister as the ranger refugee crisis continues the head of the u.n. world food program meanwhile has been to camps in bangladesh to see for himself the plight of the refugees aid agencies are trying to help more than half a million people who fled a military crackdown a million miles rushed kind state there's limited access to clean water and sanitation and health workers there an outbreak of disease world food programme head david says bangladesh needs international support to help deal with the crisis . just for example the world food program we're going to need seventy five million dollars just for food alone in the next five to six much money we need access we need roads we need shelter we need support from all around the world because you're talking about little humanitarian disaster and if we'd all your to support we need
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from health care to proper nutrition a safe floor and sanitation sheltering this could explode into a catastrophic humanitarian disaster. the child really isn't cox's bizarre on the border area between bangladesh. and one of our emissaries to bangladesh. to discuss their. time and i am personally by. minister also desired to meet the prime minister she isn't here the bilateral discussion we want to have had with the current crisis is going to we have to see how the five point demands are. put and whether any of those will be implemented on the ground it remains. closed two million refugees have come into bangladesh within the span of one month when are they going to be taken out what are the
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process how are they going to be identified is a very complicated affair although there is a lot of diplomatic maneuvering going on by the u.s. by the u.n. the real pressure should come from china and india to excite a real kind of leverage on me unless that happens not much is going to happen we know that thousands of refugees been here for decades and nothing's been solved yet so the complication lies how is buying that there's going to sustain this close to a million refugees from all around the new influx how are they going to be helped by the international agencies and foreign governments what is on the ground things have improved since the first few weeks what we have seen there is a better relieved. better coordination lot of the u.n. agency heads are on the ground personally monitoring things. still there because the sanitation and sort of system within the camps are still in condition
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unless those are. there is a clear danger of infectious disease spreading into the camps as well as within the local community many things still need to be resolved and the crisis is far from over refugees are still coming in not in great numbers but within fifty and hundreds almost every other day or every day. a truce between colombia's government and the country's last standing rebel group has begun the national liberation army all the land agreed to the terms after negotiations failed several times it's hoped the agreement will stand while talks for a longer term deal continue in ecuador. it's the first ever cease fire declared by the national liberation army or. the last active rebel group in colombia and the first concrete step after seven months of peace talks to end its five decades of conflict with the state
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a historic truce but one that stamper at least for now. this doesn't completely end of the conflict with the e.l.o. this is temporary it is not a cease fire weapons are surrendered or where demilitarisation takes place the truce will run through january twelfth and may be extended if respected they. start kidnapping recruiting minors and attacking oil routes and pipelines in exchange the colombian military will avoid confronting the rebels yet the group stepped up attacks ahead of the deal. since talks began with his government's we have insisted on the urgency of this ceasefire because it stops offensive actions and brings important humanitarian relief to the colombian population. founded by radical catholic priests in the one nine hundred sixty s. the. peace with the government before making little progress in the capital news
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was met with relief and hope that the sides will comply with the terms of the truce . we live this uncertainty in its peace process but it's definitely positive if the eleven wants to do its part to end the war it is great professor victor. says monitoring the truce will be important i really believe that the government as well as the national liberation army are clearly committed to respect. this is the most important and i would say this. as well as the catholic church and third the pressure of the society. the peace process and we are really pushed the parties to respect that really mean the talks will restart on october twenty third in quito ecuador but the road to peace will still be long and complex and the year land is seen as more hardline in its ideology and more divided in this chain of command compared with the former fired gravels but there is hope here that
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this ceasefire will indeed help pave the way to end all political violence in colombia. the u.s. supreme court begins its latest session and will quickly take up major disputes involving immigration policy civil rights religious liberty gay rights and workers' rights she have returns a look at some of the big cases set to draw the most attention. with president trump seemingly hoping to support us president obama's a wreck or deportations jennings v rodrigue as will be very significant can the foreign nationals be detained indefinitely without the government having to prove they pose a danger to society or a flight risk do they have the right to remain free while the deportation cases are considered if they are neither as is the right of u.s. citizens facing a charge last time this case was argued the court was deadlocked some justices
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uncertain as to whether an issue of border control was for the courts or for congress the framework of u.s. surveillance of the will be determined by carpenter v the u.s. the fourth amendment of the us constitution protects against the unreasonable search and seizure of a person and his or her property the state has to prove probable cause to do either but in the digital age the amount of privilege see we can legally expect hasn't yet been made clear what is a reasonable expectation the government's arguing that it has the right to use cellphone data to track a person's movements for as long as at once without a warrant showing probable cause to suspect any wrongdoing it says such information isn't private because we've already surrendered it to our cell phone providers if the supreme court agrees other information may be deemed not private since it's also held by service providers like the content of e-mails and internet usage. and
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finally the masterpiece cake shop we call or rather a bakery is arguing that it has the constitutional right to refuse to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple laws forbid such discrimination but the baker says making him supply in such a cake is forcing him to participate in a same sex marriage and therefore violating his constitutional right to follow his own religious principles if the supreme court rules in his favor businesses will be allowed to turn anyone away based on religious belief. thank you for the sake of the top stories here it out is there a catalonia is regional government says ninety percent of voters went in favor of secession from spain in sunday's referendum despite an unexpectedly low turnout at
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least eight hundred forty four people were injured across the region and spanish police tried to shut down some of the polling stations catalonians president says the region won the right to become an independent state but i missed. that and the entire world has seen that on one side we have violence and shame and on the other democracy and dignity this is an easy election to have moreover this is an election that we asked both from the european institutions and from governments of other countries who want desire and call out for us to be able to build a more an open democratic world. at least three people have been killed in an attack in the u.s. city of las vegas police are responding to the incident at the mandalay bay hotel and casino there are reports of many injuries last vegas police say one shooter is quote unquote down. the three women accused of assassinating the a strange house brother of north korean leader kim jong un has pleaded not guilty at their trial in
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a malaysian cold they're charged with killing kim jong il by swearing his face with a banned nerve agent at kuala lumpur international airport in february mia miles either suchi has sent a representative to hold talks with bangladeshis foreign minister as the refugee crisis deepens the head of the u.n. world food program meanwhile has been to the camps in bangladesh aid agencies are trying to help more than half a million people who fled a military crackdown in me amal's rakhine state there's limited access to clean water and sanitation and health workers fear an outbreak of disease one hundred ten thousand customers of the british airline monica stranded a the sea as it follows a decision by u.k. authorities not to renew its license to sell package holidays the government has asked officials to charter thirty planes to deal with the crisis monuc posted losses of almost four hundred million dollars the twenty sixteen and those are the
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latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. violence outside polling stations in spain's controversial secession vote caution on say they want to separate bobs from the dread insists the referendum is illegal so how will the gollum is to deal with this and can cause you know when you're being independent this is inside story.


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