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tv   The Cut  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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capital capital which microcredit. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature because they see a business crossing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. with your top stories from al-jazeera the nobel peace prize has been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the norwegian panel praised the group for working to prohibit use of the weapons ban to be phillips the
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announcement from the ways capital. the. nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty seventeen. to the international. nuclear weapons i can i can the geneva based coalition of campaigning groups for more than one hundred countries has promoted a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons it's important to. nine hundred forty five. with north korea's repeated nuclear weapons tests and its trading of insults with
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the united states nuclear war seems a more real possibility now than at any time since the cold war. with. donald trump is also threatening to take the united states out of iran. the americans but also the other nuclear weapon states britain france china russia israel india and pakistan all boycotted the negotiations for the nuclear probation treaty the message we are sending is to remind them of the commitment that they have. let's say so are. to work for nuclear free. these weapons and fury have not been used in anger since one thousand nine hundred forty five but the haunting images of hiroshima and nagasaki still testament to their horror phillips al-jazeera london. russia says it hopes the u.s. will make
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a balanced decision on whether to remain engaged in the land international deal to curb iran's nuclear program president from prosecutor iran of not living up to the spirits of the twenty fifteen and is expected to refuse to endorse it next week congress will then decide if it will impose new economics and. sions on tehran. iraqi kurds alone one of their most prominent leaders to rest. was iraqi president from two thousand and five to twenty fourteen eighty three year old was widely respected as a mediator between iraq's shia sunni and kurdish communities. without funeral is taking place. he would be remembered as one of the men who did he gave his life to do kurdish cause yes joint politics when he was a teenager and he continued throughout his life calling for self-determination of the kurds so many of the people standing here i just waiting for that casket
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joyriding they want to give their last goodbye that many of them had have known. throughout their entire lives both sides in the war in yemen are being strongly criticized in the u.n. annual report on children and conflict the saudi arabia led coalition and whose the rebels are jointly accused of killing and maiming yemeni children but the u.n. also says coalition forces have taken action to improve child protection the associated press is reporting that the u.s. is stopping some joint military exercises with gulf allies over the ongoing diplomatic crisis targeting cata the u.s. central command says it's encouraging all partners to work together for the security and stability of the region. catalonia as police chief has walked free from court after attending a hearing in the spanish capital madrid joseph luistro pair of is accused of sedition along with three other suspects he's being blamed for failing to protect spanish national police from protesters before the session referendum on sunday become body in government has filed
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a lawsuit to dissolve the main opposition party car the leader of the cambodian national rescue party was arrested and charged with treason last month. those are your headlines so far today and other news so summary for you in twenty five minutes up next al-jazeera correspondent. i have to have to have. a heroine the the. i am fuck man i am an online journalist. i'm married and have a four year old daughter. i grew up in see them
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but the marriage dream belgian. it was while making a web documentary fog of the you know about female genital mutilation that i realize how deeply rooted it is in many cultures including my own. i have family and friends who have been through it but it's not something you talk about. as a child i attended a close relatives gathering after she was caught. it was then that i wondered have i been copped. to my relief my mother told me that she chose not to. when i think about the severe health risks involved in f g m a contact but wonder. why does this practice continue in so many countries. and what would it take for to start with and. and how do some manage to change our own health attitudes towards
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cutting was to preserving their own culture. you know and then there are more personal questions like whether my mother has been cut. i am determined to find out more about the different reasons why f. jam continues and to understand better what's needed to end it. i've come to somaliland because together with the rest of somalia it has the highest. two female genital mutilation in the world. is banned in most countries but here it's still legal.
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in somaliland children mostly caught between the ages of six and eight. but. after come to the afghans of our geisha the capital to meet a traditional cutter. has been cutting girls for over forty years around twenty five a day a tap peak. how many girls have you got what you look about and what type of cuts have you performed on the girls and i couldn't follow why entire leg. little yeah. yeah and this italy good new chorus. done by little i. said the hell out so would you for. now q so know why entire this week.
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so little of say hey yeah i will also tell you. no rush owes me the most common cotton somaliland the chorus the most severe for only one what do you this for oh how is my rock a shelf on here. so i put it in the classroom. because. you don't use the knife my. son so i am. telling. the work on his i don't know. what i want. just friends. so i can so and i can so and i can you show me how do you determine. how big the hole should be that you leave.
