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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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business update brought to you by canceling a always going places together. right . this is al jazeera. the whole robin this is the al-jazeera news hour live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes with kurdish forces in the treat in northern iraq people return home after the military declares mission accomplished. thousands
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of refugees are stranded at the border of bangladesh as they are scape a military crackdown in me and. china's most powerful leader in a generation sets out his long term vision for tackling corruption climate change and consolidating his grip on power i'm going to get your ass to go with the sports . we wanted to know you. want to write great. positive as players team owners and n.f.l. officials prepared to meet for a second day to discuss player protests during the national anthem. welcome to the news hour we begin in iraq where the army says its mission accomplished in the operation to take back kurdish held territory in the north it's
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now in control of areas around mosul's nineveh province including the mosul kurdish forces pulled out of several towns and oil fields in recent days forced by an iraqi military advance the tiles were seized by the kurdish peshmerga over the past three years as part of the war against eisel now the offensive began on monday when iraqi troops moved into the contested city of kirkuk prime minister he had ordered his forces to take back her dish held areas lying outside the autonomous region well prime minister about he said that kurdish hopes for an independent state are now a thing of the past will be so. beaking to a senior iraqi official about the latest developments in a moment but first this report from charles stratford in. iraq a government troops and shia militia on the outskirts of kill cook less than twenty four hours off the kurdish peshmerga forces withdrew from the oil rich city no one predicted the ease and speed with which iraqi government forces could take control
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of the oil fields and most of the remaining towns in the disputed areas of northern iraq peshmerga forces withdrew in some areas without even firing a shot the iraqi prime minister says they know orders from bill so i want to help what they went against your instruction and didn't kill the iraqi forces please take this as a lesson many people who have fled kirkuk the day before began to return the lights and we're about to enter and we don't know if it's safe or not so we're going to go where else can i go it's better to go back we're going back to our house and our city was. some arab residents in this ethnically diverse region celebrated the arrival of iraqi government forces. now all of kirkuk is retaken and we are happy some of the peshmerga killed in the sport of battles received twenty one
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corpses so far the bereaved relatives are gathering at the morgue to receive dead bodies of their sons you know bill many people say they are shocked and feel betrayed accusing the international community of siding with the iraqi government against them. it looks like there was an international betrayal of the kurdish nation and that is due to the fact that we had a plan to move towards independence unfortunately we are facing a situation where we lost everything that we had before all this loss as a result of the fact that the kurdish nation is not united evidence of factionalism and rivalry between kurdish groups and political parties is growing in. statement released by the k r g president and head of the k d p party massud barzani said the withdrawal of peshmerga was because of the lateral decisions made by some officials the peshmerga general command is blaming this incredibly quick withdrawal of peshmerga fighters from these territories as being as
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a result of what it describes as historical treason by some senior members of the p u k party one former senior aide to the p k has called for a transitional government and says more constructive channels of dialogue should be set up with baghdad after the iraqi army has taken so much control of territory that the k r g was hopeful would be part of a future independent kurdish state president barzani is facing one of the biggest political crises of his life charles stuff at al-jazeera north of erbil. well joy to be here of. iraq chargé d'affaires in qatar speaking in arabic you'll hear the translation of english at home good to have you with us on the program sir the government's position has been made very clear by your prime minister as to the status of the kurdish autonomous region can you confirm for us what that position is. so you've got your. prime minister hyderabadi
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conferring heart rate rated there is no fight so he has no war among the iraqi people and the kurds are part and parcel of the iraqi fabric they are partners in our country and they are through. the. president of iraq himself is what occurred and told them we have about fifty five parliamentarians fifteen ambassadors six or seven kurds. seventeen percent of the budget the state budget if not more goes all these are privileged to the iraq into the kurds citizens as part and parcel of the iraqis if that is the case and you speak so positively about the government's position towards the kurds is there any reason for the kurdish population in the autonomous area to be worried about that position at the moment when they see iraqi forces
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heading closer to their border are you heading to erbil. not all the kurds are upset or worried as they said they are part of parcel not only of the iraqi fabric but also of their own government but not all the goods have it clearly expressions. of the swift. calculated measures taken by them that have random in addition to the fact that since two thousand and three all the parties have agreed that the political process and every time there is a difference or a dispute the political parties sit off together and negotiate and the kurds were he and active part of. is the attorney me going to say i agree there but i think it was a hasty move unilateral and at the moment what there is a legitimate you might say kurdish president sitting in the autonomous region. are
