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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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and they will intensify further as it makes its way up towards the gulf states of the us was the scene in nicaragua as it made its way through still some very very heavy rain for some the showers should ease as we go on through the next couple of days but still a chance of some rather wet weather there we go the storm does make its way further north was very quickly by sunday. the weather sponsored by cattle and nice. al-jazeera where ever you are. this is al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes tekkie helps rebels from the free syrian army launch a major operation against a powerful armed group that dominates a big area near its border. two major rallies over catalonia secession vote people in madrid call for a united spain while in barcelona they want dialogue instead of unrest. the sixty fifth birthday of the russian president vladimir putin is greeted with nationwide protests plus. the city remains under a state of emergency as we prepared and i assure you in the public that we are very well prepared.
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ok our top story here on the news for you a major military mission in syria with turkish support the president wretch up type says the free syrian army is carrying out an operation and it lit province against former al qaeda linked fighters says turkish soldiers of backing the offensive but haven't yet entered that area they've been heading towards the border in the past few days. we have opened up a space in a region with operation euphrates shield and now we are making efforts to take a step forward by maintaining security in a globe today there is a serious operation in a lab and it will continue because we have our brothers there who came to fleeing violence in aleppo we can't tell them whatever happens happens you can either die or survive we have to wake stand a hand to our brothers now this step has been taken and it is under way. on the turkey syria border how far do we think mr erdogan is prepared to go with
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this. this is definitely a significant move by the turkish army we don't know exactly. the details of this whole military operation but has been describing it as a very serious one and as you know. it live is the only province in syria which is and the control of the syrian opposition particularly under the control of. which is led by. the front now it's a huge area with hundreds of thousands of civilians and thousands of opposition fighters in transit in different areas we need to know first of all what is going to be the detail of this whole military operation and how will the russians the iranians and the turks who have been financing all supporting opposing
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parties in syria come together and coordinate their mid to operation the biggest question so far is what will be the reaction of the hay at the head of the if they decide to put up a resistance against this whole mid to operation i think in the coming days we are likely to see some of the most intensified fighting in syria. i guess the mandate is to make sure that they can get to a stage where they police these so-called deescalation zones properly not going too far because then they get sucked into the broader conflict and that has not been an easy step for turkey to take before. exactly and they have not been so far very specific about what they mean by the implementation of the deescalation particularly because as you know peter was going to happen in live is the following the turkish military along with the free syrian army are going to
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secure the area inside while the russians women to in a monitoring operation on the outside of it live how is that going to happen we don't know number two we're talking about the head of this town which has been categorically saying that if we had jets the whole deescalation operation it has thousands of its fighters inside the city or are they going to hand over their weapons we don't think this is going to be the case are they going to fight against the free syrian army and the turkish army in the near future that is going to be the question and this is likely to further give us an indication about the type of military engagements that we're going to see in the near future for the rebels it live remains more of a symbol this is the only place where the minting ground and where against the backdrop of the major military gains that the syrian army has been making with the backing of syria across the country if they lose it this is definitely going to be
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the beginning of the end for the syrian opposition opposition and for the military planners in ankara is the key question here there's this usual syrian disconnect between what the people who sign up to say in this case the deescalation zones following those talks on a standard of concern signing up to that the reality on the ground is all. something radically different. you're absolutely right and one of the reasons they explain that is basically some of those have been signing of the deal and have absolutely no command over the people on the ground and. which in january launched a major offensive and took control of the whole of. this summer to launch a major offensive and took over it rejects the. talks how are they going to come together and implement the destination now we have to wait and see what will the ministry of planners particularly the russians the iranians and the turks come up
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with particular when it comes to maintaining troops on the ground as far as turkey is concerned he says that the initial phase of this military operation is for the free syrian army which is approach to turkey the factions particularly the main two major brigades are going in now to start the phase one of the operation on their way to and they will get assistance from the turkish army all the border we're talking about maybe artillery operations to try to pave the ground for the free syrian army to maintain its advance to words the heart of the day which is going to be an extremely delicate military operation now what if the russians in their bid to try to provide assistance to the free syrian army to launch air strikes that kill civilians this is going to further stoke the russian and the international community sentiment among the hundreds of thousands of people in. we know little
