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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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from the showings of the red sea storage of the north side of the globe and the major bots in georgia fifteen of them up let's change that to the pics of the himalayas where water conservation looks like this. solution is to save the world's most precious resource and the next episode of right we look at what is being done step towards crisis. at this time an al-jazeera. this is. low i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes protesters target election officials in kenya and a growing political process and a top level resignation is only adding fuel to the fire.
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police fire into the air to disperse protesters in mogadishu as anger mounts have a saturday's massive truck bombing that left more than three hundred dead. china's president judging and lays out his vision for the future on day one of on his story communist party congress. and i'm peter simmons in doha with all the sports news for the day including n.f.l. bosses that meets with players and t.v. shows for a second day in new york that and more coming up later this nato. head of kenya's electoral commission is warning next week's election rerun may not be free and fair. admits there's been political interference in its operations a commissioner has resigned saying it would be poll it would be impossible to hold
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a credible rerun of august disputed vote as for me the miller reports from nairobi it looks as if things of falling apart at kenya's electoral commission headquarters rather than a calm bear one of seven commissioners has resigned alleging political interference she says threats have been made on the lives of staff members including her own commissioners are serving political interests and they've been last minute changes to technology and electronic transmission of results hours later the commission's chairman gave a stern warning with good political changes and he said thirty of stow. most. of the mention. of. the chairman's appeal was also aimed at the kenyan public hoping to regain their trust but the damage has been done the electoral commission is already
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starting with its credibility the chairman's admission that the commission is split and that conditions wouldn't allow for free and fair elections has only echoed an earlier supreme court ruling. last month the court an old august presidential elections it says the commission had not been transparent and there were illegalities in the telling of results that named incumbent president a work in the art of the winner a rerun is planned for october twenty sixth opposition leader raila odinga has withdrawn saying as long as the electoral commission does not reform the polls would be a sham but this week the ruling jubilee party said elections would take place within the sixty day limit set by the court and that the opposition is stalling we have absolutely no problem and we told you before he clearly that whatever they agree with or complete it does they don't have to be fired one.
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can you answer is campaigning around the country while the opposition looks for public support for electoral reform questions around the electoral commission's ability to do its job of only added fuel to increasing confusion around just how next week's election will take place for media millar al-jazeera nairobi but while police in somalia fight in here to disperse protesters there are lying in the capital over saturday's massive bomb attack more than three hundred people were killed in two bombings and hundreds of others injured i'm going to die as in mogadishu. on the streets of mogadishu the wast single of talk in the city's history got an intense public and. why leaders here they have a much i don't know when will our suffering and enough is enough it's time we stood up and fought our enemies. the crowds of protesters side to upset that is a blast site there was cut by somali police and african union peacekeepers but the
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crowds pressed forcing the police to shift and to disperse the whole fishel mourning period is over i'm president of militias say they come out of the difficult questions they say they are going to. they believe cut it out talk. government for what they call a failure to protect them. they say somalia security forces failed to identify and disrupt out. of the national emergency operations center the human toll of the blast to clear. days after the relatives of the injured and missing keep coming to a just tell themselves. father has seen a model of two traveled from hard village one hundred twenty kilometers away. ha's been a tooth brush from the end of the clip to five junction where the truck exploded. i last spoke to him two hours before the blast i don't know if he is dead or alive
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. the huge casualty figure has all but one post but also in the city they quickly ran all told but blood or medicine forcing them to time away some of the injured for a lot of zavos yet to receive medical attention their patience is wearing thin and . my son is missing one part of his head on the wound is infected he says yet they keep asking me to wait i can't wait i need help for my son. international aid has been quick to arrive in somalia with tuckey cuts and kenya leading efforts to lift the most seriously wounded governmental officials say more help is needed it is beyond our capacity so we urgently need we don't have blood and we don't have the facilities for us even to locate the missing people. the explosion has shot to the hopes of recovery in an impoverished country left with by