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you speaking to him or are you speaking to those factions in the kurdish political system that do not agree with his position at the moment not to have. the government clearly stated that it is open and it is speaking to all. the parts but we have to turn that page is saying of the past as stated by the prime minister that a friend is a thing of the past and there is no. going backward all the iraqi forces must either because it's only actually says that the secession vote was not in vain so it is not going to be a military fight as you say the certainly going to be a political one. about them no not at all there is not going to be a fight the prime minister and the. commander of the armed forces said there is no fighting among the iraq is there is no fighting against or between the iraqi people
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and the kurds are part and parcel of the fabric and that's why no fighting is going to rub between their rockets and i believe following after the three the political leadership has. banned them because that act of violence and the language of violence and the language of fighting is no longer needed to see what does happen in the coming days and weeks for the moment of those that are janabi the shelter to fair of iraq to qatar it's been good to have you here in studio sir thank you very much thank you very much thank you. the u.n. refugee agency says between ten and fifteen thousand ranger refugees have arrived in bangladesh and that's just since sunday it's urging the bangladeshi government to speed up its vetting process and the refugees are stranded on the bangladeshi side. crossing every hour from neighboring me and the un says they need to be moved
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further inland to safety and to better conditions well tanveer chantry joins me now live from. a border crossing at bangladesh alongside me and miles just returned from the area where around fifteen thousand ranger are stranded you i mean you are really at the point of entry tanveer for many of these refugees fleeing from me and more i mean what sort of problems are they facing as they try to enter bangladesh. well there described a similar situation them misty and us human rights watch has described in atrocities villages been burned somewhere from south and rakhine i met a lady was from western rakhine she said you know the looting their villages taking life stock shooting at people randomly and taking some younger men to force labor come and beating them up making them work without pay the sum of the description we have heard before in similar but the fact remains that the new influx of refugees
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are coming in and now at least ten the estimated ten to fifteen thousand refugees are stranded behind me you can see barely the makeshift shanty you know tents there that's a zero landing in a no man's area between bangladesh and me and my daughter they hilltops are bangladesh and myanmar bother in between is the not free but now most of these people crossed into bangladesh zero line sometime in late sunday evening and early monday morning and they were unable to go inland because the bangladesh of hardy's one gave them permission to cross the zero line now we are acts of water got officer here was a major drunk officer he said oh look we need to have a cordon a good approach to take them in line and put him in the right shelter but there was no clear definition why the un agency has been asking the government to take them into a safer place where there's a better shelter because they're clearly exposed to bad weather here there was a heavy rain for a while we were doing right after we're doing live here yesterday so that most of
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the people of woman and children or elderly men some of them were quite critically ill they saw them taken by amazon volunteers into a mobile clinic some rations are taken in by u.n.h.c.r. agency people and no local volunteers are allowed but the idea that this people are actually stranded and literally in the middle of the pedophile and the gunmen well and allowed them to taken to a safer location like you to pull on our other campaign is a big question why are they trying to discourage them to come in because there's no . or new influx coming in if this is a situation that they're going to be stranded in zero line there's a big question what is the policy of the government right now well the many questions to be as especially by dr as well turn their spears one of the if you're playing devil's advocate one has to suggest that they are overwhelmed that these sorts of numbers are huge we've been talking about them for weeks now i mean how well prepared all the bangladeshi also ortiz because they are appealing for international help on
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a daily basis. absolutely to be fair and the government there they have placed one of the largest influx of refugees in such a short time barely forty nine days and five hundred and eighty two thousand people here and then there was previously some other indians were here the idea that we have to go in the back of this government is to shelter all these people in a concentrated area coordinate relief give them health care as well as take the security precautions without much international help in the beginning now a lot of aides are coming in but definitely not adequate enough bangladesh government needs all sorts of support not just an aid but also diplomatic support because if this continue in the long run bangladesh to sustain this almost close to a million people here and the aid flow might just shorten down the road and how they're going to cope with this kind of people you know taking refuge inside bangladesh a lot on operations like security irritation of the local people etc well for the moment we'll leave it that they are in combat tours we will as the situation
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certainly develops as it will thank you. well plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including another legal setback for donald trump a federal court in hawaii stop his controversial travel ban yet again. also qatar's amir ups of his tour of southeast asia repeating calls for dialogue with the blockading arab countries. and in sports joe we'll have the details as m.l. b.'s the l.a. dodgers are a win away from their first world series in twenty nine years. but why should i wear china's president appears to be consolidating his grip on power at the communist party's nineteenth congress in beijing in a sweeping three and a half hour speech reaching ping laid out his political and economic plan for the next five years he highlighted china's successes and vowed to further open its
