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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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but the message is a simplistic you have this brain good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. iraqi forces say they have captured the center of isis last enclave in the north.
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the shock area this is al jazeera life and also coming out the french president offers to help mediate between iraq's government and kurds wanting to break away. the meticulously planned on the worst mess because you know if they. say the las vegas gunman was disturbed and dangerous and spent years building up a stockpile of weapons plus. i'm going to be reporting from bangkok where there is a last minute rush to ties to pay their last respects to the late king before his funeral. iraq's prime minister says his military has recount turtle beach a from eisel the campaign to retake the northern town was announced two weeks ago we just one of just two remaining pockets of territory held by eisel in iraq thousands of civilians fled to nearby areas during the campaign in
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a moment we will go to natasha butler in paris for the french and iraqi leaders have been meeting first though to trial strafford into this for the latest in this fight against. other iraqi government saying that they have retaken is charles explain where you are in relation to this and how this played out. well we are in a. defensive position. browned if you look across this landscape is around twenty kilometers in that direction the area between here and who is actually occupied by are still fighters there are a number of villages in that area where i saw the place in the last few minutes we've heard what would we presume coalition airstrikes relatively close by we've also been seeing already pays we've been seeing families fleeing some of those villages today we spoke to some of those families they described a pretty horrific situation they said that they were very nervous about the shabby
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the shia militias that are operating with the iraqi army alongside the iraqi army and alongside the patient must be saved they said that a lot of the eisel fighters in the villages they had fled from have actually pushed into eye so to try and defend those positions. we understand according to the u.n. certainly on choose day the u.n. said that there are around seventy eight thousand people still trapped in this area it's important to stress that the peshmerga here are very much their role is a defensive position this is per an agreement with the iraqi military and the shia militias but this is an area that is beyond even the disputed areas that we've seen have caused so much controversy in the recent referendum areas like kirkuk for example and certainly according to the military figures the generals that we've spoken to here they say the peshmerga here say that even after this offensive is
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over they will not to be pulling back and of course that opens up a whole host of questions on a political level certainly with respect to what's happened as i say in the wake of that very controversial referendum on kurdish secession. strafford life for us and iraq thank you. now france's president has offered to help with mediation efforts between iraq central government and kurdish leaders after last week's secession referenda macron met iraqi prime minister hydraulic body in paris see urged the central government and kurdish leaders to stay united and defeating. the need to full on the much we have particularly interested in the stability of iraq in the upcoming weeks and months we hope very much that there will be dialogue that is respectful of the integrity of iraq and we would also like to advocate that in the framework of the constitution for a recognition of the could should take place there is a long pause to go towards political inclusion but it must also make sure that the
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constitution is respected talked about large joins us live from paris so natasha why why the push from manual macro into to have anything to do with you to speak on this kurdish referendum why is he doing it. seems as if we don't have a talk show right now we don't have our signal established so we will go back to her as soon as we can in the meantime at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in multiple airstrikes over the past two days in syria stars or province amateur footage claims to show dozens of bombs targeting several areas throughout the province sources on the ground accused russia of being responsible for the strikes u.s. and russian backed forces are separately trying to retake the region from eisel fighters russia says it's investigating an isolated ia which apparently shows two
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of its soldiers captured by the armed group indoors or the russian foreign ministry says it's working to establish details about the men its defense ministry has previously denied any of its soldiers have been captured. ok let's return now to paris where our natasha butler is standing by live as the iraqi prime minister is in paris having meetings with members. natasha what more do we know about. and speaking on the kurdish referendum why did he do that. well they did talk about the kurdish because going into this meeting it was almost in question last week we had the elisei saying that this was going to be very much the focus of this meeting between the french president and the iraqi foreign minister but then the iraqi foreign minister's office.