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decades of conflict somalia remains from now a country in shock mohammad of the world is either somalia. now china's president appears to be consolidating his grip on power at the communist party's nineteenth congress in beijing and i three and a half hour speech laid out his political and economic vision for his country over the next five years he highlighted china's successes and vowed to further open its economy but he also warned of severe challenges like rising debt and inequality it also reaffirmed his vow to stamp out corruption promising new laws to tackle the problem just currently handled by shadowy internal party process he also talked about the dangers posed by climate change saying china must cooperate with other nations to as he put it ensure the survival of mankind our china correspondent adrian brown has more from beijing. president xi jinping can control
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a lot of things but he can't influence the weather to the superstitious and many people here are the damp gray start to this congress was perhaps a warning sign. in spite of the weather this was a day of choreographed unity after what has been a tumultuous few years for the party. but there was a stirring welcome for the president. this is as close as the foreign media get to the opaque workings of china's communist party. she reported on his past five years in office saying the party had achieved miracles he also warned serious challenges ahead. our country is at a strategic point is the moment the future is extremely bright but the challenges are also extremely serious all party congress must assert their size and the high
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and the think of a danger in times of safety his address lasted three and a half hours if nothing else it showed that she now sixty four is healthy healthy enough to rule for another ten to fifteen years insists his supporters at one stage former president jiang zemin appeared to nod off he was china's top leader twenty five years ago when i reported on the fourteenth party congress as china began to experiment with capitalism the new catch phrase is socialism with chinese characteristics in a new openness and economic anything seems to go anything that is political reform twenty five years on the faces behind me have changed but the backdrop remains pretty much the same and the prospects of political reform as remote now as it was then. the congress will now meet in secret for the next seven days after
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which china's new leaders will be unveiled president xi is assured of a second term and this congress seems set to cement his position as china's top leader for a lot longer. adrian bring. it with the news hour here on al-jazeera much more still to come iraq declares its mission against the kurds in northern iraq accomplished and turns its focus now to the business of oil. a gesture lands an pilot in hot water. and later in sport pizza we'll have details details as the l.a. dodgers close in on that first well series twenty nine yes. well u.s. president ronald trump is facing more control over his handling of the deaths of four u.s. soldiers and an ambush in asia this month he's been forced to deny making insensitive
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remarks in a phone call to the widow of one of the men our white house correspondent kelly health is following this story for us and president trump has said that reports of that phone conversation are fabricated what else has he been saying about this. well i think what's important is what a democratic congresswoman who says she overheard the conversation because she was sitting next to the window widow when she received the call from the president and her account differs rather starkly with donald trump's with regard to what took place in that call she says that the president in fact told the widow that her dead husband knew what he signed up for and you know despite all of that he tried to be sympathetic and said you know what happens it hurts well this is caused outrage just not from the democratic congresswoman frederica wilson who says she heard the president making these claims but also the family that believes that the president failed in his key role as president it's an unwritten rule that the president is
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often the consoler in chief in times of grief and they fail feel that the president essentially disrespected this service members sacrifice the president for his part spoke here at the white house he said he didn't make that claim or rather he didn't make that statement and he says that the claim by the democratic congresswoman is false he also said in social media the smarting here in washington that in fact he has proof of this so certainly a lot of questions being raised about what this proof is and also just the fact that the president has many people feel disparaged a family at a very difficult time when many people believe that gold star families they're called here in the united states those families of fallen service members really are untouchable and this is at a time when the administration is facing challenges on a number of fronts how much pressure is this new scandal kind of push on the white house. well we are awaiting the white house press briefing with the secretary sara
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sanders expect that there are going to be a lot of questions about this so-called proof that the president has was he taping his phone calls where there are notes there's going to be some sort of demand for evidence of these various accounts given the fact that the president himself has offered this up essentially so there's that question but there's also questions too about foreign policy with regard to a policy that did preceded donald trump but that he has allowed to continue in terms of the advising role that many soldiers make in the area of not just news share with this incident occurred this ambush that killed this fallen service member as long with three others just given the fact that it was known to have insurgent activity there why was a routine mission being conducted in an armored vehicle these are all questions that we expect that sarah centers will have to answer to but of course ultimately as the president that has to answer for what many people feel is completely inappropriate behavior thank you very much can really help it at the white house when our u.s. park forces fighting i still in syria have been carrying main roads and rock