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economy but he also warned of severe challenges like rising debt inequality and corruption. corruption is the biggest threat faced by our party we can only get out of the historical cycle and ensure the long term stability of our party and our country if we persevered in the continuous fight against corruption to ensure that our government its officials and policies are clean well critics accuse me of using his anticorruption campaign to purge political opponents he's already seen as china's most powerful leader in a generation and the ruling politburo is expected to be stacked with his allies when it's named next week it wasn't just plain politics he touched on but also the dangers posed by climate change saying that china was cooperate with other nations to as he put it and short the survival of mankind well i agree brown is live for us in beijing he certainly is setting out his stall adrian as
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a monumental figure in chinese politics but do the things that he wants while willie willie rubs some people up the wrong way. well almost certainly he will so but i think it's going to take a very brave communist party official to stick his head above the parapet and criticize president xi jinping policies or indeed to question them president xi jinping has effectively ensured that his rivals have been a limited rivals who are either real or perceived and he's done that through the anti corruption campaign that you mentioned this has been a very effective political weapon a weapon that's also extended to the military a lot of the top brass have been purged generals who hadn't yet reached retirement age so president xi jinping has made an awful lot of enemies so in many ways the only way for president xi jinping to go is up it wouldn't be possible i don't think
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for him to retire five years from now when his second term in office ends because it probably wouldn't be safe for him to do so so this is going to be the congress where we see xi jinping i think elevated to a whole new level perhaps to be on a pair par with chairman mao the congress before it winds up in a few days' time it's possible that the party's constitution may be amended to reflect xi jinping political thoughts and writings and that would then become the party's guiding political philosophy now the opening of this congress was all about color and communist party pageantry but everything did not really go according to plan. president xi jinping can control a lot of things but he can't influence the weather to the superstitious and many people here are the damp grey start to this congress was perhaps a warning sign. in spite of the weather this was
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a day of choreographed unity after what has been a tumultuous few years for the party. but there was a stirring welcome for the president. this is as close as the foreign media get to the opaque workings of china's communist party. she reported on his past five years in office saying the party had achieved miracles he also warned serious challenges ahead. our country is at a strategic point in is development the future is extremely bright but the challenges are also extremely serious all party congress must assert their size and the high and the think of a danger in times of safety his address lasted three and a half hours if nothing else it showed that she now sixty four is healthy healthy
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enough to rule for another ten to fifteen years insists his supporters at one stage former president jiang zemin appeared to nod off he was china's top leader twenty five years ago when i reported on the fourteenth party congress as china began to experiment with capitalism the new catch phrase is socialism with chinese characteristics in a new openness and economic anything to go anything that is political reform twenty five years the faces behind me have changed but the backdrop remains pretty much the same and the prospect of political reform as remote now as it was then. the congress will now meet in secret for the next seven days after which china's new leaders will be unveiled president xi is assured of a second term and this congress seems set to cement his position as china's top leader for a lot longer. it's notable that she says that he's willing to work with the
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international community for the sake of mankind we quoted there i mean is that another way of trying to take over from a position that the us is withdrawing from. yeah i think it is i think the election of president donald trump was a real boon for president xi jinping all these golden apples keep falling into his hand as the u.s. president pursues a much more isolationist policy president xi jinping is seeking to have china fill the void we're seeing that at the united nations we're seeing that at unesco another organization that the united nations is slowly withdrawing from and then of course china remains heavily committed to u.n. troop deployments overseas i think now commits more troops overseas than any other nation and of course president xi jinping has stressed once more the china remains committed to the paris climate change of course that actually occupied a large chunk of his sixty five page address on wednesday so yes i think as the
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united states pulls back china moves forward it's interesting so that actually the first significant world leader the president xi will meet is president donald trump who's jew here in beijing in early november normally at times like this people would say that the u.s. president is the world's most powerful leader but i think now slowly people are starting to say you know what it may well be president xi jinping who is perhaps now going to be the world's most powerful leader because he's going to be around a lot longer than president trump well for the moment we'll leave it there adrian thank you. to africa or work kenya's top electoral commissioner has resigned saying next week's rerun of the presidential vote won't be credible rosalind and kombu says the commission had become a party to political crisis ideas of the siege she says her staff faced intimidation and threats the supreme court regularities said august's of original vote which president who could get