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however they did. it was a very frank discussion he said that he supports the unity of a role that he. must respect the rights of the kurdish people he said really what's important is that everyone comes together to try and ensure iraq stability and even offered himself as somebody who could perhaps mediate tensions he said. the prime minister stood his ground saying that this referendum from his point of view is illegal and. to authorities to continue to. government forces and securing areas that have been left behind. and also he said. no interest in confrontation with the kurdish forces what else did they discuss. while the person. said that this was about
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a new chapter in this relationship between iraq and from nato. in many areas from education to signs but of course they say they were. closely. is a minimal my call said that for all those who stand by iraq size for as long as it takes i'm going forwards prison my home also spoke much about reconciliation the need to rebuild the need for reconstruction in iraq and in as much as that he pledged. something in the whereabouts of about four hundred million u.s. dollars to try and help the reconstruction he said that was so important because really the future of iraq is really based on the possibility of it trying to stabilize all right natasha butler live in paris thank you people are still trying to make sense of the deadliest mass shooting and modern history in the u.s. police have described the las vegas gunman is
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a dangerous man who spent decades acquiring firearms but investigators still don't know why stephen paddick killed fifty eight people and injured hundreds more at a concert on sunday kasturba ports police say if anyone had knowledge of the gunman's motive the woman he lived with would but after returning from the philippines tuesday mary lou damn we had little to say to explain her partner's behavior she released a statement to her attorney. i knew steven. as a kind caring quiet man. i loved him. and hoped for a future together with him. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen speaking on
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australian t.v. and with their faces hidden danley sisters said patrick center away two weeks ago to visit family overseas. and it. was said no way. so was there no. not. for this. danny's attorney says she is cooperating with the investigation police say they found a total of forty seven firearms inside the two homes the couple shared and inside the hotel room on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay resort from which panicked rained down terror what we know is stephen paddick is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and lived in a secret life much of which would never be fully understood. he meticulously planned on the worst domestic united states history.
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the body cameras worn by police officers captured the chaos and confusion as twenty thousand concert goers ran and hid from the barrage of bullets would really make them go go go go go. and nother chilling detail police say patrick may have considered attacking and nother music concert prior to sunday night's massacre a week earlier had a rented a high rise condo overlooking the life is beautiful music festival and its fifty thousand attendees with what intention yet another question that remains unanswered how did your castro al-jazeera make us still ahead on al-jazeera the spanish government rejects caroline later call for mediation on the region's push for an dependents. and. of course current to have money by the american dream is becoming a struggle for immigrants known as dreamers. how
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the wet season developing nice things about malaysia and indonesia and the last twenty four hours that has been the line that you write probably catch as soon away and i picked up a figure that said seven minutes and twenty four hours so that's why the current crop of heavy showers is it takes you back to sumatra. from spice there's no significant cloud that but it will develop by day anyway really from. sumatra even as far south as java and. some heavy rain recently this is the area to be expected to be which of course is to say we come into wet season it's not a big surprise but not to spring recently in many ways in australia and again once . and we've got a an obvious streak of cloud running through the interior through south australia down towards victoria the be some rain and not the certainly cloud in the be breeze
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changing direction currently or at least the forecasts for friday's a southerly into melbourne that's not so but it will warm up the following day sestak issue about nineteen degrees as the wind comes out the interior is thirty three and alice springs still nineteen in sydney and in perth sixteen winds turn around feel unfortunately so obviously a bit of a circulation here phonies even the picture for new zealand i suppose you could call it spring like it's certainly wet and windy but still fourteen degrees. as china's rapid economic development spills over into other asian nations. people in power investigates the consequences for neighboring laos. poverty stricken and hungry for foreign investment can this communist republic reconcile the needs of its people with the demands of the breaches benefactor. blouse
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on the borders of empire at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now iraq's prime minister says his military has recaptured the ija from eisel iraqi forces say they're in control of the town center and surrounding areas but we jus was one of just two were made in pockets of territory held by eisel and iraq and presses president maduro mccrone has offered to help with mediation efforts with iraq's central government and kurdish leaders after last week's secession referendum across the net the locky prime minister hyder. some u.s.