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details about what is happening. peter this is definitely one of the most crucial moments since the start of the conflict in syria six years ago passion many thanks . ok let's get more now on the significance of it live province the region was labeled a deescalation zone as we've just been hearing last month after that agreement between turkey russia and iran in a stand about fighting there has continued the deal is not recognized by a coalition of armed groups who control large parts of it live the coalition is called. it's dominated by an al qaeda linked group formerly known as el nusra italy became a major stronghold for the group after it took the province in twenty fifteen the area is one of the few crossings still open on the turkish syrian border which is a security concern for the authorities in ankara bordering it live to the north is an area controlled by kurdish y p g forces turkey considers the y. p.g. and extension of the p.k. k. that's the kurdistan workers' party which it deems to be
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a terrorist group met and called this a security analyst formerly turkish military officer and a columnist for the al monitor news website he joins us live here on the news from istanbul. what do you think the planners are planning on with this operation. let me start with to a fact first one i mean this is another surprising really terrible meaning that we have been waiting for expecting piers more for almost an amount and the second one this is not then as unilateral military and more of this sort of negotiated outcome . after our start process and right now what we see is the. inclusion of a military operation of turkish commando. including around three hundred soldiers and turkish tank battalion so what we are talking about is around five hundred to six hundred turkeys thought yours and they are heading to this particular town
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thirty. cities and they're also going to special forces elements they have been there for almost two weeks and doing their reconnaissance and let me say this this is another sort of soap. i think military more and you know. as i said before it's not it's not how can i say call anyone for us or to compare this military operation . operation ok there are so many variables in this equation though this military equation this very strong and to russian sentiment in the province of it live you've got the russians in the around the right and the turks all working together plus the fighting has continued on the ground so calling it a deescalation zone is maybe an inaccurate statement here it may be embryonic but nothing has deescalated. yes as you have clearly pointed out you know this is the question to the escalate already existing whiners aren't whiners you need a part of i mean i mean in terms of political directives and political objectives
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we have a sort of cloud there and why a month here so how to translate is political objectivity into military operational or the spheres is the question how those soldiers are going to conduct these operations to deescalate already existing to violence in and around egypt this is the key question i think but here is the point you know what we're seeing right now is you know dawes you know. russia urine and turkey. contrarious they are trying to deescalate whiners by separating good guys i mean bad moderates from the radical elements from those aren't sunni opposition i mean from those bad guys or radical elements or how to separate those two. different armed groups so this is the question and how can we translate is question into
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executive military planning so this is the question but here is the issue i think after aleppo you know campaign russia sees this green fact for syria seach warfare does not work in in syria saw what they are trying. to separate these two. mothers from the radical elements and ankara is saying that i can help you to separate is you know i can play a sort of mediator role so what we see i think expecting what i am expecting is a sort of prolonged armed conflict continues. conflict and also at the same time negotiation with local power of holders in and around them so this will be very very tough process i think. as ever we appreciate your analysis of this developing story many thanks. thousands are rallying across spain today as the crisis of a catalonia future continues people in madrid are demonstrating in support of
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national unity many more in barcelona are calling for dialogue to resolve the dispute the regional parliament was planning to unilaterally declare independence on monday but it was stopped by the courts in spain in madrid let's take you live now to barcelona and my colleague john a whole journey calls for the so-called cease fire within spain a diplomatic cease fire how much pressure are the protests in madrid putting on the secessionist movement in catalonia. well one assumes more and more pressure on the pressure is coming from different directions not just people on the streets in madrid but of course here in barcelona as well the square that i'm standing in was absolutely ransacked a couple of hours ago with a pro unity protesters mirroring that pro unity protests in madrid but also of course the economy these banks and big companies moving their legal headquarters out of catalonia because they don't want to find themselves in
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a situation where catalonia declares independence and suddenly is out of the e.u. is that he was made it perfectly clear it would be and therefore their business is in jeopardy and out of the single market so those kind of things send very negative signals of confidence and and sentiment to the markets to the economy here in catalonia and so the pressure builds these protests that went on here a couple of hours ago in barcelona as i say people holding black cards with the words hash tag humble am also a hash tag part of them the words in spanish and in the catalan language respectively first let's talk these are pro unity supporters people who probably didn't vote in the referendum a so-called silent majority they've tended not to vote in the past but nevertheless quite possibly an actual majority here in catalonia who are not in favor of independence who want to find a way urgently out of this crisis by peace and dialogue but i spoke a little earlier on to the regions foreign affairs chief effectively colonias