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a word sparking protests from opposition groups. is capital nairobi with the very latest i mean this is an explosive statement to make i mean how significant a figure is she in the election commission also rosena condit is one of seven commissioners in the electoral commission and she was part of a commission that was brought to get at the beginning of the year after complaints about a lack of independence and our she's come out to say well yes the i.v.c. continues to be biased or she's seeing some of that coming from a fellow commissioners and she is respected but what is very important about what she has said is that we've seen a lot of criticism from outside entities around the i b c and this is the first time we're hearing it come from with in the eye be see with regard to how the elections may be pulled off or in this case she's saying that won't be the case and she doesn't believe there will be a free and fair election this is the first time that we're seeing dissent from
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within the commission that's supposed to handle these upcoming elections and of course these are very damaging allegations to make so well wonder how the election commission is going to respond and how the public are going to react to it. the commissions there is expected to make a statement at some point during the day they haven't been prepared to respond up to those points they have in the week though covered a number of areas where they talk about dealing with issues that would allow the commission to be more transparent in how they can later results how they tally these results and basically how they make them public and so they have try to reassure the public that they can pull off a free and fair election but there is a lot of confusion around exactly who will be participating how the i.v.c. will overcome certain challenges and now looking at these latest allegations from this commission or the i b c has as more to deal with in terms of winning the trust of the kenyan public you'll remember that the opposition leader raila odinga got at
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least forty four percent of the vote in the now analogy election many of his supporters saying they don't trust the i.v.c. but of course the state was perhaps playing into the hands of the opposition so what does how the government is going to react allay the fears of the populace at large. throughout the difficulties around this upcoming election the government has said that they will continue with the election on the twenty sixth of october in fact the deputy president william ruto came out just a few minutes ago to say that there's been no change to the election that always been adamant that following that supreme court ruling which ordered to be two major contenders have a rerun they maintain that this will happen and of course there is a sixty day deadline from the time the supreme court made that ruling and now if we don't have an election in the coming week we're just eight days away we're looking at the possibility of a caretaker government who would then have to schedule elections for
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a later day so this is a concern for kenyans and the government and the government up to this point standing firm that elections will take place and that even with the withdrawal of the main opposition leader raila odinga who so far said he doesn't believe the election would be free and fair or for the moment i will leave it there for metering keep a very close eye on what happens across kenya in the coming days thank you. the judge has blocked u.s. president donald trump's latest bid to impose travel restrictions on citizens from several countries a federal judge in hawaii ordered a freeze on most parts of the bad a day before it was due to take effect it targeted people from iran libya syria yemen somalia and chad it's the third version of transparent to be blocked by a federal judge. to the u.s. also applies to people traveling from venezuela the u.s. says the ban is in place to hurt foreign government policies that go against its interests reports from caracas.
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supporters of president who will continue to celebrate it the results of sunday's elections the results continue to be questioned at home and abroad. just as a travel ban by the united states that includes venezuela comes into effect. united states should be involved in its own problems and leave the rest of the world alone . he's a member of venezuela's constitutional assembly he's also on the list of the office of forming assets control of the united states the new travel ban affects him and his family. family with the country is divided and it's the perfect ground for intervention because we are small and we don't have the power like north korea that has nuclear power we can be easily intervene at a low cost. the trouble by members of government but also of the police military
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and intelligence services anyone that could have been involved in human rights abuses also the newly elected members of the constitutional assembly that the opposition considers illegal the united states government that the ban intends to hurt the government and not the venezuelan people. months of violent protests that left at least one hundred twenty five people killed having. creased international pressure on the venezuelan government that is already struggling with a serious economic crisis. last sunday venezuelans headed to the polls to elect new governors and again the opposition denounced fall when the government won in at least seventeen states. on tuesday. said he's not worried about u.s. sanctions. mr trump i am not a dictator the venezuelan people would never accept a dictator i am a man of the working class not a millionaire. the travel ban is not the first measure by the united states against