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republicans are considering a backing a push by democrats to ban modifications that make guns fire more rapidly following the las vegas shootings the gunman used a vice is called stocks to make his gun function as automatic weapons fifty eight people were killed in that attack more than five hundred entered. his president as valid to stop kurdish leaders some to clearing an independent state from iraq. says the kurdish authorities have no legitimacy he met iranian president hassan rouhani in tehran to discuss secession efforts he also held talks. with iran supreme leader who accuse the west of trying to create a new israel and the middle east. has more from istanbul. president rouhani and erdogan on opposing sides over syria but together in their reaction to the kurdish referendum next door in iraq both turkey and iran have kurdish minority populations both presidents believe any independence move in iraq could cause
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unrest in their countries and even more instability in the region there's agreement for more cooperation between their own is along with sharing more intelligence and deep terror operations both men had stern faces as they promised action but they weren't specifying what might happen. as far as we concerned iraq is one single country syria is one single country and we do not accept the geographical border changes in any way whatsoever we do not wish to exert this pressure but the wrong decisions made by some of the heads of the kurdish regional government need to be compensated for it would have. we correspond with the iraqi central government as far as we're concerned this referendum is illegitimate we have already taken certain steps but from this moment on which more decisive steps will be taken. turkey's army is in the third week of military
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exercises next to the only border crossing point into northern iraq a small number of iraqi troops joined in last week and they're still there iran has deployed tanks on its border and is also in gauged in joint exercises with iraq this is all intended to increase the pressure on the iraqi kurdish leadership the two presidents may have been short on detail in any further action they plan but that could be tactical they insist that iran turkey and the central government in iraq well act in unison. there appears to be a determination to cut off the iraqi kurdish leadership unless it really notices the referendum results in this isolation issue this content you know in political terms in economic terms and also in military terms and those are two straw that if we feel our south threatened. that then ankara can. be on the
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same room in the same room sit on the same table and. think about military options together. but most military observers believe cross border interventions by turkey all right are unlikely but if more economic sanctions are imposed such as shutting off the kurdish well pipeline that runs through turkey it wasn't just the kurds and drew simmons al-jazeera the. saudi authorities have arrested twenty two people including a car three national for incitement on social media the murder of motives are being verified by investigators who say they were arrested for circulating video clips on social networking sites. launched a crackdown on dissenters last month detaining prominent clerics and activists. saudi arabia's king solomon is in moscow for five days the first visit by a saudi monarch to russia you know hold talks with russia's president vladimir
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putin on the war in syria will top the agenda along with bilateral investment and stable i think while markets joining us on set you discuss this is it for him an associate professor in conflict management and humanitarian action at the doha answer to thank you very much and i understand you are freshly back from a trip to russia so you are absolutely the person for us to talk to thank you so what do you what kind of support is saadi looking for from russia well actually saudi arabia is looking for support from those on the front of all those i think number one could be syria where actually they both see that they need each other. and russia is expecting. to support for its political solution in syria and at the same time saudi arabia is expecting as a result of the support is to get some positions in the government future government for their allies in the opposition but more importantly i think is also
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the issue with the gulf crisis as part of the saudi foreign policy in the past four months has always been trying to get international support for its position in the gulf crisis against qatar and russia has largely stayed on the sidelines as it. did on the sideline and tried to be neutral and supporting a political solution russia is a capital where most goes a capital where is the support is very much needed from them and for that reason i think saudi arabia's trying to get some influence on that level and on the other hand i think also probably saudi arabia is sending a message to washington d.c. by making such a visit on the top level fears for. the message is that how dare he because be frustrated by not getting the support that was expecting from washington d.c.