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foreign minister and i asked him what he thought was likely to happen in the days ahead here's what he had to say. the people of the will of the people needs to be respected for a single reason there is no alternative to this we tried for years to enter into negotiations with the state no once or in the positive manner repression was the only answer and despite this the people went to vote freely the market in peacefully and that is what the parliament of catalonia needs to acknowledge we have two projects here one is democracy the other one is repression or violence which one the people. so clearly journo they plan on going with what the people have chosen but i mean the fiscal reality is another day another bank pulls the plug and move south. when it's quite difficult to
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decode this language peter because yes they say on the foreign minister insists that the will of the people that has been spoken and must indeed be heard and of course the big question mark in the week to come is what happens in parliament when carlos preached to man the regional president addresses the cattle and parliament on tuesday at six p.m. local time and this speculation is rife that he may choose that moment to unilaterally declare independence from spain but of course as you say there are all these other elements that come into play not least the economy not least what happens to this enormous economy twenty percent of the g.d.p. of spain an economy the size of portugal of greece bigger than many other european countries if all of these big countries companies. symbolically turn their backs on this place because by moving their legal headquarters out they're not of course closing factories down or cutting jobs necessarily but it's about sentiment it's about confidence and what does that say about a newly minted independent state so that all of these questions float around in the air it will be serious thought being given to them in that building over there the
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headquarters of the regional government ahead of this week to come sunday will be massive protests expected to be very large at least again pro unity protests they threaten to be broken up with violence by pro secessionist groups upset on social media they will do just that they could be more violence on sunday a week after there was police violence last sunday and so this drama rumbles on into what could be a tumultuous week ahead ok talk to you later i'm sure john in the meantime many thanks. now supporters of russia's main opposition leader have been protesting against vladimir putin's two decades in power. alexina valmy called for rallies to coincide with the president's sixty fifth birthday on saturday i mean some jail for violating the law on organizing public meetings the police are refusing to let protesters into the center of moscow and st petersburg. a lot more still to come for you here on the news hour including
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surveying the damage we meet puerto ricans fearing for what will happen to their hurrican hit communities plus. i'm telling you at one forty four african are. energetic market turning point. and the sports news with some of the united states have taken a huge step towards russia twenty eighteen qualifying results from across the globe coming up in about thirty minutes. the u.s. gulf coast is preparing for yet another hurricane nate. it's already battered central america with at least twenty five people killed in flooding and landslides across costa rica nicaragua honduras and el salvador david most as more. nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere tropical storm nate has just made it that much poorer three thousand homes destroyed
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communications cut the force of the storm ripped boats from the sea and left potholes large enough to consume cars. passengers on this bus were so panicked escape was the only thing on their minds and they pummeled central america with heavy rains during the week. the flood has taken away almost everything that all these people had in their home they had breakfast in the morning but not had lunch nor dinner because everything was taken away from them where waiting for any help that would be well received so many children are crying with hunger in neighboring costa rica the storm left at least seven people dead and some five thousand people were forced to leave their homes the western province of want to cause they was the hardest hit schools across the country were closed for two days deaths were also reported farther north in honduras and el salvador. now made a swing in north and picking up strength as it heads towards the u.s.
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gulf coast in preparation new orleans mayor declared a state of emergency. current forecasts indicate three to six inches of rain over the duration of the system which is going to be thirty six to forty eight hours and potential double that. although overall rainfall may not be as high as other tropical events short durations of rain as we can see can produce flooding we are particularly mindful in this regard for this particular storm of coastal flooding because of the potential storm surge for those areas of the city that are outside of the levee system. yet another deadly storm in the americas leaving a path of destruction in its wake david mercer al-jazeera. ok that's the third biggest one and hope for five weeks is over time with the rest of the weapon yeah we are looking at some really heavy rain as we're hearing there making its way up towards the gulf coast of the u.s. the winds not such a problem but there will be widespread flooding peter you can see the here is