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venezuela the u.s. says it for members of muddled us government and banned u.s. banks from buying venezuelan bonds. analysts here say the government has a lot to worry about with. the money of citgo the venezuelan subsidiary oil company in the u.s. cannot be repatriated for me this is one of the most serious sanctions because the government are short of cash. the government has been denouncing the u.s. attempts to put an end to a socialist revolution and in spite of the consequences many remain defiant to the u.s. latest threats. it is how. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with richard but still ahead here on the al-jazeera news of an unconventional writing style we'll tell you who's what the show has a bad booker prize plus. women and men as well are tired of
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being silenced accusations of sexual harassment by a hollywood producer harvey weinstein launches an internet platform like others to share their own experiences but two of the biggest stars in european football face each other in the champions league which i will be here to tell you who came out on top that's coming up in sports. by the springtime flowers of a mountain late. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. we've been looking at a really unsettled spell of weather across the eastern part of a straight here recently and you see the massive cloud affecting queensland particular visible trough line doesn't have very much but blimey has produced a lot of rain over the last a few days meanwhile further south circulation of high pressure bringing winds off
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the interior we've had some of the highest temperatures not tobar reported in tasmania for many a decade but it is across the east where the issues have been in terms of the precipitation twenty four hour rainfall totals of two hundred and sixty millimeters of rain and this is what two or sixty millimeters of rain looks like well as i say they've been extensive warnings out for several days and indeed this rain has been building up during the course of the month has been except she went partly due to higher than average sea temperatures but the bureau of meteorology in a straight report that bundaberg has had five hundred ninety millimeters so far this month comparing with a record for october of two hundred forty five percent all the way back in one nine hundred forty three now the good news is there's a run the sequencing see this area of rain contrite things are things are getting better here but at the same time it looks as though we're going to be seeing this area of rain for the south across parts of it tore into new south wales increasing so problems transferring from one area to another. the weather sponsored by cateye
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nice. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects at this time. you watch of al-jazeera news all right it's a whole rob to remind of all top stories the iraqi army says it's achieved its goals and the operation to take back kurdish held territory in the country's north it's now in control of areas around mosul that of a province the iraqi offensive began on monday and is sent back to the kurdish ministrations hopes to sasha. also the u.n. refugee agency as the bangladeshi government to speed up its vetting process fifteen thousand refugees remain stranded at the border some day crossing every day
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but be it well but the u.n. says they need to. further inland to safety and to better conditions. there have been jubilant scenes on the streets of raka where u.s. backed forces drove eisel out of itself declared capital kurdish led syria democratic forces raise their flag of the city stadium after a form of battle from hatay of the turkish syrian border reports. kurdish fighters triumphantly into iraq there celebrating the capture of the city which was eisel main stronghold in syria but taking iraq wasn't easy. the syrian democratic forces a coalition of kurds and arabs backed by the u.s. began they are pensive in june i said fighters held ground for five months but the
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armed groups defense lines were eventually broken by a continual wave of strikes and shelling. we control rocket but as you know there are mines that we need to clear and we have to make sure there are no are still fighters hiding in tunnels we are now clearing all the areas we captured civilians continue to flee to save areas this is a family that has just a refugee camp controlled by the. tens of thousands of people have been affected by the fighting they mostly live in poorly equipped camps north of the city. i heard the news of a cease fire and took my family but then we came under fire the journey was tough because we had to walk through entire areas reduced to rubble now that iraq is under their control as fighters got the order to move south towards daters or i sells last area of control in syria an advance that is likely to put the kurds
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on a collision course with the syrian army. which is also launching an offensive from the southwest to capture the oil rich brother and the two have recently been competing to expand their military gains in iraq and dealers or the car to rocket is a major setback for either which is now trying to hold ground in a vast desert area on the border with iraq by losing fertile lands and oil fields the group finds itself deprived of crucial financial means that perfectly needs at this critical moment and it was hoping to use syria and iraq as a starting point for itself declared an islamic state. but who are the s.d.f. and what are their motives while the group consists of an alliance of kurdish and arab factions backed with weapons and advisors from the united states dominated by the y p g that's the kurdish people's protection unit
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a group noted for its left wing views of the y.p. g. are closely linked to the p.k. k. armed group which is fighting for greater kurdish autonomy in turkey the turkish government considers that a terrorist organization. specializes in middle east politics are does director of undergraduate studies at the university of bradford in the u.k. a joins me from the city of leeds good to have you with us again on al-jazeera i mean there are two issues here what happens in iraq or and also the larger question about kurdish autonomy let's just begin with the s.d.f. or the support that they have from the u.s. in this fight for iraq and now that raca is in the control of the s.d.f. and certainly forces aligned to free get from ice all who is actually in charge in the future of this area. this is exactly going to be the heart of the problem from today on the grid obviously it was