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this is how big the opening is only this but. and you're supposed to urinate from this when you're a teenager mr asian go through this whole. over ninety percent of girls in somaliland are cut by traditional cutters. unlike most have no medical training. most girls and women here have had the for rooney and i want to know the consequences. i'm a bit a senior midwife at the local hospital. you know really beautiful thank you very much she was born in somalia and with moved to freedom of the result of the civil war. ninety ninety nine i decided to come back to move something for most people because i most needed here how have you been involved in the fight
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against. cases which will help those who have fibro fibro to say too much. which is which form is the collected blood. the blood if the space is very small the ministership cannot go out or if the mantle in the ghetto gets the ministration there will be something left in the uterus this will form. this becomes bigger people who see this she has. a baby in her stomach so the doctor takes out this and the girl will be ok. i have help from the megan maternity hospital in arkansas. and. i want to live it was priceless we're going to see who said what. to do that week and of counselors carry out educational outreach work in the
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community. or have a love affair out of the little boy. or from the. only way you give it. a lie in my life my money. was there how had i knew that i had i mean. that's my reality actually. what i was. wants to discuss her house worries with the counselors. she's eighteen and pregnant with her first child. she's had to for i want to cut.
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something. and. i'm going to. go to hell i'm. going to.
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talk to. my god. i have a right. so why do you think somaliland have the highest percentage when it comes to f e m
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globally it takes time to leave the culture grandmothers and mothers as they still hold on with the suturing and if g.m. is special the grandmothers are very very close or they are there they will not leave it there was a lady who had three girls she came to me at the hospital i told her to go back to the home and see i did the operation she is very killer for describing mother when the guests are going to authorities she goes after them she listen is the most of their. oh because the girl is circumcised they're small most with their with how do you because it is like a drop this big stick. she cried she said all my daughter gets out all you need to like a boy says what you did you did nothing do you think that eventually
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people will abandon this eventually but didn't take time. as i watch these young people at a wedding reception i wonder how many of the men would be willing to marry an uncut woman in the future. for saying a local journalist posted an afghan message on social media i was curious to know why i did the facebook update of where you said some men believe f.d.m. to do a woman's sexual desire they say this increases her appeal what made you write this i want to talk because it's problem for us. to say against the down human.
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of the goddess a human in our midwest when you would get my do you want to my family have cut their own cut and cut ok are you married no you want to be someone who is cut or non-corrupt. who you really. should get some of. my heart in live and grow your own little house. nothing it's all that i in a lot of time which. i am a woman. i come from a culture that also practices that i'm not the cup. i know other woman based on what other women have told me that if there is no there is no good in it if they tell you this is hurting us this is literally killing us and we need to stop we do then listen. to the committee.
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and make. the dog whistle. i'm surprised that a young man should feel so strongly about holding on to this tradition when so harmful. if ever g.m. is to end changing men's attitudes will be essential. to have not done university hospital collects detailed information on trends in female cutting. medicare since two thousand and two all antenatal patients are asked what kind of cuts have had and if they intend to cut their daughters.
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this is rare to see a woman who is. my daughter. in two thousand and two ninety seven percent a female patient had undergone the pharaonic cut. most intended the thing for their daughters. but that has changed. improvement in the time. and the return to the other having inter one to which they calls. it a risk getting cut. so. one is the one. tip but tied to a dick at a half of the troops we know or cuts doesn't have any benefits. i just. want to my friend dr shapiro introduces me to a friend who's at the hospital on a postnatal liver birth order disagree. with her interesting
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verse of the circle and stop. with the midwife and know the harmful effects of for only cutting from passing experience. something else all. the time. so if you. want to you i can't. close. my whole lot of secondly you are coward why don't you talk. the first of all the way i feel when a sixteen year. demonstration secondly. i feel. bad you don't get to see this problem is. there some cycle communication i feel and i feel and talk on the question with a merry go round. to go for the cut and never forget that to me
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he. said if it. did you feel any resentment towards your mother and your grandmother yeah but when other share her condition. as i'm leaving somalia i feel privileged to have met a woman who share the stories with me. but i'm overcome with emotion as i realize virtually every women here have been caught. and what it actually means. i've always known about the numbers and the facts and the figures but when you come face to face to all women who've gone through it it seems like the woman who after indoors and the children were after indoors as you go through cycles of pain.