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swathe of cloud here just making good progress actually across the gulf of mexico now while the storm is not mass organized but it's well organized enough sustained winds hundred forty kilometers per hour has increased in strength but that's still a category one storm it will get a little stronger still before it does make landfall in the u.s. winds gusting to one hundred sixty five come to thirty five knots sasa ferro three moving across the region so at least when it does rain it won't rain as heavily for as long as still plenty of heavy showers coming in behind you can see that legacy of showers there coming in across a good part of central america virtually gone as we go on through sunday the system by this stage making its way across that southeastern corner of the u.s. and by monday i still want to see showers around the yucatan peninsula just pushing down towards honduras towards quite somalia but they are going to be few and far between so this is the position of the storm at the moment it will make landfall within around about the next ten to twelve hours or so as
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a strong category one storm and then it will make good progress further northwards and ace was right up that eastern side of the u.s. with widespread flooding through many pater. efforts and many thanks the u.s. vice president is trying to reassure people in hurricane hit puerto rico that they have not been forgotten many of the island's three point four million residents are still struggling to get basic necessities. i bring you greetings. a man who was here just two days ago. the forty fifth president of the united states the other good news you can see. we are with you did you can be with you tomorrow we will be with you every thank you thank you. well as we've been hearing many puerto ricans are worried about what will happen to their communities they point to residents being forced out of parts of
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new orleans after hurricane katrina as property developers moved in there she had pretense he has that story. the presence of the u.s. military and emergency contractors' can be felt around the convention center of someone and in the tourist districts yet still over two weeks since hurricane maria made landfall almost all for puerto rico is without notable water ninety percent without electricity. like many neighborhoods we visited no one we spoke to from the low income san juan neighborhood of can you imagine kenya that seen any federal personnel helping to rebuild. eventually community leaders did ask the federal emergency management agency for topps to temporarily cover the eight hundred houses here without rubes but when a fraction of that amount was supplied so were the bribes are too small or too small not long enough yeah. yeah yeah. tenure has a well organized community infrastructure that's been recognized internationally
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most recently winning the un's world habitat award. after the hurricanes of one nine hundred twenty six and twenty eight and during the great depression the mangroves around the mountain penya channel was illegally squatted by those fleeing the impoverished countryside for san juan through robust community organization the twenty five thousand residents living here now legally own two hundred acres of this land but their suspicion that authorities will use the aftermath of maria and the increased risk of hurricanes and flooding as a result of climate change to get rid of this community all together. on explains why this area is prized by developers who like the residents here have long been waiting for the promised dredging of the clogged channel intersecting it . all of san juan barry will become an ambitious tourism and economic development project that links those cities that. happened before this was once the low income neighborhood of tokyo and san juan situated near
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a waterway authorities everything to the residents claiming it wasn't feasible to live on a flood plain however the city then built expensive housing office blocks on the puerto rico coliseum on the same land evan says she will not let that happen to her community in kenya. communities did not want that to happen to us that's why we created the law on trust to protect ourselves it's well documented that after hurricane katrina in new orleans developers swiftly moved into have a low income communities and replaced them with hotels and expensive water from the problems but the residents of can you martine penya say they're aware of the dangers of post hurrican relief and reconstruction and that they're ready she had her town see al-jazeera county on the team ten. now a space created to remember the fifty eight people shot dead by a gunman in las vegas is filling fast with flowers and messages the city council says the site will not become a permanent memorial is kristen salumi. the city of las vegas now has
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a place where the victims of the october first shooting will be remembered permanently on monday just one day after the shooting to landscapers help a need for a community space somewhere people could come together to heal. the city for a place where they could put up a temporary garden what they got was a plot of land for a permanent memorial and in just a few days about four hundred people have come forward to donate time or resources to morial and many more have come to. i think that most of us are here tonight because we're not willing to be fearful and stay home we're going to continue to live our lives we are a community and we came together as a community of people to show our strength and our pride for our city. in terms of the investigation authorities more than a thousand. they say they see no evidence of
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a connection. and the gunman himself even. rumors about a fact and speculation have not been helpful in the investigation but they are asking the public they had any facts any information. that will have a spot in fifteen minutes between now and then will also cover these stories sunni muslim arabs adjoining the kurds and turning their back on the idea of iraq. bringing pouch of the people look at the legacy of liberia's president as she steps down from office. and this was. an emotional depth here in the national hockey friendship. in the era when news coverage consists of. a five second sound bite and an easy solution. challenge the status quo
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expose double standards and embrace the contradictions join me. for a new season of the show the frank. front. at this time i'll just your own. heart.