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a day after that command has declared the city under their control the syrian democratic forces raise the flag and rock a stadium after a full month battle to push myself from it self proclaimed capital they say they will redeploy fighters to the current front line against i still in the eastern province of. national guard has more from gaza. border with syria. he's now going through the mammoth task of trying to clear. mines and ensure there are no booby trapped buildings this explains why they are not allowing civilians into the area we're talking about hundreds of thousands of people were forced out of iraq during the fighting over the last few months but the further south is fighting which is continuing to go on different. from the syrian army's launching out offensive from the south and senior army officer was killed today
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sounds a lot of d. and brigadier general who was leading the fight against isis in. a deal has been accused by the syrian opposition of committing atrocities against civilians in different parts of the country particularly in two thousand and twelve on the outskirts of the capital damascus and this comes at a time when the. top military commanders are meeting in damascus with their syrian counterpart the iranian chief of staff said that israel has no right whatsoever to violate syria and i think he was referring to the past attacks targeting syrian targets. by the israelis israel on the other hand in says that it is concerned about way considers to be an iranian growing influence in so you and i found by syria to build a military base. on the border with israel something that israel rejects. and wants all ministries as petroleum giant b.p. to make plans to develop the oil fields baghdad took control of the. peshmerga
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fighters on monday and fields have generated billions of dollars in revenue for the kurds traffic reports from air bail in northern iraq. forces a roof control. the oil fields around kirkuk one of iraq's two main oil producing areas were vital for the economy. before the peshmerga forces withdrew the kurdistan regional government was pumping around six hundred thousand barrels of oil a day from wells like these. this is one of the main processing units at the by has and feel it used to be exploited by the occupying forces of cook now thank god the fields have been handed over to the iraqi authorities when the peshmerga controlled this area the iraqi government accused the kurdish leaders of not sharing oil revenue with bank dat. so it stops sending the seventeen percent of the federal
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budget as per the two thousand and five constitution to the region now with the oil fields back under iraqi government control the oil ministry has vowed to increase production to one million barrels a day. and it's threatening legal action against the kurdistan regional government if it stops the flow to the turkish mediterranean port of jihan through a pipeline across the kurdish region of northern iraq the oil ministry isn't taking any risks. it plans to repair and reopen a pipeline that was damaged in two thousand and fourteen during fighting against eisel one that doesn't cross kurdish territory. as militia and iraqi government forces fill the streets in the nearby town of debase the shia song echoes from loudspeakers. don't underestimate mr kurd we are the ancestors of the grandson of the prophet muhammad would be an accurate
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translation. prime minister hyderabadi says in taking back control of the kirkuk oil fields he has acted according to iraq's constitution for the benefit of all iraqis the kurdish government says it's being punished by baghdad and the international community. holding a referendum on eventual secession from iraq which was the kurdish people's right we are disappointed at the reaction of the international community they should not have let down the people of color to stop them abandon those at the time that we have done exactly what they have been preaching the b.p.u. preaching of democracy human rights rule of law transparency and openness going to the public going to the source of legitimacy is this a crime the kurdistan regional government is around seventeen billion dollars in debts and revenue from kirkuk oil fields was vital to compensate for the seventeen percent of the federal budget the baghdad stopped sending this region in two
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thousand and fifteen now baghdad has not yet said when or if it will restart sending the money but with the oil fields firmly under government control the economic situation of this region could get even worse charles trafford al-jazeera got a bill. spain has warned it will take on precedented step of seeking to suspend catalonia is autonomy if the region's leader doesn't abandon his secession bed separatist data karla's budged in long ties until thursday morning to tell the central government in madrid whether or not he's declaring a split from the rest of the country if he does declare independence madrid says it will trigger article one five five of spain's constitution a measure never used before that would allow it to take direct control of catalonia it would allow a jury to suspend purged amounts regional government and eventually train the new elections in the region well the catalan leader remains defiant but his knees barco reports he's running out of options can only have saved europe catalonia as
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independence movement is looking increasingly desperate they're reaching out for help it concerns to each and every european citizen but slick campaign videos won't end the tense standoff with the spanish government now before it's too late. ah earlier this week protests of barcelona against the jailing of two independents leaders by a spanish judge the catalan president carlos putsch of almost called them political prisoners last week he unilaterally declared independence and civil teeniest he suspended it to allow for talks but prime minister mariano rajoy says his government won't mediate with secessionists is given puts him on until thursday morning to clarify revoke any independence claim if he doesn't back down the spanish government could take an unprecedented step and impose direct rule which of on and his entire government could be suspended or even jailed this is high stakes