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for what. has happened to so many women and girls like my mom. i'm so happy that. i don't know why she didn't come. but i'm so grateful. because my life would have been so much different because i feel good. over the go through the pain. to go through without either not to be able to do something that it's a it's a god given thing to peek. you can't pee. and then your premise to ration and then when you have to have sex you don't enjoy it and it's like painful . and then you have to give birth and then it just continues. i'm so grateful that. i didn't go through that and when i meet. this woman who had to go through it.
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i've come to kenya to find out more about a totally different culture. with diverse cultures and traditions. the majority don't practice. including the mass cutting has been a centuries old tradition until recently. today meeting twenty eight year old not getting. myself feeling a lot of us are leading. this community nice with the only gun in her village who
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refused to be cut. off my classmates who are from this community all of them up. and they didn't they were not able to. they have to find a husband for you. know almost all of them have five children and. all what a beautiful name have they been the second thought. no they have not been fact i'm so used how do you feel about not being caught. so what would you like to do when you grow up. thank you. as a result of nice's determination to end f.e.m. no young girl has been cut here since two thousand and twelve. my thigh and
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a patriarchal society. and i first have to persuade the young warriors called moran's to help and the practice. recruiting douglas the leader of them runs was a beginning. what did you do nice to make them trained opinion about that jim douglas was their first doesn't work cept my while the resistance was there from all over but then again i had another trick because when i go to them i'll go with someone like that last so i'll make sure that he talks before i talk so what did you do to persuade them around in the community. it was very hard for us to continue the boys because they say that they can not. because even god is not sometimes they've she's not a woman then we need an example of some of the dead that we have seen in the community they said ok it's true and let's forget it i think it took more than five
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yes i want them just to accept it now we decided to come up with some time until we came up and i prayed i said if the pentagon from this community and we want them to upgrade to become a woman we bless them then we look at the same cow that we celebrate hold together but we didn't cut so that's what we've come up with. douglas bring some of his friends or morons to meet me. yeah we mix of might it do more than ok and i might add more than do you know what actually happens when i go is cut you know get along. very nicely and i would literally move it yeah when you're loving anyone i go. i don't i am like yeah. i don't know. that i haven't gone down and i mean you know when you you know we want to let. you
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know nice truth around a graphic video over to you know go with a knife. you know what i did that. we were. going to just think how do you. want to live and when they're going to do you have a daughter. how would you feel if someone said she needed to be cut and that we were going. i think it was one of the powerful tools we've been using when we address the issues of female genital mutilation and there was another very persuasive incentive for the young warriors. when we see it as
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a moron as we talk and talk about sex you see most of the mortar rounds out of most of the men they say if they sleep with a company the gun is very sweet insects now that's what also contains most of them what i understood say we don't need. yeah ok so there's also a little bit. meeting the messiah in the manja gives me hope. if one woman can change attitudes in one village perhaps it's time to possible to change entire countries. thanks. on al-jazeera. after a year of mourning thailand bed's a final farewell to its longest reigning monarch. for the stories beyond the headlines for clients examines the us his role in the world liberians are preparing
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for their third election since a bitter civil war observers are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices a deadly environmental and health costs. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business shifting and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expanding al-jazeera world meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time.
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peter dobby and with the top stories on al-jazeera the nobel peace prize has been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons in the norwegian panel praised the group for working to prohibit the use of the weapons it comes amid tension around north korea's nuclear program i can see executive director criticize the u.s. president donald trump's recent rhetoric against pyongyang the election of president dan trump has made a lot of people feel very uncomfortable with the fact that he alone can authorize the use of nuclear weapons and there's nothing people can do to stop him. a man that you can beat with a tweet. who seems to be taking rational decisions very quickly.