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a very good start which was the main platform for the so-called islamic state to more belies and organize its forces and run. brutal domination which at some point covered ten million people so it is a very good news that this very important and symbolic kind of city is now liberated and isis is no longer in charge but the question is. if we leaves that it should can of expand its domination all over. there and and there and make it basically part and parcel of federalist project this is an idea which bashar assad systematically kind of have a problem with that obviously is going to create some serious tension and problems in the coming weeks and months and there is
1:38 pm
a regional dimension into this as well if you do look at the map. you see that it is only fifty five miles away from the turkish from tears and actually this has created a great deal of sensitivities for as you mentioned yourself yet pay again according to is basically an extension of picking up here which the turkish state regards as a terrorist organization. next few weeks and few months is going to be very contentious and it's going to be very problematic about who should basically have a meaningful and defining role inductors of course we are joined this far you might say the assurances given by the u.s. that they would be sympathetic to their long term desire to be part of a more wider. kurdish state that would spread possibly across the area. of turkey and syria iraq and iran of course we've seen what's happened
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over iraq in the past few days so where do we go with the us will they stand up to their obligations or certainly their agreements and still be sympathetic to the s.d.f. in the future. i think for the united states. has been playing a very important and defining role in fight against the so-called islamic state what in my opinion the united states has no idea about what happens after the defeat of the so-called islamic state both in iraq and syria as this city indicates as the current discussion and struggle about kind of domination over the city suggests that obviously demain problems demean the struggles is going to start you know after today when this city is completely liberated and we're not only talking about iraq and there are so many other areas that. believes that it should
1:40 pm
be part of the future federalists project in line with the verge of a revolution and this is something that both bashar assad and his allies like russia and iran and at the same time turkey problem with so there are some local national regional and global dimensions here which are extremely complicated to resolve indeed and we should follow the events very closely the in the region for the moment to dr shah he thanks for joining us from leeds. qatar's leader is calling for dialogue with the four arab countries have imposed a blockade on his country to me been. made the comments during the final stop of his top through southeast asia he met with indonesian president yoko were due in jakarta to sign trade agreements our correspondent mohammed dial has been covering the state visit and joins me now from the indonesian capital of course the issue of the current blockade is something that's high on the agenda how was that subject resonating across the talks table.
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yes so the whole trip was about qatar trying to open new doors to widen its horizons to help itself become stronger in the face of its neighbors while trying to impose those demands on it and it has been discussed here more than probably more than in other countries at the i mean after they spoke about that is that this this issue has been discussed between the two sides probably the first time during his tour in southeast asia there has been this. enough talk and enough details about about you know trying through this visit to focus on this crisis and to find a solution to it and this is what he had to say. when. we spoke about the continuing embargo imposed on qatar and the humanitarian effect it's having on qatari society and those from the g.c.c. qatar is ready for dialogue to solve the g.c.c.
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crisis there are no winners in this we are all brothers and all losing out and so qatar is open to dialogue as long as demands and expectations are met for all parties involved and everyone sovereignty is respected that. so apparently it's a message once again by the emir of qatar to throw i mean his highlighted so his visit here to all the parties in the crisis that once again qatar wants to go to the negotiation table and there is a strong hint in even even a state in the statement a strong mention there of all parties the demands of all parties have to be met and hear of so you know qatar is not only here just to speak about this problem it's here qatar is here to strengthen itself through ties economic ties with malaysia singapore and indonesia and a lot of discussions have taken place today about economics and qatar has been able to achieve. in this visit to achieve the fact that these countries have not joined
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the saudis to. go and. sanctions against qatar and indonesia is ready to help and there is a lot of deals for actually five. t.t.'s have been signed between the two memorandums have been side between the two sides and qatar has has opened the door for more investments in power in telecommunications into ism and in asia has actually the indonesian president has also asked for more and more qataris investments in this country or for the leave it there in jakarta thank you will be posted on social media platforms about their experiences with sexual abuse harassment or even assault the b two campaign follows accusations of a decades old pattern of abusive behavior towards we by the powerful hollywood producer harvey weinstein rob rebels reports. in the wake of hollywood's harvey weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal women and some men around the world
1:44 pm
are coming forward on social media under the hashtag me to they've posted on instagram and the hashtag has been tweeted hundreds of thousands of times on twitter on facebook a viral message asks women to reposed saying if all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote me too as a status we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem leslie caller is one of the women who responded i posted that the first time that i was grabbed without my consent and a sexual manner i was in fourth grade and the person who grabbed me was not adult it was another student and so i think for me i i was realizing that the reader issue in terms of me had to teach that's presented. some women posted longer messages about their experiences but others worry that the campaign pressured women