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hello again you're with the al-jazeera news are coming to live from doha your headlines of the turkish president richard says the f.s.a. the free syrian army is carrying out a big operation in syria's province against a powerful armed group the dominates the area he says turkish troops are backing the offensive along the border but have not joined the f.s.a. yet. thousands of people are rallying in spain's capital madrid in support of national unity and many more in barcelona are calling for dialogue to resolve the crisis in the region of catalonia the parliament there was planning to unilaterally declare independence on monday but it was stopped by the spanish courts. and we're live in russia supporters of the main opposition leader have been protesting
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against vladimir putin's two decades in power alexina valmy call for rallies to coincide with the president's sixty fifth birthday on saturday at home he's in jail for violating the law on organizing public meetings. more on the war in syria now where eyesores facing defeat in what it calls its capital syrian kurdish forces say they're getting closer to victory in iraq a caterpillar person has the story. the pride is on. high still of losing its last bit of what it once called its capital. kurdish forces over land most of rocker weeks ago and now they're closing in on the few remaining eisel fighters and. we are now in iraq and we are proud that our crew from two directions have united. there are confrontations and there are a lot of civilians in the area. abandoned neighborhoods debris and dust are what's left in some parts of the syrian city i still took over iraq on two thousand and
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thirteen the syrian democratic forces began the offensive to push them out nearly a year ago they said. syrian kurdish fighters have been at the forefront but some foreign volunteers have joined them motivated by their own reasons to take up arms against i still hear something moving. russia says its airstrikes have killed scores of isis fighters in nearby darrow's or where the group is still trying to cling to power. but civilians have been caught in the crossfire the syrian observatory for human rights as more than two hundred have been killed including women and children heartbreaking stories to tell every day it is hard to meet one single family who have fled recently iraq and there is or who did not have a family member killed on the way to safety the defeat of eisel fighters is expected and walk among the destroyed buildings and rubble kurdish fighters say it's just a matter of time before they declare victory. and now to
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zero. well iraq is one of several areas across syria and iraq where the battle against eisel persist u.s. backed forces are fighting the group in this darker area on the map i saw has been steadily losing ground in the past year or so the group was pushed out of how we chat on thursday one of the last enclaves in iraq charles stratford is near the front line in this. the daily grind learning military tactics against elusive enemies under the baking sun this training session is about detecting suspects and suspicious vehicles. make sure no one is wearing a suicide vest and the car is not rigged says the trainer a threat to soldiers here know all too well many of them were children at a time when just going to the market in this part of iraq near the border with
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syria could be a deadly trap there all sunni muslim arabs who are proudly serving under the kurdish banner. we saw what the kurds did and what the government did the kurdish areas are safe there is no security in places like baghdad we prefer to be with them and i was also needs to do the same. there is a sense of newfound purpose and identity among the soldiers here. ever since the fall of saddam hussein in two thousand and three this area was taken by various armed groups including and i and the tribes here frustrated by the lack of support from the central government in baghdad had only one choice left just seek protection from the kurds. and. the man a career soldier still remembers when it was too dangerous for anyone in uniform to be on the streets he survived several attempts.
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i said yes to the referendum and yes to independence i used to say my country is iraq united. but after the central government ignores and let iceland areas i change my mind. the tribal leaders to kurdish president masoud barzani for help now they fully backed the referendum for secession. joining the kurds doesn't mean we forgo all arab roots but it's the kurds who represent the real. sectarian with baghdad we are less than even second class citizens. this border area was controlled by the iraqi government in baghdad up until two thousand and fourteen when the kurds arrived. iraq's prime minister threatening to retake control of similar areas but increasing numbers of sudanese are calling for further disapprobation. there is no other choice but the division of iraq each live in the
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area itself administered unity is an illusion we told the arab countries there is no more wrap this will put an end to sectarianism and we are aiming for a sunni autonomy it's reaching. kurdish referendum other minorities were never found their place in the iraq after saddam hussein every flexion up to fail years of the baghdad government to be inclusive and it's difficult to see how the iraqi flag will be raised here once again i doubt that hammy rebbie i know it in iraq well some iraqi politicians draping the coffin of the late president jalal talabani with the kurdish flag was an insult to the central government in baghdad tens of thousands of people paid their last respects to taliban on friday he championed kurdish self rule before except in the role of president in two thousand and three he died on tuesday in germany. ok let's go back to that report that we tried to bring you just a little bit earlier we have this latest report from trapped it was thursday