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and it's sort of not listening to expertise is it just puts a spotlight on our spotlight on what this is what nuclear weapons really mean. there are no right hands whether it's for the wrong weapons russia says it hopes the u.s. will make a balanced decision on whether to remain engaged in the landmark international deal to curb iran's nuclear program president trump has accused iran of not living up to the spirit of the twenty fifteen deal and is expected to refuse to endorse it next week iraqi kurds alone one of their most prominent leaders to rest. was iraqi president from two thousand and five to twenty fourteen the eighty three year old was widely respected as a mediator between iraq's shia sunni and kurdish communities both sides in the war in yemen are strongly criticized in the united nations annual report on children and conflict the saudi led coalition and who see rebels are jointly accused of
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killing and maiming children. the associated press is reporting that the u.s. is stopping some joint military exercises with its gulf allies over the ongoing diplomatic crisis targeting counter the u.s. central command says it's encouraging all partners to work together for the security and stability of the region as a loony as police chief has walked free from court after attending a hearing in the spanish capital madrid joseph luis is accused of sedition along with three other suspects he's being blamed for failing to protect spanish national police from protesters before the succession referendum on sunday back now to al-jazeera correspondent. the northwest of kenya is home to a tribe named practiced f.d.m.
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for centuries that are to perfection. i'm here to meet them to let your son who has devoted her life to ending if she am in her home county. she's married with two young children. down to less twenty eight she's one of the few women after age in this county who haven't been caught my know it's really a matter escape what's happening is that i witnessed. they cut that kids are not allowed to witness as a young girl an eleven year old and this community indian is performing to a status this. slate cut. yeah that's done in public with the presence of men and women and young girls and young boys and this year yes we see it but they just you know it's got just a minute after the first day that women are taken to and then that are taken to a sacred place like a bush so we sneaked in and what i just saw on the second stage was so shocking my
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cousin was laying down there in a pool no blood yes and women were pinning her down and had to completely you know there's a one of us who really butchering half like you know how you cut pieces of meat. i was expecting it's not to do this just that yeah but she was doing this you know yes with a knife yes and she was screaming but us claims were being covered by the women singing and you know the trying to to to cover her screams as she was helpless what was left to their horse just like red flesh yes i still can't believe that this is something that we're still debating about. honestly. it was this traumatic experience that made dr refused to become a motivated have to set up a charity to help and jam. we're heading to the village of sandwich with one
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hundred sixty girls are preparing for an attorney to right of passage ceremony. we just saw me to be there because intelligible to us and to know that they decided to . have. the trip to sandwich from the hill of house takes two and a half hours through mountain passes on bumpy roads. to school and the full school. for the wellcome when we get makes it worse or. in the pocket culture cutting traditionally involve the celebration in which the whole community takes part. the girls are having their dances for the alternatives harmony. is real life come in and it was beautiful i don't
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expect to see that the focus committed love and seeing and hearing we wanted people to know that we love our culture we're not we love every bit of it only but from the cut yes there's this with the feeling that this is sort of nothing put in here . the teachers are from the same community. the girls received four days of lessons before their graduation day. today they're learning exactly what have jam involved and the health complications using modern. about the madonna no no no no no no no not. now let there were that you were. going to deliver someone to become us to. you know when you're not good but because i know you abandon. the ball and what. doesn't look good i. got
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a three. when you have been caught you put into seclusion for one month whereby your thought how to become a good ways how to treat your husband how to cook so we do the opposite we bring the girls in here we teach them. their children's rights what you know it to them about health implications of their so it's basically same same thing without the card to but a different teaching because they want these girls to be important people in the society rather than at my own don't tell him her colleagues have had to work hard to change the attitudes of parents. in the pocket community a cut girl can bring significant economic advantages to a poor family. a girl is made of. very into in. house and i'll tell you that it for this community the price is quite high especially the girl is young and cut most important to my idea that it has to older
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men because they bring good number of culls as much as many of articles because of poverty situation they're tending to their girls when they're still young and then they marry them off and they get there is quick quick quick quick quick well so much an uncut girl worse but on catgirl you can actually be given away at a sort of a price. years for they might even give you away for free because they just want to get rid of you because you're a body and you know. how to mary's graduation the girls dance to some composed by a local musician lucky to. have a personal reason for wanting to. work in you think it's done. because.
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no one helped her. but i want to know he will all. be joining. me live you know. what was the name of your sister clementina clementine how old was she living or. going to a government and more local morale. illegal in kenya since two thousand and one. around here have been largely ineffective.