1:45 pm
to reveal intensely painful episodes possibly reach ramah ties in them others question whether tweet sent posts have any real impact on stopping men from abusing women women and men as well are tired of being silenced or not recognized shamed. you are tired of not having a voice. when when incidences of sexual assault sexual abuse happens to us when we are starving let's do it similar social media campaigns by the focused on sexual predation by men in positions of power erupted last year following broadcast of the infamous access hollywood tape in which then candidate donald trump boasted about groping women we think the stereotypical person the perpetrator looks a certain way and they don't. and some have been nuns my my. my
1:46 pm
children's grandmother she was raped in boarding school by nuns. you know their neighbors their babysitters they work at churches there in schools we are elected electing folks who are perpetrators the countless online testimonials vividly illustrate a global culture of harassment assault and intimidation by men in positions of power commonplace in workplaces around the world robert oulds al jazeera los angeles well it's time for support not his job with american football told us absolutely there's still talking n.f.l. players team owners and officials will meet for a second day in new york to try to work out some of the big issues plaguing america's most popular sports a major point of contention as when players protesting racial injustice in the u.s. during the national anthem by kneeling despite writing a letter last week saying players should stand for the anthem n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell was keen to point out that he wouldn't be ordering
1:47 pm
players to do so we did not ask for that step. you know we spent we spent today talking about the issues. that our players have trying to have been trying to bring attention to about issues in our communities to make our communities better. was all supporters of those players who have no security and who made their feelings known to team owners and n.f.l. fishel during the tolls on tuesday but last week the mood was positive from those who were involved in the meeting. what did you want to make sure to get across to workers. just just our perspective is that there are a good thing that's the most important thing when a company issues perspective and respect you know everyone's rights because of how they feel. rather streets who can see protests and or speak on this issue i think it's important that they will complain about the results oh yeah i am happy about
1:48 pm
it and i think the more go for players continue to take my course that players will continue to take and i mean it will come down to the individual. can do it with the choices but i think the ownership of the team the league and the player the thing will go on the right direction. and i mean i just take my own perspective the first time you call and sat down and then knelt it was jarring and then you sit down with him and you understand that he's not being disrespectful to our troops he's not being disrespectful to our flag that that happened with me and i think that happened with a lot of other owners they started to see that these guys are not being disrespectful the flag there's there's an underlying cause that they're fighting for and the more that you actually hear that and understand what they're fighting for you have a lot more respect for it. it was billed as a mini champions league final two of the biggest stars in europe christiane a renowned owen hurricane went head to head as title holder israel madrid played
1:49 pm
tottenham hotspur on tuesday but in reality neither side could produce a trophy worthy finish real madrid had to come from behind after rafael veranda put the ball into his own net crysler elder penalty levelled matters for whole time the one one draw puts royal just ahead of spurs in group on goal difference i am happy with our performance not not hundred percent of the result as clear but our performance was good of course tottenham also had their opportunities so maybe the result is ok at the end but i had the feeling that we controlled the game and most of the parts and that's important for me. here we feel good we feel positive you know it was a tough game of course real madrid at home it's always a difficult game and we calmly play well we had a couple charges they had a lot of chances or no i think it was a fair result might just napoli two one raheem sterling and gabrielle has us raced ahead to give city
1:50 pm
a two goal lead for the italians pulled back men remain three points clear at the top of group but the performance of the night was in slovenia as liverpool thumped marable seven nailed two goals from roberta for the new and mohamed salah helped them on their way continue oxides chamberlain and alex on the on old also on the score sheet in the group to rout the result matching the biggest away win in champions league history we spoke a few times about it sometimes a wonderful history of this club could be good feel like a little backpack and it's nice to write first time. maybe not first time but. right history we probably would be difficult for them. to be that a good school i'd rather do win seven. but it shows again. that we did tonight unbelievable well elsewhere spacek moscow were also big winners in group a
1:51 pm
with a five one victory over sivia that will also wins for shutdowns and yet the shit test and light sick. just when you thought the new york yankees would slip out of the m.l.v. playoffs they fought their way back in again to his tenacity as to base their chances of staying in the postseason but it's not looking good for the world series champions the chicago cubs in the american league championship series as the l.a. don't just took a step closer to picking their place in this year's finals tatiana sanchez reports they are expecting big things for the l.a. dodgers things are looking a lot like one thousand nine hundred eighty eight victory over the defending world series champions on tuesday means the dodgers and now a win away from making their first world series the twenty nine years for the third game in a row the cubs called fast. but a head start is about as good as it would get for them as their opponents went on to level and never looked back from then. address a clearer picture of his new label on the spirit of. the dodgers were up for won by