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political brinkmanship of if the preacher man seems ready to risk everything he believes he's honoring the will of more than two million people that voted in favor of independence in a referendum that isn't recognized outside catalonia if the madrid government decide to impose direct rule the independence movement says the response will be seismic i think it would be tremendously unwise to interfere in catalan autonomy because i know my country people there will be an enormous response by most of the people in schools and television in the media are we talking about people taking to the streets again on mass of course we've been doing that for seven years we've had millions of people going to the streets and we would have that again in protest of course but the spanish government knows the regions defined did some catalans want secession now others are hesitant in large numbers hate the idea these risking his career he's risking his liberty his freedom he is
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risking a stab i mean i. mean is divided into two parts and i thing if he goes farther on it will be tough with time running out which of all has little option but to push for talks with the whole way wearing off the desire for independence against the possible loss of everything he and others here spend years trying to achieve the falcon al-jazeera bus alone or. israeli army has raided the offices of several t.v. channels and production companies in the occupied west bank confiscating equipment and closing some of them down media companies raided include al could channel in hebron pal media in bethlehem and ramallah on the alex and palestine channels in ramallah as well as the offices of transmedia and nablus and hebron well in all the developments israel has approved another large set of plans for second homes in the occupied west bank as part of an israeli government push to expand illegal
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settlement building and as harry forsett reports its increasing pessimism about progress towards a two state solution. it's been a week that's demonstrated israel's plans despite palestinian protest international opposition and us calls for restraint to accelerate settlement construction plans for two thousand six hundred forty six new housing units are being promoted in thirty illegal settlements that figure from just one of four planning meetings should yield this year is higher than the total for the whole of twenty sixteen one senior palestinian political figure says the motivation is clear to guarantee in advance the failure of attempts to reach a two state solution but they feel they have already suffered from the quantity of two and is that they can make a qualitative tune and because the world is not the deal of this bonding with punitive acts against israel the thing that can do it the approvals come at various stages along a lengthy and complex planning process here at bay hill for instance it's right at
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the end final tenders being approved for the construction of nearly three hundred new housing units that would grow the settlement by about a fifth of its current size. the israeli prime minister has been trying to satisfy a powerful processor boyce's in his coalition government last month leading celebrations of fifty years of settlement construction the increase in building hasn't satisfied settler groups though he wanted more from the german netanyahu is warm relationship with a new u.s. president but the trump white house is still if in milder terms than its predecessor urging restraint on settlements while it considers its options for reviving the israeli palestinian peace process this is not what stops the peace process from moving forward what stops the peace process from moving forward is is when you see the palestinian authority make a deal with hamas what kind of confidence does that give the people of israel to make concessions that deal signed in cairo last week was aimed at healing ten years of division between the rival palestinian political factions fatah and hamas on
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tuesday israel declared it would not hold any peace talks with a future palestinian unity. meant that included hamas which it considers a terror group all of which leaves the peace process as stalled as it's been for years as israel's west bank footprint continues to grow very force that i'll just era in the occupied west bank. school here has just begun in yemen but with the civil war raging it's very different people's my experience and the country's lessons are held in shacks or on the trees in a groups far it will harm children's education. counting their numbers surrounded by rubble is what school has become for millions of yemeni students. unicef says more is risking the education of four and a half million children. most of their teachers haven't been paid in almost a year them is the devil of the success of what he shouldn't have in shacks and the
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trees even about to tumble down classrooms with a partially damaged and my phone our heads at any moment unicef says during the more than two and a half year war sixteen hundred schools have been destroyed or damaged those in good enough condition have been used by the military or to provide a safe place for those forced to leave their homes. my children are afraid of the bombing they dropped out of school. wants to make sure his children get an education he walks them to and from school to avoid the shelling school is a hut on the beach with a piece of wood and chalk for surprise i was up on a little morale has been damaged there in a constant state of fear they asked me not to leave because they worry warplanes my hit the making of the un is urging the warring sides to recognize.