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around his village and their villages around. most of them. being cut i mean we have not been able to reach out to everybody this is a big big big lie and you know it's a big county. i find out from them to know that one of her younger sisters run away to be cut with friends. i know them to use but i wonder if the older generation a mother and grandmother supported her sister's decision she takes me to meet them . when. they want to now. good lord. i never get more. vocal that i need the. leading down you probably know we're
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a little devil with him at the barn you know when you're gone on to meet him again i would call on when you would begin to me wanted i want and the you know the for not. very easy. for you are looking for the. most. i'm not going to die you know i'm going to get really i mean it's not for me so she was hurting in the forest. so you are against it because of the law but in your time if there was good. we want. more than life here. as you know what they.
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want i want you to know the meaning. of the world you know. what i'm gonna do you well you me. gotta come i saw. your man. meeting don't tell of crime mother makes me appreciate why the key to ending f. jamming with is keeping girls in school. that way pants don't have to rely on a dowry to help support their elders educated girls can pay for their own counts. today the time to write of passes is being held in the market square. hundreds of people from many different religions have come to with misallocation.
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that was. to find out that some of the girls have made great sacrifices to be here today. and the many different here today. is just you hear no one else from the village. so that means they would become.
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here today. they're not. here just along with. let's go and join. with another girl who catches my eye. even last impression on me. the presence of dignitaries here is a testament to them till the success. of the stamp of approval of important. the vast majority of people a christian in the graduation salmon and with the blessing. patterns and elders
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stand behind the girls that belong to their villages. you're there was wonderful and touching to see all the community leaders and the parents especially the father handing down the young girls symbolically it was like saying we have your back we have your back with support you and we supported decision not to because it was wonderful to see. just wonderful. i wanted to meet. alyssa go unnoticed dancing of the family
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she ran away from him after her father began beating her mother believing she was a responsible for a little futile to be caught. you know get away august. when you need. to. not on your. diminish and. live in all who don't live. under the. law. with only one. of the only so your family have shandor the first away. you need to. what do you say to
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young girls who are about to attend a turn to rite of passage or do you say to them. ne what have i done i look really one eric i don't know me or many dylan look. at you with a number on the new community in the crowd was cute i was a little less because i'm in the den and in limit and near iran again well among. the not all logs again we're going to are they did indeed ugh so ideally i thought i did that i want me to be detrimental so what are your hopes and dreams for the future but if you know i'm going to win and i do want to double the energy not i want to and we're going to jen i generally are pretty nimble on this is slow will. cure does your job. crew be in school but isn't it.
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our main course that an orchid am i'm a lan. are you you're some of the beaches. no meeting a lonely night on the moon all of a sudden my nonunion they're lit and a good. nandini like guardian american and i was a dragon when in an enemy when i was able to walk on the back of there's a tough question. i think you are very very because i can't imagine giving up you know you live your whole family behind your siblings your father and your mother. i don't know what i would have done the clinic younger than all together let it does he get sick when it that rudy was she would. merely a man you know. what i see when i look at you i feel someone who i can see
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a lot of sadness in your eyes but i can also see strength and determination so i believe that one day you'll have your own family one day you have your degree i believe that you will achieve all the dreams so. spending time with them to learn has been an inspiration to me through had resilience and example she's inspired so many others like ellie i'm sure in turn that element do the same yet. as i leave kenya my sorts john to my family in sweden it's time to face my own taboos. yeah. back in stockholm i meet up with my old childhood friend and fellow writer translated with cena. trying. to space we're.
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actually at the mike and. neither of us know enough about why the cut is performed in our own culture i'm going to introduce you to some ladies like our parents' generation you know that generation that doesn't talk and i think is going to be interesting because they work with the subject you know let's go. here with maggots and i shot eritrea and. they support women in the diaspora and sweden just for our story you. missed on our last one interactions but here israel your man. from then into last till then in freedom of whom don't have the money who's almost said it is so impossible we feed our entire barnett or do whole a public rina wonderful protestant all. my life or to me for your land and the
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hundred of control. a contritely area clean no nasa share in our system and let it be the headlight of your if you are do you not our phones protest stand here to leak or under our mostly mad men the only hope. there are about all of that so the heart in your team your real bar alexander streak at heart may really you want your dick that they say it or. they sent about it all figured out eritrea that is for the pervert folks to rule at the heart of it's about to be i'm a little harder afrikaans probably i'm her last mc yeah. she has to order and mom for mere o'meara india and pakistan kurdistan iraq latin america and. america because i was given the guardian when he would put up a normally taboo subject. being in the congo are the kind of out of multiple good.