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evening when the iraqi prime minister hyderabadi announced of the battle for who was over but there is still some fighting in this area of the last remnants of i saw fighters that according to the kurdish peshmerga still occupy some of the villages here the smoke you can see rising in the distance there the peshmerga tell us it's because of fires that have been lit by shia militia groups in support of the iraqi army trying to flush out those last i saw fighters from this area who was the last bastion for i saw in northern iraq and the iraqi ministry of defense now say that all efforts will concentrate on attacking eisel close to the syrian border . now the u.s. embassy in saudi arabia is urging caution around the king's palace in jeddah after reports on social media of an attack according to the report saudi security forces foiled an attack near the al salam palace on saturday one attacker and two royal
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guards were killed the saudi government hasn't issued any official statement the un is criticizing me in march for failing to allow humanitarian aid into rakhine state more than half a million range of muslims have fled across the border to bangladesh to escape a military crackdown in september the de facto leader aung san suu kyi invited observers to visit but access has remained a problem meanwhile is urging the right hinge or to return to their villages and promising to provide food and security. access to humanitarian aid is also a problem across the border in bangladesh mohammed germ june has more now from the refugee camps in cox is bizarre. the ranger refugees that you see in this very long line beside me they have been waiting here for hours today they are hungry they are desperate they are waiting for food distribution much needed food distribution and many of the ones we've spoken with they're concerned that by the time they actually get to the tent where the food is being distributed that there won't be enough left
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over for them this really speaks to the magnitude of this crisis a crisis that the u.n. is calling the most urgent refugee crisis in the world right now conditions in camps like this is the could to prolong camp and cox's are there absolutely appalling nobody expects that they're going to get better any time soon now bangladesh's prime minister has said that this country will continue to support these refugees but the fact of the matter is aid groups humanitarian organizations they're very worried about the flow of aid into this country they're worried about the international community not donating enough for this cause and everybody we're talking to just is not seeing that this is going to get better any time soon. the police and the decapitated head of a swedish journalist who went missing in august kim wool vanished off the board in a submarine operated and built by a danish inventor pizza metson a torso was found in the waters of copenhagen ten days later mass and told police
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he buried her she had an accident on board he's been charged with manslaughter. campaigning ends on sunday ahead of elections in liberia to find a successor to the president ellen johnson sirleaf a nobel prize winner who's standing to two terms the election on tuesday will be the third since a civil war there are twenty candidates including vice president joseph block johnson sirleaf was africa's first female president when elected in two thousand and five point interest joins us live now from monrovia with one of the big issues here. no the big issues actually development issues with which almost every candidate here. talking about improving the lives of liberia and minimizing poverty challenges in the areas of education health care road construction and all. with the support of the international
4:40 pm
community after the war has put some infrastructure in place but. a lot of years in liberia especially in the. eastern part of the country are inaccessible and that's the reason why even the election commission is having a difficult time to reach that but the united nations mission here which is whining up is promising to help with helicopters and other logistics. get there but the critical issues that are being looked at of course the infrastructure issues the issues of reducing poverty generating a moment and all that and also. taking a step back to look at. who's been in power for twelve years now. mount coffee hydroelectricity project is already generating twenty to make lots of electricity to the power grid. one of liberia's infrastructure success stories.
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the challenge now is to improve the distribution system to get the electricity to consumers. johnson is forced to use generators. to power his two food processing factories it would be a lot better because one you know just because a lot cheaper also in terms of the liberal it's more efficient if you have electricity. the government says it has invested in infrastructure but it could happen that the more highway leads to the border with guinea the road open up dozens of towns and villages. of goods and services but many areas in other parts of liberia wait to hear more from the law if. it seems like they will continue to wait even longer dreams of good. government to greece they were missed opportunities but a foundation for growth has been laid the image of our country was restored and
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then before we can measure them again the real work is done with restoring infrastructure and the services in our country by her good legacy is peace stability and image building of our country and that was. before she came in but the president may also be remembered for promises she hasn't kept a few months ago she admitted to parliament that i government failed to tame corruption. immaculately. and that's just what many say has restricted her to do more as president. so we have. senior government officials in that relationship been accused of stealing tax revenues and. only a few. at the end of the ellen johnson sirleaf you know it's only
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a few months away no one knows what lies ahead but liberians are already looking forward to the next chapter of their lives. just how would you describe the atmosphere the mood for the voters. it's actually people like cited about the elections but of course you have to look at why they're excited about the possibility of change. in corrigendum one candidate in particular has been in the race for three consecutive terms now this is. all of the year and then the vice president is there that is. coming to a lot of people twenty two candidates who are actually running for these elections however the key fact is we everybody is promising almost the same thing but the key practice