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in the gulf crisis as we know the american position was has been actually split in terms of the. support to saudi arabia and the gulf and then president donald trump would say one thing and the state department would say something else so this frustrated saudi arabia because the absence of a unified strong position from washington d.c. as they thought they received it in the riyadh summit backward from donald trump that wasn't the case which led to weakening their position in the gulf crisis it could be then that saudi arabia is syndicate message that you know there are others that we can work with specially importantly is that. build an image for itself that support their autocratic allies there is a threat because and yes as has been the case in syria so russia has nor no problem supporting the bluejeans and when equally important reason i think that we should
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not miss in this conversation which is that i think the king of saudi arabia is trying to get some support also for his son. had been a man has the transition or the plans for the transition of power. under way to his or her son and his son needs the support needs the you know some support from these countries like russia and i think that would be one thing especially because that. man's plans all of the war in yemen is not going well the gulf crisis is not going very well either so at this moment i think i shall support for this transition i think could be also particularly helpful and could what could have would have it at this in the first place ok abraham. thank you very much. three u.s. special operations soldiers have been killed and two others injured in an attack and southwest of share a joint patrol with u.s.
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senator troops was ambushed near the border with mali. thousands of canadians have taken to the streets of the capital canakkale to demand justice for dozens of protesters who were killed and another anti-government march a peaceful demonstration went ahead despite a police van that was called by the opposition which is demanding the government investigate multiple deaths during clashes with security forces last month a protest and september call for better living conditions in the mining town. spain's cain has been accused of ignoring millions of people with his attitude towards the catalonia region's breakaway bed the criticism comes from catalonia slater who's calling for mediators to sort out the standoff are reports of barcelona. the head of the catalan government carlos posed to monta is used a televised address to criticize the spanish government's handling of the political crisis he also said that he firmly disagreed with king philippe's address to the
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nation the previous day in that address the king accused the capital annele thorold's of disloyalty and suggested they were almost on the verge of rebellion whose demand used a measured tone to say that the solution to the problems of catalonia is attempt to break away from the rest of spain was a political matter not a police matter he has once again suggested talks and mediation in this crisis the spanish government was very quick however to come out and say that the only way that they would consider such talks was if catalonia abandoned its attempts to session that is something that will be different very difficult for the catalan government both because of the referendum results but also because if push demand tries to back away from this proposed declaration of independence which could come as soon as next monday then effectively he could risk losing a pro secession majority in the catalan parliament. australia's government is set
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to establish a national photo database to identify terrorist suspects a plan as part of security measures agreed to between australia's federal government and leaders of its states at a special conference and prime minister malcolm turnbull says driver's license photographs will be added to the database it is taking a resorts that has been accessed for years and years and making it a viable in the twenty first century manner i think most destroyed it would have assumed it was being accessed in this why now but it hasn't been so that's one of the good things we've done to death about twelve million people in thailand have said their final farewell to their late king. died last october his body is lying in state in the palace or stays the last day for people to see him before the royal cremation later this month when he reports from bangkok. in sweltering conditions the long wait goes on it's been this way for a year as people line up to into the grand palace in bangkok to pray before the
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coffin of the late king tut's away tone has been waiting in line for eleven hours and even i may have to pay my respects to the cape this is my first time here i'm glad to have made it it's an honor to be here and to be able to be this close to him the government says more than eleven million people have come here since king jr day died in october last year but numbers have swelled since an announcement from the palace that public access is coming to an end the funeral will provide some closure for thais who have been mourning the passing of the king but the result has some uncertainty for me pawn reigned for seventy years having ascended the throne at the age of just eighteen so until he died he was the only king most thais have ever lived under. his son king what your long gone ascended the throne at the age of sixty four so won't have the luxury of time to build the legacy that his father did he's already the king but will be formally crowned in february he