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school no we didn't that we hadn't left that over to my la concha through the heart of the man that had over three months and all those men. in their car young far out . there. have been at the grove. that's. what i want candy and that's all i'm addicted dorrit fans i'm a mom across thank them that i wouldn't hurt a. villain to proton them and how do. they make a mirror and saw for four hundred mill you're not a flea smuggle t m m doesn't go far from the end of them so it's working to throw it out to the. men
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they're sick. or that they're for stop us so the whole year called scope and they're proud. of the only they can just sit there so many tales got the no. protests of the or they'd all gone there were forty i should get off the ship maneuver or go to the front i think this court did what it the heart into . the threat itself but. also have always known i'm not because i never asked my mother why i left him is not a subject to discuss but today we're going to talk about it. it took a lot of convincing to persuade my mother to take part in this film. my father and sister refused due to the taboo and that's the subject. to the person in question i need to ask my mother that makes me uncomfortable. so i start with the
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easy one. listen i had a dollar. machine which knows the machine we are near which mark would wish they had been i would add. the i need to kind their new war machine work to laugh and that's a deal where. they. can see and control who identified that would prevent most of what is likely lost out of oh no not at all like announced but i would rather look into it going to have to buy her mum must have a market and a market that damn machine and run the. i'm sure what i would what on the guy that got me but i have now got. a lot of air travel from what i had to had the only car marketed with a lot of my kind with the one i'm in the home look i thought it what does an open mind about toxic.
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corners and hunger look for a lot of stuff to get the launch of the ship off. and sucking whatever were. ratified so i don't buy that the fuck it i will you allow hard on and it has been all bent out of harder fos out on a bit difficult not me but him yes. really only risky enough for lardy a come on house i love it for us thank you and our friend rod might be left alone or do you know him for i got busted a victory for me in the art if i me i'm doable t. and on the outside and far into much of it i want you what i'm talking about so i did a fifth after ten london and my fish my fifty at the bus come america number so the other women would get a much i did not know not have to come to. that i need to lady with the idea yeah i need to the word is wide id and into matter of fame thing i don't know mom and mom
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must. i feel such a relief after speaking with my mother i know now that she did not endure the worst form of f.d.r. . and i feel proud of my parents' decision to end the practice which meant that i did not endure it and in turn neither when my daughter. this journey cements my belief that as g.m. will end one day a change will come but it must come from within. from those who understand that the richness and uniqueness of culture does not depend on traditions harmful to women.
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a family business handed down from generation to generation but when this funeral director return as will his son continue the tradition i don't think he was actually built for it just like i don't feel like i was actually built for a difficult choice for an al-jazeera producer called between two worlds well it's really fight tending to the dead to the living get better an intimate portrait of an industry most encounter only fleetingly al-jazeera correspondent to death in the family at this time. denise pink skies by the taj mahal. there is the sunsets in the city of angels.
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and again the rain has been following the argentine pampas is moving north through europe wide to the south of brazil this is what most of the systems do now let's be rocky by this time to be out in the forecast there is some rain there in the south of brazil and possibly beyond in paragraph but apart from that we're looking at draw a picture even in santiago where rain and snow i would highlight with forty has gone dry now as well so sudden chill yes we'll see some rain but no sign of the santiago and this rains on his way slowly up towards rio paella recipes over its current draw north of the continent through colombia venezuela still plenty of shows and of course we have in this mix of flood now a tropical storm has been named as you know as night winds at best in the forecast track of the next three days or nine hundred thirty kilometers per hour but he's full of moisture it's a tropical cyclone after all and the amount of rain could be quite significant
3:59 pm
already cause. some fatalities on his way out through central america this is what it's like to be late on friday now you're beyond that it goes into the gulf of mexico and heads towards the gulf coast of the u.s. leaving behind dry conditions we'll follow it of course in the days to come. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. but it's a bit of a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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like. this is al-jazeera.


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