4:44 pm
a lot of people are looking at. we didn't tribesman all relationship this critical elections in africa and it's different actually. thanks very much. african artists have long been considered outsiders but their work is among the most talked about in the art world now london art fair was drawn in collectors attracted by an untapped market where the right investment in the right pieces can see a ten fold increase in their future value in china angela with more. ah exploding with color and energy london's african one fifty four feels like it could bust out of its conservative home at somerset house it brings together hundred thirty artists from the continent under one roof from the chair of mozambique sculptor gong cullum a buddha using leftover weapons from the country's civil war to the intricate cubist drawings depicting frenetic life in the democratic republic of congo. each
4:45 pm
room feels fresh but only for western audiences says found. its always emerging from the west you know where they're not so emerging you know when you talk about artists who are extremely established on their in their country and their continent so this is what we're trying to change as well as obviously changing the narrative changing the history and make sure that african artists are included in the new art history when it should have been for a long time many of the pieces here use found materials seedpods electrical wire plastics from the political pieces to pure fun this painting by god and. sold for twenty three thousand dollars bought by saudi collector who sama tybee as a strong depiction of black empowerment collecting is a very selfish part of kind of the process of loving art so you want to give something back you want to share and i think that's part of what we do in the heart
4:46 pm
of our culture you know being from a tropical african art as a kind of an art movement is represented in kind of the article which is something we thought we should give them kind of a platform nigerian artist. describes himself as a folk artist this one is called son of the soil and the cake. really the idea. had this like uncomfortable feeling that something has been stolen its values have been stolen people's rights been stolen many things. there's so much that seems that we thought was in place has been stolen so many pieces of this fed deal with the issue of identity like this one by and asking he's covered his portrays in an on a nail the technique he calls akki painting type of acupuncture to help heal the trauma of age old discrimination. the market for this is strong and there's only one way for it to go to al jazeera and. still ahead here on al-jazeera in the sports news
4:47 pm
find out who's playing pole position for the japanese formula one grand prix. in the heart of the amazon believing in families but then lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. which can sing the congo to the capital it's an even more dangerous challenge. risking it to. be out. at this time on al-jazeera.
4:48 pm
where every. that's what tall order for the south korean capital seoul is a city dominated by skyscrapers built following the korean war but now there's a push to preserve some of its older homes kathy novak reports now from seoul in this bustling metropolis in the shadow of skyscrapers these houses known as
4:49 pm
hummocks are a slice of days gone by traditionally made from wood with tiled roofs they're designed to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter but as south korea modernized many moved out preferring the convenience of new apartment buildings up their nominee handouts levels because most collapsed have not been reserved to take special items to preserve them. but do you go turned this old hanukah into a guest house with modern amenities and international touches from british designer wallpaper to arabic style tiles it's one of a number of new businesses that are turning rundown neighborhoods into trendy hotspots and changing the face of the place eighty three year old park junge salk has called home for fifteen years to come here and do it again because it's really want just as many bars and restaurants have opened up in this area especially this year and the residents have sold their houses and left. professor leaky room studies gentrification in seoul he says some of the residents felt forced to leave
4:50 pm
this area become so expensive. because it is it used to be a traditional lower class area they cannot afford to stay in the area others didn't appreciate being turned into a tourist attraction even though he was writing a. story that became a huge issue as couple of. past couple of years at another nearby village tourists are encouraged to visit quietly one more inconvenience is that these hanukkah's can be difficult to maintain and require specialized repairs but the city government wants to preserve them and offer special subsidies and loans to owners to use says it's all about striking the right balance so more of these houses don't disappear on a porch on a cut it is important to preserve coexistence and conservation and come up with ways to interpret the hammock in a modern way to share with people. taking the old and reimagining it for the new
4:51 pm
generation to enjoy kathy novak al jazeera so all. time for sports news with santa thank you very much peter lewis hamilton is continuing to his charge towards another formula one title the mersey this driver will start from pole position for sunday's at japanese gone play and topped the time sheets and such this qualifying session. he sebastian vettel by thirty four points in the drivers' championship but with five races remaining vettel was third in call fine but will move up second half of all terry about us was penalised. following a week of political turmoil spain's football coach says they can now focus on positive things after his country called fide for next year's fifa world cup in russia the twenty ten world champion is a put on a ruthless display against albania beating them three nil right you know it's go
4:52 pm
and go i'll contact with the goals spain go through as group g. winners. it wasn't a great night all together for gerard piqué the barcelona defender was heavily booed by his own fans during that match and before it thirty year old has been a vocal supporter of the catalan independence referendum he had also threatened to walk away from the national team if he felt unwanted running down but if you are without him i will say because i don't agree with his attitude i was against it because he plays for the national team and i don't want to do it during the match but i really don't agree with his behavior and in the beginning of the match but not during the match. when the speaker says his name i will do it as a protest because i think that up players should make sports and politics. twenty sixty seven final as well as still have a chance of automatic qualification they order one nail to move one point behind