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getting children back to school won't be just a break from the violence it'll also help protect them from the recruited to fight or forced into marriage. natasha going to aim al-jazeera. to save us all a new watch want to tell you about the evidence against me and laws military mounts with more accusations it's killed hundreds of the hinge on muslims. violence erupts again in togo's capital as protest as demand the resignation of the president and constitutional reforms. it was a bad day for the top seed at the kremlin cup tennis and moscow pizza we'll have more on that later. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts
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of asia we've had these weather systems sweeny through these northern regions as we look at weather for thursday in our mattie should be fine ten percent is slightly below average there ten so as it stands generally looking fine around the caspian sea also fine back a little bit warmer a nineteen degrees turkey good weather conditions for ankara very warm there for a router thirty degrees celsius with the wind coming up from the desert south heading through into friday still fine conditions expected and cooling off across iraq and iran temperatures in baghdad a mere thirty two degrees celsius here in the arabian peninsula will find the wind picking up once again i think of this a couple of days so humidity continues to drop in the temperatures too edging down very slightly thirty six is a nice window how lovely weather conditions here at the moment fine conditions on the other side the potential promise of a bit of a risk of lifted dust there for mecca as temperatures reach forty degrees and just dipping below the forty mark as we have through friday now into southern portions
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of africa we've got one or two showers for the cape look at highs of seventeen fine weather conditions across much in the movie the highs of thirty two in winter. the russian orthodox church has deep pockets in the upper the expansion may bear its crucial role in putting his grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer saying to president putin with our leader that would give him twelve good people in power investigates how afterwards attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the heart of the russian state the orthodox connection this time on al-jazeera. and we where there were no. television. on that's. some of the
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story. and. tonight i want the viewer in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not and you don't miss any of the news and you can watch it on like. you're watching the news outlets the stories making headlines now supporters of the kenyan opposition have been rallying in nairobi on the day a top electoral commission a quit of the presidential election rerun. police in somalia fired into the air to disperse a crowd of protesting the crowd protesting over saturday's deadly bombings in
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mogadishu demonstrators had been trying to reach the site of the attack. and china's president appears to be consolidating his grip on power the communist party's nineteenth congress in beijing where he laid out his political and economic vision for his country over the next five years. let's get more on this story now is jonathan fenby a china analyst and the chairman of trusted sources a consultancy firm providing information on emerging markets john and then thank you very much for coming in to speak to us and i suppose a sign of how the international political landscape is changing its china now very much speaking the language of inclusion and cooperation what does that reveal about the country's ambitions on the global stage well she's in ping at the party conference which opened today made it clear that he sees china moving to the forefront the center of global affairs he talked about a new era he wants to build on the economic strength of trying to project economic
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political influence as well and china has been able to step into various vacuums will be left by donald trump uncertainty over the the way american policy is going to go and this is actually open up quite a lot of ground for try the over the last year or so and she is certainly very forceful leader who over the last three years has taken a much higher profile internationally making a dozen trips a year and so on setting out his ideas for big projects such as the one boat one road program although that's a very long term program generally pushing china as the champion of globalization and fighting climate change and president g. how does his style and his approach differ from his predecessors when he's much
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more forceful his predecessor who jintao was a party bureaucrat who led largely by consensus and that was the style which had been set actually by deng xiaoping going back to the end of the last century and she in contrast to that was very much asserted his own position. and his own identification with the communist party and what you have is that the communist party sits on top of china and she sits on top of the party so he's by some measures certainly the most powerful leader in the world. i'm yet he also has his share of problems china has no interest in adopting a western style democratic system we know that and yet the communist party understands the need for them to tackle things like corruption and social economic inequalities. is he how is he positioning himself to resolve these issues or to eat
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well the less if there are a lot of challenges as you say some of those you know those social situation in china the environmental crisis which is enormous of course in libya to that in the economy there is there's been a huge build up of debt two hundred sixty two hundred eighty percent of g.d.p. which has been kicked down the road is a problem that's going to be there for a long time there's big excess capacity in industries like steel alum in your. building materials or at least things. are going to have to be dealt with but for the moment the wind is economic wind is blowing quite fair for she because growth has been very strong this year helped by a good global environment above all and his message of the globalized i'm for facing climate change i'm your friend with the laws checkbook has gone down quite well and you know i'm certain that he's more keen for
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a change in reform on the world stage as opposed to any sort of change inside the country you spend and you have for many years spent a lot of time inside china what is your assessment of the the level of dissent or opposition even within the communist party itself there's not very much . overall opposition and in a sense she jinping has made that case by using the anti corruption campaign to get rid of anybody who might oppose it and so on and it's quite clear that you know if you're an ambitious card for a in the chinese communist party you're only way ahead is to associate yourself with region pigs so there's no opposition as such on the other hand on the social front which you referred to the second generation urban middle class are much less ready in my opinion than their parents to be bought off simply by increased material standards and so on they're worried about water pollution air pollution we
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would say only one of the other things whether or not he likes it changes already in that sense you have that new middle class that you generation that can about those issues but at the same time they've been they've been hit by rising house prices in the country and other economic problems at what point do they say we want more control of our political destiny well that's been ever since. nine hundred eighty nine when things are being sent in the tags to put down the protests in tenement square the basic bargain has been the communist party will make you richer forget about politics and leave that to the party and she is very much in that way of governing and of thinking he thinks that he can modernize china produce change which is needed undoubtedly on the economic front and to some extent on the social front within the framework of communist party power the birdcage as it is put within which the country grows the big question will be with whether with all those