1:52 pm
the seventh inning and logan forsyth put them further ahead scoring some fad for a five one advantage total despair on the faces of the cubs fans six one was how it ended the win is l.a. thick consecutive playoff win the longest post season winning streak in from china's history and means they now hold a commanding three nothing lead over the cards heading into gainful for los angeles we've really played well all year we had a tough spell and the focus has certainly been heightened in the postseason and i think we do a good job of trying to win one game at a time and today it was a team effort and credit goes to the coaches and the players periodic the right job church wanted to see. over at the new york yankee stadium the hosts managed a stunning come from behind victory over the houston astros in game three young are
1:53 pm
in judge start again as he had done in monday's eight one win getting a high. run in the seventh inning putting his team on the scoreboard. three or. four times. despite training for three by the eighth judge once again came to the rescue along with garry sanchez who hit a two run double to finally time to time at the bottom of the stroke she was so sure it was do overs six four was the final score and the yankees leveled the series to two there's been quite a few games where we've gotten down for nothing three nothing early and for some reason this team just doesn't change your attitude it's just ok time to go to work . the yankees have shown a real fighting spirit in the fifth place the than having battled from behind in all of the games so far game four takes place on wednesday night tatyana sanchez
1:54 pm
al-jazeera. in the n.b.a. the golden state warriors got their title defense off to a losing start against the houston rockets while the boston celtics went down to the cleveland cavaliers in the season openers but what was meant to be a joyous night meant sounds instead time. turned into. the one hundred twenty seven million dollars signing two point he was on for just six minutes. and twenty seven year old was knocked over by the bron james inflicting a gruesome fractured ankle that made even the grown stars of the n.b.a. when they would take him to hospital where he'll undergo surgery later the shaky celtics went on to lose one hundred two to ninety nine. and that is all the. thanks very much. and finally an american right as one britain's most prestigious literally award to receive the bad booker prize for
1:55 pm
fiction for his novel in the bardo he's the second u.s. although to with the prize katherine reports from london. lincoln. it was a book on the afterlife such in a washington graveyard during the american civil war that was bestowed with britain's top literary honor lincoln in the bardo sees u.s. president abraham lincoln trying to communicate to his dad eleven year old son who appears to be caught in a supernatural world between the living and the dead the story is told mostly in dialogue by dozens of spirits in the graveyard with a grief stricken lincoln at its center george saunders says the idea first came to him twenty years ago and he had some doubts about bringing it to life if i go in knowing what the story is supposed to be about it will just be that thing in disappoint everybody whereas if i kind of going from another daury which for me is
1:56 pm
usually you know the sound of the language or in this case a lot of the structural things we're kind of talking to me then the story that gets produced is higher than the one i could have imagined in advance so that's kind of a leap of faith that you know you think it a fifty eight you should have some kind of mastery but i think the true master used to be willing to wade in this something and not be sure how it's going to turn out the novel was praised for its unusual format and writing style something that many of the shortlisted novels had in common we tend to think of the novel as being a certain frame that is fixed the course is changed over the years and indeed in some ways it's still a relatively new art form a new way of writing so it's inevitable really that it will change transform mutate experiment and so some take on the political upheaval and societal changes in the world today all across the country people felt it was the wrong thing all across the country people felt it was the right thing like scottish author alys smith
1:57 pm
whose book is such against the backdrop of a post brags that britain in a city swarming by refugees but still mostly at peace. or at least not yet openly at war for most and novel exit west which highlights mass immigration oppression and the search for freedom this year is short list is made up of authors from the united states and britain some of them well established writers others newcomers to the literary world including a university student who wrote most of her book on her commutes to work but for saunders he joins a distinguished group that includes salman rushdie. margaret atwood and yann martel the nugget of an idea he said he had twenty years ago grown into literary gold catherine stansell al-jazeera london. if you want to be al jazeera with. next with the full refusal to stay with us here.
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mark. a new television station in afghanistan is turning the focus on women it's on t.v.
1:59 pm
they are on camera in the guest chair and in the control room the founder of zone t.v. says this project couldn't wait this team is for those mothers and those to sit on those wifes living in afghanistan there's all this talking about their advice but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one a network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but the conscious sit in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country. the russian orthodox church is deep pockets in the rap of the expansion may barrett's crucial role in putting his grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer to sainthood president putin is our leader that given time good people in power investigates how often it's attempted elimination by the soviet union
2:00 pm
religion has returned to the haka the russian state the orthodox connection at this time on al-jazeera. with kurdish forces in retreats in northern iraq people returned home after the military declares listen accomplished. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and i'm dead you know brigades.


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