4:53 pm
the group leaders serbia with a game it. so spain and now joins defending champions germany england belgium and the host nation russia and ensuring their spot at next year's tournament five time champion brazil through from south america and japan mexico saudi arabia iran and south korea make up the eleven countries already through. well the united states are in a good position to join that list next week after a crucial victory over panama the americans that were sitting out of the automatic call fine positions before this game but they produce a dominant performance in orlando jozy altidore scoring twice in the four nil victory the result sparked some heated exchange between the panama squad and journalists. elect people womanly people to sing along with me the team was bad why are you targeting me i can tell you that you're an idiot because you are stupid
4:54 pm
questions and i'm referring to you fallout result so the usa leap to in the standings which offers the final automatic qualifying spot one hundred could close the gap though their match against costa rica which was delayed due to tropical storm will take place in san jose later. in tennis there is to be a new name at the top of the women's world rankings simona halep but will replace the guard being. as world number one after beating stepping call in straight sets to reach her first final of the season at the china open twenty six year old is the first romanian player to achieve the milestone for sure it is the bit in my life the dream is through now and all the work that. i have during these years everything every challenge every desire so i'm really hoping that i could do
4:55 pm
this magic before me and i just want to enjoy that month. well number one rough on the task force into the semifinals and beijing succeed on straight sets six four seven six. major league baseball playoffs are in full swing to with all eight remaining teams in action on friday in their bid to reach the world series the cave and favorites for many a but they've had to fight hard against new york ny yankees home and. the cleveland indians had won twenty two games strike during the regular season they've been the team to beat heading into the playoffs and the new york yankees look like they may do just that in game two of the american league division series . the yankees had struck an eight three lead by the fifth inning before a grand slam home of from francesco riddle so the indians trial by just
4:56 pm
a single run. jay bruce leveled things up it i hate missing lee in the eighth inning. it would take two extra innings before cleveland clinched the game and i hate to pull ahead in the best of five series. so i'm not going to ranking those but that was this it was an honor to be a part of this game i mean you can see why you don't want to talk about our guys why do. yes it was a bad day out as well for the yankees fee's rivals the boston red sox they will base an eye to buy the houston astros and the other american league division series . with. the asteroid's can clinch the series on sunday u.s. congressman steve scalise threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the
4:57 pm
washington nationals playoff with the chicago cubs skellies was shot and seriously wounded in june while practicing for charity baseball game. he's nationals have little else to celebrate after that beat and three nothing by the defending world series champions in this season opener. and the l.a. dodgers are in the national league series with the amazon a diamondbacks with a wind that despite star pitcher clayton kershaw giving up five arm runs was the subject of today's just in time of the hour manage five. runs saturday and that gave the dodgers a nice old victory and a one nothing serious laid the league's home and al-jazeera. well i was an emotional night in dallas as the vegas goldeneye made their n.h.l. debut just five days after a shooting in their home city that killed fifty nine people. tonight donna stands with vegas and those affected by the horrifying tragedy this past sunday our
4:58 pm
thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of this terrible act. on the spot the circumstances the golden knights couldn't have asked for a better start to their campaign that mark under florrie stop forty five of forty six shots and james they all school twice set to secure a historic victory two one was the final score. and that's it for me pizza so you know it's a thanks very much less when using the web site of course al jazeera dot com i'm back in a couple minutes to thirty minutes of al-jazeera will see that. as china's rapid economic development spills over into other asian nations. people in power investigates the consequences of a neighboring laos. poverty stricken and hungry for foreign investment can this
4:59 pm
communist republic reconcile the needs of its people with the demands liberations benefactor and. laos on the borders of empire at this time on al-jazeera. october on al-jazeera. after a year of mourning thailand bids a final farewell to its longest reigning monarch. for the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the us his role in the world liberians are preparing for their third election since a bitter civil war observers are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs . china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. october on al-jazeera. nine hundred sixty seven and the six day war was at its height a u.s.
5:00 pm
spy ship the u.s.s. liberty monitor the conflict from international waters suddenly she was attacked by the warplanes of america's closest regional israel over two hundred were killed and wounded the front part of the ship was just red with blood what happened that day has long been the subject of cover up a mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation at this time on al jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billions trillions of dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to my real people. land. the free syrian army launches a major operation against fighters formally linked to al qaida that doing it with
5:01 pm
backing from turkey.


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