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challenges with the opening up with social media for instance where the party can still exercise the control which is very very much at the center of its d.n.a. thank you very much jonathan fenby appreciate your analysis thank you. the un says it's considering whether violence carried out against range of muslim constitutes genocide more than five hundred thousand ranger fled myanmar bangladesh since august the un is described as textbook ethnic cleansing amnesty international accuses me and my security forces of writing in killing villages and setting fire to homs for him boggo an arms embargo on myanmar and criminal prosecution of its forces time the challenger has travelled to a refugee camp of the bangladeshi border with me to see what conditions a lie. list ten to fifteen thousand people are stranded here in no man's land or
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what is called zero line between myanmar and bangor those brought out this area. this baby will have fled myanmar within the last two days that been stranded and has no safety to go to most of the people are exposed to weather majority are woman and children and elderly people now the government has given permission to some of the aid agencies to bring critical care medicine and food but the idea they're still taking shelter in the pedophile in a manmade dike just doesn't make sense are coming under critical review by the un agency and other international aid agency that why are still kept and we are on the border guard officer that we're undertaking to shelters and said we need a coordinated approach before we take them in that are incredible on area still the idea this people are still here is a major question what is behind the motive of the government to keep them here still in a very badly expose weather condition but he some togo have fired tear gas at protesters who are demanding the resignation of the president. people in the west
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african nation of defying a government panel made me protest for a second day of the constitutional reforms including a two term limit for the president. just as in two policemen were killed today i meant to say has wall. as a hairdresser in togo's capital. he says police often crackdown on opposition supporters in bay neighborhood where he lives breaking into their homes and beating them and danny along with hundreds of other told police have been calling for the removal of president ford they don't want to leave power and we are starving in the country now we are told and we will move forward despite the fact that we are most of the time beaten by policeman the protests started in august as togolese took to the streets to demand presidential term limits be reinstated at least two people were killed in september opposition in parliament protested
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a bill that would have limited presidential terms but would exempt the current president who was already on his third term the bill failed and the government called for a constitutional referendum protests erupted again leaving several dead. to reign in the spiraling crisis the internet was. the united nations has called on togo to address the demands of the people. it was the west african economic group that not seem baker only heads has urged togo to set a date for the referendum but many say they don't want it. we will continue to fight we will protest on the streets towards the premises of us to tell them that we're not happy with them calling on the government to fix states of the referendum which take do not want it's obvious that they are pushing the government the government has put conditions on where and when people can protest during weekdays we will make sure that protests will only be in one area peaceful protests public gatherings or meetings should be held at one specific place on weekends they can do
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is they used to marching on the streets followed by meetings back at the salon psuedo says that won't stop people like him. i am seeking something better for my country that it should be governed by other people not the same regime no matter what will have been no matter the circumstances i will always be there and he insists despite police harassment and government pressure he will continue to fight for the future of togo mohammed oberg d.c. al-jazeera. the emir of qatar is calling for a dialogue with the four arab countries imposing a blockade on his state checked i mean ben had a funny made the comments in indonesia during a final stop of his top through southeast asia he met the indonesian president joko widodo in jakarta to sign trade agreements saudi arabia bahrain egypt in the united arab emirates cut ties with castle on june the fifth campaigning is halted in argentina's mid-term congressional elections after reports
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a young activist missing for more than two months has been found dead santiago maldonado was last seen at a tribal rights protest in the southern part to go nia region in august just before it was raided by police a twenty eight year old's disappearance spot major protests the body was found in a nearby river on tuesday but has yet to be formally identified now the russian t.v. personality cassandra sub jack has announced she'll stand in the twenty eight thousand presidential election the thirty five year old liberal candidate who was once described by vogue magazine as russia's paris hilton is the daughter of the first democratically elected mayor of st petersburg a father anatoly sobchak guide current president vladimir putin into city hall in the one nine hundred ninety s. so jack could see a liberal votes from putin critical of ali but opinion polls put the incumbent at a comfortable win if he decides to run for a fourth term after the first time the u.s. justice department has indicted two men who it says are responsible for importing
9:43 pm
the dangerous drug fentanyl into the united states as part of a wider operation to combat an opioid abuse crisis in the country as gabriel as owner reports from new york. it's easy to find fentanyl drugs in america highly addictive they are killing thousands of people every year and now the u.s. government says they know where most of it is coming from but we believe that most if not all fennel that's distributed here in the u.s. and in canada originates in china either manufacture there or manufactured with precursor chemicals that come from china the man behind the operation are legibly to chinese nationals shall being yen and gian john the u.s. says they ran at least two chemical plants in china which produced tons of that in all and other opiate substances they are said to have used the internet to contact buyers and hard to trace bitcoins to sell the goods to those in the u.s. and canada we have no extradition treaty with china but we are optimistic and
9:44 pm
hopeful that the chinese will take appropriate action to make sure that they're held accountable the number of drug overdoses in the u.s. is on the rise last year drug overdoses killed about sixty four thousand people in america it's up twenty two percent from the year before the leading cause of death in overdoses is spent all killing over twenty thousand people last year this situation is so bad president donald trump is set to next week declare the opioid crisis a national emergency releasing more federal funds and other resources to try to combat it the opioid crisis is also claiming political victims on tuesday trump's nominee for their drug czar the person who directs drug control policy in the u.s. withdrew his name from consideration tom marino stepped aside suddenly after media reports emerged that he worked with the pharmaceutical industry to craft a law that weakened the u.s.