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takes over at a difficult time thailand is still under military rule after a coup in two thousand and fourteen that many suggest was staged to ensure a smooth transition the army has crackdown on dissent and freedom of speech with particular focus on those who are alleged to have criticised or defamed the monarchy the government says the country will be returned to democracy late next year but they could be further delays for the people here that's an issue for another day. their sole focus now is on saying farewell to the late king. when i'm in front of the king alfio grateful for all the things he did for us and all that he worked for waiting in line for eight hours is nothing compared to what he did all his life. preparations are being finalized for the funeral which will be held on october the twenty sixth when hey al jazeera bankole friends argument emigrants and the us known as dreamers thursday is the deadline to reapply for
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protection president donald trump announced last month he's phasing out what's known as doc or deferred action for childhood arrivals it's prevented eight hundred thousand immigrants from illegally to the u.s. as children from being deported kristen salome reports from providence in rhode island. nineteen year old beverly villain a waiver had less than a month's notice to reenroll in the program that's allowed her to work legally as a nurse's aide and provide for her two young children without the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as dhaka beverly would have few job opportunities i mean it gives you two years you can start and still where are you now and. of course come to have a little money. it's pretty overwhelming to think about it. the worst case scenario would be getting sent back to guatemala a country she hasn't lived in since she was four advocates say that's
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a possibility eight hundred thousand recipients known as dreamers are facing around the country i think people don't realize how hard all of these young kids are working and some of them really aren't young kids anymore right they're in their early thirty's some of them and working great jobs and and studying and trying to support their families they're doing all kinds of things that that really should be applauded rhode island is one of fifteen states now suing the child to ministration for ending daca. the ministration says it had no choice facing the threat of a lawsuit from conservative states that had previously sued to stop a proposed expansion of the obama era program. here in rhode island the state has raised money through private donations to cover the four hundred ninety five dollars cost of removing daca for any dreamer who qualifies it's an effort to keep as many as possible working and going to school without fear of deportation and his will to the rhode island foundation is
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a philanthropic group that says helping dreamers will help the state the whole state needs to have a really really qualified and skilled workforce going forward so the more people we can get including the dreamers benefits all of rhode island by being able to attract employers and to supply the skilled workforce for the employers we have here now. i mean i have two years to figure it out she hopes congress will find a way to protect her and other dreamers before that happens kristen salumi al-jazeera providence rhode island. and you can visit our web site to stay up to date on all the day's news al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera comic keep it here for a recap of the headlines. says al jazeera and these are the top stories iraq's prime minister says his military has recaptured which a from eisel iraqi forces say they're in control of the town center and the
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surrounding areas is one of just two remaining pockets of territory held by eisel in iraq. i don't know how we have liberated how we judge them and in this regard we have only the borderline with syria to go so we have beaten terrorism in our armed forces despite all difficulties have achieved big progress fighting terrorism in iraq body was speaking during a meeting in paris with france's president has offered to help with mediation efforts between about a central government and kurdish leaders after last week's a session referendum the kurds voted by more than ninety percent and support of secession akong urged both sides to stay united and defeating eisel. three house republicans are considering backing a push by democrats to ban modifications that make guns fire more rapidly this is following the last vegas shooting many of the guns used in the attack or turned into automatic weapons using devices called bomb stocks fifty eight people were
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killed in that attack more than five hundred injured. saudi arabia's king solomon is in moscow for five days the first visit by a saudi monarch to russia to hold talks with president vladimir putin the war in syria will be on top of the agenda along with bilateral investments and stabilizing oil markets three u.s. special operations soldiers have been killed two others injured in an attack in southwest missouri where a joint patrol of u.s. and share troops were ambushed near the border with mali. thousands of canadians have taken to the streets of the capital canakkale to demand justice for dozens of protesters who were killed and another anti-government march a peaceful demonstration went ahead despite a police ban it was called by the opposition which is demanding the government investigate multiple deaths during battles with security forces last month. the leader of spain's catalonia region says he wants mediators to help resolve the standoff with the central government over its efforts to gain independence but
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spain says for that to happen the region must respect the law. those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after people in power and visit our web site al-jazeera dot com thanks for your time. and thank you it's. one of the few remaining calm in the states now one of asia's poorest countries heavily reliant on foreign investment especially from adjacent.


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