9:45 pm
government's authority to curb opioid distribution that very drug now at the center of the overdose crisis gabriels on doe. new york. toxic fumes of the last minute venue change for any you need to summit in brussels fumes from kitchen drains in the europa building cools the switch less than twenty four hours before leaders with you to meet for the two day event it was evacuated off to catering staff were taken ill with a summit now due to be held next door building opened in january made over its three hundred twenty million euro price tag as much want to tell you about this news out we're looking at what caused these. in a horror and the opening game of the season that's just ahead with peta. and an american. literary award with an eerie tale featuring a famous. oh
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9:47 pm
is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.k. has to address or if you join us on saturday i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the russian orthodox church has deep pockets and the rapid expansion may bear its crucial role in putin's grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer to sainthood president putin is our leader that given twelve good people in power investigates how off through its attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the halt to the russian state the orthodox connection this
9:48 pm
time on al-jazeera. now the german aviation watchdog investigating a low level flight passed by a plane on its last of a long haul flight into desoto off the air bus a three thirty flew low over the app before coming around and landing is not commenting on reports that the maneuver was a deliberate fat well gesture by the pilot yell and filed for insolvency in august after struggling financially for years. peaches and how the list now. maryam thank you very much the way forward in the n.f.l.
9:49 pm
seems as unclear as ever despite a two day meeting in new york between players team owners and officials in an attempt to work out some of the big issues plaguing america's most popular sport top of that agenda players who neil during the playing of the national anthem n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell says the league will not order players to stand during the anthem and added that the players understand how they protest could be mis understood players protesting racial injustice in the u.s. during the national anthem by kneeling has been a major point of contention and has divided opinion in the case gabriel elizondo joins me now live from new york to help unpack the story. we're in there for two days and the big question really seems as if we are exactly where we were forty eight hours ago when does that leave the players and the league. well you really nailed it right on the head there we are exactly where we were the past six weeks of this n.f.l. season roger goodell the n.f.l.
9:50 pm
commissioner just finished a press conference a few minutes ago in this hotel you see behind me where they've been holding closed towards meetings for the past two days his key message was this he said that the n.f.l. believes that players should stand during the national anthem but gave no indication at all that the n.f.l. plans to change any rules demanding that they stand or that the n.f.l. would find players that do to continue to kneel during the national anthem so in a lot of ways this leaves us exactly where we were prior to these two days of meetings i can say i think what the n.f.l. was trying to do was appease all sides here in a lot of ways the n.f.l. is in a no win situation so they were really trying to just open up dialogue trying to really show that they understand the concerns from both sides those that think this is an issue of patriotism and on the other side the players that think this is an issue. freedom of speech and that's essentially what dell's message was is that he
9:51 pm
will continue to work with the players in their issues that they have behind their protest but also is encouraging them not to protest any more during the national anthem but with the other major outcomes if any from this meeting. you know these are regularly scheduled meetings they had a whole host of things that they were discussing but when it comes to this issue i can say really the only other major aspect of this was dialogue which i think there wasn't up until now they were able to get some of the players primarily the players union as well as all of the thirty two owners of n.f.l. teams and the n.f.l. commissioner together to discuss this issue has been one of the first times that's ever happened and we heard that word over and over dialogue dialogue dialogue the n.f.l. hoping the more that they talk about this the more that they address this privately with all sides that they can reach some sort of compromise but it's unclear if that came out of this. in new york thank you so much for your time much appreciated.
9:52 pm
over in europe the champions league group stages are continuing with one natural ready completed and it's not good news for. madrid who could only manage a draw. despite the as a big journey side to having a mess it's also the first point ever scored in the group stage by a club as of asia and seven other matches are just kicking off one of the picks manchester united to take on benfica munich hosting celtic with returning coach taking charge of the first european game since guiding the german side to the title in two thousand and thirteen barcelona will be looking to extend their advantage at the top of group d. playing at home to bottom place the limpy and paris st germain and i can tell you have just taken the lead they are one game away at anderlecht. in tennis it's been a bad day for the top seeds of the kremlin cup in moscow christina has been suffering from a knee injury recently and hasn't won a match since august the french player seeded number one in russia made attained
9:53 pm
straight defeats as she lost to alexander assassin of h. in recess. also in moscow at the payment cup second seed coco event away was also an early casualty of the american who is coached by former wimbledon champion pat cash suffering a three set defeat to listen to drink and. it's not looking good for the world series champions the chicago cubs in this year's major league baseball playoffs they've slipped to three nothing to the dodgers in the national league championship series. took eastern to start for the dodgers continued a perfect postseason run telling hit home run and drove in another with a triple as a one six to one the dodgers need one more win to send them to their first world series in twenty nine years somewhat reminiscent of last year's cups. there
9:54 pm
was great news for the new york yankees who rallied late to level the series with a used to two the yankees took a four and deficit into the seventh inning but a home run from aaron judge was the start of a comeback six for the final score in this one the decisive game five will take place on wednesday. in the n.b.a. in the golden state warriors got they tied the fans off to a losing start against the used in rockets while the boston celtics went down to the cleveland cavaliers in the season openness but what was meant to be a joyous night in cleveland for celtics debutant gordon hayward turned into a nightmare the one hundred twenty seven million dollars signing school two points but he was on call for just six minutes before this happened thirty seven year old was knocked over bron james inflicting a gruesome fractured ankle that made even the growth of the n.b.a. wince hayward was taken to hospital where he'll undergo surgery later the celtics went on to lose one hundred two to ninety nine. that's all sports back to you in
9:55 pm
london marion everyone assailing the pain from that one thank you. all now a u.s. author is celebrating victory in the u.k.'s most prestigious literary award george saunders receive the man booker prize for fiction for his novel lincoln in the bardo is the second u.s. author to take the prize since it became a wild wide award in two thousand and fourteen catherine stansell is at the london . lincoln in the bar. it was a book on the afterlife such in a washington graveyard during the american civil war that was bestowed with britain's top literary honor lincoln in the bardo sees u.s. president abraham lincoln trying to communicate to his dad eleven year old son who appears to be caught in a supernatural world between the living and the dead the story is told mostly in dialogue by dozens of spirits in the graveyard with a grief stricken lincoln at its center george saunders says the idea first came to
9:56 pm
him twenty years ago and he had some doubts about bringing it to life if i go in knowing what the story is supposed to be about it will just be that thing in disappoint everybody whereas if i kind of going from another daury which for me is usually my you know the sound of the language or in this case a lot of the structural things were kind of talking to me then the story because produce is higher than the one i could've imagined in advance so that's kind of a leap of faith that you know you think it at fifty eight you should have some kind of mastery but i think the true master used is to be willing to wade in this something and not be sure how it's going to turn out the novel was praised for its unusual format and writing style something that many of the shortlisted novels had in common we tend to think of them overall as being a certain frame that speaks to cause that is changed over the years and indeed in some ways it's still a relatively new art form a new way of writing so it's inevitable really that it will change transform
9:57 pm
mutates experiment and so on some take on the political upheaval and societal changes in the world today all across the country people felt it was the wrong thing all across the country people felt it was the right thing like scottish author alys smith whose book is such against the backdrop of a host brags that britain in a city swarming by refugees but still mostly at peace. or at least not yet openly at war or novel exit west which highlights mass immigration oppression and the search for freedom this year's shortlist was made up of authors from the united states and britain some of them well established writers others newcomers to the literary world including a university student who wrote most of her book on her commutes to work but for saunders he joins a distinguished group that includes salman rushdie hilary mantel margaret atwood and yann martel the nugget of an idea he said he had twenty years ago grown into
9:58 pm
literary gold stansell al-jazeera london. what's it for the news hour and for myself my colleague lauren taylor will be with you for the full but do stay with al-jazeera much more coming up in a few minutes time. the sky. should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the
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world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right for all remember that this world is a ball of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you care to address or if you join us on sat i'm
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a member of the crew club but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. a call for mass protests on polling day is kenya's election chief says the presidential rerun may not be free and fair.


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